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David Eberhart's page

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Pure Garbage

*( )( )( )( )

Avoid this module. The module is poorly written and instead of going into detail it uses excuses to "let the DM flesh out the module". When I pay good money for a product I want a detailed account. Not a product that is just an outline I have to fill in. I could have made a better module roling on the random charts.

Very frustrating and worthless.

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Railroaded from the start.

**( )( )( )

I have to agree with the earlier review who said the key to this module is having players say, "cool we are pirates!" Other than that it has a very trickey start. Players are pressed into service by pirates. Players have to survive being pirates. Players get revenge on the bully and sail off into the sunset.

What I was hoping for was multiple ways for the party to get involved with the wormwood. Other than just pressing the party into service, why not have the local government ask the P.C.s to infiltrate the pirates. This would make a tense situation even more deadly but it would up the ante. The party could then be on the look out for Mr. Plugg and have a vested intressed in bringing him to justice.

Lots of good parts to roleplay with some great NPCs but still a little cliche for the start.

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