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Daynadrian Nirgassan's page

151 posts. Alias of Khaladon.




Urban Ranger/ 1




M, 5' 11'', 160lbs






Calistria & Cayden Cailean


Comman, Elven, Sylvan, Gnome

Strength 13
Dexterity 18
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13
Charisma 10

About Daynadrian Nirgassan

Init:+6 (+2 from Trait)
Perception +7, Low-Light Vision *+2 vs Humans*
Fort:+2 ;Ref:+6 ;Will+1
*immune to magic sleep effects and gain a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.*
AC:=17 (10+2[Leather], +1[Buckler]+4[Dex] )
Touch AC [14] Flat-Footed [13]
HP: 11 (1d10+0+1)
BAB:+1; CMB:+2;
Ranged: Longbow +5(+6)(1d8(+1), x3, P)100' (within 30')
Melee: Longsword +2 (1d8+1, 19-20x2, S)
Melee: Dagger +2 (1d4 19-20x2, S/P) '10
Melee: Light Mace +2 (1d6 20x2, B)
*+2 hit/dam vs Humans*
Feats: Point Blank Shot
Traits: Looking For Work (Bluff), Warrior of Old


SKILL Points= 8 [(6+2)*1 +0 (fav class) ]
Total = Ability Mod. + Ranks + Class Skill + Misc. (-ACP)

Acrobatics* +5 = DEX 4+0 (-1 w/shield)
Appraise +2 = INT 2+0+0
Bluff +5 = CHA 0+1+3+1 (trait) CS *+2 vs Humans*
Climb* +1 = STR 1+0+0 CS (-1 w/shield)
Craft (Fletcher)+6 = INT 2+1+3 CS
Diplomacy +0 = CHA 0+0+0
Disable Device*†+8 = DEX 4+1+3 CS (-1 w/shield)
Disguise +0 = CHA 0+0+0
Escape Artist* +4 = DEX 4+0 (-1 w/shield)
Fly* +4 = DEX 4+0+0 (-1 or 2 w/shield)
Handle Animal +0 = CHA 0+0+0
Heal +1 = WIS 1+0 CS
Intimidate +4 = CHA 0+1+3 CS
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)† +2 = INT 2+0+0 CS
Knowledge (Geography)† +2 = INT 2+0+0 CS
Knowledge (Local)† +6 = INT 2+1+3 CS *+2 vs Humans*
Knowledge (Nature)† +2 = INT 2+0+0
Linguistics† +2 = INT 2+0
Perception +7 = WIS 1+1+3+2 Elf CS *+2 vs Humans*
Perform (Dance) +0 = CHA 0+0
Ride +4 = DEX 4+0+0 CS
Sense Motive +1 = WIS 1+0 *+2 vs Humans*
Sleight of Hand +4 = DEX 4+0
Spellcraft +2 = INT 2+0+0 CS +2 to identify magic items
Stealth* +8 = DEX 4+1+3CS (-1 w/shield)
Survival +5 = WIS 1+1+3 CS(+2 for finding direction or navigating dungeon) +1 to follow Tracks, *+2 vs Humans*
Swim* +1 = STR 1+0+0 CS (-1 w/shield)
Use Magic Device† +0 = CHA 0+0

**+2 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival**

Special Abilities:
RANGER: Favored Enemy-Human, Wild Empathy

None (yet)

Load: under 47/50lbs=Light (with backpack)
Gear on Person 33.5lb: Travelers Gear, Leather Armor, Buckler, Longbow, 20 Arrows (10 normal, 10 blunt), Longsword, Dagger, Light Mace, Belt Pouch: candle, compass, flint&steel, coins

Wealth: 41gp 0sp 9cp

Expenses & Gains in Riddleport:

-1gp Patrician Bar bill (plus offering to the temple)
-4cp Ferry toll
-8cp to Finian & Friend
-?? to Quinta Crispen for lunch

Items Prices & Abilities:

-ARMOR Leather 10gp
-SHIELD Buckler 5gp

- Ring L HAND

Longbow 37.5gp (crafted)
Longsword 15gp
Dagger 2gp
Light Mace 5gp
20 Arrows (crafted) 5 sp
20 Blunt arrows (crafted) 1 gp (normal cost is 2 gp for 20)


2 Candles 2 cp (in pouch)
Compass 10 gp (in pouch)
Fishhook 1 sp
Flint & steel 1 gp (in pouch)
Hammer 5 sp
Hammock 1 sp
1 Iron spike 5cp
1 day of Trail rations 5 sp
Silk rope 10 gp
Sack 1 sp
Whetstone 2 cp

Thieves' tools 30 gp


20 Arrows .15 lb
20 Blunt arrows .15 lb
Dagger 1 lb
Longbow 3 lb
Longsword 4 lb
Light mace 4 lb
Buckler 5 lb
Leather 15 lb
Compass .5 lb
Hammer 2 lb
Hammock 3 lb
1 Iron spikes 1 lb
1 Trail rations 1 lb
Silk rope 5 lb
Sack .5 lb
Thieves' tools 1 lb
Whetstone 1 lb

total weight of 47.3 lb


[spoiler=LOOT LIST (& Clues)]

[spoiler=Combat Stats]
[ ooc][ b]Round 0 Init 4[/b]
AC 218 HP 10/10 CMD 15
F/R/W 2/6/1
Special: +2 hit/dam vs Humans

[spoiler=Intro Post]
'Ugh, trees, trees and more trees, as far as the eye can see. Briars and nettles, swamps and bogs, bugs and animals and more things that want to suck or slurp my blood. Not to mention the constant threat of the Drow, an enemy no one in their right mind would want to encounter on their best day.' Yet these were the constant facts of life Daynadryin had been forced to deal with growing up in the so-called 'city' of Crying Leaf in the Mierabi Forest. ' 'City', ha! Not even 800 souls to call the place home. Hardly more than a flyspeck of a village you ask me. And so dreary! Everyone all the time so deadly focused on regaining Celwynvian. Why?? The place was dead, destroyed and overrun with Drow! By Calistria's bosom, why would anyone want such a place?? No, no, thank you very much, but enough is enough. No more choking on dirt and swatting bugs. A City life, in a real City, now that's the thing for me! Riddleport, now that is a City. Filled with intrigue and danger, excitement and vice, women and wealth and barely an elf or tree in sight! Heaven! Yes, my decision is made, I leave today!'

And so, mind made firm and packing quickly done, without even bothering to say bye to anyone, the young Elf was off on the very first solo adventure of his life. 'Folks have enough to worry about what with running town and all. They won't miss me. After all, one young Elf won't make a difference in the taking back of Celwynvian. Maybe I should have left a longer note though? Oh well, I'll probably come back for a visit in 50 years of so, it'll be like I was hardly gone at all!' Thoughts on the road ahead, Dayn fails to notice that the simple note he had left "Mom, Pop, love ya! Off to see the world! Starting in Riddleport! Say bye to everyone for me!" is blown under a cabinet by his closing of the door.

Knowing what kind of response his abrupt departure might elicit, and not wanting to deal with any of it, Dayn uses his not-insignificant skills to leave town unnoticed. After a long, interesting and sometimes dangerous journey towards Riddleport, he is one of the very few to enter the famous city through one of it's little used Northern roads. Grin plastered on his face, neck craned as he looks all around, the ecstatic young Ranger thinks to himself 'Now this is a place I could get to like!'

Background, History & Appearance:

Elf, Urban Ranger

Daynadrian Nirgassan is the youngest child of Eviana Nirgassan, the Elfess in charge of the settlement of Crying Leaf. Like many children of those in positions of power, Dayn has felt a sense of entitlement and possessed a rebellious streak seemingly almost from the day he was born. He is also quite selfish, looking out for his own interests first above all else. As such he is prone to drinking an womanizing, which has led him towards his worship of Cayden Cailean. However he has never had much oppourtunity for either activity in the small, serious town he has grown up in. This has been one of the major factors drawing him to Riddleport. He is not actually a bad sort though, not really, and rarely wishes active harm on anyone, except if he feels someone has seriously wronged him, whereupon his desire for revenge is fierce and unfaltering, which has led him to his dual worship of Calistria as well.

A skilled ranger, highly proficient with his weapon of choice, the bow, Dayn's youth, training and heady sense of the immortality of being an elf have given him a reckless and dangerous confidence. Despite all of that though, Dayn would much rather avoid a fight, or get others to do his fighting for him, while he sneaks off to do something more entertaining. His favoured enemy being human is entirely due to his great study of and interest in them, as opposed to any negative feelings towards humans. In fact it is quite the contrary, as he finds the short lived but industrious race fascinating, and as well has found himself quite attracted to the rare human females he has come into contact with up until now.

Slightly above average in looks, yet charming enough, Dayn is slender like most elves and relies on speed and grace much more than brute strength. While possessed of a natural wisdom, he unfortunately does not often follow the wise words and suggestions of his unconscious mind, instead relying on his quick wits, which get him into trouble even more often than they get him out of it.

Dayn is a young, wide-eyed, confidant and sometimes cocky young elf, alone in the world and a major city for the first time and loving it. The world is his oyster and he can do no wrong. He is likely in for a rude awakening or two in the very near future.

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