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Old Marm

DeathQuaker's page

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8. RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 7 Season Star Voter, 8 Season Star Voter. 6,891 posts (11,351 including aliases). 5 reviews. 5 lists. 1 wishlist. 18 aliases.


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RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Scythia wrote:
One thing I noticed, every Trapper I've seen so far has been male. It gave me good reason to pick up Black Widow.

For some reason, where my mind initially went with that is picturing you flirting with Natasha Romanoff.

Then I realized you meant the perk.

Good idea, BTW.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
darth_borehd wrote:
Of course you can never make a character exactly like Green Arrow, but what would be the closest?
Which Green Arrow are you talking about? The one with the basket full of comedy arrow types? Or the far more serious archer who walked away from arrow silliness, and concentrated on being the deadliest archer alive?

The thread title indicates the television show version. Which is a somewhat less experienced (but still very skilled) version of the latter.

As for the thread's question, I agree with Rainy Day Ninja's vigilante.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Liking Far Harbor more and more as I go into it. The characters are interesting -- and it's definitely worth taking Nick along with you, BTW. The environment is nicely creepy.

Haven't done much with the new companion, and he just seems to be a walking Salty Ol' Yankee stereotype--though a fun one at that.

They seem to have taken into account some criticisms and it seems like dealing with the different factions can be more nuanced... I'm hoping for some diplomatic options opening up as I play through. Although of course it's plain the option to just blow everything up is there as well.

Monsters are suitably tough, and I like the new creatures. My only
"complaint" is the presence of super mutants... they are wholly unnecessary and there should be no reason for them to be there--the Trappers and the various monsters are more than enough. I know Bethesda is just in love with super mutants and wants to put them everywhere but FFS.

The murder mystery plot is entertaining.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Since this is the Agent Carter thread, while discussion of related MCU properties is at least vaguely on topic, we might wanna move serious discussion of the DCEU to another thread. I didn't meant to derail things with my offhand comparison comment (I have thoughts on the above, but not sure it's the best place). :)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Even if some of the AOS team got appropriately namedropped (in contexts audience who didn't watch the show would not be lost) that would help.

Since this IS the Agent Carter thread, I feel this is an appropriate place to note that I feel like one of the reasons Agent Carter works better for me as an MCU sideline for me more than Agents of SHIELD (and I like Agents of SHIELD for the most part) is because it is set in the past. It immediately frees you from stuff like, "Well, why doesn't Peggy just call Cap?" Agent Carter was free to fill in historical gaps without being beholden to the current movies' timeline OR being forced to lampshade why it isn't directly connecting to something it should. By all means it can be used to set up or explore some long-term plots or concepts Darkforce, which gives it that connectedness without hamstringing the plot.

Part of Agents of SHIELD's troubles is that it exists roughly on the same level of threats to deal with AS the Avengers, and ridiculous contrivances have to be made (like apparently no one letting them know Coulson is not only alive but the current director of SHIELD) as to why there's never any intersection. Sometimes, "well so and so is not available" or "we have to keep this a secret" CAN work, but you can tell when the narrative is doing backflips to avoid addressing the obvious, and that ruins immersion--and yet further, AOS has to bend its plot sideways to accommodate the films while the films ignore AOS. I can understand the theoretical appeal of wanting to make it all connected, but it has often failed in practice with AOS (slightly less so with Jessica Jones and Daredevil, but they operate on a "street level" that makes it easier to pull them away--and reference other MCU issues on a broader note).

Frankly, I think the one thing DC has done right has let its "DCEU" operate in a multiverse (Snyderverse, Berlantiverse (aka Flarrowverse), Karaverse [also produced by Berlanti but on another Earth], and Gothamverse), so the shows and movies don't HAVE to connect (but can be connected if opportunity arises, like the Flash/Supergirl crossover).

On the upshot, IIRC one of the reasons why there's been such a disconnect is because one dude was controlling the films and another the TV... now my understanding it's all the bailiwick of Kevin Feige now, and so maybe some of these problems will be mitigated somewhat. I think AOS needs to carve out its niche more, and I think they need to be less afraid of referencing (briefly, appropriately) it in the movies---especially since AOS introduced the motherf+@+ing Inhumans and they're going to be dealt with in the movies at some point. I was disappointed there was not a brief discussion of the Inhumans in Civil War -- IIRC the tainted fish oil thing was a publicly known thing, so the Avengers and people like Ross should be aware of the Inhumans, and the question of how the Sokovia Accords affect other "enhanced humans" should have come up, however briefly.

What better management can't control is the fact that movie production and TV production operate on very, very, very different schedules. SOME of the disconnect (but not all) is very simply due to "well, they had already finished the movie script when we started writing these upcoming TV episodes." Nothing is going to change that.

Some of the creative teams are aware of what's going on with each other at least. IIRC there's an article on IGN where Markus and McFeely (the writers of Winter Soldier and Civil War) are asked about events in Agent Carter and they said THEY would be willing to try to wrap up some of AC's plot threads in ways that they could in their projects (which also means AC WAS setting up stuff that would impact the rest of the MCU). Whether that will really happen, I will try to remain reasonably skeptical.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

3 people marked this as a favorite.

As for Maria Hill, obviously we need to see more of her emotional side.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I have a feeling at least some of the Avengers probably know Coulson's alive. Hell, I think May called Romanoff in an episode last season and so Natasha knows SOMETHING is going on with SHIELD. ((In MCU scenes we will never regrettably see: just picture the Cavalry and Black Widow kicking bad guy butt together and then grabbing a drink afterward. And this is why the disconnect between the TV shows and movies is sometimes painful to think about.))

Thor may not know if Heimdall or Sif hasn't told him... but god, it wouldn't make any sense at all if that was the case.

Tony may well have figured it out for the reasons Set states.

Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird as an Avenger, for instance, could be one way to go.

If there was one character who deserved to go from TV to movies, it's Mockingbird. (My vote for #2 would be Daredevil, even though he ticked me off a little in season 2.)

She's more interesting, IMO, than either Maria Hill or Sharon Carter, thus far.

I feel super sorry for Sharon Carter. She is in the MCU what the Earth-616 Peggy is in the comics. In other words, in the comics, Sharon is Cap's primary love interest and a badass agent in her own right who's done a lot of cool stuff (okay, also gotten kidnapped and brainwashed and stuff but that's what happens when you're a superhero's girlfriend that's existed in the comics since the 60s, you get your turn in the fridge, unfortunately [let's just not do that ANY MORE people!]), whereas Peggy's largely a background character there to fill out Cap's (and Sharon's) backstory and be largely just an older imitation of Sharon.

In the MCU, though, Peggy got a GREAT major role in the First Avenger and people loved her so much she got spun out into the one shot and the TV series AND she is probably second only to Stan Lee in terms of cameos in the films and AOS. We saw her FIRST, and fell in love with her. It doesn't hurt that Hayley Atwell would be fascinating to watch even if she were reading the phone book.

Sharon was SO SO SO sidelined and minimized in the Winter Soldier, a lot of people didn't even think of her as anything but a side-character of any particular importance--just sort of an everywoman of SHIELD rather than a major player in the Captain America universe. I know people who saw Civil War and didn't even remember her being in Winter Soldier or realize her character was a relatively major one in the Cap family. Sharon had more to do in Civil War, but that movie was so crowded of course she couldn't be given much more spotlight either (even though she still managed to have way better moments in the few scenes she was in, for the most part). So she's instead become a pale imitation of Peggy and comes off ultimately as Cap's rebound rather than a character in her own right---which really isn't fair to her, because the very little material she's had has in fact been really good. Emily Van Camp doesn't quite have Atwell's presence (IMHO), but she's nonetheless a damn fine actress who deserves a lot better.

Much as I loooooooved Black Widow's role in Winter Soldier (I know this will come as a surprise to you, but I happen to like badass spy ladies) I have to wonder if the bulk of her part should have been Agent 13's instead. I know they had to establish Nat's and Cap's friendship for later films (and I'm sure the studio wanted Johannson, who is more well known, drawing box offices sales), but if a lot of what Widow did in the movie had been handed to Sharon -- including stuff like handle the sense of betrayal from Hydra taking over and helping Cap find answers -- she would be both received a lot better and be in a much better place for future opportunities/stories. (Sharon for the MCU's American Dream!)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Caineach wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:

Not to piss on anyone's parade, but given it's merely a rumor, I'm guessing that site pulled some speculation from elsewhere--I remember reading a recent article where people were saying what they'd LIKE to see on Netflix and those heroes came up. I worry someone else took that for possibility rather than a wishlist.

It'd be cool to see those heroes--and more--but I'd also worry about them biting off more than they can chew. I'd like to see the Defenders come together and the new Cloak and Dagger -- and of course *wishful thinking* Agent Carter brought over -- before they start bringing in bunches of new shows in earnest.

It wouldn't be the first time rummors were leaked/started to influence negotiations. *Eyes Deapool trailer*

Yes, but that's different because Deadpool himself started those rumors.

Lord Fyre wrote:
Damon Griffin wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
DC should be reminded that there is a smoking hawt actress (Bridget Regan) available to help revive their "cinematic universe".

Right, but as who, at this point? That ship has sailed for Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, the Enchantress, Katana, Lois Lane, Mercy Graves, Mera....

Huntress? Zatanna?

I was thinking Pamala Isly.

That would be awesome. For heroes I'd vote Zatanna or Black Canary. And totally NOT just because I think she would look hot in fishnets.

Actually, given how amazing Ms. Regan is at fight choreography, Black Canary would be awesome.

Lord Fyre wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:
Yeah I have to side with the Slaad one. Either of those two would be a much better use of LMD tech.
But, we know that the voice being uploaded is female.

I am totally behind on SHIELD (taking Bobbi away broke my heart) and barely know what you're all talking about, but based on the conversation here and even in spite of this particular piece of information, my guess at who the LMD is is Aloysius Samberly.

On another note, I remember Tony Stark name dropping the term "Life Model Decoy" in one of the Iron Man movies.

In a slightly more serious response to Ambrosia Slaad's second spoiler:

IMO, the show wasted both Hand and Xena (because she was totally Xena in that particular role) and either one coming back would be glorious. Plus we know Lucy Lawless is a Cylon and there's already duplicates of her anyway.

On the subject of Dottie not being a SHIELD agent, how do we know? Last we saw her, she seemed actually concerned about Peg being aware of the corruption in the SSR, and notably using the phrase "your idealism will kill us all" like she considers herself included in Peg's circle (far more than Peg does at the moment, in fairness). Maybe they eventually realize she's a hell of a lot safer kept close and more than useful as long as she's given clear mission parameters. Maybe part of why SHIELD eventually took a chance on Natasha is because a precedent had already been set (to be clear, not why Barton spared her, but why Fury agreed to it when he had a kill order on her because she was the kind of person who burned down children's hospitals to get to her targets--the likes of which I'm not even sure Dot had on her rap sheet)... Not that I've totally and obsessively overthought this to death or anything.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Scythia wrote:
Why are there outhouses all over? The bombs fell in 2077 not 1877. :P
Presumably they built them after they no longer had functional plumbing.

Okay having played through more, I see what you're saying. You find them in ruins of campsites and such.

I have a vague recollection--which means I could entirely be making this up and should be taken with a large grain of salt--from the last time I went to Mt. Desert Island (the setting for the DLC) that some of the older, more rustic campsites were equipped with outhouses (or buildings that used to be outhouses but were later repurposed).

Old farms and other sufficiently old buildings--of which there are many in Maine--sometimes also still have outhouses (the house I grew up in [not in Maine]) had an outhouse). Now, realistically being largely wooden structures that need a fair bit of maintenance to remain standing, they shouldn't have survived the apocalypse, but the same goes for a lot of stuff in the Fallout landscape, so.

But probably the real reason is to feature an item you can now build in settlements -- for which I am very grateful, as I am one of those weirdoes who has to build bathrooms for their settlers. Look, people need to have a place to pee!

There's not a LOT of new settlement stuff in FH but what is there I really like. The barn building set (which includes the outhouses) is really great. The traps are cool too, as are the nautical decorations.

On another note, I am really impressed on the details on the landscape in this game. I know this is going to sound bizarre if you haven't been there, but the rocks really look like Maine coast rocks. I'm sure a resident would find issue, but as an occasional visitor, the place really does look and feel to me like I'm wandering around a postapocalyptic Mt. Desert Island--even moreso than Boston or Washington, DC, two places I've also been to frequently. Mind, it's reasonably a much smaller relatively speaking area with a lot less urban detail, but still.

The lag for some reason is better today and I have no idea why. Stealth patch? Luck? idk.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Sorry, but I'd much rather have the Defenders.

We can still agree on our love for Dottie, however.

Dottie! *wriggles free from restraints and runs wild*

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

FWIW (I have not played on Survival yet) my current character was built as a pistoleer, though I'm high enough level my rifleman perk is maxed out by this point too. With both perks maxed out, I generally get more bang for my buck with pistols, and especially with Deliverer than any other ballistic weapon because the fire rate is so good and the VATS AP rate is so ridiculously low. The caveat here is this is in good part because of my Stealth/High Agility build -- Deliverer+sneak attack+Gun Fu is insane. And 10 mm ammo is so common (and I do not have Scrounger or anything; my character is named "Jinx" for a reason) it's pretty easy to keep well stocked. Usually if I'm not using Deliverer it's because I'm at long range or fighting something that's more vulnerable to energy weapons.

I went into Far Harbor with Deliverer and a cryo gauss rifle I named "Iced Lightning."

I know it'd be awhile before you'd be willing to quest far enough to get to Deliverer, but you can get Wastelander's Friend early on (Carla should wander past you at some point and I think she's the one who sells it), and while not as crazy fast as Deliverer, it should do well once modded up a bit.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Not to piss on anyone's parade, but given it's merely a rumor, I'm guessing that site pulled some speculation from elsewhere--I remember reading a recent article where people were saying what they'd LIKE to see on Netflix and those heroes came up. I worry someone else took that for possibility rather than a wishlist.

It'd be cool to see those heroes--and more--but I'd also worry about them biting off more than they can chew. I'd like to see the Defenders come together and the new Cloak and Dagger -- and of course *wishful thinking* Agent Carter brought over -- before they start bringing in bunches of new shows in earnest.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

RainyDayNinja wrote:
Claxon wrote:

Lots of people complained about the fog slowing down their game.

I believe it's something that will be addressed as a bug soon.

Good to know. I'll probably stick with my Survival run for now. I just hit level 5!

I managed to scavenge a magnifying glass in the Red Rocket cave, which gave me the crystal I needed to build a recruitment beacon. Now I've got a single solitary settler at Sanctuary, but he didn't bring any crops with him. Stole some tatos from Abernathy farm though.

Olivia Station is near there with a suit of power armor nearby and the Abernathy's daughter's locket--as well as a mini nuke and a fusion core inside. That'd give you three settlements to work with and all the tatoes you can eat--as well as the ability to trade with Connie for additional scrap without having to go too far afield. The raiders will probably be tough, but that location gives you a lot of cover to hide behind.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Scythia wrote:
About Far Harbour...

[pedant]"Harbor." It is a place name (the actual location is Bar Harbor, ME; you can see the signs at Far Harbor just have the edges of the "B" rubbed off) so would be spelled as it is printed on maps regardless of which English written standards you use.

Likewise if there's a British place name of X Harbour, an American should spell it that way even if otherwise they would usually use "harbor" in a non-place name.[/pedant]

Why are there outhouses all over? The bombs fell in 2077 not 1877. :P

Presumably they built them after they no longer had functional plumbing.


Liking the new story so far, but I'm getting lag something fierce--something that had finally gone away for me as of the last patch. I think it's the fog, which doesn't bode well.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

1 person marked this as a favorite.
phantom1592 wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:
The only problem with that is Peggy showing up in the present day going, "He's seeing WHO?" ;)
That's classified ma'am... You may have helped found this, but you're not level 8. ;)

Pffft, like that would stop Peggy.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Jester David, it's Secret Empire, not Hydra! The similarity to the symbol they showed on SHIELD really was a coincidence. The Arena Club is the Secret Empire. Here is the article that explains this: ce-secret-empire

(Also, Peggy in that red dress in that picture on the top.... gosh she's a purty lady.)

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
{whispers:} Psyche-Magnetron

Which I TOTALLY knew and HAVEN'T been reading Captain Marvel titles for the last two years without remembering that AT ALL. *rolls Bluff* Eh, that 4'll do I'm sure.

So wait, are you saying she should be cast as Carol, or are you saying Ms. Regan herself should be merged with Kree DNA and become our own universe's Captain Marvel?

Because, while I'll be honest that on the first bit I don't personally picture her as Carol, I really wouldn't object to either scenario.

phantom1592 wrote:

What I think would have been awesome, if the Agents of Shield were doing something in the present, and Agent Carter was doing something in the past, and the quests were related somehow.

Kind of like how we got the flashback of finding the obelisk... but more so.

Either have them both working the same case... or have them thematically similar to show the differences in SHIELD then and now... Then have them switch every week with who we're following.

If such a scenario could also touch firmly on the founding and establishment of SHIELD that would be awesome. I'll be honest, I get sick of a lot of time jumps in TV shows (Arrow thoroughly wearied me on flashbacks) this is the kind of thing that if handled well could actually be both entertaining and edifying for solidifying certain elements of the MCU.

Maybe even toss a time machine in there somewhere...

The only problem with that is Peggy showing up in the present day going, "He's seeing WHO?" ;)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

1 person marked this as a favorite.

*may possibly be sedated by SSR agents now*

Damon Griffin wrote:
In "Civil War" Steve and Bucky were reminiscing about a time Bucky spent their return bus money trying to win a prize at Coney Island for a redhead named Dottie. Hmmm....

And if comics lore is anything to go by, Buck likes his Black Widows...

Of course Dottie's not a natural redhead (though Bridget Regan is) but she's dyed her hair, so who's to say that wasn't her?

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
I like Dottie too. {makes sekrit Bluff check not to swoon} I'd really like to see Bridget Regan play a bigger starring roll as a different character in an MCU film(s).

They seldom recast the same actors for different characters in the MCU (though with some exceptions) though that would be awesome.

Or alternately, an immortal superpowered clone of Dottie is more than acceptable. Dottie! *struggles as she is restrained and injected with something*


I will also take as a consolation prize narratively appropriate flashbacks to Dottie -- for example, Kevin Feige said maybe possibly, perhaps definitely in an alternate universe, there might eventually be a Black Widow movie in our (and possibly more importantly, hopefully Scarlett Johannson's) lifetimes, and it would be cool if Dottie showed up in a historical flashback there (perhaps a MacGuffin to do with the Secret Empire stuff Dot was investigating turns up in the present day).

{briefly stops fine-tuning on Psyche-Magnetron targeting system to Google for Bridget Regan's current location}

I just follow her on Twitter, but ya know, what works for you! ;)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

7 people marked this as a favorite.
Chris Mortika wrote:
Why was Dottie even in this story-arc? What did she do? Her story had no resolution, and her abilities fluctuated wildly. And why was she trying to obtain the Hydra pin?

I... I'm sorry, I am misunderstanding your question. You seem to be questioning why Dottie was there when of course the question should be why wouldn't she be? Why Dottie? Because Dottie. Because Dottie is wonderful and amazing and talented and just the cutest little ruthless sadistic murderer/ballerina EVER! Why Dottie?!?! Dottie!!!! Dottie Dottie Dottie. Why is there not MORE Dottie? Why is there not a show called "Agent Underwood" that is on every day 24/7/365? And don't give me silly answers like "Because no show works like that" or "I'm not sure of the demand" or "Because Bridget Regan is in other shows too and has a life and has to eat and sleep on occasion." Dottie!

Dare you question Dottie's careful masking and/or use of different abilities to keep us guessing? Dottie! Why Dottie? Dottie Dottie. And did you not clearly hear Dottie explain she was investigating the Arena Club, a front for the Secret Empire and not HYDRA (the similarity to the astronaut symbol is a red herring), because they control this cesspit of a country? Dottie is here to save us all (maybe with a tiny bit of help from her true love and sidekick Peggy)! Or she might be here to kill us all, I'm not sure, but at least that means she'll pay attention to us for a hot second.

Dottie! Love Dottie. Be Dottie. Dottie is all. Worship Dottie. Dottie Dottie Dottie.

Warning: the Strategic Scientific Reserve suspects this user may have been brainwashed by a rogue agent. We are removing her access for the time being. Please report any further suspicious activity to us immediately.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

4 people marked this as a favorite.
ShinHakkaider wrote:

I'm kinda amazed at how many people in this thread really look at this show and think that how men treated Peggy in terms of the sexism that she faced was too much or over the top or was done just to setup a girl power angle to show how great Peggy was.

It's as if people here really thought that white guys in the 20's 30's and 40's were more magnanimous than they really were? As if they, for the most part wouldn't have treated Peggy and every other woman or non white person like that. And it's not that I'm saying that white d00ds were all evil but that's just how it was back then. Women had JUST gotten the right to vote a little more than 20 years prior to this story. Sexism and attitudes wouldn't have magically changed or disappeared during that time. Hell it's 70 years later and some of those attitudes STILL havent changed.

I love Captain America: The First Avenger but the inclusion of Gabe Jones as part of the unit stuck in my craw. The army wasn't integrated until after WWII in 1948. I know that he was part of the Howling Commandos in the comics but that bothered me a little bit too.

I liked that Peggy's world was reflective of the real America / world at the time and that world wasn't as accessable for a woman or a person of color.

I will miss this show and I'll put this out there: I thought that AGENT CARTER was hella brave for even TEASING the idea of an interracial relationship with a black guy. Didnt think it was very realistic but it sure as hell was brave.

My interpretation of those reactions:

Put quite simply, seeing the more unsavory elements of history reenacted--even in a pulpy fictional format--can make people feel uncomfortable. It's hard to go, "Oh s*!!, my father/grandfather (or mother/grandmother) etc. acted like that." Seeing it occur, again even in a fantastic narrative, pushes one to see that was--or even still is, even if less common or muted or perhaps not happening in a given individual's personal sphere--reality.

And we don't like to be made uncomfortable when looking for happyfuntimes tv, especially. However, ironically, often very well written tales, although not always happyfuntimes, do a good job of making us uncomfortable at times as part of the experience of the drama.

How comfortable you are with yourself and your own personal history or self-regard impacts how well you can handle that discomfort.

In one scenario, you can can allow yourself to be challenged by this discomfort and accept the realities being depicted amongst the pulpy fiction for what they are. You can perhaps realize you've learned something important about history and/or yourself, and you can trust in yourself that you treat people better than that... and are certainly confident the show is not judging YOU or anything connected to your life. At this point, the depiction ceases to lead you to feel uncomfortable and you can get on with enjoying the historical story.

Or you can get stuck in a quagmire of discomfort, even feel "attacked" by something that is obviously not targeting you. Rather than allow it to help you be self-reflective and self-aware, or at the very least grateful you no longer live in such times, you push it away from yourself and complain about the show being badly written instead.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Talking of what the new stuff gives, I've renovated Starlight Drive In, giving my minions a new concrete laden home that wraps around the side of the projection building/diner, over the fallen "wing." Ended up looking pretty good, if not terribly fancy. Removed most of my perimeter wall, though I might still cordon off some areas with some concrete walls (better than the steel-wall-and-foundation thing I had going on before). And most importantly, I now have a pet cat.

Trying to wrap up any loose ends, so I'm done with the main game when Far Harbor comes out in a few days. It's crazy, at this point I think I've discovered almost every location (I think there's one or two in the Glowing Sea I haven't hit yet), and done most every quest. Finishing up "To the Mattresses" and that's about it... I didn't do "Confidence Man" intentionally on this playthrough (I kind of like Travis-as-is and "Confidence Man" is one of those quests where you can't refuse to do it once you get it) and the Drinkin' Buddy Quest is still on my log because it doesn't properly clear away if you decide to keep it for yourself. I own every settlement possible; the only place I haven't populated yet (not counting Boston Airport and the Mechanist's Lair) is Spectacle Island, as I want to finish doing some building there before I send people over. If you're gonna have an island resort, gotta do it right! (I also girded the ruined hotel there in concrete to turn it into a livable space... it annoys the heck out of me you can't just scrap the place, but it at least looks a heck of a lot better.)

Crazy thing is I'm sure there's still bits I've missed, and I've logged 423 hours... I know there's scenes and characters I've still never run into (I only just met the brahmin saleslady for the first time yesterday, and there's stuff like the silly Mr. Gutsy scene I've never personally run into). I just heard dialogue from Piper the other day I never heard her say before. Oh, and while I've used the animal traps (to get the cat) I haven't done ANYTHING yet with the arena mechanics. (I'm thinking I might build a rock-em sock-em robot arena in Boston Airport or the Mechanist's Lair, if that's doable). It is just nuts how HUGE this game is. Folks can rightfully complain about the oversimplicity of some of the quests, bugs, and clumsily cut content.... but no one can honestly complain there isn't enough to do!

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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Comparing Agent Carter to Supergirl in terms of writing quality is like comparing J.K. Rowling to the chick who wrote Twilight. The former may have made mistakes at times and had some occasional trouble with plotholes, but still managed to make something thoroughly entertaining with memorable, beloved characters. The latter just wrote drivel based on what was popular or desired. (Mind, I actually liked much of the Supergirl show, and I do NOT like Twilight, but I am aware its writing is not its strength).

Sundakan, maybe I skimmed over something I don't know what "lines" you are referring to, and the youtube link you provided goes to an episode of MacGyver. There was some cringy dialogue in Carter on occasion... most of it revolving around that dumbass love triangle in Season 2 (that and the anticlimactic ending were that season's two weakness, IMO), but it was more the exception that proved the rule. Certainly I can't think of any equivalent to your "swinging sack" comment off the top of my head. In terms of stuff that referred to the sexism of the period, I don't think stuff like...


Roxxon Exec: ((Something on the attractiveness of the local secretaries.)) What's your name, darling?
Peggy: Agent.

... Are comparable. (Actually, that scene in particular I found pretty funny.)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Lord Fyre wrote:
Marik Whiterose wrote:
Save Carter!
Will not work. Hayley Atwell has already moved on.

She said originally if Agent Carter had been renewed, she was planning to do both. She took on Conviction before they knew Agent Carter's fate, after all, so had to plan to make it work if she needed to. Agent Carter is a short series so it's a lot easier to schedule amongst other projects. (A lot of Agent Carter actors also did other stuff, but had stipulations in their contracts to be sure they could also do the show, which says a lot about how much they liked working on it.)

Not to mention, IF Netflix took on Agent Carter, it'd likely be awhile before it started filming.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Lord Fyre wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:
and more importantly I want to know if Jarvis ever managed to get control of that flamingo. ;)
You were doomed to never get closure on that, as the show would almost certainly have moved back to NYC.

Well, obviously if that was the case, the answer would be "no" because it means Jarvis fled Bertram's habitat. :)

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Weirdly, I thought there would be more mounted figures that are separate but looking around I see your dilemma.

One imperfect solution, if you don't mind some conversion work, is finding models where the legs are spread apart ( like this one) and tweaking or bending them a bit to make them look like they are straddling their mount. The example I linked is a Reaper "Bones" figure because being made of PVC, it would be easy to clip off bits that would keep him from being seated, and you could probably soak in hot water for a bit to make it easy to bend the legs a bit if needed. Metal figures you can gently bend with needle nose pliers (be careful not to scratch the metal).

You could also buy halflings, clip off the legs, and then glue the torsos on the seats, then gluing and repositioning the legs to make them look mounted, and finalizing the look with some sculpting putty. Don't know if you want to put that much work into it though.

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Mark Thomas 66 wrote:
At least now she's free to be the next Dr. Who.

She's starring in a new show called "Conviction" so that's unlikely at the moment, as awesome as it would be. :)

(FWIW she did a character voice in a Doctor Who Big Finish audio.)

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I have mixed feelings about Supergirl being moved. I'm glad the show was saved, on one hand--the show had a lot of potential and Melissa Benoist was amazing as Kara. Also loved "Hank," Alex, and Cat.

But I'm afraid the move to the CW will cause the show to keep its weakest points, as its weakest points were typical to what the CW wants on its network--the bland, forced romance plots (James and Wynn both have no chemistry with Kara, the actors aren't great, and James in particular is about as compelling to watch as paint peeling). All of the characters who really need to be written out (Wynn, James, Lucy) will probably be emphasized while the best ones ("Hank") will probably be marginalized. I hope I'm wrong.

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Loved this show. Not surprised at it being cancelled -- it lost viewers, and certainly the network airing its season 2 premiere against the State of the Union address and then confusingly doubling up certain episodes helped ensure that a lot of viewers dropped out even if they might have otherwise watched.

Ironically, even that said, while people lament "low ratings" its lowest ratings (about 2.35 million watching) were in fact better than, for example, "Arrow" is currently (most recent episode was 2.16 million) or "Legends of Tomorrow" (most recent episode 1.63 million), both of which are renewed. Now obviously, ABC has different ratings standards than the CW, and generally want higher viewership overall, whereas CW sticks with shows even they should have long after been sent to pasture. Even so, it's weird a show like "Arrow"--again, for one example--is considered successful or more widely watched when it actually isn't. Not trying to slam "Arrow" or any other show, just using that as an example of a superhero/comics-inspired show with similar ratings, and how we seem to judge different comics-inspired shows by different standards of "success." Now, Agent Carter's ratings certainly DROPPED--the first season premiered with 6.91 million viewers and averaged upwards of 4 million viewers, but that also goes back at least somewhat to network scheduling shenanigans. It's a shame that turned out the way it did, and it's hard not to wonder if it could have done better with better scheduling. (I do think personally Season 1 was also better than Season 2, but you can't ignore the other factors either.) (Ratings sources Wikipedia and

It does irk me the showrunners set up so many loose threads when I think they knew the likelihood of getting a third season was low and ended the series on the cliffhanger. The worst episode of Agent Carter by far was its season finale, with its utterly anticlimactic ending (the big bad just kind of meanders in and sort of defeats herself)--so much time was wasted, and so little closure was provided, and the writers let us down there. They also should have been moving more obviously toward founding SHIELD (I think they were laying seeds, but moving way too slowly on that front). The lack of closure for me hurts -- I want to know where Dottie ran off to (mind, I have a giant raging crush on Dottie--yes, I like'em crazy), I want to know who shot (spoiler), I want to know what is up with the M. Carter file and if it has to do with Peg's brother, I want to see Angie again in more than a dream sequence, and more importantly I want to know if Jarvis ever managed to get control of that flamingo. ;) And we will never resolve any of that and it drives me effing CRAZY.

The cast and characters were AMAZING too... I don't think there was anyone I disliked (well, Sousa has the personality of dry toast, but he was still a nice guy). So glad Hayley Atwell at least has already been cast in another series, but I want to see James D'arcy, Bridget Regan, Lyndsy Fonseca, Enver Gjokaj, etc. etc. (insert names of other awesome people I have left out here). And I will miss those fictional characters lots.... Peggy, we know her fate, and we sort of know Jarvis's (and they have their successors of a sort in Sharon and J.A.R.V.I.S. and by extension the Vision). And we'll probably still occasionally see Peg in flashbacks as long as Hayley Atwell's willing (I think she's second to Stan Lee in number of MCU cameos ;) ). The others we'll also, again, never get closure on. Argh!

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I feel like my own rambling caused my real point to be lost, so I'll repeat it: mods and DLC do not preclude each other, co-exist well, and will continue to do so. They are different with different features, risks, and advantages attached to them.

I think it's good we have both, and predict we will continue to do so.

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CapeCodRPGer wrote:
Is GECK coming out for consoles and is that the last DLC?

Someone else should correct me if I am wrong, but the Creation Kit itself will NOT be available for consoles (it's development software, way too complex for console use), but mods WILL become available for console users (According to Bethesda, for XB1 users this month and PS4 users in June.

A number of interviews with Bethesda have noted there are six anticipated DLCs (the GECK does not count as one of them, it is a separate application). The first wave will have finished coming out with Far Harbor releasing on May 19. I expect the other three will probably be announced after that.

Otherwhere wrote:

Supposedly, there will be additional DLC, which was why BGS raised the season pass price from $30 to $50.

It will be very interesting to see what they offer once the Creation Kit comes out for everyone. Why pay for DLC when modders will do it for free, and often better?

Bethesda has had DLC for about as long as it's had a modding community, and one has never precluded the other--and I doubt that will start now. They co-exist, not compete (and note often mods build off of materials provided in DLC, meaning you'll have to have the official DLC to use a given mod). And mods and formal DLC come from very different places and levels of expectation and often operate on very different scopes.

Bethesda may have its flaws, but it still is a professional game development company. When you purchase DLC, you are purchasing material that's been made by a large (relatively speaking) team of professional game designers, comprised of writers, artists, audio engineers, software engineers, etc. who can cover all aspects of a game and afford things like formally scored music, voice acting, etc. They beta-test their products (imperfectly, but they do). And they can provide professional tech support on their product (yes, again often imperfectly and not always the way we want it, but they do). Bethesda's products don't always work perfectly, but they regularly release patches--they are expected to--and tend to support products reliably for at least a few years post-release.

Mods are often created by one person--one person doing it all. Only relative handful of mods are made by teams, and even so those teams may be around 2-5 people as opposed to Bethesda's 30 or so. A given mod is only going to be as good as what a given modder can do. Maybe they'll fix dialogue, awesome--but they can't fix that graphics glitch, etc. Now of course, there's (eventually) thousands of mods so between them all you might get all the changes or additions you want--but even then that comes with a simple problematic issue: modders usually mod for fun, on their free time. They are NOT obligated to keep updating. They are NOT obligated to bugfix. They are NOT obligated to do any damn thing to help you. Sure, the best modders will support their product as frequently as possible, for as long as they can--but as amateurs, they may still well have other priorities they have to put first. Mod corrupted your whole install and destroyed all your save files? Too bad--that's the risk you accept when you use mods.

Also, because mods are all made by different people, there's never any guarantee of compatibility. If you want one mod to fix saving in Survival and another to add more weather effects and another to turn Piper's hair purple and another to alter dialogue--hope and pray they all actually work together and don't f&!% up your game. And no modder can be held accountable for non-compatibility with any other modders'
creation. Now, if they STRIVE for compatibility and say "yes this works with Bob's Piper Purple Hair mod" then hopefully that is the case, but you have to be incredibly, incredibly careful to make sure it all works together. It is incredibly easy to f#*~ up your game install with corrupt or non-compatible mods.

There are very seldom single mods that are as comprehensive as a given piece of DLC--a few, maybe, but often those are very long in the making and won't show up until a year or so down the line at the earliest. We've already got, on the other hand, two and soon three professionally made DLCs.

One thing I hope you're also ready for: there will be thousands and thousands and thousand and thousands and thousands and thousands of mods.

If you're lucky, a few dozen to a few hundred at most will actually be GOOD, let alone reliably updated, patched, supported, documented, etc. Have fun sorting through all of that.

TL;DR: even with Bethesda's reputation, DLCs are reasonably reliable and complete packages that will remain supported for awhile.

Mods contain infinitely more possibilities, but likewise infinitely more complete and utter s~@+.

(And to be clear, I think the modding community is AWESOME. Not discouraging anyone from using mods--I will myself. Just trying to be clear about setting reasonable expectations and explaining why one will never replace the other.)

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Every Civ game I've played has been phenomenal in some way, with Beyond Earth the only one feeling a bit "meh" (it still has its good points though).

Weirdly, my reaction on seeing the game announced was "So soon?" even though V and even BE have been out for awhile now. Starting a new game of V still feels fresh for me (though admittedly I haven't done it in awhile thanks to my Fallout 4 addiction).

Looking forward though, to see what they come up with.

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Oh sure--to me it's about only having so much time in a given sitting, and whether that's lost due to chardeath, a game crash, or realizing you screwed up inventory management doesn't really matter. Not being able to save before or after a major settlement upgrade is a big issue for me in particular (or wasting hours of in-game time to do so). I don't want to waste a bunch of materials when I realize my building looks stupid.

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Sebastian wrote:
MeanDM wrote:
I'm taking DQ's approach. I also wanted to point out there's a downed vertibird with a partial set of power armor near the satilite array just east of the red rocket.

I found that last night, but of course didn't have a fusion core. I lugged it all the way back to the Red Rocket, put it in the Power Armor Station, and went to my water pump to quench my thirst prior to resting/saving...

And that's when the two raiders ambushed me and I had to do it all over again.

This is why I won't play survival mode. I'm really interested in the food, disease, fatigue, etc. gameplay but if I can't save whenever, then I do not have TIME to replay the same thing four times before I can get to a bed.

The cave by Red Rocket is not dangerously radioactive... well, unless it is in Survival mode.

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psionichamster wrote:

So...death claw after the Museum of Freedom is really nasty.

I can make it through the museum no sweat - sneak attacks with the laser musket and Dogmeat take care of those raiders.

But then Mr. I'm Gonna Eat Ya shows up and demolishes me even in my new power armor.

Time to keep hiding and sniping, I guess...

One very important thing to note, that a lot of people don't realize:

You do not immediately have to fight that Deathclaw. The game pushes you in that direction as a "tutorial" to show you everything you can do in the game early on, but it is also a Fallout game like any other where you can go in any direction you please.

The Concord Five will wait in the Museum of Freedom indefinitely for your return (in my second playthrough I didn't even rescue them until I'd finished with the Main Quest).

If you WANT that early challenge, take it on.

But you can also run away, level up and maybe find a missile launcher or a fat man, and then come back to deal with it if the minigun's just too unwieldy for you.

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I think the reasoning water, soda, and booze don't leave behind bottles--even though such empty bottles exist in the game--is so the player doesn't get unwittingly burdened by all the bottles. Which I imagine would especially be a problem in Survival where your carry weight is so light anyway.

In vanilla Fallout, because you don't consume as much water to begin with, you can get more than an ample supply from surplus made by your settlement so being able to make more isn't a big deal.

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Otherwhere wrote:
MeanDM wrote:
Well, I finally got access to the survival mode on console, and it is happily quite brutal. I am avoiding the main quest so far, so it is just me and the dog wandering around. (For some reason I can not get Codsworth to open a dialogue after he tells me to go to Concord.)
He won't until after you come back from saving Preston & co., I believe.

To unlock Codsworth, you either need to bring the Concord Five back to Sanctuary, or complete the Main Quest up through the end of Hunter/Hunted. (You will also unlock Dogmeat at the beginning of Hunter/Hunted if you never otherwise ran into him.)

Yeah - diseases are brutal. Way too easy to contract imho. And something like parasites, while not as lethal, are still too OP in terms of impact for what it is. (I needed to eat twice as much to satisfy my hunger when I had parasites. A 50% increase would have been a big enough hit. Doubling it was just insane.)

I was wondering how the disease gameplay worked/felt. It's one of the things that actually intrigues me about the idea of survival mode, especially since of course the base game doesn't do anything about your eating 30 day old deathclaw meat or whathaveyou. Sounds like they went from "more immersive/survivey" to overboard-hard though. I'm sure YMMV though.

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Weirdly I tried to look up an example and I found links related to old-timey movie stars, which was not what I meant. I meant this.

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I'd report it to, Otherwhere. Maybe your save got corrupted or something.

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A true Mainer would not consider someone from Massoftwoshits to pronounce anything of theirs correctly. ;) ;) ;)

Mainers are even more non-rhotic than Bostonians (Bah Hahbah). Though as a Yankee descendant, I would prefer to hear someone just pronounce it the way they normally would than clumsily try to sound like a New Englander from any part of the region. (Caveat: not a New Englander, myself, and have a hideous Mid-Atlantic accent.)

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Here is my submission. I don't like having unused aliases in my account, so I will not create an alias unless the character is accepted into the game. If this is problematic (I know I am not explicitly following instructions) and precludes me from entering the game, I understand.

I plugged this into Hero Lab in demo mode, so hopefully the numbers, balance and limitations, etc. are correct.

A note on Gracie's background: I don't know JACK about Howitzer, but I made Grace a relative of Howitzer's, per the GM's recommendation. I understand I might need to adjust Grace's history if something I've included is incorrect (I tried to leave references to Howitzer pretty vague.

If we've got too many tough/punchy characters I can also reskin a spy/assassin type I've been working on lately, but I figure it's 1 submission per person.

Good Knight Gracie:

Real Name Grace Hartwell
Hero Alias Good Knight Gracie
Identity Public
Daytime Occupation: Police Administration
Base of Operations London

Hero Points: 1

Bruises _____
Dazed _
Staggered _
Incapacitated _

Fatigued _
Exhausted _



Grace displayed not just unusual growth—many girls could get tall, after all—but unusual levels of strength even as a child. She was unsure what to do with herself, and frightened even to share her full strength with her family. This unease led to a dangerous lack of control, and thus tragedy: when Grace was but seven years old, she accidentally killed her older brother Dan while they were tussling in the backyard.

Rather than seek to gain control, Grace initially hid from her abilities even more, with her mother’s encouraging her to do so—to the extent of lying to others about the cause of Dan’s death. Grace believed her mother hated her, for what she had done. Her father couldn’t stand to see Grace, both grieving and full of shame, to shrink inwards, and eventually he told her: her mother’s sister Bertha was the war hero Howitzer, who had disappeared when Grace was only five years old. Her mother was terrified by Grace’s abilities, not because of what had happened to Dan—her parents blamed themselves for not realizing the extent of Grace’s strength sooner, and knew it was an accident—but because Grace had the potential to become like Howitzer, and thus disappear too.

Grace’s father was a police officer, and slowly encouraged Grace to train, quietly, in exercise and some basic hand-to-hand—he himself did not want his daughter to endanger herself, but he knew such training would give her better confidence and control over her own body. Grace pursued stories about Howitzer, to learn more about her aunt, but did not develop a desire to perform her own heroics just yet, guilt still making her feel she was incapable of such a thing.

When she finished school, her father got her a job as a file clerk in the local precinct in the suburbs of London, and she climbed to the ranks of senior administrative assistant over a few years. The funny thing about secretaries is, they tend to be extremely privy to a lot of information and sensitive documents, an amount of access that is often taken for granted. Information on a superpowered criminal known as the Bender landed on her desk, and glancing at it, she realized one officer in particular, Clyde Davies, had always been involved in the cases. She brought her observation to the police chief, concerned Davies might be targeted by the Bender.

Davies himself overheard part of the conversation, and, believing he’d been caught, actually revealed he was the Bender—and launched a frenzied attack Grace and the Chief. Everyone was surprised, Grace included, when she simply caught the desk he threw at her. Spinning it around, she swung the desk right back at the Bender, and pummeled him into the ground.

Hailed as a hero by the police, Grace realized she had not something to hide or be ashamed of, but a gift to share. And that moreover, that she could do more honor to her brother’s life by trying to do good with her great strength than forever trying to hide it. Moreover, she could honor her aunt’s memory, and show her family it was worth the risk when doing the right thing was at stake. Certainly building this confidence has taken time, given her past, but she is certain she is now on the path she was meant to be.

She asked her friends at the station for their help in guiding her in her new calling. She became a sanctioned hero, helping where no ordinary person could, but without interfering as much as possible with the law.

A friend of hers at the precinct, Gail Dorritt, fashioned for her a suit of armor, made of high tech protective materials to help protect her. A fan of medieval fantasy, Gail gave it a slightly “knightly” look, complete with metal helmet, and Grace initially became known in her hero guise as “The Good Knight.” She eventually chose not to hide her identity, and thus eventually became more commonly known as “Good Knight Gracie.”

Through this, she has continued to research her aunt’s legacy, and the mystery of Howitzer’s disappearance has begun to increasingly bother her. She has begun turning more of her energy toward trying to find out what really happened to the EAGLES in 1965.

Physical Description

Grace is a mighty figure at six feet tall, with soft, curvaceous flesh padding out thick cords of muscle. She usually wears her shoulder-length wavy blonde hair in a bun at work, or a ponytail elsewhere. Gazing at the world with large, twinkling blue eyes, she usually conveys a demeanor of good cheer even when things go wrong (though at times this masks her own melancholy). She wears smart, simple pantsuits for work and comfortable tees and sweatpants casually.

As Good Knight Gracie, she cuts an impressive figure clad in her custom made armor: an advanced mesh weave that is dark grey with a metallic tinge, with key points of vulnerability covered in relatively lightweight but incredibly durable metallic plates. The look is obviously reminiscent of plate armor without the historical hindrance. The armor includes a helmet with a mesh mask that filters out most toxins.

Build Summary

Power Level 10, 150 PP
Abilities 68 +Powers 21 +Advantages 20 + Skills 31 {61 ranks) + Defenses 10

Strength 10
Agility 2
Fighting 4
Awareness 2
Stamina 10
Dexterity 2
Intellect 2
Presence 2

Initiative: +6
Unarmed +10, DC 25, Bludgeon Crit 16-20 or Say Good Night! alternate (see powers)
Throw +2, DC 25, Bludgeon, Crit 20

Dodge 4
Parry 4
Fortitude 12
Toughness 16 (Impervious 6)
Will +8

Good Knight Armor (14 pp)
-- removable device with the following powers:
---- Fortification + Gas Mask (Immunity 4 – 5 pp)
------Immune to critical hits, suffocation due to choking gas, poisons limited to inhaled
---- Armor (Protection 6 – 12 pp)
------ +6 Toughness, impervious

Grace-ful Leap (Leaping 4 – 4 pp)
-- Leap 120 feet at 30 miles/hour (move)

Power-Lifting (Enhanced Strength 2) (2 pp)
-- +2 Strength limited to lifting

Say Good Night! (Unarmed Alternate Effect – Affliction 10, 1 pp)
-- 1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Fortitude DC 20 (standard, close)

– Suffocate a successfully grabbed opponent
Connected – Call in assistance with a Persuasion check (police station)
Contacts – Make an initial investigation check in one minute (police station)
Defensive Attack – Trade attack bonus for active defense bonus
Diehard – Automatically stabilize when dying
Great Endurance - +5 on endurance related checks
Improved Critical 4 (Unarmed Strike): Improve critical threat range to 16-20
[i]Improved Grab
– Make grab attacks with one arm, and not vulnerable while grabbing
Improved Initiative - +4 to Initiative
Improved Smash – No penalty for smash action
Improved Trip – No penalty for trip action
Improvised Weapon – Use Close Combat: Unarmed skill with Improvised weapons, and improvised weapons deal +1 damage.
Interpose – Take attack meant for an ally
Power Attack – Trade attack bonus for effect bonus
Takedown 2 – Free extra attack when you incapacitate a minion
Weapon Break – Free smash attack when you actively defend

Base movement speed: 2 miles/hour, 30 ft/round (x2 run, 1/4 swim)
Leaping (see powers); (without Leaping, a routine running jump is 28 ft, 14 ft standing, 5.6 feet vertical, 2.8 feet standing vertical)
Throwing Disatance – Throw 400 tons 6 feet, throw 100 tons 30 feet, throw 25 tons 120 feet

Skills (ranks in parentheses)
Acrobatics +7 (5)
Athletics +18 (8)
Close Combat: Unarmed +10 (6)
Deception +2
Expertise: Police Bureaucracy +8 (6)
Insight +2
Intimidation +16 (14)
Investigation +7 (5)
Persuasion +7 (5)
Stealth +2
Technology +7 (5)
Vehicles +4 (2)

Languages Spoken: English

Motivation: Doing Good: Though she’s been on a long road to accepting it, Gracie feels she was given her gifts for a reason and needs to do right by it.

Motivation: Responsibility: While she is more forgiving of herself than she used to be, she also fights to repent for her brother’s death, and try to make right the accidental wrong. She likewise feels a need to live up to her aunt’s memory and do honor to it.

Obsession: The mystery of her aunt’s disappearance. Once only a nagging thought in the back of her mind, as Grace herself has become more of a hero, she finds herself consumed with learning what really happened to Howitzer.

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Their marketing department is definitely on their game. It really looks good.

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Claxon wrote:
Ultimately, you can buy up every stat to whatever you want and build the character completely how you want, if you level up the same character long enough.

Yes, but one doesn't always want to play every single character through to that point. :) I had stopped around level 54 on that character, and given I'd prioritized a lot of settlement and crafting, that took up a lot of my build points. Her agility I think was about 3, with Bobblehead, and it would take six more levels to get blitz, presuming I didn't want other perks first. Not interested enough in getting back into that playthrough at the moment to toy with it.

It's also fun sometimes to, indeed, have different build starts and NOT play every character so long they all look identical. :) (Otherwhere I'm sure can speak to that far better than I can.)

Not playing on Survival mode until the GECK is out and there is a mod to write out save-on-sleep-only and disabling of fast travel and the dev console (both of which are sometimes needed to resolve as-yet-unfixed bugs, like Level 4 traders not showing up (I think that is supposed to have been fixed in 1.5 but I am wary) or weird stuff with settlements). Yes, I am aware some of those mods are out now, but I'm not installing mods until there is official CK support (it's still in beta IIRC) and more patches have come through (as patches tend to disable mods).

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Otherwhere wrote:

Melee characters can be tons of fun to play, especially if you take BLITZ. It can turn your melee character into nearly a ranged one, teleporting you short (to long if you invest further) distances. Since you teleport in VATS, taking out Suiciders can become pretty reliable.

I've got one with Grognak's Axe, and they are one-shotting most things, and can line up multiple one-shots in VATS.

BLITZ plus ROOTED = melee fun!

Problem with my melee character is I largely dumped Agility, not feeling it was a priority SPECIAL (and not realizing at first that Blitz was up there at Agility-f%@%ing-8). Concept was a engineer type who liked to hit things with a hammer, so priorities were Strength and Intelligence, and I also built up Charisma quite a lot for all the settlement options. (She was also a good'un so it was nice to have stuff like Intimidation so she didn't have to kill everyone she came across.)

At some point down the line I've been thinking of a Black Widow type (though more Dottie Underwood than Natasha Romanov) that would be both Str and Agility for good melee and gun performance--and sneaking--and Blitz would be appropriate. That playthrough probably won't come for awhile though. Kind of stuck on being completionist with my master thief, Jinx (high agility, but no melee skill whatsoever).

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Grognak's outfit is not ballistic weave-able in the base game.

I don't really want to wear the General's Outfit with armor (it looks like it's designed to look like you're already wearing armor pieces), but I've always wanted to ballistic weave it--especially since you can ballistic weave Maxson's Coat, which is similar.

The General's Outfit was poorly thought-out. The problem with it is by the time you usually get it, you have way better armor available to you. It should have been an upgradeable suit of armor that Preston gives you when you join the Minutemen, that would have been an early alternate choice to the Vault Suit.

I gave the General's Outfit to Preston Garvey. He's obviously wanting to order everyone around, me included, so let's not be deceptive about who's really in charge. (And since companions are immortal, I don't really care about how good their armor is.)

While I'm kvetching, I wish you could put faction paint on all models of power armor. I hate that the Minuteman paint job is limited to T-45.

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

Suiciders were tough for my melee character as well. I had her carry a laser rifle to shoot suiciders' arms so they would blow up far away, and or sometimes just resorted to sprinting as far away from them as I could if I saw them coming (often they'd blow up behind me and I was enough ahead of the blast radius I survived, or my companion would get to them).

On the other hand, the same character could easily one-shot deathclaws with a super-sledge--whereas while my guns character can handle deathclaws as long as they don't get too close, she burns through massive amounts of ammo to do so.

I strongly recommend on a melee build to definitely have a companion equipped with a rifle to support you, rather than a fellow meleer--indeed, they too frequently get in the way and you hit them instead, and this problem is exacerbated if you have a high enough melee perk that you deal AOE damage when you hit something.

I found that a melee character also needs better rad resistance (via clothing/armor/perks/whatever) because of ghouls and various irradiated creatures. (Although I preferred the Army Fatigues for the Strength boost, upgrade Vault 111 gear with decent rad resist and similarly upgraded armor on top is helpful.)

RE: settlers and ammo: as long as they have SOME ammo, they never actually run out. I.e., if you give a settler a .45 weapon and about 10 .45 bullets, if you check their inventory after a fight, you'll see they still have 10 bullets even though they must have fired their weapon. They do use up grenades, missiles, and mini-nukes.

My 2 cents.

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Sweeeeet. It really looks like they've done a fantastic job creating post-apocalyptic Mount Desert Island. The dock scenes really did have an echo of reminiscence of Bar Harbor. The standoffishness of the locals to tourists is right on the money too. ;)

Looks like Nick gets an upgrade? And it looks like we go with him to Far Harbor. Shame if we can't bring one of our other companions, but I'd rather have Nick (or someone we already know) than a new companion. That was one thing I disliked about the New Vegas DLC was I'd rather have taken my friends with me to those places than get DLC-only companions that likewise we couldn't take back to Vegas afterward. (Mind, I would like to marry Christine Royce (me, not my PC), but that's where the "sucks they exist in this limited place/story only" comes in.)

Really looking forward to this.

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Still interested, and working on statting up Gracie.

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It's just different. Black Isle/Obsidian did Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas. Bethesda has different strengths than they do, and different weaknesses. Hoping to see Obsidian elements in a Bethesda game, or vice versa, is fruitless.

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I think some of that is a side effect of wanting to have a functional world even after the endgame.

Compare to say, New Vegas, where many of the quests are more nuanced, but after the endgame, the game is over--you can't keep playing. That's because the developers did not have the time and resources to try to program in ALL the permutations of what the world should be like depending on how you finished things. BUT a lot of people were annoyed you couldn't play after--you had to be sure you had done EVERYTHING you wanted to do before you finished the main quest.

To me, it's a tradeoff. And it's weird--storywise, I'd say New Vegas is head and tails above Fallout 4. But I've put more time into Fallout 4 overall because I find the exploration and building aspects continually compelling, and some of the quests are good enough to keep me interested.

I think the key difference is Radiant Quests, which were introduced in Skyrim (post-dating New Vegas or Fallout 3). Radiant Quests are supposed to keep giving you something to do if you've done everything else. The problem is, because they have to be able to pop up at any time in the game, they cannot have any story ramifications. So they are all entirely kill [thing] or find [thing] or a bit of both. This was as true in Skyrim as it is in Fallout 4 -- kill the same f$++ing giant umpteen times, kill the same band of super mutants in Breakheart Banks umpteen times. And if you've got a bunch of Radiant Quests in your log at once, it feels like all you have to do are chores rather than real quests.

Sadly, I think Bethesda's super proud of their radiant quest system so they aren't going away---and I think they dilute and undercut what could be a better game without them, or at least without so many of them.

There ARE some good, at least slightly more nuanced quests in Fallout 4. For example, there's a few ways to resolve The Big Dig, IIRC, including diplomatic options. The chem deal quest can go a lot of different ways (although trying to predict the consequences of your actions can be hard). Some of the Institute quests can be dealt with via varying levels of diplomacy or brute force. And so on. There's not a LOT of them, and I think the glaring omission is that there is a remarkable lack of options for diplomacy in the Main Quest--which IS an absolute first for the Fallout series, which became famous back in 1998 because it was one of the first where you could talk down the Big Bad. That said, it's not like Fallout 3 had much in the way of diplomacy, and at least compared to pre-DLC Fallout 3, I certainly VASTLY prefer Fallout 4's Main Quest and ending to Fallout 3's--there are a lot more shades of gray in the factions, and you never feel railroaded into a given decision. It is obnoxious that it seems the only way to beat the Institute, if you want to do that, is blow it up, which if nothing else is just such a tragic waste of the resources the Institute has. In particular, dialogue with Father is incredibly lacking--you have little to no way to convince him to see your side of things if you're sympathetic to the people of the Commonwealth, and I expect that's where a lot of people are especially disappointed. And, well, in real life, some people just can't be convinced.... but in Fallout, it feels like there should be more choice.

BUT... I actually feel like I have more freedom and roleplay options in the main quest especially, and generally overall, in Fallout 4 than Fallout 3. Radiant quests dilute the effect, but if you wipe those from the equation, I see a massively better game (and RQs at least are something to do). Which is to say, I believe Bethesda is improving upon itself. It just hasn't gotten to Black Isle/Obsidian levels of storytelling, and given their design strengths, I feel I'd be foolish to expect them to.

(Now if they would just f+!!ing do a collaboration already, we'd have the best RPG in existence....)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

GM Shady wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:

I'm also interested if folks can still throw their hat in. I was just recently brushing up on 3E's chargen rules.

I am not, however, familiar with Golden Heroes. Is it basically heroes with some kind of mythical/thing-of-folklore/legend bent?

If so I've got a concept for a tanky character called "Good Knight Gracie" who can summon a suit of armor and has some other goodies that might work... who in fact has some Arthurian stuff worked into her backstory.

I could also see what else I come up with depending on what's needed (and if Gracie sounds a little too cheesy).

One thing on this, the scenario involves finding out what happened to the UK's Golden Age predecessors, the EAGLES (it has a strangulated acronym associated with it, like SHIELD, hence the capitals). One of the missing heroes is a WW2 super-heroine called Howitzer, a kind of amazonian character, popularly known as Big Bertha (after the nickname for the German gun). You might think about making this character relate to that one.

Interestingly that fits an earlier, non-folklore connected version of Gracie I had, and given you said you'd prefer to avoid a theme I might go with that (though she'll still be "Good Knight Gracie").

Tried to look up Howitzer online and couldn't find much. Anything I should know about her? Would it be appropriate to make Gracie a relative?

What year does the game take place in?


ETA: Alternately, if Big Tough Strong Lady would step on the toes of the guy with the giant alternate form, I could always go for a shadowy/stealthy character. I like those.

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