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Darkren's page

11 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Thanks for the specific and direct feedback ^>^

One point though.
As rings of flying become common place, so do antimagic zones.

A enterprising player killer could wait for someone to come flying by way up in the sky, zap him/her with antimagic, and laugh as they fall.

Also, strong wind gusts make flying difficult/dangerous

Just saying. Fly is only a level 3 spell in 3rd edition Dnd.

Meaning people have 6 spell levels to figure out how to break it.

That sounds like it has ALOT of good potential.

so, say a 3 str char could have every skill a 18 str char does, BUT it would take a year for that 3 str char to have those same skills at the same level end game?

Or will there be skills that you have to have X str to even begin to learn?

That in and of itself could be the limit imposed on multiclassing.

Assuming Attributes are pretty much anchored and hard to change, other than gear bonuses.

I'm not 100% how I feel about Attributes not having a mechnical effect in game.

I would assume that goes for Spell DCs and tactical combat DCs as well, assuming DCs will be in PFO.
I think it's workable, but there is the 20 point arguement...
Meaning, if you got over the d20 range, everything would be either auto fail or auto pass.

And I personally don't like the concept of one character being able to be everything.

@ Waffley Ye.
Only recently came across this, and I keep reading that the designers want to work with the community, and want to make a sandbox, etc etc.

The thing about most MMOs that turns me off are those said walls.
Makes me feel like a cow being herded along.

It's my largest complaint about DDO.
DDO still has a INCREDIBLE combat system, and a decent trap system.
I'm hoping to see more of that here, with out the instanced city that everyone and their grandma seems to be interested in.

So I'm trying to get a feel for where things stand, and I'm finding it difficult to find the direct answers.

But I'm definitely started to get excited by what I'm hearing so far.

Seems the hardest part might be waiting out the 1 year, 5000 players max, "beta" test.
( I know, they don't want to call it beta.)

Let's just skip the whole darkness thing.
Question has been answered.
You want to argue it, links have been provided to the other threads.

That still doesn't seem so bad, considering the biggest thing will be skills, if they're gonna be real-time based to acquire.

Or even polymorph into a bug and go into a crack in the wall ^.^
A personal favorite.

Nothing about tossing down ropes for part members in a dungeon, or climbing trees, or even walls?
Or spells like transmute rock to mud?

Half of controlling how much people whine is by controlling the quality of equipment they can receive.
When DDO first came out, people were getting loaded down with elemental burst weapons and greater bane weapons, and vorpals, and smitings, and banishings. At level 10.

Usually, DMs wait to introduce those things to make them more intimidating when they do get introduced.

In any case, if you go and lose a few +3 items, it's not all that big a deal.

If you play for a long time, are experienced, and lose a vorpal, then ye, it's something harsh, but by that time, you should understand its value because of what you had to go through to get it.

Has permadeath been decided yet? either for it, or against it?

I find EVE's approach to permadeath very appealing... have a clone to preserve a certain amount of skill points.

permadeath only when you have no clone.

Then again, there's the simple comment I have to every Final Fanasty cut scene, in terms of perma death...
"Why not use a pheonix down?"

EVE does have a incredible skill system.
It is one of the most daunting skill systems for a new player to come across.
Furthermore, I don't like the idea of a... we're applying levels here, simply to make a point...
a level 20 fighter to be able to use the spells a level 20 wizard can use.

I'm all about the multiclassing and customization, but I think doing things like putting a point in martial fighting should put a negative on spell casting fighting.
That way, a fighter could still be using spells, but not the top tier spells.
That is just a very basic example,and will not stand up to whatever scruteny that will be tossed at it.
I'm sure I read that multiple characters will be supported.
With that in mind, I'd see little problem with putting caps on skills.

Racial bonuses could simply say "raise the cap on this skill by this much"
"receive this much less penalty to spell casting skill when raising a martial skill"

Assuming whatever bonuses to attributes received racially aren't good enough.


Will there be a darkness factor, where visibility will be determined by having a torch, and a race with dark vision would have a slight advantage, or even be blinded for, say, 5 seconds when going from darkness to light?

Someone KILL ME!!, sorry I'm guessing you weren't here durring the last few times this topic was beaten to death with a lead pipe, brought back to life, beaten to death again etc...

I read the thread a bit.
Too long, too many people throwing in their trash talk.

It was a question. Is that being considered to be included, or no?
For whatever reason. I understand that many games remove the darkness because of a simple game engine problem...
Too many light sources. Overloads the engine, creates lag and crashes.
So if it's not physically possible, cool.
If it is possible, and player base says no, no problem.
If it is possible, and they are doing it, well that's just peachy.

One thing that gets me about most MMOs is the jump factor and the wall of trees/ slightly steep hill factor.

How do you plan on handling explorability in that term?
Will there be instanced regions, with "walls" blocking you in between regions?
If you need to do a little mario action and jump up, can you lower a rope to party members below you?
Will your character be smart enough to climb or cut down a tree?

Will there be a darkness factor, where visibility will be determined by having a torch, and a race with dark vision would have a slight advantage, or even be blinded for, say, 5 seconds when going from darkness to light?
Will there be extinction factors, where over hunting a resource would cause it to a) no longer exist, or b) take longer to respawn?

Eager minds want to know.

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