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David Devier's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. 28 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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Definitely worth the wait!


So I've been looking forward to this book since it was announced a few months ago, and I picked it up today at the local bookstore. I could not put it down, and just finished it, so I came here to share my views!

-Good characters! Glad to see Elyana and Drelm back, as I really enjoyed Plague of Shadows. I was also glad that all of the POV characters have strengths and weakness that drive their motives throughout the novel, and make the story better.

-The story was excellent, and the various races and classes of the Pathfinder RPG are well represented, and to me, in a way that makes sense. All the confusion over Lisette and her "wands" was rather hilarious, and helps show just how rare gunslingers are.

-Since this is a non-spoiler sort of thing, I will finish off with the fact that this book is a keeper and will be read again, and I will be convincing my players to read it as well.

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Simply Superb


As I've started reviewing books in the past few weeks, I've found that I prefer to keep them short and sweet, especially when it comes to Mr Sutter's work.

The sheer amount of information, and all of it well worded and densely packed, make this book a must buy, in my opinion, for anyone who enjoy's the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. The description of each planet and the hooks offered can start dozens of games, or add a depth of flavor to any game like a fine wine does to a steak.

So yes, this book gets five stars. It is evocative and addictive, and I hope in the future Paizo will be able to expand on the already rich foundation James Sutter has laid down.

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My first Review. Be gentle


I've been following the Pathfinder Tales line on and off since they began, and I have to say, of all the Tales I have read so far, Death's Heretic is easily my favorite.

James Sutter does an amazing job with pacing, keeping the story from bogging down and making me want to continue turning the page. I'll avoid spoilers for the story, so I'll give these reasons for why I rated this book a five: The characters, the setting, everything written is believable (for a fantasy novel), well described, and engaging. I feel like Mr. Sutter wrote the story knowing his audience, and never dumbs anything down.

In the end, the story is excellent, and I hope someday we get to see more of the characters introduced, though I'd be just as happy knowing Mr Sutter was writing more stories for the Pathfinder Tales!

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