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The Skinsaw Man

Death-Lok's page

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Tenser smiles at Siggut's uncouthness. "I appreciate your eagerness, but you must know what you face and why you face it. In my experience, knowledge is power. Ravarel, you are gracious to lend your aid, but Raknian is but a small part of the danger. Yes, you are all needed, I also believe it was fate that brought you together..." Tenser pauses for effect and walks over to one his cabinets and pulls out for all of you to see a transparent jar in which lies a green worm suspended in viscous liquid. "For you five must prevent the Age of Worms. The Age of Worms is foretold in a prophecy that speaks of a coming apocalypse, an age of death and writhing doom. Normally such rumors should be dismissed—doomsday prophecies are typically the product of nothing more sinister than madness. This prophecy is different. It can be traced back, through various incarnations in books, tablets, and carvings on walls, for over two thousand years. It does not change in content during this time—it has not evolved through clumsy attempts of fanatics desperate to reword its predictions to support their agendas. This alone would be enough for it to merit further study. But even more interesting is the fact that in the last few years several of its predictions have actually come true. In one prophecy, it predicts the ‘ruin by fire of a city built in a bowl in the spire’s shadow.’ Just last year, far to the south, the city of Cauldron—built in the caldera of a dormant volcano only a few miles from Kyuss’ one-time home, the Spire of Long Shadows—was nearly destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Other prophecies speak of the recrudescence of the worm-eaten dead, the recovery of potent artifacts from ancient tombs, the destructive manifestation of an immense demonic tree in a distant city across the sea, the arrival of a ‘Fane of Scales’ amid a storm of wind and fire, and the cleansing of an evil taint from a city besieged in the past by giants, the appearance of a city wreath in shadows. These events have all come to pass, and quite recently. In fact, there are only two prophecies remaining to be fulfilled. The first of these mentions the reunification of a tripartite spirit—I assume this is a nod to the goals of the Ebon Triad. The second remaining prophecy reads: ‘And on the eve of the Age of Worms, a hero of the pit shall use his fame to gift a city to the dead.’ I believe this last line may have been speaking of Loris Raknian (certainly a hero from the gladiator’s pit) and his attempt in the Arena. It remains to be seen if your actions actually made a difference or not, but it would be foolhardy to assume that those who are trying to fulfill the prophecies will abate their efforts.”

Tenser pauses to take a sip of his wine before continuing. Agath, serious and silent throughout the meeting, is looking intently at each of you, as if measuring your reactions to the news you are hearing for the first time. He did soften at Kaydanna's introduction, but only for a little while.

Thak, you feel as if Tenser is being transparent and worried at how you will react at the responsibility he is putting on your shoulders.

Tenser continues, as he studies the jar. "This is a Kyuss worm. If it makes contact with your skin, it will burrow inside and try to make its way to your brain, where it will drain your intelligence. Once it does that, you become an undead follower of Kyuss. Divine magic in the form of Remove curse or curing disease will destroy the worms should they ever burrow inside of you. They are named after an obscure deity of undead. Kyuss is an enigma—what we know of him is sparse. We know that he was once a mortal, a powerful priest who ascended to godhood. He ruled a city named Kuluth-Mar far to the south, and was famed for the creation of undead. A former companion of mine, a wizard named Balakarde, made an extensive study of Kyuss and his ways. You might even say he was obsessed with Kyuss.”

A few minutes later, a sixty-year-old man, whom you assume is Tenser, enters with Celeste, who is carrying a tray of wine and goblets, and a stern middle-aged human dressed in a black robe covered with stars. Tenser appears to be in good health but is not muscular. His hair is streaked with gray, and he has a prominent aquiline nose. His blue robes bear the sign of a thin scimitar, as this is a part of his coat of arms. Tenser pic

Tenser addresses you, ”Welcome all, please have a seat and thank you for accepting my invitation. You already know my agent Celeste and this is another friend, Agath, a High Priest of Pelor.” Agath remains silent and just nods. Agath pic Celeste pours Tenser some wine and the goblet and then offers the rest of you some of the fine vintage. Tenser takes a sip from his goblet. ”Well, first of all, I wanted to thank you for your efforts in the arena today. Celeste tells me you defeated an Ulgurstasta, quite easily from all accounts. You don’t know what a difference you made today. I believe, according to a prophecy, had the Ulgurstasta succeeded in killing the “Champion”, a blast of negative energy would have engulfed that arena and turned all present into wights. Imagine what 10,000 wights would have done to the City of Greyhawk??”

Tenser pauses, to allow you time to grasp the magnitude of what you possibly averted. ”I feared this could come true, so I had Celeste rush to the Arena, but it appears she arrived too late. Thank the gods that you were present.” Celeste bows her head, in shame. ”I had other agents, who had been successful in averting the plans of the Ebon Triad and other minions of Kyuss, I had been monitoring. They had infiltrated the Arena as a team of gladiators, the Ivory Cudgels, to confirm the existence of Ulgurstasta and get evidence of Raknian’s involvement. Unfortunately, I hear they perished in combat.” Tenser turns to Thak, ”Your brother was a great warrior. I am sorry for your loss. But you must get over your grief, the world needs you, needs all of you. The danger is just commencing.”

As you walk, Celeste points out the village's highlights, such as the In and the world-renowned library. "This is a sort of retirement community for adventurers, so you will find armorers, mage shops, and trinkets for all your needs, if you can afford them. Thanks to Tenser's protection, it is a quite affluent community. Perhaps, when this crisis is over, you may think of retiring here."

As you walk, she warns that attempting to approach the castle by flight would result in catastrophe, as there are hundreds of bloodhawks who descend on anyone or anything attempting to fly towards the tower. Teleportation simply doesn’t work – any attempt to do so is automatically redirected into a dimensionally-locked prison-dungeon beneath the fortress. "As you can imagine, Tenser has many enemies and he takes his security seriously."

A polite guard greets you at the entrance of the fortress, quickly ushering you and Celeste through the courtyard and into the beautiful central tower. Although far from ostentatious, the fortress and its keep speak subtly of treat wealth and power. As you move through the fortress, you can actually feel currents of arcane power ripple through the air and even the fortress itself. All of this serves as a reminder that you enter the lair of a powerful and respected arch-mage.

The guard politely gestures for you and Celeste to proceed into Tenser's study, quietly taking up a position a few feet down the hall from the entrance. The Study is a long, airy chamber with a towering domed ceiling and generous adornments. A deep blue carpet covers much of the floor. The walls are thoroughly covered by a wide range of paintings, each depicting a different exotic locale or dangerous region. The paintings are rendered with extraordinary skill, and seem almost like windows looking out on remote locations around the world. Several overstuffed chairs sit throughout the room, and at the far end looms a massive antique wooden desk, its surface a tangle of scrolls, books, statuettes, stone tablets, quills, vials of ink, and an expensive Dragonchess set, its pieces illustrating wizards, clerics, leaders, and soldiers and knights. They are arrayed in mid-game.

"Please make yourselves at home. I will let Tenser know you are here." Celeste smiles and bows and exits through a far door.

"I am sorry for your loss. Your brother was quite gifted. I will leave word for your brother's remains to be held for you." Celeste excuses herself and speaks to one of the guards, while pointing at you, who hurries off to do her bidding. She returns, "His remains will be preserved at a local temple of Pelor until you return." She smiles and then says, "Are we all ready?" When she sees a nod of heads, Celeste pulls out a scroll. "Touch my shoulder and form a chain, so we may all be transported." She reads the arcane language and the six of you disappear.

1d100 ⇒ 4

When you reappear, the City of Greyhawk is gone and you see gentle hills and full green trees that cradle the southern reaches of a coastal village. Wide streets, plentiful greenery, and pleasant wooden buildings speak of peace and ease, yet the community buzzes with activity. Clearly the village prospers. North of the village lie the dark blue waters of the Lake of Unknown Depths, and rising from a rocky island about half a mile out is a pale blue castle surrounding a tower capped with a vast vaceted dome that glitters like a blue jewel. A twenty foot wide stone causeway runs from the village shore all the way out to this castle.

"Welcome to Magepoint. My patron's home is that way obviously. Let us not keep him waiting. And I apologize, but this is the closest I could land us, due to the castle's arcane protections."

Glad to see it's not just me. And it's a save, P, so you failed Will save. Not that the Captain asked anything secretive but you told truth as to your name, place of origin, basic bio questions, and why were you in Greyhawk.

Celeste smiles at the elemental, "I have seen many of our world's wonders thanks to my patron. Your form does not bother me, nor will it interfere with the spell, but in Tenser's fortress, its protections will force you to assume your natural form. Tenser's home is on the southern shore of the Nyr Dyv, near the village of Magepoint, a few days ride from here, so I'd prefer you travel with us. It's faster." She smiles, helping to convince the druid.

Good point, Kaydanna. If you have a rank in Knowledge history, arcana, or local, you know about Tenser.

Celeste smiles with pride, "We are going to the Fortress of Unknown Depths, the home of my patron, Tenser."

Knowledge Arcana DC 10:
Tenser is a lawful good Archmage and a former member of both the Citadel of Eight and the Circle of Eight. He is one of the most powerful mages in the world.

As you approach the woman, you see she is garbed in studded leather armor and has a lip piercing. Celeste pic As you approach, persons knowledgeable about the craft of magic, can feel that your auras are being scanned by the stranger. You notice the woman's eyes appear otherworldly, as she speaks at Ravarel, "Hello, I am Celeste and you are the Champions of the Arena, I presume. Your efforts today saved innumerable lives and my patron wishes to meet with you. This is just the beginning...if efforts are not made to prevent it, an age of great destruction and despair is coming. You showed great skill in defeating the legendary Ulgusrtasta...I do not think it was a coincidence that the five of you were in the Arena at the same time. Will you meet with my patron? I will teleport us there. If you need time to prepare or heal and rest, I can meet with you tomorrow, but no later. Time is of the essence."

Knowledge Planes DC 15:
You can tell Celeste is an aasimar.

"Alright, your answers seem clear enough and you handled yourselves well, barely without injury from what I can tell. Now let the formal questions begin."

The Captain nods to the guard in the room, who casts magic. "This will now be a zone of truth so please answer my questions truthfully."

The Captain proceeds to question each of you, on your names, and how you happened to be in the Arena and your relationship, if any, with Loris Raknian. He questions Siggut how he learned of the job and how long he has been working with the former gladiator. Then he asks for a recount of the events, the appearance of the maggot, Raknian's shout of Kyuss, the deaths of the remaining gladiators except Auric, and the short battle that followed thereafter.

After the questioning, the Captain pauses, "I do not know much about Kyuss except he is an obscure god of undead with a cult of fanatics, from what my mages tell me. My guards have been to Raknian's manor and he is nowhere to be found. We have issued an arrest warrant for Loris Raknian so if you happen to run into him and wish to capture him for me, I'd be much obliged. Whether he was a worshiper of Kyuss or member of his cult, I do not know. It is one of the questions I wish to ask him. It seems from all accounts that he knew about this giant maggot lurking under the arena. He needs to be brought in. You are free to go and the City thanks you for your efforts today, unless you have questions for me." Turning to the guard, the dwarf says, "Please have one of the guards escort this dwarf into the arena to claim the ashes of his brother. I am sorry for your loss." The Captain shakes your hands, except Pyrrhus', if he is still in elemental form.

As you depart the arena to wherever you're headed, a beautiful blonde woman, leaning against the wall, catches your attention with a wave and motions you over.

Greyhawk city officials arrive soon after, with guards and investigators, questioning the spectators about what happened. Then the employees of the Arena are questioned, except for Siggut. He does see the guards pointing and signaling at him, presumably mentioning that he was the ranking guard on duty. The lead investigator, a red-bearded dwarf who oddly wears a mining cap and spectacles, signals some guards and points to the four of you.

The guards come and politely request if you could follow them, as Captain Durgan Whitestone wishes to ask you some questions. Assuming you say yes, they take you to a room under the Arena they have hastily set up for questioning.

After waiting a few minutes, the Captain comes inside with one of his men, a human guard. He removes his mining cap and wipes the sweat from his brow. "So, I hear you four jumped into the arena and killed that big....worm..what the hell was that thing anyway? So, tell me, are you four crazy or something to take on that giant thing? Look, I know you saved a lot of people today, according to all the accounts I have heard today, but still I need to know."

Cool, have always wanted to go to Carnival there!

Kaydanna, the priests of Pelor graciously thank you and your comrades for your efforts in saving hundred if not thousands of lives. "Thanks to you, we are dealing with scrapes and falls and broken bones instead of mangled bodies."

Siggut, as an "employee" of the Arena during the incident, you're pretty sure the officials will want to speak to you. You are a person of interest. :)

The cheers of the crowd die down and later, as news of the incident spreads, acolytes of Pelor start coming into the Arena grounds to heal the wounded. You know government officials will not be far behind, seeking answers as to the gargantuan maggot lying 10 feet from where almost all of you are gathered right now. Do you wait to answer questions?

Summary of party's actions:
Siggut's heavy pick pierced the maggot's flesh like butter 3x inflicting heavy damage
Pyrrhus summoned elementals, who appear next round
Ravarel's scorching rays seared portions of undead flesh and his ball of lightning destroyed the last Spawn
Spawn Reflex save: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5...fails!
Thak's spell did not penetrate the creature's spell resistance
Kaydanna's adamantite sword's 3rd strike ended the Ulgurstasta's existence, as its gargantuan body swayed, before collapsing to the arena floor in a large thump, that caused a cloud of sand to rise up.

When the sand clears, the huge crowd, no longer trampling each other, gives the "Heroes of the Arena", by the chants you hear, a rousing ovation and applause. Even Thak receives some pats on the back as he is still in the stands. 10,000 people cheering and clapping is quite a sight to behold.

Combat over...quite impressive! Maybe if I had rolled better, it would have grappled one of the warriors and tried to swallow him/her but not to be...

Pyrrhus, you failed the SR check against the maggot (SR 24). It is once per spell, so the lightning balls are ineffective against it. The Reflex saves were unnecessary last round. My bad for the confusion.

Three of the dwarf's powerful blows rip into the Ulgurstasta's rotten flesh, as the crowd erupts in cheers, but the beast still stands. 178 damage total.

Ravarel can do option A but take damage due to the tendrils. I will assume he will go with that option. We can retcon if you decide you do not want damage.

Beast: Round 2!

Siggut and Kaydanna feel magic charge their limbs and they feel faster!

The undead maggot's tendrils flail out again at Ravarel, Siggut, and Kaydanna, who all take 1d12 ⇒ 6 damage.

The grub then focuses all its might on the dwarf, who hurt it the most! It lunges at him but the well protected warrior easily evades the clumsy blow, as the maggot eats sand for its effort.
Attack: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (5) + 20 = 25...what else?


First, the nordic spawn grabs one of the worms from its face and flicks it at Kaydanna, but the warpriest deflects the vermin with her sword before it can land on her!
Ranged touch attack: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13 vs. AC 16: miss!

It then moves up and tries to punch Kaydanna, which again is easily blocked!
Attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (5) + 8 = 13...and die rolls continue!

Updated Map

The fleeing crowds have stopped in their tracks, as they watch new warriors bravely engage the gargantuan maggot in melee combat! Small cheers start to roar through the crowd, as they wait in anticipation...
Party is up in Round 3.

Spawn Reflex saves:
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22...nat 20 always a success.

Thak's undead brother gets incinerated by his fireball, but the nordic undead miraculously manages to withstand the blast. The undead gargantuan maggot is again unaffected by the cleric's magic.

Ravarel and then the beast.


I have researched the matter on the boards and there is no consensus, as there are opinions on both sides. My ruling is A - Staff does not work on prepared metamagicked spells. If you wish to change the Staff then, please feel free to do so and spend the 30K on something else.

I will assume you cast a regular Ball Lightning without piercing and burned 3 charges from the Staff in the first round that did not penetrate SR.

You roll once per spell - later rounds will use the first SR roll.

Actually, the Staff says:

No more than one feat can be applied to a spell cast by the wielder in this way.

So if you cast dazing from the Staff then no piercing and without piercing, you would not have made the SR roll.

AoO on Kaydanna: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (5) + 20 = 25....2/1/3/and now 5....LOL...

Kaydanna moves in, catching a waft of its putrid stench, and strikes the creature, ripping some of its skin off but sensing resistance from its thick flesh. DR=10.

AoO on Siggut: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (10) + 20 = 30...another miss!

Siggut's pick digs deep into the undead's carapace, easily ripping it.
Full damage.

Need 1 SR roll for Pyrrhus and your Reflex DC.

Undead Reflex saves:
1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13
1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25
1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26

Assuming Pyrrhus makes SR roll, one ball did damage. Total of 85 damage done by party.

EDIT: Oh, did not realize Dazing affects undead. Never mind, no AoOs, not that they hit anyway.

EDIT #2: Not dazed and only 73 damage.

Sorry for delay, was traveling for work.

Player's actions:
Siggut double moved
Pyrrhyus wildshaped into large Elemental
Thak launched a fireball, but it did not seem to affect the maggot
Ravarel launched 2 balls of lightning, one of which electrifies the undead grub, angering it:
Reflex save for Ulgurstasta: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15
Reflex save for Raknian: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (15) + 14 = 29...success, no damage
Kaydanna casts magic and moves closer, unfortunately into the gargantuan creature's reach! It lunges out to bite her, but luckily she is able to move out of the way in time!
AoO: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (2) + 20 = 22...miss!

NPC actions:
Loris Raknian cannot tell where the ball of lightning came from amid the confusion of the crowd. He summons an aide, who casts magic, opening a portal and together both of them enter it and disappear.
Auric, devastated by the deaths of his allies, and now the appearance of the gargantuan creature, decides to run away! Unfortunately, the undead beast strikes out again at the warrior's back, but misses poorly!
AoO: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (1) + 20 = 21...miss!

Creature's turn:
Frustrated by its attacks, the undead maggot unleashes its tendrils in a 40' radius, automatically striking Pyrrhus, Siggut, and Kaydanna for 1d12 ⇒ 8 damage each. As its action, it then proceeds to try and bite Kaydanna again and misses again!
Attack: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (3) + 20 = 23...miss!
Last 3 rolls: 2/1/3!! Are you kidding me??

The crowd continues to make a mad dash toward the exits jostling the two spellcasters in the stands. You will need to make DC 15 Concentration checks to cast spells.

Finally, the party sees the two last party members of the Ivory Cudgels (the dwarf leader and the Nordic barbarian), who were killed by the acidic breath weapon, rise from the dead, green bloated worms now protruding from the orifices on their faces! They move to defend the Ulgurstasta!

Updated Map
Party is up in Round 2!

Siggut, rying to understand your action, double move? 40?

The undead maggot has SR 24 and is immune to cold and acid, obviously.

I forgot to mention that Siggut and Ravarel's avatars could not translate to the map so I used alternate portraits.

If you make the DC 18 knowledge check, you know the creature has the undead template and the immunities that entails and that it has 20' reach. Ravarel, you can ask 2 questions about the creature, since you beat the DC 23 and 28 bars.

Combat Map

You can count the squares to determine distance; 1 square = 5 feet. So post your Round 1 actions.

External is fine, just put in your profile lines so it is visible to me without clicking your base to hit and damage.

Before we start combat, some tidbits:

Knowledge checks: Every 5 points above DC you can ask 1 question:
DR, special abilities, weaknesses, SR, SLAs, etc.

Combat rolls: Please break down attack/damage rolls. For example, not 1d20+15 but instead 1d20+12+4+2+1-4 (Base+strength+weapon+prayer-power attack)

At end of combat post, please keep me apprised of all your current buffs and duration.

Moving on...

After the groups employ spell buffs and potion buffs, the battle begins and the halfling draws first blood with his daggers, but the wizard's mirror images protect him from further damage. The golems surprisingly attack next and eventually corner the halfling and beat him to a pulp, causing the crowd to cheer at the first fatality of the match! The Nordic barbarian moves in and with the dwarf's help, destroys the golems. Tirra disappears from sight and backstabs the cleric, injuring him severely, until Auric finishes him off with powerful attack, skewering him. More cheers! Down 2 warriors, the Ivory Cudgels rally and together, take down Khellek and Tirra with a series of blows and magic. The arena is now filled with blood stains. Facing 3 warriors, Auric launches a full-attack on the wizard and decapitates him! More cheers from the crowd, as the they start chanting, "Auric! Auric! Auric!" Volsom the dwarf and the Nordic barbarian circle Auric and after a few seconds, both are injured, though Auric looks the best possible. A hush falls over the crowd, as the dwarf and the Nord talk tactics, and move to flank the blonde warrior. Just as they reach their positions and the crowd worries for Auric's safety, a nauseating creature that looks like a massive, pale-yellow maggot erupts from the center of the grounds of the arena. Its head is studded with dozens of humanoid eyes, below which drools a maw filled with hooked teeth. Millions of distended pores that continually weep a foul-smelling mucus cover its body. The 35' tall maggot vomits on the three warriors a necromantic acidic 60' cone that reaches the Arena side wall. Auric, unexpectedly agile, dives out of the way of the cone, getting hit slightly on his back! The dwarf and the Nordic warrior are not as dexterous and get caught by the acid. You see their skin immediately desiccate, as they fall to the ground dead.

The crowd is confused at first, believing the gargantuan creature may be part of the show, until they see the warriors' surprised faces and subsequent deaths and their confusion turns to panic and screams of terror! However, above the scream of terror, a clear voice screams from the stands, seemingly at the maggot, "Destroy Auric and fulfill the the name of Kyuss!! The voice belongs to none other than Loris Raknian!

Knowledge Religion Check DC 18:
The creature is an Ulgurstasta, a solitary undead abomination created through necromantic energy.

That was the surprise round, so no one was able to act.

Kaydanna: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25
Pyrrhus: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11
Ravarel: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11
Siggut: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20
Thak: 1d20 ⇒ 14
Ulgustasta: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10
Raknian: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7
Auric: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19

Everyone can act before the maggot.

Map upcoming tomorrow.

DC=15+spell level, so no need to roll, as they are not casting 9th level spells. Khellek casts haste, blur, mirror image, heroism, and keen edge on Auric's greatsword.

It is quite clear to all present that the creatures are not natural. However, you can tell they seem to be obeying Khellek more than Auric.

Being on the Arena grounds 15' below the crowd....that's going to be tough to find that brave vendor! :)

Siggut detains some pickpockets and breaks up some fights; the rest of you enjoy the festivities. Eventually, Siggut is called back to this post in the Arena. The formalities of the main event begin at the Arena half an hour late. Whether to build anticipation for the Finals or increase sales of ale and food, you do not know. Loris Raknian and his scarred face make an appearance in the center of the Arena, his voice magically amplified obviously.

"Patrons, I welcome thee to the Finals of the Champion's Games!" Much cheer goes through the crowd. "Thank you for coming out on this sweltering day. I am sure the warriors will make it worth your while. And now without further ado...I present to you the Ivory Cudgels...led by their powerful warrior, Volsom Val Zsing!"

A red-bearded dwarf wielding a waraxe and shield leads a band of four additional adventurers: a male priest of St. Cuthbert, a halfling garbed in bandoleers of daggers, a female in robes, and a Nordic looking tattooed human wielding solely a greatsword and white wolf pelt. The crowd cheers for the group, as whispers of whether they have a shot at dethroning the champion and his band passes through the arena crowd. The group waves to the crowd, with the Nordic fellow beating his chest. Even at a distance, it is easy to tell there is friction between Raknian and the band.

Loris ignores it and continues, "And now, we present to you last year's champion and the favorite son of Greyhawk, Auric!! And his warband of Khellek and Tirra!" The crowd goes wild, especially the women who throw roses onto the sand in honor of Auric.

Into the arena walk Auric, a burly blonde fighter who always wears an ornate red and blue girdle around his waist (the famed Championship belt); Khellek, a red-robed wizard, and Tirra, a female elf. Pic of Warband They are followed by three 10' tall lumbering humanoid ghoulish collections of stolen humanoid body parts, stitched together into single composite forms. Raknian and Auric hug, as the band enjoys the crowd's adulation.

DC 12 Arcana check:
You recognize the humanoids as flesh golems.

After the cheering dies down, Raknian wishes both sides good luck and leaves the Arena, eventually taking his place among his cadre of friends and bodyguards, ready to enjoy the action.

Both sides back away 100 paces from each other and the Rules are read to the crowd, regarding outside participation, the prohibited use of area affect spells that could harm the crowd, flying more than 20' above the ground, etc. Each side is given a minute to prepare, during which both sides buff with magic. The crowd starts clapping and stomping, in anticipation.

Then a horn sounds and the battle begins!

Thak, your spell memorization is actually:
1st - 7+1
2nd - 6+1
3rd - 6+1
4th - 5+1
5th - 5+1
6th - 3+1
Recommendation: You may want to keep some heal spells, death ward, and other cleric-y spells handy. My 2 cents.

Thanks! :)

Kaydanna does not get a good feeling, as she sees the rich and glamorous of the Free City's elite lavishly eat grapes and drink wine, while the commoners all around suffer in the intense 80 degree heat and eat the most minimal of rations. It seems they cannot wait for the bloodshed to start to distract themselves for at least a short time from their impoverished and sad existence.

Tumblers, jugglers, and bards do their best to entertain the packed arena. Just waiting for everyone to give an intro post before moving on.

Thanks for understanding and accepting my ruling, WH. Unless you can find something official, Thak, I'm sticking to it. Also, I believe Spell Focus is the prerequisite for Mage's Tattoo.

Thak: The comment about the stacking of the traits also applies to your character. Also, how do you qualify for spell specialization feat, which requires 13 intelligence? Thanks.

Hmmmmm....lots of fireballs there! LOL...

Ravarel: I have not seen any ruling where it states that magical lineage and metamagic master stack on same spell (as they are both trait bonuses). And even JJ guessed that they would not. Unless you find something differently...

Gameplay thread is up

No need to overthink it; I will send you PMs as to why you're each in attendance. In the meantime, you can dot and/or introduce yourselves.

The Free City of Greyhawk...the Arena!! That is where you find yourself, in the VIP section, surrounded by 10,000 souls eagerly awaiting the finals of the Champion's Games!

The Games are an annual athletic competition in Greyhawk, owned and managed by a former Champion, Loris Raknian, your host. Raknian pic He has introduced himself to every member of the VIP section, where the wealthiest citizens in attendance are waited on hand and foot by servants and protected from the grueling sun by an awning, while the rest of the commoners in attendance bake in the heat. However, the crowd does not mind. They have been treated to a 5-day long gladiatorial tournament, with four rounds of elimination. And there has been much blood! The first round consisted of six free-for-all battles between groups of four teams. The six winners were then paired off into three one-on-one battles on Day 3 of the event. On Day 4, two of the remaining teams fight each other while one of them fights an exhibition match against some kind of exotic monster (a Froghemoth!).

Last year's champion, the warrior Auric and his warband are in the Finals again and they are the favorites. An unknown band of warriors, the Ivory Cudgels, a band dedicated to St. Cuthbert, has reached the Finals as well and has a healthy fan base among the crowd. There is much excitement in the air, as the pre-game festivities are in full-effect. This Finals promises to be quite exciting and unique!


Ah, ok. Thanks for the breakdown.


Thak: I will have the Gameplay thread a little later today.

Siggut: Yes, Heartseeker will work on most outsiders but not undead. Up to you if you wish to keep it.

Pyrrhus: You can keep the combat form but Elemental Body IV turns you into a Huge Water Elemental not Large and gives you among other things, +4 size bonus to your Strength, a -2 penalty on your Dexterity, a +8 size bonus to your Constitution, and a +6 natural armor bonus. So how does AC go from 23 to 30? Shouldn't it be 29? Actually -2 for size so really 27.

Kaydanna: I misread the feat. It is for every size they are bigger than you. Yes, it will help you then as there are many large, huge, and even gargantuan enemies in this game. :) It is after Wars and before Crook - around 585CY.

No worries if you have no idea about setting or AP. We are at a point in game where you shortly come to the attention of a powerful Archmage and much exposition is involved, so the plot will be explained.

A couple of house rules and comments:

Vital Strike autoscales at appropriate BAB so no need to spend feats on improved or greater VS.

Unless you are searching for a trap or secret door, I will treat your Perception roll as taking 10.

Siggut: This AP is full of undead, aberrations, and evil outsiders so you may want to rethink the Heartseeker weapon property since it specifically says it does not work against them.

Kaydanna: There are a lot of large and bigger enemies so I don't know how effective Steadfast Slayer feat will be, unless you plan on being enlarged a lot.

Siggut and Ravarel, please add your statistics to the Race/Class levels of your profile, just like Pyrrhus and Kaydanna have done. It makes my life so much easier.

More comments later.

EDIT: Pyrrhus, your sheet say AC 23 but profile says 30; can you break it down for me and correct?

Okay, thank you to all who applied, and unfortunately, I have to reject two applications.

The party selected is:

Siggut - fighter
Thak - cleric
Kaydanna - warpriest
Ravarel Darkwood - Arcanist
Pyrrhus - Druid

To those selected, please post in the Discussion thread: Link

This is a deadly AP, so I will keep the two players in mind, should I need replacements.

Welcome to the players selected! I hope we have an enjoyable PbP. Please finish up your characters (equipment, etc.). Any questions, let me know.

Recruitment closes in 5 hours....happy I got at least the 5 minimum. :)

Updated completed applications:
Siggut - fighter
Thak - cleric
Kaydanna - warpriest
Tywynn - Paladin/oracle/cultist
Lorani - rogue
Ravarel Darkwood - Arcanist
Pyrrhus - Druid

24 hours left...if no one else applies, the current 5 applications will be accepted.

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