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Sable Company Elite Marine

Del Vane's page

53 posts. Alias of jamie noone.

Full Name

Delwood Vane




Rogue 1







Special Abilities



Chaotic Good







Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 13
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 14

About Del Vane


XP: 250

Initiative: +2

Conspiracy Hunter (+1 to knowledge: local)
Dump Salvager (+3 trait bonus to Perception checks to search for concealed items)

Favored class: Rogue (+1 HP/lvl)


Appraise +6 (+2 int +1 rank +3 class skill)
Bluff +6 (+2 cha +1 rank +3 class skill)
Diplomacy +6 (+2 cha +1 rank +3 class skill)
Disable Device +6/+7 traps (+2 dex +1 rank +3 class skill +1 trapfinding)
Intimidate +6 (+2 cha +1 rank +3 class skill)
Knowledge: local +7 (+2 int +1 rank +3 class skill +1 trait)
Perception +8/+11 concealed items/+12 traps (+2 wis +1 rank +3 class skill +2 alertness +3 concealed items +1 trapfinding)
Sense Motive +8 (+2 wis +1 rank +3 class skill +2 alertness)
Sleight of hand +6 (+2 dex +1 rank +3 class skill)
Stealth +6 (+2 dex +1 rank +3 class skill)
Use magic device +6 (+2 cha +1 rank +3 class skill)


HP: 13 (8 rogue +1 con +3 toughness +1 favored class)

Fort: +1 (+0 rogue +1 con)
Ref: +4 (+2 rogue +2 dex)
Will: +2 (+0 rogue +2 wis)

AC: 13 (10 +1 armor +2 dex)
Flat footed: 11 (10 +1 armor)
Touch: 12 (10 +2 dex)
CMD: 12 (10 +0 BAB +0 str +2 dex +0 size)


Speed: 30

BAB: +0
CMB: +0 (0 BAB +0 str +0 size)

Melee: short sword +0 (+0 BAB +0 str)
Ranged: dagger +2 (+0 BAB +2 dex)


Leather armor (10 gp, 15 lbs)
Short sword (10 gp, 2 lbs)
Daggers (3) (6 gp, 3 lbs)
Thieves' tools (30 gp, 1 lb)
3 potions of Cure Light Wounds

GP: 14


Delwood Vane has spent his whole life in Westcrown. Born into poverty to a single mother who worked most of the time, he spent most of his time on the street. At an early age, he was recruited into one of the many gangs of street urchin pickpockets employed by low-level miscreants in Westcrown. When his "guardian" disappeared (presumed dead), he managed to keep from falling into another gang. He wanted to do "honest work" but there was little available for his skillset. He began offering his services as a guide for adventurers passing through, but more often than not he worked for thieves passing through, casing places for them to rob. Now older and still looking for "honest work", he's begun hiring himself out as a "locator". He finds missing people, or tracks down and reacquires stolen property that has greater sentimental value to the victims than its cash value (he doesn't turn the thieves in to the authorities). Usually, the jobs to find people are for loan sharks, but he only finds them, he doesn't shake them down. And sometimes he does get to work for an honest client, like the job he's on now.

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