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Uzbin Parault

David Haller's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 509 posts (568 including aliases). 2 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 7 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Great & Portable

****( )

This is a really handy tool! I tend to "travel" around to GM a lot (Pathfinder Society organized play, so local gamedays at stores, cons, friends' houses and so on) and this is a terrific alternative to carting around cases of minis. Very, very worth the money, even at full price (I bought mine at a local game store).

I'd love it if I could buy modular add-ons (I needed eight goblins the other day, and the box ships with four), but the PDF is fine for this (if you're not absolutely lazy... which I am, sometimes) if you print & mount what you need.

(These would be great for a player of a master summoner, conjurer wizard, etc. as well.)

It's definitely up there with the flip mats and condition cards in terms of utility. I'm tempted to buy a second box, actually (to keep in the trunk of my car along with my "just in case" dice and battle mat.)

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Nice little intro mod

***( )( )

While probably the scope of the adventure is a bit wasted on an introductory scenario (save the world in an evening?) and would have made a better mission arc, the scenario itself "delivers" - you are introduced to a specific area of the setting, meet a key NPC you'll deal with later, and encounter some interesting combats and challenges which involve every character archetype - we just started with PFS, and it was good fun; more to the point, we're ready for more :)

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