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DarkestHeart's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 272 posts (3,203 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 35 aliases.


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He gave you a chance to flee. You are in the Hangar. Blast doors = airlock...

Yezzir! He did pretty good did m'boy. Haha Lucky dice, I was due some. In one of my other PbP games I just missed 5 attacks in a row, between my mount and me.

Yeah it blows. One of the Gameplay threads I am a part of got hit really bad by it.

It happens at times yeah. Paizo is having trouble a lot lately, in Campaign threads.

I really want to see Gigantus because I know how nails my guy is, so I really wanna see how big and bad Ashe made his guy, if he got nerfed that hard.

I'd like to thank the Academy, and my competitors. It was SUCH a tough category this year and I am truly truly touched. I love you moms! PEACE!

Hahaha That either. The arrow doesnt move but the little girl sure does!

Hahaha He was adjacent yeah. And that roll was pretty poor. A total of -1 on an attack is always bad. :P It is times like that where I like to imagine that the arrow fell off the string, rather than went astray.

Or Ali. Haha Lets hope it is Ali. Dude could use a kick in the pants.

Damn it Loup I'm a Doctor not a coward, of course I'm in!

I'm gettin all itchy... I wannnaaaaa poooossssttt. Hahaha

If the song is the standard Goblin song, Ali is freaking out right now. Hahaha

We just cant shut up apparently! ;)

Aaah! Man it really has been too long! Ill have to watch it again sometime. But for right now, I gotta sleep. Haha It is f!$&ing 8am, almost 9. Fun time
S. Later man

Oh man... What is that? I know it I just can't think. Aaah. Hmm. Is it Erikson?

Hahaha The old animated movie was awesome when I was younger. Havent watched it recently.

Haha I get that. I mean the Hobbit is where Golem is truly iconic really.

Hahaha Nice one Fox. Yes it is.

Haha It is. It is the opening of The Lord of Chaos, book 6 of the Wheel of Time.

Try this one on for size-

'Cold be hearth and hand and bone,
Cold be travelers far from home,
They do not see what lies ahead,
When sun has failed and moon is dead!'

The lions sing and the hills take flight,
The sun by day and the moon by night,
Blind woman, Deaf man,Jackdaw fool,
Let the Lord of Chaos Rule

Heh... Sorry. I'm kinda a sucker for poetry from Fantasy series.

Either or. Hahaha Man next level I will actually put ranks in Diplomacy. Working off of my Cha only is dodgy.

Haha Glad to be entertaining Fox.

Haha I like it. It is interesting. Ali probably will not visit shops with her but directly after her, when they are primed for a taste of honey, after being put through the wringer.

And I just applied a little salve, without ruining everything. Go team!

I'm never getting that crossbow now! :( Haha

Yup. All good! :)

I read that reply then TOTALLY fell asleep earlier and forgot about it. Sorry Korak. Reply incoming.

Only because the "Gnome" is really a Halfling with dyed and spiked hair! Shenanigans I say!

Oh, do you want Spellcraft checks for the Magic Items we found?

Ha. Yeah I can see how that would dull some of their shine.

Ah! I have always wanted a Ferret. They are kinda adorable!

Ah so not your Ferret then? :P

I wish I had a ferret... I only have a big stupid Black Labrador. He is pretty awesome though.

AKA Right there with you buddies!

That's cool. Ali will just stand at the finish line and make small talk with the organizer, while looking pleasantly unphased.

At LAST another male character.

OH! Then I'll have ALi do knowledge for the rest!

I've been getting by in a Space Horror game, it is keeping me occupied, that and looking for apartments.

I am. :D

Sweet! These games are almost as much fun as combat. Now if they were earning us XP I would play an adventure path of just this. Haha

I didn't know about the Alchemical Power Components till I was told there either. Haha They seem cool though, and I like the idea of it, being a slightly Alchemist style caster.

I'm enjoying myself a lot. It is going well in my opinion.

Hey GM, just wondering how you feel about Alchemical Power Components, in spells? So I have Acid Splash and if I bought some Acid to use as a focus, when casting the spell, I would get +1 on Damage. Would you be cool with me doing that for my spells, expanding as we go?

Also, about the Harrowing, I did not think about it before, but that might be an interesting route for Ali later on. Hmm.

Oh and, one last question, any word from out 6th member?

EDIT: Harrowing is a steep buy in... Hahaha Nope. Gonna have to find something else.

Haha I think once Ali is less innocent they play off eachother a lot better. Ali is nice and sweet and lovely but he is still an orphan, so he is flighty by nature.

*Curiosity intensifies* Haha :P

They ain't gonna win but they ain't gonna come last. Haha :P

Well I'll just refrain from clicking on Profiles till everything is common knowledge. I'm playing it close to the chest personally, now only two people apart from me know my build, you included.

I just really love character builds though. Haha And triple gestalt is so rich of interesting mixes. I can resist!

There. PM sent and everything is even.

I look at character sheets if they are there because they are interesting and I can't help myself. I won't from now on and I'll share mine with the only character I looked at.

And it isn't what they are planning, it is mistakes. Like things that are done wrong, in compliance with your character creation rules and with the rules in general.

EDIT: Now I read the second part I assume you mean that in a "Seriously people this is a PvP game, don't give away your secrets" kinda way, rather than a "Who are you to tell them how to build their character" sort of way. Haha So sorry.

How do people feel about other players pointing out mistakes in their Character sheets? Usually I do not agree with it but as this is a PvP game (Sort of), is it acceptable?

Nope. Sounds good.

I like Furnok too, or Hiro the Kitsune bard.

Well I thought "Bloody thirsty and terrifying" was just implied. :P

Hmm. Well there is also Alexander Bain, but he is Chelaxian and we have Chleo...

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