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Dennis Baker's page

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,472 posts (11,881 including aliases). 43 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 12 aliases.

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Great figure

****( )

This is perhaps one of the best dragon figs I've seen yet. The detail on this is solid, though it's not as detailed as some of the more precise resins, the price is great. The plastic it's made of is flexible and forgiving and seems a lot more durable than many or the more rigid plastics out there. This is a great mini for table top use and the price is spot on.

For reference, it's a good size where you can use it as either a "big" large or huge dragon.

Our Price: $29.99


Good character generation, good support but pricey

***( )( )

This is a great product for building characters and printing them out, it's rules support is excellent and they are quick to release support for new products, the problem is it gets expensive in a hurry. The base product is $26 here on Paizo, but most people are going to want to buy support for at least 2-3 additional hardcovers which adds another $30 to the price. It's easy to run up a $150+ tab.

I know it takes a ton of time to get this stuff into the application which is expensive, but it would be nice to see some subscription pricing options or at least automatically bump people the 'bundle' pricing if they eventually buy everything in the bundles.

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I love Radovan.

****( )

When I first picked up this book I struggled to get into the story. The first chapter is a very painful read-though of a really long, boring letter with no action. Then it transitions to some court intrigue which nearly made me put the book down...

I am glad I pushed through the frustrating bits, the book overall is an excellent read with lots of likeable characters and a good bit of well exciting, cinematic action sequences. There is also just the perfect amount of romance in the book as far as I'm concerned (which is to say enough where it drives plot in fun ways without getting sloppy).

This is somewhere between 3-4 stars for me due largely to the slow start. Radovan and some of the secondary characters really bring this story alive.


Print Edition Unavailable

Just plain fun


Everything about this module is designed around the idea of crazy fun and encourages players to act like GOBLINS! It's filled with zany acts characters launching fireworks at each other and just making general mayhem.

Really fun to play and GM, I wish there were more modules like this.

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Wow... amazing

This first book is definitely in my top three adventure books of the 3.5/ PFRPG era. I loved the mystery aspect of it and there were a ton of hooks for GMs to glomp onto. My wife GMed this with my assistance and it was a blast to work with. The NPCs are evocative, the adventure hooks are appealing, and the monsters are fun.


My only quibble is in the prison itself, the first level feels like a grind with the very dungeon crawly type feel which I don't care for but even there there was a fairly fun mix of traps, haunts, and creatures to keep things interesting.

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