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Darigaaz the Igniter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,463 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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Well, with the new arg errata, I'm probably going to have to scrap this character.

Buy bison or trained mammoths once you get your technique down, they should be available for purchase in any metropolis.

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They made the pummeling style clarification months ago

chocobot wrote:

For races, I like human and plane touched:


Alternately, you go with a no-humans thing

Kitsune? kinda doubling up on the canines, then

Took me a while to think about this

Slayer- the 'tons of feats' martial plus the skill guy
Swashbuckler- The dex-based martial

Bloodrager- counterpart to the paladin, sadly replaces barb
Bard- refluff them as closer to Red Mages
Sorcerer- nice counterpart to the witch
Witch- still a full caster but far less spell shenanigans available than wizards

Paladin- modify to be any good/antipaladins [rename to blackguard or reaver or something cool like that] any evil
Hunter- The animal companion character, also only nature-caster
Inquisitor- Divine counterpart to the bard
Oracle or Warpriest- I'm still deciding this one. Oracle has pros for being a spontaneous caster, warpriest has a niche for filling the punchy guy/suboptimal weapon role.

Alchemist- might up the number of bombs/day they can do to make them able to be a faux-warlock
Investigator- for someone wanting to play a rogue but not wanting a slayer


Humans- because it's a default
Elves- but no half-elves
Dwarves- another fantasy core trope
Nagaji- Replaces the half-orc for the monstrous/bestial race, and forms a nice trio with elf and dwarf with there being boosts to all 6 stats represented among them
Gnomes- Small race without a dex bonus, that's rare
Ratfolk- I like these guys for 'sneaky small race' much better than halflings
Wyvarans- I like kobolds, but these are much more in line with adventuring race needs. Again forms a power-trio to have bonuses to all 3 mental stats available and while there's not a boost to str here in the small races, at least the wyvaran doesn't have a penalty.

I'd skip the bastard sword and just go with a scimitar unless you're a human or half-elf and can pick up the exotic proficiency as a bonus at lv1.

Edit: that being said, I do have experience with the quickdraw shield 'style' and I have to say it is awesome. Mine was melee-focused, but I think it could work pretty well with the switch hitter since that build already includes the main thing you need to make shield dancing work; ie quick draw.

kobold paragons that are more in line power-wise to halflings and gnomes. Maybe with some draconic heritage alt racials.

dogfolk so the other players I game with can stop griping that there isn't one.

If there are centaurs, or any kind of taurs, I want some feats/archetypes that lets them act like a mounted combatant on their own.

Dragonkin race that's not just a human with a draconic head and scales. I want teeth, claws, wings (even if they don't allow full flight for a while), tail, breath weapon (preferably usable more than 1/day).

Half-dwarves. Because they really should be a thing.

Dryads or half-dryads, plant and/or fey race. I saw a thread in the homebrew section a while back about a race that was the result of a dryad selecting a treant as her home and the results of that relationship. I like that idea.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
104. A piece of heavy furniture with a magic weapon enhancement bonus.

110) An extremely heavy, and nearly undecipherable, book with a weapon enhancement bonus.

89) A side room containing several owls, several bears, and some juvenile owlbears.

90) A side room containing a tank of piranha, a large cage/run for several bunnies, and another cage containing several baby of these.

91) A 10'x10'x10' pit that several bits of debris strangely floating in it.

92) Doorways that are actually gates to other parts of the complex on different planes.

I had a similar idea, though I go with a rapid-shot-style approach. At bab 6+, you can make two attacks at full bab -2. At bab 11+, you can do that or make 3 attacks at full bab -4. At 16+, you gain the option of 4 attacks at -6. The twf tree would add a second set of such attack routine options for the off hand.

Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Bandw2 wrote:

that's a mid air collision, which is a DC 25 fly check to not plummet to the ground. an ancient dragon has a +11 to fly.

It depends which one. Against an Ancient Blue it'd be a total waste of time.

Red has +11
Black has +17
Blue has +32
Green has +9
White has +16

Frankly - most of those of too low - it makes no sense that a dragon wouldn't have max ranks.

Those might actually be at max ranks. The fly skill is dex based (goes down as dragons get bigger), takes a size penalty (natch), and also takes an additional penalty based on maneuverability (oh look, as dragon speed increases, maneuverability decreases).

Snowblind wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
DeusTerran wrote:

as for crafting constraints 1/3rd the price in materials and an alchemy lab is all you need to make it, with a big enough wagon to hold all the barrels this gnome technically could do it in the back of a wagon.

That's a quite impressive wagon if it will hold 250,000 pounds of beer.
Just push the wagon around as the gnome crafts. The population of the gnome's resident country can leave beer kegs outside their houses to be refilled.

So instead f leaving jugs out for the milkman you leave barrels out for the beerman?

I've already made it into a mask of stony demeanor, and I plan on adding much more to it. I'm not sure if we're getting our next feat at 5th or 6th, but I plan on taking the flight hex with it and grabbing misfortune as my 6th level hex. Dispel magic sounds good though.

False Life would probably be easier to do without. Next time we get some scratch I'll try to work with the artificer to make a wand of mage armor. He's got a lot of discounts, I think he makes things for only 3/8 of market value. Then I'm thinking Glitterdust, See Invis, and an open slot for 2nd level. Now to figure out 1st level slots.

pipedreamsam wrote:
Honestly it just looks like bad luck so far. You prep a list and it doesn't really work so you tweak it to cover a weak point but then you fight something else that you weren't prepared for. Just carry and and if it keeps happening then well ... maybe its not your luck.

It not being my luck is kinda why I made the thread. Similar situations seem to happen whenever I try to play prepared casters.

pipedreamsam wrote:
You picked good spells and hexes. What kind of challenges are you running into where having spells/abilities that target all three saves are ineffective or hardly effective? Is it simply a matter of not having enough spells for the day or something else?

examples I've had include: having charm person, web, burning hands, and fog cloud when we get ambushed on a bridge; Fog Cloud, Blindness/Deafness, Charm Person, Ray of Sickening, and Reduce Person prepared when skeletons and a drowned attack our ship from below; and mage armor, ray of sickening, false life, blindness/deafness when we got attacked at an inn trying to have a conversation with our contact.

@Rerednaw: we didn't start with traits, so I had to use the extra traits feat at first level to get fate's favored and reactionary

How about vs those pesky warforged?

Currently plying in a chatroom-based game that's a blend of 3.5 and pathfinder set in eberron. I'm a half-orc scarred witch doctor (endurance patron), but I'm finding myself with a selection of spells and abilities that's half or more not useful to the situation a bit too much. So far, we've run into/against warforged minions of the Lord of Blades several times, and my slumber hex doesn't work on those. So far our encounters are usually ambushes either in the middle of a city, on a boat, and one that we had exploring a ruin.

Rest of the party includes shifter flame oracle, changeling bard, human swashbuckler, warforged paladin, and human artificer.

We just recently hit level 4. I've got Evil Eye, Slumber, and Cackle as hexes (one from spending a feat). The spells in my mask are as follows:

2nd (3/day): bear's endurance*, blindness/deafness, false life, fog cloud, glitterdust, see invisibility, web

1st (4/day): air bubble, beguiling gift, burning hands, charm person, command, comprehend languages, hex vulnerability, ill omen, mage armor, ray of sickening, reduce person, unseen servant

0th (4/day): arcane mark, bleed, dancing lights, daze, detect magic, guidance, light, mending, message, putrefy food and drink, read magic, resistance, spark, stabilize, tough of fatigue.

I'm looking for advice for what spells would be good to prepare on a day-to-day basis. I like leaving a slot of each level open, but that means going in with only 2 level 2 spells and 3 level 1s. I know false life and mage armor are good, but the one time I had a situation suited to prepping them 9the ruin), we had to leave the day of learning about it to keep ahead of our adversaries, so I didn't have time to refresh spells.

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Schrodinger's wizard

The Amazing Spider-slinger

Also works with bolt ace instead of pistolero.

Chengar Qordath wrote:
gamer-printer wrote:
Chengar Qordath wrote:
In my experience, the only reason "Magic Marts" exist is so that players can spend their gold with a relatively low amount of fuss and in-game time. I can understand the appeal of that after having one or two GMs who made shopping such a long, convoluted process that it could easily eat up an entire session.
Or you can simply find the artificers you need, contact them, pay them up front and get a date when the commissioned item will be ready. Then go to your next adventure (because it will take some time, possible delays, before its ready to pickup), and on your next trip home between adventures pick up the item you ordered - easy peasy. Many commercial services work that way in the real world. No need for long sessions, just don't expect to pay for something and get to use it today.

Depends on how involved the process of finding an artificer and putting in the order is. After all, if the process takes a couple minutes per piece of gear you order the time needed can easily add up once you have 4+ PCs all ordering multiple items.

As long as it's kept to the simplicity level of:
PC: "I go to that blacksmith I'm friends with and order X, Y, and Z."
GM: "He takes your money and says he'll have that ready in two weeks."
Then it seems to keep the simplicity of the "Magic Mart" system while adding an extra flourish some gamers enjoy. Personally, I'm not picky about how shopping is done so long as the group doesn't spend a ton of gametime playing Sales and Shopkeepers instead of Pathfinder. After all, shopping's usually just a distraction from the main plot of the game.

That's pretty much the way my groups do it. Sometimes subbing "you put in an order at the mage's college, they'll whip those up as part of next week's exams"

beer, wenches, stalking the streets in full black garb ready to pounce on muggers and rapists with the full fury of the butterfly's sting.

If you like the fighter's tons of bonus feats but want access to out-of-combat abilities as well (or just more than 2+Int skills per level), Slayer is there for ya.

Do you want to play a ranger but don't want the nature theme, weakened animal companion, or spells? Slayer.

Want to play a combat-focused rogue but want to do better than medium BAB? Slayer.

A slayer can grab terrain mastery several times then go into horizon walker to get massive bonuses to hit and damage vs anything native to that terrain. (note this does not actually give the favored enemy class feature and does not function with instant enemy at all)

Basically, the slayer (in my opinion) is the near-perfect purely-nonmagical combat class counterpart to the barbarian. One being all about raw numbers and cool rage powers, the other being all about skills and training (feats).

I had an inquisitor who got great mileage out of Precise Strike, Outflank, and Escape Route; switching out for Stealth Synergy whenever needed. Combining Distracting Charge and Coordinated Charge could be fun. Tandem Trip has its niche and would fit nicely with the other flanking ones.

There's false armor in ultimate equipment for this exact purpose, I think.

GM Lamplighter wrote:
PRD wrote:
It is possible to throw a weapon that isn't designed to be thrown (that is, a melee weapon that doesn't have a numeric entry in the Range column on the following weapon tables), and a character who does so takes a –4 penalty on the attack roll. Throwing a light or one-handed weapon is a standard action, while throwing a two-handed weapon is a full-round action. Regardless of the type of weapon, such an attack scores a threat only on a natural roll of 20 and deals double damage on a critical hit. Such a weapon has a range increment of 10 feet.
2. Damage from Falling Objects should provide some guidance - not exactly the question, but I'd use this as a GM to guide me.

This bit of rules text right here is all you need. It calls out everything that changes. Damage die is not one of those things, so a thrown greataxe will require a full-round action, a ranged attack roll at -4, do 1d12+str slashing damage, with a crit mod of 20/x2, and have a range increment of 10 feet.

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I've got a magus build, tldr of it is magical lineage+rime spell+frostbite+enforcer+whip+spell combat+spell strike.

My fix is to just have ki strike grant an actual enhancement bonus to unarmed strikes. +1 at 4th and increase by +1 every 3 levels after, to a max of +5.

Now I just need to think of similar ways to make arcane trickster and eldritch knight work.

If not for PFS see if your Gm will let you buy a customized Flame Tongue that's an axe/guitar instead of a longsword

Since early-access-via-spell-like-abilities is gone, I brainstormed a bit and think I've come up with a way to make entering MT less painful and similar to the early entry method.

Ability to cast arcane spells
Ability to cast divine spells
Ability to cast 2nd level spells
Knowledge (arcana) 3 ranks
Knowledge (religion) 3 ranks

So one could go, say, wizard 3/cleric 1/MT or oracle 4/sorcerer 1/MT. If you REALLY wanted to, you could even go something like bard 1/inquisitor 1/kineticist 3[?]/MT. (not recommending that route, just pointing out that it's a possibility)

Ravingdork wrote:
Xethik wrote:
As if Spell Perfection wasn't strong enough as-is!

At 15th-level with a busload of prerequisites, the feat better be strong!

Honestly, we need more high level feats like that one.

for martials too?

I might throw in a wilderness-themed party:
barbarian: face smasher
guide ranger: skill guy, built as archer or switch hitter (add in trapper arch too if you feel the need)
druid w/ domain: divine caster
skald: knowledges/face/umd

Note that they revised the SLA qualification faq. SLA's no longer fulfill requirements for any spellcasting except the ability to cast that specific spell.

Isn't the beginner's box designed for younger players? Pretty sure it has a short adventure in it.

Personally I like paladin 2/ninja 10/X. You can still use a master trick to pick up all the tails by 13th level. And you get smite+sneak attack+invisibility.

The teleportation subschool of conjuration is especially nice from what I hear.

LazarX wrote:
HyperMissingno wrote:

It seems every other class discussion thread has some comment about the inquisitor doing that class's job better. Slayer being outclassed by Sanctified Slayer, Hunter being outclassed by the Sacred Huntsmaster (sorta, Hunter has a few niches in the spell list to help it out), and recently Warpriest getting outclassed in general.

I know it's not a super OP class compared to cleric, wizard, that sort of thing but good lords! Just how many classes are being outclassed by this class?!

In a multi-enemy fight the Inquisitor can even outclass the Paladin. Sure the latter has smite, but on how many of the undead mooks are you going to use it on when you still haven't gotten a clue how far you've got to go before you meat the major Bad or his Lieutennant. The Inquisitor can use bane on every single undead/demon/devil in the combat while only calling upon one use.

One use per turn, in the case of bane. Which also precludes changing up your judgement types or performing other swift actions.

The Amazing Spider-Slinger

basically go gunslinger 5 to get dex to damage, then alchemist to get extra arm (or 2) to dual-wield guns (or crossbows with bolt ace).

Ring_of_Gyges wrote:

I'm playing an 11th level wizard in PFS and I love my bonded ring. A great big spellbook with a spell for every occasion makes it a "get out of jail free" card once per day.

Party getting stomped by an efreeti with Scorching Ray and Quickened Scorching Ray every round? TPK? No! Communal resist fire! Damage just went from 24d6 a round to *nothing*.

Giant with barbarian levels just teleported in and full attacked you? Dead? No! Emergency Force Sphere!

Suddenly there are vampires dominating everyone? TPK? No! Magic Circle Against Evil! Everyone who failed gets a new save and everyone is flat immune to new uses.

The enemy all have hardness 10 in a tier 1-5? Heart of the Metal! We all have adamantine weapons!

Need to bust an NPC out of jail for information? Dimension door!

Can't talk to that vital NPC water elemental who only speaks Aquan? Elemental Speech!

Those are all situations which literally came up in games and went from disaster to trivial thanks to the bonded item. It's a huge boon, your whole spellbook becomes a bag of tricks. TPKs don't come from only having a +5 initiative instead of a +9, they come from weird conditions and powers no one is equipped to deal with. Darkness, incorporeal enemies, flight, invisibility, unbreakable DR, etc... You can't predict and prepare for all of them, and with a bonded item you don't need to.

In addition, for players like myself who kind of suck at predicting what spells to prep that day, it's a nice safety net.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

This is a variation of a character I played a couple campaigns ago.

** spoiler omitted **
I went half-ranks on the various skills because of the racial and class bonuses you'd be getting. Use spells to enhance your weapons and armor. The only piece of gear this build really wants is a quickdraw light shield, but a buckler can work too. Lesser metamagic rods of extend spell are also really nice.

Basically, you're tanky because of the shield and armor (preferably mithral breastplate), can hit hard by two handing your weapon on your turn and pulling the shield back out at the end of your turn, you have mobility from dimensional jump, can scout well due to not needing light and having little to no acp on stealth, you've got lots of knowledges and are especially good at identifying monsters, and in rp you are one scary mofo and hard to fool (though one...

I like the idea, but I don't think it's square with RAW to make a 2 handed or 2 weapon attack, draw a Quick Draw Shield, and get an AC bonus that turn. You can start getting your Shield AC bonus next turn, but getting that turn runs afoul of the action economy.

You can hold a weapon in the same hand as you are using a Buckler, but you don't get your Shield AC bonus on the same round as you use that Buckler unless you take 19 levels in Fighter with the Thunderstriker Archetype. Then you can.

You get a +1 Shield bonus to AC when you use a Scizore, but not on rounds you attack with the Scizore.

You can get the Feat Improved Shield Bash, and then you can keep your Shield bonus to AC when you Bash.

You can get the Animated shield enchantment, and then you get your AC and both hands to attack with, too.

You can take 2 levels in Alchemist and take the Vestigial Arm or maybe Tentacle discoveries. then you can wield your shield with one limb and fight with the other 2, which interestingly enough is not against the rules.

A less alchemically-gross way you can do the same thing is to fight with weapon...

With the Quick draw feat, putting on or stowing a quickdraw light shield is a free action. Changing from weilding a weapon one handed or two handed is also a fee action. So step 1: stow shield as a free action. Step 2: grip weapon with both hands as a free action. Step 3: attack. Step 4: switch back to one-handed grip as a free action. Step 5: re-draw shield as a free action.

The buckler strategy works similar, but less efficiently. step 1: grip weapon with 2 hands. Step 2: attack at -1. Step 3: wait until your next turn to switch grip since you won't benefit from your shield bonus anyway. This variation of the strategy requires more decision making, because you have to decide whether you want the extra damage or extra ac.

An oil of shillelagh and a club or quarterstaff are a great emergency pack vs rust monsters.

"You ask where I come from? It's not a particularly harrowing tale if you ask me. But I can humor you for a while I suppose.

My mother was a housemaid and my father was a pit fighter. Explains the ugly mug, I know. Doesn't matter where, that city's been long since destroyed. But I'm getting ahead of myself. As I said, pit fighter and housekeeper. At the beckoning of their shared owner. Not a lot of love between the two, but no hate either. They did what they had to and then moved on with their duties. Got an older brother with the same father. Younger sister though, she came from the old fart's new champion after my father got eaten by a owlbear. Or maybe it was a hydra. Damn, it's been so long now.

Anyway, the whole damn city was corrupt. Least down in the slave pits everything was out in the open far as who was gonna stab who in the back. Heh, we actually were pretty tight-knit down there. Had to look out for each other, nobody else would. Actually got a pretty good education from the other orcs, at least in orcish culture. It was almost like being in a proper clan. Those goblin jerks can shove it though. Always travelling in packs so they can gang up on anyone caught by themselves.

Anyways, at one point this group of adventurers comes storming through. Just runs rampage through the city guard, cuts off and cuts down each of the worst nobles before they can escape. Frees all the slaves and gladiators even. We could've possibly just moved right in where the humans got kicked out if the whole place hadn't been darn near leveled in the fighting. I think the mage of the group was a bit overeager to use an earthquake spell.

Fortunately, those adventurers helped those of us that wanted it to get to Abaslom. The 4 of us went with em, but each of us took a shine to a different path once there. Mum went back to bein a maid, it's all she knew really. Least now she was on payroll. Older bro joined up with a paladin order. I could never get why, too stuffy for my taste. Sis started hanging around with the Pharasmans, I think the carnage got to her a bit. As for myself, well I obviously took a liking to the freedom and wandering that Desna promises. Things I didn't have growing up in the pits.

But I wasn't pious or preachy enough to be a cleric. Too much bloodlust in me. I was afraid I was going to fail Her as a worshiper until she sent me a dream with my instructions. And so I became Her inquisitor, and joined the Pathfinder Society. Because if anyone gets in to the darkest cracks of the world, it's them.

And that, is the beginning."
-Interview with Kraaj, alias Gorak The Destroyer, inquisitor of Desna

This is a variation of a character I played a couple campaigns ago.


Half Orc (City-Raised, Sacred Tattoo)
Inquisitor 12 (Desna, Exploration Subdomain)
Favored Class Bonus: "Add a +1/2 bonus on Intimidate checks and Knowledge checks to identify creatures" x12
Str 18 (16+2 racial)
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 17 (14+3 from leveling)
Cha 10
Traits: Fate's Favored, World Traveller (Kn Local)
Feats: Quick Draw, Power Attack, Furious Focus, Deepsight, Improved Initiative, one other
Bonus Teamwork Feats: Outflank, Precise Strike, Escape Route, Stealth Synergy
Skill Ranks: Intimidate 6, Kn Arcana 6, Kn Dungeoneering 6, Kn Local 1, Kn Nature 6, Kn Planes 6, Kn Religion 6, Perception 12, Sense Motive 6, Spellcraft 6, Stealth 6, 5 ranks to spend on singles to get the class skill bonus
Spells Known:
4th: Cure Critical Wounds, Divine Power, Freedom of Movement, Greater Invisibility
3rd: Dispel Magic, Greater Magic Weapon, Heroism, Magic Vestment
2nd: Blistering Invective, Invisibility, Resist Energy, See Invisibility, Silence
1st: Comprehend Languages, Disguise Self, Divine Favor, Litany of Sloth, Protection From Evil, True Strike
0th: Acid Splash, Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Sift, Spark

I went half-ranks on the various skills because of the racial and class bonuses you'd be getting. Use spells to enhance your weapons and armor. The only piece of gear this build really wants is a quickdraw light shield, but a buckler can work too. Lesser metamagic rods of extend spell are also really nice.

Basically, you're tanky because of the shield and armor (preferably mithral breastplate), can hit hard by two handing your weapon on your turn and pulling the shield back out at the end of your turn, you have mobility from dimensional jump, can scout well due to not needing light and having little to no acp on stealth, you've got lots of knowledges and are especially good at identifying monsters, and in rp you are one scary mofo and hard to fool (though one could put a few additional ranks in to sense motive just to be sure).

In no particular order:
Hexcrafter Magus
Storm Druid
Urban Barbarian
Indomitable Rager Barbarian
Archaeologist Bard
Daring Champion Cavalier
Guide Ranger
Scout Rogue
Ninja (yes, alternate classes count as archetypes)
Vivisectionist Alchemist
Two Weapon Warrior Fighter

Monks: Quingong, Zen Archer, Tetori, Sohei

There's always magical lineage+magic missile+toppling spell

I particularly like quick draw+quickdraw light (wooden or steel) shield+1 handed weapon for any melee oriented caster class

EDIT: summoned monsters and slumber hexes are not so hot at level 1 due to the 1 round duration

Gonna add my vote for the +AC as well. Especially without 1.5 str to damage, the curve blade isn't worth it

I still like the blockbuster wizard build, myself.

Reminds me of my Discount Pile O Builds. Man I wish I could edit those old posts.

Not a Nemesis. I am THE Nemesis wrote:

1. allergic to various coloured crystal

2. works as and with law-men to protect the people of his city from bestial hordes.

3. Cultured charismatic and manipulative "rogue" having no issues backstabbing anyone

4. Schizoid fire starter

5. another manipulative "rogue" dealing in the dark arts vs. his own damnation

6 "aww, Puddin'"

7. pretty vanilla "spy" turns out to be badass even before being avenged.

1) Superman

6) Harley Quinn
7) Nick Fury?

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