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Telakin (Doppleganger)

Derek Winston's page

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I need the pdf file. Will it be available at the same time?

Bwaaaah, suckage! How will I subtly broadcast my geekiness and game-ability without a Dragon or Dungeon magazine? What will hang from my bag or lay innocuously on a table for other gamers to notice and feel safe 'coming out'?

(Sorry for the gay analogy, because it's obviously no where near the same thing. But that's sort of what it's like when you are in your 30s and have a real responsible adult job. Like it or not, people look at you differently and treat you with some scorn when they find out you play 'those games.')

Although this is the end of the two big Ds, I have no doubt an independent d20 company will pick up the slack in one form or another.

Questions I hope someone will answer--

1) Will I still be able to buy back issues of Dragon and Dungeon .pdfs on Paizo (or another source)?

2) How do I choose how I'll redeem my 'excess' issues?

So long, Dragon and Dungeon. At least I still have White Dwarf.

Hello, all! In an issue of Dungeon sometime in the past, there were rules (in a sidebar) concerning "dungeon readiness." In particular, how inhabitants would react to the noise, explosions, and general mayhem of an adventuring party making their way through the dungeon.

This "mini-rule" was in a sidebar in one of the adventures, not an article on its own. It was printed sometime in the last four years. If someone could tell me which issue it was in, I'd greatly appreciate it (and would give them an internet smiley.

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