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David knott 242's page

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That raises the question of whether the mongrel mage should get that ability at 7th level or at 9th. At what level would it have gotten the replaced ability?

But since the Separatist archetype is a Cleric archetype, shouldn't all references to domains be assumed to refer to domains available to clerics in the absence of a direct statement to the contrary?

Is this where I should suggest that no known effect will make a non-ginger creature ginger?

Bigdaddyjug wrote:
Where are you getting LoH from?

From the Believer's Hands feat at 1st level. That feat gives him one usage of Lay On Hands per day, with an effective paladin level of half his character level (minimum 1). The only problem I see is that the Lay On Hands ability does not seem to work for a character with a paladin level less than 2 since it would heal 0d6 hit points at 1st level.

But we still can't get a PDF of the 2014-2015 schedule that the folks who went to Gencon got, right?

Another vote for Swashbuckler.

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Of course, the future era chapter needs to have a statement to the effect that there is no final limit to where technology can go -- otherwise, its first negative comment is going to be "What? So X will never be developed?"

On the other hand, isn't a Ronin just a Samurai who lost his lord? I can't see any reason why that is more likely to happen to chaotic Samurai than to lawful ones.

It is probably more accurate to say that virtually everybody in the society from which Samurai are most likely to come is far more likely to be lawful than chaotic or even neutral.

Does a Herald of the Horn have any class ability that requires him to make a Perform check with his horn, or does he just blow on it?

Targus Deadeye of Kyonin wrote:
What book do I find Undersized Mount?

Advanced Class Guide.

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Oberyn Martell did not need all that much room to twirl his polearm around on Game of Thrones.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Thelemic_Noun wrote:
  • If a race has different ability modifiers for different genders (as is the case with many far-out, nonhumanoid creatures), do the character's ability scores change?
  • If, for some bizarre reason, the race has gender specific modifiers I imagine those change as well. Though frankly, I've never seen a race with such modifiers.

    The Lashunta would be an example in Pathfinder.

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    Asgetrion wrote:
    Psychic magic! Is this going to be Paizo's version of psionics? If it is, I'm hyper-excited, because we could *finally* convert our psionicist PCs to Pathfinder. ?

    I think you would have to use Ultimate Psionics by Dreamscarred for that -- Paizo is planning to take a totally different approach that won't be compatible with D&D 3.5. Dreamscarred Press already did a more direct conversion.

    For Monstrous Humanoid, you don't need a sub-type. There is no obvious way to get all shapechangers as a favored enemy for one pick at this point.

    The twin eidolon feature does ensure that summoner and eidolon compatible, assuming that the two are allowed to differ in "cosmetic details" such as sex.

    The "Control Mount in Battle" part is probably mislabeled for a summoner riding an eidolon, but the basic purpose would still apply. The purpose of the check is to enable you to take actions other than holding on for dear life as your mount moves, not to ensure that the mount does what you want it to (not generally a problem in the case of an eidolon). A similar situation could occur if a half-orc is running around the battlefield with a halfling on his back.

    It is a free Frightful Presence evolution for your eidolon.

    Frankly, I would just as soon spend the 3 evolution points for Frightful Presence instead. You are already sacrificing a summoner level and a feat, each of which could have netted you one extra evolution point (at least). Given the other benefits to your eidolon of that missing summoner level, I would rather just spend that extra evolution point if I really wanted to bother with that evolution.

    The main reason I wouldn't bother is that the save DC of this ability is based on the reduced hit dice and mediocre charisma of the eidolon, so odds are good that your targets can save against the effect.

    Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
    I thought divine grace wasn't till 3rd level?

    Maybe you are thinking of Divine Health?

    I think one issue is that, while many martial tricks might better be represented as "per encounter" than either "at will" or "X times per day", a certain other game company made extensive use of the "per encounter" mechanic in non-OGC material -- which means that Paizo would have to tread carefully to avoid violating the OGL. It can be and has been done, but it is tricky.

    One way to emulate "per encounter" is to have an ability that cannot be initiated by a fatigued character and whose use leaves a character fatigued, thus making that ability unusable until the character rests long enough to remove the fatigued condition. The problem is that the game has too many magical and non-magical ways to eliminated the fatigued condition, thereby making such abilities effectively "at will" at higher levels -- see "rage cycling".

    Didn't some other game company do the Train Con thing a couple of years ago?

    Ssalarn wrote:
    leo1925 wrote:
    What did they change in extra channel and how did that hurt the paladins?
    The version of extra channel printed in the ACG doesn't contain the clause the CRB one does about how Paladins instead gain 4 uses of LoH.

    But it does contain that clause. The only difference from the CRB version is the addition of a sentence about how the warpriest uses this feat (extra uses of Fervor that can only be used to channel).

    Zark wrote:
    David knott 242 wrote:
    Zark wrote:
    And why the heck do we get Extra channel and extra Hex from the APG in this book?
    Because they wanted to modify those feats to accommodate special cases introduced by the Shaman and Warpriest classes.
    Eh. They have not modified the feat.

    Yes they have. Look at the text of the feat itself, not just at the table.

    The text about leaving spell slots open is in the Core Rulebook under "Preparing Wizard Spells". Only the wizard class is mentioned, despite the fact that other prepared arcane spellcasters (the witch and the magus) now exist. Does this language apply to those classes? The same answer, whatever it is, should apply to the Arcanist.

    Zark wrote:
    And why the heck do we get Extra channel and extra Hex from the APG in this book?

    Because they wanted to modify those feats to accommodate special cases introduced by the Shaman and Warpriest classes.

    I don't think you will get anywhere with version 8. I guess we are out of luck for the time being.

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    Xris Robin wrote:
    LazarX wrote:
    2. They are planning something that's essentially Barrier Peaks on Steroids. and Numeria is the setting for Barrier Peaks writ large. The tech introduced has self-limiting factors that ensure the planet is not going to be overrun by legions of Cybermen.
    People always SAY we're not going to be overrun by Cybermen this time, but we still end up having to have the Doctor save us, don't we?

    We're not going to be overrun by Cybermen. The monsters who are going to overrun the world look more like Dalek expies.

    KingmanHighborn wrote:
    It's not evil, it is kinda weird outside of the bipedal serpentine if...naga *shrugs* Not the weirdest thing I've heard, and it wouldn't of bothered me much.

    A non-biped eidolon presents the summoner with the "mermaid problem" -- and gives him an incentive to gain power so that he can magically deal with that issue....

    The big spell I noticed is Shield Companion. It has an hours/level duration and lets you take damage for your companion, familiar, or eidolon as an immediate action. Life Link does not let you keep your eidolon going when it takes enough damage to reduce its hp total to between zero and minus Con, but this spell does.

    Fear the Alpaca wrote:

    Just as an FYI:

    Memory of Function
    states: "When the spell's duration expires, " but it is listed as having an instantaneous duration, effectively making the spell permanent or non-functioning depending on interpretation.

    Other than that seems shiny.

    That would be an errata for the book, as it has the exact same error.

    I thought we had this one solved. Maybe there was a patch in Internet Explorer 9 that not everybody with that version got? In that case, the PRD page would work properly for everyone with version 10 or later, not work for anyone with version 8 or later, and possibly work or not work for anyone with version 9 depending on whether they ever got a certain patch for it?

    Rory wrote:

    Still messing up for me...

    Copied and pasted directly... takes me to the PRD introduction page.

    (I'm using Internet Explorer 9 if that is relevant)

    It could be. I ran into exactly the same problem with Internet Explorer 8. When I tried again later on another computer that had Internet Explorer 11, everything was fine.

    In Inner Sea Combat, the Sisters of the Golden Erinyes are a dojo that acquires most of its students from an Asmodean orphanage.

    Currently there are no rules allowing that.

    David knott 242 wrote:
    And you might want to consider spelling out some sort of guidelines as to how to split up first level class abilities for apprentice level characters to help people figure out whatever classes you don't cover.

    One reason this part could be essential is the large number of class archetypes that exist in Paizo products alone. Obviously you can't define an apprentice level version of each and every archetype -- but guidance on how to create an apprentice level version of an archetype would be very welcome.

    What is the game mechanical difference between an item you made and one you bought for zero GP? If there is no difference, why not buy it for zero GP and say that you made it yourself?

    Owen KC Stephens wrote:

    Certainly with the Advanced Class Guide looming in the not-too-distant future, an update and expansion is in the cards.

    If we DID cover other 3pp classes, are there some in particular folks would like to see?

    How about the Godling classes?

    And you might want to consider spelling out some sort of guidelines as to how to split up first level class abilities for apprentice level characters to help people figure out whatever classes you don't cover.

    Finally -- with ten classes in the Advanced Class Guide and six new classes coming out next year, I think you could get away with a sequel product rather than an update. While I would love it if I could get an updated version of this product, I would gladly pay for a whole new product if it covered 10+ new classes.

    Look at the top of the second column on page 9. The formula is 10 + 1/2 arcanist level + Cha mod.

    And a Summoner would be a perfect candidate to use this feat, as it is quite easy to build an eidolon that is strong enough to carry its Summoner even if they are both of the same size category.

    You may also want to take a look at the Picaroon archetype of the Swashbuckler class in the Advanced Class Guide. This archetype uses a one handed firearm, and his apparent dance moves could actually be uses of the Derring-Do deed.

    If you decide to multiclass, you need to decide which abilities you need to have scale with level and which can be left at the basic level where you first acquire them. If you focus on the Gunslinger side, you can perhaps afford to dip two levels of Bard for a single type of Versatile Performance. If you focus on the Bard side, you could dip 1-3 levels of Gonslinger to get a limited subset of Deeds.

    Another option might be to go pure Bard and take feats such as Amateur Gunslinger to gain some Gunslinger abilities. The question here is whether all those feats are enough to get you what you want.

    A final thing to keep in mind is that this El Mariachi character is probably very high level and certainly modern -- meaning he comes from a world where guns are mere martial weapons that a lot of people are proficient with. In a fantasy world, building up to his level of ability will be a challenge.

    So what would this character do that requires Bard levels? A mysterious stranger can easily be very good at Perform (Dance), as he would want a high charisma for his Grit and there are numerous traits, feats, and other methods to turn Perform into a class skill and/or provide other bonuses to it.

    The D&D 3.5 supplement had variant paladins for the chaotic good, lawful evil, and chaotic evil alignments. It would be an easy matter to convert the Paladin of Freedom (the chaotic good variant) into a paladin archetype and the Paladin of Tyranny (the lawful evil variant) into an antipaladin archetype.

    It is impossible to use a mount of your size without this feat or some equivalent ability that lets you break the general rule that a mount must be at least one size category larger than you are.

    Mysterious Stranger and Pistolero don't stack -- they finally errataed them to make that clear.

    I think he gets the wisdom bonus just once, but the class level based parts of the bonuses should stack since one is a deflection bonus and one is untyped. Note that if you take enough Sacred Fist Warpriest levels, you will have no use for a Ring of Protection.

    Orthos wrote:
    NoncompliAut wrote:
    I have to say, Paizo's clearly been listening to people complaining that too many female characters are wearing skimpy/impractical outfits... by giving some of the male archetype illustrations really skimpy/impractical outfits. The Wild Child brawler, the Mutation Warrior fighter (slightly), the Feral Hunter, and the Primal Companion hunter are all dressed this way.
    The Wild Child reminded me of Gau from Final Fantasy VI. I presumed given that comparison and the flavor text of the archetype itself it was going for the Tarzan-ish loincloth-and-scars type character anyway.

    The surprising thing here is that the Wild Child does not lose any armor or shield proficiencies from the base Brawler class. If any archetype should have a reason to refuse to wear armor, this one does. A monk-like wisdom bonus to unarmored AC would be highly appropriate.

    TriOmegaZero wrote:
    David, there should be a reddish brown sidebar on the left, or accessible at the top of the screen via button if you are on a mobile device.

    I am on a laptop computer using Internet Explorer 8. The sidebar appears and then disappears within a fraction of a second -- I missed the "flash" the first few times I tried it. But that sidebar is not sticking around long enough for me to get a good look at it, let alone actually use it.

    What the heck is everybody so happy about? I just went to the PRD site and found nothing but an introduction, with no links to anywhere else. From my browser, there appears to be literally nothing of consequence there.

    Grue wrote:
    Ecclesitheurge’s Vow: At 1st level, an ecclesitheurge makes a vow to his deity to be protected solely by his faith, not by armor or shields. An ecclesitheurge who wears prohibited armor or uses a prohibited shield is unable to use his blessing of the faithful ability, use cleric domain powers, or cast cleric spells.
    I'm going to guess that 'blessing of the faithful' was edited out without removing the reference under the ability (akin to the initial Prone Shooter editing) but I sortof hope it's just missing rather than removed.

    Or maybe that ability was the original name of the ability to enchant your holy symbol a la Arcane Bond? Then you would lose all archetype abilities when you break your armor vow.

    I would agree that this archetype is not worthwhile on its own -- but I could see it as an option for a multi-classed cleric who isn't going to wear armor anyway.

    If your rouge can ambush people (presumably with its odor), you should not be wearing so much of it.

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