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Aquatic Elf/Gilmen/Merfolk


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Aquatic Elf/Gilmen/Merfolk


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Once again, it was ruled by Regional VC that the change is not permament. So unless some highter authority says otherwise, I'm here just to know, can I hope for refunds or not?

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Suthainn, using slivers *will* change price of a item, so you'll have to pay the diffrence. So, say you got adamantine greatsword with price of 3050. To make it large using slivers, you'll have to pay 4050 gp. 1000 for slivers and 3050 for diffrence in price. It's not a workaround that rule.

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Increased price of an item is not an issue, if you did read my post carefully, you'll notice citation from Society Guide:

Equipment: If the price of an item becomes more expensive, you must sell back the affected equipment at its original full market value based on its remaining number of charges (if any). So long as you have enough gp and Fame, you can purchase the same item at its updated cost.

So you still have to pay the diffrence _including_ the cost of a slivers.

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So, there is an item called Iron lord’s transforming slivers in Inner Sea Gods. It text says:

The metal flings within this pouch are a mixture of adamantine, cold iron, mithral, and steel. The flings are faintly magnetic and stick to ferrous metal but are easily wiped away. If a metal or partly metal weapon is covered in the entire contents of the pouch and placed in a hot forge overnight, it slowly grows or shrinks by one size category toward the size of the creature who applied the powder. For example, a Small +1 longsword coated with the flings by a Medium creature transforms into a Medium +1 longsword. This transformation is permanent. The pouch contains enough material to transform one weapon, regardless of size.

The question is, does that item effect presist between adventures?

Things that speak not in favor of that is in game guide:

A character can have one each of the following spells
on an item or items that carries over from adventure
to adventure: continual flame, masterwork transformation
(Pathfnder RPG Ultimate Magic 228), secret chest, and
secret page.

Things that speak in favor of that is in FAQ:

If a magic item creates something like an additional item or currency, can I keep it?

But our Regional VC ruled that this item effect does not presist between scenarios.

Keep in mind that this item can not be abused to create more costly item by the Guide:
Equipment: If the price of an item becomes more expensive, you must sell back the affected equipment at its original full market value based on its remaining number of charges (if any). So long as you have enough gp and Fame, you can purchase the same item at its updated cost.

So here is the real question.

I currently got one character with Butchering Axe that I got from a chronicle sheet. I asked a large creature for me to use that item and played serval scenarios. To wield it, I have taken a level in Titan Fighter. Since axe no longer can be large, can I retrain that level of a fighter for free? Or I have to pay full PP/GP cost for it? Can I also get my gp for item back?

Same question about my summoner, where I used said item to make adamantine Bastard sword Huge (paying the diffrence cost). Can Eidolon retrain EWP feat for free? Can I chose another weapon and get the diffrence in gp (I would rather swing greatsword then, rather than bastard sword)?

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Elemental Slayer


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Someone said wrote:

he doesn't need an "excuse"

Its dull, repedative paperwork after running a session at which point, the DM's brain is fried.

It gets messed up all the time.

I'm not blaming anyone. And it will be reasonable... If not the fact that he handled first chronicle sheet a week after the game. Still, he is quite good GM nevertheless, always answering my emails.

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Thanks! Will do.

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Someone said wrote:
Did you know, that in my eight seasons now of Pathfinder Society, that button has yet to do anything other than report there's a problem which then sits somewhere with no action being taken?

Exactly since it didn't work I'm asking what to do.

Someone said wrote:
local venture officer

No such person exist. Should I ask for help online Venture Officer?

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So, I have quite some questions here. It's about Online play.

I started a character, played my first module, and warned beforehand (and after) that I decided to use slow XP track. But then GM making few mistakes.

First: He reported game as Core, while it was not. (Figures, we got Occultist, Oracle and some other not core classes)
While he said that he changed it back, this session is still marked on my session list with this stamp: "Character is incorrect organized play type PFSRPG for table of type PFSPFC."

So here comes my first question: How to remove that stamp?

Second: He recorded and handled me chronicle sheet with normal XP track. I pointed that out, he made an excuse and handled new one with slow XP track.

Story not ends here.

After that game I have played two more scenarios, in winch GMs made same second mistake. They reported as if character had normal XP track.

After that on my session list it says that I get 1 and 2 prestige points for those sessions, while it should be 1/2 and 1.

So here comes a second question: How to make it show correct prestige points?

And last thing. Out of 3 GMs, one completely neglected that I am using slow XP track and not updated chronicle sheet. I'm trying to get it from her, but she ignores my emails.

So here comes third question: How can I receive correct chronicle sheet?

P.S. In case you are wondering, I have reported those sessions but had no answer from paizo.

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Linda Wellheart

1. Why are you a Pathfinder?

Joined the Exchange because it seems like good opportunity to earn gold. Also, she is thrill seeker, meaning adventurer at heart.

2. Do you have a name and surname that is not ripped straight out of existing Earth mythology or popular culture?

Wellheart. Gained from her mother. She doesn't like her parents, who neglected her.

3. Which nation did you grow up in? How did this nation influence you?

Absalom. I don't know much about that city, so I chose it because it's melting pot of nations and races.

4. What do you look like? What are your wearing? How does this vary when you’re stalking through forests, sewers, deserts or in glittering cities?

When not on a mission, brown and white city girl clothes. When on mission, Plate Armor, with skirt and symbol of Calistria on shield. Heavy!

5. What do you love? (Treasure and experience doesn’t count)

Children, sweets. She like cute things, kitsune. Also very much likes men.

6. What do you hate? (Unclear and irritating darkness level rules don’t count)

Insects, water, bitter things, risking.

7. Which other Pathfinders (PCs) do you rely on for teamwork, survival and butt-kicking? Do you have a bro? a mentor? a father figure? maybe a rival?

Charter does not made considerable allies as of yet.

8. How does your race influence your views? Are you a stereotype of a certain race? How are you different from most humans/elves/gnomes/orcs/tengu?

As half-elf, she took more from her Elf father. She worshipping Calistria, and was quite kinky at earlier age. Now she calmed down.

9. What are you afraid of? Do you have any phobias or worries?

She can't swim, so she is afraid of water. Nearly drowning at early age didn't help it. She got phobia of insects that she does not know of. Thought that something this small can be poisonous to the point of death terrifies her.

10. What is your most treasured possession?

Her three children. All from different fathers, whom she does not even know. Surprisingly, they are Elf girl 8 years old, half-elf boy 10 years old, and human girl of 12 years old, residing inside orphanage in winch she lives between missions (being Half-Elf do bring some surprises like children of different races). Raising them became her life goal, that why she does not like risks and need money.

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Thanks for the quick answer. I'm not asking for any mechanics benefit. It's just for pure role-playing cause.

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So to get question straight. I got a character that lives in orphanage and (should) often give donation to the said orphanage. Can I spend money on that? Or it can be spent only on listed gear? I'm asking if I can, not if I should ('cos I should and willing ;)).

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Bestary 4 got Gathlain with stats to be played as character. It's small fey with wooden wings that still can fly.