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Medical Drone

Dark Netwerk's page

350 posts (3,215 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 27 aliases.

Current Campaigns

Arneste's Second Darkness

Dolgrin Hammerfist

...And I feel fine!

This adventure path is about an end of the world as we know it ... or is it? Can a band of heroes from a city of vice save Golarion from a second darkness?

Dark Sun, Pathfinder Edition

Dark NetwerkGorkhan Trask

DM Thron's Kingmaker Campaign

Vianella Orlovsky

Empire of Night: Way of the Wicked (Vampire Campaign)

Dark NetwerkAnton Vitruvian

In the noble land of Talingarde, the righteous deity Mitra has purged the land of evil cults and undead predators, yet the darkness is set to rise once more. a band of evil outcasts plot the destruction of the people who imprisoned them and a way to attain power for themselves, even if it costs them their humanity.
Power at any price.

Full map of Talingarde

Branderscar Prison - Full Map.

Legacy of Old Sharptooth


A Mythic Kobold Kingmaker AP

Way of the Wicked #2

Tenoch Itzcoatl

Previous Campaigns

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