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Deadmanwalking's page

RPG Superstar 2015 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 7,963 posts (8,156 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 2 aliases.


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Liberty's Edge

Thanis Kartaleon wrote:
EDIT: Ninja'd by Deadmanwalking, but I will up my ante by providing a link to the feat in question. Oh wait, that's in his post. Time for sleep, methinks.

Nah, I edited it in. You're not missing things, I'm just tricksy.

Liberty's Edge

You can take the Eldritch Heritage Feat line for Bloodlines you don't have, so doing that with Arcane Bloodline would work. It's two Feats rather than one, but the familiar will level with you, and it opens up the ability to grab some other Arcane Bloodline goodies.

Aberrant Bloodline Sorcerers can also get a Tumor Familiar, but that doesn't help someone with Draconic.

Liberty's Edge

CorvusMask wrote:

According to James Jacob in ask thread, Hell's Vengeance won't feature Seltiyel or any other class iconic. Instead goal is to have a new evil "iconic" for each of six covers, so two for each evil alignment.

I guess that makes it rather obvious that at least one of them is anti paladin(but apparently not same as generic anti paladin from advenced player's book), I wonder what rest of them are <_<

Awesome! That sounds like a lot of fun, actually. :)

I really need to get up to date on that thread...

Liberty's Edge

Seriphim84 wrote:

Thanks for all your feedback!

Here is what I am thinking as I go. Based on the above thoughts. I am gonna stay inquisitor until level 5. then dip 1 level in cleric to gain evil (maybe devil?) domain and channel negative energy with the slavery variant. Then I plan to take channel scourge, alignment channel(good) and maybe channel smite/greater channel smite.


EDIT: I might skip alignment channel and go for greater channel smite quicker

Yeah, that'll work if you want to go that route. Personally, I'd just stick with Inquisitor. A Full Attack with all your buffs will generally be quite a bit better than a Channel Energy usage in most cases anyway.

Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Xethik wrote:
That being said, I don't think VMC Fighter should allow a caster to go into EK with only 1 caster level loss from the first level of EK.

VMC Oracle does allow precisely this, for the record.

Liberty's Edge

I'd bet we get Seltiyel, one of the new Occult Adventures Iconics if any of them are Evil, and then some of the Neutral Iconics. After all, we've gotten Neutral Iconics in the Good APs, why not this one?

Liberty's Edge

Some variety of Neutral. Probably LN.

She's holding people to a rather arbitrary set of standards and then punishing them if they break them. On the other hand, they're an understandable set of rules, and she protects her village and does good things as well.

That screams LN, at least to me.

Liberty's Edge

David knott 242 wrote:
Well -- let's take a wizard with slightly above average charisma. The bardic knowledge bonus is great for this character, and even the bardic performance feature is a decent feature. If I could stop there, the Bard VMC would be a no-brainer for this character. But then we get to Versatile Performance -- and that feature doesn't look so good.

Yeah it does. It still gives two skills for the price of one. It's not really super, but there are few Wizards with decent Cha who won't get any use out of it, after all they get to be pretty good at two social skills at discount prices.

David knott 242 wrote:
So whether any of the Bard VMD features are "amazing" depends on the character in question. An intelligence based character would find bardic knowledge "amazing" and be gradually less impressed with each feature that follows. A charisma based character, on the other hand, would see this VMC as starting out weak and gradually improving.

I agree in general, that some are certainly better than others for some characters, but frankly, by 11th, Bardic Performance is worth at least two Feats by itself, making Versatile Performance almost superfluous.

Liberty's Edge

Yure wrote:
Damn... and here I was thinking of a character concept for an Undead Scourge Paladin of Pharasma. Is that a no go?

Officially? Yeah, that's impossible.

Maybe go Inquisitor, that's got some of the same vibe, some anti-undead stuff, and works fine with Pharasma.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd probably stick with Inquisitor, those are very good at murdering just about anything, especially once you acquire Bane at 5th level. And I can't think of anything with good stat synergy that'll make it better.

That said, Antipaladins are where it's at for angel murder. Smite Good + Ridiculous Saves + Conductive Weapon and Touch of Corruption make for a very high level of capability in this specific field.

Liberty's Edge

Snowblind wrote:
If you have a low CHA you effectively lose the difference between your CHA mod and the other skill's ability mod in skill points. It also effectively lowers your skill point cap, which may or may not be relevant.

Eh. With low Charisma you can always go Comedy or Acting or something that's already two Cha skills.

It's not ideal, but you should've known that going into Bard VMC with low Cha.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
EntrerisShadow wrote:
Actually the best deep cover agent would.

Desna almost started a potentially universe-destroying war over a Demon Lord possessing her high priestess and stealing their soul. She stormed into the abyss, annihilated the Demon Lord in question, and walked back out with her worshiper's soul.

Assuming she's a deep cover agent, if her goal was to start such a war, she'd have done other, similar, things, and if her goal was anything else, she wouldn't have done so. So she pretty much has to really care.

It's like a deep cover agent almost martyring themselves (with, like, a 90% chance of martyrdom) to save the guy they're spying on's life, and it means you're effectively not a deep cover agent any more. you may have been once, but deep cover agents who risk everything to do what their cover identity would do have gone pretty much completely native.

Now if you want to speculate that something like that is Desna's origin...that's a bit more plausible, but whether that's true or not, she pretty clearly actually cares now.

Liberty's Edge

Blackpowder Witch wrote:

There's a line in Chronicles of the Righteous about Desna's Shadow, Black Butterfly.

"While she despises all the forces of evil, she holds particular enmity for the entities of the Dark Tapestry, and it is said she possesses great knowledge about the Dark Tapestry to which she refuses to give voice."

Yeah, she pretty explicitly focuses on them as adversaries. For whatever reason.

Blackpowder Witch wrote:
I'm putting on Tinfoil hat from Occult Adventures early can calling Desna and Black Butterfly are playing the long game. This is all a conspiracy to lull the mortals into a false sense of security till they can implant everybody with brain slugs.

Nah. Desna legitimately cares about her worshipers (maybe too much, what with almost starting the largest war ever over harm to one of them). You can pretty easily make a tinfoil hat case that she was once part of the Dark Tapestry or a Great Old One, or even that she's currently a particularly friendly Great Old One...but a sinister agenda? Nah, not consistent with previous behavior at all. Not even the best deep cover agent would be willing to pull off her flaws as well as her virtues.

Liberty's Edge

UnArcaneElection wrote:
Zhangar wrote:
{. . .} Desna - Her Divine Bugness - is not actually an "elf" goddess, though she's a primary goddess among the elves.) I{. . .}

Digression from the original topic, but what's the deal with this? (Apart from the fixation on butterflies, that is.) Is Desna an Old One/Dark Tapestry entity that went good?

Not exactly, there's no evidence she's ever been anything but Good...but it's been explicitly stated that she predates humanity as such and her original form isn't remotely human (the term 'giant space butterfly' has come up).

So...thematically, yeah, she's one of those 'prehuman alien entities' like the Great Old Ones, only friendly. There's no evidence she's actually related to them in any way other than thematically, though. Well, aside from her faith actively combating them, anyway.

This is mostly from the 'Ask James Jacobs' thread, but there are certainly quite a few hints in published material as well.

Liberty's Edge

andreww wrote:
Serisan wrote:
Stonelord Paladin is awesome. We've had a couple in my area for PFS that have been very effective.
Stonelord is an awful archetype. You give up basically the strongest abilities the Paladin has for stuff which is much worse. Smite Evil for something you were likely to do anyway, divine grace for a pathetically small amount of natural armour and DR, all of your mercies for something you can get with an armour special quality amongst others.

Nah, Stonelord's solid. You give up a lot of what makes a Paladin a Paladin, but get the equivalent of Barbarian Rage (as well as AC bonuses and DR on par with an Invulnerable Rager, though easier to get through) instead, and with built in Rage Cycling via Lay on Hands. You also lose Cha dependency almost entirely, which is handy for a dwarf.

It basically plays as an entirely different Class (and more like a Barbarian than a Paladin in many ways), but that doesn't inherently make it bad.

Liberty's Edge

I'm interested in the nature of the role change between the two identities. I'd hope for the ability to gain bonuses to, say, social stuff in one and combat stuff in the other, for example. Or social bonuses in one identity and spell-casting in the other.

Speaking of which, I'd also like to see options for spellcasting and non-spellcasting versions of the Class that are actually pretty well balanced. Something that historically hasn't been Paizo's strong suit (I'm looking at you, Sleuth), but I hold out high hopes nonetheless.

Liberty's Edge

David knott 242 wrote:
Versatile Performance is not so amazing if your original class neither requires charisma as your highest stat nor has Perform as a class skill.

Eh. The second of those is easy to get around. And the first is just bad planning: If you're gonna take a Bard VMC, you should have high Charisma to do it with.

That doesn't make it bad, it just means you need certain prerequisites to make it good. Y'know, like most stuff in Pathfinder.

Liberty's Edge

SAMAS wrote:
Thing is, none of that is exclusive to Paladinhood. That's just being very Lawful Good. Cap has nothing else in common with Paladins.

Well, he's very charismatic and strong-willed, and indeed has the equivalent of very high Saves, and is certainly pretty much immune to fear. He's also notably more effective fighting truly evil foes, if only because then he doesn't hold back.

He does indeed lack healing powers or spells per se, but those are pretty much the only Paladin things he lacks...and he does heal unusually fast, which works thematically with Lay on Hands if he only takes, say, 4 levels of Paladin. Which is about what I'd peg him as having, for the record.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Milo v3 wrote:
Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
Zaister wrote:
I think the kineticist is a young female human.
Yep. She's a kid.
When you say kid do you mean like... teenager or kid... Since I'm pretty sure the rules for kids make them limited to NPC class levels...

Those rules are more what you might call 'guidelines'...

Liberty's Edge

Samy wrote:
Hans Gruber's men, or any of the other henchmen in the Die Hard franchise, were just cardboard minions though, so it's not quite applicable in my opinion.

His safecracker and his right-hand man (the one whose brother John McClane kills first) are both significantly more than cardboard minions. They're not his equals, but they give him back talk and are fairly well realized characters for non-main characters in a movie.

Samy wrote:
In order to demonstrate how four evil PCs of equal standing can work together, you need a situation more analogous to that.

Here, you have a better point. That particular dynamic is rare in characters in media who could actually be considered evil. I can think of several 'villain' teams that have friendships and close relationships (the villains in Season 3 of Legend of Korra leap to mind), but they tend to not be 'Evil' per se. At least not in the 'work with fiends' sense.

Samy wrote:
All too often, villains in fiction are the boss and minions who will be killed if they don't obey the boss' orders. It's easy to make evil work together in a situation like that because they're afraid for their lives. That sort of dynamic doesn't work for a PC party, necessarily (or it'll be very complicated to make it work).

This is true in some cases, but frankly, not all that many. Fear doesn't inspire nearly as much loyalty as the possibility of gain, and that's borne out in most fiction. Again, for example, Hans Gruber's minions aren't scared he'll kill them, they think he'll make them rich.

That's a more sustainable dynamic for a party, though still perhaps not ideal. A combination of that and actual friendship is probably best.

There's definitely a certain amount of that in media, too. Look at large portions of most TV shows and movies where the protagonists are members of organized crime. There tends to quite a lot of legitimate loyalty among main characters in things like sons of Anarchy or Peaky Blinders. Yeah, something usually happens to break some of those bonds of loyalty in those shows...but that's not inherent to them existing, and usually requires one of them to betray another in some way...they're very loyal up until that point. And, frankly, the same often happens with non 'evil' characters in long-running shows (they're just a bit more likely to reconcile rather than kill each other). The real difference in many cases is simply that 'evil' characters are less forgiving of betrayal.

The 'secret', such as it is, is to just not be the guy who betrays anyone. If nobody does that, there's no need for the bonds of loyalty to break down, and party cohesion can remain really solid.

Liberty's Edge

That build is way too focused on Dex, and lacks sufficient Con. The odd-numbered scores are also useless.

I'd go with something more like:

Str 10
Dex 18 (including +2 from Human)
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 13
Cha 12

At 20 point-buy, anyway. With the stat points from being 12th, go +2 Dex, +1 Wis.

I'd also go Slayer 5/Sacred Fist 7. You get very little from Sacred Fist 8 (unless you're going all the way to 20th) while Slayer 5 ups Studied Target quite a bit.

Liberty's Edge

xavier c wrote:
Where is Kaoling?

Kaoling is the aforementioned Hobgoblin nation in Tian Xia.

Liberty's Edge

I'd limit players to 6-level casting at most (so, Inquisitors or Bards would be allowed, but no Wizards or Clerics). There's no reason to make deals for power when you have access to Wish and it'll reinforce the 'magic is rare and powerful' dynamic.

I'd also use the Automatic Bonus Progression rules, so as to keep the math right while limiting items as you suggest.

Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'd argue those last two groups aren't Evil-aligned.

But a fair selection of villain groups in movies and books have minimal friction as well. Not all, but I don't recall Hans Gruber's men in Die Hard turning on each other, just to list the first example that leaps to mind.

Frankly, it's not all that hard to avoid inter-PC friction in an Evil group. The trick is to remember that Evil characters are people. They usually have friends, and allies, and loved ones, and probably aren't notably more likely to attack or betray such people than a Neutral character is.

Liberty's Edge

Cpt_kirstov wrote:

Sorry, I meant to say, which version of blackjack?

We now know of 4 different versions, each would have different stats ** spoiler omitted **

There've been more than that, given that he's a legacy hero and has been around for quite a while.

That said, the only one we've ever seen stats for, or are likely to see stats for in the future is

Vencarlo Orsini.

Liberty's Edge

Ansibelle wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Uh...squirrels and cats both have identical to-hit and AC. So...the squirrel/cat thing? Doesn't actually work like that. If the squirrel is the attacker and uses hit and run tactics it breaks even...but that's all it does.


Huh. Weird.

I was looking at the prd and the only entry I found for squirrel was this.

And I sorta assumed the stats for a squirrel would be about those of a flying squirrel. Apparently not.

Looking at those, I'd say the problem there is more with the squirrel stats than those of the cat, personally. Particularly given it's CR as compared to a cat's.

Liberty's Edge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Uh...squirrels and cats both have identical to-hit and AC. So...the squirrel/cat thing? Doesn't actually work like that. If the squirrel is the attacker and uses hit and run tactics it breaks even...but that's all it does.

As for Commoner vs. House Cat, that age old battle misses a couple of important rules: Grappling and Reach.

A cat has CMD 6, even with a +0 CMB, a Commoner is really likely to make that, and then squeeze the cat into unconsciousness pretty quick. Can the cat escape? Sure, in theory, but it'll likely get recaptured before it can attack. Its odds of getting a full attack off before being re-grappled are 1 in 4.

Also, the cat provokes an AoO every time it moves to attack the human. That's not enough to win the fight, but it sure makes things worse for the cat (since one good hit and it's down).

Combine the two, and the cat's odds are less than great, especially if (as noted) most people are 2nd level or higher.

Now, can a cat still kill a human being? Sure. Especially with a coup de grace. But...that's accurate. Almost anything, if directed with malign will and knowledge of our vital spots can kill a human. Cats just aren't temperamentally inclined to do so.

For that matter, lynxes and bobcats in North America, which come in at 20 lbs or so, which is the high end of house cat weight, and are built along similar lines, routinely hunt deer. Successfully. That makes house cats killing us (from surprise anyway) pretty plausible if they were so inclined.

Liberty's Edge

Earl Grey wrote:
And I fail to understand why fighters should be proficient with all the weapons from different cultures from all over the world.

They aren't. Exotic Weapons aren't on their list at all.

And before you call that a false comparison...a lot of the weapons on Opuk0's list are, indeed, Exotic.

Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.
John Kretzer wrote:

Um...why have the x 3 step at all involved? I don't mind complex...complexity often gives us depth(that is why I choose to play Pathfinder over D&D 5th ed). But it is needlessly complex. It has step involved that does not need to be there and really does not add anything in my opinion.

Not expecting to change your viewpoint...just trying to clear up your confusion.

There's a pretty simple reason for this:

Being able to say to yourself "How difficult is this on a scale of 1 to 10?" is very useful. It lets you peg difficulties pretty intuitively, and do so on the fly.

The game really wanted to use a d20, and doing so is useful for a few reasons...specific effects for high numbers being sufficiently rare, for example, as well as the 'we're used to rolling d20s' factor.

If you want to both have difficulties rated 1-10 (and particularly to have some be impossible without difficulty reducers) and also to roll a d20, some multiplication is necessary.

And really, given that dividing/multiplying by 3, and adding and subtracting one digit numbers (and way fewer of them than, say, Pathfinder) are pretty much all the math the game just doesn't seem like that big a deal.

Liberty's Edge

reinar wrote:

str- 15

dex- 10
con- 15 (becomes 17)
int- 10
wis- 8 (becomes 10)
cha- 17 (becomes 15)
dwarf paladin build
mummy's mask adventure path

That's more Charisma than you really need, and too many odd scores (which are, if you recall, useless in and of themselves).

I'd go with:

Str- 16
Dex- 10
Con- 17
Int- 10
Wis- 10
Cha- 14

And might drop Wis to 9 and raise Dex or Int to 12.

Or (as I suggested above something lie a year ago) you could go Stonelord if you're going Paladin for flavor rather than mechanics, and could take significantly less Charisma in that case.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
CWheezy wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:

Inspire Courage is also worth more than a Feat.

You get a garbage inspire courage, so I disagree

Eh, it's mediocre at 7th when you get it, but even there it's a valid party buff. At 9th, it goes to +2 and is very solid, and way better than a Feat. At 11th when it becomes a Move Action? It's amazing.

And then you get Versatile Performance, which is amazing (and easily worth a couple of Feats) if you're willing to retrain a little.

Liberty's Edge

I'd still go with the level of Oracle rather than VMC for a Barbarian build. It lets you do some really neat stuff.

For example, I still dream of playing my Oracle of Lore 1/Barbarian X with a dumped Dex and maxed Cha, Sidestep Secret, and Focused Trance for any length of time (best done as a Half Orc with Sacred Tattoo and Fate's Favored).

It's a Barbarian build that can actually be the face of a party, and wins at all Knowledge checks forever outside of combat. In short, for one level of Oracle and a little Int investment, you get to be one of the better skill characters in the party on top of Barbarian stuff. Your in-combat stuff suffers a bit (and you can't go the Come and Get Me route), but Divine Favor + Fate's Favored and free Rage Cycling help make up for that to a large degree.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Deadkitten wrote:

So I might get blasphemed for this but, one of my friends brought up a good point:

Does a "superhero" like class like the vigilantee belong in a fantasy RPG?

With super-powers beyond the abilities other PCs have? Probably not.

But the whole 'dual identity' thing? Sure.

As others have noted, that can be used for a host of fantasy tropes, from the Zorro-style pulp adventurer, to a Scarlet Pimpernel style secretive freedom-fighter, to a Jack the Ripper style serial killer. All three of those are more 18th-19th century than properly medieval, but what with the guns and all, plus some of the hints about Occult Adventures, Pathfinder is already drawing on those eras for inspiration. And doing a good job of it.

Heck, there's already the 'Mysterious Avenger' Swashbuckler Archetype, which fits this thematic archetype right down to having a 'Secret Identity' Class Feature.

Liberty's Edge

Rub-Eta wrote:
I would like to add a note on the Oracle VMC: Lame curse will grant immunity to fatigue at level 10 (Hello Barbarian and Bloodrager). Many revelations grant multiple feats, such as Skill at Arms and Weapon Mastery, making up for the loss from the first place. The only problem with it is that's a really late-game VMC, as you stay at an effective oracle level of 1 in regards of revelations till level 8 and only progress halv level in regards for curses. Around level 11-15 it really kicks off though.

Several of the Revelations you can grab at 3rd are great, though. All Martial Weapons and Armor for one Feat? Heck yeah. Also...that one allows Wizard 5 and then straight into Eldritch Knight. You admittedly don't get Power Attack until 5th, but that's not the end of the world.

Liberty's Edge

Aelryinth wrote:

Actually, because he's military, and more concerned with Good then Law, but still VERY concerned with law, he's almost a perfect example of a Paladin code.


Yeah, this is my opinion as well.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Cpt_kirstov wrote:
Skeld wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
All I can say, is I hope we get a new official stat block for Blackjack.

I had the exact same thought when I first heard about a Vigilante class.


which blackjack?

Presumably the one from the Guide to Korvosa and Curse of the Crimson Throne. He's very much a masked vigilante with a secret identity who's unique to Golarion after all.

It's possible to do his stats with existing stuff, but not easy.

And I'd bet we get a new person as the Iconic vigilante, rather than anyone who's been mentioned before.

Liberty's Edge

Robert Jordan wrote:
That's kinda sad, I may hold off on using the medium till I get the 54 spirits, so the sooner that happens the better.

I must say that I feel similarly, at least at the moment.

The final version of the Class might easily win me over, though. We'll have to see...

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Blackpowder Witch wrote:
Sorry to dig this up, but was Adowyn's religion and alignment ever brought up?

There's a PFS playable version. It lists her as NG, and a follower of Erastil. So, yeah, that's been mentioned.

Kerney wrote:
Blackvial wrote:
Valeros better treat Adowyn right or that wolf of hers will have fighter for lunch
On the other hand, somebody needs to be the mother of Valeros' daughter we saw in Ultimate Campaign.

Seoni is shown in a wedding dress in that same book. There are a few veiled references from the folks at Paizo that these two things may not be unrelated...

Liberty's Edge

From another thread, the '6 spirits' was apparently talking about the 6 Ability based categories. There'll still be 54 Spirits.

Liberty's Edge

UnArcaneElection wrote:
^I guess you have to have a real 5th Edition book to find this? (I searched through the free PDF and couldn't find it.)

Yeah, probably. That's where I got it anyway.

UnArcaneElection wrote:
Anyway, I was thinking of Charisma as Force of Personality, so what I listed seemed to make sense.

Oh, it could. I was just being pedantic about how it works in 5E.

Liberty's Edge

CWheezy wrote:
Melkiador wrote:


I think it is easier to find examples that are worth more than a feat.

I think the bardic knowledge one is worth more than a feat, for example. The other abilities are bad, but that one is good.

Inspire Courage is also worth more than a Feat.

Liberty's Edge

UnArcaneElection wrote:
Will Saves against Domination (NOT Charm), Possession, and similar effects: Go on Charisma

For the record, this is not what Cha saves are used for in 5E. They're used for Possession, yes, but not Domination. Cha saves are for resisting extra-planar or Alignment based effects. Holy Word or Unholy Blight would involve Charisma Saves, for example.

You could certainly power that up/expand it in order to boost Charisma, but I'm just noting the inaccuracy in your description of 5E.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Jatembe is 20th level and Mythic Tier 6, though. With Int 41 and a bunch of special stuff unique to him personally (he has Shapechange on at all times and a bunch of Druid spells on his list, for example). He's definitely in the running.

Liberty's Edge

Lesser Celestial Totem is amazing if you can heal as a Swift. Which Potion Glutton makes you capable of. Celestial Totem is pretty solid as well. Greater Celestial totem isn't worth it, though.

Aside from that, yeah, the Superstition/Witch Hunter/Spell Sunder line is pretty much the Rage Powers you desire.

As for Discoveries, as a melee Alchemist, Infusion is solid, as are Preserve Organs, Spontaneous Healing, and Tumor Familiar. Infuse Mutagen is also very nice as an emergency backup, but too pricey at 2nd to be worth it. At higher levels Combine Extracts and Greater Mtagen are must-haves.

Liberty's Edge

Charon's Little Helper wrote:
As you can see - the DCs of spells such as Glitterdust will be rather low - and why cast them then when you can just stab them through the face with your sword? (COMANDOOOO!!)

This is mostly true, but not for Glitterdust specifically. Glitterdust is handy for blinding people, but the real reason you have it is to counter invisibility, and there's no Save against that part.

Liberty's Edge

Stay in back. Once you have access to them, use additional defensive spells. I'd advise prioritizing Dex ahead of everything but Int, but it seems a bit late for that.

Witch is hard to be specific on, because what defensive spells you have depends somewhat on your Patron. That said, next level you get access to False Life and Ironskin, both of which are immensely helpful in the 'staying alive' game. As does being able to fly, once you get access to that.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Doomed Hero wrote:
Egyptians don't qualify as black?

Given that they're mostly closer to Middle Eastern ethnically? No, no it doesn't.

It's still nice to see, but not what the OP and others are looking for.

Liberty's Edge

LazarX wrote:
Only if it's called, and it's not just going to give those spells away.

We're talking about using one as an independent NPC (specifically, as the Spectre), not a PC summoning one. Making this a completely irrelevant statement.

I mean, it's true, but that doesn't make it relevant.

Liberty's Edge

A Solar can do Wish 1/day for free, and Miracle another 4 times if they like (costing the normal amount).

That sounds like a sufficient approximation for most purposes. If you like, tack on 10 Mythic Tiers of Hierophant and make it really crazy.

Liberty's Edge

Ross Byers wrote:
In contrast, in Secret of the Rose and Glove, Norret's alchemy is a lot more loosely defined, and he is able to do things like cast glitterdust, even though that isn't an alchemist extract.

Actually per his author Norret has Master Craftsman on Craft Alchemy and CWI...which allows him to have used Dust of Appearance (made by himself) in the incident you note.

That's a bit off-topic, I admit. I just wanted to note it for the record that Norret seems to be playing by the rules as much as Alaeron.

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