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Alurad Sorizan

David Bowles's page

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Very good, but brutal, imo

I just ran this scenario. I was shocked as to how well the encounters are written for PFS. Each of the encounters are a legitimate threat to most PC groups.

This is a fun one to GM, since you have lots of tools at your disposal, and many interesting effects to put into play. It's mostly a straight forward meat grinder for the PCs, and even though the fights are hard, none feel cheap.

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I had a very good time

****( )

Yet another return trip to the Blackros Museum was about what I expected. Solid but not impossible combats, and an introduction to the Technic League were a plus.

Concerns include that some tier 3-4 groups without proper equipment will struggle mightily. Limited roleplay, but that's most Blackros scenarios.

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Challenging.... but not in a satisfying way

**( )( )( )

I was actually one of the less agitated players at my table at Origins, and I am partially filing this on their behalf, although I found this to be a fairly poor scenario as well.

Table complaints: weak plot, obnoxious time-wasting combats that were challenging but even more frustrating, and too many effects that cause PCs to "vibrate" and not be able to participate.

It also didn't help that we found out after that fact that we did indeed fulfill the secondary victory condition by

Plot points:
deciding to NOT murderhobo all the mind-controlled loser Pathfinders at the end, even though that's what some of us really wanted to do.
, but still didn't get credit.

more plot:
Like another poster here, I felt that the whole tapestry thing was a good excuse to be able to get the PCs in more obnoxious situations.

I would really only recommend this scenario to very optimized groups that can make short work of the encounters with brute mathematical force.

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