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David knott 242's page

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Any place that it is physically impossible for me to go (angling for immortality here).

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Money (in the form of coins or currency) is a transitional means of exchange. Prior to its invention, people bartered items that had no standard value. Exchanges could get complicated when person A wanted something that person B had, but person B wanted nothing from person A -- but he did want something from person C, who in turn did want something from person A. Money enabled these people to break down the barter exchanges into separate purchases.

At the other end, it is easy to envision a near future economy in which money is recorded in computers but not physically carried around -- even today some of us are close to that point. The most rational way that the UFP economy on Star Trek might work would be for all internal transactions to be recorded automatically, and for general living the amounts involved would be too small relative to average personal wealth for most people to care about keeping track of the numbers.

I think the problem may have been fixed. I was just able to download the file after repeatedly trying and failing yesterday and the day before.

I think this is the first time I was able to claim one of these deals. May I have this PDF please?

I am especially looking forward to seeing what you did with that Mad Prophet oracle archetype.

The Kilt of Sarenrae, on the other hand, is a belt slot item.

Little Red Goblin Games published a Xaoling rece -- it is a chaos-based native outsider race. WotC also had its lawful and chaotic planetouched races.

From Paizo itself, you could always go with the peri-born aasimar. Since they are descended from fallen angels, they cannot be readily pigeonholed as aligned with good or evil.

There is a 3rd party product for Pathfinder (Leadership Handbook or a similar title) that has five feats that let you substitute another ability score for Leadership in place of charisma. If your DM lets that in, you are covered at the cost of an extra feat. If you are limited to Paizo and Dreamscareed Press, you are most likely out of luck.

One effect of your idea is that it discourages the Power Attack feat chain. To gain the best use of Power Attack and related feats, you want your strength to be much higher than 13 -- so a feat that raises your strength to 13 would be much less useful than one that raises another ability score.

If you want to give fighters more ability score points to play around with, you could make this a 1st level class feature that applies solely to the bonus combat feat taken at that level. The feat taken would have to have no prerequisites other than an ability score. I think Two Weapon Fighing (Dex 15) is the feat that would give the biggest bump -- and no stat other than Dex could be increased above 13 this way. With limitations like this in place, you would not need to say anything about multiclassing, since this class feature would be used to raise a crap stat to slightly above average rather than to an extremely high value. Thus, selecting Combat Expertise to raise intelligence from 7 to 13 would help nearly any non-intelligence based character, but it would actually be a bad start for a character who intends to multiclass into a prepared arcane spellcasting class later.

James Jacobs wrote:
Garrett Guillotte wrote:
Is this the book formerly known as Inner Sea Races?

Then Inner Sea Races is still in the works, perhaps with a slight schedule slip?

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Of course, the Monty Hall problem assumes that Monty Hall always opens a door. If he has the option to not open a door, then the answer changes according to the criteria he uses to decide whether to open a door. To take an extreme case -- if he only opens a door if you made the correct choice, then sticking with your original choice would be the correct choice.

But if Monty always opens a door after you pick one, then changing is by far the best strategy.

Going last is the best choice if you are both clever and unethical. Assuming that each participant reveals the straw as it is drawn, you will know that you are doomed if none of the other three draw the short straw. At that point you don't draw a straw -- you just start running away as fast as you can.

Actually, a Swashbuckler can dump Cha. Regardless of charisma, you get at least one panache point, so you need to get up to 14 or more (probably too expensive) to get that second point. So go ahead, dump charisma, and take Extra Panache as your first feat.

Similar notes apply for the Gunslinger and Wis.

For the synthesist summoner, you do NOT want a Con of 10 -- that is an immediate loss of your level in hit points if your eidolon suit is lost, which has an ever increasing chance of killing you. You need a Con of at least 12 and a higher Cha -- all other stats can be dumped to 10 or less.

Most of them are in that book. The Advanced Player's Guide has earlier and less complete lists of traits for the core races, and a few can be found in other sources only (such as Jinx for halflings).

The Epic Level Handbook for D&D 3.0 had a feat that granted +1 to an ability score and required a character to be 21st level or higher. The proposed feat is clearly superior to that feat and thus probably overpowered.

Murdock Mudeater wrote:
This is also why many of the classes with poison use also feature high poison resistance or immunity, as they normally risk poisoning themselves when they attack.

No, per the glossary entry for poison, characters with poison use do not risk poisoning themselves by accident at all. However, without other abilities they are just as vulnerable as anyone else to the poisons of their foes.

Murdock Mudeater wrote:

2nd or third time with this quote

Applying poison to a weapon or single piece of ammunition is a standard action. Whenever you apply or ready a poison for use, there is a 5% chance that you expose yourself to the poison and must save against the poison as normal. This does not consume the dose of poison. Whenever you attack with a poisoned weapon, if the attack roll results in a natural 1, you expose yourself to the poison. This poison is consumed when the weapon strikes a creature or is touched by the wielder. If you have the poison use class feature (such as from the assassin prestige class or the alchemist base class), you do not risk accidentally poisoning yourself when applying poison.
In both the above (which is found in the afflictions section regarding poison) and in the poison use (ex) ability, both describe poison use as only in regards to "applying" the poison. The attack roll thing is a separate feature.

But the glossary has this:


Applying poison to a weapon or single piece of ammunition is a standard action. Whenever a character applies or readies a poison for use there is a 5% chance that he exposes himself to the poison and must save against the poison as normal. This does not consume the dose of poison. Whenever a character attacks with a poisoned weapon, if the attack roll results in a natural 1, he exposes himself to the poison. This poison is consumed when the weapon strikes a creature or is touched by the wielder. Characters with the poison use class feature do not risk accidentally poisoning themselves.

Poisons can be made using Craft (alchemy). The DC to make a poison is equal to its Fortitude save DC. Rolling a natural 1 on a Craft skill check while making a poison exposes the crafter to the poison. Crafters with the poison use class feature do not risk poisoning themselves when using Craft to make poison.

That is how those rolls of natural 1 when crafting or attacking with poison are covered.

Umbranus wrote:
graystone wrote:
AH... Yep, you are right. Having gone back and looked, I mixed things up. It's a human with Distant Heritages and takes Oread that can take the feat. As a bonus, it's one less feat to take.
What is distant heritages? Is it something from ACO?

I think he is referring to Bastards of Golarion's option for creating mostly human characters with some non-human ancestry.

Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Tarantula wrote:
You still risk rolling a natural 1 on an attack and losing the dose of poison for no effect on yourself. This shows that immunity and use are not equivalent and shouldn't be treated as such.

Don't suppose you noticed that poison use doesn't prevent this either. Poison use is specific to applying the poison to the weapon, the natural 1s on attack rolls is not prevented via the poison use ability.

All poison use does is affect the 5% chance to poison yourself when applying the poison to the weapon. That's it. An assassin or guild poisoner can still poison themselves on an attack roll of natural 1 (unless they also have poison immunity).

Reread the general section about poisons -- characters with the poison use do not risk poisoning themselves if they roll a natural 1 on an attack roll even if the wording in the class feature description fails to mention it (as is the case with the Assassin prestige class description).

Well, D&D 5E did come out relatively recently, so it is the current RPG fad. I suspect that interest in Pathfinder should pick up rapidly once the novelty wears off.

Still -- I am currently in a Pathfinder campaign and am not aware of any D&D campaigns going on in my immediate area, so it could just be a local fluke.

You get the 2nd Skill Focus at 8th level and a 3rd one at 16th level. The general idea here is that if you are already taking Skill Focus at 1st level, why not sign up for the full subscription for free?

Still -- I must admit that I would favor Human when I want two feats at 1st level and neither of them is Skill Focus, since the promise of future Skill Focus feats is not worth giving up a bunch of future benefits for. But getting a 2 level jump on some other feat chain is probably the major reason (mechanically) to play a human.

Is there any chance that Inner Sea Races will have some racial age corrections?

Alex Smith 908 wrote:
The issue is that everyone is feat starved in Pathfinder given the relative power of most feats to how many you get. Half-elves are better than humans only if you need skill-focus which is true for everyone getting eldritch heritage, so a fair portion of people with good charisma. Human did get knocked down a peg relative to 3.5, as balancing the races was something Pathfinder did much much better. It still is a bit of a proud nail due to how much freedom is given in its racial ability.

How is Half-Elf better than Human if you want Skill Focus? Humans also get a bonus feat that can be anything they qualify for -- so Skill Focus is an option. Of course, if you plan to take Skill Focus as your human bonus feat, you may as well trade that class feature in for Focused Study so you can get Skill Focus two more times later on.

As a starting point, we would need at least one Arcadian ethnicity, which we don't have yet. Then you can mingle them with various Avistani and Garundi ethnicities to make analogues of most real world cultures of the Americas.

Neo2151 wrote:
I don't believe Native Outsiders get the profs.

Some do -- but only if they have racial hit dice. Thus, the ones who qualify as player character races only gain the proficiencies from their class(es).

I tried something a while back that didn't work out too well, but maybe somebody else can get this to work: 4 levels of monk (martial artist archetype, so you don't have to be lawful) and the rest as a barbarian with the savage barbarian archetype. Take your pick of monk weapons as your main melee weapon and you are good to go. The only thing you would need to use your Unarmed Strike for would be to give a nasty surprise to anyone who manages to disarm you.

If you can put him in orbit around a singularity, then you most likely have the firepower to make yourself dictator of the entire planet (with the threat of obliterating any nation that does not surrender to you).

Lemmy wrote:
Is there literally any non-class specific way to threaten both adjacent squares and the ones 5~10ft away?

How about a whip, an empty hand, and the Improved Unarmed Strike feat?

Of course, there is a process for amending the Constitution -- so with enough support you could get rid of those pesky requirements for the presidency.

But an intelligence of "-" is not the same as an intelligence of 0, so I don't think a +2 increase would work in that case.

Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Maybe he (Jango Dingo) could have a fast-grown clone (Boba Dingo) of himself grown and decanted here on American soil? You'll have to demonstrate better marksmanship skills that traditional Stormtroopers, however, or you'll never get the important NRA endorsement.

There is also the age requirement -- so you have a minimum of 35 years to wait after your clone is born.

Actually, they both alter the bonus skills from the mystery. As far as I know, there is no oracle archetype that alters the base class skill list.

Or she could just be standing on a higher surface than they are. It is not really clear from the picture that she is bigger than they are, just that she is in a more elevated position.

I set up a rather extreme example in a D&D game a few months ago. One of the PCs was a follower of a gnomish deity who was fond of practical jokes. He attended a very solemn service to his own deity and disrupted it because the entire idea of a solemn religious service was of course a complete denial of that deity's basic tenets.

There is also the Scion of Humanity alternate racial trait for Aasimars that lets them qualify as human, but so far that is it. I am pretty sure that there is nothing to let a Dhampir qualify as a Wayang.

David knott 242 wrote:
doc the grey wrote:
Do the automatic ranks in the 2 class skills the phantom gains from their emotional foci come out of their normal ranks or are these bonus points that do not count against the total?
They would have to come out of their normal skill ranks for the math to come out right. After all, they are outsiders with the same starting intelligence as eidolons, so they should have the same number of skill ranks. The only way that having only two skill ranks per hit die works out is if two of the ranks are already accounted for as mandatory expenditures.

Okay, I really managed to get that twisted up.

What I should have said is that the bonus skill ranks come out of the 6 + Int mod skill ranks that an outsider gets each level. Subtract 2 ranks for the intelligence penalty for Int 7 and then another 2 for the mandatory skill ranks and you are left with the 2 skill ranks per level given in the table.

doc the grey wrote:
Do the automatic ranks in the 2 class skills the phantom gains from their emotional foci come out of their normal ranks or are these bonus points that do not count against the total?

They would have to come out of their normal skill ranks for the math to come out right. After all, they are outsiders with the same starting intelligence as eidolons, so they should have the same number of skill ranks. The only way that having only two skill ranks per hit die works out is if two of the ranks are already accounted for as mandatory expenditures.

justaworm wrote:
As far as I am concerned, regardless of the rules loophole, my wizard should not be able to wear spiked gauntlets and be able to retrieve delicate items from a spell component pouch plus perform the necessary hand gestures.

I think this is the key point. It is hard to picture somebody doing precision actions of any sort while wearing spiked gauntlets, so people whose characters routinely do such things (such as rogues and spellcasters) typically avoid them even though there is no rules as written penalty to any actions for wearing them.

RumpinRufus wrote:

No, not unless you take the feat Extra Item Slot.

Upon further search, humanoids are not even eligible for Extra Item Slot.

The feat that might work is Extra Item Space, from the D&D 3.0 supplement Savage Species, assuming that you are in a campaign where your GM would allow the use of that material.

Option (2) makes the most sense. Note that in some cases you may miss out on a spell or two because not every spell level has the same number of spells -- so it is very possible to pick one school/implement group more times than there are spells at a given level.

You get a feat at every odd level, so that is 7 at level 13 regardless of class. As a ranger, you get Endurance as a bonus feat at 3rd level and additional combat style feats at 2nd, 6th, and 10th levels, for a total of 11. However, your archetype takes away the combat style feat at 6th level, so you drop back down to 10, or 11 if your character is human.

joeyfixit wrote:
Okay, but this should be reconsidered if the Phantom stays as is. The chart and class feature seems more like an Animal Companion to me and less like an Eidolon. Eidolons are an extremely customizable feature; this provides the player with what, four options? A Druid gets more than that in the CRB.

The Phantom does have very limited options, yes. On the other hand, it has the BAB of an outsider (as an eidolon does) and has a scaling charisma to power various supernatural abilities. Still, given that the designers seem to have decided to err on the side of making the classes underpowered rather than overpowered, maybe you could make the suggestion of having a phantom count as an animal companion for feat purposes.

Of course, you do have issues if (1) The prestige class in question has fewer than 10 levels or (2) You have already taken more than one level of that prestige class.

Aren't oozes also blind? That would make them immune to any effects based on light or vision.

I think there are still a few daze effects that could get through to them even with their other immunities.

joeyfixit wrote:
If you multiclass a Spiritualist, will the Phantom benefit from Boon Companion?

No, because it is not an animal companion or a familiar. The same goes for the eidolon of a summoner.

The Game Master wrote:

Uh... why does the psychic only have 1/4 BAB?

Even a wizard has 2/4.


It has the same BAB as a wizard.

For some bizarre reason, they neglected to include the secondary attack bonus that they should have gotten at levels 12-20.

I recall reading a novel based on Norse mythology that I at tempted to use for inspiration. In that story, Loki took the form of a mare to distract a stallion that was helping a giant build Asgard so that the giant would fail to finish on time and the gods wouldn't have to pay him. The stallion chased Loki in mare form and caught him/her. Loki became pregnant and was stuck in mare form until he/she gave birth.

Or is this another case like the shaman supposedly qualifying for Winter Witch?

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Bob Bob Bob wrote:
Now if only we had the old 3.5 grapple rules where you could fit 30 people in a single square by having them all grapple each other (you shared a square instead of moved adjacent). make it easier to observe them, of course.

Let's not do that. I think we really want to grapple the succubus, not each other.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
TheJayde wrote:
On the flip side though, if you're playing in a Drow society, the matriarchy is going to do anything and everything they can to keep that sort of magic out of the hands of men because it underminse their societal constructs.

In any sort of sexist society such as that of the drow, there would surely be a social stigma attached to changing your sex. That stigma would be strong enough to discourage a male from changing sex (since socially he would be male at best and a freak at worst) and is exactly the sort of rumor that one house might spread about the matriarch of another house to undermine her authority.

In such a society, the only "safe" time to administer an elixir of sex shifting would be as soon as the baby is born -- especially if they take the additional precaution of murdering the midwife and any other witnesses.

That Crazy Alchemist wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

You can take a Swift action, any time you could take a free action.

Source? ah wait, found it myself...interesting

blackbloodtroll wrote:

The linked FAQ notes that some other free actions can be taken as part of an attack of opportunity, such as Grab, Trip, Pull, and Push.
The FAQ does not say "such as", it included an exhaustive list of free actions that can be done out of turn. They are likely to expand this list as time goes on but since they included no language that indicates that the current list goes beyond those that were mentioned in the FAQs then currently those are all we have.

Although there is a pattern to this list -- they are all triggered actions that would be pointless if you could not do them on somebody else's turn. That is definitely a point to keep in mind for home games.

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