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Darigaaz the Igniter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,275 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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For PFS legal, just skip the drow magic and start Wiz 3/Clc 1/MT grabbing trickery to qualify your divine casting requirement.

EDIT: By 12th level overall you have 9th level cleric casting, so either a 15 wis starting out or a 13 starting wis and a +2 headband/ioun stone will do you fine.

Never thought you'd see a dwarf do this


Cavalier; Daring Champion, Order of the Dragon
Dwarf; Sky Sentinel
+½ damage to challenge target/level
Str 13, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8
Reactionary, TRAIT

01 Power Attack, Pack Attack
03 Steel Soul
04 +1 Dex
05 Nimble Moves
06 Step Up
07 Following Step
08 +1 Dex
09 Acrobatic Steps, Outflank
12 COMBAT FEAT, +1 Dex
16 +1 Dex
20 +1 Dex

Main weapon: heavy pick. There's a lot of other teamwork feats that also are nice to use with tactician: precise strike, coordinated charge, stealth synergy, escape route, shake it off, and possibly lookout.

New Build Template

Build Template:

Class (if multiclassed, class order goes here instead); Archetypes and other class choices such as Domains, Bloodline, Order, etc.
(if multiclassed, will be on a separate line with the choices for each class presented in the order taken and separated by semicolons)
Race; Alternate Racial Abilities
Favored Class Bonus
Ability Scores at level 1 (assumes 20 pt buy)

04 +1 STAT
08 +1 STAT
12 +1 STAT
16 +1 STAT
20 +1 STAT

OOC text will be for choices that I have made for an open choice but are not essential to the build.

Open choices that have not been decided at all will be presented as the choice name in all caps, such as FEAT or DISCOVERY

I'm working on a dwarven Daring Champion who uses a heavy pick (it's a 1-handed piercing weapon after all). Though I need to look at the classes involved to see how badly the Cha penalty hurts this idea.

Torbyne wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

Here's my take on a bolt ace, though your mileage may vary

Human, favored class bonus +1/4 grit per level
01 Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload: Light Crossbow
03 Precise Shot
04 Deadly Aim, +1 Dex
05 Rapid Shot
06 Alchemist
07 Alchemist, Extra Arm, Extra Discovery: Extra Arm, retrain Rapid Shot to Two Weapon Fighting
08 +1 Dex
09 Clustered Shots
10 Improved Two Weapon Fighting
11 Iron Will
12 +1 Dex
13 Improved Precise Shot
14 Greater Two Weapon Fighting
15+ ???

I wish I had thought of this, but thank you dear Sir, you have shown me the path to bringing a favorite character from Planescape Torment to the table. IT MUST BE DONE.

One could also play around with the order of those first 4 feats, perhaps swapping rapid reload and deadly aim.

Catfolk Claw Blades count as manufactured light weapons, I think.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here's my take on a bolt ace, though your mileage may vary
Human, favored class bonus +1/4 grit per level
01 Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload: Light Crossbow
03 Precise Shot
04 Deadly Aim, +1 Dex
05 Rapid Shot
06 Alchemist
07 Alchemist, Extra Arm, Extra Discovery: Extra Arm, retrain Rapid Shot to Two Weapon Fighting
08 +1 Dex
09 Clustered Shots
10 Improved Two Weapon Fighting
11 Iron Will
12 +1 Dex
13 Improved Precise Shot
14 Greater Two Weapon Fighting
15+ ???

Technically, the 4th arm is not necessary, but I took it for style. After gunslinger 12 I would personally go the rest in alchemist.

Don't forget your hat of disguise

You can also ride some varieties of giant vermin, but that usually takes some extra class features to be able to train them.

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Demoyn wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
Have we discussed the Cave Druid/Carnivorous Ooze monstrosity yet?

Not yet but it's pretty horrendous.

Either 6 level of cave druid, the rest barb, + shaping focus. Or druid 10 rest barb. Carnivorous crystal has a 7d8 slam attack. Since that's a weird point on the progression scale we can be conservative and assume it scales as 6d8. Meaning it would go to 8d8 with INA, 16d8 with strong jaw + INA, and 48d8 with strong jaw, INA, and improved vital strike. Toss in Furious Focus and that's 384 damage before modifiers.

You could honestly have the best build design in the world, but the second you suggest furious focus every person who's even remotely interested in optimizing is going to stop paying attention, because even the most novice optimizer knows that furious focus is useless by now.

Derp, I meant Furious Finish, the one that maximizes your damage dice at the cost of ending your rage.

Aelryinth wrote:

For the 7d6 Carniv Crystal, I'd go 9d6 then 12d6 to get it back on progression. You could also treat it as 4d10 and go 6d10, 8d10.


Carnivorous Crystals are 7d8, not 7d6

Ascalaphus wrote:
Have we discussed the Cave Druid/Carnivorous Ooze monstrosity yet?

Not yet but it's pretty horrendous.

Either 6 level of cave druid, the rest barb, + shaping focus. Or druid 10 rest barb. Carnivorous crystal has a 7d8 slam attack. Since that's a weird point on the progression scale we can be conservative and assume it scales as 6d8. Meaning it would go to 8d8 with INA, 16d8 with strong jaw + INA, and 48d8 with strong jaw, INA, and improved vital strike. Toss in Furious Focus and that's 384 damage before modifiers.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Bolt Ace Gunslinger.

I dare you to try.

Looks like a nice sidegrade for my Spider-slinger build if you use hand or light crossbows. In fact, I'll go ahead and add that note.

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

Jamie Want Big Boom

** spoiler omitted **When the ACG comes out, if the arcanist doesn't change much from its second playtest version, then this'll probably switch to that class. Until then, it stays wizard.

Well, the arcanist changed enough that this build will stay wizard. Specifically, the arcanist lost the ability to gain both school powers and the bloodline arcana.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sorry for the continued derail but I thought I'd chime in: Vancian spellcasting isn't 'memorizing and forgetting'. It's more like crafting a set of specialized arrows and sticking them in your quiver. Your quiver can only hold so many arrows, and once you shoot that arrow, it's gone until you can sit down and make some more arrows.

Azten wrote:
Silent Saturn wrote:
Bones Oracle looks like a pretty solid choice. As early as level one, you can have a skeleton cohort for 3+Cha rounds per day, then you can get Animate Dead as a bonus spell and Command Undead as a bonus feat. You also get a revelation that lets you inflict negative levels as a ranged touch attack. And that's before you even pick and feats, spells known, or even your starting race.
For a feat, pick up Experimental Spellcaster(found here) and use it to get Undeath as a 2nd, ranged, no material component undead maker! (:<


Seriously, it's the best low-level undead creator.

Frickin laser beams

Thomas Long 175 wrote:

Out of curiosity why would you change druid to d6/ poor bab? They have one of the weakest spell lists out there, ranking definitely under the other 9th level casters, with the exception of perhaps witch.

Honestly, their buffs, which are mostly natural attack based, don't mesh well enough with most parties to be relevant. So short of the common things like glitterdust and entangle, they're basically reduced to being summoning agents at this point.

So that both the 9 level casters are poor bab/d6. This creates an inverse ratio of spellcasting power to hit die size/bab progression. Between the cleric and druid in the category of 9 level divine caster, I prefer the druid. Leave the group buffing to the arcane casters, the druid can either buff herself or her animal companion.

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Barbarian, Samurai, Bard, Inquisitor, Druid, Oracle, Witch, Sorcerer

I think I'm gonna change/update mine as well


"core 4"

"Core 8"
-Druid (changed to d6/poor bab)

Human because one practically has to
Catfolk to take the place of elves as 'nimble, exotic tree dwellers'
Gnolls to take place of dwarves as 'hairy, grumpy, hard working folk'
Nagagi to be the 'bestial brute' race
Ratfolk to be the sneaky small race
Gnomes because gnomes are crazy awesome
Tengu because they're pretty cool too

2 +str races
3 +dex races
2 +con races
1 +int race
2 +wis races
3 +cha races
1 +any race

Half Elf; Cleric of Nethys 1/Universalist Wizard 2 going for Mystic Theurge; Separatist (to gain access to trickery); NN

Half Orc; Inquisitor of Desna; Exploration subdomain; CN

Ifrit; Life Oracle; ---; CN

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Barbarian, Samurai - spell-less fighty types without the headaches that comes with the paladin's code.

Bard, Inquisitor - skill classes. one is arcane and Cha, the other is divine and Wis.

Druid, Oracle - one prepared caster based off Wis, one spontaneous caster based off Cha

Witch, Sorcerer - one prepared based on Int, one spontaneous based on Cha.

2 full bab, 4 med bab, 2 poor bab.
3 arcane, 3 divine

HowFortuitous wrote:

You should also think about why a 500 year old creature that is smarter and stronger than you naturally, and more importantly one that is known for, above all else, it's ego, is willing to give up its own goals to put on a saddle and degrade itself into being your pony.

Unless dragons are very different in the game world you play in, this is a huge problem. More than the mechanics. You may want to look into wyverns which are basically stupid dragons that can be tamed.

Young dragons are only 16-25. So while they might be quite a bit smarter and stronger than your average humanoid, they're also literally a child in mentality.

master_marshmallow wrote:
Check this out.

A young dragon that's also big enough to ride would be an effective cohort level in the high teens, so not all that useful unless you plan on starting at 20.

EDIT: Young Blue: effective cohort level 17
Young Green: ecl 16
Young Red: ecl 18
Young Bronze: ecl 17
Young Gold: ecl 19
Youg Silver: ecl 18

alternate movement modes like climb and fly, extra senses like tremorsense or blindsense. more legs to move faster. Minor/major magic for vanish/invisibility as a sla.


Not exactly

To paraphrase, "A SLA gained from a class feature is arcane or divine based on that class's casting type, if any." So the Trickery Domain and Fate Inquisition abilities both count as divine.

Now, a Half Elf or Tielfing with the Darkness SLA counts as arcane because that did not come from a class ability and Darkness is on the sorcerer/wizard list.

I have a mini-conqueror-ooze build that gives some new options to a casting druid.

Cave Druid 5/Bbn1/Druid X
07 natural spell
09 Vital Srike
11 Furious Finish
15 Improved Vital Strike
Taking the cave domain will give you the ability to give yourself darkvision in 1 hour increments and tremorsense at 6th(7th).

Given the way that class abilities accrue and grow in power as one gains levels in that class, staying single classed or at most dipping tends to produce better results.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We could always call it Planet Bob like they did in Titan AE.

Ventnor wrote:
I wonder, has anyone done a Vicious Mockery-type Bard? That is, a Bard whose performances are nothing but scathing jabs and hurtful insults hurled at the enemy.

Versatile performance: oratory, snake style, antagonize. Mock your enemies into attacking you to avoid the penalties and then use your verbal skills as a defense, all powered by your perform ranks.

Be human and you can have all of that by level 3.

I play a gnome so I have an excuse to be insane

I have a build for that

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Titanium elementals!

Spell sunder and strength surge being near the top examples, especially when used together.

Sissyl wrote:
Seriously, the sending spell is really awesome! You don't need anything more for long-range communication. You see, all that you need to do is

I think we've just discovered magical twitter

+1 to dumping Int on a 2+ skill class and using the favored class bonus to still have 2 skill points/level

Artanthos wrote:
The standard dip is one level of lame oracle after 8 levels of barbarian.

fixed that for you.

The nostandard dip is 5 levels of martial artist.

Spell combat true strike with a whip works well for trip magi (also for disarm). I have a build here that uses a variety of different magi tricks, including tripping.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I usually recommend a bard for gmpcs. A little emergency healing if the cleric goes down. Plenty of knowledge skills for hints if they need it. Buffing via spells and bardic performance in combat. If not casting, use aid another and/or flanking to help the others hit stuff.

Even though bards are Cha based, don't put points into the social interaction skills, let the pcs handle that. Do put points into things like appraise that most pcs wouldn't usually take. Use Magic Device if nobody in the party has it.

We Are Legion

Human or Half Elf

01 Skill Focus (Knowledge: any), Nature Soul
03 Eldritch Heritage (arcane)
05 Animal Ally
07 Boon Companion or Leadership
09 Leadership or Boon Companion

Have your cohort be a mini-you with pretty much the same build.

Mini-build brought to you via one of my friends. Have an animal companion, eidolon, and familiar all at max or nearly max progression.

I'm working on a new build. The idea is your standard heavens oracle with a high crit weapon. What I'm not sure of, however, is whether to go oracle 20, oracle 18 with a paladin 2 dip, or oracle 4/paladin 16.

EDIT: To be more specific: Half Elf, ancestral arms (falcata or scythe), magical lineage (color spray), persistent spell; that's all I feel you need to invest into it. The reason I'm debating this is that the heavens revelations beyond awesome display aren't that great. I feel like I'd gain more use out of the Cha synergy from the paladin.

Whispering Wind can also work, but for a shorter distance.

DominusMegadeus wrote:
Anzyr wrote:
insaneogeddon wrote:
Knick wrote:
Chime of Opening! Never leave home without it. I'm also in love with the Cape of the Mountebank, but eventually the game seems to expect you in a Cloak of Resistance so I usually cave by level 10.
thus the vest of resistance !
You meant Otherworldly Kimono I'm sure.
When you think about the standard issue wondrous item set-up, PCs really look like clowns, don't they? Not that anyone would live three second past saying that to their face, but still.

This is why I like hats of disguise or sleeves of many garments. make your stuff look like what you want.

My half orc inquisitor could never roll in crit threat range against anything that wasn't immune to crits. Seriously, from 1-15 the only thing he ever crit without a coup-de-gras was a freaking vargouille when the party was like 12th level.

non-synthesist summoners also gain access to dim door at 7th

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Weapons of Legacy

They need a serious pathfinderization overhaul, but I loved the idea behind them

As long as she keeps acting in her LG fashion, I would see no problem in it. He might be wary of her in the same way that any paladin might be when working with chaotic and/or nonlawful party members. But other than that, should be fine.

Neo2151 wrote:
How would you GM a Dragon attacking your party?

Step 1: prebuffing. If the dragon's attacking the party either it knows about their exploits through minions/allies/contacts or has spent some time observing them directly (from very far away) and any dragon worth their scales will plan accordingly.

Step 1a: if you hear them trying to prebuff (and you should), do so at the same time, setting up a counterstrategy. dragons should have huge perception and spellcraft scores, they will know what you're doing and how to best counter it.

Step 2: wear them down. Hit and runs attacks with spells and breath weapons. flyby attack. get in, blast them, get out, encounter over. come back several minutes later. you'll be burning through healing spells/items and wearing down protection from energy spells they might have. sic some of your minions on them in between flybys.

Step 3: most importantly, attack from unexpected directions. icy pass as you're a white dragon? pop out of the ice wall behind them. Rocky terrain for a copper? wall crawl like the demented spiderman you are. Forest for a green dragon? strike then fade into the foliage. Swamp for a black dragon? pop your head out of the water just long enough to strike, most parties hate underwater fighting and the water's surface provides you with total cover. Red dragon? light something on fire, use pyrotechnics for a smokescreen, use your natural ability to see through smoke to attack them, circling like a shark unseen.

Step 4: NEVER stand and fight unless you're sure you can shred one of them without being seriously injured in return. If they're important enough for you to warrant step one, you're not going to just land in the middle of them and blast away while their attacks bounce off your scales.

Step 5: Use the items in your hoard. Dragons may be vain (rightfully so), but they're not stupid. Even white dragons are smarter than your average human by the juvenile stage. A dragon's worth (among other dragons) is determined mostly by A) how big and strong they are; and B) the size and value of your hoard. Let me reiterate that: You are a dragon and what's in your hoard is just as important as how strong you are, there is no shame in using powerful items in it to augment your own power. You know what happens to dragons that are too proud to use their items? They get killed by those who aren't and their hoards become the property of their slayers.

Step 6: If all else fails, RUN. Living to fight another day is more valuable to your reputation than dying. A hoard can be rebuilt, stolen back. Your minions will still be out there for you to command. You will heal, you will plan, you will hunt them down make them pay. For you have seen them, know their faces, and have all the time in the world.

I personally like Paladin 2/Bard (archaeologist) 3/DD

For Barbarian, you want at least 2 levels so you can pick up the moment of clarity rage power. Maybe urban barbarian so your con score isn't fluctuating so wildly.

For your caster, summoner has a powerful spell list that is plenty geared for buffing natural attacks. You'll lose out on the two main class features by not advancing the eidolon or summon monster spell-like, but many consider those to be overpowered so perhaps it's for the best. Much as I think the synthesist is a cool concept, it's a nightmare mechanically so I would avoid. Alternately, bard makes a nice caster/combatant, especially an archaeologist with lingering performance. If you can live without armor, then sorcerer can work just fine.

One thing I like to do for DD is go half elf for the free skill focus and grab eldritch heritage: abyssal and improved eldtritch heritage to add an additional inherent bonus to str on top of the str boost you get from DD. Crossblooded draconic/abyssal also works for that, but crossblooded really hits your casting hard. You wouldn't know any spells of a spell level until one level after you got the spell slots for it. Although, the way DD interacts with your bloodline powers and casting does mean you'd get your bloodline spells on time with the new spell levels.

Instead of a reliquary shield, I'd just grab the birthmark trait and have it on your face or some other easily presentable body part.

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