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Denim N Leather's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 514 posts. 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists.


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I love this game!

Where are you thinking about running this? And how often? Are you looking for players?

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Thanks for all the input, guys!

I got a copy of Savage Worlds Deluxe and Thrilling Adventures. Will give them a read through over the next few days/weeks.

Thanks so much for all the input! Leaning towards Deadlands: Noir. Going to get a copy of SW Core and give it a read.

Ah, looks like Deadlands: Noir is just the ticket! Does one need to purchase the SW core rules as well? It doesn't really say on the site if Deadlands is a supplement or its own game using the same engine...

Thanks, I had a look over at their site. Savage Worlds core?

I would like to run a 1930s pulp rpg campaign -- in movie terms, think Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Phantom, and The Mummy.

What would be the best (rules-light, preferred) game system for running it?

My first thought is Call of Cthulu, but I do not know if there is anything else out there that would work better.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Unfortunately, Thursdays are out for me. Hope you find players! I was where you are about a year ago, and now I'm turning players down for my B/X, LL game @ Kings Games (other side of Brooklyn).

I purchased the PDF from Drivethru and put it on my iPad. Been reading this over the weekend (sadly, did not know about the Kickstarter). It looks really interesting and would probably work well for running a Zelazny-inspired game.

My second class for OD&D, LL, or S&W just hit!



Please check it out and leave a comment!

Harrison wrote:
ratlord wrote:

" - Do you know where Santa is now children?

- In the hearts and minds of every child?
- No, out in space, gathering power! Raise the shields children! Raise the shields!"

and this is what passes through my mind...

It makes me think of Santa Clause Conquers the Martians.

Head butt!

Article is now live, please check it out here.

Yes, and a NWOBHM fan in general. :)

Just got word from KQ, a class I designed for Labyrinth Lord/Swords & Wizardy (the Chemist) will be on Kobold Quarterly's blog tomorrow! Please check it out and be sure to comment.


That looks like a very great idea! I am running my first 1-20 campaign now. The party is at level 3. :)

According to the description, a wizard can create a shortspear which 'hurls itself' at an enemy. (UM, page 88)

My question is: Is this attack subject to the same rules as a non-magical ranged attack?


Marc Radle wrote:

Hey everyone, just a reminder - the first issue of Gygax magazine goes on sale tomorrow:

Gygax Magazine Launch Party

Watch live online: Gygax Magazine or attend in person if you live in NYC
Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 2:00pm.

Apparently they'll be opening the first box of magazines, and doing a live + video Q&A with the crew: Ernie Gygax, Luke Gygax, Jayson Elliot, Tim Kask, Jim Wampler, and James Carpio.

Magazines go on sale online and in-store, as soon as the first box is opened.

That's cool, and I live in Brooklyn, but need to be in Manhattan at 3PM! Bummer!

Marc Radle wrote:

Hey everyone, just a reminder - the first issue of Gygax magazine goes on sale tomorrow:

Gygax Magazine Launch Party

Watch live online: Gygax Magazine or attend in person if you live in NYC
Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 2:00pm.

Apparently they'll be opening the first box of magazines, and doing a live + video Q&A with the crew: Ernie Gygax, Luke Gygax, Jayson Elliot, Tim Kask, Jim Wampler, and James Carpio.

Magazines go on sale online and in-store, as soon as the first box is opened.

That's cool, and I live in Brookyn, but need to be in Manhattan at 3PM! Bummer!

I made this clip for a friend today, as he wanted to hear my Mesa Tremoverb doing 'metal'. I did not play any of this, just reamped the guitar DI tracks and did a mini-mix. Unfortunately, the backing track did not allow me to go in and really get things sounding tight, but I think I captured the tone of the Mesa pretty well.

Signal chain:

Interface > Mogami 1/4" to XLR > Radial PRO RMP re-amp > Lava Clear Connect > Mesa Tremoverb > Randall iso cab w/V30 > Blue Cranberry mic cable feeding back into the interface; no external mic preamps this time, just the crappy interface pre.

I tracked each guitar with 2 passes, one using a Sennheiser e609 and then with a Cascade Fat Head II

Once ITB, I did some minimal EQ to get them bedded into the mix, added a bit of tape saturation and a Waves One Knob brick wall strapped to the output.


The closest thing to swamps that I am aware of is the River Kingdoms. Is there any place in particular where black dragons are to be found?

Well, I went to The Compleat Strategist in NYC and had a good, hard look at this. Unfortunately, I did not feel confident enough to buy it.


1. The box does not come with actual rules!
2. The components look great, but they are clearly aiming this for a very wide/Barnes & Noble type of sell through. It is being sold as a stand-alone game for 3-5 players.
3. As we all know, replaying a module is dodgy at best, so in the end you are paying $30 for the only reusable piece in the box: the dice.
4. This costs just as much as the $30 Beta Rules book, which is about 250-300 pages long. Why not just get the Beta Rules and have the Beginner stuff available for free download, like Paizo does with their BB stuff?
5. It is unclear whether the Beginner Game is using the Beta rules, therefore making them obsolete when the finished rules come out. From that standpoint, it's really a dead-end product, made for single or very limited use, and to be replaced by the finished game when the rules are finalised.

I feel the same way, but the price is low enuff that there is little risk. I was not a fan of SWSE for multiple reasons and think this one warrants a playtest.

JrK, thanks for listening and for the feedback.

Thanks for listening! The parts are not in any order, I just recorded them as I wrote 'em. Some may stay, go, morph, reprise, rearrange, who knows ... it's meant to be jammed and improvised on. I find writing songs this way to be very laborious.

I started sketching out a progressive rock song (for the real prog nerds, it's a Neo-Prog song)a few months ago, and didn't really have time to sit down and start stitching it together until recently.

These are the riffs collected so far, and in no particular order or number of repetitions.

As there are a few progressive rock fans here, I thought you might enjoy listening to it.

It can be streamed for downloaded at a higher resolution here.

If you are reading/listening to this and are a musician in the NY area, feel free to drop me a line, as I would like to get this fleshed out and recorded for release.

Thanks for listening!

Quandary wrote:
Ravenbow wrote:
The is no meta magic in the Beginner Box

i don't believe there is a Shield spell, either.

anyways, MPL and Ascaphalus have the main point, that you need to play differently, not just view the game like a videogame where you push buttons linked to specific powers. nobody should be casting shield if they don't have a specific reason to think that they should need to. the game has a whole host of rules and skills that allow you to realistically proceed cautiously thru an environment, seeking to avoid and be aware of threats you may face. with limited spells/day, you shouldn't use them unless necessary.

A big +1 here.

I have been following this thread with interest, and I find it rather sad that so many people seem to missing the point that any dungeon crawl is about resource management and either knowing or lucking into when you should be expending spells.

My latest homebrew campaign has everyone with a ring of +1 to a single attribute scores. However, they also scale as the characters level up. What the PC's don't know is it also putting them under a compulsion spell. :)

Not free that I know of, but Green Ronin put out a source book for epic battles such as the Trojan War that is very good and I have used it numerous times in my Pathfinder game.

That sounds like a good time! Helicocktur ... lol

Thanks for sharing the pics of your battle mat, too. Great use of Gaming Paper (?)!

Well, this looks really cool! I am building an Imperial dragon for my homebrew campaign (set in Golarion) now ... I am really looking forward to how these are statted out, especially the hoards!


I am statting out a few dragons for my current homebrew campaign and cannot see where the starting AC is for a dragon in their base stats; in Bestiary 1, it clearly states their Natural Armour bonus, but not the base AC, that I can see.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


1. Metamagic feats, though I don't think this is what you are looking for.

2. Use a magic item (wand, scroll) created by a higher level caster than yourself; as long as the spell is on your class spell list, you can effectively bump up your caster level. Expensive, but doable.

3. The other way would be to get XP. :)

I like the fact that ALL of the info in the NPC Codex can be referenced by simply having the Core Rules.

The only issue I have thus far w the book is that a number of the PC's have 'she' in the description, but clearly have pictures of males ... makes using the artwork for encounters a bit difficult! :)

(See the Canibalistic Hunter for an example of this)

Run, Just Run wrote:
shaolin soccer

Yes! And Kung Fu Dunk is awesome, too!

SuperSlayer wrote:

Shaolin VS Ninja

I would not qualify Shaolin Challenges Ninja as a ninja movie since it's purpose is to show how far superior kung fu is to ninjitsu. The ninja are quite dumb in their tactics and get pwned by Gordan Liu at every turn. The only 'smart' ninja is the judo guy, and even he gets outsmarted by Liu ...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As a hung ga player for a long time, I like the more traditional styled movies:

Iron Flag

Kid With The Golden Arm

Crippled Avengers

Shaolin Challenges Ninja

Return of the Master Killer

10 Tigers of Kwan Tung

The Brave Archer

Martial Club

Challenge of the Masters

... those are my faves.

Thanks for the spirited responses thus far!

Hi all,

Quick question about adding environmental hazards to an encounter:

Do the hazards add to the CR of the encounter, or are they treated as separate, mini-CR's within the overall encounter?

I, for one, am very excited over this! I can only hope they support B/X again, but in the interim, this is great! The S-Series "Adventure Path" ;) ... can just as easily be plugged into OSRIC or Labyrinth Lord AEC, both of which can be had for FREE.

I do not see Mythic tiers extending the sweet spot at all. I would just as soon switch to the Slow XP track for levels 6-10.

After giving the Mythic Adventures Playtest a good read-through, I cannot help but think that Mythic tiers may just be the thing for very small gaming groups (2-3 PC's) without having to resort to a host of allied NPC's, GM-PC's or gestalt characters.

In fact, it quite fits the idea of a mythic story, as most actual myths usually involve a single person's adventures.


And Ayreon! And Symphony X!

Thanks for the input thus far; it's been most helpful. NONE of my players are power gamers; thus, they will be sub-to-moderately optimized.

I have decided against using a Terrasque and will be using Fafnheir from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings supplement. Fluff-wise, this makes sense, as it is very likely that Fafnheir would have Bloodreaver in its horde.

Fafnheir is CR 24.

I cannot believe I forgot Kansas and Styx!


Fellow Paizonians, I need your help in crafting my current campaign.

The party is very warrior-centric, which is fine, and I am typically throwing higher-than-normal CR encounters at them. However, I would like to run this campaign all the way to level 20.

Anyway, the background: one of my players (using the Titan Mauler archetype) has in his background a family-relic weapon called Bloodreaver, which has been lost to his family but is rumoured to bring greatness to his line.

I am thinking about letting the sword be found, but is in the possession of a Terrasque (we are setting the campaign in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings).

Now, for the setup, I am thinking of this: the party is currently en route to Tien Xia to help out one of the party members (a samurai). Somewhere along the line, the existence of Bloodreaver is confirmed, as is its location, but obviously the party will be too low-level to handle a Terrasque until End Game.

My idea: Have the party fight 4 Imperial Dragons and amongst the hoard of each one of these will be a single Orb of Dragonkind. They can then set on a quest to Dominate 4 dragons and use them in their battle against the Terrasque.

My biggest worry is that the dragon hoards will give the party too much money at once and will unbalance the game.

So, my questions:

1. Given an APL of 20, plus a couple of Dominated dragons, can the party even have a shot at fighting a Terrasque? Remember, they are a warrior-oriented party and will probably NOT have a level-appropriate caster.

2. Does this type of quest sound even remotely exciting? I know that each battle will be VERY epic and am planning on making custom terrain for each of the dragon fights (Imperial as well as Chromatic, and Terrasque).

Slashcard wrote:

Just thought I would ask.

On top of that though, who are some of your favorites?

Off the top of my head:

Gentle Giant
Spock's Beard
Flower Kings
Flying Colors
Ice Age (first album)
Explorer's Club
Royal Hunt
Shadow Gallery
Coheed And Cambria
Blind Guardian
Frogg Cafe
Spooky Tooth
Queensryche (The Warning & Rage For Order)

As well, What's your favorite album of the year so far?

Coheed And Cambria, The Afterman Pt 1.

Another Brooklynite here. All public trains, subways, and buses will be suspended as of 7PM tonight.

We live down on the Gerritsen Beach/Marine Park border, 1 block north of the evac zone.

Fun times! My biggest concerns are the roof leaking and losing internet! :)

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