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The Oliphaunt of Jandelay

Desh's page

382 posts. Alias of Eben al'Jol.

About Desh

HP 33/73
Damage Threshold: 24
Reflex: 23 Fortitude: 24 Will: 17
Condition Track: Nominal (0 penalty)
Current Power Cell: - ejected -

    Carbine Ammo: 40/50
    Force Points: 5/8
    Destiny: 5
    Darkside Points: 0
    Condition Track
    [X] Nominal
    [_] -1 to Defenses, attack rolls, ability checks, and skill checks
    [_] -2 to Defenses, attack rolls, ability checks, and skill checks
    [_] -5 to Defenses, attack rolls, ability checks, and skill checks
    [_] Move at 1/2 speed; -10 to Defenses, attack rolls, ability checks, and skill checks
    [_] Helpless (unconscious)………………security:lvl_3_access……………..granted.
Request::BlackOperative_file::FullDisclosureBrief……………Unit::ST-157; Des.#::8
link.est………… er.complete.


    |-- 138.21.29003.Field.Observer.Note --|
    "Subject Desh is a yellow-skinned Feeorin standing at 2.2 meters, average for his kind. He is powerfully muscled, broad of shoulder, but trim. Subject has dark red eyes and some minor tattooing on his face, shoulders, and chest. Then a few symbolic tattoos on his shoulders which indicate his admittance into an elite mercenary crew.
    |-- end of relevant info --|
:: Race Feeorin :: Planet of origin Unknown 
:: Experience Mercenary Sct 1.yrs / Sol 5.yrs 
:: Linguistics Basic and Mando'ade

:: Age Unknown :: Height 2.2 m :: Wgt 113.4 kg
:: Skin Ylw :: Hair n/a :: Eyes Red


    |-- 204.14.29009.Field.Observer.Note --|
    "...Subject's physical scores are impressive. Far surpasses most concurrently-tested subjects in areas of strength, constitution, agility, and speed… Subject shows an above-average learning capacity and mental dexterity, though mental resilience is questionable. While the subject does show a resolute or stubborn behavioral pattern, behavioral profiling suggests prior mental and behavioral conditioning ... leading to possible emotional trauma. Be wary of gaps in mental defenses.
    |-- end of relevant info --|
    :: Str 18 :: Dex 13 :: Con 15 :: Int 10 :: Wis 10 :: Cha 6


    |-- 163.25.29008.Field.Observer --|
    "...Subject has incredible combat resilience and shows above-average scores in most close-combat and hand-to-hand styles ... Average scores on the Firing Range across a wide array of weaponry."
    |-- end of relevant info --|
    :: HP.index 73 \\ 24 + 5d10 (6, 5, 10, 8, 8) + 12
    :: Damage Threshold 24
    :: Reflex 23 \\ 10 + 6.Lvl + 1.Dex + 2.Sct + 1.MartialArts + 1.Feat + 2.Armor
    :: Fortitude 24 \\ 10 + 6.Lvl + 2.Con + 2.Rac. + 2.Sol + 1.Feat + 1.Armor
    :: Will 17 \\10 + 6.Lvl - 0.Wis + 1.Feat
    :: Spd 8sq
    :: BAB +5
    :: Weapons Assessment
    Ranged [dice]1d20 + 6[/dice]
    Ranged (Auto) [dice]1d20 + 6 - 5[/dice]
    [ooc]Melee [dice]1d20 + 9[/dice]
    Unarmed (combat gloves) [dice]1d20 + 9[/dice]; Damage [dice]1d6 + 8[/dice]
    Vibrobayonet (attached to gun) [dice]1d20 + 9[/dice]; Damage [dice]2d6 + 11[/dice] - Target's Damage Threshold treated as 5 lower.
    Vibrobayonet (in-hand) [dice]1d20 + 9[/dice]; Damage [dice]2d4 + 7[/dice] - Target's Damage Threshold treated as 5 lower.


    |-- 212.04.29009.Field.Observer --|
    "...Subject has high test scores in combat readiness, awareness and strategies, as well a modicum of piloting, engineering and mechanical capabilities. Extensive armored and close-combat training."
    |-- end of relevant info --|
    :: Skills Training
    Endurance +10 \\ Endurance [dice]1d20 + 10[/dice].
    Initiative +9 \\ Initiative [dice]1d20 + 9[/dice].
    Knowledge: Tactics +8 \\ Knowledge (Tactics) [dice]1d20 + 8[/dice].
    Perception +8 \\ Perception [dice]1d20 + 8[/dice].
    Pilot +9 \\ Pilot [dice]1d20 + 9[/dice].
    :: Talents
    Long Stride, Armored Defense, Devastating Attack: Advanced Melee, Improved Armored Defense
    :: Feats
    Weapon Proficiency: Advanced Melee (1), Heavy Weapons Proficiency (Sol.2), Improved Defenses (3), Martial Arts I (Sol.4), Power Attack (60, Armor Proficiency: Light (Sol.Free), Weapon Proficiencies: Simple, Pistols, Rifles (Sct.Free), Shake It Off (Sct.Free)
    :: Racials
    Brutal - 1/encounter, after successful strike, treat target's damage threshold as if it were 5 points lower.
    Great Fortitude - +2 to Fort Defense
    Inborn Resilience - Use Second Wind even when unconscious (no action required, must be taken on turn). Using it while unconscious moves Feeorin +3 steps on the condition track.
    Low-Light Vision
    Stronger by Age


    Fiber Armor
    Heavy Blaster Rifle w/ Vibrobayonette
    Vibrobayonette x2
    Combat Gloves
    Heavy Blaster pistol w/ hip holster
    power packs x4
    Short-range comm
    hip holster
    Electronic Binoculars
    Field Kit
    Cred Strip (350cr)
    Explosives w/ charge detonator
    speeder code-keys x3
    Swoop Gang Leathers

    Wookie w/ Fiber armor

    Blaster Carbine (Licensed) - 900cr + 90cr
    Power Packs x2 - 100cr
    Concealed Holster - 50cr
    Long-range Comlink - 250cr
    Cred Chip: 147cr - 100cr
    Banked Credit: 4000cr


    >> Personal Backround:
    Not much recorded information regarding the subject's personal history. He is estimated to be around 25 years of age, a young adult for his race.

    What information can be gathered indicates that the subject had an abnormal youth. Whether abandoned or abducted, cultural indicators suggest that the subject ended up in the hands of what appears to have been a Mandalorian group. (Hypothetical Note: Some research indicates this group may have been a small group under Sith leadership. Subject and a few other Feeorin children are said to have been overheard referencing a "Master using the Force" to enforce his will and shape the children and the greater Mandalorian group to his plans. This is unsubstantiated information, and the subject refuses to speak of his childhood - on or off the record.) The subject's training and general outlook both carry markers of Mandalorian training.

    Subject first appears in official records during the last war. Subject was recruited into Mercenary group. Subject has six recorded years in the Mercenary group, then fell off the radar around a year ago at the end of a tour.

    His name appears in various databases throughout the galaxy in the interim, indicating a nomadic recent lifestyle. Only other official tracked records are tied to a bank account.


    >> progression:
    Lvl 6 - Soldier 5: Power Attack (lvl 6 feat), Improved Armored Defense (Talent)
    Lvl 7 - Soldier 6: Weapon Focus: Advanced Melee (Soldier 6 feat)
    Lvl 8 - Soldier 7: Tough as Nails/Weapon Spec: Advanced Melee (Soldier 7 talent), +1 to Dex/Con
    LVl 9 - Elite Trooper 1: Point-blank Shot (lvl 9 feat), Greater Weap. Focus: Advanced Melee (ET1 Talent)
    Lvl 10 - Soldier 8: Powerful Charge (Soldier 8 feat)
    Lvl 11 and beyond: focus on ET levels, melee beast feats and talents

    - or -

    Lvl 6 - Soldier 5: Weapon Focus: Advanced Melee (lvl 6 feat), Improved Armored Defense (Talent)
    Lvl 7 - Soldier 6: Point-blank Shot (Soldier 6 feat)
    Lvl 8 - Elite Trooper 1: Greater Weap. Focus: Advanced Melee (ET1 Talent)
    LVl 9 - Soldier 7: Power Attack (lvl 9 feat), 
    Lvl 10 - Soldier 8: Powerful Charge (Soldier 8 feat)
    Lvl 11 and beyond: focus on ET levels, melee beast feats and talents


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