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Thesing the Vampire

Delos Fear's page

31 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


+1 on the Divine Cruor. Not sure on the name but I think it would solve many of the problems I see in the current build. Especially if this is what was also used to cast the spells.

I would suggest adding fly as a class skill, as most classes if not all classes that get access to a fly ability under any means gets it as a class skill.

Can we get a status report?

Any updates available what so ever?

From what I have seen the way you are thinking to use archetypes works fine. I have tried it myself more than a few times and it has worked well with little to no balance issues.

I am mixed on this, while I can always use more talents, I really want to see the other books sooner than later and would hate to give you more to work on and possibly get distracted with.

Ok thanks for the update once again.

I does think there was a delay again. Either way keep up the good work and thanks for the prompt reply last time. Sorry I havent replied with thanks sooner but life likes to happen to us all.

Havent heard anything in a while, and while I know you have alot on your plate I was wondering if we could get atleast a status update.

Is there an expected release time for the ranger?

Would love to see then new layout but cant see buying it again. Either way still love the product.


Cool, sorry for the sickness but I can understand that. Everyone in my family is being hit with the exact same sickness.

This is not a joke right? Really?

Would love to see how mythic leadership would work if you took the bullet point variants for leadership.

Sorcerer (before even ranger)

I know you said barbarian and ranger is next, but if at all possible could you consider pushing up at least one example of a full caster and medium caster class so that we can get a basic Idea of how to tackle casters with this. I currently have a few home brew classes that I have been converting to this general outline and this would be of a major use to me. i got to spend But yes that sounds good to me and am looking forward to it.

Your google doc is down, if you have more of these I would like to see them. Esp android feats, a couple of my players has expressed an intrest in them.

Is there an updated release date on this yet?

I was told on the Twenty-Seventh of last month that it would still be a few weeks, not sure how they define a few weeks but we can only hope they use the same dictionary I use and give us a update within the week.

This lul is killing me. I need more of these classes.

Spinning Lance (Ex):
A fighter must have taken weapon mastery with the polearm or spears weapon group and have a base attack bonus of +6 to select the spinning lance talent.

This talent calls for the grand talent feat of Weapon Mastery with polearms or spears, but the problem with that is, there is only one grand talent, given at 20th level, with no options to gain anymore talents after that.

Page 246 in Corebook, Pdf Lite Version, the Hyperlink DeathWatch Spell takes you back to the begining of the spell section instead of the spells entry.

This is taking a couple of peoples Ideas but this is what i am currently playtesting for this ability, and is working pretty well so far.

At 2nd tier, you gain a +2 mythic bonus per mythic tier on initiative checks. In addition, you gain one additional swift action each round. This additional swift action allows you to take any swift action except those such as casting spells, or activating a second mythic power.

Ok, I see. Still find the Ki Pool one to be overkill, but I understand now.

Notably your current build has 3 ways to overcome adamantine damage reduction, might be a tad redundant.

I think a book on the shield spell would be a perfect complement to magic missile book.

Some Alternate racial features for this race to include some of the fact that half veela can at times get a full veela's fire abilities, and avian forms would be useful.

So if I get that right your saying the Formula all things considered should be something like this.

StrMod+BAB+SSM=CMB Then Add fury's Fall as it says it adds to your CMB

So with Weapon Finesse it should be

DexMod+BAB+SSM=CMB+Fury'sFall(Dex)= Total CMB for trip ??

An interesting concept for improving weapons based on skill of use might to be to change their damage rules to have the Dice type scale with BaB. Something like goes up one die step for every 5 Bab or something. Ie. A 5th level fighter wielding a scimitar gets a D8. Still not as good as the static bonus's floating around but it could be a start.

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