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DarkFlite's page

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Would moving adjacent to the harpy itself be considered a perilous area? Once there you'd offer no resistance to its attacks - does that mean Helpless condition and the opportunity for coup attacks? (From the harpy, at least.)

4 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Area is listed as 5' across by 30' high, range 30'.

This seems like a large area at first glance, but it really comes down to a single target doesn't it? (Assuming you can't line up one or more flying targets, which seems unlikely but not impossible.)

Unless I'm reading it wrong - a 5' width is a single square, not 4 squares (a 5'square could cover the center of 4 map squares) or 9 squares (with a 5' radius effect.)

The potential for setting your roof aflame makes this an annoying attack considering its the most potent offensive ability at low levels.

Odd that this headline item from their ad is "Out of stock" and "Discontinued."

Experienced GM is new to the area and needs new players.

Trying to start a new Eberron Game in the Buffalo Area.
Instersted players should email darkflite (at)

Game should run twice a month on alternate Saturdays. Past games have been long running and enjoyed by all.

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