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Mask of the Mantis

Devlin "Dusk" Valerian's page

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My first Paizo experience


It was one of the days when I wished that somebody else was Gamemastering our local group. I was on a Thursday evening. The coming Saturday I was supposed to meet with my friends for a friendly D&D evening. Only I did not have an adventure ready for them. My working schedule prevented me from designing myself. Searching through the word wide net for any ideas I stumbled across D0 Hollow's Last Hope. I liked the Cover but was skeptical about the story. After all, what can one expect from a free module offered by the company who's job normally is to sell such things. And it only consisted of 16 pages. Well, it was better then showing up with nothing, and 16 pages where quick to read.

Actually I had to read it twice, because I could not believe that what I held in my hands was that good, especially since it was a free of charge product.

Hollow's Last Hope is one of the best Adventure Mods that I have had the pleasure reading and running. I immediately ordered the follow up Mod D1 Crown of the Kobold King and D1.5Revenge of the Kobold King. My players loved it and hated me at the same time, because the story was full of surprises (having that little bas.... Merlokrep return as Zombie to further harass the PCs when they just enjoyed their new fame as the local Heroes, came as a big surprise to them.

Never since GW surprised the Gaming Community of WHFRP with their High Quality Campaigns have I experienced story line so well developed.

This is a must or any one who enjoys well made NPCs, great story lines and surprises for their Players. I highly recommend to read all 3 Mods (D0, D1, D1.5)and then playing them in sequence. They can be played as stand alone, or as go in betweens in a running campaign, but if you dont play them in sequence you and your players will miss a lot of the fun and surprises that work so well if they are in sequence.

Hollow's last Hope is the one that got me hooked on Paizo's Product Line, and I have not regretted it since.

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