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Brass Dragon

Darigaaz the Igniter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,045 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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Uncle Taco wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Uncle Taco wrote:
Well this looks fun. What about a four-armed elven alchemist who moonlights as a sacred prostitute?
How about This or This or This? There's a more revealing version of that first one out there, but I'm pretty sure the board rules wouldn't like me linking it.
You, sir, are alright with me. Where's that first image from? Its about perfect.

Google image search for Codru Ji is where I found it. Not sure the original source.

Uncle Taco wrote:
Well this looks fun. What about a four-armed elven alchemist who moonlights as a sacred prostitute?

How about This or This or This? There's a more revealing version of that first one out there, but I'm pretty sure the board rules wouldn't like me linking it.

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Dwarfakin wrote:
IMHO, AC is effective to a certain point then becomes useless. Yes you may have a 42 AC, but the BBEG has a +43 to hit. At a certain point in the game your AC is not important against the BBEG, but is essential to protect yourself from his minions that nickel and dime you to death. Cause its not always the boss you need to worry about.

What bbeg has a +43 to hit without using true strike?

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Ravingdork wrote:
Let's look at the general order in which you would obtain/upgrade your defensive gear in order to get the highest AC for lowest cost:

Your order's a little off, or perhaps I look at it differently.

Each of the following is a +1 increment to AC along with cost:

1000 +1 armor
1000 +1 shield
2000 +1 ring of protection
2000 +1 amulet of natural armor
3000* +2 armor
3000* +2 shield
4000* belt of incredible dexterity +2
5000 +1 jingasa of the fortunate soldier
5000 +1 dusty rose prism ioun stone
5000* +3 armor
5000* +3 shield
6000* +2 ring of protection
6000* +2 amulet of natural armor
7000* +4 armor
7000* +4 shield
9000* +5 armor
9000* +5 shield
10000* +3 ring of protection
10000* +3 amulet of natural armor
12000* belt of incredible dexterity +4
14000* +4 ring of protection
14000* +4 amulet of natural armor
18000* +5 ring of protection
18000* +5 amulet of natural armor
20000* belt of incredible dexterity +6
55000 manual of quickness of action +2
55000* manual of quickness of action +4

* =difference between the cost of this item, and the same item with a bonus one lower. eg the cost of +2 armor minus the cost of +1 armor.

This list does not account for the increased price of belts that provide a bonus to Dex and one or more other stats, nor other items that provide the same kind of bonus at a higher cost.

Still, you can potentially end up with 10 (base) +5 (armor enhance) +5 (shield enhance) +5 (deflection) +5 (natural) +3 (dex enhance) +1 (insight) +1 (luck) + everything else including your character's base dex, armor and shield's base bonus, size, and everything else I fail to mention. Let's say the everything else is 10 for a mithral breastplate, buckler, 16 Dex without enhancement, and medium size. 10 + 10 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 1 + 1 = 45 so your average combat cr20 needs a 16 to hit you. Without the shield it's 39 so they still need a 10 on their highest attack.

Sorry for the off topic:
gnomersy wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Different campaign, this time around I'm an inquisitor. I don't know what the rogue's exact numbers are, but I'm currently sporting +22/+14/+9 at level 15 with power attack, furious focus, greater magic weapon, and heroism; +4 with judgement, +2 with greater bane, +3/+5 if I have time to cast Divine Favor/Power on myself beforehand (which we usually don't).
Ah okay that makes much more sense, that being said consider a quicken rod by level 11 or so they're affordable and perfect for squeezing in a Divine Favor.

At level 11, a lesser rod of quicken would be ~43% of your wbl, so I guess we have different ideas of 'affordable'. Especially since I like to keep my ac up.

gnomersy wrote:
Your secondary should be hitting at worst 10% less often than the Rogue's primary. Since by the time you have a second attack the Rogue is down 2 points of BAB and 1 point of Weapon Training. By the time you have three attacks he's down 3 or 4 points of BAB 2 points of Weapon Training another 2 points from Gloves of Dueling and 1 point for greater weapon focus. And that ignores that you should consistently have at least +1 more in your to hit stat because you aren't as MAD. So you should have around +9 or +10 to hit on the rogue which means your tertiary would hit roughly as often as his primary.

Different campaign, this time around I'm an inquisitor. I don't know what the rogue's exact numbers are, but I'm currently sporting +22/+14/+9 at level 15 with power attack, furious focus, greater magic weapon, and heroism; +4 with judgement, +2 with greater bane, +3/+5 if I have time to cast Divine Favor/Power on myself beforehand (which we usually don't).

blahpers wrote:
f you're bent on helping the rogue sneak attack at the cost of a move, that might be worth taking Vital Strike since it supports your model. Depends on what weapon you're using, though.

I thought about it, but +1d6 for my heavy pick is not all that great for me.

Wasn't planning on doing armor period, thus the monk level

Alexandros Satorum wrote:

I, of course, agree that multiple layers of defense are better than just one defense. ANd of course you also want a solid saves and CMD etc, but that do not reduce the value of AC and You can have a solid AC without devoting most of your resources to it.

Just getting hit 5% of the times is great, but a 30% is still really good.


AC is only all or nothing if you choose to see it as such. I see a lot of posters touting miss chance from things such as displacement, but they seem to be forgetting that that's a 20-50% chance of negation. Whereas it's easy to invest into AC smartly to keep it a similar 50% or better against even cr+1 foes and therefor have even better against lower enemies. You don't need to invest nearly all your wbl to do so.

Kazumetsa Raijin wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

Control mage, focusing on spells and pretty much eschewing direct attacks. I will almost certainly be taking the domain instead of the animal companion, for the extra spells per day.

One big reason I like the 1 level delay from the monk is because it means I get Natural Spell at the same level I get Wild shape. That, and all the Wis synergy.

If you're going any kind of Caster, I really don't ever recommend taking levels in any other class as that drops higher level spells from ever being reached.

Accept that you will be a glass cannon.

Nope, not gonna accept that. My spells will still be on par with a sorcerer progression.

When I played a fighter early on (APG came out a little after the campaign started), I wasn't even the sidekick, I was the comic relief.

The rogue in our current campaign has proved himself very useful out of combat, though I do often spend my turn getting into flank with him and making my one attack. It's kind of alright since even my second iterative rarely hits, let alone the third.

Control mage, focusing on spells and pretty much eschewing direct attacks. I will almost certainly be taking the domain instead of the animal companion, for the extra spells per day.

One big reason I like the 1 level delay from the monk is because it means I get Natural Spell at the same level I get Wild shape. That, and all the Wis synergy.

The idea is 1 level of monk for the save bonuses, extra feat, and wis to ac, then spend the rest of the career as a druid. Will be focusing on utility and battlefield control with some minor healing. Probably not a lot of summons, I have a different character for that.

Race: Dwarf is nice but Undine in combo with Menhir Savant could be fun

Monk level: Martial Artist is nice so I don't have to be LN, but MoMS could be fun. Though I have no idea what style to pick.

Druid: Straight druid is not bad, I have had success with a similar build to this one using Storm Druid before, Menhir Savant combos well with Undine to cast water spells at +2 CL. Archetype here must not interfere with wild shaping, I plan on spending most of my time after hitting level 9 wildshaped.

lv 1: no idea
lv 3: no idea
lv 5: Natural Spell
lv 7: Wild Speech
lv9+: no idea

BigDTBone wrote:
Pop requires you to 1) retrieve the item 2) use the item 3) stow the item (unless you just intend to drop your magic bauble on the ground like a hooligan).

My slotless pearl of power earrings beg to differ

Step 1: have 14 or better Str
Step 2: have a x4 crit weapon like a scythe or heavy pick
Step 3: have a caster in the party with hold person/slumber/color spray/whatever
Step 4 (optional): laugh maniacally at all solo monster encounters

I'll have to check that when the ACG gets printed.

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Well it's certainly not reliable, but a witch getting forced reincarnation to stick would be HILARIOUS. Reincarnate turns it from a great wyrm back into a young adult.

Assuming the draconic reincarnate table looks something like



Going from a cr22 to a cr 9-14 depending on the roll and only a 10% chance to stay the same color.

Needs more cowbell. Or an admantine vuvuzela.

Druid is alright. Witch and Wizard can also do plenty of battlefield control without doing any damage. Pick up merciful spell for any really good control spells that would deal damage, like black tentacles, it's a +0 level adjustment.

The extra treasure awarded is assumed to either be consumables or magic items that will be sold for half price instead of kept

Pages 398-399 in the core rule book or here on the prd.

Dimensional Anchor, Dispel Magic, and Blistering Invective all help my inquisitor do things other than 'hit things with style'. Litany of Sloth can be helpful too, preventing a target from taking attacks of opportunity for a round.

It helps he's a half orc, the alt favored class option means that with no more investment than 1 skill point a level he's got a +36 intimidate at level 16 despite having an 8 Cha.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you're not going to contribute to the topic at hand please stop posting here.

For the last time, Instant Enemy doesn't work with Terrain Dominance. See here for a better explanation than I can give.

Mathwei ap Niall wrote:

Not quite understanding what you are trying to say here.

The accepted way this works is you cast instant enemy on a target and choose to consider it of type humanoid (Gnoll). At this point it's normal terrain is flagged as Desert so your favored terrain (Desert) kicks in and you now use that bonus as a favored enemy bonus against that target.

That's not the way it works at all. The desert terrain is a part of the Gnoll creature entry, not an inherent quality of the Humanoid (gnoll) creature type. It'd be like trying to instant enemy some thing as a dragon and say that your terrain dominance (forest) applies because green dragons live in a forest.

Just because you instant enemy one creature type does not mean you pick a specific example of that creature type to count it as, even if there's only one printed example of that type.

I want to start with Ranger 6 because of the combat style feats and getting the favored class bonus of +1 skill point for those 6 levels happens to perfectly coincide with the 6 ranks of Kn: Geo needed for HW.

With this spell you designate the target as your favored enemy for the remainder of its duration. Select one of your favored enemy types. For the duration of the spell, you treat the target as if it were that type of favored enemy for all purposes.

I have no favored enemy types. Either find me a rules thread about it or make one, but please stop cluttering up my thread with an argument about a moot point.

Terrain dominance gives me the favored enemy bonus, but it doesn't give me any favored enemy types. So Instant Enemy is still useless.

Guide doesn't have favored enemy anyway, so instant enemy is a moot point

EDIT: I might go Rgr6/HW3/Rgr4/Hw3/Rog4. Depends on how I feel when I get to that level.

I'm still thinking Guide 6/HW 3/Guide 4/HW7 is the most appealing to me. The rogue dip is cute but I don't know how many extra feats I'll have for extra rogue talent.

Stealth synergy is already amazingly powerful without much more focus than you already described. Assuming 4 lv1 pcs each have a trait that makes stealth a class skill and gives a +1 and all put 1 rank into stealth, your group stealth roll is (best of 4d20)+20 before counting dex modifiers and acps. At level 1.

Marshmallow, I think you need to stop looking at the class disparity and focus the discussion back on the stats.

If it helps, assume two members of the same group both want to make a fighter as you compare point buy to rolling.

Ah, I see. Well then do you recommend going straight HW or breaking it up after HW3 to get the other ranger benefits before going back to HW?

Sindalla wrote:
The trick was trying to keep up with whatever terrain we were in.

Fortunately I have until at least 7th level before choosing the first terrain to be at +4. Which again leaves one pondering which order to take the levels in.

Race: Dwarf; Alt Racial: Sky Sentinel
Favored Class Bonus: +1 skill point (for the knowlege: geo needed to qualify for HW)

Ranger (Guide) 6/Horizon Walker 10/Ranger 4 OR Ranger (Guide) 10/Horizon Walker 10.
Not sure which of these to go with. Early HW gets me my first terrain dominance faster, staying ranger first gets me +6/+6 focus 4/day and 3rd level spell access. Could go with a crazy Rgr6/HW3/Rgr4/HW7 progression I suppose. And before anyone suggests otherwise, I am set on using Guide.

Combat style: Either Archery or Weapon and Shield.
I really wanna try W&S because of that level 6 no-prereq Shield Master and dual wield the suckers. On the other hand, Archery is always strong and dwarves are slow.

Stats: 20 pt buy
Str 14, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8 for archery
Str 16, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 8 for W&S
W&S would probably grab a +Dex item to qualify for ImpTWF, otherwise I could theoretically lower Dex to 14 on it since shield master means no TWF penalties. I'd just be stuck with the single offhand attack.

Traits: Don't have the book for Glory of Old, so pretty much limited to the stuff in Ultimate Campaign.

Feats: I really want to squeeze Steel Soul and Iron Will in here since neither ranger or horizon walker have good will save progression. Though with the Wis I might be able to go without Iron will until later. Deadly Aim or Power Attack depending on combat style. Quick Draw would really help the shield build, probably good for the archer too with a backup weapon.

I'm looking to have all the basic feats out of the way around level 10, earlier if possible. I just need to pick a good order to take them in.

I do not recommend the Lore's Sidestep Secret with Paladin levels. If I recall correctly, there's a post from James Jacobs around that says you can't add the same stat to a roll twice, so SS replacing dex and Divine Grace adding Cha to reflex would be a bit wasted, only addding Cha once with no dex.

However, the Nature mystery has Nature's Whispers which replaces dex to ac and cmd with Cha.

I can tell you plenty about rolling terrible stats. Like the campaign where I went through 5 characters where the single highest roll preracial was a 13 using 4d6-drop-lowest.

"Big Knife, big fish."

Urban barbarian w/ greatsword. Actually the basis for a character I ran once. Including heart of the fields boost to profession: sushi chef.

Damian Magecraft wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
Well yes, in a controlled environment such as point buy people will generally use the spreads that are good. I don't see that as a bad thing though, it allows for much greater player choice in what you want to build compared to rolling and potentially getting stats unsuited for the character you want.

When the fighter/rogue/mage/cleric/bard in game A has the same exact stats as the fighter/rogue/mage/cleric/bard in game B and the fighter/rogue/mage/cleric/bard in Game C and the fighter/rogue/mage/cleric/bard in game D, Ad nauseaum...

It gets old... Fast.

But are they really the same? What races are (insert class here) A, B, C, and D? Archetypes? Combat style/spell list? Alignment?

As many have pointed out, if they're set out to optimize they'll do so regardless of stat method. You may not see the exact same values. But you have a pretty safe bet the fighter who rolled a 9 as their lowest and the wizard who rolled a 17 as their highest are going to put them into Cha and Int respectively. Seems like a pipe dream to hope the player who wants to roll a caster doesn't get higher than a 16 or the martial doesn't roll lower than 10 every time.


All the iconics were built on an array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8. Oh look, an 8. How DARE they give characters that will become familiar to a large part of the fanbase a dump stat! Even more, now all of them will have the exact same stats! So boring and unoriginal.

"I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure"

Thymus Vulgaris wrote:

It's a great and wonderful spell, but speaking as a bard player, I do not want to see Haste level-adjusted. Getting it at 7th level is late enough, but I can agree 4th level access for summoners as a second level spell seems wrong.

Is it the best spell in the game? I don't know actually, I often find myself not knowing whether to start with Good Hope or Haste if I haven't had time to get the former up beforehand. Because +2 to attack, damage, all skills, saves and ability checks might be worth giving up the extra movement, attack, +1 reflex save, +1 dodge bonus to AC and +1 to hit.
Maybe my priorities are just off, but I can indeed find it hard to choose, and I'm not even sure which one I usually end up casting first.

Off Topic:
Good Hope first while the beatsticks move into position, Haste after so they can make use of the extra attack

I like 6 levels of ranger to pick up Shield Master without needing all the prereqs.

I have a plan for the first part of their career, if they survive to double digit levels then I start winging it. I also don't assume I'm gonna get any specific magical items unless I put an appropriate craft feat in there.

Oracle levels are easy for this. Have a few weird dreams during the downtimes, one day wake up with your eyes cloudy for having caught some divine entity's attention.

I have to disagree with you, Aziraya Zhwan. Kamina was some form of bard, maybe arcane duelist. His biggest ability was inspiring courage in the Dai Gurren Brigade.

My half-orc inquisitor of Desna refers to his admantine heavy pick as 'the can opener' but when the campaign ends he might go with something like Piercer of the Shadows or Butterfly's Sting.

I've been wanting to try hexes but our gm uses modules with maps printed for grid.

Wow, that was a 0.0094% (rounded) chance of failing all those rolls, not counting the saves.

Jack Assery wrote:
Been trying for years to make a SAW type trap, I guess I suck because my PC's usually make short work of them.

It helped that we got a bit gm-fiated into all being unconscious and spearated

Paulie Dingle and McSquizzy, gnome cross-planar tranportation specialist (summoner) and the thing that followed him home one day (biped eidolon that looked like a cross between a squirrel and a wookie). He got caught up in his cousin Molly's group on an adventure to stop Cheliax from opening what would basically be another worldwound but to hell this time. His exploits include having McSquizzy go vorpal squirrel on a kellnight and then stuffing him into the knight's armor via reduce person in order to get them past a blockade. He turned the mole in the resistance into a gerbil because it would make it harder for the goon squad we were fighting to target her. Took out 5 summoning traps at a node of diabolic energy by summoning in a quintet of Axiomatic Triceratopses. Defeated a SAW style trap labyrith with dimension door. Found and kept an alchemical giant (post campaign he painted it red and attached two adamantine lances enchanted with the ability to use plane shift). But he never did find any duck eggs inside that T-rex. Or the jar of infinite pickles.

Twitch Plays Pathfinder

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