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Darigaaz the Igniter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,613 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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Is anyone else reminded of The Legend of Zelda: 4 Swords?

Also gonna +1 the hunter party. Bonus teamwork feats everywhere = win.

I think I'd go electric immunity/acid vulnerability. And find a way to drop electricity aoes on myself.

Ravingdork wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

My personal formula's a bit more complicated.

Take your level +1,
Look up the high attack of a CR of that number,
Add 11,
This is your target AC.
Thus, a monster of CR+1 hits you only 50% of the time on its best attack (theoretically).

A monster hitting you half the time is terrible, in my mind.

How many times does your martial hero need to get stabbed, slashed, or bludgeoned before he realizes he's doing something wrong?

Half the time on their highest attack bonus, which is the same as the much vaunted displacement, and even better if they have any kind of penalty like making iteratives.

But let me ask in return, what do you think is an acceptable hit chance vs someone not able to have maximum mirror images up at all times? Especially if they're likely to be getting in to melee, intentionally or otherwise.

My personal formula's a bit more complicated.

Take your level +1,
Look up the high attack of a CR of that number,
Add 11,
This is your target AC.
Thus, a monster of CR+1 hits you only 50% of the time on its best attack (theoretically).

Running the numbers, this needs only about 13 + twice your level from level 1 to 6 or 7, then from 8 onwards it's 20+level.
Well, technically, 8-10 is 20+level, 11-14 is 21+level, and 15 up is 22+level.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My advice would be don't. Pathfinder isn't built to handle monster pcs. If you want fey flavor, a gnome is a good point to start.

Pretty much any of the 6 level casting classes will do you reasonably well as long as you keep your casting stat and either str or dex at 16 or better.

Reflavor it as a spider monkey

ccs wrote:

As a player?

I ALWAYS have an accurate detail of my ammo, charges, spell componants, gear, encumberance, ratiobs, etc.
And I dutifully track them during play (oft on someone else's turn)

As the DM?
I expect the players to keep track & not cheat. Afterall, it's not hard....
And occasionally I WILL ask how much of something someone has. If they look at thier sheet & say "I don't know"? Then that resource becomes ZERO.


Same here

If I were to design a theoretical double-spell-list base class, I'd probably have it use 6th level casting progression on both sides.

The antimagic dragon was a lot nicer in 3.5 with metabreath feats from the draconomicon.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

My 2cp: A dragon's DR should be ex just like their SR.

bab 16+ 4 attacks
greater 2wf with armor spikes, 3 attacks
haste 1 attack
alter self to turn into the one skinwalker that gets 2 hoof attacks
feral mutagen for bite and 2 claws (you'd lose a claw to wield your main weapon)
various items like helm of the mammoth lords, cloak of the manta ray, etc give additional natural attacks
tentacle discovery

At low levels, a ninja with rapid shot, 2wf, and flurry of stars can launch upwards of 5 shuriken as a full attack (at like -6 each).

blashimov wrote:
Switch to using greater magic weaon every day?

Buy a rod of extend spell for it, too

Step 1: summon a critter
Step 2: hand entire necklace of fireballs (or several) to summon
Step 3: summon runs over and stands within 20 feet of target
Step 4: deal fire damage to summon
Step 5: magical mini nike

I think they all sound like Splinter.

Lord Twitchiopolis wrote:
I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:

Would love to see alternate racial mods for Lashunta.
Female +2Int +2Cha -2Str
Male +2Str +2Int -2Cha

I wouldn't mind a sexually dimorphic race that has it the other way around, too (mighty females, lithe males) - be good for a race of anthropomorphic mosquitoes (which, incidentally, has precedent in DRAGON magazine's 3.5 conversion of the China Miéville races).

Or any other insectoid race.

Many arthropods have larger females than males.
The infamous Black Widow spiders and Praying Mantises, for instance.
There's also arthropods where the femlae population significantly outnumbers the male; members of the Apocrita suborder (ants, bees, and wasps) come to mind.
So if we see a Formain or Thriae player race, I'd *hope* for sexual dimorphic stats skewed for physically strong females.

Even most birds and lizards have the females being larger and stronger than the males.

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hiiamtom wrote:

Cart -> 15GP

OX -> 24GP

39GP well spent. If you want to go nuts buy a wagon for 50GP and carry 1000lbs of material.

Buy a yak instead, same cost. cr4 str27 beast of burden.

Well I'm going to recommend Slayer again because you can access Shield Master a full 5 levels early. Less money needed to upgrade attack and damage = more upgrades available = more damage output.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you're not going to use your familiar for combat then you want something really small and easy to hide.

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Here's a thought: Currently:

The "start full-round action" standard action lets you start undertaking a full-round action, which you can complete in the following round by using another standard action. You can't use this action to start or complete a full attack, charge, run, or withdraw.

What if you loosened the restriction on this so that none of the listed actions are forbidden (especially Full Attack), and instead of consuming 2 Standard Actions, it consumes a Standard Action in the 1st round and a Move Action in the 2nd round, or vice versa (depending upon what you had left over in the 1st round)? Attacks in a Full Attack get split as evenly as possible between the parts of the split Full-Round Action, with the Standard Action part getting 1 more if you have an odd number.

If you have a split action, your opponent could conceivably use their next available actions to get away, so it would be advisable to do something (like convert one of the early attacks into a Trip) to keep them from doing this.

In addition, allow partial Full Attacks in combination with partial movement:

If you get 1 or 2 attacks in a Full Attack, things work as they do now.

If you get 3 attacks in a Full Attack, you can forego the 3rd one to move up to 2/3 your speed, or forego the 2nd and 3rd ones to move up to 4/3 your speed.

If you get 4 attacks in a Full Attack, you can forego the 4th one to move up to 1/2 your speed, or forego the 3rd and 4th ones to move at up to your speed, or forego the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones to move at up to 3/2 your speed.

If you get 5 attacks in a Full Attack (for instance, Flurry, or you normally have 4 but are under Haste), you can forego the 5th one to move at up to 2/5 your speed, or forego more to (1 more at a time) move at 4/5, 6/5, or 8/5 your speed (same pattern as above). This also works if you are a really awesome monster,...

How about just make it so you can take your normal attack or all your iteratives as a standard and both as a full.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's why I usually spring for holy sybol tattoos or the birthmark trait

Racewise I'd go with half-elf, half-orc, or dwarf to get some additional save bonuses to shore up the weak will save.

Alternately, a vanara or tiefling with prehensile tail would be helpful seeing as your hands maybe be more or less occupied, depending on whether you go with light or heavy shields.

Ventnor wrote:
You'll want to be a Ranger or a Slayer, I think. They have the ability to grab the Shield Master feat at Level 6, which removes all 2-weapon fighting penalties from fighting with 2 shields, if they have chosen the Sword and Shield fighting style.

It also lets you use your shields' enhancement bonus on attack and damage without requiring you to enhance it as a weapon also.


My game group doesn't have a lot of minis. Heck, a lot of the time it was just "The d12 is the barbarian, the d8 is the cleric, the d6 is the rogue, and the d4 is the wizard."

Ranger's Focus

666bender wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

This is gonna seem counterintuitive at first, but hear me out.

Daring Champion
Favored Class bonus: +1/2 to damage vs target of your challenge
Trait: Warrior of Old
Feat: Steel Soul
weapon of choice: [adamantine] heavy pick

Between Precise Strike and Challenge you're adding damage equal to 2 1/2 times your level on damage. And you have a +5 to nearly all saves before factoring in stats or bonuses from class.

5 to saves is a lot.

But the abilites are horrible. Minus charisma , no dex

No dex is a bit of a pain, though the bonuses to con and wis help a bit in point buy by freeing up more points to put into dex. The cha penalty only hurts dodging panache, superior feint, targeted strike, and dizzying defense. You still have a minimum of 1 panache and that's all that's needed to use precise strike, swashbuckler initiative, and subtle blade. A 1 level dip into gunslinger gets you a wis-based grit pool added to you panache pool if you really need to use those deeds.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This is gonna seem counterintuitive at first, but hear me out.

Daring Champion
Favored Class bonus: +1/2 to damage vs target of your challenge
Trait: Warrior of Old
Feat: Steel Soul
weapon of choice: [adamantine] heavy pick

Between Precise Strike and Challenge you're adding damage equal to 2 1/2 times your level on damage. And you have a +5 to nearly all saves before factoring in stats or bonuses from class.

VRMH wrote:

A "Pageant of the Peacock"-bard with Item Creation feats: bluffing your way through Golem creation... and actually succeeding!

Fake it so you'll make it.

Oh that is horrible brilliant

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Dal Selpher wrote:

Animal companions get Hit Die when your druid/ranger/whatever levels - they don't gain Character Levels in the Animal Companion Class. In part because that isn't a class.

If, when your druid/ranger/whatever would gain a level, your animal companion could then take a level in Alchemist, Bard, Barbarian, Cavalier, Cleric, Fighter... etc etc, then yes, they'd have Character Levels and would qualify for Eldritch Heritage.

As they are animal companions and are only gaining Hit Die, then no - not so much.

EDIT: In your example of the succubus rogue, (8 racial hit die + X hit from rogue levels), her character level is X. Her EFFECTIVE Character Level (ECL) is 8+X, but that's only for determining her approximate challenge level. She still only has X levels in a class.

Let me counter with

Core Rule Book, spell lists wrote:

Hit Dice: The term "Hit Dice" is used synonymously with "character levels" for effects that affect a specific number of Hit Dice of creatures. Creatures with Hit Dice only from their race, not from classes, still have character levels equal to their Hit Dice.


So an animal companion counts as class levels = HD


Back on topic, I have a ton.
-Gunslinger (pistolero or bolt ace) with a 2 level dip in alchemist to grab extra arm to be able to reload freely while dual-wielding.
-Cave druid, one level of barbarian, vital strike, furious finish, wild shape into a carnivorous crystal, cast strong jaw on your slam, use furious finish vital strike for 192+str damage.
-Human cleric of gorum. Channel Smite and guided hand at level 1. Wis to attack rolls, with a greatsword. Also fun to stack neg energy channel and vital strikes for one big hit each round.
-Dwarf Daring champion. Laugh as you remind everyone that a heavy pick is a one-handed piercing weapon. Laugh even more when you're adding damage equal to 2.5 times your level against targets of your challenge.

Gilarius wrote:
While it does not state it can be taken multiple times, it also doesn't say it can't - unless there is additional information in the book?

In the feats chapter of the core rules it states that no feats can be taken multiple times unless they explicitly say they can.


Slacker2010 wrote:

Curious, How is everyone going Arcane Trickster with only one level of Rogue, Ninja or vivisectionist?

Isnt the requirement for the class 2d6 Sneak Attack damage?

The feat "Accomplished Sneak Attacker" raises your sneak attack by 1d6. So one level of a sneak-attack-granting class and this feat qualifies that part of the requirement.

There's also the synthesist route.

I prefer snakebite striker 1/Wiz 3/AT. Gives you a couple extra hp but more importantly a point of bab over the rogue/ninja/vivi which you'll be hurting for.

DnD coins are a tad over an inch in diameter.
Approximately 12,000 coins loosely piled per cubic foot, according to a sidebar in the draconomicon. So (pi*r^2)*h -> 3.14*9*10 -> 270ish cubic feet. 270*12,000=3,240,000 coins shoveled in.

Can't urban barbarian/bloodrager use sla's while raging? I still wouldn't dip for more than 1-2 levels.

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thejeff wrote:
Yondu wrote:
And during Night time... is there a modifier ? :-))
(Well, that and there's the small matter of it being night because there's a planet in between you and the sun. )

Total cover = can't see it = night time

Cruel Illusion wrote:
Evan Tarlton wrote:
I am rather intrigued by the idea of a kitsune vigilante. It's the whole natural ability to change shape that makes it fit thematically. I was wondering about which particular build or archetype would work best with the kitsune. I'm leaning towards Magical Child at the moment. Any thoughts?

Well, the vigilante is a bit redundant with the Kitsune's shapeshifting, I think.

Magical Child is like a less powerful Unchained Summoner (same spell list, no Summoning spell-like abilities, improved familiar instead of Eidolon), so you might as well go with the US.
If you're set on the Vigilante class, any non strength build should be okay.

Yeah but, magical transformation sequence from ordinary human to crime-fighting fox.

N. Jolly wrote:
Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Atarlost wrote:

You can only make one natural attack with any appendage.

Gore and bite obviously cannot be combined except by creatures with more than one head.

If that's the case - why are there multiple creatures in the bestiaries which have both?

1 example - Bukavac in the SRD

Or something 1st party and 1st bestiary, the gargoyle.

Also the tarrasque

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Personally I like to extrapolate the size penalty to hide out past gargantuan size. The penalty doubles every size category you go up, and size categories go up about every 5' across a thing's space is. So with a sun being thousands on miles across it's got a penalty to hide/things have a bonus to see it of 2^[several hundred thousand]. This is, technically, just a houserule, though.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Remember raise dead is also dependent on a fairly intact corpse, so post-mortem mutilations and/or cremation would probably be a part of any legal proceeding/assassination attempt where raise dead would be a factor.

Archery is the easy way to go. Rapid Shot+haste= 3 attacks at full bab -1, then add on arcane strike and inspire courage damage.

8 people marked this as a favorite.
Legio_MCMLXXXVII wrote:
You're aware that the errata actually made the Scarred Witch Doctor better, right? It's the only class that now has the potential to have an effective primary stat in excess of 20 at level 1.

Better is subjective. If you're one of those players who insists on having a 20 in your starting stat, then yes it might be better.

If you're like me and appreciated having a truly different option from all the other full casters and feel like the change was completely unnecessary, then it's not.

To paraphrase the devs, the gods are not statted out A) because they're just that darned powerful, and B) because if you stat it, they will kill it.

Wayangs are a small race without a str penalty.

If you're allowed to use blood of angels/fiends then you can use an aasimar/tiefling based around a small race (including halfling if you wish) instead of a human based one.

2 handed fighting is going to be easier both in build and in combat. That said, if you want to get tricky you can invest in the quick draw feat and pair a one handed weapon with a quickdraw light shield. Put the shield away at the start of your turn (free action), attack with your weapon with two hands, then draw the shield back out at the end of your turn (free action).

Classwise you're looking at hunter, druid, summoner, or nature/lunar oracle. The hunter being the most focused on fighting with the AC, including gaining bonus teamwork feats for both you and your companion.

Become a level 20 ninja

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noble peasant wrote:
Ive been wondering this since the erratta was made, also im pretty sure it was tiger style lets you do slashing damage with your fists or is at least one way to accomplish this.

Looks like it'd work. Unarmed Strikes are light weapons, tiger style lets you use them for slashing damage, and slashing grace requires a light or one-handed slashing weapon.

Unfortunately, slashing grace doesn't work during flurry of blows, so its use for a monk is a bit limited. Brawler could do it, though.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I dunno if I could limit it to 7, but I could probably get 12.

basically a d10/3level, d8/6level, d6/9level caster for each of say divine, arcane, and psionic. Probably make all the divines wis casters, the arcanes int casters, and the psionics cha casters. Possibly swapping int and cha for arcane psionic. Also would like to limit say divines to prepared/arcanist casting (prayer books), arcanes to spontaneous, and psionics to power points.

Aside from the casters there'd be ~three martial types, each exemplifying Str, Dex, or Con. So something along the lines of slayer, swashbuckler, and barbarian.

Not sure how to include alchemicals in this thought-experiment except maybe as archetypes. Or monks for that matter.

How about a kazoo instead?

Diminuendo wrote:
but the potion does have variable numeric effects, even then it explicitally states to double the duration of the potion

'variable numeric effect' means anything determined by a die roll. For example, cure light wounds 1d8+X healing.

Jumping while running/charging. Iirc in 3.5 you needed a feat with like 3 prereqs to do it.

I like potion of extended [spell] for a simple upgrade in duration. Also nice on wands.

For example, a cl 5th potion of extended eagles splendor would last 10 minutes and have a value of 750gp.

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