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Darigaaz the Igniter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,537 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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Kahel Stormbender wrote:
Which raises an interesting question. Would a paladin of Calistria still fall should they Lay On Hands a succubus? Or would Calistria be cheering them on?

Well seeing as Calistria's CN, she far more likely to have an antipaladin than a paladin. So, hurting more than healing. Then again I hear some succubi like that.

Your own private airship/yacht.

Take a level in gunslinger, get a free gun

I really like power point/spell point systems. It works in video games, it works really well in savage worlds. Admittedly, the latter has a different rate of recharge than the vancian system's 1/day after resting 8 hours schtick.

I'm gonna throw my 2cp in and suggest two types of prestige class. 5 level classes balanced and designed for taking at 6-10; and 10 level classes designed to take at 11-20.

You can combine the two, or take one or the other, or stay single class, and should still be roughly as powerful no matter which combo.

Does anyone have a quick list of condition removal spells to keep in mind for each spell level?

Could make them devotees of aeons.

I remember a build a little while back dubbed "The Jargonaut". You take a wordcasting battle oracle, use a reach weapon, standard actions are either reanimating with the undeath word or summoning, and you grab combat reflexes for multiple attacks of opportunity.

Splendor wrote:

Lets compare all of them to the Carpet of Flying: 20,000gp, Unlimited duration, 40 move at 200lbs, 30 move at 400lbs.


Scythia wrote:
lemeres wrote:
Scythia wrote:

Don't even consider the effect that divine magic (with cure, disease removal, and reincarnation/resurrection) would have upon a world. Wealth would truly buy health and immortality.

So we'd end up with immortal perfectly healthy aristocrats living in lead lined anti-magic mansions patrolled by cadres of first level diviners and dogs.

Not particularly. The system and setting are both very anti immortality.

You can have very, very healthy and long lived aristocrats (ie- humans going over a hundred, and still fit for leading the charge into battle), but the spells don't let you live beyond the limits of your natural life span usually.

For setting, there are actually numerous outsiders whose entire shtick is killing immortals. And you can see this theme on several different places on the alignment spectrum (off the top of my head, there is Pharasma's psychopomps for N, a race of daemons for NE, and one of the 'totally not a robot' inevitables for LN). So it isn't just a 'demons want to kill something beautiful' thing- no, getting rid of immortals is just business as usual on the outerplanes. Which makes sense- they are largely made from dead souls, so why wouldn't they be invested in making sure mortals stay that way.

Reincarnation explicitly allows someone who died from age to be brought back. Age is no limit to those who can afford Reincarnation.

Seems like all those creatures are Outsiders, which gives a numbers of options to deal with them as a group. Or, just wear an amulet of nondetection and don't get noticed to begin with. Specifically though, the Marut (Inevitable) may or may not be triggered by Reincarnation (since it can reset the age counter, it's possible that it's not extending life but resetting the timer on it it). In the event it is, nothing about being killed by one prevents being Raised or Reincarnated so far as I could see. Psychopomps deal with the already dead, or undead, not the living as far as I can tell....

A few other big issues with reincarnation. You've got a low chance of even coming back as the same race (and possibly gender). Even if you do, there's no guarantee you'll have any of the same recognizable features. You have to have a way of actually guaranteeing the reincarnation is cast while you're dead. So you have to find a druid, witch, or shaman willing to do it for you (and I'd wager the first of those is pretty unlikely) and have someone around to make sure they don't just take the money and leave. And who's not likely to put a favored patsy in instead.

A ranger (guide ranger is very nice for singling out a target) can grab a giant gecko companion and ride it around eventually.

Velociraptor, hands (or claws) down.

_Ozy_ wrote:
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:

In order to scribe a scroll, create a wand, you have to prepare the spell as if you were going to cast it. Or already have it in mind if you are a spontaneous caster.

A friend can't help you with this.

Magi, interestingly enough have a slight workaround on this with thier Knowledge Pool ability.

The rules have already been quoted specifying that prerequisites may be supplied by another source, such as another character or even another item. In fact, they specifically mention spell completion and spell trigger items in the same paragraph.

What rules are you using to support your claim?


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replace bag of holding with bag of devouring

Definitely wizard||sorcerer 1/other X

sadly your sorcerer spell slots will be relatively sub-par because of the crossblood restricting your spells known.

Noticable tusks (heavens helps your pronunciation if you become a vampire too); Skin tending toward green, gray, or brown depending on the variation of orc; taller, more muscular frame.

Is umbrakinesis a thing yet? manipulating darkness and shadows.

Ventnor wrote:
avr wrote:
Really, I'd go with the shadow bloodline and maybe the seeker archetype, and be a truly sneaky sorcerer. Embrace your inner coward.
You mean Shadow Dragon, don't you! The brave kobold isn't scared at all! He just prefers to show off his mighty magic from a reasonable distance, that's all. Nothing cowardly about that.

Definitely do NOT crossblood dragon and shadow bloodlines. Delayed spell progress from DD is one thing, not actually knowing any spells of your new level even with slots is just pathetic.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

small size and a bonus to dex means leverage that stealth. Leave the melee to the tall races, you have arcane power oozing out of your fingertips.

HyperMissingno wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
The price of becoming a Mummy, which is a popular lich alternative for clerics and such, is holy oils, blessed linens, fragrant flowers, and so forth.
Unless you're an alchemist who can become a mummy with a special diet and 30 days of 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and a 10 KM run.

Your hair all falls out, though

Samurai Jack and The Scotsman need no armor. Though I will concede the point about mooks, Aku fights aside.

Prestidigitation to never have to bathe again.
Purify food and drink to turn roadkill into lean cuisine.
Dancing lights as signal flares.
Detect magic basically equals loot-dar.
Create water to speed up a bucket brigade.
Brand on a hexcrafter magus for even better shenanigans than arcane mark.
Spark because, as goblins know, more fire is always better.

Name: Kashiir

Title: The Scales Unbalanced

Alignment: CN

Domains: Air, Chaos, Desert, Earth

Subdomains: Metal, Protean, Wind

Portfolio: oxymorons, paradoxes, internal balance, going with the flow

Worshipers: Those who see their lives as a chaotic mess and wish to find a measure of calm 'in the eye of the storm' yet not escape it.

Symbol: a three-clawed draconic hand

Garb: Whatever one feels most comfortable in, be it loose slacks and shirt or a suit of platemail.

Favored Weapon: Heavy Pick (acceptable substitutes include light pick, punching dagger, kukri, spiked gauntlet, klar, and spiked shield )

Ethos: To perform one's best, one must find one's groove in the chaos around one's self. By finding this flow, one can handle anything that happens.

Herald: Flaywind, a massive shredstorm (3.5 MM III) animated by an elder lighting elemental with all the best abilities of both.

I'm gonna recommend Guide ranger specifically. You trade out favored enemy for a smite-like x/day bonus to attack and damage against a single target. Much easier to remember. Then the player only has to worry about when to apply favored terrain.

Captain Phoenix wrote:
I'm a little confused with Experimental Spellcaster. I think I can choose any spell casting class? But I don't understand how I use the slots. Is it limited by my caster level in my current class? Undead is a 2nd level Cleric effect word, so am I just getting a bunch of free 2nd level spell slots?

Simply put, taking experimental spellcaster the first time gives you one new "spell known" in the form of a wordspell to add to your spell list at the appropriate level. You get all the different target words, but mostly you'll just need selected, which makes Undeath a close range spell.

For a cleric or oracle, Selected Undeath is a 2nd level spell with no costly material component that takes a standard action to cast. So, basically superior to animate dead in every way aside from needing to dabble in wordcasting.

Be a cleric or oracle. Grab the Experimental Spellcaster feat. Use it to learn the Undeath word of power. Proceed to fill your 2nd level spell slots with a short range, no material component animate dead.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd also like to add "Rolling for stats is fine. If you get crap rolls the DM will just let you reroll anyway."

Last character I had the chance to play for any decent amount of time is either going to die in combat or if he's lucky/unlucky enough to live long enough to retire, would probably start training other inquisitors. Or just writing bestiaries, he had like +20 to all monster knowledge skills.

Paulicus wrote:
Druid with the Reincarnated archetype?


Just make sure you don't die again within a week.

Holy is usually a good fallback

nate lange wrote:
chosen child is another trait that actually increases wealth by 900, not to 900. the really alarming thing about it though is that its a regional trait... rich parents is a social trait, so if you take the additional traits feat at 1st you could have both of them, start play with 1,800g, and then retrain the feat later... and, since you're looking for cheese, i'd suggest doing so as a bard or evangelist cleric: you could buy 3 battle trained tigers (with 300g left for yourself), use performance to buff all of them, and cast cure spells to keep them healthy.

grab them both with the extra traits feat, set aside some of the 1800 to retrain it, buy stuff, profit

Well, I don't know about any of you but I feel overwhelmed by all the new classes. We went from 20 to 36 in the span of less than a year, with 10 of those specifically designed to cover parts of other classes' niches. I just can't keep up.

Ravingdork wrote:
Avoron wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
...Rich Parents...pair of war trained tigers...13 combat trained bison...assumes ~1,000gp...
OP wrote:
Nothing that relies on anything other than standard starting gold.
Classic, lovely, frighteningly effective, and explicitly prohibited by the OP.
Not sure how I violated it. That IS the standard starting gold for a character with the rich parents trait. ;P

you'd start with 900gp for taking rich parents, not 1000.

Given the numbers you quoted, I'd go with around 50 years. Assuming a human generation is around 20, that is.

(borrowing from one of the things I did in Skyrim)
This circlet is of dwarvish make and features a large, cyan crystal of unknown material centrally. Once per day the wearer can activate the circlet, releasing a burst of necromantic energy, which reanimates all corpses within 100 feet of the wearer. Corpses reanimated this way are as capable as they were when still alive. Much like summoned monsters, they follow the wearer of the crown obediently and attack anything hostile to the wearer. The corpses remain animated for 2 minutes, then fall lifeless again. Such corpses can still be animated by other means in the future.

Whispered storied in darkened pubs tell of an individual who has found a way to activate the power of the circlet at will.

Ravingdork wrote:
Jodokai wrote:
No other animal companions or familiars can activate a magic item.
That seems unnecessarily restrictive. Surely other improved familiars could activate magical rings and such.

The arbiter inevitable even specifically has hands.

CalethosVB wrote:
Tireless Rage at level 17 for Barbarians.

Or (and this is probably a good example for the op) 8 levels barb, 1 level lame-cursed oracle, rest barb for fatigue immunity and rage-cycling at 9th (effective oracle level 5th).


I'd recommend Inquisitor but you've said you don't like them for being too fiddley. Is it mainly the Judgement? If so, the Sanctified Slayer trades out judgements for the slayer's studied target, sneak attack, and some slayer talents.

I had a blast using a half-orc travel domain inquisitor to get into monsters' faces and (adamantine heavy) pick away at 'em. Mithril breastplate and good to go.

Dishonorable (chaotic)? yes. Evil? Nah.

probably human, assuming your standard run-if-the-mill aasimars and tieflings

I don't think so. Temporary hp are always lost first. So either the temp hp are added, the target gets hit, then loses the temp hp; or the target gets hit, dies, and it's too late to add temp hp. Unless Psychosomatic Surge has some special wording I'm unaware of.

It was vastly changed and improved from its original version in the errata.

Grab 2 levels of alchemist, pick up extra arm or tentacle, never have to worry about having a free appendage for reloading


Inquisitor, Slayer, Bard, Alchemist, Witch, and Dragon Disciple are all pretty close to top too

2 levels of alchemist, grab extra arm from a discovery and again via extra discovery feat at 7th. Then twf crossbows.

magic blacklight maybe?

Quick Draw + Power Attack + a one-handed weapon + a quickdraw light (wooden or steel) shield = 2-handed power attack damage on your turn and full shield ac benefit on everyone else's turns.

Could always just get an 18th level witch to use forced reincarnation on it until it sticks

TriOmegaZero wrote:
thejeff wrote:
In fact, it might be even better for those 3/4 BAB classes that get self-buffs up to pseudo full BAB. They don't get the full iteratives, so they don't have to worry about whether they can hit with that last -10 or -15 attack.
Truth. My Holy Vindicator didn't even have a second attack for most of his career, so thanks to Furious Focus he was always Power Attacking.

My inquisitor confirms this as well. Heck, even when he did finaly get an iterative it wasn't much of a loss when simply making a standard action attack.

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