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Clanartus Viliras

Darksmokepuncher's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 765 posts (7,576 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 42 aliases.


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I'll see what I can come up with :)


2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 3) + 6 = 15
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 6) + 6 = 16
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 1) + 6 = 8
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 1) + 6 = 8
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 3) + 6 = 12
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 3) + 6 = 12

Wow...that's the worst.


Having the insides be a dungeon is an interesting idea!

Claxon: I have never found stats for rovagug, but essentially, that is the story we're running with only we are not playing on Golarion.


Think the Tarrasque or the Oliphaunt of Jandelay.

I am looking to collaborate on a colossal (literally) monster who is destined to destroy the world and eat the gods unless stopped.

This creature has rampaged once before and turned one section of the world to solid ice after burning it to a blackened crisp.

I want something that shakes and breaks the ground as it moves, its roar causes tidal waves!

I'll answer your questions if you have them, otherwise, let's see what we can make!


Unbinding the Fetters

+5 Bonus to Acrobatics Checks
The monk is immune to any effect that would force him to reroll a die against his will or roll twice and take the lower result. Whenever an ally within 10 feet of him would reroll a die against her will, she can roll twice and take the higher result. Whenever an ally within 10 feet would be forced to roll twice and take the lower result, she can instead roll three times and take the second-lowest result.
The monk can detect life forces as if he were using a paladin's detect evil class ability; however, instead of sensing evil creatures, he senses creatures that have a ki pool. Each such creature has an aura like a cleric of an aligned deity, and treats its current number of ki points as its Hit Dice for the purposes of this ability. Moreover, the monk may, as a full round action, suppress any number of ki points to appear less powerful to this ability. Retrieving Ki stored in this way requires a full round action to regain access.
If the monk spends one hour meditating on the teachings of this tome, he may choose one of the following enhancements for the day. This ability requires 8 hours of rest between meditations and cannot be changed inside 24 hours.
+2 untyped enhancement to one ability score
+2 to one save
+50 temporary hit points
+ One Ki power. The monk must meet all the prerequisites to use this power

The Rite of Trial Transposition
Tucked within the pages, a strange parchment pulses with latent energy. Once per day, the monk may focus, as a standard action, to swap places with the target ally. The ally needs to be on the same plane of existence and within 800 feet.



Thanks guys and gals. This gives me something to get started with. I'll post an iteration when I get it set.


Indrajit wrote:
I think it would be beneficial for those trying to assist for you to perhaps post some of the other items you've set up for the others so that there is a solid baseline for what you'd consider to be “cool bells and whistles.” Beyond that, it would also be useful for you to describe the monk a bit. Obviously he's a strong combatant and such and you want to avoid adding to that, but where does he stand in regards to social skills (and does that realm even matter the him or the player), and/or general utility?

Here's one example and is wielded by a medium creature:

Gorum's Blade
+1 Keen Greatsword (Large)
3/day Magic Vestment
Free Sunder attempt on a confirmed critical hit.
If the wielder suffers a critical hit, she must make a will save equal to the damage dealt or go berserk (gaining all the benefits and drawbacks of the barbarian's rage ability) She attacks the nearest creature and continues to fight until unconscious or dead or until no living thing remains within 30 feet.
An avatar of Gorum suffers no penalty for size when wielding this weapon.

The monk played the first half of what we've played of the campaign so far as a mute (Monk vow) so his social isn't great. However, other characters have that down. His knowledges are OK. He is a grappler and does not need more help there. His saves and AC are so high that I can only hit him like 20% of the time and Ive already bumped the CRs about as much as I can.

Does that help?


I am running a fairly high powered campaign for seven players.

They have most bases covered and don't really lack in any area in a glaring way.

I am creating a special item for each character based on their connection to a specific god.

Here's the issue:

I need an item (slotless: I'm thinking a book), for a monk of Irori who is hands down the most min maxed and powerful character on the field.

I need this item to have some cool bells and whistles, special powers and whatnot, but it cannot increase his fighting prowess too much and cannot realistically raise his AC at all or I will lose CR balance.

Any thoughts? I've been stuck nearly a week now. :(


Male Human

I understand, just checking in :)

Grats on the growing little one!


Male Human

I'll be out of town this weekend. I will try to post, but you know how it is...


Male Human

I'll be out of town this weekend. I will try to post, but you know how it is...


Male Human

I'll be out of town this weekend. I will try to post, but you know how it is...


Male Human

I'm still here. Just traveling. Not good Internet.

Beck does not outrank you and ya'll would K ow that. He's just an enlisted man. Sorry I missed that too.


Male Human

Alright. I am back and won't be "gone" for a while now. Are there any questions left or are we ready to get started?

I am happy to wait for Trent, but I also don't want to lose the group. :)


Male Human

I am going out of town on Thursday to my grandfather's funeral. That being said, I am hoping to do some posting, but I honestly don't know what I'll be able to manage. I will not start the game until I see how things go there. However, I will be back Sunday, so not too long a wait.

Any other questions about the world or your predicament? Any thoughts on where you want the game to head?

Will you regroup with allied forces elsewhere? Fight for Odalisk in hopes of gaining a better life under the new regime? Become independent guerrilla fighters? etc?


Male Human

Ganterra, you people are the Torrio. They live in the forest just north of Odalisk, north of the river that bears their name.

They are thought to be the natives of modern Pollexia and most have mated into the country long, long ago. Your people are those that still (2-300 years later) do not recognize the outsiders and would drive them forth if they could. Torrio tribes people refer to Pollexians as such to their faces mostly, but outsider, usurper, invader, etc. all fit. Thos with less Torrio blood (the ruling familes and such) are generally referred to as Milks due to their pale skin and their affinity for the drink. Those with obviously more Torrio blood are often ostracized and even assaulted. They are called blood traitors by some.

The current chieftain of the Torrio people is called Raolo. He is a progressive thinker and allows trade and travel with and among Pollexians stating that they need to know the enemy better to push them off the land, but those closest to him realize that Raolo sees the inevitability of fighting the Pollexians and the futility in holding to the old ways for it's own sake. He may be planning something big...


Male Human

While I love the initiative, let's table in character RP for now.

The King of Pollexia is Merek Destrian. He is considered to be a fair, but absent ruler. In his time as king, he as inacted several laws that give more power to the individual (similar to Magna Carta), his mandates and laws tend to strengthen the economy and give power to the local authorities who know the needs of their people best. However, he has not toured his kingdom in some time. In fact he's barely been seen around the capital in the last few years.

There have been no rumors of his death or any whispers of illness. It seems that the king has simply, slowly become a hermit.

The problem with that is, once the local powers find a way to exploit the new law or mandate, it tends to go badly for the people.

Most people want to like the king and he gains a surge of popularity every time a new edict is passed because people make more money and freedoms are increased. Then the Lords come through having "found the intended interpretation" and the collar is slapped on tighter than before.

Most people blame the king, but the highly educated or very intelligent see the game for what it is. You can imagine what happens to such people if they are caught speaking out...

Your Lord, Geb, Is greedy but not unfair. The spirit of the King's decrees live in his domain, but his taxes tend to increase with them. In all, he's not so bad, but he is disorganized and brash.

Most countries view Pollexia similarly to the way many view the United States. It is a powerful country that has made great leaps in technology this century: they discovered the method to create steel for instance. But the country is passed its hay day in all likelihood.

Sepal and Jocasta are simlar countries to Pollexia in that they do much trade by sea, but Jocasta is far more mountainous and lacks Pollexia's vast farming and grazing lands. Sepal boasts roalling grasslands and dense forests and as a result, trade in mostly timber and horses. Their lack of metal resources keeps them from becoming a great power indeed.

Odalisk is land locked and relies on trade with neighbors for goods from far away lands and for any bounty of the sea. They are an industrious people with amble resources and is the only true rival of Pollexia.

One old codger in the camp swears that Odalisk used to have come claim on all Pollexian lands south of Ryn clear across to Eneini. Pollexian law recognizes no such claims.

I did borrow the map :)

Any other questions?


Male Human

I'm still here. I just haven't had the time to post when I am in the same place as both the computer and the book. Sorry guys. We're still playing. I promise.


Male Human

At this point, it is unclear why Odalisk has invaded, but it is clearly them.

At this point you all would know that Odalisk and Pollexia have quarreled in the past, but, to your knowledge, not so much as a skirmish has come of it. Tensions were high for a while, then a great peace treaty was struck and all went back to normal.

Now, a month-ish later, they have invaded and scattered Duke Geb's army.

Generally speaking, it is never good for the local populace during war, especially for those on the receiving end.

Now, does that mean things won't get better once the war is over? Who can say.

I like to run my games with the players directing the show. You guys can choose what to do, even if thats high tailing it to the mountains and founding a fishing village. (That would not be a fun game though).

The bottom line is choose what you want to do and make decisions as a group as much as possible.

I do not like PvP in my games, and I expect none of you will come to blows with one another. Bickering and disagreements are fine: they even make the story more believable, but remember these are supposed to be real people and people can only take so much. Let's not push each other too far when there are so many enemies already.

It is also important to gather information as much as possible. If you decide to assassinate someone, but do no recon, I will not pull punches when you bust in to find he's always got three crossbowmen in his rooms for just such an event.

What other questions are there? :)


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Male Human

Hi everyone!

Welcome and congratulations.

The first thing I'd like to see is an alias for each character with includes their stats and backstory plus any additional, pertinent information.

Please keep your stat block in the alias. I do not want to have to link to an outside character sheet.

At least include AC, Saves, Perception, and attacks.

Secondly, I'd like to know what questions you have about what you know, where you are, etc.


You are all citizens and/or soldiers in the city of Narv on the boarder of Odalisk. A month after signing an historic peace treaty with ODalisk, Pollexia was invaded with surprising speed by the new ally. They rushed the cities of Pyrandon and Ryn overtaking them in mere days.

Unable to supply and prepare for a siege since the hostile nation now surrounded him, Duke Simeon Geb (your lord) brought all his forces forth and attempted to punch through enemy line, passed Ryn and on to Pollex.

On the plains before Ryn castle, Duke Geb and his troops were soundly defeated. It is currently unknown what has become of Geb and his nobles. You, one way or another, have managed to flee into the forest south of Ryn.

A few other survivors have also managed to take refuge in the large forest.

What is to become of you now? Do you seek to rejoin the Pollexian war machine and drive the invaders forth? Do you turn your cloak and join the usurpers? Perhaps you disappear into the wilds and are never seen again?

What will you do?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have decided on 5 players. They are as follows:

Ashling Frostwing



Trent Walker


Please head over to discussion and we'll start hammering out details.


This is a hard choice. I'm nearly finished making it.

Sorry Glamdout, recruitment did close a while ago.


I will be going ahead with this game, but since so much time has passed, please let me know if you're still interested and the name of your intended character.

I will give you until midnight tomorrow to respond.


Sorry folks. I was called out of town. My grandfather passed away so I was with family. I'll do some thinking about this game and let you all know asap.


Friendly reminder:

Recruitment will close in 7 hours and 10 minutes. Please make sure all submissions are finalized by then.


Arachnofiend, that's fine.


Looks like new applications are slowing down, so I'll start going through applications tomorrow. If you are not complete, please get done asap. I will still stick to my original deadline.


Fire arrows are my limit. I may change the nature of their smoking due to the weather in game.




Nutcase Entertainment wrote:
A few little modifications to Weapons and Armors proficiencies, and of Combat Juggling... of the "Juggle and Throw Anything" types.

If you have specific requests, I will consider them, but I'm not going to change a perfectly valid archetype blindly.

Green Smashomancer, I gotta say no to the Ki Pool as the ability is itself supernatural. Sorry.


Sounds good Arachnofield!

Ganterra looks really good, very well thought out. I like it.


I don't see what needs changing for the juggler. They're all EX abilities.

Gunnhild, Trent, Kas, and Ashling look good.

Arachnofiend, you're will affects how easily you can be intimidated...but you're right. Not a huge call for will saves here.

That being said, I'm going to get suspicious if Machievellian plans start flowing from a Wis 8 character.


Ok. The closest things to completed characters at this point are:

Ashling (Incomplete) and Robert (Complete).

We have some good ideas posted, and I'd like to get started sooner rather than later. To that end, I have decided on a dealine:

All applications need to be submitted and complete by Sunday, January 10th at 5pm PST.

I will then do my best to choose a team by EOD Monday the 11th.


Battlefield Surgeon is easily tooled as a combat trait for this campaign. Go for it.


Pollexian: This is the national language and replaces common. You all get this for free.

Sepalese: The language of Sepal, a country to the south.

Odish: The language of Odalisk, a country to the south west.

Jocastian: The language of Jocasta, a country to the north.

I have no issue with multi-classing.


I don't think they are broken or hard to port. I am very familiar with Unearthed Arcana and usually use it in my games.

This is a special kind of game and I am being purposefully restrictive.


NPC classes with no magic are fine. However, we're only using Pathfinder rules.


I like the camp follower idea. Women characters will bring an interesting perspective to this game, since medieval gender roles basically hold true. Just know that a female character might face challenges a male wouldn't.

I will not however entertain or include overt sexual violence of any kind in this game. At most, someone may mention "having their way" or "being used", etc. But I do want to stay away from that side of things as much as possible.

There will be mature themes and descriptions in this game, but we can try to be tactful about it.

I had not read the background skills rules, but I just did and love them. Go for it.

Steel, wrought iron, bronze, brass, tin, copper, and precious metals (silver, gold, etc.) are really the only metals we'll get into. No need to worry on mithril, cold iron, or the like.

Crafting is fine. Basic things that can be made with your hands and basic tools like a knives or an axes are no problem. Larger woodworking projects or metal work, especially forged steel, will be much harder as those things require specific equipment that will be controlled by the powers that be wherever possible. As the game progresses, depending on the choices made, such things may become easier. Otherwise, normal crafting rules apply.


I'm not going to put an end limit on the applications just yet.

I will take 3-5 characters. Probably 4.

The class list is deliberate.

I haven't finished up with any expanded herb lore or anything. Suffice to say that if you've got enough survival and heal skill ranks, you'll be able to handle it.

I do mean drawbacks, not flaws. Sorry.


HERE is the recruitment page for this campaign.



I am going to run a zero magic game using pathfinder rules. This game will be run in a home-brew setting, not in Golarion.

All spells, spell-like, and supernatural abilities are removed from this game. Only mundane items are allowed. If you're not sure, please ask.

The Story
The Kingdom of Pollexia is invaded and it's army has thus far been prevented from joining into a cohesive unit. Individual barons work tirelessly to avoid battle and bring their troops together under the leadership of the Lord Marshall. Many have been unsuccessful.

After a crushing defeat under their liege lord, the players scramble off the battlefield. Cut off from their contingents and now deep in enemy territory, they must decide what is to become of them.

You may be a professional soldier, a member of the militia, or a clerk/aid de camp to a low ranking officer. The story is very open and can take a wide array of turns depending on what skill sets are available and what choices are made. Each character should represent a real person in this world and should be rounded enough to be playable in combat and social situations alike. Obviously, some characters will favor one over the other.

Character Creation
Level 2

Max Hp at 1st level, then average.

1000gp in starting gold

Human only

20 Point Buy - No score lower than 8

Only the following classes are allowed:
Barbarian (Vanilla or Unchained)
Bard, no bardic performance or spells
Monk (Vanilla or Unchained), no Ki Pool or supernatural (ie. Wholeness of body, diamond body, abundant step etc.)
Ranger, no spells, favored enemy is replaced with the Slayer’s Studied Target ability, Skirmisher is a good choice
Rogue (Vanilla or Unchained)

2 traits (one must be a combat trait) and 1 flaw. I will choose a 3rd trait to help tie your characters to the story.

1-3 paragraphs about your character with emphasis on her/his life outside of war and how he/she feels about war in general. The chosen group will collaborate with me to finalize backgrounds once they are chosen.

Things to know
Pollexians do not have a religion: you are living and breathing or you are mud. Otherwise, morality, honor and so forth exist on a similar spectrum to our own world.

Enemies will include other humans, animals, and the elements. All are held to the same no magic rules as the players.

Technology is closest compared to 12th and 13th century Europe.

Please ask if you have any questions.


These are the classes I'd permit were I to run such a game:

Barbarian (Unchained)
Bard, no bardic performance or spells
Monk (Unchained), no Ki Pool or supernatural (ie. Wholeness of body, diamond body, abundant step etc.)
Ranger, no spells, Skirmisher is a good choice
Rogue (Unchained)


I haven't thought that far ahead.

For now, anything non-magical is fair play, thought it will probably end up being core races only: I'm even thinking human only to make the dark more of a challenge.

Arachnofiend is right: no extracts, no alchemical.


Not engaging character concepts at this time. Creature types irrelevant.

Tech is pregunpowder.


Nutcase Entertainment wrote:
Darksmokepuncher wrote:
Other questions?
Darksmokepuncher wrote:
Again, I will allow ANY class, but ALL classes lose any magical, spell, spell-like, or supernatural abilities, so some are better choices than others :)


I am happy to allow unchained classes so long as we keep to the mundane and extraordinary abilities only.

I am thinking of a way to incorporate herbal healing into the game to decrease recuperation time, but the Heal skill already deals with that. Also, part of the point of this kind of game is to avoid taking damage and/or being hunted as healing will be very difficult.

Swarms, if they appear, would be a "run or be killed" sort of encounter.

Again, I will allow ANY class, but ALL classes lose any magical, spell, spell-like, or supernatural abilities, so some are better choices than others :)

Plots to think on to gain an idea of how this game will feel: Game of Thrones (minus dragons and warlocks and stuff), Iron Clad, The Count of Monte Cristo, etc.

A high AC is one route to take: High Initiative is another. You could take social skills, attack from range or stealth, etc.

The point is, there is no magic. Otherwise, this would be a normal Pathfinder game.

Other questions?


What tech level are you thinking? Are there gunslingers for example?

I will not be allowing gunslingers. I realize wounds taken in combat will be enough of a challenge without targeting touch AC.

How do you plan to handle things that normally cannot be solved without magic, such as status removal? Will enemies be held to the same mundane standard?

By status removal I assume you mean things like: ability damage and drain, fatigued, sickened, etc.? Most of those things heal off with time and those that don't (like ability drain) will be rare or non existent. This game will be incredibly gritty mostly based around interactions with other people with other dangers including natural terrain, weather, and wild animals. Enemies are held to the same standards.

I assume this will Pathfinder?

Pathfinder, indeed.

Does this also mean no magic items?

No magic of any kind. Masterwork items will be the best one could hope for.


Just checking interest for a no magic game.

Any class or race is allowed, but all spells, spell-like abilities, supernatural abilities, etc. are banned from this game. Therefore, fighters, rogues, and the like are good choices while sorcerers and wizards would be poor choices.

The game would be fairly gritty with high emphasis on risk versus reward, using skills, etc.

I am happy to answer any questions, but please do not post character concepts at this time.

Just let me know if you're interested and if you have any questions.


Thanks for reviewing the info and allowing it!

That really is a great resource for all things pathfinder.


GM Farrier wrote:
@Darksmokepuncher, looks great mate. The only things I'd like to see amended are the race of his stepfather (I don't believe orcs are welcome in Trunau so maybe half orc?) and as I'm unfamiliar with unchained maybe just go for vanilla monk?

Half-Orc is no problem. I don't know much about Trunau so I didn't know :)

As far as Unchained Monk, you can find everything there is to know HERE.

The gist is that they don't just get abilities now, they get Ki powers. Also, flurry is much more simplified. The result is a more well rounded monk that hits less often to better effect and is more customizable to the flow of the game and the needs of the group.

I hope you'll consider it, I am really tired vanilla monks. If not, I'll roll up something else.


4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 1, 6) = 18 = 17
4d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 6, 6) = 22 = 18
4d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 6, 2) = 13 = 11
4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 4, 6) = 21 = 17
4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 6, 6) = 18 = 16
4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 3, 4) = 14 = 11

4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 6, 1) = 15 = 14
4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 3, 5) = 18 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 3, 6) = 19 = 16
4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 2, 6) = 14 = 13
4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 5, 6) = 20 = 17
4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 3, 2) = 12 = 10

I have never had a set better than set 1...

I might just have to play a monk. :D

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