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Devalin's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 4 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


Hi, i have some reach questions i was hoping people could help with.

One of the players wants to use a spear or other reach weapon.

Assuming they are in combat, they will be one square away from the target rather than base contact, however assuming the monster acts next, i guess it will step into combat (assuming it doesnt have a reach weapon), as its moving into combat i assume no attack of opportunity.

So next round for the fighter, he's now base:base with the monster and thus cant use his reach weapon against it, although i assume he can use it at other monsters still at range 2 (assuming they arent blocked).

I guess the fighter is left with 3 options

1. 5 foot step back, if space is available and attack again
2. Attack a different monster still in reach range
3. Drop the spear and swap to a sword or other shorter weapon (would that be free action drop, move action draw, standard action attack ?)


Why havent you disabled PDF purchases for the duration, i just brought two PDF's that come with the text

"Will be added to your downloads immediately upon purchase of PDF."

And i've now discovered i cant download the product i've just paid for !

Theres no warning text during the shopping process to indicate that the pdf's are down.

Star Voter Season 6

Ok so i screwed up badly with my whole submission, being new to this i got over excited and didnt read the rules or the advice topics and basically just posted an item idea.

Then off course i realized i had screwed up, but had no way to edit or redo it :(

So, while i will have a better plan for next year, i was curious if the judges added any comments on my text or just marked it void and moved on ?

To make matters worse i didnt keep a copy of the original, not sure i could have done much worse, next year i will have a plan !

Anyway was wondering if someone could look up my entry and see if their where any comments on the "theme" of the item at all ,even though everything else was wrong.

It was basically a health potion created from a users blood that heals them, poisons others, but can also be used to remotely effect them with magic if they were to lose it.

Star Voter Season 6


I made a mistake on my entry is there any way to delete it so i can re-enter or to edit my entry ?


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