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Daniel Wiseman's page

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Just BARELY missed the perfect mark

****( )

I'm gonna try and make this brief. I LOVE this adventure path. The location is great, the encounters are fun, the kingdom building and random events is refreshing and enjoyable (at the start), and the story is one that allows for so much GM embellishment, while not requiring much.

The Bad:It's just too damn easy. I have a group of middling skill and minimum powergaming, and they just blew through pretty much everything in it. It's reasonable that the beginning encounters are easy, but it just didn't get challenging enough without my intervention. The kingdom building also became tedious and wasted time after we obtained more than two cities. There are, however, rules to make it simpler.

Get this book and see it through if you're tired of railroads or you just wanna explore. I promise you'll enjoy it if you give it a chance.

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