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DarkTemplar's page

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I should be able to attend your session Neil if you still have spots available.

Im interested. Depends on the timings you guys run. Day or night gaming sessions and what time is it all kicking off?

If you need another player count me in. Ive been roleplaying for around 4 years now. I can be contacted at

Reebo Kesh wrote:

Hi all,

My current group of 4 is looking for 1 or 2 experienced role players. We are currently playing the Dawn of Defiance Star Wars campaign and intend to start playing Pathfinder 3.5 very soon.

We play once a month, sometimes twice, in Chatswood (not far from Chatswood train station) on Saturdays between 10.30am till we finish.

We are mature players in our 30s who have been gaming together for 10+ years so if your interested reply here or drop me a pm and we'll arrange a meet up.


Im going to give a human barbarian a go. Expect something very close to a viking.

Im still up for it. A game afterwards aswell sounds good. I shall see you all there.

I put my vote down for the 18th...seems to be the most available date for everyone

I agree, a way for all of us to contact each other over the internet is a good idea. From the ammount of interest just in these last few days there is clearly enough of us out there to get a campaign up and going.

I for one can be contacted at

So if anyone wants to get hold of me with regards to gaming I can be found there.

Hey mate, I personaly dont live in that area (away with work) but I have a heap of mates up there always on the look out for new gamers. They play 3.5, starwars and dark heresy. If you want info contact me on and i can get in touch with the guys and girls and tell them bout you.

If this is still happening count me in. Also a time and date if possible could help.

Count me in im fairly new to the game (have a decent amount of rpg experiance though) but im definetly up for it.

I am also very interested in joining a group in the sydney area.

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