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DarkLightHitomi's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,886 posts (4,660 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 31 aliases.

I am looking to try out some rules I developed and would like to run a game of either Fallout Equestria or MLP. The latter would explore far off lands and involve the Elements of Strength and the Elements of Wisdom.

It is a skill based system. Every roll is 3-5 dice added together in the same simple yet versatile pattern. Attributes and skills each give one die to the pool, the better the stat, the bigger the die. Bonuses and penalties are added up to determine the size of the circumstance die.

Every character has four elements: description, attributes, skills, and features.

I am testing a new system of mine (you may have noticed early iterations of it a while ago, much has improved since then) called Roads and Ruins.

As I happen to have the complete Witchfire Trilogy, I thought I'd run that campaign using my new system. I will change a few things about the setting though, steam engines aren't as common, instead things like steamjacks are powered by power crystals instead, and much of the tech is arcane tech, powered by the user, including some more advanced items.

Obviously this means the setting will be slightly heavier on magic. Mostly want to test my rules for arcane tech, but this should be mostly minor flavor.

Mostly the story will remain the same, so those who are familiar with it will hopefully not be disappointed.

For those wondering, I have the book which includes both bridge adventures, should the game last that long.

I am trying to make a black blood sorcerer. Right now I am trying to make it a bloodline.

I have some ideas but balancing them is troubling and I still need to make the some powers, spells, feats, and some other holes.

So far I have,

Sorcerer black blood bloodline
Class Skill: Knowledge (religion)
Bonus Spells #10: ?
Bonus Feats: ?

Bloodline arcana: The black blood sorcerer is immune to all effects of black blood, both good and bad. The black blood sorcerer reacts to positive and negative energy just like an undead (positive energy harms and negative energy heals). The black blood sorcerer gains a +1caster level on all necromantic spells and spell like abilities.

Bloodline Powers:

1: Laughing Touch (Sp): At 1st level, you can make a melee touch attack. A creature affected by this ability takes 1d6 points of cold damage plus 1 per two sorcerer levels. Additionally a creature that fails a fort save [DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 your sorcerer level + your Charisma modifier.] takes 1 con dmg that heals after 5 minutes. Once a creature has been affected by chilling touch, it is immune to its effects for 24 hours. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

3: Cold Resistance (Ex): At 3rd level, you gain cold resistance 10. At 9th level, your cold resistance increases to 20.

9: Iceblast (sp): At 9th level, you can unleash a blast of cold ice shards once per day. This 20-foot-radius burst does 1d6 points of cold damage per sorcerer level. Those caught in the area of your blast receive a Reflex save for half damage. Creatures that fail their saves take [1 +1 per 5 sorcerer levels] points of con damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 your sorcerer level + your Charisma modifier. At 9th level, you can use this ability once per day. At 17th level, you can use this ability twice per day. At 20th level, you can use this ability three times per day. This power has a range of 60 feet.

15: Dark Resilience (Su)

The black blood flowing through a black-blooded sorcerer’s veins gives her resistance to many effects to which undead are immune. She gains a +3 on saves against ability drain, a death effect, disease, energy drain, paralysis, or poison.

20: ?

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I am making a new game system and am looking for thoughts, suggestions, feedback, etc.

Basic premise,
Skill based and classless (though with optional class packages).

The core mechanic is to roll 3-5 dice, totaled and compared to a DC. The dice are different sizes depending on the character's stats. Can earn fortune (which grants boons for characters to use) and boosts (which scales levels of success), and their negative counterparts, can be earned on these checks.

So this makes a bell curve for more consistent results. The system can also easily and smoothly scale from weak to normal to heroic to divine.

There are fewer secondary stats as well. A bit simpler stat wise then d20, but otherwise has a similar level of complexity.

Magic and other powers are less certain and more balanced against martial capabilities, such that martials are better at damage but casters have versatility.

I have also included a better non-combat encounter system called Daunts, which is versatile and remains based on the characters.

It is also being design to easily handle a wide range of genres including classic Tolkien style fantasy, to Gygax style fantasy, to Star Wars, to modern, to several other settings I am keeping in mind.

I have a google site with the rules, I some major updates to make (again) but I have to do that on weekends cause my phone won't work with editing google stuff.

I am making an entire game system. I have a magic system in place for it but I would like some feedback on what you all think of it. Criticisms (of the constructive sort), comments, suggestions, and alternatives are all welcome.

The magic system.

This is part of a skill based system which has skills and features (features are like feats, perks, etc).

To learn magic one picks a spellcasting feature. Each one is a magic tradition, such as Wizardry or Sorcery, and affects how easily spell effects of each school are to learn and cast.

Once a magic tradition feature is gained, the mage can learn a spell effect as a skill. Since each spell effect is a skill, once learned they can be improved like any other skill (skills improve through use).

Casting magic has two elements to worry about, complexity and fatigue cost.

Complexity determines how difficult the spell is to cast, the higher the complexity the higher the casting DC.

Fatigue cost is how much fatigue is spent when the spell is cast.

The ability to change the number of targets or the range of the spell requires no skill or learning, but instead alters the complexity and cost of the spell. For example, casting fire in a small cone has a lower fatigue cost then casting it as a large burst.

I.E. Freya casts a spell to make a fireball. She rolls her Evocation (Fire) skill. She is is using her Wizardry magic tradition.

The complexity, or DC, for the spell is 14 (10 base for Wizardry Evocation effects, +2 for ranged burst, +2 for long range)

The fatigue cost is 9 (4 for evocation, +4 for 20' ranged burst, +1 for long range)

Freya rolls her skill and if she rolls higher then the spell's complexity, she is successful in casting the spell and reduces her fatigue by the spell's fatigue cost, however, if she rolls high enough, the fatigue cost can be reduced.

In 3.x psionics is just another form of magic, but I usually hear players talk about psionics as though they are something completely different.

So I was wondering if PF considers psionics another form of magic or something uunrelated to magic?

I noticed a couple comments about italicizeing spells, but in the template there were no italics where the spells for creation should go so I didnt add any.

Is there a list of conventions that should be used? If not can we get one, cause not all of them are obvious even when reading examples (such as not using ' and " for feet and inches, which I thought was a professional thing to do,[ of course I worked as a carpenter so maybe it was an industry thing].)

Not sure where to put this, so I hope the mods can move it if this is the wrong spot.

I have an old reference sheet from many years ago that lists what bonus types stack. These rules are different from PF and 3.5 so I'm hoping someone can tell me where they came from. They might come from some d20 spin off but I dont have access to my old pdfs to check.

The differences from PF are,
Competence bonuses, all items stack but with only one spell,
Deflection, insight, and luck stack with themselves
And shield bonuses stack 1 mundane bonus plus 1 spell, plus half of any further spells.

Anyone know where these odd rules come from?

In the kingdom of Lorati, in the city of Graphunduur, there is a tavarn, this one is on the ground and made mostly for the larger folks in town. This is the Oak Barrel Tavern.

Inside there are some Fealin, several kobalds (most with their paired Zypher), a few dwarves, and even an elf family.

The bar comes out in the middle of the room, with a dwarf tender, one side of the room is tall and for medium sized creatures while the other has the floor raised significantly and made for the fealin (who stand between 1'3" to 1'7") with the bar inbetween.

Suddenly a kobald dressed as an official courier riding her Zyphor rushes into the bar in a very excited fashion. "There's been an amazing discovery up north. Sky mountain had a landslide and revealed a passageway, a constructed passageway!"

Sky mountain is well known as the tallest mountain. It resembles Devils Tower a bit but is so high, it makes Mt. Everest look small. Many have theorized that it was constructed, but no evidence was ever found, noteven ruins have been found near the mountain. Until now, according to the courier.

Many folks start buying the courier drinks and ask details, which seem rather sparse, but one thing is clear, the courier claims, "The Northern Guard have closed it off until the University scholars arrive. Knowing them, they'll probably hire locals for protection and labor. People are already gathering up for it at the mountain."

This is where your story starts, what do you do?

Here be the discussions.
We can either discuss both here, either a mish mash or separated with spoilers. Or I can make a completely separate thread but it won't be connected to the campaign threads.

Lantern Lodge

I need test players for my new game system. The setting isn't all that important and am willing to use either a generic fantasy, scifi, or a specific one I am familier with such as Mass Effect, Kingdom hearts, etc. Am open to suggestions on that count.

What I want from players, is honest feedback, what they like and hate, suggestions, and help in making setting specific material (don't worry about not knowing what is alright or not, that can always be fixed and anything that draws questions is highly desired. It helps find out what needs clarified and tells me how clear I am explaining the rules.)

The system is roughly compatible with d20, though the d20 has been replaced with three dice, the luck die a d12, an attribute die size based on your attribute, and a skill die based on your skill level. This is also a classless system with skills replacing bab and such. Feats are much like dnd, and abilities are like feats except improvable and cover those things that get better.

I call it Roads and Ruins, however be warned that much has changed since I last posted anything on the paizo forums about it.

If I get interest I'll post the complete rules.

I am looking for plenty of players 6-10 however to reduce the slowdown from large groups, I will not be useing initiative (except special cases) instead everyone will post their actions for the round and I will inform how it comes out and make intelligent use of a pc should their action not be valid (which is unlikely to happen by my way of thinking, even if two players attack the same enemy and only one attack is needed, it would come out as a simokill, of course posting contingencies doesn't hurt) each round will be given 24 hours, weekends will depend on the players involved. I want a larger group for more input and because larger groups are generally more active, however if only a few sign up thats fine too.

Lantern Lodge

I created a race of creatures called Reaplings. With the ARG and the opportunity to play nonstandard races becoming more common I have begun converting the various Reaplings into the ARG rules.

The reaplings are similar to an ant colony except some of them are independant and inttelligent.

The reaplings actually have multiple forms.

The Queen form, which can make many things and are the only ones that can make more reaplings. The queen looks like a larger version of the leader forms and is large sized.

The Warrior forms, soldier, corporal, sergeant. These forms are playable but are a little lacking in intelligence. They are medium sized with elven like but bland features.

The Leader forms, scout, captain, major. These forms are better for players, they are the smart forms doing the intellectual tasks and the spellcasting for the colony. They also usually lead and direct the warrior and worker forms. They are small sized and have an elven torso with a snake like body instead of legs.

The Worker forms, micro, spider. These forms are tiny and small respectively. They have 4 legs and a stumpy torse with two arms sitting in the middle of the 4 spider like legs.

All reaplings have these traits.
7 pts Half construct
3 pts aberration (warriors are humanoid [reapling] instead)
3 pts Deathless spirit
-1 negative energy affinity

Lantern Lodge

Over in the alignment discussion, I had the realization that certain actions could require an atonement, either mundane or the spell, without always breaking ones alignment. Alignment is just not fine tuned enough for this, pparticularly with paladins, clerics, druids and other role concepts with such restrictions.

They have already announced the likely inclusion of criminal tags, so my idea is to build on that system and provide another flag that could become active when someone does something that is against their code of conduct as required by their religion, order, or whatever. I.E. A paladin might have enough LG alignment that a single case of murder would not change her alignment, but this does not mean the paladin should escape the consequences of losing her role abilities for commiting murder.

The idea is that the criminal flagging system could be made modular so that any number of rulesets, could be made to produce a flag when certain actions are performed. Each religion o role concept could have it's own ruleset in addition to the criminal ruleset (which this would also make it easier to alter the criminal ruleset as needed), thus if one acts against a code of conduct, then they lose the tied abilities until they atone, or, if allowed, change whatever is raising the flag. Thus if a druid wears metal armor, or a cleric of Pharasma creates undead, or if a monk wears heavy armor, etc.

Also you could implement a code maker that allows player made religions.

Questions? Concerns? Thoughts?

Lantern Lodge

I noticed the rules said the archtype has to be appropriate to the River Kingdoms but the examples of ineligble entries are all archtypes tied to something specific that's not in or about the River Kingdoms.

Does this mean that an archtype doesn't actually have to be intwined with the River Kingdoms lore? Merely it has to be something that could, or would likely be found there?

I ask because my better idea would the with the location but isn't built on any lore. Though I imagine being tied lore-wise would be a boon, but if it's not required I think I'd rather send in a more inspired idea then some piece of junk because I couldn't tie anything really cool to the lore.

Lantern Lodge

I don't know much about the River Kingdoms as I do not own (and can't buy) the books/pdfs, so is there a place to find out about the region or will we be granted the pdfs should we be selected for top 32?

I know we are supposed to have knowledge of the setting, but frankly I avoid premade stuff like plague in playing/running the game, but am perfectly willing to do the research needed to make an item fit the setting (research is good for inspiration too).

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I heavily modified this template. I do not remember who I got the original from but I'll post the credit here if I ever figure it out.

I put the blank profile in this avatar so anyone can easy get it to C&P.

I also put it there so I can update it.

I am open to suggestions, and would love to hear any comments.

Here is the current version,
C&P, then fill in the holes with your character's info.


Race: Gender Race Subrace
Age: ?yo (Adult, Child, Old, Etc)
Size: Size, ?' ?" ?lbs
Type: Type (subtype)


Str ? (+?), Dex ? (+?), Con ? (+?),
Int ? (+?), Wis ? (+?), Cha ? (+?)

Senses; Perception +
Aura Strength/Alignment (see detect evil)
Init +?; Speed ? ft.
BAB +?; CMB +?; CMD +?
Concentration +?
Fort +?, Ref +?, Will +?
AC ?, ff ?, touch ?; (+? Armor, +? Deflection, +? Dex, +? Dodge, +? Natural, +? Shield, +? Sacred)
HP ? ( HD: ?D?)


Total Skill Name (Ranks) Class (Ab Mod) [Bonus] {conditional}
+? Acrobatics()()[]
+? Appraise()()[]
+? Bluff()()[]
+? Climb()()[]
+? Craft:
#+? Subskill()()[]
+? Diplomacy()()[]
+? Disable Device()()[]
+? Disguise()()[]
+? Escape Artist()()[]
+? Fly()()[]
+? Handle Animal()()[]
+? Heal()()[]
+? Intimidate()()[]
+? Knowledge:()()[]
#+? Subskill()()[]
+? Linguistics()()[]
+? Perception()()[]
+? Perform:
#+? Subskill()()[]
+? Profession:
#+? Subskill()()[]
+? Ride()()[]
+? Sense Motive()()[]
+? Sleight of Hand()()[]
+? Spellcraft()()[]
+? Stealth()()[]
+? Survival()()[]
+? Swim()()[]
+? Use Magic Device()()[]
+? Wild Empathy()()[]


    LVL 1
  • Name Desc

    LVL 3

  • Name Desc

    LVL 5

  • Name Desc


  • Trait Name; Catagory(faith trait, combat trait,etc)



  • Ability Adjustments:
  • Senses:
  • :


Sorcerer Class Features

  • Ability Name; ?/? Per DayLevel acheived/origin



At Will

Once Per Day

By Spell Slots

Class/Spellbook #1 CL ?
LVL 0 (? Known/slots) 0-0 DC ?
LVL 1 (? Known/slots) ?/? Per Day DC ?

Domain Name
# Ability Name; ?/? Per Day
Level acheived/origin

# Ability Name; ?/? Per Day
Level acheived/origin


Worn/Equipped: 24lbs
Outfit: Outfit Name (? lbs)
Magic Item Slots:

  • Location: Name Desc

Non-Slotted Items: 1 lbs

  • Holy Symbol, Silver (1 lbs)

Carried: 12 lbs

  • Ranged/Melee: Name ? ATK/DMG Desc, critical, range, etc

Belt Pouch #1: (0.5 lbs) 1.5 lbs

  • Healer's Kit (1 lbs)
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds x 2
  • GP

Type: (? lbs) 24 lbs

  • Bedroll (5 lbs)
  • Blanket (1 lbs)
  • Climber's Kit (5 lbs)
  • Hammock (3 lbs)
  • Mirror, Small Steel (0.5 lbs)
  • Rope, Silk 50-ft (5 lbs)
  • Scroll Case (0.5 lbs)
  • Waterproof Bag
  • Waterskin (4 lbs)
  • GP

STR (?) —
light: ???1/3, medium: ???x2/3, heavy: ???x1, LOG: ???x2, Drag: ???x5



History Here!

I expect the start to be slow because of christmas so I'm starting you off for introductions and will arrive to hand out your mission after the holidays. Doesn't mean I won't be active till then however.

All of you have worked for your institution for at least a year, whether it was the military, police, or customs. Recently your boss told you that you have been selected for a special mission and that you were to report to the Feshira Hotel.

The Hotel is a moderate hotel, but it does have all the ammenities, including a bar with a radio! (an uncommon thing and a sign of the hotels wealth)

You have rooms for each of you.

Lantern Lodge

I am recruiting a few players to play a homebrew game. I have a few players already set and they will start whenever ready. This group will start then meet up the other players when this group is ready to go (hopefully a dozen or so days from now).

Character creation guidelines
Level 3
2 traits
20 point buy

You work for the government of the Free Clans Confederacy. (Military, police, etc)

Info about the world
This world has some electronic technology (such as radios and electrics motors), but not guns or mundane explosives (which means no combustion engines either).

Any race is acceptable (some may require being a lower level, or some other tweaking) including making something in the ARG (10pt and lvl3, 20pt and lvl 2, can purchase a trait one step above your races rank by adding 1 to the cost. IE a 10pt race can buy an advanced trait by paying 1 point more)

The common races are,
Catfolk (called Fealin)
Kindaur (custom race, basically oversized awakened tigars, an attempt to make super war mounts in 456 but they freed themselves some time ago and took refuge with the FCC. Note they do not have hands, they use magic to manipulate small things but can't wield weapons, shields, etc)

Uncommon races
Halflings (a slimmer, shorter and less hairy version of dwarves, came from that world)
Human (came from the Fealin world)

All other races are rare, at least around here.

Note, all planer spells will malfunction and all history agrees that every race was on some other world almost 1000 years ago, but suddenly found themselves here. For some, magic completely changed from what it was before, for others magic didn't exist prior, for the elves magic is similar but planer spells no longer work.

Summoning works very differently. If any one plans one summoning anything I'll fill you in what you need to know, beware the the levels of the spells and such are much different.

The unusual races have entries in the campaign notes or otherwise taken from the ARG. Kindaur will be posted there tommorrow.

Standard WBL = 3000g
However as a magic heavy world any magic item with a caster level of 1 is 25% cheaper, CL 7 or less is 15% cheaper, and CL 15 is or less is 5% cheaper. Beware of items, like Bracers of Armor, that say the caster level must be two or three times the bonus provided, the listing at top is just the minimum, use that or the caster level needed to make the item at that bonus, whichever is higher.

Also because you are in a sponsered force you may have a, +1 or mithral, weapon or armor free.
You can use enchanted wraps to get weapon enchantments on your unarmed strikes. Pay for the enchantment as normal plus 1gp for weapon and 300gp for masterwork. Each wrap covors one fist, knee, foot (which takes the foot slot), elbow, etc

Lantern Lodge

M Human Intellectual Fighter 2, Scientist 1

Okay here is the discussion thred for my Maginexus game.

Any PF stuff is good, might consider 3rd party, might tweak things as they come up but PF is gonna be pretty safe.

Level three, 20 pt buy, 2 traits, and you are in the military, police, or the miltia of Fawazua City, a major trading hub/port for the Free Clans Confederacy.

Any race is acceptable (some may require being a lower level, or some other tweaking) including making something in the ARG (10pt and lvl3, 20pt and lvl 2, can purchase a trait one step above your races rank by adding 1 to the cost. IE a 10pt race can buy an advanced trait by paying 1 point more)

The common races are,
Catfolk (called Fealin)
Kindaur (custom race, basically oversized awakened tigars, an attempt to make super war mounts but they freed themselves some time ago and took refuge with the FCC. Note they do not have hands, they use magic to manipulate smalls thing but can't wield weapons, shields, etc)

Uncommon races
Halflings (a slimmer, shorter and less hairy version of dwarves)

All other races are rare, at least around here.

Note, all planer spells will malfunction and all history agrees that every race was on some other world 1000 years, but suddenly found themselves here. For some, magic completely changed from what it was before, for others magic didn't exist prior, for the elves magic is similar but planer spells no longer work.

Summoning works differently, a caster makes a sprite (like a magical computer program) and then either temporarily binds it to an existing body (necromancy) or conjures a body for it bind to (still temporary but is the traditional summon spells). If any one plans one summoning anything I'll fill you in what you need to know, beware the the levels of the spells and such are much different.

Lantern Lodge

I was inspired by Goblins to make a yuan-ti (Human torso on a snake body) character, but PF has no stats, so I have made a few builds with the ARG, and am looking for feedback.

However the ARG doesn't give any support for anything that doesn't have two arms and 2+ legs, so any ideas for being legless would be good. Personally I think the lack of being able to wear feet slot items should be the major if not only cost to being immune to trips.

Had to go with blindsense instead of tremor sense. Any ideas how that changes things?

I made these first ones large, but should I make them medium size?

What about constrict? They should have that but I didn't find anything like it in the ARG other then improved grappling with free hands.

20pt build:

RP ---Item
3 Monstrous Humanoid
0 Normal Speed
0 +2Dex +2Int -2Cha
0 Standard Languages
7 large size
1 +1 Natural Armor
3 SR 11+ HD
2 Climb Speed
1 Fast
2 Nible attacks, gain weapon finesse
1 Natural attack, slam, primary

30pt build:

As above but add
RP ---Item
4 Blindsense 30'
4 Scent
2 Prehensile tail

Lantern Lodge

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M Human Intellectual Fighter 2, Scientist 1

Planning for group 2!

We should list what we have played AP-wise and what we would like to play and what we can run.

I am currently in Maure Castle and Skulls and Shackles. I would like to run through Kingmaker and a mid to high level game.

I have GMd many PnP games but this will be my first PbP as GM. I don't own any APs, I do have a few small 3.5 modules.

I generaly run homebrew, so if there is anything odd or unusual you would like to try (I.E. an awakened tiger or spellpoints) I am probably the best pick for running it.

Lantern Lodge

The 40th level game recruitment thread inspired me to make a prestige class to lead up to becoming a god.

The idea is to have a prestige class that can be taken by epic level characters to slowly gain some of the abilities of a god with maxing out the class resulting in full-fledged godhood.

Some of the things I was thinking of was to have powers and things related to the demi-gods following (more reverence received equaling more power) rather then just own rank, and the demi-god level just allows to have more abilities and make better use of the followers.

This links the two fluff-wise and means the demi-god has stuff they need to do to maintain and grow their power. Possibly including a requirement of needing a certain level of following to advance.

Some of the big things that need to be included/discussed are,
Aura effects
Granting spells
Godly realm
Communication with mortals

One idea is for all of the character's power to spark divinity, granting a divine aura. The character can perceive all within this aura. The aura starts small and grows 5' per level. Eventually one is able to affect, then control things at will in this aura, which eventually becomes the godly realm. Eventually it becomes large enough that the demi-god can only focus on certain things, which become the portfolios.

Prayers from followers create a linkand the demi-god can sense things through the link just like it can in it's aura. The demi-god, though it can automatically sense things related to the portfolios, can only use normal senses from one's body. Eventually one can create an aspect which the high powered demi-god can use as one's own body, the number of which that can be controlled being limited by level (probably best to limit to two until actual god-hood).

Every 5 levels or so the demi-god gains an appropriate domain.

Lantern Lodge

I am making a new game system called Roads and Ruins, and am looking to see if anyone wants to test play it.

Warning, the rules may change (always with warning and after discussion with the group) throughout gameplay as we find things that work or need fixed, thus I am looking not just for players but players who can give good critique and suggestions and help add new feats and spells etc.

The basic idea is a cross between d20 and Savage worlds. You roll a d12 + an ability die + a skill die. It is a classless, skill based game but has much in common with d20 and will use a lot of d20 feats and spells (modded on the fly) till a good list is made for the game.

I will be making a consistant sandbox game to play and have fair experience in GMing spontaneously.

Here is a link to a webpage SRD for it, however it is unfinished till my computer is working again.

As a PBP with only my phone, no maps, and combat will be done in rounds, each player posts their actions for the round and I will put those together in a descriptive post at the end of each round.

I will answer any questions and if enough people decide to play I will post more defined rules (the missing ones anyway) in the campaign tab.

Note, I would like to explore various playstyles and have a mix of play experience in the group as well. (Aka, newbies to roleplaying or PBP are welcome)

Lantern Lodge

I am making a new system that is a bit of a cross between D20 and savage worlds. I am looking for feedback on what people think of this concept.

Instead of a d20, the standard roll for most everything is a d12 + attribute die + skill die + skill specialization die (if applicable).

edit Note, there are no classes in this game.

BAB is now your skill in fighting with your equipped weapon

Saves are now just free skill checks (Reflex is Acrobatics, Fortitude is Endurance, Will is Intuition)

HP is now Wounds (Equal to your con) and Vitality (your con die rolled for each level)

Hit Dice = Con dice per level adds to VP but not WP.

AC is either rolled or 6 + half your Combat: Dodge skill + Size + Deflection + Magic.
Armor is now DR, so all AC is now TT AC; FF AC is the same as for a moving object (6+ Size +1/5ft of movement per round, +2 if the target is unstable such as in active combat etc) plus any magic bonuses.

CMB is now just making an attack roll while adding the size bonus

CMD is now just a dodge roll except you include str and dex and size.

You have a fatigue score, all physical and magical skills are penalized by your fatigue score, all mental skills are penalized by half your fatigue score.
Add 1 fatigue each time (each source or attack) you take wound damage and spells add to fatigue score (see magic).
Non-sleeping rest can reduce any fatigue gained since your last rest by half.

Casting a spell
Roll your Spellcraft vs. DC 15 + 2 times spell rank + the spell school modifier, add two to fatigue + half spell rank round down min 0. +1 DC for each of the optional focus elements not used, focus elements - Somatic, verbal, focus material. Other meta-magic feats simply add to the DC as normal (from increasing the spells rank) and can be used without extra time. Reduce the fatigue from casting a spell by one for every 3 points that you exceed the DC.

Lantern Lodge

I created this spell cause I thought it was cool, though I am looking for feedback to make the wording clearer, and to maybe fix any glaring problems like what level it should be, and in general to see what everyone thinks of it.

Shadow Form Clones
School conjuration (shadow)[shadow]; Level ?(3rd perhaps)
Casting time 1 round
Components V,S
Range personal/close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect two or more summoned clones
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
This spell allows the caster to split their body into multiple clones each partially made from shadow and partially made of the caster and each holds a part of the casters soul.
The caster's remaining HP and Max HP are divided evenly amongst all clones at the time of casting(if a clone takes damage it is not shared amongst all the clones). Spells and limited use abilities (and anything else the GM deems is tied to a character's soul) is pooled and can be used by any clone(a caster with a 2/day ability can only use it 2 times that day, even if split into three clones).
The link between the clones is limited, the clones cannot communicate through this link in any fashion and any rolls or checks must be made individually for each clone as they do not share senses. However the memories of a clone that was not destroyed by an anti-magic zone, dispel magic, or similar effect, is combined with the caster's own(the caster/other clones, know what happened to a clone after that clone doesn't exist). Any effects are not shared between clones except for those that affected the caster before the casting of this spell. When all but one clone have been destroyed the final clone becomes 100% real and thus is the caster and the spell is over. If there are clones left when the spells duration wears out, the clones instantly fade and combine into only one clone chosen at random.
Each clone is a percentage real based on how many clones the caster is split into(three clones left are 33% real even if the caster originally cast the spell with four clones). This percentage works in a similar fashion to the shadow conjuration spell. A creature that interacts with the clone has a chance to notice that the clone is not entirely real and if they succeed, they only take a percentage of damage from that clone and have a +4 when targeted by opposed social skill checks(for a 33% real clone, the target of the clones intimidate check gets a +4 to resist, but doesn't get the +4 when making an intimidate check against the clone, and takes only 33% damage from the clones attacks, if successful in it's will save)

Lantern Lodge

I ended up needing to use climb a lot in my current game and after looking at the rules I think some of the DCs are off.

I.E. DC 15 for both climbing a rope, and climbing up using only hands.
The same DC? Climbing a rope which uses both hands and feet seems much easier then lifting oneself with only one's hands.
An average person can climb a rope somewhat easily, yet DC 15 puts it in the difficult catagory.

Climbing a knotted rope is DC5 but an unknotted rope is 10 points more difficult? Certainly not, school kids have to do this, soldiers have to do this and math wise with taking 10,

10+ 0 str(+1 or +2 if soldier)+ 0 training= 10 (or 12 for a soldier)

A completely average person taking 10 can climb an unknotted rope so why is the DC 15? True it would tax endurance rather quickly, but not fast enough to make climbing 7-8 feet impossible without taking 20(which assumes multiple failures prior to success) untrained.

The wall DCs and such seem about right but the rope climbing DCs seem a category to hard.

Anyone agree or disagree? Why?

Lantern Lodge

I might be missing something but the separatist archetype for cleric gives penalties but no bonuses except for the fluff only bonus of saying she is a cleric of a specific deity.

This is based on the PFSRD, my only resource beyond the core book.

This seems odd to me and I am wondering if the SRD is missing something or if I am missing something.

Lantern Lodge

I am making an intelligent item and I can give it an alternate form, is there any limits to what the alternate form can be other than size? I cant find one raw.

Lantern Lodge

I was reading the post about point buy vs rolling and I had this wonderful idea for the best of both worlds.

Take the point buy amount (ie 20) and subtract 5 (ie now 15) then make six stats, then randomly assign them to your scores(represents inherent ability) then spend the last 5 points to adjust things(represents training).

This method keeps everyone on a level field while introducing an element of randomness and makes it difficult to munchkin if scores are done last.

What do you all think?

Lantern Lodge

I am interested in the Pathfinder Society and I was wondering if there were any online PBP games for the society.

Lantern Lodge

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A few people have inquired about my custom class rules so I am including them here for enjoyment and critique. Note that this is not RAW so no arguments about RAW please, just balance, fluff, and suggestions. As these rules can be a power gamers dream I suggest heavy involvement by the GM. The core classes built with these rules end up with 42 to 48 points and a player making a class gets only 40, so there is an advantage to picking a core class and it is intended to be usable with the core classes (but not multiclassing).

Here goes
When playing a a character with a custom class the player gets 11 CP(Class Points) at first lvl and gains one additional point every level. He also gets 1 bonus CP every even numbered level, however some of these bonus points can be spent at first level instead to buy a spell school or domain or if the GM otherwise allows.

The core stats are static once chosen but increase according to level as normal.
You may not spend more then 10CP total on Hit Dice, Base Attack Bonus, Saves, Skills, and Proficiencies.

The core stats and cost,
Hit Dice(1 per level)
Size Cost
D12 4
D10 3
D8 2
D6 1
D4 0

Base Attack Bonus (Level * BAB)
BAB Cost
1 2
3/4 1
1/2 0

Each good save(1/2 level +2) costs one CP, and each poor save(1/3 level) is free

+< Number of skills that are chosen as class skills at first level.
| +<Number of skill points gained each level.
| | +< Cost
| | |
18 8 3
15 6 2
12 4 1
9 2 0

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies
The player gets to select two proficiencies per point spent plus two(0 points get 2, 1 point get 4, etc).
The choices are Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Light Shields, Heavy Shields(Tower Shields included only if Heavy Armor also selected), and weapon groups are the same and treated the same as found on Pg. 56 of the core under Weapon Training, exception is each exotic weapon not already in a group counts as its own group.The groups currently are Axes, Heavy Blades, Light Blades, Bows, Close, Crossbows, Double, Flails, Hammers, Monk, Natural, Pole Arms, Spears, and Thrown.

Magic Casting
First select caster strength
Full 4CP (no max SL[Spell Level])
Medium 3CP (Max SL, 6)
Low 2CP (Max SL, 4)

Next select style of casting(no CP cost here)
Preparer, every morning choose to prepare from a list of available spells.

Spontaneous, Choose from any known spell at time of casting.

And Spell list type(Still no CP cost)
Limited Known use Spells Per Day(SPD) and Spells Known(SK) as a sorcerer.
Unlimited use SPD as wizard(note, if spontaneous must prepare which spells are available each day, though they are not expended when cast, acting like a sorcerers spells known list that can change each day)
None known(not yet tested) the caster casts directly from spellbook or similar source of knowledge(tattoos, etc) and cannot cast without being able to read the source while casting. If using scrolls, the caster can expend his spell slot instead of using up the scroll, making the scroll usable again. Uses SPD as a sorcerer.

Select your spell list (not spells known). These are the spell on your spell list.
SL Number of spells
0 18
1 36
2 36
3 36
4 30
5 30
6 24
7 24
8 18
9 18

Each ability cost 1CP, however cannot be chosen more then once or at a level lower then the level a base class received said ability unless stated below.

Any ability with a negative CP cost give that many CP to spend elsewhere.

Any ability given by a base class can be selected. Plus a few I have added or changed.
(Note, I have not researched any class beyond the core book yet. I will post additions to this list as the non-core and prestige classes are evaluated.)

Some abilities have increments, they say (X CP per something), these abilities can be selected multiple times but will have to wait a number of levels before it can be taken again and improved. I.E. DR 1/- costs 2CP no earlier then 7th level and DR 2/- costs an additional 2CP(4CP total) and can't be taken till three levels later(10th level).

Some abilities automatically increment as you level. They will say "Gain +X every X levels" this counts the levels since the ability was learned, not the total character level.


Alternate Forms (Wild shape, etc) 5CP Pick one category of creature to have available to shift forms. Gain an additional use per day and an improvement every 2 levels.
Improvements, shift an additional size category of difference from your normal form for each category or select a new category of creature available at starting size.

Armor Casting 1CP must be taken at first level. Cast spells from this class with no armor check penalty for any armor you are proficient with at first level.

Armor Mastery 2CP

Armor Training 2CP Can take multiple times. Must wait 4 levels to take again.

Aura/Aura of Good 0CP This is mostly fluff so is free. Do not confuse with a Paladin's auras that provide bonuses. This is just for those auras that register on detect spells but otherwise have no mechanical effect.

Bloodline 18CP or see below (note all Bloodline abilities must come from same bloodline unless otherwise stated)
Bloodline Arcana 2CP
Bloodline Power 3CP Can take multiple times. Must wait 4 levels to take again.
Bloodline Capstone(power gained at 20th level) 4CP

Bond (Arcane, Hunter, Nature, Divine, or something similar) 4CP

Bonus Feat 1CP Can be taken any number of times.

Code of Conduct -X CP The CP gained from this depends on the GM and how limiting the code is (you write the code).

Domain (with powers and 1 extra spell slot per spell level[The extra spell slot is non-stacking with itself or other class abilities unless noted otherwise]) 4CP Can take multiple times.

DR 2CP per point or 1CP per point if it can be overcome with non magical means I.E. DR/Piercing Can take multiple times. Must wait 3 levels to take again.

Favored Enemy 2CP Gain an additional +2 to any creature type every 5 levels.

Favored Terrain 1CP Gain an additional +2 terrain to any terrain type every 5 levels.

Flurry of Blows 2CP (note that this increases BAB to full [1 * level] for these attacks)

Inspire (courage, competence, etc) 3CP Gain +1 to bonus every 4 levels.

Limited List -1CP Your spell list is half as big per spell level (round down). Can be select up to twice.

Orisons/Cantrips 1CP only selectable by those with Full or Medium spellcasting strength.

Other Limits Your GM can award you with CP for accepting limitations. This is strictly at the GM's discretion.

Resist 1CP per 3 points of resistance (energy type only) Can take at 6th level or above. Can take multiple times. Must wait 3 levels to take again.

Slow Fall 1CP Gain +20ft distance every 2 levels.

Smite (Evil, Good, or something similar) 2CP for each use per day. Can take multiple times. Must wait 3 levels to take again.

Sneak Attack 1CP per dice. Can take multiple times. Must wait 2 levels to take again.

Spell School(with powers) 10CP or see below.
First power 2CP
20th level upgrade 2CP
Second and Third Power 3CP each
The monks Unarmed strike is actually two abilities,
Bonus Feat(Improved Unarmed Strike) and
Improved Damage (Unarmed Strike) Increase Damage by one die step.

Weapon Mastery 2CP

Weapon Training 2CP Can take multiple times. Must wait 4 levels to take again.

Lantern Lodge

One race that I created for one campaign were essentially intelligent magical tigers. They were created and bred to be combat mounts, but they rebelled and left. They use magic to manipulate things. They should get some kind of trait rp for being unable to use held things(like swords).
(despite what some initially thought, not having hands does not preclude one being a good fighter type character,just when you get weapon focus or training select natural weapons)

They have a quadruped in there but it is for centaur type races which is not this case.

Also their type would be magical beast.

Suggestions are;
Magical beast type 1rp
eat, breath, sleep.
Low-light vision

Unusual Feet 1rp(should be -1rp or -2rp)
This is what "hoofed" should be named, also not require horseshoes but rather special made shoes.
Why does this cost rp? This is a penalty to a character not a benefit. It denies a character access to certain magical items without granting anything to compensate. the ability to go without shoes exists as a natural part of any creature including humans.

No hands -6rp (cost probably needs changed)
This race has no hands. cannot not use tools or craft using anything that requires opposable thumbs (unless by use of a spell(mage hand) or something) Can still learn about and direct others in crafting however.
can still carry things in mouth or handless appendage/horn etc. note that this does not equate to being unable to manipulate things, my sister's dog can open doors just fine without hands.

Multiped(non-centaur) varies rp
creature has many legs.
+2 vs trip attempts per leg at the cost of 1rp(round up) for each two additional legs.(just in case someone makes the Madusans from the Honor Harrington series, which have three legs)

what does everyone think? any suggestions or did I miss something?

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