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Old Marm

DeathQuaker's page

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8. RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter, 2014 Star Voter, 2015 Star Voter. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 6,308 posts (9,839 including aliases). 5 reviews. 5 lists. 1 wishlist. 16 aliases.


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RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I'd suggest just posting links to it and see who responds.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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Charlie Brooks wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:
Anyone know what happened to the Baldur's Gate comic that was supposed to come out? I didn't pay attention because it involved Minsc, but I think it should have been out by now.

It was a fun comic that lasted five issues and which can now be found on Comixology.

If you don't mind spoilery reviews, I have breakdowns of all five issues over at this blog.

Ooh, thanks for the reviews and the blog, looks great!

Derek Vande Brake wrote:
My favorite character was Viconia. I always made her TN in ToB. I'm a sucker for a redemption story.

Me too, I liked her as well. She wasn't wimpy or whiny like some of the other love interests. She had a dark sense of humor that I liked, and I loved that you could help encourage her to change.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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I want all of the Imoen. I love her to death. I would play a game that was just all about Imoen. She was a major reason I played through BG2 as many times as I did. I liked her when she was relentlessly perky, and I liked her creepy cheerful darkness after her ordeal in BG2. I also even liked her when she had a funny accent and was called "Leliana" in Dragon Age: Origins.

Minsc is the one I tired of. I found him funny only the first 935 times; the next 10,524,382 times got old, as do the perpetually relentless fanboy references.

Everyone had endlessly repetitive barkstrings so I didn't find any one more irritating than another.

Just goes to show---everyone has their own reasons for playing.

Anyone know what happened to the Baldur's Gate comic that was supposed to come out? I didn't pay attention because it involved Minsc, but I think it should have been out by now.

Werthead wrote:
In fact, Black Isle spent some time working on BALDUR'S GATE 3: THE BLACK HOUND (before Black Isle tanked and BG3 was cancelled) and it was a stand-alone, new adventure set in the Dalelands. I think there were hints that Minsc might show up but otherwise the links to the first two games were fairly slender.

An aside, but I love that in Pillars of Eternity (made by Obsidian, which is largely Black Isle) they have both an inn called "the Black Hound" and a "black hound" pet as homage to this fallen project.

PoE, while not perfect, is really more of what I want to see in RPGs--new material, not rehashing old stuff that seems to be setting people up for little else but, ultimately, disappointment. Nostalgia is an evil thing. It makes you always want more and yet never be satisfied when you get it.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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Thanks for the link, Snotlord. The idea of an interim adventure between BG1 and BG2 is quite likely.

I don't want to piss on anyone's parade--I really don't--but I admit I struggle to understand the desire for Baldur's Gate III. I mean, I get that people loved BG1 and BG2--especially BG2--I did too! Very much. And that there's a general desire for "more of same."

But... the story of Baldur's Gate 2 ended pretty definitively (you end either a literal god or still someone so powerful you're basically a demigod). All the Bhaalspawn are all gone, pretty definitively. All NPCs are given clear epilogues as to their fates. I like to think of the PC game Baldur's Gate stories as about the Ward of Gorion and his/her allies, Imoen, Jaheira, Minsc, etc. etc. etc. Nothing else, to me, would be PC Baldur's Gate.* But that story is done. The "interim story" makes the most sense as a "sequel" because there's nothing else to tell directly of what comes after that would work well as a video game, and would appeal to others. (Mind, I'd kind of love to play a strategy game where you play as Imoen trying to secretly start up thieves' guilds all over the Sword Coast, but I think I am the only person who'd want that, and that wouldn't be a proper sequel to BG2 either, really, because the feel would be so different.)

And I don't see the point in slapping "Baldur's Gate III" on the name of a game if it doesn't have to do with the Ward of Gorion and/or the Bhaalspawn War, etc. I guess you could have "child of the Ward of Gorion" or whatever, but that forces, effectively you to define how BG2: Throne of Bhaal ended, which then invalidates effectively certain choices and playthroughs (I have never liked it when game sequels did that. "Oh, you played Evil Revan. But you're wrong.")

Further, I'm almost certain any NEW game to come out would be required by Wizards to be in 5th ed and in a newer take on the Forgotten Realms, so it wouldn't feel at all like the old BG series anyway.

I'm much happier to see a good story end as a great story, and then see new, different great stories instead. More isometric RPGs, absolutely (I loved Pillars of Eternity--wasn't as good as BG2, couldn't have been on its budget, but was better than BG1, I thought). More great fantasy stories from great developers, yes! But I feel like trying to build a sequel to a much loved game from almost 20 years ago is just going to set up for disappointment and never be what people really want it to be.

For those of you who do want BGIII, what do you think it would be? Who would you want the protagonist to be? What edition and setting? Do you think it could really top BG2?

*As opposed to the PS2 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance series which was an entirely different story, just also set in the city of Baldur's Gate

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8




Tactician (like the fighter archetype)

Skirmisher (light infantry)




RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

That's awesome to hear, Scythia. :) I hope you felt it worth the time. Did you

Talk down Lanius or kill him?

In my game Veronica punched him from full to about 2 hit points with one blow and then my kill-stealing Courier shot his arm off.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

RainyDayNinja, I'm just going off what you can see on screen during the E3 demo and trying to extrapolate from there. In the video you can see the PipBoy interface, and it shows SPECIAL, status, and perks---no skill menu. There is a command to access a "perk chart." The crafting screens show prereqs for crafting, e.g., "Perks: science 2." And there is a Barter Bobblehead.

So from there, it looks like there's nothing called "skills" BUT areas of expertise like science and barter exist. These are labeled "perks," have ranks, and are organized according to a chart. So I am guessing what were skills are now trees, a la Skyrim, where as you level you cab choose more perks you qualify for on a given tree.

No indication as to how these abilities are gained (use or flat gains you pick upon leveling). I'd presume the latter until proven otherwise

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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And on a personal note, part of me is really excited about the crafting and part of me is going to be annoyed at feeling obligated to collect every ounce of spare trash in the wasteland. Especially if there's WAY more salvageable stuff than there should be 200 years post apocalypse, which is an issue I had in prior Fallout games as well (also Wasteland 2). I like to salvage and build things, I don't like the idea that I'm wandering along a road that many other mercs and traders have traveled over the last several decades but no one before me apparently thought it was worth their time to loot the abandoned grocery store nearby. The excitement about being able to build and customize my own house is outweighing the skepticism however.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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Summary from E3 for those who have seen/haven't had chance to watch the video:

- You are indeed the lone survivor of Vault 111, woken up 200 years after the bombs fell. You are either the man or woman in the trailer looking over the baby crib.

- Very robust crafting system where you can scrap any object in the game and use it to make anything from weapon mods to entire houses. You can build settlements and establish trade. Weapon mod system is very variable and robust. Oh and yes, you can customize your own power armor.

- Skills appear to be folded into perks. Speculation is they will work as skills did in Skyrim.

- New UI, Pip Boy, VATS look nifty (IMO).

- Release date is November 2015

In other news there's an iPhone app out called Fallout Shelter, which allows you to build and control a vault. Sadly not yet available for Android.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Scythia wrote:
I've played over 400 hours in New Vegas, finished all of the DLC multiple times (even Dead Money, which I despised), but I've never finished the game. I just don't like the groups enough to care.

It's worth seeing the ending slides to see all the ways your choices affect the ending of the game (which are very very many). If you've forced yourself multiple times through Dead Money you should be able to muster the patience to get to the endgame. Of course YMMV but if you've played it that much I'd suggest doing it at least once. *shrug*

I really liked many of the factions, personally -- less the NCR and Legion but more a lot of the townships and tribes I found interesting. I love the Boomers and the Followers, and I find the New Vegas factions entertaining. You don't have to like them, but I hope that my enjoyment of it doesn't have to provoke hostility toward me for having a different opinion.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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I really hate the good karma granted from killing certain characters and creatures in FNV. Especially since nearly all of them you are pretty much forced to kill them out of survival should you encounter them, especially if they corner you--so it's not like you're killing them to do a good deed, you're doing it for the same reason you'd kill a cazadore trying to sting you to death or a Legion assassin out for your blood. The only karma gain that really makes sense in the whole game is the gain for killing Cook Cook. But even then you can do that simply for either self defense or to earn a bounty. I do hope the idea of good karma for kills is eliminated (it also personally denies my philosophy of what good karma is anyway, but that's just me). If nothing else it makes playing a neutral karma character impossible and you have to play a total monster to have consistently bad karma.

IIRC the JE Sawyer mod removes a lot of that karma gain and increases karma loss for certain characters' murder. Other mods do too, it's just notable that the lead designer on the game ultimately felt the same way.

The unreasonable hostility provoked by ANY form of theft is a universal feature of most games in those engines though... Elder Scrolls games don't have the karma system but an NPC will still try to stab you to death for accidentally picking up a bent fork in front of them (I recall a few times in Skyrim literally having an entire town go after me for a similar offense). The actual karma loss in Fallout 3 and NV for doing such isn't that bad, it's the people attacking you for it that, in certain cases, makes no sense. Likewise yes, it's the fact that certain kills or levels of kills don't affect your reputation (although IIRC if you have a lot of human kills in your kill count in NV, it does trigger some different dialogues in certain places, people remarking you're a known killer).

I think it is fair to point out that there's not really a good ending.... it's just varying shades of gray to monstrously black. And your karma can further influence the ending, as well as the factions you ally with (IIRC, the "best ending" in terms of things ending most favorably for the most people is good rep with Brotherhood, Followers, Goodsprings, Great Khans, and all the Vegas factions, good karma, and NCR victory, or Independent Vegas with upgraded securitrons--the only problem with the latter is if you let the BOS live, they harrass travelers, so with that one for an otherwise better future you have to destroy them). Although you can be a good karma courier who supports the Legion (trying to internally convince yourself of the logic of why is an issue, but it's possible in the game -- I think the idea is you accept the inevitable strength of the Legion and, understanding that Caesar's and Joshua Graham's original intent were good, in trying to unite and strengthen the tribals, you hope to change it from within, however vain that hope might be). There's also "worse" and "worst" options for the Legion victory, depending if you ensure Caesar's survival to the end.

Also, the most "evil" ending is siding with the big bad in Dead Money. :)

What I really DID like in FNV were the faction reps and general reputation and I hope they do something like that in F4.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

RainyDayNinja wrote:

I kind of hope they decouple skill points from Intelligence in the leveling system, because it got kind of old having to invest 8-10 points in Int no matter what my character concept was. I'd like to be able to make a dumb character without ALL my skills being crippled.

I was recently doing an Int 1 playthrough in Fallout: New Vegas (before Pillars of Eternity hit and then I got busy with other stuff). I took the "Skilled" perk which gives you extra skill points at the expense of experience points. This helps mitigate the skill point loss a bit. As in the game you can pretty easily level up and hit the level cap regardless (which is like level 50 or so) I haven't felt limited or depowered by the XP penalty... still actually been leveling pretty quickly in fact. Although I generally prefer playing a skill monkey/jack of all trades, I did find it a refreshing challenge to think about where I really did want to put my skill points.

If they use that or a similar perk that might help.

But I agree if it feels like you need Int to play it limits options (same goes for any given ability score).

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

CorvusMask wrote:

Anyway, on the ACTUALLY awesome news, or at least rumors, there is rumor going around that Avellone left Obsidian to work with Inxile on Van Buren since they apparently obtained rights on that :o Dunno if that means they are going to make it standalone thing or got rights from Bethesda to do another Fallout sidegame, but whatever the case is, that would be awesome since New Vegas didn't even use most of original Fallout 3's material...

They have kept the "Van Buren" trademark.

but it could not be a Fallout game. Bethesda's fully got the rights to that. So all this means is they can make a game called "Van Buren." Per the article, Chris Avellone might work with inXile on whatever it is they want to do with it.

He has also, sadly, left Obsidian but I'm not sure, other than him saying he might help with this, if this is necessarily directly related. There's no news I could find that said he left BECAUSE of this, and he had already helped out on other inXile games while still working for Obsidian. (That indeed is really sad news for Obsidian, however.) He could have left for inXile, certainly, but I can't imagine it would have been a better deal given it's a smaller company.

As for Van Buren, I am not sure what they would use the trademark FOR, given they do not have rights to Fallout, and Bethesda has not historically been inclined to share. Wasteland 3, maybe? That would be a weird turn of events/going full circle, given of course the whole reason Fallout exists is because back in the 90s, Interplay didn't have the rights to Wasteland anymore so when they wanted to make a sequel they ended up with Fallout instead.

New Vegas borrowed a fair amount Van Buren's material (although what you define as "most" is in the eye of the beholder) including Caesar's Legion, the character Joshua Graham (although a different version), the Hoover Dam and other locations, the NCR-BoS war, and an early version of the lobotomites, to name a few things. It did have a different big bad (Presper).

That given, I'd fear anything they'd do with that would feel derivative even if it wasn't, technically.

Honestly, I guess it's what inXile is becoming known for, but I'm kind of losing interest in them in that all they seem interested in doing is rehashing old stuff and coming up with nothing new. I was excited by and backed Wasteland 2, but was disappointed by the result. We'll see how Torment is, I guess.

ETA: On topic, Chris Avellone seems excited about Fallout 4 at least. :) (Now if Bethesda hired HIM to write, my concerns about plotting would largely go out the window....)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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kurt ryder wrote:
Teach her to write down her questions and read them off to you right after her turn starts but before she begins doing stuff.

You know, that's a great idea. Thanks!

Kirth Gersen wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:
I find battlemaps ultimately save time, because there aren't frequent questions/need to repeat where characters are positioned.
For most combats that don't involve intricate terrain or hordes of combatants, I go the opposite route and throw out the mat. We just assume that everyone is where they imagine themselves being, if it's at all feasible, and don't sweat the details. It's amazing how much time you save when no one needs to decide where to put their doll every turn.

I have played with GMs who wish this were the case for our broader group of players, and you're lucky that is the case for you and your friends. Unfortunately, we have found through repeated experience that in our case the mat causes fewer arguments and general confusion especially when it comes to things like area of effect spells and the like (one particularly notable case was of a player--whom, in fairness, none of us play with any more--deciding he was in an entirely different position than he was a moment before when a fireball went off and he would have been hit, and argued with the GM at length about where he "swore" he said he was standing; the claimed difference of positioning was a matter of several dozen feet, not a matter of being off a 'square' or two. While those sorts of dishonest shenanigans are rare, it still helps us avoid certain issues).

Folks are fortunately decisive enough about actual placement that losing time in that way is not an issue for us. For us, moving the mini or asking us to takes no more time than it would to say, "I move next to the goblin so I can attack him." Your mileage of course obviously varies.

And that leads to the fact that what works for one group doesn't for another and sometimes it's worth trying a couple different things to see what works best for a given group.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Andrew Turner wrote:
-Why can’t I sleep in an owned bed? Especially if the ‘owner’ has died?

That one has always puzzled me. Since they have "radiant" NPC scripting now (where NPCs have their own "day cycle" of walking around, walking, eating sleeping, etc.), I'd rather a function where you can sleep in any bed, but if an NPC comes home to find you in their bed on their sleep time, they will wake you up and boot you out (or attack you if they're jerks). If you sleep in their bed while no one's home and sneak out no one should be the wiser.

-weather effects—let it rain, snow, sleet, gust, etc. let’s have seasonal change and introduce weather effects against PC abilities

Hopefully since they had some weather effects in Skyrim, we will see similar in Fallout 4. Especially since while you can kind of handwave it always being sunny in the desert (even though that is also not true), I can't handwave the same for Boston. :)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Spook205 wrote:
RainyDayNinja wrote:

Three Dog can't be on the radio, because I killed him. Multiple times, even!

Mr. New Vegas was an AI? That's news to me. Was that discoverable in the game, or written elsewhere?

How about they get Ira Glass to do some This Commonwealth Life profiles of minor NPCs? Especially if the backstory given on the radio conflicts with what we learn when we actually meet the characters...

I've heard the AI thing, but never seen the confirmation. Might be a throw away line you get from the NCR, or a surmise (if he said he was transmitting from the Lucky 13 or something).

I think there might be some dialogue, indeed as you say, from a passing soldier. The other confirmations are outside this game, such as this article about Wayne Newton doing the voice. The idea, per that article and the Fallout wiki is that he was a DJ AI programmed pre-War and still exists.

It makes sense anyway. He broadcasts 24/7 with no breaks, which a human wouldn't be capable of doing.


Also, Three Dog is a sore spot with me. For my playthrough of Fallout 3, he'd constantly report on my resolution to the Ten Penny Towers quest (I plugged that a***** Roy), but 3 Dog kept harping on me like I gunned down a bunch of innocent puppies.

That quest kind of left me with a sour taste in my mouth, not the least reason being its the kind of false choice that the Fallout and Elder scrolls games like to give us.

Like, I can't argue that everyone but Roy gets in, or make a point that ferals aren't allowed.

That plot is horribly written, especially as it's obvious there's fishy stuff on both sides but you're given no option to deal with it. It's bad writers trying to make players feel bad by forcing them into a situation with no happy solution---but only by making them have choices that make no sense, and then effectively punishing you (by stuff like Three Dog's guilt-trip broadcast) for the lack of choice you didn't have.

To be clear, yes, it's life, and bad things happen in life, especially in post-apocalyptic life. But in life, I have a lot of choices--including let the status quo remain and walk away, or negotiate for halfway between (as in real life, few things are black and white, with one side being "wrong" or "right", much as we would often wish opposite). It's not "realistic" to have a killjoy plot when what happens is obviously forced and lacks any realism or verisimilitude or even just plain logic.


Also, the way that Fallout 3 pouted like a petulant child around the time Broken Steel came out, if you didn't pointlessly sacrifice your life in the reactor room.

What I don't get about Bethesda is that in Fallout 3 they built a game that in many ways was very obviously a sandbox, and then got upset when people who bought the game so they could play in the sandbox complained about being unnecessarily railroaded with a nonsensical, illogical plot. What did they expect?

This is why I worry about the voiced protagonists, if it means a much more plot-driven main character. Bethesda can't do plot. They're terrible at it. They're terrible at the idea of "choices with real consequences"--they think it means "let's badly railroad people into something that makes no sense."

(Tangentially, parts of Wasteland 2 had the same problem, oddly enough, like the Prison area. You'd think the original Fallout publisher could have done better).

I wish they would stick to their strengths--broad but not deep world building with lots of fun exploration and colorful background characters--and leave the plot-driven and character-stuff to other developers like Obsidian.

I mean, the world I see them showing in Fallout 4 looks like one I really want to see. I really want to explore the hell out of that world (and explore the hell that is that world). I don't want to have to fight cornball narrative all the way through just to get there.

But I recognize I may well be borrowing trouble. We'll have to see what happens.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Rynjin wrote:
I hope so. I loved listening to Three-Dog's broadcasts.

I did too, though I'm wondering how/why he got up to Boston.

He was a lot more opinionated and passionate in them than Mr. New Vegas.

Well, he's an actual human being and Mr. New Vegas was an AI so that's appropriate.

(Though I liked Mr. New Vegas too, just for different reasons. I loved that they got the real "Mr. Las Vegas" to voice him.)

Rainy Day Ninja wrote:
Some sort of current events call-in show would be cool.

That would be awesome--more interviews with other characters in the game, that sort of thing.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Regarding player slowness, one thing I wish I was better at was getting players to not speak out of turn. I have one player in particular who often interrupts other player's turns to ask questions. I will often say, "It is not your turn, please wait," but she won't stop doing it even after I've asked and I recognize I've probably got to be more of a hardass about the situation. Often she has relevant questions but they're just poorly timed. I'm not running with her right now so it's not an immediate issue, but if I want to run a game with a certain group of players it's something I've got to learn to deal with better... part of the dilemma is I really like running games with her husband as a player but they won't play without the other. She's a good player in other respects, but she frequently talks out of turn or vies for attention inappropriately.

On more practical matters ---

While set-up takes time, I find battlemaps ultimately save time, because there aren't frequent questions/need to repeat where characters are positioned. Moreover, I also write the participants' initiative AND the enemies' AC, SR, and DR right on the board. This means everyone can see when their next turn is and saves eons of "did I hit? Did it work? Did I damage it?" and lets people move on quickly . I've got some blind players that is less useful for but they have good memories and usually if I read out the stats at the beginning of the game they will remember them.

SR and DR themselves also take a lot of time (extra die rolling, math, and forces you to roll damage separately), so I've started houseruling those out in lieu of other mechanics.

Otherwise without DR, you can let warrior-types with iterative attacks roll attack and damage all at once and that also saves a lot of time.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

MannyGoblin wrote:
More music or remove music. I know music is a part of it but having to listen to 'Big Iron' for the nth time wandering the wastes drives one insane.

I know you're mentioning a song from FNV, but at least with DLC that game had a few different radio stations, with some slightly different song rotations. I hope they continue in that vein.

I like the in-game music radio though, and when I get sick of it (or need to stealth) I just shut it off. I think the ambient music itself could be a little more dynamic though, and that effectively might fix the issue if they can't afford more copyrights for more songs.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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MeanDM wrote:

I think that having a non-voiced character has always felt like a means of immersion for me. It allowed me to project as I wanted onto the character. I Hope they don't change that. Won't be a deal breaker though.

I agree, it's not a deal breaker. I am concerned though that in what's often been celebrated as a sandbox, they are essentially limiting roleplay options. But I recognize it may well be way too early to worry one way or the other.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Guys, can we stop the "my preferred platform for gaming is the best and everyone else's is wrongbadfun?" It gets really freaking old. It always seems like what's really going on is people are insecure about whatever investment they've made in whatever system they've got, and thus take discussions of any other platform like a personal attack. (And on the note of taking non-personal things personally, I am NOT targeting any one given person on this thread. Just sick of the general platform wars, here and elsewhere.) It's so stupid. Different people decide to spend their money in different ways for different reasons. Get over it. If it is a thing where people want to raise the dead horse as a zombie and beat it down again, can it be please done in another thread?

The only thing relevant to Fallout is what will be available for a given platform. Like, there will probably be a GECK and mods for the PC version, so if that's your thing then PC would be the way to go if possible. OTOH, sometimes Bethesda has a habit of releasing for XBox before PC and definitely before Playstation (and indeed I wonder if they will delay Playstation releases again or if that kind of stuff' stopped). I wonder if PC version will be released with Steamworks again (i.e., you need Steam to play). Probably.

Alex Martin wrote:

Among the details was the location confirmed in the new trailer: Boston.

Bethesda keeps picking cities that should technically be half-flooded post apocalypse. ;)

Also, that there would be a need for a male and female voices for the protagonist

IIRC there were casting calls/credits that confirm this as well. I've got mixed feelings about this. It allows for some further characterization and deeper writing.... but frankly, while I very much enjoy Bethesda's games, they are not who I turn to for deeper writing. I'd really feel better with a presumed AFGNCAAP and customize as you like.

And also that the character would begin in a cryogenic chamber, which is why its sort of interesting to have the flashbacks; implying that the dwellers of Vault of 111 are actually from the old-world, not descendants of the occupants. Which I guess adds to the notion that the family man we see in the flashbacks may the same guy at the end of the trailer.

That certainly would at least be a different take. It would also plot wise be a good reason for why the protagonist might ask those weirdly obvious questions a normal dweller in the world would probably already know, like, "What is a ghoul? What is a radroach? Why do we use bottlecaps for currency? Why is everything brown?" :)

Annoying for folks who prefer more of a blank slate though. Of course as you say, it is all speculation. :)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

The man in the flashback also looks a lot like the Vault 112 Dweller with the dog at the end. Mind, it may just because both look like "generic white dude with black hair," but still.

I read somewhere another possibility was that folks in Vault 112 were put in stasis and are from the Old World. I don't know where that comes from though.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Well, I'm excited. Love the world design. Like that it appears to be in Boston--looking forward to seeing a new location in that world. Wonder when it takes place comparative to the other Fallouts? Usually one takes place decades after another but since it's in a new location could be simultaneous or even before the events of another.

I am curious about what seems to be strong presence of BOS, from the power armor suits, as they're really not supposed to be strongly out in the east (the chapter in the Capital Wasteland was a new arrival and a splinter faction at that). Unless it's another group in power armor?

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Freehold DM wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:

8 Bit:

The Goonies II:

(The "Goonies R Good Enough" cover is kind of amazing, but the rest of the soundtrack is great too (slide past 4 min or so for the rest))

tears up


It was actually an amazingly good game, if I recall.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

1 person marked this as a favorite.

8 Bit:

The Goonies II:

(The "Goonies R Good Enough" cover is kind of amazing, but the rest of the soundtrack is great too (slide past 4 min or so for the rest))


Especially the Eolis theme (at 0:47 in the link) and for some reason the Shopkeeper theme (4:44) and... well, pretty much all of it. Ah, nostalgia...

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

People did mention those, and Umbral Reaver already said he/she had played them.

Since the op is several months old, I presume UR found something. Although what he/she found would be awesome to know. :)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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"Well, I REALLY don't need another Bestiary, unless it happened to contain a large number of monsters/monster-types that would be really useful for the d20 Modern revision I'm eternally working on...."

*product description lists a large number of monsters/monster-types that would be really useful for the d20 Modern revision she's eternally working on*

DAMMIT!!!!!! *keeps subscription going, forks all spare money to Paizo*

But I bet my grays are better.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Yeah, if you're limiting yourself to pre-paints you're probably outta luck (though I could well be wrong). Dragon disciple type minis are pretty specialized and pre-paints tend to be marketed toward what can sell well, not be a niche figure, unfortunately. :/ I'd say your best best in that case would be indeed some kind of half-demon or some such (like, say, this gargoyle), but even then the paint scheme would undoubtedly be wrong. Maybe you'd get lucky with one of the Pathfinder sets? But I'd guess you've already looked.

If you're set on it, you might consider hiring out a painter for this one occasion.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I would suggest finding the humanoid mini that most resembles the desired character, and then attaching an appropriate set of wings to the miniature in question. Clever paint work (to mimic scales, etc.) can do the rest. You might need to be clever with some bending and filing but they should attach with some glue and, if needed, a little green stuff. Glue alone can work with the right model.

If you don't mind doing more complex conversion work, there's also this conversion kit which includes tails and dragon heads as well as more wings. This set has clawed hands and tails amongst other things for other monsters.

But I'm guessing what you want is something more sorcerish looking but with the dragon wings. Gluing the wings to the sorcerer I think would get you the best bet. I'd try to suggest base models but you've given no details other than "male." It's a lot easier to help people find models when they are specific about their character --- gender, race, and what type of armor/clothing they wear are especially crucial. Weapon/in-hand items can also be helpful, but those can also be altered/converted. For this particular case, dragon type could also be helpful as it could help indicate other useful details (red dragon disciple could be made from model with fire effects on it, etc.).

ETA: It also occurs to me some demon or half-demon figures might be suitable, as they will look slightly bestial with bat-like wings. Ones with horns, you could always clip/file them off if they didn't look appropriate.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I wouldn't suggest losing both domains as pseudos suggests but I would suggest certainly rather than gaining a domain, the pastor actually lose ONE of them. The performances should then replace the domain skills one normally gains at certain levels. Domains vary but for most domains you gain an ability at 1st, 8th, and 20th level. So you would therefore get a performance at 1st, 8th, and 20th level.

Remember, rule of thumb for archetype design is that there should be a generally equivalent tradeoff level per level for a given ability. I.e., trade trapfinding for an ability that boosts skills in a different way. It doesn't always work that way precisely -- tactician fighter gains skills for loss of bonus feat, but you can still see easily where the tradeoff is. As Pseudos points out, there are nowhere near enough tradeoffs here. And a change of a fortitude save for a gained class ability is way, way too disparate to work. Fort save loss might account for, say, a boost in skills/level.

Spont casting is a pretty minor ability and would thus only warrant a fairly equally minor tradeoff. Something like a low level spell like ability or the ability to spontaneously cast a domain spell are common. I can see the slightly boosted channel trade off here (lose one positive energy ability to slightly boost another -- giving it roughly +1 damage/channel increase on average).

If, with your support caster theme, you had the class give up certain spells from the spell lists (evocations and other direct attack spells, etc.) then some of the tradeoffs would be more apparent.

Also, it is typical for "support clerics" to lose a lot of weapon and armor proficiencies (see also cloistered cleric and ecclesitheurge).

Good luck!

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Cool, thank you! I'll get an alias up and running by tomorrow.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Haladir wrote:

Cal, I'm in the same boat. I'm pretty terrible at drawing geographic maps.

When I need an outdoor map, I try to find a real-world map of a region that's geographically similar and of the same scale that I want to use. If I can, I try to get an unmarked version, then I draw my own towns, roads, borders, etc.

In that regard, Google Maps can be your friend.

There have been many times the PCs have been adventuring in the real world, but never knew it! (In my current campaign, a map of the White Mountains National Forest in New Hampshire is currently standing in for a section of the Mindspin Mountains on the Varisia/Belkzen border in Golarion.)

Of course, that's another reason I tend to run published adventures.

This is largely what I do. My campaign is currently set in a city very much like 10th Century Constantinople and in the same geographic region of "real Earth". The map I chose, however, is from the Oligocene Epoch of the Paleogene Period in Earth's prehistory. The continents look very similar to modern day, though coastlines are often drastically different and North and South America aren't connected via the isthmus as it is now.

What I'm trying for is a fairly closeup map of the immediate region, with the area reaching into Western Asia and Northern Africa without showing the whole world. I just stink at drawing! Everyone has been very kind in their suggestions and offers of help, but I think that since it's my world I should probably go ahead and give it a go, no matter how aggravating it is. Thank you all for the good vibes!

Well at least with that you've got something to start with. You could probably find or trace a map of the appropriate region ( so[/url] (though I realize that one's a bit too big) and add in the towns and such that you need.

What a cool idea, btw! Great way to make an "Earth-like" world without it being exactly identical.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I'd also be happy to help out, I love mapping and any excuse to practice.

Here is a convenient example. (Handdrawn and digitally colored). I can also do maps in Campaign Cartographer like so, although that is not my best work. Neither of these are world maps but that's what I can conveniently link to; I like to do world maps as well.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

arenbecl wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:

Slightly updated character with fixed energy aura and added sensory ability (and now in plain boring text):

** spoiler omitted **... I am not really sure if an apartment is worth only 2 EP. It's more a place for her to go (not an HQ or anything). Also happy to reshuffle EP and devote them to a shared party item like a vehicle or HQ (she can drive!).

Characters get stuff like apartments, phones, and food for free, so the apartment doesn't cost anything, as long as it is not an integral part of your costumed identity ala the batcave. Basically, you only have to spend points on things that a normal person wouldn't have, just like your stats start out like that of a normal person for free.

Well, if Reckless invites me into the game, I'll let him make that final call--I've had GMs who presume common on-hand items and "a place to live" but if we wanted a specific thing we should be sure to have bought it. I also don't know the circumstances of the setting (if we're in space having a home base on Earth would be fruitless). Like I said, I can also redivert those points into shared EP for a vehicle or HQ, but it's not worth changing the sheet until I know if I'm in the game or not.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Slightly updated character with fixed energy aura and added sensory ability (and now in plain boring text):


Age 28, Height 5’9”, Weight 140
PL 13, 247 PP, Abilities 58 + Powers 115 + Advantages 14 + Skills 21 + Defenses 39

Str 4
Agl 5
Sta 4
Dex 4
Fight 2
Int 4
Aware 2
Pres 4

Dodge 13
Parry 13
Fortitude 13
Toughness 13 (Impervious 9)
Will 13

Cosmic Flight (Flight 6, 12 PP)
Cosmic; Speed 120 mph, 1800 ft/round (Free – Personal – Sustained)

Fusion Attacks (Alternate power array, 42 PP)
- Cosmic Blast (Damage 13, 40 PP)
Cosmic, heat, DC 28; Affects insubstantial at half ranks, increased range: ranged, Penetrating 13) (Standard – ranged 325, 650, 1300 ft. – Instant)
- Molecular Modification (Transform 10, 1 PP)
Affects anything, transforms up to 800 lbs, DC 20; Limited: Can change matter by only one state forward or back (solid to liquid, liquid to gas, liquid to solid, etc.) (Standard – close – concentration)
- Temperature Change (Environment 5, 1 PP)
Cold, extreme cold, heat, extreme heat; radius 900 feet (Standard – rank – sustained)

Fusion Body (59 PP linked power set)
- Cosmic Energy Aura (Damage 5)
Cosmic, heat, DC 20; Reaction, sustained, noticeable (rippling flaring effect), permanent (Reaction – close – sustained)
- Cosmic Force Field (Protection 9)
Cosmic, + 9 Toughness, Impervious, Permanent)
- Cosmic Immunities (Immunity 31)
Aging, Common Descriptor: Radiation, Heat and Cold Damage effects, Life Support (poison, disease, environment effects, starvation, suffocation, and thirst)
- Glowing Body (Environment 1)
Light, radius 30 ft; Noticeable-constant blue glow, Permanent (Standard – Rank – Permanent)

Molecule Sense (Senses 4, 2 PP)
Microscopic Vision 4 – to atom sizes; limited – can only sense general molecular/atomic stability, not exact components

Security Clearance 2: Space Agency
Connected: Can call in assistance/favors with Persuasion check
Equipment 1: 5 points of equipment
Evasion 2
Improved Aim
Improved Grab
Languages – Russian (in addition to her native English)
Precise Attack – Concealment and Cover for Ranged attacks
Ranged Attack 3

Acrobatics +13 (8 ranks)
Athletics +8 (4 ranks)
Close Combat: Unarmed (+10)
Expertise (AGL): Zero G Maneuvers +10 (5 ranks)
Expertise: Astronaut Misc +8 (4 ranks)
Expertise: Physics +16 (12 ranks)
Insight +6 (4 ranks)
Perception +10 (8 ranks)
Persuasion +9 (5 ranks)
Ranged Combat: Cosmic Blast +10 (6 ranks)
Technology +12 (8 ranks)
Vehicles +16 (12 ranks)

Commlink, computer, fire extinguisher, Small Apartment (Location 2)

Accident – Still getting used to her body, Fusion can sometimes accidentally, temporarily alter (usually burn or freeze) objects she touches. While the immediate effects usually don’t last, they can still lead to small disasters (“melting” a table leg so everything on it crashes to the floor, etc.)

Motivation: Doing Good – While altruistic by nature, Cara feels further pressured to do good to prove powered people can be trusted and to show she is worthy of the second life given her (even if she was technically killed by the same entity that empowered her).

Cosmic Blast +13, DC 28
Cosmic Energy Aura +2, DC 20
Throw +7, DC 19
Unarmed +10, DC 19

Base Speed: 30 feet (2 mph); Flight 120 mph 1800 ft. round
Jump Distance – Running 18, standing 9
Throwing distance – throw 3200 lbs 6 feet, 800 30 feet, 200 120 feet

While HeroLab did the math for me, I may well have screwed something up. There's also some abilities I technically underpowered -- under the alternate power array I could boost both molecular modification and temperature change more but I don't feel the need for her to affect the larger radius/volume. Molecular mod I could also remove the concentration effect but I want the substance to be able to return to normal as soon as she stops focusing on it (although I think by default it's a sustained effect and so it would return to normal eventually anyway... so perhaps I could remove that--it actually wouldn't alter the point buy).

This system is awesome in its versatility but that also makes it easy to overlook or misunderstand something. (I only thank the powers that be that it's not the HERO system --- I was in a campaign where we switched from HERO to Mutants and Masterminds and it felt like switching from Vulcan Chess to Candyland... in only good ways....)

I am not really sure if an apartment is worth only 2 EP. It's more a place for her to go (not an HQ or anything). Also happy to reshuffle EP and devote them to a shared party item like a vehicle or HQ (she can drive!).

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Tenfold wrote:

Quick question about my sense powers for those better acquainted with the system:

Tenfold said wrote:

Senses: Senses 12 (Accurate (Type): Choose Sense Type, Acute (Type): Choose Sense Type, Counters All Concealment: Choose Sense Type, Extended: Choose Sense 1: x10)

(Thanks, Reckless for the Herolab-fu)

The book talks about "Sense types" and "senses," with sense types being the larger category and senses being specific examples within.

When I was buying my powers, I was favoring spending more points to acquire the entire sense type, but is that what I should be doing? I note that, for example, under "Visual" is things like infravision, low-light, microscopic, X-ray, etc. But I don't actually get those, do I?

Would it be better to do this:

Senses: Senses 17
Accurate (Hearing) = 2
Acute (Olfactory) = 2
Counters All Concealment (Auditory) = 5
Counters Illusion (Olfactory) = 2
Extended (Normal Sight) = 1
Low-Light Vision = 1
Penetrates Concealment (Hearing) = 4

And that would account for my last 5 power points.

Any thoughts?

If I understand what you are asking... and as I understand the rules...

If you want a special, specific type of sense that a human being would normally not have, then yes, you need to buy that separately -- i.e., infravision, ultravision, darkvision, etc. Basically if it has a separate points cost listed under types of effects you need to buy it separately.

If you want to be able to detect a special thing (usually a descriptor of some type like "cosmic" or "magic") then that's Awareness (purchased separately per thing you want to detect).

Accurate, Acute, and Extended senses affect only NORMAL senses -- normal sight, normal hearing, normal olfactory senses, etc. -- and makes them stronger/better/apply over a broader radius/etc.

So if you have Accurate (Vision) but did not buy Darkvision separately, you will not be able to see in the dark and use your extra vision, but will still be able to see fine print, from far away, etc. etc. in normal light. If you have both, then your accuracy of vision would also apply in the dark, since you can see in the dark.

Your breakdown looks correct, as far as I can tell.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Evandis wrote:

Besides the fact that I am very well versed in printing and the costs associate with it, I will not call out all your fallacies.

You could at least issue PDF sheets for purchase for those of us not afraid to get some card stock and press print on our home setups.

Since the OP was posted six years ago, they have started releasing .pdfs for a lot more of their products (I used to complain a lot about their not putting out .pdfs of the maps and now they do, yay! [Probably not because of my complaining though.]). And just recently they started experimenting with reprinting a few old flip mats that had been OOP a long time ago (and thus a huge chunk of Paizo fans probably missed entirely).

If they decide printing .pdfs of cards is viable they'll probably try it... at least perhaps if fans ask nicely.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Thank you! I couldn't find the right add-on.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

As I consider tweaks... so, question: the "damage" power on Fusion's Fusion Body powerset is supposed to be like an energy aura. She can certainly activate it and punch someone with it. But it's also supposed to be like--she can activate it and it will harm someone who is, say, grappling her. Does the power reflect that, or do I need to add an additional specification? Or since I can activate it as a free action, I can simply turn it on when she's grappled without really worrying about it? Thoughts/suggestions?

I'm also considering shuffling around a few points to add a couple Awarenesses... possibly Radio, since she fused with her suit which would have its own internal commlink (and I can remove that from her equipment list), and maybe something like "molecular awareness" so she has a sense of how stable something is when she interacts with it. Which is really more fluffy to be practically useful, but it jives with the general concept of her powerset.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

drbuzzard wrote:
Actually I think Batman is PL 12, if I remember from the book.

That's what I had said earlier...

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I've seen some folks do some great stuff with LEGO for terrain. They're not cheap, but if you already have some... I often regret giving away the collection I had from when I was a kid (although a friend of mine should have it somewhere).

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Yeah, I think Reckless was trying to go for high power with the house rules, but that can actually make it hard to build a character sometimes. This is a system where it's easier to make a "brick" or "blaster" than a normal person or even just a "slightly supernormal."

Drbuzzard -- depending on what version of Deathstroke you're using, he is certainly beyond human, but I'd say if what you were aiming for was only "slightly super," you're aiming for most stats in the area of 5-8, where 5 is equivalent to a 20 stat in d20 (I would agree with just leaving straight up fighting bonus to 10). I don't know exactly what Rynjin wants to go for--and he could totally keep what he's got there--it's more just trying to point out what those numbers really mean and being sure that's what he wants.

I don't know Taskmaster super well, but he would have the Eidetic Memory advantage, heightened fighting skills, and I'd probably throw in a few supernormal senses -- perhaps a danger sense and a "power awareness" as well as perhaps quickened senses (you process information more quickly).

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

As an FYI/another way to think about it, Str 10 in M&M 3rd Ed is equivalent to a Str of 30 in Pathfinder/D&D (M&M is highly modified d20 system). I wanted to make my character "peak human" and her ability bonuses are no higher than 4, save for her mildly superhuman Agility bonus of 5.

If any of you happen to have HeroLab, even if you unlocked it for Pathfinder or another game (I still have mine unlocked for M&M 2e), you can use the M&M 3e rules in demo mode to run your point buy through... it's very helpful for this system in particular to be sure you are not exceeding your limits by PL, as it will throw up a flag if you overspend any points. Usually I'm b&~!#ing about HeroLab because of how they nickel and dime you for system and supplement access, but this is one of the few ways it can be really helpful.

Rynjin, what you've made is a powerful all around superhuman with an amazing healing factor. If you're happy with that I'd keep it. You might consider additional powers that complement super regeneration, like agelessness, or other "Wolverine"-like powers like enhanced senses.

If you want a closer to normal human, you'll have to power down the ability scores and other powers, and max out whatever skills possible. I'd suggest taking your equipment and turning them into devices under the powers list instead and making them more powerful; e.g., boost the toughness of the armor and maybe give it some environmental protections or other abilities (perhaps it can pop out shovel claws and can be used to burrow, or is amphibious and lets you swim underwater with advanced speed, or has a jet pack in it and lets you fly).

Likewise your custom pistol could be a device that not only does penetrating damage but also perhaps could also shoot sticky bullets (an Entangle effect) or stun darts (a paralyze effect), etc. etc.

ETA: As a note, Batman is PL 12 in the DC RPG (which is Mutants and Masterminds 3e with the licensed material added). So if you're making a "normal human" at that PL, you're making someone equivalent to Batman. I don't have his actual stats in front of me, but I'd reckon a lot of his points are put into Device (Utility Belt, batarangs, etc.) and various fighting styles.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Bummer, dude. It's been interesting to see what folks come up with.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Okay, after various brainstorm, came up with something a bit different as a possibility (I also realized I was subconsciously stealing the "Liberty" idea from M&M 2nd Ed's Freedom City). Here is a draft:

Fusion character sheet.

Sorry for the image quality, I've got M&M3 in demo mode only so I have to save screen shots. Also I just realized the character sheet does not make it clear: the "Fusion Attacks" are an alternate power array (she can do one at a time) and the "Fusion Body" are a linked set of powers (all are always active).

General idea for character history (I know it starts to sound Iron Man-ish at the beginning but it's not). This is not my pithiest writing, just a general gist of what I'm thinking:

Cara Conroy was an astronaut working with a physicist, William Martin, who had discovered a new type of cosmic energy (possibly with S.H.I.P?) and had built a powered suit fueled by/to work with this cosmic force. Because it was so experimental, they were working on the project on a space station. Conroy was testing the suit. An alien presence known only as the Visitor appeared, angry with them for using this energy source, and attacks them and the space station destroying everything--but then, for unknown reasons, feels remorse at taking the lives---at least at taking Cara's life, as he realizes she is not of ill-intent. He tries to piece Cara back together, but in doing so combines her life essence/remains with the suit itself, and she is reborn as a biosynthetic lifeform, with capability of manipulating things at a molecular level. Nothing remains, apparently, of William Martin, and the Visitor does not appear again. Cara maintains her ties with NASA and the U.S. Military but they are suspicious of her and her new abilities, and she herself is still working to adjust to her new body and what it can do. She has no further "normal" form and most of her abilities are "always on."

I guess it's sort of Carol Danvers meets Ronnie Raymond, with some other bits and pieces from various superhero stories mixed in.

I may also still go back and build more of a low/no-powered agent sort of character as well but this came to me and I wanted to flesh it out.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Reckless wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:

I'd like to throw my hat in, perhaps. Thinking "Blackbird" (Black Canary/Mockingbird) or "Liberty" (Nazi fighting paragon a la Capt America and Golden Age Wonder Woman). Or I might just go for an energy controller of a type not yet proposed.

You are still using modified point buy, yes? Just wondering as I might use Hero Lab to build.

Yes, the modified point buy rules are still in place. The version of Wonder Woman from WW II in this universe called herself Artemis, and was conceived as a Wonder Woman/Hawkeye mashup. Although she returned to Paradise Island, she, or her daughter/sister/whoever, could easily return now, being Amazons and all. She's mentioned in the history notes, but not defined, and up for grabs if you want to run with her or an heirloom.

In any case, yes, toss your hat in. Love to see what you come up with.

Awesome, thanks. Yeah, the "Liberty" concept I had was less specifically "Amazonian" (although that would be fun to play with too and now that you mention it other ideas come forward...) and more that type of "liberty and justice and truth!" sort of hero, thrust into the Bronze rather than Golden Age and having to deal with that. I'll hopefully get a writeup put together this weekend, before your deadline. Thanks!

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I'd like to throw my hat in, perhaps. Thinking "Blackbird" (Black Canary/Mockingbird) or "Liberty" (Nazi fighting paragon a la Capt America and Golden Age Wonder Woman). Or I might just go for an energy controller of a type not yet proposed.

You are still using modified point buy, yes? Just wondering as I might use Hero Lab to build.

Arenbecl, just curious, why are you naming your character after a culinary herb? :)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Just want to say this is AWESOME. Thanks for doing this, Paizo.

Graywulfe, I could be wrong, but I think the issue is that Steel Sqwire has the original design images.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Baltimore commissioner acknowledged Freddie Gray was denied medical attention when he asked for it and that he was not buckled into the paddy wagon. They are investigating the exact circumstances but have acknowledged that serious misconduct occurred. The officers involved have been suspended with pay until the investigation is complete.

There were nearly 2 weeks of peaceful protests before the violence erupted. I think this is part of why outside agitators are sometimes being blamed, because things were going fine, and the tragic death/murder was being investigated. Mind, yesterday was Freddie Gray's funeral which also obviously may be part of the timing, although of course these actions fly in the face of the family's wishes.

A lot of the looters, etc. were caught on video and Mayor and police have said the video will be used to arrest those participating.

A lot of Baltimore citizens uniting today to clean up and help out where needed, and encouraging to support businesses and homes damaged by the events. These are the great social citizens working together at a grassroots level to make Baltimore a better place.

Violence solves nothing, and it's only making it harder for the people really working for justice and serving the community.It's telling when the Crips and Bloods unite to tell people to stop the violence.

I pray after this that Baltimore's city council's efforts to get bodycams on cops and other precautions are no longer blocked.

Main sources for the above: Baltimore Sun, WJZ, and WYPR.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Check out your local dollar store and see if they have packs of certain creatures, you might get lucky.

Here's a Safari set of just elephants: 1_31?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1429900529&sr=1-31

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