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Daniel Petrocelli's page

6 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


3.5 when I get back to my D&D campaign, but for now OGL Conan. I definitely suffer from 'edition fatigue' as another poster called it. I have one player who is 'interested' in seeing what 4e puts out, but not enough to suggest I buy it or consider it or that he will buy it or consider gaming in it.

Paizo will have to follow the money - so when 3e gamers start converting (or dying off), they'll have to convert to 4e. I think 3.x still has legs and I haven't been blown away by what I've heard about/seen of 4e.

Grew up with Red and Blue box, played in the best games of my life in 1e, played Amber and other games during the 2e period, and spent a helluva lotta cash on 3.x. I've given TSR and WotC enough of my capital, the last thing I need is yet ANOTHER version of the beholder or the drow or a purple worm...

On the WotC website, under the art section - the listing is "Jubilex" for BoVD and Juiblex for Fiendish Codex 1. My 1st edition MM is Jubilex.

the Stick wrote:

Is it irony that "s%&~" is censored by the software on the website?

To add my tuppence to the debate, I generally dislike seeing "modern" language in fantasy stories. (snip)

Interestingly enough, s#@+ is NOT 'modern' language. It is a middle english word with antecedents in Old English 'scite'.

I agree with everyone who has indicated that the OP is a) a troll and b) making a mountain out of a mole hill. I'm not a big fan of the holier than thou attitude he's displayed. Erik et al were within editorial right and reason to leave the story the way it was.

The OP is probably indignant if people say good morning to him...

Erik Mona wrote:
R. Butler wrote:

Erol Otus fans may want to have a look around here

to see what he's been up to recently outside the gaming industry

The pictures are all tiny. I'd love to get a look at them, as I'm an Otus superfan.

Who would buy a $10 small book of collected Otus work? I'd love to do something like that.


Nothing like a big ol' book o' basic/expert/AD&D nostalgia...I'd buy that for $10-$20.

Up until today, I was happy to just have my store credit. However -- I've seen enough of what Paizo is previewing and have decided to give this a shot. Even though adventure paths are not really my thing, I'm intrigued enough to see this through at least the first 6 issues or so.

Good sell on Paizo's part. Looks like a product that may end up being superior to the sum of its soon to be deceased forebears...

I've been disappointed with the books WotC has put out lately. Wasn't impressed with Cityscape, Dungeonscape or Return to Ravenloft. I thought about the book on the drow, but meh. A lot of my gaming money has gone to Mongoose and their Conan RPG titles.

WotC has handled this poorly -- perhaps they have even made a strategic error. Time will tell. Clearly we all got snookered with the online survey which never asked "would you pay for online content INSTEAD of Dragon?"

I will not be paying for their online content -- mostly because I think their current online content isn't very good/reliable/interesting. I like the tactile sensation of reading books and magazines and a pdf don't cut it.

I'm not interested in the minis for more than place holders for my RPG game and lately I've gotten back to painting my own. So they won't be making further money off of me there.

I liked Dragon, but didn't buy more than a few Dungeon magazines as I prefer to create my own adventures.

The loss of Dragon to me is an emotional hit (despite my subscription) more than anything else as it has been around since the earliest days of the game.

Whereas I will probably not be buying anything from WotC in the near future, it has more to do with the actual quality of the product than their heartless decision to end the license.

That WotC has not chimed in on any board, anywhere is disappointing and for that alone people should vote with their wallets. But lets face a bit of reality beyond the emotion. If they cared at all about petitions(which for the record I did sign), boycotts, flaming threads of doom on discussion boards, then they would have handled this differently. People will still buy the products...even many of you who boycott now will have that copy of the Book of the Drow in six months. Its inevitable and I'm not even saying I won't have it either. Best thing to do now is go ahead and (if you want adventure paths) support Paizo and hope that one day the venerable titles of Dragon and Dungeon magazines will be resurrected.

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