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Darigaaz the Igniter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,651 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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The blockbuster wizard is a classic that I feel holds up.

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Ultimate Goblins

Ms. Pleiades wrote:
Scrolls wrote:

A surge of uncontrolled magical energy deals 1d6 points of damage per spell level to the scroll user.

Spell strikes the scroll user or an ally instead of the intended target, or a random target nearby if the scroll user was the intended recipient.
Spell takes effect at some random location within spell range.
Spell's effect on the target is contrary to the spell's normal effect.
The scroll user suffers some minor but bizarre effect related to the spell in some way. Most such effects should last only as long as the original spell's duration, or 2d10 minutes for instantaneous spells.
Some innocuous item or items appear in the spell's area.
Spell has delayed effect. Sometime within the next 1d12 hours, the spell activates. If the scroll user was the intended recipient, the spell takes effect normally. If the user was not the intended recipient, the spell goes off in the general direction of the original recipient or target, up to the spell's maximum range, if the target has moved away.
Doing anything other than these is being punitive. Death in Pathfinder is a natural course of participation in combat, and has measures to reverse it with costs to the character's wealth by level. Fiddling around with this is just going to add a personal slap in the face to the character trying to deal with it.

That section I bolded could be fun. The Roc comes back, 1d12 hours later. oops.

You could pull a Freaky Friday and have the Roc come back, but in the druid's body. Meanwhile the druid is now in a fresh new roc body.

Let em switch back after the next level up or something

coldvictim wrote:

Well, if you can't have Robin how about another well known member of the Avian family?

The Dark Chaffinch
Night Warbler
The Crimson Tit
The Burgundy Wren
The Ebony Swallow

Is that too many?

I am the terror that flaps in the night!

Deathsurge Overdrive
a cookie if you get the reference

I think that falls under called shot to the vitals.
... wait, wrong balls. Nevermind >.>

MeanMutton wrote:
Take a level of tattooed sorcerer and give your stuff to your tattoo familiar?

Go a step further, put the pathfinder pouch with the mini chest on the familiar and turn it in to a tattoo.

Or a less extreme example, have a small unnoticeable familiar like a rat and have it run away with the mini chest.

One session of an old campaign had our party trying to yank a mcguffin out of the city debris stuck in its neck rolls while higher level npcs were doing the whole subduing thing.

Ok, I keep seeing this silly "36 AC lv7 fighter" example thrown around, but I highly doubt such a build even exists let alone is the real reason for this errata.

Math of disbelief:
If I have this right, Dex 20 (+5), 23500gp of gear
11500 for +1 mithril full plate (+5 max dex assuming armor training 1)
_1180 for a +1 heavy shield
_2000 for +1 ring of prot
_2000 for +1 amulet of nat armor
_5000 dusty rose ioun stone
and we're already almost at wbl and have only reached an ac of 31, so you'd have to somehow make up the extra +5 via feats. I can only see an extra +2 via dodge and shield focus. So, a 33 total. And less than 3000 gold for weapon, cloak of resistance, and everything else.

Assuming we're not going for an ultra dex build
dex 14 (+2)
5650 +2 full plate
4280 +2 tower shield
2000 ring of prot +1
2000 amulet o.n.a. +1
5000 dusty ioun
=18930, only ac 32 (34 with dodge and shield focus)and still not enough gold to buy the jingasa. In fact, only about 500gp more than the previous.

... seriously, what am I missing? If you use the jingasa and fate's favored instead of the ioun stone, you're still only at 35 max; and still down 2 feats and 2 ac from the target of the exercise.

I really don't see any reason that they should have nerfed the jingasa so hard, and found it a nice companion on the AC track to the dusty rose prism ioun stone. I would like to get a dev's opinion why this singular entry on the ac track (pretty much the only one not in the crb) needed to be rendered effectively useless.

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Aelryinth wrote:

Just quoted it off the SRD for magic items. Pretty sure it was in the magic item book, and it's definitely still used in pricing abilities, as the helm/boots fo teleportation illustrate, and the pricing between elemental resistances on armor/rings. They actually adjusted the Helm UP to precisely +50% over the boots to follow the affiliated slot guidelines. There's a reason they use them.


And I did a search on the PRD for "affiliate" and "affiliation" and the only two results that show up are festerogs and gods and their temples and shrines. You should really know better than to take an unofficial site over the official one.

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Aelryinth wrote:

I'm not sure where they moved the breakdown of it to, they actually had a list of items/slots and the powers affiliated with them.

But as I posted earlier, you can see it in action with Boots of Teleportation and the Helm of teleportation...the Helm is 50% more money for the exact same thing.

Ditto elemental resistances that you can buy for your armor/shield...they are 50% more then getting them on a ring.

The rule that they 'exist' is here:
Some Abilities Are Assigned to Certain Slots: Some of the magic items in the standard rules are deliberately assigned to specific magic item slots for balance purposes, so that you have to make hard choices about what items to wear. In particular, the magic belts and circlets that give enhancement bonuses to ability scores are in this category—characters who want to enhance multiple physical or mental ability scores must pay extra for combination items like a belt of physical might or headband of mental prowess.

If there is a trend of all items of a particular type using a particular slot (such as items that grant physical ability score bonuses being belts or items that grant movement bonuses being boots), GMs should be hesitant to allow you to move those abilities to other slots; otherwise, they ignore these deliberate restrictions by cheaply spreading out these items over unused slots.

but I don't know where the breakdown is now. Gloves were always associated with Dexterity, thief skills, and the like, etc. Boots anything to do with travel, and so on. Rings were always affiliated with anything, that's why it was level 12 to make could stick anything on a Ring.

And we're talking about a +1 bonus, so 500 gp is all I'm going to give on that! ;)


I'm pretty sure you're holding on to 3.5 text that did not make the transition to pathfinder. There's no sure rule as slot affiliation in PF.

Back before the SLA-re-faq I had a half-drow separatist cleric of nethys who picked up the trickery domain (from calistria) to hide his nature; this combo would've let me start taking levels in mystic theurge at level 4.

Maezer wrote:
James Risner wrote:

I loved many of those items.
I also understood they were broken.

I tentatively agree. If these changes had come out 90 days after ultimate equipment was release I'd probably be fine saying the nerfs were gross overkill but yes the items were too good as written. But I have a really hard time swallowing the fact that it took them nearly 4 years to realize these items were broken enough to warrant a change.

I despise Paizo policy of ignoring balancing until the arbitrary point in time that they decide reprinting is necessary. If the item needs a change, change it. Don't let everyone assume its fine for YEARS then spring the change on them unless you can point to something recent that changed that made them go from being acceptable to unacceptable.


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Well you're either going to need a Resurrection spell (pricey, but doable as a story arc), or you can try to be cheap by going stone to flesh then reincarnation.

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Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
A lot of people don't really like it, but it is how the game is designed. Pathfinder Unchained allows for alternate rules so you get most of the same bonuses without having the magical item.
But a lot more people DO like the collection of toys, which is while some folks may grumble, others keep collecting with all the enthuisasm of a model train gathering.

I needs mah stuff

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Wiggz wrote:

Paizo's never-ending nerfing of popular options, particularly for martials, makes me want to vomit. What makes it more egregious by far is that they are doing it to the game as a whole just to address issues happening at PFS tables WHEN THERE ARE ALREADY PFS-SPECIFIC RULES ERRATA!!!

I've been told that when it comes to home games, GM's are free to ignore or adjust errata as they see fit... but if that's the case, wouldn't common sense tell you that they are just as capable of addressing the issues at their table without the labyrinthine errata? Its become a running joke - whereas before players at my table would universally end up with illegal characters by the time they finished an AP due to arbitrary rule changes, now they can't even make it through a module.

Toss this one on the ever-growing pile of crap I'm just going to ignore, but will inevitably have to explain, debate and justify to new players or other GM's because Paizo had to meddle with something in my game due to some squeaky wheel out in PFS-land.

My thoughts exactly. I've been willing to put up with a LOT of these very-questionable erratas, but at this point I think we've reached the "straw that breaks the camel's back" threshold.

Hoo boy, I cannot wait for the forum explosions from all these nerf-rattas.

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Sah wrote:

On the flip side of kitchen sink settings I've run into the how could this planet have these environments together?

I was like dude, earth has environments of all the planets in this setting (it was Aliens vs predator homebrew), and Hawaii alone has like 9 of the 11 on earth.

I blame the Star Wars series for the trope of mono-climate planets plaguing scifi/fantasy settings.

Four Chain (4chan)

Squiggit wrote:

As a GM: Characters that actively seem to want nothing to do with the party they were supposedly built to play in. Bonus points if the player then gets upset or frustrated when their character gets left behind after deciding to stay behind themselves.

As a player... actually pretty much the same thing. But it's even more frustrating as a GM.


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Headcanon accepted

Rosc wrote:

Make them all sneaky. Every last one of them.

The Cleric can take a diety with the Trickery domain, givingthem some sneaky spells and the proper class skills to make it work. Mithril Breastplate and the Armor Expert trait means no armor check penalty, same for a Mithril Heavy Steel Shield. Mithril Buckler makes it easier to toss a weapon around while casting.

Fighter should take a similar equipment loadout for similar reasons. Dropping the heavy shield for a proper dex to damage feat like works, and you have the spare feats to take Skill Focus: Stealth to pretend it's a class skill.

Wizard? Illusionist. Similar skill feat as the Fighter.

And the rogue? Build it as a social infiltration specialist that can still participate in a fight. Kitsune come to mind, what with the racial feat that turns them into Mystique. Let this one meet the part and even befriend them, and then lure them into an ambush.

Naturally, all of them should have Precise Strike as well. Idealy, in their first fight the party assumes they're dealing with 4 rogues. And then one of them starts to channel....

You missed taking Stealth Synergy for nigh-undetectablility .

Life Oracle


BlackPickle wrote:
any ideas on a sealed container that will be protected from sand so i can store food in it and not worry about it ?

Waterproof bags. They can be sealed up.

Xaimum Mafire wrote:
Give the Wizard light armor proficiency and Arcane Armor feats, along with Arcane strike and Weapon Focus: Longbow.

Arcane Armor is probably not necessary, wizard still has mage armor, shield, blur, etc. Arcane Strike definitely. Weapon Focus, Point Blank Shot too. Long term goals also include Precise Shot and after wizard 12 take 2-4 levels in Arcane Archer to drop antimagic arrows.

Have your wizard be an elf going for arcane archer the hard way, the rogue can be an eldritch scoundrel (grants arcane spellcasting), the cleric takes heavy armor proficiency and uses a two handed weapon (gorum worshipper with negative channeling would be good here), and have the fighter do whatever it is RavingDork is doing here to be the skill monkey.

Dotting for later

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From Ultimate Equipment, 300gp will get you a riding gecko (400 for a combat trained one), which is a giant gecko with the giant simple template. Their environment is warm forests and mountains, so heat shouldn't be a problem. It's a str 17 large mount and you should only need the typical ride and handle animal skills to control it, just like a horse. It has a light load capacity of 258, medium 519, and max 780.

Alchemists in general make pretty good allrounders, though they'll want to spend a trait or two on say clever wordplay or the like.

Well first you need to be able to mind control cthulhu.

Grond wrote:
MAD is one that comes up often as well.

MAD - Multiple Ability Dependent, refers to a class or build that requires high scores in at least 2 abilities to function well.

SAD - Single ability dependent, refers to a class or build that only requires one ability score to be very high, with only one or two other scores moderately high at most.

Ask your GM to let you use a nature oracle but with the druid list instead of cleric? And get automatic summon nature's ally instead of cure or inflict.

RAW - rules as written
RAI - rules as intended
THF - Two-handed fighting, ie using a two-handed weapon in combat
TWF, 2WF - two weapon fighting
DPR - Damage per round, generally calculated to a mathematical average
C/MD - Caster/Martial disparity; not to be confused with CMD which is combat maneuver defense

Nagaji, Ifrit, Oread, Catfolk, Tengu, Kitsune

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If your class doesn't have a high will save, do everything you can to crank it up. Yes, even if it means delaying that feat or purchase you've been eyeing.

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Eh, you could already do this with the quickdraw feat and quickdraw light (wooden or steel) shields.

Is anyone else reminded of The Legend of Zelda: 4 Swords?

Also gonna +1 the hunter party. Bonus teamwork feats everywhere = win.

I think I'd go electric immunity/acid vulnerability. And find a way to drop electricity aoes on myself.

Ravingdork wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

My personal formula's a bit more complicated.

Take your level +1,
Look up the high attack of a CR of that number,
Add 11,
This is your target AC.
Thus, a monster of CR+1 hits you only 50% of the time on its best attack (theoretically).

A monster hitting you half the time is terrible, in my mind.

How many times does your martial hero need to get stabbed, slashed, or bludgeoned before he realizes he's doing something wrong?

Half the time on their highest attack bonus, which is the same as the much vaunted displacement, and even better if they have any kind of penalty like making iteratives.

But let me ask in return, what do you think is an acceptable hit chance vs someone not able to have maximum mirror images up at all times? Especially if they're likely to be getting in to melee, intentionally or otherwise.

My personal formula's a bit more complicated.

Take your level +1,
Look up the high attack of a CR of that number,
Add 11,
This is your target AC.
Thus, a monster of CR+1 hits you only 50% of the time on its best attack (theoretically).

Running the numbers, this needs only about 13 + twice your level from level 1 to 6 or 7, then from 8 onwards it's 20+level.
Well, technically, 8-10 is 20+level, 11-14 is 21+level, and 15 up is 22+level.

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My advice would be don't. Pathfinder isn't built to handle monster pcs. If you want fey flavor, a gnome is a good point to start.

Pretty much any of the 6 level casting classes will do you reasonably well as long as you keep your casting stat and either str or dex at 16 or better.

Reflavor it as a spider monkey

ccs wrote:

As a player?

I ALWAYS have an accurate detail of my ammo, charges, spell componants, gear, encumberance, ratiobs, etc.
And I dutifully track them during play (oft on someone else's turn)

As the DM?
I expect the players to keep track & not cheat. Afterall, it's not hard....
And occasionally I WILL ask how much of something someone has. If they look at thier sheet & say "I don't know"? Then that resource becomes ZERO.


Same here

If I were to design a theoretical double-spell-list base class, I'd probably have it use 6th level casting progression on both sides.

The antimagic dragon was a lot nicer in 3.5 with metabreath feats from the draconomicon.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

My 2cp: A dragon's DR should be ex just like their SR.

bab 16+ 4 attacks
greater 2wf with armor spikes, 3 attacks
haste 1 attack
alter self to turn into the one skinwalker that gets 2 hoof attacks
feral mutagen for bite and 2 claws (you'd lose a claw to wield your main weapon)
various items like helm of the mammoth lords, cloak of the manta ray, etc give additional natural attacks
tentacle discovery

At low levels, a ninja with rapid shot, 2wf, and flurry of stars can launch upwards of 5 shuriken as a full attack (at like -6 each).

blashimov wrote:
Switch to using greater magic weaon every day?

Buy a rod of extend spell for it, too

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