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Dan E's page

382 posts (5,266 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 42 aliases.


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My concept is a cleric with the Unholy Barrister archetype, ostensibly a lay-priest of Mitra who is an advocate at the eccelestical courts in the capital.

This character would make extensive use of the abilities from that archetype, including the Devil's Pact feat, which provides channel healing / spell sharing and other bonuses but only to those who swear loyalty to Asmodeus and with the rather severe drawback of not being able to raise dead PCs who have taken advantage without a wish/miracle.

That is fine from my side (I was thinking the Devil's Pact could reflect a contract the character had already made with a Contract Demon for the grant of unholy clerical powers and charisma) so if I die I die but thought I'd ask if that would be OK given the possible effect on others. This character would be an existing subordinate / agent to the Cardinal.

I'd probably hold off from a full equipment buy as well.


Strength 8
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
Wisdom 18
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

To be frank I think the whole game day has been one big luck fest on our part. But no complaints from me.

Has to be the most complex PBP battle I've seen (or was it the jujus). Kudos Alex, just kudos.

Happy new year to all.

Present. Even thinking about maybe getting a GM game back on track (after I make a few apologies).

Yup. Know the feeling all to well.

Very sorry for absence guys. Shocker period at work which included losing my phone right before going to saudi arabia. Reading up now and will post in the morning. Should be Ok moving forward touch wood.

Sorry for absence a shocker period for work.

We had 7 minutes total on the enlarge persons. Think they are the most critical buff to have up if we are going to try again.

OK cool I thought we needed make whole.

My spells are updated.

Same to all, we had a glorious Easter.

If the zombies decide to chase we are going to have to kill them all, 40' speed and all.

Though I suspect at least that they're operating on residual orders to defend the encampment and will (hopefully) only go as far as the path.

Next movement will tell us a lot (especially if they do down the hill after Barak) but we do need to keep Telurion screened while he channels. Kiri can't heal without exposing herself to attack unfortunately.

On the plus side half are down with many wounded and they can't presumably heal so later clean-up should be easy.

Its a pity about Telurion's weapon but we should be able to replace it fairly easily. Dealing with a break to Arachiel's sword or Barak's crossbow would be a major pain as I don't have the necessary spells and no real way to get them until teleport. The Usurer might be able to do it but that would cost us a fortune (just over 4k base gp cost).

Maths error on my part sorry I'll fix. Its slam was at +10 with augment summoning but not going to make any difference.

Suspect Durin may need a bot?

On the Ashen Wastes thing I did get an inkling from some of the stuff the rangers said but wasn't sure if that was self-serving. This quadrant does seem like a major step up in difficulty but the ghost has us a bit stuck particularly when we can't be sure where it will pop up and when. Maybe it is time for the commune to try and get some info.

DM wrote:

The furious clash of weapons upon armour, the cries of pain and dialogue coming from the living, the flashy bursts of positive energy and the extravagant fireball made the firebase quite a hotbed of activity. As a matter of fact, the struggle had attracted the attention of another walking corpse nearby- one that had quietly crawled out from underneath the nearby wagon with Telurion distracted by the fight ahead. He spotted the creature after it had already risen to its feet, below and down the edge of the trail from him.

Random undead or monstrosity that killed the scores of original defenders and raised them as jujus? Taking all bets!

Understood, will try and keep it to the IC. I wouldn't have been so overt if Durin hadn't been calling for it.

If anything the encounter is a salutory lesson that not every fight is CR appropriate :)

Appreciate the effort Alex even if your zombies are about to eat our brains.

Hi still stuck I'm afraid. Understand on LOS. Revised action is to fly within short range of Barak and summon a hound archon as a standard using Acadamy graduate to the square east of him. That will give him protection from evil and its debuffing aura should affect all zombies. Hound archon should be in reach of closest climbing zombie for full attack with its greatsword. Will get the grease down but think I need to try and land the slow first and will be able to next round.

Will post this myself as soon as I can.

Kiri moves to Telurion with wand out ASAP.

Guys I'm stuck in a meeting that is looking like an attempt at an all-nighter. Don't want to slow things up but no time for proper post sorry.

From memory I couldn't really see a good place for grease. Was going to yell out that Barak move to the protruding bit of roof on map and I'll grease the approach.

In the interim if I can be botted:
- tentacles grab at + 12 + 5, 1d6 + 4 dam
- fly toward barak to get within short range for spells (40') with 60' move
- slow 7 of the 8 zombies attacking him omitting the very wounded one

Kiri drops illusion and flies toward barricade. She can't do anything to help Barak if he's attacked in melee but she can heal the enlarged people or Telurion hopefully somewhat more safely. She will sit with Telurion. Should be back to normal sometime tomorrow.

Heh. We might need to clarify how you treat illusion interactions as I think it was different for the basilisk fight? Afterwards anyways there was no chance of it lasting more than a round.

Just to clarify the climbers have ditched swords? Hopefully a little less scary with slams.

Just in case Barak is unaware.

Climbing Rules wrote:
While climbing, you can’t move to avoid a blow, so you lose your Dexterity bonus to AC (if any). You also can’t use a shield while climbing. Anytime you take damage while climbing, make a Climb check against the DC of the slope or wall. Failure means you fall from your current height and sustain the appropriate falling damage.

Getting shades of the great cannibal fight here. Loving it so much.


Downloaded in pdf Alex want to send me an email address by pm and I'll forward.

Huh worked for me at home. I'll try again and/or download it and stick it somewhere.

So spell prep from me would be.

- Enlarge on Durin and Arachiel (using pearl of power).
- Mage Armor / Mirror Image / Fly on Marcus.
- Invisibility on Barak.

Again, depending on relevant distances we may need to make some changes.

Not sure if we have anything that could increase Durin's AC? He's got a +2 on deflection and natural armor already I gather.

Oh and we need to reallocate pot of neutralise poison.

Welcome Ansha. I'm partial to bards as well but I'll repeat recent sentiment when I say pick something that interests you.

(Belated) salutations from me as well!

We seem to be in wilderness exploration phase so can probably do without a trapfinder. We'll have to see if Alex wants a replacement.

DMs call but have to say I agree with above particularly when we've allocated a lot of treasure to Zanzu just as he leaves. Kiri has ointment regardless.

Sorry to see you go Deevor.

Retcon Zanzu as having stayed behind at the Camp?

Yep just the neutralise poison and barkskin to take with us I thought, which were going to to Zanzu and Arachiel respectively.

I was retconning the walk north and then south. Sorry if unclear I think I understand the geography.

Are you OK with the potion buys and order as per previous OOC posts. Idea was to pay for the stuff we're buying in cash and use the tapestry as security for the pots to be made.

OK for the first time I've submitted a ticked about not getting updates on this thread. Checking it manually for now, sorry David.

Assume we conclude shopping arrangements in the morning but think we're done on loot split.

Not trying to give you a hard time and please note I'm just making stuff up as I go along.

If you go back through the OOC chat you'll see several discussions on loot distribution. Basically we divide total treasure found into shares with a seperate party/consumable share. If you want an item you make a claim. If multiple people want and can't decide amicably based on whats best for everyone then roll off. If you get an item you pay its sale (half) cost out of your share.

Basically its a system aimed at getting everyone around the same WBL. If you make lots of claims then you'll get less of a gold share. Equally though items should go to the best suited for them. Occassionally something comes along (like gem of seeing) which busts the system but they can be dealt with on a case by case basis.

We really only need to do the adjustment when we do a mass sale/buy of stuff which we haven't done yet and probably won't do for some time given lack of shopping opportunities. Until then just put your hand up for stuff you want and consider most of the consumable stuff as party items that can be shared around.

Fine with barkskin going somewhere else. Arachiel then, don't think he has an amulet of na?

Assuming that Durin had enough bits for his arm then I've got the 800gp. Just give me a credit back from the goup take.

I was thinking I'll take that expensive tapestry and give it to the hag as a deposit/surety. She makes the potions and we buy them when they are ready. We die in the wasteland she can keep the thing.

How about this then for starters
- 6 potions of feather step
- 3 potions of barksin + 2
- 6 potions of bears endurance
- people to advise on bulls strength

So to clarify as I know DM hates loot not being done.

Durin's proposal to which there were no objections was:
- Durin and Zanzu get a ring of protection + 2 each
- Arachiel gets Durin's ring of protection +1
- Zanzu gets dagger +1

Gem is party item currently being held by Zanzu. If he's going to go claw something up he can always hand to someone else.

We buy pot of neutralise poison and barkskin + 2. Propose barkskin goes to Durin, suggest np also go to a frontliner. Arachiel and dwarves poison saves are pretty good so would suggest Zanzu there as well.

This has dragged so sing out if you have an issue.

Edit: Now I think about it we should probably ask the hag to make us some potions while we're away. I'll think on that.

Hey Gwen.

I'm sorry. I hope that Telurion doesn't die but I do find really funny the idea that we come out in the morning to find a dead aasimar. Who knows you could go through a whole string of characters just trying to meet up with the group.

And here I just thought they'd taken him down.

Fine by me.

At 75K its sale value is nearly twice our individual wealth. Awesome to have obviously but its one of those things that breaks our loot system.

At a purely meta level I'm not sure Zanzu is the best one to hold it given he likes to double claw things but fine to leave things the way they are.

Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:
Almost added Zanzu to it. Damn bird made his fort save.

As to this. Note to self. Improve fort save.

Dunno what people think but possible buys from the hag IMO are the potion of neutralise poison and barkskin. Noone can cast the former so I'd rather be safe than sorry. The barkskin is cheap and a decent buff for a big fight.

My IC post is a collection of things I've been thinking about for a while. Taking the tower and now having a building at the camp made me think it would be neat to set up safe places all over and recruit friendly people to keep them.

It could all be a terrible idea and I'm more than half just going off what looks interesting on the map so I'm not going to be upset at suggested alterations. People may think in particular that locating the dwarves is a higher priority or going back to Vincent. My thinking is that we would just be basically wandering around looking for the dwarves and if there are a bunch of powerful druids they may be our best source of information about the Desolation generally (and we could possibly find the dwarves through them). Solve the ghost problem and we make Vincent safer by extension.

One thing I'm very hazy about is potential sidequests that other people seem to have. Arachiel had something about a relic of somekind? If my proposed plan ignores that its only because I don't know about it.

For the gem thing I'm proceeding on the basis that Marcus doesn't know anything unless Zanzu says something. Sammuel said that the illusionist had it not one of the other brothers. Will be a bit annoyed if it doesn't get used when appropriate though :)

Big post shortly just need to sit through a few meetings.

Plant companions can't take armor proficiency it says so in the description.

I had this big speech planned out for Marcus and then the Usurer went and offered us the place anyway.

Having K-D stay does seem optimal particularly if we can count on him to provide healing and so forth during downtime.

I was going to suggest offering some sort of profit sharing with Sammuel actually. His abilities are extremely useful and hes sniffed out two major threats for us already (that fight would have no doubt gone rather differently 3 of them vs 1 of us at a time and sick to boot). Of course he is not so trustworthy at least without incentives.

Perhaps he would like to assist Khun-Duhn (we'd be leery about leaving someone alone with a mad illusionist lurking about anyway), I'm happy to explore his motives IC.

We could always offer Sammar the protection of the place. Simon too if he is willing, he was the only other helpful person I can think of.

We're fairly close to 8th level now. At ninth I can get wall of stone and can make a nice fortress around the place.

Presume he made it during the 36 seconds that Marcus flailed around.

I say we claim the place whether he likes it or not.

I was looking for something else when I went looking back through past posts..

DM wrote:

The Usurer did not even smile although he made two audible pauses as he responded.

A... pair... of Gnomes run a boarding house- just past the Chapel on the right. You can change gold here; five pieces to one iron bit. You can also exchange iron bits back into gold; two gold pieces for one iron bit. I also offer short term loans- for collateral equalling 50% of the loan amount and 25% interest compounded daily.

The Usurer considered Vincent's questions and then nodded slightly in answer to the first. He did not respond to the compliment, either verbally or with body language.

The Hill Giant's name was Gurg. Until today, he ran the top mercenary company in the camp; The Pounders. Not very bright but he didn't cause trouble. He kept his eight ogre's in line. Clantock's Fourteen hated them. They were the second-best mercenaries once Gurg arrived and he was driving them out of business. Maybe he know's something about what happened. Or perhaps searching their camp-site might find you some clues. Its behind this building. Simply though... the Desolation probably drove him insane.

Tricksome DM :) Bastard tried to set us up.

Edeldhur looks like your missing a trait.

Durin Stonehammer wrote:
Although he didn't take the time to verbalize it before he teleported away, I'm fairly certain you can add one to the "promises of revenge" tracker. :P

Hopefully he left his spellbook behind if a wizard.

This part from DM from the first page of discussion thread didn't make its way to the wiki. Maybe source of your confusion Edeldhur, we've all had time to adapt.

DM wrote:

Core rulebook and APG are permitted sources, although the following classes are banned without exception- Alchemist, Gunslinger, Magus, Summoner, Ninja, Samurai. Cavaliers are permitted but there are a significant amount of dungeons and thus may want to consider an archetype that de-emphasises the mounted combat or playing a small race. The spell Bestow Grace is banned, and the Vital Strike feat automatically upgrades to the next feat in the chain at the appropriate BAB. Archetypes and feats from UM and UC are generally permitted but check with me first before committing to one, especially a feat chain. All player companion books are generally OK. Equipment from UM and UC generally banned.

More sticky beaking.

Using favored class bonus on channel energy would bump it a couple of dice. Seems a worthy trade for the hp loss given your feat selection...

DM has nixed UM/UC spells as above.

No alignment channel means you have to wait til 9 to enter the pc (assuming thats still the plan).

Wow is misfortune really an immediate action, between the ill omen and this Marcus will love you.

And just realised when I say us I mean most likely me as the other confused person :)

I think Durin confused is more likely to kill one or more of us than any enemy...

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