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Darigaaz the Igniter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,507 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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nate lange wrote:
chosen child is another trait that actually increases wealth by 900, not to 900. the really alarming thing about it though is that its a regional trait... rich parents is a social trait, so if you take the additional traits feat at 1st you could have both of them, start play with 1,800g, and then retrain the feat later... and, since you're looking for cheese, i'd suggest doing so as a bard or evangelist cleric: you could buy 3 battle trained tigers (with 300g left for yourself), use performance to buff all of them, and cast cure spells to keep them healthy.

grab them both with the extra traits feat, set aside some of the 1800 to retrain it, buy stuff, profit

Well, I don't know about any of you but I feel overwhelmed by all the new classes. We went from 20 to 36 in the span of less than a year, with 10 of those specifically designed to cover parts of other classes' niches. I just can't keep up.

Ravingdork wrote:
Avoron wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
...Rich Parents...pair of war trained tigers...13 combat trained bison...assumes ~1,000gp...
OP wrote:
Nothing that relies on anything other than standard starting gold.
Classic, lovely, frighteningly effective, and explicitly prohibited by the OP.
Not sure how I violated it. That IS the standard starting gold for a character with the rich parents trait. ;P

you'd start with 900gp for taking rich parents, not 1000.

Given the numbers you quoted, I'd go with around 50 years. Assuming a human generation is around 20, that is.

(borrowing from one of the things I did in Skyrim)
This circlet is of dwarvish make and features a large, cyan crystal of unknown material centrally. Once per day the wearer can activate the circlet, releasing a burst of necromantic energy, which reanimates all corpses within 100 feet of the wearer. Corpses reanimated this way are as capable as they were when still alive. Much like summoned monsters, they follow the wearer of the crown obediently and attack anything hostile to the wearer. The corpses remain animated for 2 minutes, then fall lifeless again. Such corpses can still be animated by other means in the future.

Whispered storied in darkened pubs tell of an individual who has found a way to activate the power of the circlet at will.

Ravingdork wrote:
Jodokai wrote:
No other animal companions or familiars can activate a magic item.
That seems unnecessarily restrictive. Surely other improved familiars could activate magical rings and such.

The arbiter inevitable even specifically has hands.

CalethosVB wrote:
Tireless Rage at level 17 for Barbarians.

Or (and this is probably a good example for the op) 8 levels barb, 1 level lame-cursed oracle, rest barb for fatigue immunity and rage-cycling at 9th (effective oracle level 5th).


I'd recommend Inquisitor but you've said you don't like them for being too fiddley. Is it mainly the Judgement? If so, the Sanctified Slayer trades out judgements for the slayer's studied target, sneak attack, and some slayer talents.

I had a blast using a half-orc travel domain inquisitor to get into monsters' faces and (adamantine heavy) pick away at 'em. Mithril breastplate and good to go.

Dishonorable (chaotic)? yes. Evil? Nah.

probably human, assuming your standard run-if-the-mill aasimars and tieflings

I don't think so. Temporary hp are always lost first. So either the temp hp are added, the target gets hit, then loses the temp hp; or the target gets hit, dies, and it's too late to add temp hp. Unless Psychosomatic Surge has some special wording I'm unaware of.

It was vastly changed and improved from its original version in the errata.

Grab 2 levels of alchemist, pick up extra arm or tentacle, never have to worry about having a free appendage for reloading


Inquisitor, Slayer, Bard, Alchemist, Witch, and Dragon Disciple are all pretty close to top too

2 levels of alchemist, grab extra arm from a discovery and again via extra discovery feat at 7th. Then twf crossbows.

magic blacklight maybe?

Quick Draw + Power Attack + a one-handed weapon + a quickdraw light (wooden or steel) shield = 2-handed power attack damage on your turn and full shield ac benefit on everyone else's turns.

Could always just get an 18th level witch to use forced reincarnation on it until it sticks

TriOmegaZero wrote:
thejeff wrote:
In fact, it might be even better for those 3/4 BAB classes that get self-buffs up to pseudo full BAB. They don't get the full iteratives, so they don't have to worry about whether they can hit with that last -10 or -15 attack.
Truth. My Holy Vindicator didn't even have a second attack for most of his career, so thanks to Furious Focus he was always Power Attacking.

My inquisitor confirms this as well. Heck, even when he did finaly get an iterative it wasn't much of a loss when simply making a standard action attack.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

So we have crowdsourced an 11th level (or higher) Ifrit Bloodrager lich who appears as a flaming skeleton and gets the rage bonus to its casting stat.

I duno about you but that sound pretty badass to me.

Imbicatus wrote:
TxSam88 wrote:

I personally think the 11th level Explicable Reload is pretty awesome, especially if you want to dual wield crossbows.

It really doesn't give you much beyond crossbow mastery, and you still need a free hand to reload even though it's not an action. If you want to dual wield crossbows, you'll still need a two level dip of juggler bard or alchemist if you want to look like a three armed mutant.

It's a very cool ability, but mechanically, it doesn't do much. It's only real value is allowing you full rate of fire with a double crossbow.

Personally I grab extra arm twice (usually at the same time via discovery and Extra Discovery), so I can be the amazing Spider-Slinger.

CraziFuzzy wrote:
No one said the 'dance hall' involved the patrons dancing, and there's nothing stating there aren't polished brass poles present.

I was just thinking the same thing.

Torbyne wrote:
London Duke wrote:
I like swashbuckler to grab some cool deeds and the ability to switch-hit while remaining dex based.
Ooh, are there any cavalier or swashbuckler archetypes that would let you add level to damage with the crossbow?

Luring Cavalier does

If your Int was just a point higher I'd recommend 2 levels of alchemist. Grab Extra Arm discovery (twice maybe via extra discovery feat) and twf fight crossbows. Dex mutagen helps too, obv.

Hands on, the (adamantine) heavy pick. As I previously posted here.


Admantine heavy pick.

Good for coups de gras, fighting constructs, fighting underwater, fighting while grappled, breaking into places, breaking out of places, breaking things in general, lockpicking (pun only partly intended), fighting with a shield, fighting with a weapon in 2 hands, and much much more. Side effects include a d6 damage and only critting on a 20. If problems persist, you're not hitting them hard enough

You too can have one for just one easy payment of 3008 gp. But wait, act now and we'll include a free holster for it! just pay additional shipping and handling

A similar thread to this one came around back when antipaladins were first introduced. Someone suggested "Reaver" and it's stuck with me ever since. Though I do hold on to Blackguard for a LE variant.

AntiDjinn wrote:

Almost forgot, with the Mind Swap, Major method (see above), if you use a hapless third person use a newborn baby because: 1) Terrible Will save. 2) If seekers manage to find their mark's body and un-petrify it the mind in that body won't be able to tell them anything. Not even with torture. It won't even know what its native body looks like or what its name is. Even with mind reading they won't get any useful info. 3) If the baby doesn't even have a name that is one less bit of info they might use for scrying. 4) Smaller body you trap the mark's mind in means a smaller rock to hide after you petrify it.

Note: May run afoul of that right/wrong thing people are always going on about.

Finally, a use for the goblin baby

Am I only allowed to pick one? Because I'm torn between barbarian, slayer, and inquisitor.

Zhayne wrote:
Nobody, anywhere, simply has magic items on shelves in shops. They'd be too tempting a target for thieves, plus 99% of the populace would never even be able to afford a frickin' Potion of Cure Light without saving every spare copper for like a decade. You'd have to get an item custom-crafted, providing half up front then the rest on completion ... assuming the crafter is even willing to make it ("A nine lives stealer? Aw HELL no.")

I run it much the same, for any settlement of sufficient size. Especially if there's a mage college or major temple of some kind in the area. "Need some wands of cure light wounds? Sure, we can put you on the waiting list and have some of the acolytes make those for you in say, 6 days."

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Abrisene wrote:

I have long wished to confront a group with a Treant druid lich.

It's phylactery could be one of its seeds it keeps planted somewhere in the forest. Every time it dies it jut animates a new tree nearby. Only way to find the thing would be to keep killing said Treich until a clearing starts becoming evident. Even then, it could probably just Plant Growth to keep the cover.

11th level adept lich.

Or my personal favorite - Bard lich with a phylactery built in to their instrument of choice: an adamantine vuvuzela.

Monk, Empyrial Sorcerer, Eldritch Knight

Slayer 2, Horizon Walker

Vivisectionist Alchemist, Sage Sorcerer, Arcane Trickster

Paladin 2, Archaeologist Bard, Dragon Disciple

Fighter, Sorcerer, Arcane Archer

Spell/power points are a favorite of mine. Works great for Savage Worlds and pretty much every video game out there.

Alternatively, I've been toying with a vancian-like system where slots of each level recharge after a number of hours equal to spell level. 0 level spells, available immediately. Cure light wounds, you can do it again in an hour. Cast miracle? Gotta wait 9 hours for that sucker to refresh. This system would have to come at a reworking of the spell system, however. Massively reign in certain spells, probably delay access to higher spell levels. Like 9th level spells as a capstone.

Before the ACG started playtest my banlist was: anything not on the prd*, mythic adventures, gmg, UCam (except for traits)

*certain sections of some books are default=no, make your case. Like advanced firearms, race builder, downtime, alternate rules, etc

But ever since ACG it's been a whirlwind of new information, and now major revisions to pre-existing books, that I can't process it all. the ACG, Occult Adventures, Unchained, the extensive revisions masked as errata. I'm just so overwhelmed I get burned out even trying to catch up.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Chess Pwn wrote:
The thing I find funny is that not only is crane wing changed, but the reason it needed to be changed is gone. The fact that the MoMS can no longer get fast access to things means that the abuse case is gone now that you have to wait all the levels to get the deflect.

Seriously, can we just get it back to the way it was originally written? Now that the early-access is gone all the issues with it are cleared.

Oncoming_Storm wrote:

The original version of Deflect Arrows was too strong even without MoMS. The ability to simply negate one hit when combined with a good AC meant that they could save such deflections for Crits and normal hits would just miss. And with lower AC they could simply avoid 1 attack a round. No roll, no save no nothing just auto deflect. This would be capstone ability rather than something acquired at level 1, (or two).

PS: wildcard feats should be able to skip style-path prereqs since you don't even get your first until 6th level.

A community of tree-dwelling driders who sometimes barter with passing ships. Trading silk clothes or new sails for supplies they can't access on the island.

Gummy Bear wrote:

I'm pretty sure cross blooded can't be stacked with any other archetype :(

Spell perfection just has the prerequisites of three metamagic feats and 15 ranks in Spellcraft, no?

That makes me feel way better about the spell progression, thanks Wolin!

I thought it was caster level 15. woops

Is your game likely to get to 15th level? If so, try to fit in magical knack for wizard so you can still qualify for spell perfection at 15th.

Arbane the Terrible wrote:
An Oracle with a familiar who's teamed up with three Kineticists and a Chosen One Paladin to save the world from a variety of otherworldly menaces.

Aang from Avatar, the Last Airbender?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Natia Dalmadur - killed by the loss of con-casting and loses her fetish mask of stony demeanor due to price gouging.

[no link available]
Valerian, half-elf separatist cleric of nethys/wizard/theurge forced to lose two levels of arcane might due to the curse of Er Ra Ta.

Personally I almost never make a half orc without fate's favored and sacred tattoo. Those 2 are the equivalent of 3 feats and since are luck bonuses stack with darn near everything.

SmiloDan wrote:

What would an anti-magic witch hunter class be able to do?

Would it combine the Spellbreaker chain of feats with Evasion and Stalwart? An ability to cause extra damage based on the highest spell the target can cast? A way to absorb or deflect spell energy?

Would it be able to dispel magic? Project an aura of anti-magic? Counterspell?

reroll saves, develop immunities against certain effects like a paladin, something similar to spell-sunder would be practically required, and that vigilante ability posted earlier in the thread. At least, those are good starting points. Perhaps mimic other things like a tetori's ability to negate freedom of movement and teleporting.

Heck, now I'm envisioning a whole slew of antispell maneuvers. Steal spell, spell sunder, no escape grapple, spell-turning parry, etc.

I've been meaning to draw up a whip warpriest, probably of Calistria.

Well, with the new arg errata, I'm probably going to have to scrap this character.

Buy bison or trained mammoths once you get your technique down, they should be available for purchase in any metropolis.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

They made the pummeling style clarification months ago

chocobot wrote:

For races, I like human and plane touched:


Alternately, you go with a no-humans thing

Kitsune? kinda doubling up on the canines, then

Took me a while to think about this

Slayer- the 'tons of feats' martial plus the skill guy
Swashbuckler- The dex-based martial

Bloodrager- counterpart to the paladin, sadly replaces barb
Bard- refluff them as closer to Red Mages
Sorcerer- nice counterpart to the witch
Witch- still a full caster but far less spell shenanigans available than wizards

Paladin- modify to be any good/antipaladins [rename to blackguard or reaver or something cool like that] any evil
Hunter- The animal companion character, also only nature-caster
Inquisitor- Divine counterpart to the bard
Oracle or Warpriest- I'm still deciding this one. Oracle has pros for being a spontaneous caster, warpriest has a niche for filling the punchy guy/suboptimal weapon role.

Alchemist- might up the number of bombs/day they can do to make them able to be a faux-warlock
Investigator- for someone wanting to play a rogue but not wanting a slayer


Humans- because it's a default
Elves- but no half-elves
Dwarves- another fantasy core trope
Nagaji- Replaces the half-orc for the monstrous/bestial race, and forms a nice trio with elf and dwarf with there being boosts to all 6 stats represented among them
Gnomes- Small race without a dex bonus, that's rare
Ratfolk- I like these guys for 'sneaky small race' much better than halflings
Wyvarans- I like kobolds, but these are much more in line with adventuring race needs. Again forms a power-trio to have bonuses to all 3 mental stats available and while there's not a boost to str here in the small races, at least the wyvaran doesn't have a penalty.

I'd skip the bastard sword and just go with a scimitar unless you're a human or half-elf and can pick up the exotic proficiency as a bonus at lv1.

Edit: that being said, I do have experience with the quickdraw shield 'style' and I have to say it is awesome. Mine was melee-focused, but I think it could work pretty well with the switch hitter since that build already includes the main thing you need to make shield dancing work; ie quick draw.

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