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Darigaaz the Igniter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,797 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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You might also make it a disease-like curse similar to mummy's rot.

JonathonWilder wrote:

A young synthesist of some sort who finds herself having to fight a variety of powerful foes in trying to avenge her father though her fused form with her eidolon is embarrassingly revealing counting:

* A very lawful neutral masochistic synthesist/monk(maybe?) who has found a way of translating the damage dealt to him as greater returned damage.
* A high perception synthesist/samurai who eventually gains the equivalent of the Swordmaster's Blindfold by chosing that it was better to fight without his sight.
*A synthesist/bard with a heavy focus on dealong sonic damage who is able to fly. Focus on keeping an opponent at a distance as she uses her music to blow them away.
*A synthesis/sorcerer focused on divination and fighting with greater invisibility. Able to fun weakness in an opponent's abilities and exploit them.

And finally, one with the Leadership feat with high rating, high Intimidation, ruling all beneath who shows herself to also be a capable synthesist with the complete loyalty of her "four generals".

... all who which must later join together to stop a world ending threat from a woman who can turn off their ability to fuse in an ever building climax of insanity and awesome.

Ryuko Mattoi, Kill la Kill

and also Gamagoori Ira, dog boy, Nonon Jakuzure, Inumuta, Satsuke Kiryuin, and Ragyo Kiryuin respectively

thorin001 wrote:
andygal wrote:
And if you know you can't fight without a rapier/starknife/whatever you should have backups. If you don't have backups of the weapon you are hyprspecialized in then that's an obvious tactical error.

It is a good thing I have 3 +5 weapons.

Gold is not infinite. Sure you can contribute with a backup weapon, unless the bad guy has DR.

You can get +1 cold iron, silver, and admantine backups weapons for less than the price of a +3 weapon. Are they as good as your main? Of course not, that's why they're [i]backups[i].

A Human Ranger, with a horse for an Animal Companion. Needs to kill a group of unique monsters, all Large-sized or greater.

Shadow of the Colossus

Arbane the Terrible wrote:

"Okay, I'm fine with all five of you playing Spiritualists, and I like the weird homebrewed Phantoms, but why did all of you put so many points into Perform: Pose?"

Just about any generation of Power Rangers? Either that or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

LuniasM wrote:
Beefstick and the Brain

I'm pretty sure the inherent bonuses from crossblooded orc and abyssal will not stack.

I say go for it. Reminds me of that one prestige class from 3.5 that was basically a mystic theurge but for sorcerer/wizard instead of divine/arcane.

Rangers and Slayers also get a good number of bonus feats (or access to them).

Tarik Blackhands wrote:

I think the monster most bandied for this sort of thing is the Carnivorous Cavern Crystal who sports a 7d8 slam.

(Note, only shapeshiftable by Cave Druids)

Lv 10 equivalent cave druid, specifically. By casting Strong Jaw, and referring to This faq, we see that the base weapon damage for the slam goes to 16d6.

Combine that with at least one level of barbarian and the furious finish feat, and your basic vital strike becomes 192+str damage

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Tequila Sunrise wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
The difference is that the Pathfinder Devs have been nice enough, open enough and forth coming enough to actually spell out what the expectations are. (And to some extent this also occurred in 4th Ed, too)
I wasn't aware that PF got more specific than the WBL guidelines ported over from 3.5, let alone 4e's parcel guidelines. Good on the Paizo team! Is this in the PF DMG, or in a FAQ or Q&A? Just curious.

I believe it's the section on wealth-by-level which explains that under-equipped pcs should lower the party's apl and vice-versa.

And no multiclassing barbarian, summoner, rogue, or monk with their respective unchained versions.

Unless noted otherwise by the player the divines usually prep spells in the morning the same time the wizards are. Though, my Desnan inquisitor specifically prepped his spells at midnight. Fortunately he only needed 2 hours of rest, thanks to his ring of sustenance.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
MageHunter wrote:

Zombies, Ghouls, Vampires, Mohrgs, Zombies...

Not undead but Kytons are made out of people and flesh golems.

Worm that Walks is kind've pseudo-undead.

I'm not asking for how many undead we can make. I'm asking how many undead we can make from a single corpse before running out of body parts and other materials.

Incorporeal undead might make it even trickier; could you get both a spectre AND a shadow from one person I wonder?

I'm going by the rule of one undead per corpse, whether it's whole or just a body part. Your choice of whether you make a skeleton, zombie, or creepy walking hand, but only one per corpse.

I'm pretty sure you can get a ghost and a zombie from the same corpse, at the least.

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Oread, cave druid, cave domain, 1-4 levels of barbarian (shaping focus required if more than 1), vital strike (improved if you qualify), furious finish.

Turn into a carnivorous crystal.
Cast Strong Jaw on your slam.
Vital Strike + Furious Finish for 192+str damage as a standard action.

Fighter 1/ Alchemist X - grab extra arm twice at level 3 via discovery and feat. Use heavy armor, a two handed weapon, a shield (not for attacking), and have a hand free to drink extracts or chuck bombs with

Dwarf Daring Champion - Dex 16 or 17, str 13 for power attack, heavy pick (it's a 1 handed piercing weapon after all). Use the dwarf favored class bonus, end up adding 2 1/2 times your level to damage rolls against the target of your challenge before factoring in str or power attack. Plus take the feat and trait that boosts your hardy bonus to +5.

Human Cleric of Gorum - negative energy channel, start with channel smite and guided hand. Use Wis for attack and damage rolls with your greatsword. 2 of the sub/domains available also add a no-action smite boost that can be stacked on your first hit each round. Vital Strike line of feats suggested here.

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@OP: It's like fantasy football with more fantasy, less football, and more dice rolling.

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My first pathfinder character was a dual-wielding ranger. Aside from his main two swords he had an efficient quiver with a bow, several javelins, and some quarterstaves.

Paradozen wrote:

Druid has some good things going for it. Wildshape into a bat and you have a good AC (large dex+size bonus+wild armor), good saves, decent HP, are flying (avoiding AoO's) and have Blindsense (to combat invisibility). Mix in the fact that you don't look like a threat until you start dropping flame strikes, and you might live longer simply by not being targeted. Add in fast empathy to fend off natural predators who think you look tasty.

Alternatively, you could figure out this guy's build. He seems pretty safe.

Use the reincarnated druid archetype and you'll literally be unkillable, as long as you can survive that 1 week vulnerability period each time. I recommend a 1 level dip in monk (any kind, unchained is nice) for that wis to AC and bonus to all saves.

Swashbuckler 1/Sorcerer 6/EK X would be a good charisma build

Here ya go, the definition of macguffin

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@OP: Summoners

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andygal wrote:
I'm new but the lowest Charisma character I have made so far (but not played yet) has 8 Charisma. Which is probably not lower than my real life charisma. So I would at the very least not lose charisma.

Same here. In fact I think I might gain charisma out of it.

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Clerics, Warpriests, and Inquisitors of Desna are basically batman, stalking the darkness to rid it of the terrors that would use it to prey on the innocent.

Hunter or Druid plus their animal companion, Inquisitor or Oracle, and pick any of wizard/witch/magus/bard.

Echoing a post I made a few years ago, I recommend a bard for gmpcs. Access to basic healing magic, can cover all the knowledges the party didn't pick up, can be built to be buffing focused so it never outshines the pcs, and cha focus + umd is always handy. Just don't give it any ranks in bluff or diplomacy. Do have it play up the party's exploits while in town to build some fame.

Split/multiple personalities is an insanity in the GMG.

I could see adept as a dip, but that's about it.

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Ladder, of the "Single pole with hand/footholds sticking out on opposite sides" variety.

1-10 of every mundane item here that has "-" for weight.

Well a lot of swashbucklery things require your offhand to do be empty.


The Sideromancer wrote:

Chinese could easily be Undercommon, since its the other winner of "most common language"
Japanese, by relation to Chinese, could be something like Terran or Alko.

Good point there on Chinese=Undercommon.

Sylvan and Aklo I feel should be two similar languages since both are used by fey. Or at the very least Aklo should be something like Esperanto.

I tend to go with
Elvish = French
Drow = Romanian
Dwarven = Russian
Draconic = German
Common = English (heavily stunted)
Gnomish = Indian
Druidic = Gaelic

and I'm still deciding on some others. I want to use hawaiian, chinese, japanese, and I need to research some african or native american dialects.

EDIT: Goblin and Orc def need some references. Actually, I could see Orcish being similar to Japanese with the trouble differentiating between R's and L', trying to talk around those tusks.

Cevah wrote:

I have used the stand-off placed in the center of a delivered pizza. Wash em off, and they work well, except of you use a tall miniature. I have also used a die placed beside a figure to indicate how many squares up it was.


+1 to the pizza stand flier

Storm Druids (and vanilla ones) can be flying 24 hrs a day at level 8. Just stay wildshaped into an air elemental, or flying critter of your choice if you have wild speech.

Grumbaki wrote:

Goblins, gnolls, intelligent undead...if they are sentient creatures then it counts.

I wouldn't count animals though, as (except for the definition of a very small group of people), animals aren't people.

And Darigaaz...that's quite the body count.

well when your adventure takes you through several tribes of goblins, gnolls, a pack of araneas, one group of kobolds, a buried city full of undead, a pack of lamia and evil werelions, etc. it starts adding up.

EDIT: Oh yeah, one encounter was like 16 dretches at the same time

My half orc inquisitor has probably killed over 200 sentient beings to get to level 15. to be fair most of them are hard-coded evil and didn't accept the chance to surrender.

There was a list for this in 3.5

Frost giant were-mammoths

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Hammer and Pitons Need something propped open or closed? Would be really handy to have a nonmagical (thus longer lasting) solution.

Cory Stafford 29 wrote:
You want to either keep it at just one level of sorcerer or go sohei monk/sorcerer/eldritch knight. Dragon disciple is another interesting option. Boosts to natural armor and physical stats plus a breath weapon is nothing to sneeze at. With the seeker archetype for sorcerer, you get even get trapfinding. That is some good versatility.

Unfortunately wildblooded (empyrial) will be incompatible with DD and seeker.

Tangent question: Can you make an unchained sohei?

HyperMissingno wrote:
To be fair I don't desire "can only be hit on a 20" defenses. I desire "the big enemy misses me on a 7 with a full BAB attack" defenses for a frontliner.

I usually aim for "Needs an 11 to hit me with their highest attack bonus" but otherwise agreed.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Spending enough of my wealth-by-level to have a decent AC.

In my campaigns people learn to appreciate this very quickly. A popular build theory is speccing offense and the extreme cost of defense, but then complain that the game becomes rocket tag.

My players have learned that a solid line of defense can allow you to survive long enough to beat damn near anything they put their minds to.

Oooh, I like this one, too. And yeah, keeping AC up is totally doable if you're willing to put in some effort.

Bolding for emphasis. My points exactly.

There's also the Construct Armor modification for golems

Spending enough of my wealth-by-level to have a decent AC.

I'd rule it like how extra channel works with paladin's channel. The warpriest gets extra fervor dice that can only be used on channels.

Anywhere from the size of a st bernard to a bit under 4 feet at the shoulder (small horse size).

Java Man wrote:
Celestial blood rager and paladin don't seem to hard to picture together. Monk/ druid is a proposed build I have heard that strikes me as odd.

I have the framework for that one. Druid 2/MoMS1/druid X. Go snake style. Be a snake (or a snake shaped elemental).

I saw one build that was fighter into shadowdancer, using a two handed weapon. That's certainly odd.

Then of course there's any kobold (or human using racial heritage) using scaled disciple to go divine caster into dragon disciple.

Yup, it works.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Daylight actually just dispels deeper darkness, so dispel wouldn't do anything—both spells cancel each other out. Can't dispel a dispel.

Sure you can. Have you ever seen two blue decks go at it in Magic: the Gathering?

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