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Daxur's page

444 posts. Alias of Spazmodeus.

Full Name



Goblin Wizard 1 HP:26/26 RHP:26/26 D:+5 T:+5 FF :+1









Strength 9
Dexterity 18
Constitution 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Daxur

Male Goblin Wizard l
CN Small (Goblinoid)
Init +4; Senses Perception +1, Darkvision
Destiny Points:1
Hero Points:11

Height: 3'6''
Weight: 75 lbs
Eyes: black
Skin tone: Greenish grey
Age: 23

Defense +5, Touch +5, FF +1
HP 26 Reserve Hit points 26
0 to -# disabled; -# to -# unconscious
Stabilize #%
DR 0/armor; SR 0
FRW #/+4/+2

Spd 30 ft/x# (# squares)
- +0 (#, #/#) (#)
- +5 (#, #/#)
Special attacks N/A

Str 9, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 10
Bab +0, CMB -2, CMD 12/8
Feats Wizard Weapon Prof, Scribe Scroll, Improved Familiar
Flaws None
Skills +4 Acrobatics, +4 Appraise, +0 Bluff, -1 Climb, +0 Diplomacy (+4 to influence +5HD)
+0 Disguise, +4 Escape Artist, +6 Fly, +0 Heal, +0 Inimidate
+9 Knowledge(Arcana), +9 Knowledge(Dungeoneering) , + 9 Knowledge (History)
+9 Knowledge(Local), +8 Linguistics, +1 Perception, +0 Sense Motive,
+12 Stealth, +0 Survival, -1 Swim
Traits Ambitious, Eldritch Delver, Scholar of the Ancients
Drawbacks Pride
Languages Draconic, Common, Orc, Dwarven, Gnoll, Xen'drick
Homeland Breland (Sharn)

Scroll case (empty)
Ink, black
Ink pen
Paper (3)
Parchment (10)
Trail rations

Flint and Steel
Spell components

spell book
book lariat

Explorer's Outfit (worn)
Bandolier (empty)

Light Crossbow
20 Crossbow Bolts.

Dragons 0 Galifars 85 Sovereigns 1 Crowns 0

Spells Known
0 level (3/3)
Mage Hand

1 level (2/2)
Enlarge Person
Summon Monster I


Detect Magic
Disrupt Undead
Mage Hand
Ray of Frost
Read Magic

Burning Hands
Cause Fear
Charm Person
Enlarge Person
Magic Missle
Summon Monster I


Daxur like many goblins who lived outside of Dargunn, was
born into servitude. His family lived as servants to
a scholarly wizard in the Dava Gate district of Sharn.

Daxur's natural cleverness quickly became apparent and the
enlightents wizard, one Xarek, took it upon himself to
begin to tutor the young goblinoid. Easily mastering the
introductory subjects the wizard challenged him with, Daxur
began to devour everything his new mentor put before him.
Xarek was not surprised when Daxur showed a talent for magic,
far outstripping many of the previous apprentices Xarek had
taught. Xarek was a wizard, but also a serious scholar of the
old Xen'drik and Dhakaan empires; Daxur was enthralled with
the tales of magical achievement.

It came to pass that Xarek's old age finally caught up with
the kindly scholar. His will generously rewarded Daxur's family's
years of service with freedom from thier indentured status and
a small annual stipend, enough for them to have a small
home of thier own. For Daxur, the scholar left a folio of his notes
on Xen'drik and Dhakaan (stuffed haphazardly into his many annotated
glyphbook) ,his shardstone, unused for many years, and Daxur's
first spellbook - his apprenticeship was over.

Studying Xarek's notes, Daxur found that the wizard had suspicions that
the city of Cauldron in the Black Cap Mountains may sit upon an old
Xen'drik or Dhakaan site - he had meant to investigate himself but found
much joy and distraction in his trainng of Daxur.

Daxur gathered his belongings and immediately outfitted himself for the journey to Cauldron.
Once there he found his Master's musings to be mostly fiction. However, he counted himself
fortunate to make the friendship of Engineer #3 , a warforged out of old Cyre. Many
adventures later, Daxur found himself summonded to Sandpoint to serve as a arcane liason,
for the defense of the area.


Daxur is a very confident goblin. He enjoys the fact that most seriously underestimate him,due to his size and fact that he is a goblin. It amuses him to no end to see the surprise on people's faces when he begins to speak. Having seen his family, though treated well by his mentor, and other goblins living in servitude, he is quite adamant that he will brook no limits on his own freedoms. Seeking and finding knowledge is his means to that end.


Daxur appears as a very clean, well dressed goblin. Despite his size, he exudes the confidence of a much larger being.


Arras Pressk
human, noble, dissolute

shifter, smuggler

Maia Smeel

Replacement PC:

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