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Dark Midian's page

341 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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I know it's not in a core book, but try looking in the Skulls and Shackles AP? That'd be the only place I could think of that has characters piloting a boat and having to worry about that kind of thing.

Val'bryn2 wrote:
However, according to the section on subdomains in the Advanced Players Guide, it states that a cleric must have access to both the domain and subdomain through their deity. Therefore, there is clearly a mistake that was made on Sivanah. Firstly because of the above mentioned, second because the deity's alignment doesn't match the subdomain, thirdly, because according to the lore of the setting, proteans HATE Sivanah, so serving the cause of them kind of goes against the deity.

The rule about a cleric having to have access to both the regular domain and subdomain was retconned some time ago, as deities like Kostchtchie grant the Ice subdomain without having access to the Water domain; it simply means that you get that domain, but taking the subdomain is mandatory.

Regardless, checking Inner Sea Gods reveals that Sivanah has no access to the Chaos domain, and therefore OP does not get the Protean subdomain.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's as it says. You can activate it as many times as you like, but these kinds of abilities usually have a clause that says you have to use it in round/minute/hour increments. So if you activate it once, there's a round. Deactivate and reactivate? Another round.

I'm on Windows 7 64-bit, Foxit version, and the sheet is the Starfinder Auto-fillable Character Sheet v1.06.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

1. If you mean "Can I use Explosive Missile to infuse an alchemical item?", no. The most recent version of the Explosive Missile alchemist discovery specifically states it has to be an "arrow, crossbow bolt, or one-handed firearm bullet."

Ultimate Combat, pg. 24:
As a standard action, the alchemist can infuse a single arrow, crossbow bolt, or one-handed firearm bullet with the power of his bomb, load the ammunition, and shoot the ranged weapon. He must be proficient with the weapon in order to accomplish this. When the infused ammunition hits its target, it deals damage normally and detonates as if the alchemist had thrown the bomb at the target. If the explosive missile misses, it does not detonate. An alchemist must be at least 4th level before selecting this discovery.

2. Correct.

3. Correct, except the part mentioned in #1. You can't use Explosive Missile on alchemical items.

4. It's up to you. It would cost the user three uses of their bombs, so it would be a "nova" option that would very quickly get outclassed. Technically, as long as the weapon being used is ranged, it would be fine rule-wise.

Mike Shel wrote:
Dark Midian wrote:
Are you allowed to tell us just how much of the dungeon you used? Considering that the deep levels are basically 15th level plus possibly mythic.


With that said, since this is chapter 2 of the AP, there are limits, and the levels listed in Dungeons of Golarion were used as a guideline.

Except for my BBEG: ** spoiler omitted **

Ah, the good old "Hey, you can't fight this thing so the GM expects you to run!" encounters.

Mike Shel wrote:

I loves me some dungeons!

It remains to be seen what the cruel and clever James Jacobs will do to my turnover, but what I sent in is packed with nasty, dungeon-crawling badness. I took my lead from the excellent article on Hollow Mountain in Dungeons of Golarion - I can't recall who's responsible for it (Jason Bulmahn, Matthew Goodall, Brandon Hodge, or Anthony Pryor), but it provided a great framework for a multi-level crawl I hope people will love (even if they fail to survive).

Are you allowed to tell us just how much of the dungeon you used? Considering that the deep levels are basically 15th level plus possibly mythic.

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Hey Mark, less of a rules question on this one. What are the chances of the Void kineticist element getting printed in a hardcover book? Did you ever bring up the idea for it to be in Planar Adventures?

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A. 5th edition D&D is doing very well. One of Pathfinder's biggest niches was "Hey, at least we're better than 4e, and we're still roughly like that old system you liked!" Now that WotC is actually putting up good competition with a recognized brand, it's natural that PF sales will slip.

B. Pathfinder is bloated. They're scaling back the amount of books because they finally realized that putting out books at breakneck speed is not the best way to go about things when everyone's already overworked AND they have a whole new system to worry about.

C. On top of B, Paizo has recently lost a number of high-level employees in the past year or so. They literally only have one forum moderator and seem unwilling or unable to fill the positions that are left.

This is such a leap of logic I'm surprised you're not on a mental gymnastics team. While the logic of two-handing a shield is fine, if a bit weird, the bashing property treats the shield as larger for damage dice. It does not make anything truly larger, and a light shield is still light.

Since it doesn't say, probably not. Ask your GM.

A preface: Are you crafting these, or having an NPC put the enchantments on? Also, enhancing existing unique items is basically GM fiat-only, but they rarely tend to say no.

1. Adding the champion special ability to the murderer's blackcloth would be the equivalent of going from a +1 to a +2 armor, so it would cost 3,000 gp for an NPC to do it, or 1,500 gp for a PC crafter. Make sure to add the additional price to the base price of the armor in case you decide to sell it.

2. The monk's robes are not armor and, barring GM fiat, cannot be enchanted with armor enhancements or abilities. You can however place brawling on bracers of armor; do note that brawling has been changed to be a +3 enhancement.

3. Similar to #1, adding the balanced special ability to a +3 armor would be going from +3 to +4, so it would cost 7,000 for an NPC or 3,500 for a PC crafter. Make sure to add the additional price to the base price of the armor in case you decide to sell it.

Gilfalas wrote:
Poison Pie wrote:
Gilfalas wrote:

SF Character Auto Calculation, Fillable Sheet

SF Starship Auto Calculation, Choosable Component Sheet
Hey, from a spelling maniac, "Destroyer" is mispelled as "Destoyer" in the pulldown menu for frames on the starship sheet. Please fix!
Poison Pie thank you for pointing this out. I should have the correction up momentarily.

Hate to necromancy this thread just a tiny bit, but I had a question. I know that your standard fillable sheet supposedly doesn't play nice with Foxit, but has anyone else had a problem when adding skill ranks to the Life Science skill? When I do, it doesn't calculate properly and is treating the ability mod and the class skill bonus as part of the same number, so if I have 1 rank, an ability modifier of 2, and the class skill bonus, it'll come out as 1+23.

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Lord Fyre wrote:
Jason Keeley wrote:
John Warren wrote:

My question is, will this be Starfinder AP #7, or will the numbering start over for each Starfinder AP?

The Starfinder Adventure Path will be numbered like the Pathfinder Adventure Path; frex, Pathfinder Adventure Path #7 was Curse of the Crimson Throne 1 of 6.

I tried to get them to number the Starfinder Adventure Path volumes in binary, but was told there wouldn't be enough room on the spine for Starfinder Adventure Path #111.

The real missed opportunity was not going metric for Starfinder.

I'm envisioning the 80s "Satanism" backlash to D&D, only this time it's because Paizo would be trying to teach our innocent, impressionable youth about the mathematically-precise dangers of metric. :v

Starfinder's been out for less than a year. I'm sure there will be plenty of 3PP support, just give them time. Pathfinder's had nine years to grow into it.

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Believe there was a special clause in most of the ninja mooks's text in certain parts of the Jade Regent AP where they specifically said, "If it looks like they're about to get taken captive, they attempt to commit seppuku at the first opportunity, which is treated as a coup de grace attack on themselves."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Pretty sure it was one of the devs who mentioned it, but changing the "handedness" of a grip on a weapon is more or less a free action. All of this seems pretty legal to me as long as you have Quick Draw, although it is the final say of a GM as to how many free actions you can take on your turn.

Also, for future reference, it's "feat", not feet in this case. :v

By RAW, it doesn't affect class features since it doesn't say it does. By RAI? It should absolutely shut off divine spellcasting and divinely-gifted abilities like smite.

This might be what you're looking for.

To be fair, if you try to use your mount like an animal companion, it won't live very long.

I don't understand what the actual question is here.

Spiral_Ninja wrote:

I can't find the original post of this ranking (my search-fu has failed) but I did have it saved in my RotRl game notes:

Xanderghul (10 Mythic) [pride]
Sorshen (8-10 Mythic) [lust]
Alaznist (1-3 Mythic) [wrath]
Karzoug [greed]
Zutha [gluttony]
Krune [sloth]
Belimarius [envy]

Sooo, if they keep the Mythic ranks for them, that puts Xanderghul on the same level as a certain Whispering Tyrant, does it not?

Which means any intrepid band of heroes running through New Thassilon will be facing something approaching what it took years, armies, and gods to even just seal up!

:::rubs hands together chuckling evilly:::

This is going to be FUN!

I didn't think JJ had actually given definite mythic ranges for each of the mythic Runelords. All I remember were that three were mythic, four were not, and three of those second four were sub-20th with power modifiers.

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Murder, but you also had to be basically the previous Runelord's apprentice. Think the Sith.

Edit: Never mind. Found where it's from.

Since Bit of Luck says ANY d20 roll, yes.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Old FAQ is old.

Hm... If a new country is being made, does that mean it's finally time for an update to the Inner Sea World Guide? :v

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Kalindlara wrote:
Three, I believe - Sorshen, Xanderghul, and Alaznist.

ye, that's what I remember JJ saying.

There are three categories for the final set of Runelords. There are the three lower level ones, who are all sub-20th level but have magical shenanigans to make them more powerful than they normally would be. These three are Krune (Sloth, dead), Zutha (Gluttony), and Belimarius (Envy). Each of them is at least 17th level.

The one in the middle is/was Karzoug (Transmutation). He was 20th level.

The 20th level + mythic end has Alaznist (Evocation), of whom JJ mentioned that she had just barely scratched the surface of mythic and was more of a warmage than a traditional wizard, and then Sorshen (Enchantment) and Xanderghul (Illusion), both of whom were strongly mythic with Xanderghul being stronger.

At a casual glance by checking Archives of Nethys, there is not. Somewhat surprisingly.

I super vaguely remember a weapon from 3.5 that basically was a short sword that doubled as the bow of a violin. There's also the tuned bowstring if you want to go the bow route, but it's quite pricey.

Still no Ultimate Magic spellbooks added to the Spellbooks section? The humanity!

Just kidding. Glad to see you're back and okay, man.

Yeah, the only way to permanently control a golem without having an intermediary or having to return the golem to its original owner is to get a shield guardian.

James Jacobs wrote:
Dark Midian wrote:
Karzoug technically didn't have it spelled out in his statblock...

It does, in fact, spell this out. It's down at the end of his spell list, where it lists his "Thassilonian Specialization."

All runelords were wizards who specialized in this way. That's a big part of what makes them runelords.

(It's a legacy of the Dungeon magazine days, more or less, where we had a fair amount of reader feedback and criticism that we never made humans, and in particular human wizards, the big bad guy of an Adventure Path.)

Now this doesn't mean that runelords don't have access to their opposition schools. They can't prepare those spells, but they can sure as heck command their minions to cast them, use wishes to duplicate effects if absolutely needed, and even do things like Use Magic Device to trigger spells from magic items, and so on. Books of Infinite Spells. Rings of Spell Storing. There's lots of options for the rich and powerful.

Grabbing my copy of RotRL Anniversary, you're right. Guess I missed that bit.

And CorvusMask is technically right in that Thassilonian Specialist isn't an archetype, it does modify a wizard's arcane school which would preclude them from choosing an archetype that alters that same feature.

Orthos wrote:
Did they use that archetype for Karzoug in the Anniversary Edition? If not I'm not sure I'd expect that they'd do so for the others.

Karzoug technically didn't have it spelled out in his statblock, but a detailed perusal shows that as a transmuter, he didn't have any enchantment or illusion spells in his prepared list. I want to say that Krune actually did specifically say he was a Thassilonian conjurer and therefore had no illusion or evocation spells prepared. It's basically canon that all Runelords are Thassilonian specialist wizards, because they're obviously the ones that came up with it.

Xenocrat wrote:
Dark Midian wrote:
Nathan Monson wrote:
PAZ42 wrote:
Here's what I'd love to see. The battle with Sorshen is going against her, when she casts timestop, and wishes a few Runelords back into existence. Perfect way to bring back those fallen Runelords.
How is she casting a 9th level Transmutation spell?
Erm, Wish is universal, not transmutation. Also considering all the ridiculous contingencies the Runelords have, you'd need at least a Mythic Wish to get the job done.
Time Stop is Transmutation, and one of Sorshen's forbidden schools.

Being the Runelord of Lust, I'd hope she'd have crazy high Charisma (Or Pragmatic Activator) and ranks in UMD. :v

Nathan Monson wrote:
PAZ42 wrote:
Here's what I'd love to see. The battle with Sorshen is going against her, when she casts timestop, and wishes a few Runelords back into existence. Perfect way to bring back those fallen Runelords.
How is she casting a 9th level Transmutation spell?

Erm, Wish is universal, not transmutation. Also considering all the ridiculous contingencies the Runelords have, you'd need at least a Mythic Wish to get the job done.

Just remember, only Pride and Lust had one Runelord each. And there's a reason for that. :P

But yeah, considering there's time travel, I'm hoping this means we'll actually get to see all seven of the original Runelords (Even if JJ has said that the original set weren't the most powerful, barring Xanderghul and Sorshen.)

I sense a mythic game in the making, considering we already know where Sorshen is hiding and both her and Xanderghul are specifically stated to be mythic. Currently Karzoug and Krune are confirmed dead.

Here's hoping to more special materials.

Jurassic Pratt wrote:
nicholas storm wrote:

Minotaur double crossbow is listed as double crossbow and has the same stats as the double crossbow in the ultimate equipment guide, save for the line with crossbow mastery. Crossbow mastery didn't exist when the minotaur double crossbow was printed.

It's a pretty logical assumption that they are the same weapon. I wouldn't make a PFS character based on it (partly because I wouldn't want to spend $13 to have the source book) and that the GM could rule against me anyways.

It's different name, range, penalties, and flavor text say otherwise. You can make whatever ruling you want for your home game, but unless there's a clarification saying that one is meant to replace the other, it doesnt.

It's perfectly fine in PFS as any judge ruling against you is breaking the rules. 2 legal and differently named weapons are not the same thing unless we're explicitly told otherwise.

It's totally clear that the double crossbow is an updated version of the 3.5 minotaur double crossbow. Do as much mental gymnastics as you'd like.

Yeah, the Paizo devs (Pretty sure it was Jason Buhlman or James Jacobs) blatantly said, "Yeah, alchemy was never intended to be as good as magic, it's low level utility fodder, deal with it."

If the alchemist wants to do more damage beyond the methods mentioned, some homebrew is required.

Jurassic Pratt wrote:
Mr. Bonkers wrote:
Garbage-Tier Waifu wrote:
Also, minotaur double crossbows don’t have a listed weapon entry or price, so I’m hesitant to really base a character off them. Though if you did get your hands on one, obviously it would be much stronger.
Actually, they do. It is printed in Classic Monsters Revisited (and only there) on page 42. Exotic Weapon, 300gp, etc, etc. It is even PFS legal according to the Additional Resources.
Very much this. The Minotaur Double crossbow both has stats and is PFS legal. It's just from an incredibly obscure source book.

It's because the double crossbow has actually been reprinted quite a few times. It's in Ultimate Equipment, under simply "double crossbow".

Uzziel the Angel wrote:
I was just looking at "Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth" and noticed that it was created it for characters of 15th level with 7 mythic tiers. Is there a convenient way to convert tiers to levels, such as 1 tier equals a level or 1.5 tiers equals a level or something?

Not really. There's a reason the modules basically say, "This AP ends early if you don't play mythic."

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It's an older meme, sir, but it checks out!

Deceit could also be betrayal. I'm thoroughly surprised there aren't more betrayal-based deities.

He actually made a post today.

Well, because he's only an infernal duke, there isn't a lot of info about him.


Volkard Abendroth wrote:
Dragonborn3 wrote:
Perfect Tommy wrote:
Oh and buy 5-6 grey ioun stones. Paint the other ones.
Then coat them in enough wax to distort their shape so they can't be identified that way.

Just implant them.

Problem solved.

Implanting ioun stones is a gigantic pain if the GM sticks to all the relevant rules for starvation and dehydration for the fasting bit, plus the DC 20 Charisma check. Not to mention the high checks for the actual implantation bit.

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Time to ask again: Anyone have an update on Archives of Nethys? Last post there was 2017-09-20, and it's been over a month since then. Never mind the lack of updates of Pathfinder material -- the silence of everything there is getting worrisome.

You mean almost THREE months, right?

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Just saying, not to excuse your brother but if your homebrew world's story is "f@#$ing dead" from three characters dying, it might not be a very good story despite your attachment. It sounds rather like you had one "canon story" set up for your world; real games don't pan out like that.

You're better off writing a novel.

BenS wrote:

Is "planetouched" not used b/c it's WOTC IP? Or was there just a conscious effort from the early days of Paizo to find an alternate term (I guess I'm reading here now it's "geniekin")?

Also, on the subject of kineticists not getting much in this book (and I understand the reasoning as presented), I would submit that throwing a small bone to the community by canonizing the void element in an RPG HC would buy you more goodwill than you might think. And I say that as someone who has never even played a kineticist; just from reading the forums regularly over the years.

And just to be upfront about it, this isn't a backhanded slap on the whole UW eruptions. I'd have felt the same way (about community goodwill) even if I had never read any of the nearly 4k comments in that particular thread...

That said, I get that it's your playground and you can build whatever castles you want in the sand.

Geniekin technically applies to the five elemental races: Oreads, sylphs, ifrits, undines, and suli. While the last one technically can only come from human and jann parents, the other four can conceivably come from a mortal being "planetouched" or affected by elemental energy, although Golarion's lore significantly downplays that fact to the point of being irrelevant.

I don't believe there's a catch-all term for the aligned native outsiders, such as aasimar, tiefling, and ganzi.

James Jacobs wrote:
Dark Midian wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Riccardo Olivieri wrote:
Is too early to have a liiiiiittle spoiler about the lawful and neutral planetouched races?

Other than to remind folks that "planetouched" is not a word we use in Pathfinder? :-P

Still way too early for that level of preview... perhaps in the weeks leading up to the book's release though?

Just saying, just because Paizo doesn't/can't doesn't mean we're not allowed to. I prefer "planetouched" to "geniekin" any day for the elemental native outsiders.

Understood; which is why I said "We don't use it" and not "You shouldn't use it."

Unless you're writing for us.


Sadly, no. I'm not that much of a masochist. <3

*ahem* Anyway.

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