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Darigaaz the Igniter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,391 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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My roommate tried to let me let him play an artificer EVERY FREAKING TIME I suggest a pathfinder campaign. He staunchly refuses to look at it as anything but an extension of 3e.

pinny0101 wrote:
Rynjin wrote:
25 gp is expensive?
No, but I dont want to have to carry 10 bottles with me, and this is more of a backup plan for emergancies, so not worth 2 feats and some noesistant weight.

You only need the one bottle when using it with ray of frost. It acts as a focus, not a material component

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Raymond Lambert wrote:
Some people would.just use (sp?) Prestidigitation to "shower" themselves each day. Makes me think that thread about a 20 level pc being jumped while.bathing seems silly to me.
I would do the same thing IRL given the option.

It's like a magical sonic shower. You don't even have to bother getting undressed.

Inquisitors, Druids, Paladins, Bard with some careful archetyping, Alchemists, Summoners, and I like the witch ideas above but it would be harder.

Going to +1 quick draw and quickdraw light shield. For one feat and the difference if damage between a greatsword and your longsword, you add a non-negligible boost to your ac and can get some nice extra enchants put on it.

There is no spells/supernatural weapon category for the fighter's weapon training. The list of fighter weapon groups is limited to: Axes, Bows, Close, Crossbows, Double, Firearms, Flails, Hammers, Heavy Blades, Light Blades, Monk, Natural, Polearms, Siege Weapons, Spears, and Thrown.

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Rays and splash weapons are under the category of weapon-like things that weapon focus, for example, could apply to.

Maybe he had the rich parents trait? PFS only starts you with 150.

Depends on starting level but I'd lean toward zen archer

Here's how I'd do one, 20 pt buy.

A swarm can be comprised of ~300 non-flying tiny sized creatures.
Cats cost 3cp each
you can train multiple animals at a time with handle animal

make your own cat swarm for 9gp

Chengar Qordath wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
Honestly, Vital Strike isn't bad, it's just not as good as a lot of people hope and the disappointment has embittered them. The feat is basically meant as a consolation prize for situations when making a full attack isn't possible.
Yeah, I think the long string of FAQs restricting what it could do really turned people off the feat. At this point it's a pretty safe bet that if you FAQ any question to Paizo about vital strike, the answer is "No, you can't." Heck, Paizo brought back RageLancePounce because the alternative was letting mounted characters vital strike with a lance.

I don't know where you've been but lancepounce is still nerfed 'because realism'

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Or a bottle of air

Akari Sayuri "Tiger Lily" wrote:
Rennaivx wrote:
I haven't been playing long, but I can already tell that's probably going to be my biggest quirk. I know it actually gives higher long-term flexibility, but I might need that second remove paralysis or bestow curse that day...
Likewise - I hate playing Wizards because, even though they are theoretically more powerful, it's extremely dependent on spell selection. I can deal with druids and clerics because they have spontaneous spell substitution to at least not have the slot be useless. But I generally prefer sorcerer and oracle.

Exactly my problem as well

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Another nice feature of the portable hole is that it's nearly weightless compared to 15 lbs per tier of bags of holding.

Arbane the Terrible wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
This CG human barbarian/transmuter/eldritch knight travels with a LG warforged quinggong monk on a quest to defeat a cabal of Sin mages and develop an epic level polymorph any object to use on themselves.

Ed and Al Elric, from Full Metal Alchemist.


arcane primary casters are usually last pick in my groups for some reason. It doesn't help that I suck at daily spell selection prediction.

This CG human barbarian/transmuter/eldritch knight travels with a LG warforged quinggong monk on a quest to defeat a cabal of Sin mages and develop an epic level polymorph any object to use on themselves.

Mechagamera wrote:
Rabbiteconomist wrote:
since it hasn't been shared yet , see some re-imaginings of Dragon hoards. Who says it has to be coins or magic?
I have used the book one before, but now I have a strong desire to use the stuffed animals and the yarn ones. The party's wizard better keep a close eye on his cat familiar or there might be trouble in the yarn one.

Better yet, hoard of cats. Someone find me a swarm template, cats are tiny therefor can be a swarm of 300. (worth ~9gp on the open market. convert a dragon's cash allowance to THAT)

Just hit him with some suffocation spells. I just read hit stat block and he's got nothing that'll stop that. His regen doesn't even have the tarrasque's "does not ever die from anything" clause.

Arbane the Terrible wrote:

(A classic)

A Ranger/Bard and a Rogue/Wizard. Rather a famous team, back in the day...

Batman and Bird Bo- I mean Robin

Jaunt wrote:
Second, it writes off healing as a kind of buff. That's neither more nor less legitimate as writing damage off as kind of debuff, because dead creatures do no damage. A lack of combat healing presupposes a combat model in which the PCs have already won, and we're just trying to see how many resources they have to spend to get through the fight. I'm not saying a cleric should ONLY heal in many or most fights, nor am I saying a cleric should not be able to fill other roles, but if you're having many encounters in which no character will die, or stand a significant chance of dying with no combat heals, then your encounters are probably just too easy. No sane amount of battlefield control can replace the ability to undo the enemy's attacks in a tactical and selective manner. Eventually, some BBEG will fail to be shut down by solid fog/icy prison/a grappling T-Rex, and a member of your party will be put on 4 hp. Would you rather buff everyone and hope the BBEG dies before his next turn, hit him and hope he dies? Debuff him and hope his turn is made useless? Hope the GM plays the villain dumb and attacks someone else? No, the right move is to push the PC on death's door back into two-shot territory.

THANK YOU for putting that into words for me

Hammer and pitons. Also usually rope.

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I'm glad Ashiel is around to put down my arguments in this thread much more intelligently and eloquently than I can.

ohako wrote:

yeah, maybe it's me, but I was thinking of mixing

a) mutagenic mauler X
b) some form of alchemist 2
c) the feat Eye of the Arclord

speaking of, do you qualify for the Eye of the Arclord feat with just alchemist levels?

so, any discussion of 'you look weeeird', is not really helpful.

so, most of these involve holding things. let's see

a) hold a metamagic rod, a weapon, a shield, and have a hand free for casting
b) hold a close weapon and a reach weapon
c) hold multiple bows/crossbows/guns

not so much about using those arms, or 'one hand free' goofiness.

I like the multiple guns/crossbows stuff.

Can you TWF with crossbows, and use your extra arms to 'fire with two hands' on both of them?

RAW yes. The extra arms are specifically called out as not letting you gain any more attacks than your normally could have. But you can already dual-wield light and hand crossbows* so having the extra arms isn't breaking any loop holes.

*the attack penalties for doing so are pretty bad though
*also RAW you couldn't reload them unless you dropped one
*also also RAW you could carry a lot of pre-loaded crossbows and use quick draw to fire, drop, pull another, repeat; should one wish to combine improved/greater TWF with crossbows
*if someone says the above point is ridiculous and unrealistic, cite the fact that pirates and others did that exact thing with braces of flintlock pistols before the invention of the revolver and magazines

Oddman and the OP are both referring to Lion-O

Arbane, I have no idea

A one-level dip in oracle is great for a variety of reasons, depending on mystery and curse.
see through fog (waves mystery)
cha to ac (nature or lore mystery)
immunity to fatigue (lame curse)
+10' movement speed that's not an enhancement bonus (flame and metal mysteries)

Paladin 2 is still a good dip, even with Divine Protection around.

As previously mentioned, fighter 1-2 and MoMS monk 2 for extra feats.

Archaeologist bard 1 can be a nice dip if you already have Fate's Favored and are willing to spend a feat on Lingering Performance.

I know there's an entire guide to dipping 1 level of cleric for grabbing domain goodies.

Aelryinth wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Demoyn wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
Have we discussed the Cave Druid/Carnivorous Ooze monstrosity yet?

Not yet but it's pretty horrendous.

Either 6 level of cave druid, the rest barb, + shaping focus. Or druid 10 rest barb. Carnivorous crystal has a 7d8 slam attack. Since that's a weird point on the progression scale we can be conservative and assume it scales as 6d8. Meaning it would go to 8d8 with INA, 16d8 with strong jaw + INA, and 48d8 with strong jaw, INA, and improved vital strike. Toss in Furious Focus and that's 384 damage before modifiers.

You could honestly have the best build design in the world, but the second you suggest furious focus every person who's even remotely interested in optimizing is going to stop paying attention, because even the most novice optimizer knows that furious focus is useless by now.

Derp, I meant Furious Finish, the one that maximizes your damage dice at the cost of ending your rage.

Aelryinth wrote:

For the 7d6 Carniv Crystal, I'd go 9d6 then 12d6 to get it back on progression. You could also treat it as 4d10 and go 6d10, 8d10.


Carnivorous Crystals are 7d8, not 7d6

Gak. What a crazy damage figure.

The closest base figure would be 9d6, 9-54 vs 7-56 is actually identical. So the increase would be to 12 or 13d6, then 18d6.


sorry for the thread necro

Well, thanks to the new faq we can now do an official calculation.
7d8 converts to 8d6, then goes up by two steps on the chart for each effective size increase. So 12d6 with INA, presumably 24d6 with strong jaw on top of that due to going off the chart and the wording of the spell. Total everything up and we get 144+misc damage plus another 144 for every vital strike feat. Not quite as good as my initial calculations, but still pretty decent imo.

If a series of size increases takes the damage off the end of the chart (carnivorous crystal + improved natural attack + strong jaw comes to mind) should one assume a similar progression for each effective step or do things cap at 16d6?

So you can still flush them down the toilet

Cory Stafford 29 wrote:
It is pointless to try and keep your AC high enough to be worth anything, especially if you are going to be raging and enlarged. AC builds require heavy armor and a shield and are incredibly expensive and inefficient. You should have no problem getting you attack bonus up. I would focus on shoring up your will save and getting as many hit points as possible. You also want to make sure you have good ranged options or a good way to get to far away opponents.

I'm going to have to disagree here. A shield spell, or better yet a quickdraw light shield if the OP is willing to spend a feat on Quick Draw, plus a decently enchanted mithral breastplate along with the usual suite of other ac boosters keeps one's AC well within 50% against primary attacks as you level.

Hexcrafter. You get Brand automatically so you can spell combat all day every day, and you have access to the witch's hexes (hello~ slumber).

wraithstrike wrote:
Fergie wrote:
I guess I'm thinking more about how PCs function and whether it is effective to invest in defense. For example, does it make sense to invest half your feats and equipment into defense, and the other half into offense, or should one invest 90% into offense?

Most people invest more into offense than defense(Armor class) since it wins fights. The defense I really pay attention to is saves, and if I am a caster miss chance.

Weapons and other offensive items cost more than armor so it is not likely that you will invest in defense equally.

But AC IS a miss chance. Why does everyone forget this?

Dustin Ashe wrote:
B. A. Robards-Debardot wrote:

If they eat a creature whole, then possibly:

A) They're like owls, and the hoard is likely from their pellets
Huh, that's the most plausible answer I never thought of. The hoard is really just the remains of all the humanoids they've eaten over the millennia.

Couldn't be, dragon stomachs digest darn near everything to fuel their metabolisms

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A dragon hoards treasure for the visual appeal, the bragging rights, and on occasion the boosts to the dragon's own strengths.

Dragons crave power, whether it be physical, magical, knowledge, financial, etc.

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I'm just gonna leave this here

dual wield guns/crossbows with no reloading shenanigans needed

use a two hander and a shield and have a have free for casting/style feats/potion chugging/etc

beat 4 chumps at arm wrestling at the same time

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The dc's aren't bad. The problem is waiting until 7th level before one can actually take a crafting feat. Master Craftsman can't be taken until 5th level, and then you don't get another feat slot to take a crafting feat until 7th.

I tried this exact route back when the APG was new and let me tell ya it sucked.

91: let the druid eat them. It is nature's way to pick off defenseless younglings for easy meals. Else herd animals would not be a thing.

4, 5, and 6 all tempered by 7

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Ravingdork wrote:
Kazaan wrote:
Half-Elf Orc Sorcerer with Racial Heritage(Dwarf) counts as Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Orc, arguably Half-Orc, and Dwarf. With a little creative thinking, a Half-Elf born Aasimar with Scion of Humanity gets to count as both outsider(native) and humanoid(human, elf), then add in all the other stuff as well.
If the player wanted to play a mongrelfolk, he only needed ask me.

Lemme see, I think I can cram in a few more

Half Elf/Half Orc/Aasimar (scion of humanity)
Racial Heritage
Eldritch Heritage
Crossblooded Sorcerer
Crossblooded Bloodrager
and a bloodline trait

I definitely recommend scout, the ability to apply sneak just for moving helps greatly

Our witch last campaign used web + stinking cloud to pretty good effect

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Assassins for Aroden

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Undone wrote:
R2D2TS wrote:
Undone wrote:
Green Smashomancer wrote:
Undone wrote:
Bandw2 wrote:
generally removing people's freedom is a lawful and slightly evil action, since chaos want's freedom for everyone.
BEER FOR CAYDEN CAILEAN, cause seriously he strikes me as the type to do the deed with an outsider if she was hot.
It has been said that Cayden possibly took the Test of the Starstone in order to get it on with Calistria.
All of the Goddesses are his harem.

He wishes.

Though it is a pretty common rumor that he has hit on every female god at least once, with the possible exception of Urgathoa

Ughbash wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

half elf with the drow magic alt ability

oracle 1/sorc 2/MT
oracle use the wood mystery and grab the bend the grain revelation

full Cha based casting and the least painful entry you're gonna get
starting at level 9 you'll have access to 3rd level arcane spells and 2nd level divine spells, with 3rd level divine spells coming at character level 10.

Anohter option is Assimar, not the standard one but several of the other heritages in blood of angels give a level 2 arcane SLA.

Also Oracle 1/Sorceror 2/MT 5 gives you 3rd level arcane and divine at 8th level not 10th.

Ah, I did screw up a bit. Ora 1/Sor 2/MT 6 gives access to 4th level arcane and 3rd level divine. They'd get access to 4th level divine at character level 10, when they count as an 8th level oracle.

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I miiight have a few.

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half elf with the drow magic alt ability
oracle 1/sorc 2/MT
oracle use the wood mystery and grab the bend the grain revelation

full Cha based casting and the least painful entry you're gonna get
starting at level 9 you'll have access to 3rd level arcane spells and 2nd level divine spells, with 3rd level divine spells coming at character level 10.

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Ring of Sustenance
any Cloak of the Hedge Wizard, especially transmutation or divination
Handy Haversack and Efficient Quiver
Feather Tokens, especially tree
Hybridization Funnel
Immovable Rod (ok this one's not so cheap)
Lesser Metamagic Rods, esp. Extend Spell
Featherstep Slippers
Gloves of Reconnaissance
Sleeves of Many Garments
Wand of Endure Elements

hammer and pitons solve SO many problems it's not even funny

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