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Medical Drone

Dark Netwerk's page

354 posts (3,615 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 28 aliases.

Current Campaigns

Dark Sun, Pathfinder Edition

Dark NetwerkGorkhan Trask

GM Lil"Eschie Second Darkness- or L.S.D

Dolgrin Hammerfist

Dramatis Personae
Gold Goblin
Map of Riddleport
Loot sheet

Characters HP
Alayna 9/12, AC 18 FF 14 T14
Krucina 10/10, AC 16 FF13 T13
Cameron 9/9, AC 15 FF 14 T11
Dolgrin 10/14 AC 19 FF 17 T12
Izkrael 11/11 AC 15 FF12 T13
Nessa 8/8 AC 13 FF 11 T12

Legacy of Old Sharptooth


A Mythic Kobold Kingmaker AP

Previous Campaigns

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