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Rappan Athuk


I am currently playing (as a player) through this with a group of 5 people + 1 DM. This adventure will bring most any party to its knees quickly. This isn't an easy story telling book! This is the kick in the butt adventure that takes D&D back to a hardcore feel and gives you a serious sense of accomplishment at every turn. We have been playing for months and have had many deaths now through the party, some due to player choices, and others due to Oh my God what is that!

If you are looking for a story filled, grand adventure with hard encounters to challenge even the most veteran of D&D player this is the one book you have been looking for. The custom encounters and great character vision give this a unique feel that I have only gotten from a few adventures. This has left me wanting to go further every week for months now.

Get the book, and hear the lamentations of your adventures! I can’t say enough good things about this adventure.

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