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DeathBecomesus's page

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Yep I just picked up Nightblade
Have not even started reading it yet

But yes thanks for that tip
And I am looking forward to getting into this book

Just got this book
Have not even started yet
minimal plans over thanksgiving
So must likely I will be reading it then (and lots of football!)

I have read a few Pathfinder Novels, and enjoyed them
Yet I am slightly surprised to find most of the main characters (at least from books I have read) are rather shady. Nothing against that, just would enjoy reading about a "good" hero, but not Lawful good stupid. Lawful good (Or at least good) with nobility, honor,etc

Can anyone suggest a pathfinder novel with something like this?
Paladin as main character? Perhaps Cleric? Or better
Paladin AND good cleric off to "save the world"


Pathfinder is getting to have MANY choices spread out over many books
Not sure on the Classes count (something like 26-30?)

Is there a need for collection compilation books?

I know this info is available online at a few websites
But I am "old school" and really prefer having hard cover books

I would LOVE a massive 570 page core rule book sized book, collection of all classes (and archetypes)

I realize these collection books have limited value as they often have little to no new info

But...would certainly be interested in Collection book of all the classes (perhaps new artwork?)

After that Spell collection

Then I am not sure how much interest I would have
But perhaps collection book of feats and skills?
Then Magic item collection?

Curious as to your thoughts on this

Pathfinder employees? Has collection books ever been seriously discussed?

And another thought on any future Computer based Pathfinder games

Please PLEASE do not use STEAM

I have so many problems with STEAM site
and VERY difficult to get any help

Thanks for these updates
I am always seeking news from Gen Con...

Perram: I think your title should be "from Gen COn 2014"

(not 2015)

I am the OP

Happy to see several people mention they would prefer turn based ToEE style
That did closely give feel of tabletop gaming.
Remember that is 10 (or more years old)
That system could (and should be ) GREATLY improved

Obviously option to have either Turn based or real time would be awesome
not sure how realistic that is

I do like the thought to have cinematic video play back option AFTER the turn based combat. That would be pretty cool. Heck maybe even "analyze" your moves/actions. I have played through ToEE many times, and I now go into big fights with plan to win in Different method. Maybe I try and use as much ranged weeapons as possible. Maybe I try mostly spells, maybe I try to do as much buffing as possible. Would be fun to try options then have play back video

Hope to hear more ideas and thoughts

But I know many people are busy (and having fun) at Gen Con
Lucky people

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The recent announcement of Obsidian Pathfinder License has my quite excited

I have little interest in Tablet game based on Adventure Card game

But Lisa Stevens mentioned long term deal with future projects

So.....perhaps we make a thread about what we would wish to see in Pathfinder Computer game

Here is my Dream (through I realize all this is probably unrealistic)

1. This is a Must!!! Turn Based Combat
Updated and improved Turn Based Combat, something like ToEE
(or Co8 greatly improved ToEE).
I have played through ToEE many times (not recently) I have no interest in other (real time combat) systems. Sadly most RPG games have this Real time Combat system

2. I have also enjoy various versions of Stronghold (stronghold 3 sucked)
Would love to see a few elements of castle building/kingdom making included in game
Think Stronghold with Pathfinder Kingmaker and Ultimate Campaign)

Ideally I would like to see option to go OUT and seek out enemy in Dunguen OR stay "home" and build/fortify stronghold

If you go attack enemy , you could catch enemy weaker. But only minimal improvements would be made to your Stronghold/castle/kingdom

OR stay at home, build defense, train Man at arms, recruit, build allies (diplomacy) , build economy, (leadership skills, and many elements from Stronghold

3. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of Class options
Although this is many years old I really enjoyed ALL the character creation options of NWN and NWN2 (and expansions) With all the expansions you had lots of choices of Classes and Prestige

WOuld love to see Many Many Classes (Core, Ultimate Magic, UC, Upcoming Advanced Class guilde, and others. This also with Archetypes
Many Many Feats, Spells.......etc
SO MANY MANY options here
I used to JUST make Characters on NWN and NWN2....just for the fun of it

4. COmplex Unclear "Gray" Moral choices
Many of older games had very simple straight forward "good" vs "evil" options. Although I only played a little of Dragon Age, I enjoyed the unclear "gray" moral choices. I was not sure who was "good"
Also enjoyed the many video cuts that really added to NPC personalities
Dragon age is several years old, Think about Complex difficult moral ethical choices
and also complex NPC personalities (and many possibilities for Iconic s to show up.

So those are a few elements of my "Dream" PC pathfinder Game

Happy to see a few comments about ToEE

I loved that combat system, and actually find it hard (and not interesting) to play other systems now (NWN , NWN2, and so on)

Co8 have made incredible improvements to ToEE

Would love to see that Combat system (Turn BASED!!)
updated to present technologies

LIke I said in prior post
I would LOVE LOVE this if it has some form of TOEE combat (Turn based)

If it has combat like NWN and others (real time) I have little to no interest

Perhaps we should start a new thread with requests for this

BUT........ let me place my request

make this Turn based combat
(like elemental evil game combat system)

I really have NO interest in real time/live action based game

I realize real time combat seems to be the ONLY direction of PC games lately

But I think that is often more about manual dex, and not really about strategy/planning

I STRONGLY prefer Turn based style of combat
Actually I would ONLY be interested if this game does turn out to have this combat system

Alex Smith 908:

Glad you both mentioned Bloodstone pass H1-H3 (and H4)

I have always LOVED the idea of those adventures, but also thought they were poorly written (esp H4)

I would love to see a massive reworking of the whole H1-H4 series.
Obviously some major changes would be needed, but that is such an epic adventure.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

From what I know and have seen Tarrasque is a cool kick ass monster, but also "Gimmick" . Seems to be used mostly in One shot adventures

Has anyone used Tarrasque as major plot theme, perhaps sages see signs that suggest Tarrasque will be active again after 1000 years of hibernation?

Any thoughts / advice on how to use Tarrasque as final BBEG in campaign that builds up to final combat with Tarrasque?

Anyone done this in their home campaign?

Is Tarrasque mentioned any any adventure paths?



I know many at Paizo enjoy Lovecraft stories
I am told Carrion Crown AP has some Lovecraft themes

My question
Any novels that connect to this Carrion Crown theme?
OR just any novels with "Lovecraft" feel?

Any Pathfinder Novels that take place primarily in Ustalav?

Thanks for any suggestions

I know Paizo made some interesting announcements about future Pathfinder products (Pathfinder unchained sounds interesting) at the recent PaizoCon

My question
Any thoughts/speculation/predictions about what Paizo announces at Gencon?

Any new info? New books? More info on what was announced at Piazocon?


Speculate and predict

I just picked up Rise of the Runelords, and have been enjoying reading through it.

Some important NPCs in Sandpoint, and I would like to make Sandpoint feel
homey and base for PC's
Clearly making the NPC's of Sandpoint realistic and distinct is important

My question
Did you give any specific personalities ( quirks/traits) to the NPC's
of Sandpoint

If so can you please elaborate?


1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Just curious

How is Mythic doing? Sales good/bad?
I realize future support and expansion on mythic depends
on current sales and success

So.......... How is mythic doing?

What is future of Mythic? Can we expect expansion? Updates?
More adventure paths with Mythic aspects?

I have not actually played in a group in sometime, nor likely to play anytime soon.

Yet I enjoy reading through Message board, and various Fantasy Novels
I have considered buying an Adventure path, just for the sake of reading through it (kinda like novel) .
I can read through, and imagine playing through the story plot (I think)

Is this feasible?

And... if this is feasible
Could you recommend a particular AP that would make a good read.
I am interesting in Wrath of Right but also would happily take suggestions


I eagerly awaited the stat write up for Cthulhu
Now that it is out

Has anyone actually used Cthulhu in your campaign?
Or plan to use him?

Any direct combat with him?

I am curious how other groups have used him (if they have)
How does Cthulhu fit into your overall plot , if you do plan to use him?

Greetings all

I was very very impressed with the "gates of Hell" stuff that Dicefreaks put out

This was several years ago, and I know Dicefreaks site had ongoing plans
But it seems that has dissolved...

(I did a quick search and found nothing, aside from very old post about dicefreaks)

Wonder what happened to this group, any one know? They did impressive work
and I would love to see some of their material/ideas converted to Pathfinder rules.


Greetings all
I made this original post some time ago
I asked about Novels based on Adventure paths

Any progress on this?

It was hinted at, that this could be a possibility (novel based on adventure paths)

Wonder if this is still true??

Heck.... I thought my original post was a good idea............
But..... it seems not......... oh well


I recently found a couple videos on Youtube I really have enjoyed.
PAX Games and D&D next playtest on Youtube. Both I have found to be very entertaining.

I would love to see/hear a regular Paizo podcast focusing on weekly (or
monthly) adventures. Following along with a Paizo campaign would be fun.

I have listened to podcast/videos of several Piazo staff members (Eric M, Jason B, and others) It would be fun to hear/see how they are at the gaming table. Also most groups have in house jokes, it would be fun to hear Piazo in house jokes. We all know Piazo has some ongoing in house game sessions, video/audio them for us all to see/hear.

I think this ongoing Podcast adventures could be used in a few variations.

1. Simple weekly (or at least regular) sessions playing through a popular adventure path. Perhaps this could be year long, and then live in person climax/conclusion at Piazo Con.

2. Sessions focusing on most recent releases. Sure Mythic has sparked much discussion on boards, but I think seeing/hearing actually group play with focus on Mythic would be interesting. Perhaps work in Ultimate Campaign aspect as well.

3. Sessions on future releases done as part of playtest. (yes I know this is stolen from D&D next). But again I say playtest often sparks discussion on boards, and I think seeing/hearing podcast would be even more interesting, as well as spark more discussion. I would love to have podcast playtest focusing on upcoming advanced guide. I think this would be a fun and useful part of the playtest. Paizo could playtest through various aspects that have sparked a lot to discussion /debate on the boards.

Heck..... last and most important reason. FUN FUN FUn
I would enjoy hearing a well made podcast, and enjoy following along with adventures of "professional" role players (staff at Piazo)
A couple days a week, I have a long drive, and I often enjoy various podcast during my drive.

Is my idea possible? Feasible?
Any thoughts? other ideas?

I am "old timer" having played D&D years ago in high school.
I have not played in years, but still browse boards, and enjoy following along with all of pathfinder releases.
Still have that urge to play, yet my time is somewhat limited and I am in somewhat remote area (NV)

Seeking a group that would be open to helping a newbie learn and play online.

Me: Well Educated world traveled professional
46 years old

Probably would not be the best "role" playing, or would at least need some practice with this. Would be more of simple roll (of the dice) player. HOpe i used those terms correctly

I have a few different character ideas in mind, and have no place to explore these options.

not sure if this is the correct place to post this

Online group would probably be best
I am Hr West of Vegas so perhaps a Las Vegas in person group?


Yes I know it is hang out time

I really do not want to watch, but rather listen
I like to download as podcast and listen during long drives

Only want to get the sense of adventure and story, in listening to various podcast
Would love to hear Adventure paths, so I could hear and follow along in the story of that adventure path

This post probably does not belong here, but not sure where to put it

I like to listen to various Pathfinder and D&D podcast
3.5 private santuary/know direction are good

But I would like to listen to actual gampeplay podcast.
However the problem with most gameplay podcast (that I have heard) is lots of off topic discussion and jokes. That is perfectly fine when you are there, but not so great when one is listening. Also many groups have in group jokes that do not make a lot of sense if you are listening.

I would like to find a gameplay podcast (of Adventure paths would be awesome)> Perhaps edited version, with focus on story
I hope for a story driven group, with minimal off topic discussion

Many gameplay podcast on Youtube, but not sure which ones are good, and what are bad

Any suggestions?

Just getting home from seeing Pacific Rim
Pretty cool movie
Much of the movie, I am thinking in Pathfinder terms

How many hit points would this have?
Oh that is Acid Breath
That could be a Golem
Oh... Wings, a colossal flying dragon like creature

At one point in the movie they gave a weight, not sure if I remember this correctly, I think it was like 1000 tons
Creatures varied, but Colossal 100s ft tall
Super SUPER strong

Anyone care to make an attempt at stating out these creatures? I would like to see this

Next thought:

During the movie with creatures 100s ft tall, and weight 1000 tons, I am wondering how could a 6 ft, or even 10 ft, hero do anything. I realize with Pathfinder, we bring in Fantasy and magic. But how does a 6 ft 20 th level fighter (or paladin ) do.. anything vs a COLOSSAL HUGH MEGA Sized Dragon?

Only glanced at Ultimate Campaign, but it sure looks interesting
Of course eagerly awaiting Mythic

But.......... what hardcover books are planned for after that?

What is after Mythic?

Plans for next year or so?



Thanks for that info I did not release AP PDFs come with maps

But my suggestion with this thread is not really maps
Would LOVE To see nice art work that Piazo is know for illustrating special parts of adventure
Perhaps a full fold out poster (or 2) showing climatic scene and /or broad view of city/castle/town

Then booklet with many normal page sized illustrations of various NPCs/Creatures/ rooms/etc

PDF could EASILY be part of this supplement

I think it would be GREAT

Ravingdork: Like that link, that is pretty cool
Set: Like the maps ideas, LOTS of maps

I will add: No TV! AND NO Cell phones, esp NO Texting during game time

Long ago in earlier editions it was suggested that characters needed to undergo "training" from mentor/teacher to level up. I think most groups just ignored this and leveled up when ever.

My experience is that experience pts awarded at end of gaming session. Should you have enough to level up, then you would level up on your own time and next session you character has magically improved (reguardless of gaming situation) Could just level up after a encounter (and then end of gaming night) and next encounter (next gaming session) character has leveled up.

How/when do you "level up"
Does any one follow the "training" idea?

My thought/idea that I would like some feedback on:

When it is time to level up player has the option. Immediate level up for character (no training) exactly as is written in books.
OR Player has choice to go back to mentor and "train", this would require creative solutions to roleplaying and campaign issues. But should you choose to delay leveling up, and wait until you can train you would receive a bonus.
Perhaps an additional skill points (2?) or extra hit points?

My thoughts : doing this training one time would be no big deal, and character would just have a few extra skills points/hit points
But should the player/character choose to do this EVERY time, could be a big deal after 10 levels (or something like that) Gaining an extra 2-3 skills points (x10 levels) is30 extra points. Or 2 extra hit points (X10 levels) = 20 extra hps.

What this lead to imbalance? What could be a modest bonus that a character could receive for Training and leveling up?
Your thoughts?

I would imagine this has been suggested before.
I know long ago old version of D&D adventures tried a couple black and white illustration booklets. I am pretty sure there was one with Tomb of Horrors.

Piazo is know for GREAT art work.
I think this could be an easy simple but useful supplement.
With release of AP, or any adventure, Piazo could also release illustration booklet (and PDF).
Perhaps even a couple full maps fold out posters.

Game Mastery could display picture as he/she read room discription.
Visual image along with verbal discription would be very helpful (I think)
Full page poster could show city, large complex room, throne room, or any climatic encounter. Other normal sized pictures could show important NPCs,creatures, rooms, etc.

Has this idea been considered? Is this practical?

Not sure if this the proper place for this post.

Curious: What/where is your "game" room. Where does your group play?
Dining room table? Basement with card table?

And... wishful thinking
Pretend you (or your group) wins a Makeover (think home improvement tv show)

How would you create your perfect Dream gaming room? What would you have in it? Besides the obvious large collection of books/materials
What else?
I think big basement "man cave" large collection of D&D and Pathfinder materials. Nice projection screen to display images/maps

What else would you want?

Well thanks all
Was hoping for more speculation about BIG books and topics that would need to have 500 plus pages

Lilith: thanks ... big books.. making me think of...other

Are you in Portland? Or where you?

I am not sure of the page count, but I know Core books is bigger and more pages than most of Pathfinder hardcover books.

My question:

WIll there ever been another hard cover of that size (page count?)

Would there need to be a "special" reason to release a book of that size again? What could that reason be? (feel free to speculate)

Your thoughts?

Just curious here
I was looking through NPC codex book at bookstore tonight
Was hoping to find some good NPC characters (no real reason)
just looking for Good alignments

I was a bit surprised to find seemingly significantly more evil and neutral NPC's. I wonder if this was intentional?

Althought not overly important I would be curious to see % breakdown of different alignments

First % of G
% of N
% of E

Then perhaps even more broken into % of LG, % of NG, % of CG
and so on..

Why so many Evil and Neutral npc's?

Ok all
Thanks for the input
Looks like tomorrow is game day
I will be watching some NFL football and doing a little prep work today

Still hoping for a few suggestions to embelish this just a bit

Also any simple Plots hooks? Just want a couple simple suggestions/ideas to enhance this adventure somewhat. Any quick simple ideas, just to expand and enhance? Both before the BB "dungeon" and after wards.......

I know the booklet gives some suggestions
Mainly I want a few ideas to get some role playing in prior to going to dungeon
Nothing elaborate, just a couple simple opportunities to role play
I am thinking role play with mayer (THink I may change mayer slightly)
Role play with merchant/shop owner where characters buy supplies
Perhaps standard tavern
Want to give some rumors and have interesting characters that characters will remember and meet again when the return to home base

I will soon be runner the beginner box
I have experience (limited and many years ago) as player but new to GM role

My question

Big Spider encounter
How to determine if party members are surprised or not?
I did not seem to read it, when I read through that section
Perhaps I missed it?

Wow.. I am away for a bit
Thanks for all the replies

Yes we are ALL new to Pathfinder, so somewhat tough to know what we like
Of course I will ask players, but also hoping to do some preperation ahead of time

I have some experience with D&D, but I am new to the GM role

Me and a new friend are planning to start playing Pathfinder, starting with the beginner box. It looks likely that we may have a couple other females join us.

So..... Me Male, GM, and 3-4 female players
We are all somewhat new to Pathfinder, I have background in D&D but years ago.

Seeking advice what females enjoy in games

Hopefully this thread does not turn into anything sexist or gender wars
Realize I am seeking general thoughts, not possible to say what all females like

Hack n Slash? Good ol Dungeon crawl? Role playing with character interactions?

Any thoughts on how to make game/campaign something a female would enjoy.

Thanks all for continued tips

David S: Thanks a lot for the third party suggestion

I just started looking into third party options and have been overwhelmed with so many.

Yes, it is very easy and quick to start the adventure straight out of the box. But we have different work schedules and finding it somewhat difficult to get time set to play. But I am sure it will happen soon

But that is fine,give me a little more prep time (not that I am doing a lot)
But this brings up a couple more questions:

I am thinking to embellish this BB adventure just a bit. A couple role playing options to start us of. Partially to give me a little practice/experience with this from DM prospective. I am thinking simple meet "town leader/elder" who sends you off to this adventure. But also sends you to NPC to assist.

NPC is needed since she is SOLO.
I am thinking 2 level NPC with animal companion. Not necessarily all the rules of animal companion, just a "pet" that goes along but also helps out. Would 2 level NPC with "pet" and Her solo 1st level character be able to get through this beginner duegeon?

Also any simple Plots hooks? Just want a couple simple suggestions/ideas to enhance this adventure somewhat. Any quick simple ideas, just to expand and enhance? Both before the BB "dungeon" and after wards.......

Thanks everyone for the responses

Yes I agree playing multi characters is not good to start
She does have experience with Magic the gathering and World of Warcraft
Many concepts are similar

My thinking is to do Beginner box
with her having a solo character
I will add NPC and perhaps animal companion to help out.

Should we continue on, ............. probably have her play 2 characters and I will add NPC or 2......

But thanks for all the imput

Heck I was hoping for a little more support/help than this
One response
Come on Pathfinder people.....

Thanks Yes I found the free downloads
Thanks for suggestion to find animal , that with NPC should work out

Yea lots of post i just need to spend some time reading through

Shoot...... me again my own post

Any Free downloads that would be helpful?
Any free (or cheap) maps/adventures? that I could use?

Heck I will make first response to my OWN post
One more question

Time frame? How long can I expect to spend on game. I think we will probably just start with a pre gen character and get right into it.
How long with it take to go through adventure in box?

I played D&D 1 and 2 edition years ago. Briefly played with 3.0/3.5.
Never played Pathfinder but I enjoy reading many post and feel comfortable (from a players standpoint) with most rules.
New friend expressed interest in D&D , and I suggested Pathfinder.
She has background in Magic the gathering and World of Warcraft. I expect somewhat easy transition.

I have NEVER DMed so I will be learning to DM as she will be learning to play.

A few questions/concerns

We will be playing one player (She is only player) at least to start.
How do I adjust Beginner box so it is appropriate for ONE player character?

What are a few good simple modules (Piazo or 3rd party) that would be good after beginner box adventure. Again this probably needs to be ONE player adventure (or adjusted to that)

Tips for transitioning to Core rules after Beginner Box? (I know a few post about this, I need to spend some time reading)

Advice: I want to play a few times as solo, but considering (to give "Party" feel) having her play 2 characters and I as DM handle one NPC. Probably not the best to start this way, but considering this. Thoughts? Tips? Suggestions?

Tips for me as NEW DM? (probably many post about this, which I need to read). One area I always was baffled by (as player) was keeping track of time/turns. In combat is somewhat more clear, but just when exploring how to keep track of how long it takes? Simple easy methods for tracking turns? Time? when exploring/searching/ wandering..

ANy thoughts and tips are appreciated.

I think NPC Codex is next scheduled hardcover book to be released
What is release date (estimate) for that?

Also... What are next 2-3 hardcover books to be released?
Any schedule (again estimate) for next year or so?


HI Daemonslye

I know you worked on Paladin in Hell for a long time

Now with Mythic levels in the future
Do you think you will revise Paladin in Hell (your version) based on Mythic materials?

And wonder what other projects you are or have been working on?

Ever do anything with H1-H4 series?


Just want to make sure you know
There already ARE novels out (several years old) on those classic adventures.

The Temple of Elemental Evil (Greyhawk Classics) [Mass Market Paperback]
Thomas M. Reid

The Tomb of Horrors (Greyhawk Classics) [Mass Market Paperback]
Keith Francis Strohm

Keep on the Borderlands (Greyhawk Classics) [Mass Market Paperback]
Ru Emerson

Against the Giants (Greyhawk Classics) [Mass Market Paperback]
Ru Emerson (Author)

White Plume Mountain (Greyhawk) [Mass Market Paperback]
Paul Kidd

Plus a couple of otheres. Some of these are out of print and somewhat rare. Search around on Amazon and you will find more info.

This is based on the fact that I have really enjoyed reading some of the D&D Novels based on Classic D&D adventures. (it has been a few years since I read these)

I really enjoyed reading the novel and could relate it to my experiences (from years ago) of actually going through the adventures in my D&D group years ago. Reading the novels made me remember aspects of our D&D adventures.

I really liked the Temple of Elemental evil novel
Keep on Borderlands Novel
Tomb of Horrors Novel
Giants Novel

All were fun to read.

I wonder if novels based on Piazo Adventure paths could be a possibility? Would be fun to read a professional writer's story based on these Adventures paths.

Any thoughts? Any COmments?

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