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By RAW, it would seem to affect only your (non-existent) evil aura, since it references the detect evil spell and that spell only detects evil auras. By RAI, it should probably affect your aura of good.

Book weight and unreliable Internet connections at the location where we play our game are my primary reason for preferring the PDFs. I generally take to the game a Core Rulebook, a copy of Ultimate Equipment, and a laptop with PDFs of anything else I might need. While I prefer to open up a physical book to read at home, the combined weight of those books discourages me from lugging too many of them around to gaming sessions.

Chris Lambertz wrote:
So you may have noticed by the blog and the Facebook and everything, but yes! The PRD is updated! Bestiary 4 and Technology Guide content are up. There are still pages of items in this thread that need addressing, and I'm hoping to roll that in with our scheduled update for the Advanced Class Guide next month. If you run into any problems, please post here :)

Do we have an ETA for the Advanced Class Guide update? It clearly did not make "next month" since that would have been some time in September.

I would recommend the Lapith race from the 3rd party product Races of Hoof and Horn. Lapiths are shapeshifters who have humanoid and centaur forms, so you can take them into places that a centaur would have trouble fitting but assume a full centaur form when you have room for it.

So what happens when you do non-lethal damage to objects? The Metal Fist description has some language about ignoring hardness when you strike objects.

Thomas Long 175 wrote:
Roanoke island was a pre james town colony located in the new england area that was said to have died off in its 2nd winter. Apparently, when the ships arrived next season the establishment was still there but the people were all gone with no trace of what happened to them.

Correct except for the location of the colony. Roanoke Island is part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina -- I've been there.

Zwordsman wrote:

the req is to kill someone for the purpose of being an assassin.

it doesn't say you have to kill a good person. You can easily decide to kill another assassin to prove your a better assassin, Or kill a famous villian to make your name well known as an assassin As others have said there isn't some giant old assassination guild who tells you who to kill. It's your choice who you kill. My character chose to kill the maurading barbarian cheif. Why? Because killing him and having his assassin name become well known from it was the most expediant path to his goals. After all if you can ghost into a barbarian hoarde camp and bring back proof and leaving it with your calling card. Well that's better than a billboard.

But the requirement is that you kill the person for no other reason than to qualify to become an assassin. You are introducing a bunch of other reasons to kill your designated victim. I am not sure that you would even be given a choice of who to kill.

Darkholme wrote:
I don't know BNW, I'm also in the camp that thinks "source" definitely means "Explicitly defined ability, feat, spell, trait, class feature, etc, with a specific name." Which means an untyped bonus from "AC Bonus (Su)" Doesn't stack with another "AC Bonus (Su)", regardless of what its adding to your AC, but that AC Bonus (Su) would definitely stack with AC Bonus (Ex), and the whole discussion becomes irrelevant if they are not both untyped, such as one being deflection.

I think the idea that "AC Bonus (Su)" would stack with "AC Bonus (Ex)" may be exactly where we are going astray. If we assume that the developers did not intend for these class features to stack (quite reasonable since otherwise a one level dip into Sacred Fist by nearly any Monk becomes a no-brainer), the question becomes one of how did they intend for such stacking to be prevented? Enough cases have been cited to show that the simple fact that both add the same ability score bonus to AC is not enough to prevent such stacking on its own. However, "untyped" bonuses from the same source do not stack -- and two class features that have the same name can be argued to be the "same source" in spite of differences in the details. If we go with that argument, then a multiclassed Monk/Sacred Fist would have two overlapping AC Bonus class features and would naturally use whichever one grants a higher AC. Since these feature don't stack, multiclassing between these two classes would actually be discouraged.

The issue is compounded by the various archetypes that grant shaman hexes. Some require that the hex be taken from those granted by your chosen spirit or equivalent, while others also mention the generally available shaman hexes. So the question then becomes, if generally available hexes are not mentioned, does the archetype or feat in question let you select one of them?

James Jacobs wrote:
It doesn't say "must be evil" because as far as I know, alignment restrictions aren't something we've ever done in an archetype.

Well, there is an oracle archetype (Enlightened Philosopher) that requires a lawful alignment. There is also a monk archetype (Martial Artist) that eliminates the standard monk's requirement to be lawful.

blahpers wrote:
It doesn't matter. There's no skill check against that question--it's auto-fail.

It's not auto-fail -- it just has an absurdly high DC that the average husband has no chance of making even if he rolls a natural 20. But there are a few guys who are so smooth that they can even succeed at this task.

Krith wrote:

Compare it to any other opposed roll such as stealth vs perception:

DM: "Roll perception"
Player: "14. What do I see?"
DM: "Nothing...but then you're sneak attacked."
Player: "Nope. Even though they beat my opposed roll, I'm choosing to ignore the skill and result because my character is always alert..."

Not sure why people want to ignore the very clearly written skill; a character's actions are dictated by dice rolls all the time:

characters get hit (and killed) even when their players would rather not get hit; failing a save versus Hold Person means they can't act at all, even when they want their character to; you can't track someone when you fail your Survival check, even when the player wants to track that person; etc.

But that effect is based on something that you failed to perceive -- so refusing to even attempt the check would not help you.

However, if you told the DM that you were turning your back on a door that an ally was about to open and there was a medusa on the other side, would it be fair for the GM to have you attempt a saving throw to avoid petrification? But anything he wants to impose based on you not seeing what is in that room would be perfectly fair.

The refusal to listen to a supposed ally that you know to be full of it would be more in that category. You do not believe what he said because you refused to listen to him -- but you also have no real idea what he was talking about, for the exact same reason.

There are several Ioun stones from non-core Paizo sources that provide skill bonuses.

One approach I have not seen discussed is the idea of ignoring the person who is trying to bluff you. Just as you can close your eyes to avoid a nasty gaze effect, you should be able to ignore the known liar who is spouting nonsense at you. Since you need to be actively listening to somebody to be convinced by what they are saying, couldn't you avoid the need for a Sense Motive check by ignoring them? The downside is that you have no real idea what they were talking about, but if you have already decided that what they are saying doesn't matter, what does that matter?

The other time you can take a free action is when a specific trigger is identified for the action. That would cover the Preacher archetype ability pretty well.

Is this product line being terminated? I see no mention of any products past the ones already listed in the 2014-2015 catalog, and the updates that listed products for other lines for Februrary and March have shown no new products from this line.

Fortunately, they never run out of PDFs.

I would consider this rule an improvement over rolling hit points when you gain a level, but inferior to the more obvious fixed hit points per level.

Of course, I would probably have gone into far less detail in regard to evaluating the quality of a night's sleep.

A variant like this slows the game down only if you do not have any sort of time pressure on the party. It could actually speed the game up if they got really good hit point rolls today and don't want to put off a battle until the next day when (most likely) they will have closer to average hit points.

Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:
Hawktitan wrote:
They could. You would also need the Improved Unarmed Strike feat (which is fairly useless for an eidolon).
Unless I'm looking in the wrong place, they would also need a flurry class feature, which is much more complicated.

You are overlooking the punctuation in the prerequisites. They must have one (not all) of the following:

1) Monk's flurry of blows
2) Brawler's flurry
3) BAB +6

There is no way that I know of for an eidolon to get either flurry ability, but the eidolon of a summoner of level 7+ automatically meets the BAB requirement.

Thank you very much!

Multiple free actions tied to multiple attacks could, if limited, prevent a character from getting all of his due attacks.

Yes, the wording is the same at both and The latter is a bit more useful since it is able to include the full text and not exclude Golarion proper names that could matter. That is important because Chosen Child is a regional trait, so you have to be from a specific place (in this case, apparently Po-Li) to take it.

Negative levels are a major improvement over actual lost levels as we had from level drains prior to D&D 3E. I think all we need now would be some usable and consistent rules on how to recover from negative levels without magical assistance. If you can gain 2 or more actual levels while suffering from a negative level, that should count for something.

I submitted order 3264081 back on September 8th. It was a bit complicated, as it included 2 PDFs and 4 other items, one of which apparently turned into a "backorder" item as I was ordering it. That raises two questions for me:

1) Do you have any idea when the backordered item will be available?

2) If the answer to the first question is "No" or "Not any time soon", would it be possible to get the other three items shipped sooner?

I am surprised that Ludicrous size is not in there somewhere. The corresponding weapon size would be "Don't Point That At My Planet". (Neither of these are original by me.)

So all of this means that the only Brawler archetype who is not proficient with shields as weapons is the Shield Champion?

Lord Vukodlak wrote:
The thing is an item with unlimited uses of a spell like disguise self, levitation, or invisibility. Why bother making the PC refresh it every so often. They don't even have to wait for it to expire to refresh the duration.

The primary difference would occur if you lose consciousness while wearing the item. After a few minutes, you would become visible or return to your true appearance. Remember that post about a party requiring a few days to recover a party member who was lost while wearing a ring of invisibility? If the invisibility had a fixed duration, the person would be much easier to find once the invisibility wears off.

The Advanced Race Guide put all of the new base classes up to that point into the three categories, so we now have starting ages for all base classes before the Advanced Class Guide.

We need updates for the 10 classes in the Advanced Class Guide (plus perhaps six more due out next year) and all races added since the Advanced Race Guide.

Since no command word is mentioned, the activation action could be as simple as touching the item. You would have to be very observant to catch somebody touching their hat or their ring every ten minutes.

For the example at the beginning, a player could say something like "The rogue barely glanced at the door. I'll take a look for myself."

Hiding the rolls really doesn't work in a game that has all sorts of reroll abilities.

The Advanced Class Guide has several racial favored class bonuses that enable the shaman class to poach cleric spells, so there is definitely a Paizo precedent for what you are thinking of doing.

Keep in mind that most people will assume that their own capabilities are normal until it becomes very obvious that they are otherwise. How often would an aasimar kid sit in total darkness with his normal human sibling and compare what they can and cannot see?

Also, it is possible that the aasimar has the Halo alternate racial trait but has never manifested it. Such an aasimar would have no darkvision.

I guess humans and other races come across to elves much the way the Ocampa on Star Trek: Voyager would come across to us. For those of you who are not familiar with that show, the Ocampa were a short lived race who were fully mature at 1 or 2 years of age and had a life span of 9 years. I would imagine that elves would have the same view of humans that humans would of Ocampa.

I think HeroLab does have something you can check to enforce PFS rules, but of course it is not perfect in that regard.

Imbicatus wrote:
Hawktitan wrote:

That just seems ridiculous to me. That basically means every single monk in existence should be a Quinggong.

Was the intent to 'patch' the core monk with this archetype? If not then I have a hard time believing that this actually is supposed to work that way.

Yes, every single monk in existence except the martial artist should be Qinggong.

I can't speak to intent, but it has been clarified by FAQ that Qinggong does indeed stack with everything.

And that would mean that a core Monk is effectively a Qinggong Monk who opted not to replace any of his default abilities -- but his options still remain open for all future levels.

Artemis Moonstar wrote:
She doesn't mind when some guys do it. But, given her gaming experiences, it's come to annoy her to no end. The "Beauty Queen Lesbian 75lb Amazon" syndrome, as I call it.

I think the lesbian bit can be considered a warning. If a straight male exclusively plays lesbian female characters, then it is a safe bet that he does not have the foggiest idea how real life women think. Just suggest to him that he play either a straight female or a homosexual male and watch him squirm. So why is it easier for him to change gender and sexual orientation at once?

Skeld wrote:
Barachiel Shina wrote:
Wait. There are only TWO spells? Lame.

Meh. To each their own. I think there are already too many spells. Each new spell adds to the overall power of the spellcasting classes, and martial-caster disparity is already something most people point to as a problem.


I would love to see how Paizo would be able to publish a product that actually removes spells from the game.

The closest I can see them to doing this would be by adding a hypothetical spell Q to the game and then saying, "If you add this spell to your game, you should remove spells X, Y, and Z as this spell makes all of them obsolete."

Actually, you should look over the archetype to determine the earliest level at which the archetype has any effect at all. Without retraining, you can select an archetype at any point up to the time you reach that level. Thus, if an archetype does not modify or replace anything that your base class grants at 1st or 2nd level, you really do not have to commit yourself to the archetype until 3rd level.

In the case of the Mad Dog, you are just slightly too late unless your DM is in a good mood. The first core class feature lost is your 2nd level rage power. If you have played at 2nd level, you have presumably selected and started using a rage power, so technically retraining (or bribing your DM) would be required to replace it with an animal companion.

You didn't miss anything -- they definitely slipped the release date.

I could have sworn I either read or heard something about giving all characters two extra skill ranks per level being one of the ideas planned for Pathfinder Unchained, but I cannot recall the exact source for that information.

Definitely yes for the first question and no for the second one.

There is no question that a human with Racial Heritage (Kitsune) would qualify for the Fox Shape feat. Until I actually got a look at the feat, I would have said that you wouldn't be able to use it -- but it appears that the feat makes no reference to the Change Shape racial ability that a human doesn't have, so on that basis it appears that it should work. The one part that could pose a problem is the bit about your bite damage being reduced to 1d3 -- how do you reduce non-existent damage? In any case, the correct bite damage for a fox is 1d3 + Str mod, so that damage die would be correct for the Beast Shape effect described for this feat.

The spell does not say that it does. You would normally be advanced to the next age category, but there is no age category beyond Venerable.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I always pictured Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie as an eidolon. The only problem with this example is that Jeannie is a spellcaster and her master isn't. In fact, that seems to be a common problem with any sort of magical pet that could be represented by an eidolon.

One of these days I need to put together a summoner archetype where it is the eidolon and not the summoner who casts the spells.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Galnörag wrote:
As others have mentioned above the Adapt class is an arcane spell user.

The Adept is actually a divine spellcaster. It does not work well for characters who are training to become intelligence or charisma based spellcasters and have already dumped wisdom.

Atarlost wrote:
The GM should *NEVER* enforce the child characters rules. They render the young character completely useless. Any child character concept should either be blocked completely or allowed to use the normal rules (with or without the young template). There is no concept for which forcing an NPC class on a character is beneficial.

Those rules work fairly well in a campaign where ALL of the player characters are children who either never mature during the course of the campaign or all mature at roughtly the same time.

I suppose they could also be made to work in a balanced manner if the child characters get a level advantage to balance out their overall weaknesses -- but that does strike me as a bit counterintuitive.

There is a 3rd party product with traits that let child characters take levels in PC classes, so I suppose one approach could be to let young player characters do that at the cost of one trait.

I wonder -- Has anyone tried creating a monk/sacred fist for PFS? If, so, did that double Wis bonus to AC fly? The Sacred Fist is not on their list of banned archetypes, so in theory somebody should have tried this by now.

cartmanbeck wrote:
Ever seen the Multiclass Archetypes? There are so many hybrid classes there that your head might spin. :)

Oh yes, I am very familiar with that site. I am looking forward to seeing some ACG combinations appear there.

There is a basic reason that the Pathfinder Witch cannot be an accurate reflection of a Wiccan: Wicca is a religion, and thus any game representation of its practicioners would have to be a divine spellcasting class, not an arcane class as the Witch is. But as I see it, only the most narrowly focused divine classes would be unsuitable for that purpose -- you just need to select a compatible deity and/or ethos.

I rather like the Spirit Guide Oracle archetype. I don't know how many times I have wanted to play an Oracle who took most of his revelations from one mystery but wanted to grab just one revelation from another. This archetype comes close to allowing you to do that (assuming you can find a hex that is close enough to the desired revelation).

The rules for dealing with the Con increase of a raging Barbarian are immersion breaking for me. At sufficiently high level, a raging Barbarian can easily get into a situation of "OMG, you need to heal me quick before I drop out of rage or I am dead." A Barbarian should not have to be thinking about such details while raging -- giving him temporary hit points instead would make the whole situation far more manageable, although it would require some additional mechanic to prevent rage cycling.

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