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The Skinsaw Man

Death-Lok's page

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Nothing to do but wait till Tuesday....

Here is my concept, AK.

Concept and Background:

Time Zone: GMT-4
Name: Jebediah "Jeb" Smith
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Alignment: CG
Class: Rogue
Background Concept: Crown's End Smuggler
Trait: Artifact Hunter

Physical Description: Jeb is 3' tall, with black hair and green eyes. He wears a bandana, with the odd trinket braided in his hair. He wears reading glasses when studying and dresses in loose leathers. he always carries his backpack, in which he carries the idol and is very paranoid about anyone else seeing it.

Personality: Jeb grew up among the humans so he had adopted many of their ways and there is a duality to his nature (book smart and street smart). He considers him a renaissance person, quite intelligent and learned for his race. Though at times he may appear aloof, Jeb is a caring person. He does not see himself as an assassin or thug; he is a procurer and in the wild and thick of battle all that matters is who comes out on top and he will use all of his resources at hand to ensure he survives. He is independent, resourceful, and full of life.

Motivation: His natural curiosity and zest for life drives Jeb to adventure, earn money, and survive.

Aspirations: Jebediah wants to earn a Doctorate in World History and the next day, travel the world and see and experience all the wonderful things he's read about. More immediately, Jeb wants to learn the origin of the obsidian idol and delve more into its long term effects on him (see background).

Background: Jebediah Smith was born an orphan in Varisia and taken in by the local clergy of Desna and given a human name. Jeb, as he came to be called by many, took no issues with that. His parents, whomever they were, were gone, but that was no excuse to be depressed or dwell on the past. Given his natural intelligence and curiosity, Jeb took to spending hours and hours in libraries, reading about ancient cultures and natural landmarks. Of course, reading didn't pay the bills and if 1-2 books went missing to pay for his expenses, who's to say how that happened. Of course, that meant that Jeb didn't visit many libraries more than once or twice and he had to keep moving around and that fit perfectly with Desna's philosophy. To survive, Jeb admittedly fell in with the wrong crowds, gangs, guilds, etc., who taught him to steal and pick locks, but always, Jeb moved on.

Eventually, he reached Sargava and boy, was there money to be made here! With his knowledge of history and geography, Jeb, during the day, led expeditions into the jungle to "procure" relics and artifacts for certain interested parties. At night, he made a lucrative career career as a smuggler in Crown's End. That is until a month ago, when his ill-fated expedition to a serpentfolk ruin resulted in the deaths of his seven companions. Jeb survived, as he has a knack of doing, and discovered an obsidian idol of a serpent with 2 heads. He was set to turn it in to the mystery benefactor of the expedition when he noticed that it was a set-up and using all his skills, Jeb eluded his attackers with his life and the idol. He fled Crown's End, fearing more assassination attempts, until he heard the Baron's call to arms. Great! What better place to hide from those interested in the idol than among powerful adventurers?? Besides, he has a useful skill-set and was quite likeable.....what could go wrong?

AK, assuming he survives, at 2nd/4th levels, Jeb will take minor and major magic as his combat talents. In story, I am thinking his newly discovered magical abilities appear from his exposure to the idol. After that, you can build whatever you want as to what the idol is and who is looking for it. Could be fun!

Another death in the campaign (3 so far).

Character Name: Healey, Cleric 4/Paladin 3 of St. Cuthbert
Adventure: Champion's Belt
Location: Arena
Cause of Death: Critical greataxe by one of dwarves from Pitchblade

I re-statted PF versions of the dwarven barbarians and their fight with the party has been one of the most challenging so far. Healey tried to jump in the fight and help the main fighter, who was being surrounded by the two enlarged raging dwarves (my party consists of 6 character so I gave the dwarves enlarge person potions). He took the AoO and managed to wound one of the dwarves. He responded with a threat and confirmation of a critical with power attack with his greataxe for a total of 73 points of damage, splitting Healey in two! The fight continued for about 7 more rounds before the party emerged triumphant. The party used Healey's money to Raise Dead, but his return was short-lived.

Character Name: Healey, Cleric 4/Paladin 3 of St. Cuthbert
Adventure: Champion's Belt
Location: Arena
Cause of Death: Petrification by Gorgon

In the next round of Arena battles, I had the party encounter an encounter of my making, consisting of a fiendish minotaur with 4 fighter levels, 2 regular minotaurs, and a gorgon. The gorgon ran up and breathed on the party. Good ol' Healey rolled a 1 on his save. Two rounds later, the gorgon breathed again and Healey rolled a 2 on his save, making his petrification permanent! The player running Healey decided to bring someone new in and leave Healey as a statue in the arena.

I'm running a "Pathfinderized" AoW campaign, still set in Greyhawk. They party is currently in the midst of the Champion's Belt. The party has had an easy time of the 3.5 encounters and I've had to modify them, as PF characters are more powerful. With a pure cleric, a paladin, and a paladin/cleric in the group, it was difficult to threaten them with death, given all their area channeling. Single opponents, no matter how strong, give the party little trouble, with all that healing. We'll see how they deal with the Froghemoth and Ulgurstasta and the Spire later on, where the baddies channel themselves. Having a blast so far!

The Cudgel (all the party members have some association to St. Cuthbert, either as a worshipper, cleric, or paladin).

Currently playing through HoHR in Greyhawk, about mid-way done:

Castratin' Jack - 6th level halfling rogue
Rexx - 6th level half-orc cleric of St. Cuthbert
SC 266 - 5th level human sorceror
Stoneshoulder - 5th level Dwarven paladin
Nero - 5th level human fighter
Healy - 3rd level cleric/2nd level paladin of St. Cuthbert

Hey guys, I feel awful, but I'm going to let this game go. I feel bad for the 3 new players (Virgil, Zennor, and Arianna) and Sil who have brought new enthusiasm to the game, but it's just common decency, IMO, that if you can't post 1 or 2 or more days, you let me know, as DM. Players instead disappear for days without word. I believe Cale and especially Garyn are gone now, so it just leaves Sil from the original group. Sure, I could replace the missing players, but that just kills the vibe of the game. Again, I apologize and if my shortcomings as DM were responsible for the lack of posting, I take full responsibility. Now I understand why these PbPs don't last, it's hard to find the right mix of DM and dedicated players.

Oleg goes into his shed and gives the dwarf some rope. When all are ready and prepared, the party heads out with Oleg and Lana seeing them off and wishing them luck. The fresh snowfall outside and cool air enhance the natural beauty of the forest. With Garyn and Silstaren at the lead, the party heads SE into the borders of the forest land. On horses, I assume?

After 5 hours of travel, mostly passed chatting and enjoying the scenery, the mood and ambience of the forest changes. Suddenly, the vibrant sounds of the forest cease, as the party begins to see spider webs draped between the trees, holding dead birds and squirrels. Virgil, Zennor, and Arianna advise the rest of the party that the spider ambush occurred about a half a mile from their present location. Though it is about 1pm in the afternoon, the canopy of the trees makes it appear much darker. There is but one road between the trees (about 30' wide) that does not intercept the spider webs. The party's horses are a bit spooked by the environment and the smell of death in the air.

Let me know if you proceed on horseback and marching order please

5th day of Kuthona
Year 4708

Thankfully, this morning is warmer than the others, though the snowy background through the windows of the guesthouse remind you quickly that it is still winter. After a hearty meal, courtesy of Lana's good cooking, the party is awake and fully rested.

Where to? Cleric, please post spells for the day in either your profile or in a post. Thanks.

A few hours later a human male, dressed in leathers, and armed with a bow arrives at the trading post. He appears to be in his mid-30s and introduces himself as Zane. He takes Oleg's list of supplies and says hi to the party, if any of you are around. He takes the payment for the armor and the anvil and anything else the party may want. He has an early dinner, wishes Oleg and Lana a good day, and advises them that he'll be back in 9-10 days, depending on the weather and the quality of the booze. All have a good laugh and Zane is soon gone.
Unless you say otherwise, the party passes the day chatting and resting.

Virgil Longstreet wrote:
"Done and done. Thank you, Oleg. I really appreciate it. Is it alright if I keep it here at the trading post?"

"Yeah, no problem, that's fine, holy warrior."

therealthom wrote:
Death-Lok, a couple character mechanics questions: How do you feel about the Bladesinger and Arcane Archer PrCs? Can Sil's perform(dance) skill cover juggling too or must I take sleight of hand?

I know the Arcane Archer PrC (that's fine) but can you give me the source that you were thinking of for the Bladesinger. There were so many 3.5 versions of it.

I have no problem with the Perform skill covering the juggling.

Vanulf Wulfson wrote:
Don't forget about the Dodge feat.

Good catch there! Thanks!

Zennor Praze Sanjust wrote:
"And I am a road builder and a good one. One day the road could go past this trading post. Or not. I am not here to make friends, I am here to build mines, roads and a community. Well protected and built to last that is."

Oleg looks at Cale, Silstaren, and Garn. "Hey! We talked about this! What did I say about bringing your way of civilization down here?! Leave that kingdom sh*t back in Brevoy. You come, make the woods safe for travelers, kill bandits, make yourself some money and leave. We don't want no roads, no communities, none of that stuff. Take that back to your mountains." Lana speaks from the kitchen, "Oleg, calm yourself, don't get all worked up. The dwarf meant no harm by it." Lana looks at Zennor and with her eyes, pleads that he leave the house, as she leads Oleg to their room.

Virgil Longstreet wrote:
Virgil rolls his eyes, "Well fine then, Mr. I-Don't-Need-Help-Because-I'm-Secretly-Afraid-Of-Emotional-Contact! Sheesh." He turns to Oleg, "Let me know about that anvil, would you?" With that, he wanders off to his bunk and spends the rest of the day cleaning and polishing his armor and weapons.

"The anvil will not be a problem, it will fit on Zane's wagon. 5 gp and 20 sp please.."

Zennor Praze Sanjust wrote:

"So Torag's favourite siege weapons sit rusting because no one will fix your catapults and pay for the privilege. No, you get the equipment and I'll fix them for free, I'll even maintain them every time I come back as a bonus. You get decent protection from attack at low cost and you appease my God. Remember I am a dwarf, we do not bargain. That is my offer take it or not."

Oleg smiles. "My dear dwarf, I bought this trading post for one reason, because it's 100 miles from the noblity and such sort. In fact, I did not care that the catapults came with the place. I do not need catapults on my walls to protect me. In fact, before this bandit problem, I had 12-14 months of good business with no problems. The catapults can stay broken for all I care. You want to fix them to appease your god, do so but you're paying for it!"

Silstaren wrote:
"I will give you 60 now, but you must throw in a match to these." He hands Oleg one of his hammers. "I lost the third. The new one must be the same in weight and balance. Zane may take it with him to show the smith. And you must hold some other goods for me while we go to face these spiders. Nothing large, just a bow and some odds and ends."

Oleg ponders the proposal. "I'll have to talk to Zane when he comes in. I am charging you market value for the armor plus Zane's commission of 5% to travel to and from Restov. I'll show him your hammer and see what he says. As for holding your goods, I have no problem, you can store them in the shed."

Virgil Longstreet wrote:

He turns to Oleg, "Would you happen to have an anvil here? I think a good sweat will help me forget what has happened these past few days. If anyone desires, I can fix or make what you wish."

"Sorry, my good man, but I am a tradesman by craft not an armorer, so I have no anvil in my modest trading post."

Silstaren wrote:
Death-Lok, what did Oleg have to say about procuring a chain shirt?

"Not a problem, Sil, but since I don't have any chain shirts lying around, I will have to requisition it from Restov and it will arrive in 10 days. Zane, a hunter who travels the road a lot between here and Restov should stop by later today. I can give him any list of supplies. Need 55 gp from you now and 50gp in a week. What do ye say?"

Zennor Praze Sanjust wrote:
"Here is a list of what I need to fix your catapults. How soon can you obtain these?"

Ok, a light catapult costs 550 gp. If you have the appropriate Craft skill (please amend craft weapons to craft siege weapons), I will assume the list you gave Oleg consists of the raw materials you need to repair the catapult at 1/3 cost, assuming you make the skill check.

Oleg looks at the list with a puzzled look and says, "This is going to be quite an expensive venture for you, dwarf. I can requisition these supplies, they will take about 10 days to arrive. However, I will need a deposit of 93 gp now and the balance in 10 days."

Arianna Ravenswood wrote:
Gear is all selected and it looks like i'm good to go. Could someone double check my "sheet" to see if i've messed up somewhere. Two heads (or more) are better than one.

CMD is 14, not 15 (+1 Str, +3 Dex). I am assuming you took rogue as favored class and took +1 hp at 1st level. If so, indicate that in profile. Also, you should put the combat stats for just a strike with the short sword. Other than that, looks good.

French Wolf wrote:

However thinking ultra long term, could we twist the rules and let Virgil and Zennor combine to make a +1 holy sword?

As long as you take the craft magic arms and armor feat and have the requisite spells, I don't see a problem with it, and as Virgil said, he could make them, and the person with the feat could enchant them.

Arianna Ravenswood wrote:
"Thank you kindly, Master Oleg and Mistress Svetlana.

"Thank you, sweetie, for your kind words about my cooking, but the name's Lana, always has been. As for resting, there's the guesthouse, right outside that door, the building across the way."

Zennor Praze Sanjust wrote:
But at around five o'clock, Zennor takes out his holy symbol and prays for a long time, kneeling over the dismantled catapult, mumbling to Torag, the God of Catapults.

The main problem Zennor sees is that wood has been rotted for years and needs to be replaced.

Zennor Praze Sanjust wrote:
Zennor goes to find Oleg when he has finished talking and eating. "Your catapults have rusted and two have bent flanges in their recurves. I can mend them with tools. Well?"

Oleg smiles, "Ah, the dwarf speaks! Those catapults have been broken down for years, since I bought the place. If you'd like to try and fix 'em, help yourself. I have some mallets and spikes and nails. Will that help you?"

Virgil Longstreet wrote:
The paladin nods, "That sounds fine. We could all chip in and reserve it for when someone gets hit." He turns to Oleg, "You wouldn't happen to have a few extra beds available, would you? I feel like I could sleep for a week!"

Oleg looks at Virgil and says, "We have a guesthouse, where the others have been staying. I have some bedrolls, if you don't mind the floor. I know it's not befitting one of your title, but Lana and I did not expect company."

Silstaren wrote:
The poor ranger lost? Slander! I was following Calvin's directions. ;-p

Sorry Sil, my screw-up! :)

Due to Braddock's non-appearance, he has been replaced. The new character (a female rogue) will make her appearance soon and when she does, we will retcon and state that she was with Virgil and Zennor when they approached the trading post. Switch one rogue for another. Hope everyone is cool with this.

Vanulf, you're in. Set already posted a link to the Discusson thread (thanks for that btw). Great to have you in the game.

Goblin Snake/Braddock, sorry, but I've found a replacement. I know there are RL issues but to not give me as DM some heads up is not cool IMO. No hard feelings.

Hey Vanulf, you got a rogue statted up? One of my players has vanished on me and he has till tomorrow noon EST to post or he's out, so I'll keep you updated.

Oleg smiles and says, "Going after these spiders, huh? Then you may need some antitoxin. I think I got a couple of vials laying around here. Sell them to you for a good price? How's 90 gp for both? Best deal you'll ever find."

Goblin Snake/Braddock, unless I hear from you by noon EST tomorrow, I'm replacing your character. Not cool to apply for a game and then not post at all.

Virgil Longstreet wrote:
That makes perfect sense. Was the hex immediately southwest (between Oleg's and the bandit camp) clear as well?

Yes, nothing of interest. The party fought a wandering boar there

Zennor Praze Sanjust wrote:
What is the condition of the catapults? and the time of day please.

The catapults are in a state of disrepair and broken down. It is about 1pm in game.

Virgil Longstreet wrote:
DM: Is that the hex just east of Oleg's?

Actually, the poor ranger is lost. The camp was about 15 hours SW of the trading post, so you can put it 2 hexes diagonally SW of Oleg's (if that made any sense)

I'll definitely keep you in mind, should I need a replacement.

Oleg stares at the dwarf as he leaves his home without saying a word. Once he is gone, he says, "That dwarf sure is a strange one, he's quiet....too quiet. Where'd you dig that one up, Virgil?"

"Ay, yes, Virgil speaks the truth. We locked our gates after Happs and his men were killed, while Cale and his men were out, fearing a reprisal from the bandits."

Awesome map, Tanner, nice touch with the spider!

Tanner, since you are the resident map-maker, could you mark the hex diagonally SE of Oleg's Trading Post, as the site of the spider ambush? Thanks

Oleg speaks, as he takes a bite of his stew. "How far away were these spiders? Just so I can tell the trappers and hunters that pass by. Have to watch out for the common folk makin' a livin' in these woods."

Lana cries out, "Man-spiders on giant vermin?! How terribly awful! We are sorry for the loss of your friends. Perhaps it would be best if you warriors banded together, at least for safety." She proceeds to fill up the bowls of any of the party members still hungry. The stew is great and fills you up with a warm feeling inside.

"You're too sweet, Sistaren, talking about my cooking like that. My stew is fine and it will warm your stomach on this cold day. Please inside, all. Oleg, show the dwarf where he may house his mare."

Oleg directs Zennor to the stables, where the rest of the party's horses are resting. After that, he accompanies the newcomers inside and gets an extra chair from his bedroom. "Please please, make yourself at home. Now, what's this about 2 charters? And someone mentioned something about spiders? Do tell. Personally, hate those nasty critters."

"My, oh my, we're sorry for your loss, holy warrior. I am Lana, Oleg's wife, and cook here at the Trading Post. Perhaps some food in your stomachs and you can tell us all what happened."

For Virgil:
You do not detect any evil within 60'

Does Virgil wear anything that affiliates him with Abadar? Holy symbol? Tabbard?

EDIT: The dwarf is on a horse, not a pony

French Wolf wrote:

Yeah, I checked the Rulebook and it said dwarves ride horses not ponies. I am happy either way.


When you're right, you're right. The dwarf is on a horse, just looks odd, but cool.

Guys, tonight is my RL game which I DM (LoF AP), so I may not be able to post till late EST.

Zennor Praze Sanjust wrote:

Done. Ready for inspection, Sar!

Just in case we go live later tonight, I work Monday evenings so I doubt I'll be able to post much after about 4pm UK time. He isn't a big talker anyway.


Looks good, Zennor. I just changed his mount to a pony, if that's ok. A dwarf on a horse seems odd.

One masterwork bolt with no crossbow? I have a feeling there is a story there somewhere.

Oleg sees Garyn, Silstaren, and Cale and says, "Cheer up folks! Yes, you've lost two of your companions and your charter to clear up this damned lands is in jeopardy, but I'm sure Erastil will provide for us all. At least for me, with those bandits gone, life will me much more peaceful!"

Lana speaks from the window, where she is drying the dishes, "How odd...a dwarf, a half-orc, and a human.." Oleg speaks, "Is that the beginning of some joke, sweetie?" "No, we've got company" Lana retorts. "Two of them heavily armored and the half-orc in leathers." Oleg gets up from his chair, "Well, let's see what they want. As I always say, any business is good business!"

Virgil, Braddock, and Zennor approach the Trading Post, the dwarf on his pony. You are tired, beaten, and little depressed/melancholic about having lost 2 companions mere hours ago (Melchior the wizard and Sanje the warrior). You still bear the marks of battle. As you approach, 2 humans, a bearded male in his 40's and a female in her late 30s come out and hail you. "Welcome to Oleg's Trading Post, I am Oleg, how may we be of service to you?" Behind them, 2 other humans, armored, one with a bow and another with a sword watch you. You also see an elf with a sword strapped on his back.

If you read through the posts, I've posted pictures of Oleg and his wife, in case you were interested. This is your chance to interact

Braddock the Bastard wrote:
Updated and added the extra (starting with max) gold after buying one antitoxin.

Cool and flatfooted AC is 12 not 11.

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