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Dhaavan's page

1,332 posts. Alias of waiph.

Full Name





Fey Tattooed Sorcerer 1 (HP: 7, AC:13 /F:1,R:3,W:4/ Init. +3 / Perc. +6/+8)(Jack's Perc: +13/+15)


5'7" 155 lbs.




Shackles, Origonally Varisia, then all over...



Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Dhaavan

--Loose 1 skill point/level to take Silver Tongued racial traid--
HP: 7/7


I really liked the picture, and the character screamed that he looked a lot like this guy. sorry for the lack of originality, but this is Dhaavàn.
Add to a knee-length cloak hanging off his shoulders, a sack at his feet and a little red-eyed thrush preening on his shoulder on looking around from on top of his hat.
--Either that or heavy winter cloths with furs and a water-resistant cloak.


LE Medium Human
Init +2; Perception +5/+7

AC 13: 10 + 3(dex)]
touch 13, flat-footed 10
Fort +, Ref +, Will +

Speed 30ft
Dagger +1 (1d4-2)
Dagger +5 (1d4-2)
Acid Orb +5 (1d3) touch attack 3/day

Str 7, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 18
Base Attack ; CMB ; CMD 13
Traits: Besmara's Blessing, World Traveler, Scholar of the Great Beyond
Feats: Mage's Tattoo: Evocation, Skill Focus: Diplomacy, Augment Summoning,
Skills: see below


Spell-like Abilities (CL 6)
3/day - Dancing Lights
Concentration: +10
Cantrips -

Lv1 8/day - Sleep
*Affected by varisian tattoo

Need to be redone entirely
Ranks:Bluff 1, Craft(Tattoos), Diplomacy 1, Perception 1,

Bonuses: need to be redone entirely, plz ignore
Acrobatics +3, Bluff +15, Craft (Tattoo) +6, Diplomacy +19, Handle Animal +8, Intimidate +11, K(arcana) +6, K(planes) +7, Perception +6(+8), Profession (Sailor) +5, Linguistics +7, Sense Motive +5(+7), Spellcraft +10, Stealth +3


Artisan's tools (Tattoo gear) (5 lbs)
Traverer's cloths (5 lbs)
--A Blue vest goes over a loose-fitting white shirt, matching his hat. Long sleeved coat nearly drags along the floor, brown with Bright red accents hemmed with golden threads (not real gold). He has several scarves of a variety of colors, muted to bright, some clashing terribly with his red/blue motif, others matching elegantly.
Cold weather outfit (free)
--Thick coat with fur lining replaces his light jacket and vest, and thick pants fit over his breeches. He trades his usual cloak for a heavily oiled/water-resistant one with a fur-lined hood and decorative fur tufts as a mantle over the shoulders. (7 lbs)

Spell Component Pouch (2 lbs)
Spring Loaded Wrist Sheath x2 (1 lb.ea.)
Dagger x2 (1 lb ea)
Waterskin (4 lbs)
Wandermeal x8 (5 lbs)

Magic Items

Sack (1/2 lbs)

w/o Sack: 20 lbs
w/Sack:32.5 lbs.
Sack: Cold weather gear, MWK Tattoo Tools

Carrying capacity: inaccurate
Light: 0-23 lbs.
Medium: 24-46 lbs.
Heavy: 54-70 lbs. (80lbs overhead)
Lift: 140 lbs.
Drag: 350 lbs.

Familiar: Jack:

Jack is Dhaavan's tattoo Familiar. The tattoo is normally placed on his shoulder or the inside of his wrist. When it is our, it hops around on his shoulders and on his head acting as a lookout for the sorcerer, whispering into his ear in Infernal.

N Diminutive animal
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception +)

AC 19, touch 16, flat-footed 17 (+2 Dex, +4 size, +3 Nat)
hp 14
Fort +0, Ref +4, Will +5

Speed 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (average)
Melee bite +5 (1d2–5)
Space 1 ft.; Reach 0 ft.

Str 1, Dex 15, Con 6, Int 8, Wis 15, Cha 6
Base Atk +3; CMB –1; CMD 5
Feats Skill Focus (Perception), Alertness*
Skills: ---

Tattoo Familiar: Turns into a Tattoo or bird as a move action
Languages: Common
Alertness* when close to sorcerer,

Starting GP

Leveling info:

HP rolls: 6 (max), 4, 4, 4, 3, 5
FC bonuses: Skill point 2, Spell Known 4
Stat Bump: Lv4-Cha, Lv8-

S&S character:

Dhaavan has a very hard time connecting to people on any real, deep sort of level, but is gregarious and frieldly. While his silver tongue leaves him able to convince others to give him what he wants, it is through his personable nature and skill at reading people. Eschewing deception and manipulation, he relies on his jovial nature to make the friends he knows he needs, people one can trust, to survive in this world.

Emotionally detached, friendship is as much about a commitment, a deal, as it is about feelings, and that Dhaavan can handle. His word is his bond, his pride, and all he really has save the marks that he carves and inks into his flesh. He has trouble wrapping his head around lies, although he has no qualms about using partial truths or interpretations to show the facts in the light he wants.

Besmara's Blessing: +1 Perception/Prof(sailor) & 1/week Double roll a Sailor check Less a blessing, more of an interest, the Pirate queen has been subtly and not so subtly directing Dhaavan's life ever since his birth at sea. Through disasters, coincidences, good and bad luck, and "Divine Intervention" she has shepherded the Sorcerer to the Shackles. Where she sends him this time, he doesn't know, nor does he care anymore.
World Traveler: +1 Sense Motive, Class skill As the child of Varisian wanderers, Dhaavan has seen many cultures and peoples, and learned well the art of mistrust. Through a wide array of experiences being unnaturally plagued by pirates, he's seen liars of every kith and kinde, realizing that every liar's the same in the end.
Scholar of the Great Beyond: +1 K(Planes)+(History) 1 class skill Every culture has its stories, legends and histories, and Dhaavan has a knack for learning them, especially when it comes to tales of Outsiders and their influences. His tainted blood may be to blame, but only time will tell to what the depths this interest will take him.

The ship was tossed like a toy, pitching back and forth, deck washed by wave after wave, desperate sailors clinging to ropes for dear life as they tried to fight the currents. Lightning flashed, thunder boomed and the wind howled; such was the din that it was not till just beyond the door of her cabin that one could hear the screaming woman in hard labor.
Finally after hours that seemed like an eternity in the storm, a baby boy was placed into his mother's arms. As his cries faded and he finally slept, the seas calmed, rested as he did leaving the rag-tag sailors in awe and fear of the yellow eyed infant.

Dhaavan had the raven hair of his Chelaxian mother, and olive skin of a Varisian. Exiled from bother their societies for their love, Dhaavan's parents traveled the world sailing from port to port, caravanning through deserts, over mountains, cutting through jungle as the family grew. Life was hectic but happy, strange coincidences brought the family to sea time and time again.

An odd child, the silver tongued boy was aloof, and manipulative, prone to worry some rages when did not get his way. Try as they might, their son continued down a dark path, manipulating and taking advantage of others, hurting those who resisted his will. It became worse when his magic awakened.

Traditionally a celebration, upon his 15th birthday, Dhaavan's father carved into his arm the family's traditional emblem, an Idolis tattoo. what it also gave Dhaavan was the power to summon fiendish beasts to do his bidding. Unnaturally skilled with charms, and gifted with servants, Dhaavan went from simple manipulations to Enchantment, used creatures to carry out his threats.

The final sign was the Thrush. the little bird came to Dhaavan, and when it opened its mouth to speak, his mother recognized its words as Infernal. The language of Devils. As an Asmodean initiate, Dhaavan's mother had made dark pacts with the god before meeting the boy's father and abandoning her old life, and those promises came due with her precious boy. She realized that he was tainted, that her dark past had corrupted her first-born.

Eventually he became too much for his parents to control. They had other children to care for as well and finally were forced to abandoned their boy for the sake of their other children.

Barely a boy of 15, Dhaavan was alone in the world, having driven away his own family. Crushed and disheartened, he tried to make a way for himself, traveling from town to town followed by the chaos that defined his youth, preying to or cursing the Pirate goddess changed nothing. Fleeing her power was impossible, guiding him to the sea over an over. It took a over a year, alone and plagued by a goddess of chaos for him to learn that he couldn't survive on his own, use and abuse everyone around him. Eventually his power would fail him and he would be left with nothing fleeing from those he had wronged with not a friend in the world.

The boy finally gave in, sailing straight into her grasping arms, to the Shackles with only the tools of his trade and something warm in case he couldn't find lodgings. Arriving bitter and broke, he decided to toast his loathed patron, bloodline, past, and future, charming a passer-by to sponsor his celebrations. He entered the tavern, Formitabely Maid and drank until he forgot his life before that day, sick of his struggles in need of a blessed respite from his hatred.

Tired of being alone and outcast, with every sip he further embraced his fate inevitable fate, tired of running and fighting it.

Dhaavan Fellwind Details

Reversible Cloak
--A long bright red cloak with the Black-winged Skull emblem of the Lady emblazened on the back of it has a fur mantel along the shoulders and a fur lined hood. The second side of a more dulled grey, fur able to give a little warmth as it's on the inside and non-decorative, allowing the sorcerer to quickly travel incognito if need be. ???gpsoon to be irrelevant

S&S Story:

All Aboard
Drunk and then drugged in a tavern, the Formably Maid, the young charmer found himself Press-ganged into a pirate crew. Having had some small issues with his fellow Shanghaied, Dhaavan begins to make friends with the crew, getting to know several of the crew-members of the Wormwood with clever words, and plying his skills at Tattoo art. With a clever ear for languages, he picks up enough of a tongue a few of his fellow captives speaks, as well as learns a little about magic through observing a few other casters work their craft and further developing his own magic.
Promise of What
Having lost friends in a pitched battle with a merchant ship, Dhaavan and the Pressed-gang is conscripted by the Sadistic and Paranoid first mate of the Wormwood to the stolen vessel, who plans on killing them. Traversing an island looking for more lost allies, Dhaavan is plagued by a hellish dream, granted greater powers and dark knowledge.

Finding his shipmates captives of the Brinewater Queen, and her giant Grindylow son, an epic battle of Heroic feats ensued, but the queen escaped to return the next day during their mutiny. Plugg, Scourge, fell one after the other, and the Queen slain by a ballista bolt fired by the Kitsune Sejiro as he fell unconscious. Their foes dead, and the crew brought into the fold, the Press-ganged are now masters of their own fate and ready to set sail to Blood-cove where their futures await!The Dread Lady
The crew's first stop is Rickety Squibbs, the same destination of the treacherous Mr. Plugg, to get the Promise re-made as to avoid looking like the ship they've taken from Harrigan. There the clever charmer spreads the stories of their adventures, leaving out the choice bits about their former captain and are joined by three new recruits and a hired halfling. During the week-long process tempers rise as does the heat! But when the rain come, so it seems to ring the peace.

The arrival of Captain Merrill Pegsworthy at the village heralds the beginning of their journey. With the blessing of a Free Captain of the Shackles, the crew sets out, quickly tracking a heavily laden ship of the Aspis Consortium. The battle is cut surprisingly short as once again, a clever blow from Sejiro cuts short the life of their enemy, the captain. She falls in a moment and the crew, seeing their captain dead, beset by vicious Fiendish birds of prey, and a fire-breathing hound from the bowels of Hell itself, throws down their arms in surrender!

With their first hard earned victory as a Free Crew of the Shackles, the pirates of the Dread Lady made their way to the last bastion of civilization on the Fever Sea, Bloodcove!
Once again, Dhaavan revels and gossips and spreads the word of the exploits of the Dread Lady. Even when his stories get to the point of pure exaggeration, A young lusty wench introduces the impetuous youth to her father, a salty old dog who's interest and approval did much for the crew's name apparently.

A brief interlude in which an old companion fo Horatio Flynn, an Master of the Hypogriph, appears. The haughty man seems to offend the sensibilities of the officers, but proves invaluable during his brief stint among the officers.

For notoriety comes danger, and Variel is targeted by an ambush, testing the crew and captain. It is by the assistance of the proud rider's great beast that the ninja are defeated for the most part. Foiling the summoner's best attempts to capture one, the killer preferring death to capture, an the final would-be assassin leaps into the water below.

Called away on urgent business, the rider Camm Jaznak bids his old friend fare-well, leaving for urgent business, but not before carrying a sea-seeking adventurer, a priest of Besmara herself, to the Dread Lady. The Half-elf Adular is the child of the old man's friend and heard about the crew, jumping at the chance to join such a crew, hitching a ride with Camm to find where the Ladies take him. Undaunted by their challenges, the crew sallies forth to seek fortune and fame once more, aiming to take Tidewater Rock, if nothing should distract them, of course…
Welcome to the JungleDeparting toward the Rock a tasty target appeares on the horizon, yet another Rahadoumi ship. Chasing them was a simple task, but as Dhaavan sent his thrush to deliver terms of surrender, a Manticore, cloaked by invisibility, attacked. While saving his precious companion with a water elemental, the Dread Lady closed on the Sanbalot. Upon reaching the Rahadoumi, the Crew of the lady leaping over to the enemy deck, The ship's Captain helpless in a pit conjured by the Sorcerer, Horatio fires the bolt that slays the Manticore ending the encounter.

Without her beast the enemy Captain dies by her own blade before surrendering. Demoralized, leaderless, and beset by greater foes than they can handle, the Rahadi surrender. Once again, the silver-tongue of the sorcerer turns several of the enemy tu their side to bolster their ranks after loosing all of their new recruits and the strong Owlbear, but Flynns brutal response of smashing skulls and devouring the heart of the fallen beast strengthens the Rahadi resolve and hatred of their attackers.

It is not until days later, when sickness rears its head, that the Rahadoumi change their tune. Flynn's medical knowledge points the crew to the Slithering Coast, where they find a rare flower to cure their sickness, one that plagues Dhaavan with great fear. Then after a covert mission aboard a Chelaxian Pirate Hunter mored down-river from them, the Dominator, to disable the ship, the Crew escapes the inlet in which they rested to find the cure to return once again to Blood Cove.
Death in the night!
In the dark of night after leaving Blood Cove, the officers were awakened by a frightful row coming from the Captain’s cabin. The Golden cat Niko had noticed and attacked an assassin after Variel’s life. The struggle was violent and deadly, the ninja remaining invisible and cutting into the officers one after another with vicious assaults. Nearly evading the officers every effort to slay the killer, the assassin was finally dispatched. The next day his severed Drow head revealed to the pirates the intent of death to Variel and servants of the Lady. Sadly few further clues were forthcoming.

What was found was a bottle of Air and a Bag of Holding in which the Drow smuggled himself aboard, now held by the party. After this harrowing encounter the Crew of the Dread Lady continued on their way to Tidewater Rock.

Lord of the Rock
Rather pleased by the decision to use diplomacy as their primary method of approach, the devilish sorcerer proceeds with the Dread Lady sails into the port of Tidewater rock. After giving over Sandara to the Widow Smythee as a hostage, the officers enter the fortress to Parlay. Recounting their adventures, choosing their most impressive exploits to highlight reasons to forge an alliance, the clever charmer makes his case for the Lady of the Windward Isle, apparently doing a better job than he had anticipated.

As a counter proposal to a business arrangement, the Lady Agasta pointed at Dhaavan and informed the officers that their alliance would be set through a marriage to last at least a year, as is custom among individuals of power in the Shackles. The lucky Lordling would be wed to the Lady the next day and find himself Lord of Windswept Isle and Master of Tidewater Rock. It was then that they boy known oly as Dhaavan took up a name befitting his spirit and occupation, as Lord Dhaavan Fellwind to share it with his Lady. Following was a wedding beautifully presided over by Adualr and a most rancorous celebration.

Yet the festivities did not last long, as the next day there was a Sahuagin raid on the Island. One guardsman was slain and a young boy, Mardus, whom Dhaavan’s new bride thought of as a son, was terribly injured. After Horatio performed an extraordinary surgery, assisted by Adular, and once by the sorcerer’s infernal magiks, the stoic doctor was Knighted as Sir Flynn of Tidewater Rock by the Lady of the land.

While making preparations to protect against future attacks, Dhaavan remained on the island while the rest of the officers set out after a Slaving vessel seen through the Farglass. While the chase was easy compaired to the Rahadi ship, the Hobgoblin slavers of the Valatroika were brutal and nearly had Variel killed. On the pretence of a duel, Horatio bought the crew time at which Rain Lashed out with a surprise attack and slew the Goblin waiting to kill Nightstorm. Thanks to the Healing of Adualr, Variel was able to stand at the last moment and delivered a devastating strike against the captain to end the battle.

The Crew returned successfully with a crew of freed slaves and a pile of Ivory, to Tidewater where the Lord and Lady met them. After three more days of preparation, the crew sets off toward Little Oppa, a decadent port not two days from Tidewater.

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