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Devastation Bob's page

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15...err..8 men on a Dead Man's Chest...


Nautical Heroes continues Legendary Game's awesome series of pre-generated characters for the Paizo Adventure Path series. Ably filling the role of PC, NPC, or Quickie Replacement Character, each comes nicely illustrated with backstory and levelling suggestions in addition to the regular character stats. Characters range from a bloodthirsty Tengu rogue to an Undine Monk. You'll want to play them all. Check it out.

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Great premise delivered on.


An exiled noble and her family have to carve a city out of a wild region near the River Kingdoms. I read the sample chapter and I was hooked. This is a very entertaining PF Tale and one of the best in the series. Stackpole writes likable and engaging characters. I would love to see a sequel to find out what happens next. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

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What's player's guides should be.


The last couple of AP guides have been kind of disappointing, but it looks like a return to form with the Mummy's Mask guide. It gives player's an idea what to expect and the campaign traits are, for the most part, inspiring and useful. More like this please.

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And the hits just keep on coming...


Path of Winter is the latest in the Adventure Path Iconics line from LPJ Design providing pre-Lgenerated characters for the popular Paizo line of Adventure Paths. For those unfamiliar you get 8 characters suitable for the AP, 1/2 are usually races from the core PFRPG, and 1/2 from LPJ Design's NeoExodus setting, of which I have little familiarity with, but they provide everything you'd need to run the character. It's easy to read, the characters are well written, and the profile art is nice. If you're looking for some quickie characters for the AP, or any winter/ice themed adventure you could do a lot worse.

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The shortcut to Hell...


More AP pre-gen goodness from LPJ. Art continues to be high quality, and the characters are well written and intriguing. My former quibble of half the pre-gen races being non-setting natives can be overlooked as Way of the Wicked doesn't take place in Golarion, and there's more room for the exotic Neo-Exodus races. Cool stuff, looking forward to Path of Winter.

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