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Daniel Donny Clark's page

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Huge Case Out of print

Almost 5 stars..

****( )

I bought a full case and Rune Giant, along with the continuing subscription. In the cases I got a complete set (yay!) with a fair random distribution of repeats. The only issues were A) two minis had come off their base and B) one dwarven ranger had bits of white printing residue all over his face, making him look like he has a terrible skin disease, or is covered in mucus. Finally C) some of the commons had ridiculously bad face paint jobs that make them look like they have been clubbed by an ogre with the ugly stick.

All in all the overall quality of the miniatures is good, with rares being the best (exception- storm giantess). A tiny bit of detail would bring the set to 5 stars (mouths not being uniform skin color when closed for instance). Coloration is also quite different from the various images on the box and online (that's you especially, Young Red Dragon).

I will of course continue to buy, collect, use WizKids products and only hope that the community's comments are heard and taken into consideration!

Great job guys (think of this 4 as a 4.5!)


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