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So does mine. I have a first printing, and I think there was a second printing. I cannot find any reference for the errata that was obviously applied here.

The best possibilities are in the ACG, unfortunately.

Failing that, you could go with an oracle and select one of the mysteries with a revelation that lets you take Cha instead of Dex for AC and then boost Cha as high as possible. That ever increasing Cha will eventually reduce your maximum effective armor to a haramaki (as anything more protective is offset by max Dex limits applied to your Cha).

So why doesn't the phrase "adding her Ulfen Guard level to her barbarian level to determine access" apply for access to level based rage powers?

KahnyaGnorc wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:

Somebody mentioned a Synthesist Summoner as a possibility, but I definitely would not make constitution one of the dump stats since that could turn a blow that knocks you unconscious into a killing blow. I would actually consider 18s in constitution and charisma, 8 in wisdom, and 7 in the other stats for that class. The only open question for this build would be exactly when the constitution increase from losing the eidolon suit kicks in -- would it happen in time to save you from what might be a death blow to your "suited" hit points?

Yeah, I suggested an Aasimar Synthesist, with a 18 Con, 20 Cha, and 10 Wis (after modifiers)

I would rule that the Fort increase happens AFTER the eidolon "dies," so it can't be used to save it, unless you got some immediate action time travel thing. :p

No, that wouldn't work anyway since you would have fewer hit points with the eidolon suit than without.

What I was referring to was the situation where you are reduced to -Con (based on your eidolon's Con) but would have enough hit points once the eidolon is gone to be alive or even (at higher levels) still conscious. Would you survive that attack?

1st level example: With eidolon summoned, you have 5 temporary hit points, 9 regular hit points, and a Con of 13 -- so a hit for 27 hit points should kill you. The eidolon absorbs 5 of the hit points, meaning that you actually take 22 hit points -- but without the eidolon, you have 12 hit points and a Con of 18, which would mean (in this case) that you are at -4 hit points and merely dying rather than dead. So in this case, the question is whether the eidolon was banished in time for you to get back thhose extra 9 hit points between full health and death?

There is a Hunter archetype that lacks an animal companion. Would a Hunter who does not want an animal companion in the first place be better or worse off with that archetype? That archetype would be poorly designed if a standard Hunter or one of the other archetypes would be better off killing his companion than starting off with that archetype in the first place.

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Cleru wrote:

Personally I would put it in CHA and CON for Lunar/Lore/Nature Oracle.

Grab Noble Scion of War and Divine Protection then Revelation that let you use CHA for AC and Reflex and you should be good to go.

The Divine Protection feat would have to come later, as you have to be able to cast 2nd level divine spells before you qualify.

Somebody mentioned a Synthesist Summoner as a possibility, but I definitely would not make constitution one of the dump stats since that could turn a blow that knocks you unconscious into a killing blow. I would actually consider 18s in constitution and charisma, 8 in wisdom, and 7 in the other stats for that class. The only open question for this build would be exactly when the constitution increase from losing the eidolon suit kicks in -- would it happen in time to save you from what might be a death blow to your "suited" hit points?

Eltacolibre wrote:
I guess Lore oracle + paladin 2 (Divine grace) + the feat divine protection(ACG)...yeah divine protection is an insight bonus, divine grace bonus is untyped, so you get to add twice your cha bonus to saves, it's very ridiculous, on top of it cha for nearly everything. While cha is still your main casting stat so even with 2 levels down, you'll still reach 9th level spells.

You might want to take another look at the Divine Protection feat -- it explicitly mentions that if you are getting charisma to saves from another source such as Divine Grace, you just get +1 to all your saves from the feat.

The real benefit from that feat could occur when you reach 7th level and are an oracle 5/paladin 2. You could take Divine Protection at that level, so you are now adding charisma bonus +1 to all your saves. At this point you might decide to retrain your 2nd oracle level into a 6th oracle level, with the result that you still add charisma bonus to saves and get 3rd level cleric/oracle spells to replace your lost Lay on Hands ability.

Rogue Genius Games has PDF products for Dragonrider and Dracomancer classes that let you have actual dragons as companion creatures.

In my campaign, we are at 15th level and closing in on 16th level. There is not much about it to discuss here, as our ranges of choices for the next few levels have narrowed considerably and would be based on peculiarities of the campaign (such as expected foes, rate of treasure acquisition, and a few house rules). I really cannot see myself posting a question like "Which feat should I take at 17th level?" here.

Not only are dragonlings not on the list of druid animal companions, they have no animal companion base stats. Using the Monstrous Mount feat as a precedent, I would think that you would need such stats in addition to a feat to "unlock" access to the pet in question.

By the way, there is an error in the question -- Accelerated Drinker is a trait, not a feat.

Since the answer is so brief, it is hard to interpret its full meaning. One possibility is that, since drinking an extract is in some ways like casting a spell, you need more than this trait to reduce the effective casting time to less than a standard action. Without that FAQ ruling, Alchemists could reliably use 3/2 extracts per turn as follows:

Turn 1:

Standard action: Draw out and drink extract.

Move action: Draw out another extract.

Turn 2:

Move action: Drink extract in hand.

Standard action: Draw out and drink another extract.

I suspect that the action economy was the primary concern here.

I understand why they left out races like the Merfolk and the Strix -- those races had abilities or limitations that put them too far outside the norm of what a standard race could do. But the Nagaji racial abilities seem to be fairly standard and calculable, so I have no idea why they didn't just work out the total.

The "Epic Meepo Presents Archetypes" thread has a Fighter archetype called the Aspect Armiger. From what I have read in this thread, it is probably a bit weaker than the other archetypes mentioned.

RumpinRufus wrote:

Dragon Ferocity makes him "qualify for the Elemental Fist feat", so he can take it as a normal feat. But, it does nothing to give him the prerequisites. Martial Flexibility doesn't say "The brawler must be qualified for the feat", it says "The brawler must meet all the feat's prerequisites."

With a 10 Wis, you cannot meet all the prerequisites of Elemental Fist, and therefore can't use Martial Flexibility to take it.

If you want to take Elemental Fist as a normal feat after taking Dragon Ferocity, that is fine because you are qualified to take it. You just can't use Martial Flexibility unless you meet all the feat's prerequisites, as very clearly stated in the rules for Martial Flexibility.

Does this mean that if a feat offers you a choice of prerequisites to meet, you must meet all of them? I recall seeing a feat whose qualifications included something like a choice of BAB +6, Monk level 6, and Brawler level 4. Many characters could qualify for this feat normally, but there would be hardly any characters who would meet ALL of the possible prerequisites.

How are his tactics? A character like the one you described could easily advance too far and get himself surrounded by the bad guys, leaving him in serious trouble unless the rest of the party bails him out.

If he can easily survive such a situation without help, then his character does need to be toned down.

The one method I know of that is guaranteed to work for removing an oracle's curse is to retrain away those oracle levels. Once the character has no oracle levels, his curse is gone.

Eye of the Moon is a pointless revelation for an oracle with the Clouded Vision curse -- as soon as you get to 5th level, you can see out to 60' as though you had darkvision anyway.

If you really believe that your players love to hear the villain's monolog, then maybe you should point out to them that the villain might not say everything he wants to say if you interrupt him with an attack, then ask them, "Are you sure you want to do that?"

In my own games, I would not bother doing that since I already have an idea what the answer would be.

I think you forgot to throw in a rapid sequence of 5 Wish spells, unless one of the other items grants an inherent bonus of +5 or greater. These Wishes would not count against the time spent casting buffs because they would be permanent effects.

Kudaku wrote:
Erm... Possibly a dumb question, but would a wizard be able to prepare any spells if he had a negative int modifier?

Only if there is an archetype that lets him use something other than intelligence as his spellcasting attribute. There is such an archetype for the witch class but as far as I know all wizards use intelligence.

The wordcasting system definitely needs work -- there are some rather vital things that you can do with spells that you cannot do with wordcasting as presently written up. Even with that limitation, wordcasting might be usable if we had feats for letting wordcasters dabble in standard spellcasting. (At present, we only have feats for the reverse -- the only full spells that wordcasters get are very specific bonus spells from class features.)

Surtyr wrote:
Tiger is large and do not have reach beyond 5 feet

Tiger is also a quadruped, not a biped.

Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
20 Wizard/10 Magaambyan Arcanist/10 Riftwarden. Demons go home!

That beats my idea, as you get caster level 37 with that build.

Of course, now that I am looking at Paths of Prestige, I realize that my real holy grail (to get caster level 40th) would be Wizard 20/Magaambyan Arcanist 10/Veiled Illusionist 10.

Now that there is an obvious way to get wisdom to AC twice, maybe we will finally get an official Pathfinder FAQ ruling on that issue.

Is the problem a concern that the character is mistreating his pet?

Lanitril wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:

Clumsy genius wizards can be done but don't work well in Pathfinder.

I'm not sure that that's accurate. Define Clumsy... Seems to me that it's basically a Wizard with maybe low Wisdom and Dexterity? You'll miss the Dex to AC, I guess, but really, you don't even need to dump Wis and Dex to be clumsy, you can just roleplay yourself as clumsy.

No, I was specifically referring to dumping dexterity. With heavy armor you can leave it around average, but only an oracle with one of three certain mysteries can get away with a dexterity of 7.

Well, I was kind of going for getting the highest caster level I could, as well as assuming that the GM would come up with worthy challenges for these 40th level characters (including level appropriate spell resistance, which most 40th level builds would have no shot against).

It also occurred to me that I could make this combination less MAD by going oracle/sorcerer instead of cleric/wizard. If I select the Battle mystery and the Skill at Arms revelation, I do not need that fighter level to qualify for Eldritch Knight, but one of the Eldritch Knight's class features does become unusable. If Wealth by Level scales appropriately, I should be able to acquire Pages of Spell Knowledge almost as easily as a wizard learns new spells.

Clumsy genius wizards can be done but don't work well in Pathfinder.

Okay -- how about Fighter 1/Cleric 3/Wizard 16/Eldritch Knight 10/Mystic Theurge 10? You can pretty much ignore spell resistance with your wizard caster level of 35, and you can also cast up to 7th level cleric spells at cleric caster level 13.

I guess you could make that Fighter 1/Cleric 1/Wizard 18/Eldritch Knight 10/Mystic Theurge 10 if you can come up with an early entry method to get 2nd level divine spells from a race with +2 to Int.

The original target audience of the Core Rulebook was existing players of D&D 3.5, who would have had no need for a book like the Strategy Guide (and thus Paizo excluded it from the core subscription). But anyone getting into Pathfinder without that background would probably find a more basic guide useful.

D&D 4E has a rule that you cannot perform an attack of opportunity on your own turn, which limits but does not totally eliminate attack of opportunity chains (since you could still provoke an opportunity attack from somebody other than the foe you are attacking during your own opportunity attack).

But since Pathfinder has no such rule, it is more common for opportunity attacks to provoke further opportunity attacks even from the target of the first opportunity attack.

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Generally, the hybrid classes do not count as either of their parent classes for feat prerequisites unless they have a class feature that says that they do. For an example of such a feature, look at the Brawler class. See the introductory section just before the Arcanist class for the general rules.

David Bowles wrote:
Page 317 of the PDF does not seem to be scanned in quite right. Any fix for this? Or just live with it?

The only problem I see on that page of the PDF is that in the default view you don't see the right half of the table that spans pages 316 and 317 in a way that lets you scroll horizontally from the left side of the table on page 316 to the right side of the table on page 317. If you are viewing the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, you need to select "Two Up" on the View menu to get the two pages to hook up properly.

If you have the Evolutionist archetype and are at least 12th level , you can start out the day with a size Small eidolon with a lot of evolution points spent on boosting its bite attack. Then you can spend a minute to transmogrify your eidolon into a larger form with the Mount evolution, put a saddle on its back, and ride away.

As for the Agile property, you can get Weapon Finesse, but I don't know of a way to get dexterity to damage unless a magic item that boosts unarmed attacks can be enchanted with that property and worn by your eidolon.

I have a retired cohort with one level each in Harrower and Holy Vindicator. If she has not retired, her plan was to retrain that Harrower level to a second Holy Vindicator level and then advance in the latter class all the way to level 10.

There was a PC in our game who would have become a Master Chymist if he had lasted long enough (and had not taken that two level detour into the rogue class to pick up evasion).

The Chevalier is mentioned in a guide to the Iroran Paladin as a way for an Iroran Paladin to qualify for the Champion of Irori prestige class.

Describing an increase to a non-existent bonus is definitely an error.

That raises the question of whether the mongrel mage should get that ability at 7th level or at 9th. At what level would it have gotten the replaced ability?

But since the Separatist archetype is a Cleric archetype, shouldn't all references to domains be assumed to refer to domains available to clerics in the absence of a direct statement to the contrary?

Is this where I should suggest that no known effect will make a non-ginger creature ginger?

Bigdaddyjug wrote:
Where are you getting LoH from?

From the Believer's Hands feat at 1st level. That feat gives him one usage of Lay On Hands per day, with an effective paladin level of half his character level (minimum 1). The only problem I see is that the Lay On Hands ability does not seem to work for a character with a paladin level less than 2 since it would heal 0d6 hit points at 1st level.

But we still can't get a PDF of the 2014-2015 schedule that the folks who went to Gencon got, right?

Another vote for Swashbuckler.

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Of course, the future era chapter needs to have a statement to the effect that there is no final limit to where technology can go -- otherwise, its first negative comment is going to be "What? So X will never be developed?"

On the other hand, isn't a Ronin just a Samurai who lost his lord? I can't see any reason why that is more likely to happen to chaotic Samurai than to lawful ones.

It is probably more accurate to say that virtually everybody in the society from which Samurai are most likely to come is far more likely to be lawful than chaotic or even neutral.

Does a Herald of the Horn have any class ability that requires him to make a Perform check with his horn, or does he just blow on it?

Targus Deadeye of Kyonin wrote:
What book do I find Undersized Mount?

Advanced Class Guide.

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Oberyn Martell did not need all that much room to twirl his polearm around on Game of Thrones.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Thelemic_Noun wrote:
  • If a race has different ability modifiers for different genders (as is the case with many far-out, nonhumanoid creatures), do the character's ability scores change?
  • If, for some bizarre reason, the race has gender specific modifiers I imagine those change as well. Though frankly, I've never seen a race with such modifiers.

    The Lashunta would be an example in Pathfinder.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    Asgetrion wrote:
    Psychic magic! Is this going to be Paizo's version of psionics? If it is, I'm hyper-excited, because we could *finally* convert our psionicist PCs to Pathfinder. ?

    I think you would have to use Ultimate Psionics by Dreamscarred for that -- Paizo is planning to take a totally different approach that won't be compatible with D&D 3.5. Dreamscarred Press already did a more direct conversion.

    For Monstrous Humanoid, you don't need a sub-type. There is no obvious way to get all shapechangers as a favored enemy for one pick at this point.

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