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Darigaaz the Igniter's page

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Nagaji aberrant and/or draconic seems pretty sweet

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Does inspiring a 900 post thread count as 'using to full potential'?

Wow I let this thread stay dead for a while. Oops.

In any case, I'm currently working on a hair-brained (hare-brained?) concept for combining a ninja (scout), pummeling charge, and sap adept/master. MoMS dip most likely. It'd be nice to get dragon style in there too for charging over difficult and combat style master. So unarmed fighter dip too. Probably MoMS 2/Ninja 4/Ftr 1/Ninja X or just Ftr 1/MoMS 2/Ninja X

Now that I think about it, how would dragon style or sneak attack interact with pummeling charge? It'd kinda stink if it was once-only.

I would seriously consider getting blistering invective if you have any investment in to intimidate. The fire damage is paltry, it's the 30' aoe intimidate you're after.

I would also second greater magic weapon and also magic vestment. 3000 for a lesser rod of extend spell will serve you just as well if not better than paying to keep your gear up to snuff with those two spells.

Finally, even though it's a swift action, Littany of Sloth is great for getting by nasty things. In a pinch you can also use it to attempt combat maneuvers, especially if you buffed with True Strike the previous round.

Saldiven wrote:
(I'm assuming the Oracle still needs the Divine Focus where required)

Oracles actually don't need to provide divine focuses. Last paragraph on the prd under the oracle's spells feature "Unlike a cleric, an oracle need not prepare her spells in advance. She can cast any spell she knows at any time, assuming she has not yet used up her spells per day for that spell level. Oracles do not need to provide a divine focus to cast spells that list divine focus (DF) as part of the components." bolding mine.

I do average rounded up for all levels but the 1st level gets doubled; including con and favored class bonus, if any. So a 2nd level fighter with 14 con and putting favored class into skills gets: 2*(6+2) + (6+2) = 24.

Or, just shorten it to Hp = (Lv+1)*(HD+con+favclass+misc)

EDIT: Though I do also really like Westphalian_Musketeer's method now that I've seen it.

Unfortunately, MoMS and Martial Artist don't stack because they both replace the 20th level ability. Specifically the Martial Artist's Extreme Endurance and the MoMS Perfect Style.

Don't forget that if you go oracle you can also grab the eldritch heritage feats to add a sorcerer bloodline as well

I usually just go a 2 level dip in alchemist to grab the extra arm discovery. Makes reloading 2 guns so much easier.

I'm gonna go a bit different in my approach, but I'm crazy like that

the build:

Race: Half Orc; Sacred Tattoo, Shaman's Apprentice
Traits: Reactionary, Fate's Favored
20 pt buy: Str 16, Dex 17=15+2, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 8
alternately Str 17, Dex 17=15+2, Con 14, Int 7, Wis 13, Cha 7
01 Slayer; TWF
02 Slayer; Slayer Talent: Rogue Talent: Combat Trick: Power Attack
03 Slayer; Double Slice
04 Slayer; Slayer Talent: Ranger Combat Style: Weapon and Shield: Improved Shield Bash; +1 Str
05 Slayer; Iron Will
06 Slayer; Slayer Talent: Ranger Combat Style: Shield Master
07 HoriWalk; Improved TWF; Favored Terrain: whichever you see the most in the campaign
08 HoriWalk; Favored Terrain: Astral Plane; Terrain Mastery: Astral Plane; +1 Str
09 HoriWalk; Terrain Dominance: Astral Plane; Dimensional Agility
At this point try to retrain Double Slice and Iron Will to Dimensional Assault and Dervish, but that will require being able to take 10 days of downtime (2 sets of 5 days). Otherwise you'll have to stick it out picking up the dimensional line the hard way with your normal feat progression. Assuming you do retrain:
10 HW
11 HW; Dimensional Savant
12 HW; Terrain Dominance: whatever you see the most; +1 Str
13+ Slayer

If you really want Greater TWF, grab a deep red sphere ioun stone (+2 dex) or splurge some other way to get that +2 to Dex. Other than that, load up on Rogue Talent: Terrain Mastery with your talent slots and Extra Slayer Talent from your feats every odd level for more of the same so you can jack your counts-as-favored-enemy-bonus through the roof.

2 shields because shield master removes the penalties from TWF and lets you count the shield enhancement bonus as a weapon enhancement bonus. 2 shield enchants cost the same as 1 weapon enchantment.

Jiggy wrote:
I did have the idea of being a worshipper of Calistria—perhaps be unique by being the only player to remember there's more to her portfolio than sex?—but maybe that's a bit too "on the nose". I could be a Desnan and claim that wasps are just "misunderstood butterflies". Not sure yet.

Reminds me of the feat Butterfly's Sting [/off topic]

Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:
Do not overlook the feat Death From Above. The sky is full of charge lanes.

It's only an additional +2 on your attack rolls over the normal bonuses for charging and high ground.

One thing I would definitely recommend for the OP is both you and your mount grabbing the Escape Route teamwork feat. While mounted you both suddenly become immune to attacks of opportunity from movement.

From our last campaign, Witch with Slumber and Inquisitor (or anything str-based) using a heavy pick. Many fun times were had. Also had an rp pairing with said inquisitor and the cleric of sarenrae, Good cop and bad cop (inq was bad cop, what with ridonculous intimidate skills).

Well, the nature bond ability does state that "When determining the powers and bonus spells granted by this domain, the druid's effective cleric level is equal to her druid level."

Effectively a cleric sounds like it works to me.

I wanna write up a oneshot adventure for halloween. Necromancer goes to the meat market. Probably easiest to do with a bones oracle that grabbed the Undeath word with the Experimental Spellcaster feat.

Orfamay Quest wrote:

Feats aren't free; the feats you're pumping into making your blast spells as Michael Bay-esque as possible are feats you're not spending on other abilities (like Improved Familiar, item crafting, Combat Casting, Improved Initiative and Augment Summoning). Similarly, if you take the Admixture wizard for the ability to cast Frostballs and Acidballs, you're passing up the opportunity to be a grapple-immune Teleportation specialist.

Basically, for 20% of your character creation choices, you can probably get 80% of the capacity of a full-on one-trick-pony specialist wizard. For another 20% of your choices, you can get 80% of a full summoning specialist. For another 20% of your choices, you can get 80% of a full enchantment specialist.

Why be 100% of one when you can be 240% of three?

Because you can already be 80% of many other wizard specialties without even doing a feat expendature. So you can be 100% as a blaster and still 80% at battlefield control, buffing, utility, debuffing, etc just by pumping your Int.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Renegadeshepherd wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:
I would keep one magic missile spell in reserve at any wizard level, but I think you will find your long term return for full investment in either spell lacking.

I don't get this at all. If metamagic fireball is found lacking at levels before 15 then I want to know what is good!! I mean your saying that quickened scaling AoE attacks from 400+ feet away is lacking? By this logic any AoE blaster, channeler, bomber/alchemist, and so on should NEVER be played and we just stick with sword and board tactics.

For reference, a theologian cleric with a dip of sorcerer at level 6 is going to be doing 10D6+30 ish damage to all in his blast radius as a level 3 spell. What's anyone else got that significantly outshines this? Yes I know we can add a few dice with say gnome pyromaniac or something similar but this is a baseline not min maxed. And that cleric is casting that fireball 3 times at this level :)

Where be the let down?

It seems like a waste of a wizard's capabilities. Pumping one spell to incinerate critters all day seems an unwise choice compared to a wizard diversifying his spell list.

That's the fun part, you can do both. You only need to make room for a couple of blasts in your spellbook, then you can fill the rest with the typical wizardy goodness.

Rory wrote:
Bigguyinblack wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:

It seems like a waste of a wizard's capabilities. Pumping one spell to incinerate critters all day seems an unwise choice compared to a wizard diversifying his spell list.
You are right. But I'm not trying to make the best Wizard. I'm trying to make the best Blaster Wizard.

You can sort of do both.

Spell Focus Evocation (Wizard 1 - PFS)
Spell Specialization (level 1)
Heighten Spell (level 3)
Preferred Spell (level 5)
Empower Spell (wizard 5)

Don't memorize fireball at all and and instead memorize the perfect Shrodinger Wizard spell list. Fireball will always be at the ready, spontaneously cast without needing to even add meta-magic ahead of time.

Personally I go for greater spell specialization at 9th instead so I can grab more useful feats earlier, but there is always retraining.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
Bards can’t use silent spell.

Citation Needed

Levels 1-4, magic missile. 5+ fireball. Definitely go admixture. I would pick up greater spell specialization at 9th, and then maybe consider that crossblooded dip.

EDIT: an alternative would be to focus on MM from 1-5 and at 6th learn fireball and switch spell specialization to it.

EDIT 2: Are you allowed to stack magical lineage and wayang spellhunter on the same spell? I was under the assumption that because of the way they are worded, and are not specifically a bonus, that their effects would overlap instead of stacking.

FAQ'ed because I'm interested in how this interacts with a wiz/clc/MT's combined spells ability.

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Only thing that comes to mind off the top of my head is the Precise Strike teamwork feat. However, that's specifically an extra 1d6 of precision damage, and not 'increasing your sneak attack damage'.

Partly theoretical, mostly because it's an amusing concept.

That's good. Oratory is the Versatile Performance I always like selecting first.

And/or versatile performance. Either way, would that more likely fall under perform: sing or perform: oratory?

+1 the Inqusitor, especially if you set up for extra mobility via feats, geat, domain abilities, and spells.

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NobodysHome wrote:
Brox RedGloves wrote:

Hai gusy, wuts goin on in dis threa.....oh wow....


I'll be in my bunk...

All Firefly references get an official +10 CMB check for Grappling in my games...

To initiate or escape from?

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Orville Redenbacher wrote:
3 pages and still talking about supers.....might I recommend a snack?

Eat a Snickers

Kamui probably make pretty good eidolons for synthesists

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Tacticslion wrote:
Lathiira wrote:
I'm so glad someone dragged this thread back, kicking writhing and screaming moaning, from the depths....

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I am disappointed that nobody has linked to the Succubus in a grapple thread yet.

On topic: Just like eating and pooping, say you're doing it and then it happens offscreen/fades to black.

ACG pdf pg8 wrote:

Parent Classes: Each one of the following classes lists two

classes that it draws upon to form the basis of its theme.
While a character can multiclass with these parent classes,
this usually results in redundant abilities. Such abilities
don’t stack unless specified. If a class feature allows the
character to make a one-time choice (such as a bloodline),
that choice must match similar choices made by the parent
classes and vice-versa (such as selecting the same bloodline).
PRD wrote:
Spellcasting: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells without preparation. If the character has sorcerer levels, he must have the draconic bloodline. If the character gains levels of sorcerer after taking this class, he must take the draconic bloodline.

Seems to me it would need to be a draconic and/or crossblooded bloodrager.

pennywit wrote:
Tirisfal wrote:

If you do a lich bard, make sure their instrument is a creepy pipe organ.

made of bones and organs


No no no. The lich bard's instrument and phylactery must be a magically hardened adamantine vuvuzela.

You could grab a longspear and Combat Reflexes. Cast on your turn, make attacks of opportunity on their turns until you're ready to mix it up.

Amaterasu I would do as a reflavored Disintegrate spell.

Bob Bob Bob wrote:
Full dragons break the game in odd ways when given to players. For instance, almost nothing humanoid competes with 150 foot fly speed. And weirdly, as they get bigger they get faster. Then there's 60 foot blindsense. Then an infinite/day breath weapon (with a 1d4 round cooldown) when everyone else gets a 3+stat ability (Wizards, sorcerers, clerics, etc.).

The fly speed is certainly an advantage, but compare the abilities of some of those dragons vs pcs of similar level to their cr. A wyrmling dragon may have a 2d6 breath weapon at will, but casters are getting 3rd level spells and materials are starting to get iteratives with +9 damage from power attack alone. A young dragon might cast as a 1st level sorcerer and is competing with 5th level spell slots or dpr olympics benchmarks.

wraithstrike wrote:
There is no way to say. CR's do not equal class levels, and while the game has suggestions for what to try results will always vary. I have always wanted to run a monster campaign though. :)

I think the CR = ECL suggestion in the bestiary works just fine. Then again, I too want to run a monster campaign.

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I think most summons signed up as either community service or a potential advancement track. Basically, they earn extraplanar 'credit' for doing these jobs and reporting back what goes on. Likewise, learning a summoning spell requires, whether the caster realizes it or not, a sort of contract in order to perform. Such as service in the afterlife commensurate with the amount of summoning time they used up.

For inspiration, look to Richard from LFG and Belkar from OotS. You like hurting things, and that's what they keep you around for.

As a side note, anything evil you kill is either nonchaotic (a chaotic act) or CE which means more soldiers for the abyss when those souls get there (a fairly evil act I'd say).

75% + settlement limit, and usually bas the characters out of or near enough to a metropolis that they can do their shopping.

However, you don't find magic items on the shelf in a store. You find someone who has the capability of crafting it and an opening in their schedule to do so. So they pay for the item then come back in X amount of days to pick it up.

Well, I had my shield-juggler inquisitor using a heavy pick, quickdraw light wooden shield, and the quickdraw feat to gain the shield bonus to AC on everyone else's turns and the full benefits of power attack on my turns.

I'm working on a dwarven Daring Champion who fights dexterously with a heavy pick

Another one I've been wanting to use is a fighter with a 2 level dip in alchemist (or ftr 1/alc X) for the extra arm discovery twice who wields a 2-handed weapon, heavy armor, shield, and still has a hand free for drinking extracts or throwing bombs. Could also work with a twf pistolero/bolt ace.

A dragon

the Kitsune PC walks around undisguised most of the time, kitsune npcs tend to stay in human form unless with individuals they trust or in a community of a lot of non-humans where the 'mos eisley cantina' effect comes into play.

Well, there's the Blade of Mercy trait, though I don't know who it's attached to deity-wise.

High dex dwarven Daring Champion who gracefully tears you apart with a heavy pick.

Slayer/Horizon Walker who gains massive bonuses against [u]everything[/u].

Bolt Ace with a 2 level dip into alchemist for two extra arms who gives out a hail of light crossbow shots.

Simulacrums would fill the loyalty part, as long as loyalty to you is all that matters. Though if we were gonna do those, I'd just make simulacra of the biggest nastiest beasty I could find. Like say, the tarrasque, some great wyrms, or high-powered outsiders.

Minor nitpick, but undead are vulnerable to sneak attacks in pathfinder.

Alchemist, make him shoot actual fire from his butt for the bombs class feature.

For PFS legal, just skip the drow magic and start Wiz 3/Clc 1/MT grabbing trickery to qualify your divine casting requirement.

EDIT: By 12th level overall you have 9th level cleric casting, so either a 15 wis starting out or a 13 starting wis and a +2 headband/ioun stone will do you fine.

Never thought you'd see a dwarf do this


Cavalier; Daring Champion, Order of the Dragon
Dwarf; Sky Sentinel
+½ damage to challenge target/level
Str 13, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8
Reactionary, TRAIT

01 Power Attack, Pack Attack
03 Steel Soul
04 +1 Dex
05 Nimble Moves
06 Step Up
07 Following Step
08 +1 Dex
09 Acrobatic Steps, Outflank
12 COMBAT FEAT, +1 Dex
16 +1 Dex
20 +1 Dex

Main weapon: heavy pick. There's a lot of other teamwork feats that also are nice to use with tactician: precise strike, coordinated charge, stealth synergy, escape route, shake it off, and possibly lookout.

New Build Template

Build Template:

Class (if multiclassed, class order goes here instead); Archetypes and other class choices such as Domains, Bloodline, Order, etc.
(if multiclassed, will be on a separate line with the choices for each class presented in the order taken and separated by semicolons)
Race; Alternate Racial Abilities
Favored Class Bonus
Ability Scores at level 1 (assumes 20 pt buy)

04 +1 STAT
08 +1 STAT
12 +1 STAT
16 +1 STAT
20 +1 STAT

OOC text will be for choices that I have made for an open choice but are not essential to the build.

Open choices that have not been decided at all will be presented as the choice name in all caps, such as FEAT or DISCOVERY

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