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DiSkOrD's page

Goblin Squad Member. 27 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Goblin Squad Member

Finally, the wait is over.

Are you going to release another version with higher resolution?
It would be a shame for all the details to get lost.

Looking good so far, can't wait to explore the world!

Goblin Squad Member

Thanks for the Update.
It's early in the morning here and I will try to read it again after my first 4 coffees.

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:
MaUiWoWiE wrote:
I initially read that as "Foreplay"...

That would kinda fit aswell, although, i don't think it's well suited for the gaming industrie per se.

Goblin Squad Member

The next dev blog will be in the post–Tech Demo world, and we can't wait to get there. See you on the other side!

That means we don't get a dev blog update today? :o

Goblin Squad Member

Hello there frequent Visitor.

I have been part of many over-hyped and disappointing Releases.
That tends to get frustrating.
The thrill of anticipation for the game, is the best thing we all can get away with, for now.
Should I be pleasantly surprised by the finished product, thats even better.

In other words and for all of you, who just skip over posts (like me).

The journey is its own reward.

Goblin Squad Member

Epilogue is my favered and Origins ofc

Goblin Squad Member

Dak Thunderkeg wrote:

People are moving into the game world.

As in the waves being considered "First, second, third pilrimages"

ah i see, didn't look at it that way.

interesting approach right there.

Goblin Squad Member

really, username and password?
not gonna happen..

nihimon, still accepting applications?

Goblin Squad Member

Dak Thunderkeg wrote:
What if we just didn't use "launch" in the language. Perhaps call it a pilgrimage?

yeah launch is kinda redundant.

pilgrimage is a little misleading since we don't really go somewhere but rather build something.

Goblin Squad Member

hmm "genesis" sounds pretty good, although i'm not a big fan of christian ideology and a lot of people are gonna make that connection.

not sure if someone already brought "origin" up



1350–1400; Middle English < Latin orīgin- (stem of orīgō) beginning, source, lineage, derivative of orīrī to rise; compare orient

1. root, foundation. 4. birth, lineage, descent.

it fits in my opinion very nicely.

on the other hand i think PFO.75 is awesome aswell :D

Goblin Squad Member

nice one, can't wait for the backer goodies in january!

the first word i came up with to describe that state of the game would be terraforming.
Seeing as people actively form and create this new world, i think it would be adequate.
although the word terra might be kinda out of character.


Goblin Squad Member

I have seen my fair share of general chat topics over the course of time, some were entertaining, some were down right annoying me
Sometimes i enjoy goofing around in general chat, i talk about a lot of things, sometimes i even talk about sex. Mostly that is entertaining and in good spirits.

If i could start a petition on what kinda talk you need to remove from chats, it's the whole WoW comparison drama that happens every time. But sex?

If someone is being a complete jerk, i put em on ignore.
I disagree with completely forbidding discussion topics.
Honestly i have read some weird stuff in general chat, yet it's exactly that kinda nonsense that makes me giggle aswell.

In my opinion you just remove a part of the mmo entertainment.
Everyone should be able to decide on his own if he wants to participate or just ignore it.

Other then that, authenticators sound great and are really needed.
And that screenshot is looking good, keep it coming.

Goblin Squad Member

Elorebaen wrote:

Diskord, the passive-aggressive thing is not helpful. Even if Nihimon didn't offer a reasoned and articulate voice for the community, which he/she does, it still wouldn't be necessary to take that approach with someone who happens to post a few times. But as you say, "not a big deal."

My post was not intended to be passive-aggressive, if you felt it was, i'm sorry if my approach offended you.

Also i'm quit aware what Nihimon does and i'm grateful for it, in the end all we want is the best sandbox MMO ever.
As he stated himself he was excited and stuff happens when you are excited!

it's all good

Goblin Squad Member

AvenaOats wrote:
@Diskord: Nihimon somehow manages to ask questions that Ryan is disposed to respond to, perhaps it's easier for Ryan to answer separate questions in separate posts? Either way he's doing something right! :)

yeah he definitly does :D

i ment the first four posts though, no questions there.
alas its not a big deal, its just hard to overlook, maybe he wants to reach 2k posts asap or something.

Goblin Squad Member

Great update, i was waiting for some character concepts to show up.
The goblin looks awesome and i assume it only looks different from the original paizo goblin because it is standing tall.
Seoni looks a little too slick for my taste, the model lacks character.

The whole alignment part got me intrigued, everything that makes my characters interaction with the world change, is a good thing.
More possibilities are always welcome.

And nihimon do you not like the edit button, or is there some other reason, i'm oblivious off, that makes you post 4 times in a row?


Goblin Squad Member

good point ryan, i would never have considered that.
I was more thinking along the line of the more testers the better.

Since people build the content, you need a lot of people to test how that works out for them.

Seeing as there are some really dedicated people visiting these forums on daily basis, it would be rather weird not to make use of them, building the game and turn it into FUN.

Cause thats what it all boils down to in the end, if a game is not fun, i will not be playing it.

Goblin Squad Member

except for griffon, they taste like chicken

Goblin Squad Member

Forgotten Laboratory
Caverns of the Blind God
Dust of the Darklands

too bad i did not take my time with it, i was reading this while drinking my first coffee of the day.

NOTHING good can come from that

Goblin Squad Member

i tried out DDO now.. i'm not convinced though.

the way tera treats combat is way better, no more running around watching tv on my second screen while i kill monsters.

you actually have to engage in the combat.

hopefully paizo is considering adding something like it

Goblin Squad Member

and DANG!
a new member of the goblin squad.

how are we gonna link the kickstarter accounts to this one?

Goblin Squad Member

woah, so they got 2 millions now?

nice one, why were companies not thinking of that earlier?

it's a great way to cut out the middle man, although i do believe that paizo is not exactly a poor company.

anyways i might chip in some ca$h if the oppertunity would present itself.

Goblin Squad Member

elorebaen, read that quote again.

We want to encourage folks to begin self-organizing even before the game is ready for testing. We'll do our best to recognize those organizations that get created early, especially if they announce their existence on our messageboards. How awesome will it be to start playing Pathfinder Online and already have the seeds of the early social order in place? We can't wait to see it all develop and we're so excited to have the community along for the ride!

especially the part about self-organizing and how they wanna see it all develop. the way i understand it, they want us to start building up organizations. and i disagree on denying groups for whatever reasons before the game is even released.

i'm curious as to how this will work out. never got into EVE so i can't really comment on the system they use. the whole concept seems rather clever though. let the community build their own world, that should pretty much shut up the whole whining about how there is no content, we will have to create our own.

sounds promising all in all, each blog gets me more excited.

good job guys

Goblin Squad Member

sounds absolutely fabulous.

now i need to see some screenshots before i throw my money in your general direction!

Goblin Squad Member

welcome karrak

good to see more people discovering this place and getting excited about it.

let's hear those ideas and hope this mmo won't be a big dissapointment, like pretty much all of the recently released games (in my opinion).

and hooray for a new blog post!


Goblin Squad Member

Samrae wrote:
Pyronous Rath wrote:
DDO best fantasy mmo combat. If you don't know that you haven't tryd it.
So true, head and shoulders above WOW type games. Was soooooo disappointed in SWTOR combat.

look at what you did, now i have to go and try DDO..

seriously, my rule of thumb is: "if you can play it with one hand, it's not challenging" i'm sick of having the desire to watch a movie on my second screen.

Goblin Squad Member

while i do understand the fascination with perma death, i don't see myself playing an mmo that is actually using it.

khanquers post is full of passion and i wholeheartedly agree with almost everything he wrote.
that you can loose everything you put time and effort in (friendship, tales, achievements,) with a single misstep from a high mountain, does not sound like a good idea though.

i'm not very experienced with mmo's, i played a few though.
started with WoW, waited for warhammer online, played age of conan, beta tested RiFt, enjoyed DCUO (for a while) and play Swtor.

right now mmos bore me to death. somehow i thought SwTor would change that with a compelling story. How wrong i was, i see myself abusing the space button to skip over most of the conversations. after that i get the joy of moving out and repeating the same old combat over and over again until i finish my quests, then it's back to the talkative guy for some xp and loot.

i feel like i'm stuck trying to re-creat the whole sense of wonder and joy i had when i played my first mmo and everything was new and great. i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one.

the first time you found something, that you had no idea what it was for. you had to figure it out yourself or get lucky and find someone who knew. there was no huge database site where you could look up EVERYTHING.

from what i heard so far, PFO could be something new and refreshing.
at least i hope so.

Goblin Squad Member

well, i have experienced how much fun an mmo can be.

how much that experience is moving away from a traditional rpg single player game is kinda your own choice.

how much time you invest in the game is your choice aswell.

the only thing that is really not in your hands is the subscription, but that is already settled with a f2p option.

so what exactly would keep you from playing the game?

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