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Damar's page

58 posts. Alias of mathpro18.


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Lem someone in the ask meri thread brought up that they thought you and Amiri would make a good couple? Whats your thoughts on the subject? Have you ever tried to woo her? Did she get what you were doing and if so how did you escape?

Has she ever wanted you? Or does she respect what you and Kyra have to much to let her desires be known if she has any?

Do you think she would answer our questions if we started a thread for her or is she to busy beating things into a pulp to have time for her fans?

What...just because I used to be an assassin in a former life doesn't mean anything...

I don't have those skills anymore I swear. Hence why I was trying to hire you.

On another totally unrelated topic. Have you ever tought about setting Valeros up with Amari? I think they would make a really cute a everything dies type of way.

Are you or any of the other iconics availble for hire. I need you to eliminate some rather annoying clients my boss has attracted. I'd also have you eliminate him but I don't have enough gold for that type of job.

So I figured I'd post with an alias to make things easier to track. This is Mathpro18's sorcerer/dragon deciple.

Sorry for the avatar...they don't have any good male gnome pictures on the site.

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:

Are you not a rogue? Is it not within your power to steal say files and lets us know what is in them?

Would you do that for money? Or hugs and kisses?

I'm a rogue. It's absolutely my power to steal said files and let you know... but it's just as much in my power to keep those secrets to myself.

Money, hugs, and kisses are acceptable forms of bribery.

I'll have to keep that in mind.

ulgulanoth wrote:

heh, a boat with a pet sparrow...

Merisiel how come you're the iconic that carries the least amount of stuff?

Because she's so awesome she doesn't need stuff...duh

What would you do if you're friends thought you were dead and instead of helping you they decided to loot your corpse?

And would you happen to have any extra clothing I can borrow? My"friends" stole mine.

Bah Hellknights are nothing to worry about.

Have you ever thought about retiring from adventuring?

Do you ever get burnt out from having to solve everyone elses problems? If so what do you do to recharge?

Has a member of a party ever annoyed you enough that you walked off a job?

If you could replace one member of your usual adventuring party with one of your dedicated fans who would you replace and who would they be replaced by?

If it helps influence your decision I'm now a level 6 rogue and a level 7 assassin.

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Damar wrote:

Have you ever come out of a cake for entertainment purposes?

If you ever came out of a cake for Kyra, how do you think she would react? I don't see her enjoying it but I can't see her getting to mad about it either...

What super secret thing have you been working on that you wished you could share with us, your stal...I mean dedicated fans?

No, delightfully annoyed, and I can't say!

Did I just give you an idea? If so can you let Kyra know it was origonally mine...I'd like to see what she would do to me.

Have you ever come out of a cake for entertainment purposes?

If you ever came out of a cake for Kyra, how do you think she would react? I don't see her enjoying it but I can't see her getting to mad about it either...

What super secret thing have you been working on that you wished you could share with us, your stal...I mean dedicated fans?

Any advice on how to get rid of the image that the last poster's question put in my head?

Being an elf how does this make you feel?

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Oh.. poison! That stuff works great too!

Does this mean you're coming over to the dark side, the side of the assassin? You should, we have cookies...though I wouldn't eat them unless you've baked them yourself and know whats in them.

As you mentioned it is the job of the Rogue to deal with delicate social situations. Have you ever had to get any of your party members out of trouble because they did something stupid/illegal before?

I find barbarians are very very good at doing this and it usually falls on us Rogues to help fix they're messes. Does Amiri get into situations you have to diplomatically explain away alot?

Isn't that what you keep Lem around for? To hide behind in case someone is shooting at you. I mean thats what I would use a halfling for.

And don't knock drinking blood before you've tried it. I maybe only half vampire but I still like to indulge from time to time...when my fellow companions aren't looking of course. The goody goody cleric would have a problem with it if she ever saw it and her channels can hurt rather bad...

Good to see you back. Don't worry about the big scary monster I'll get it just give me...3 rounds.

*starts to study the barbarian while stealthily applying poisons to his blades. 3 rounds later he pounces on and kills AM Barbarian*

Hmm...I'm surprised that worked...I mean of course it worked because I am a skilled assassin. Its not like every other time I've tried it failed because everyone always makes their saves...nope not like that at all...

Have you ever been attacked by an Assassins Death attack? If so why didn't it work?

Do you think there are any Wanted posters up for you? Or have all your good acts as an adventurer staved off the hordes from wanting your head on a pike?

What about Ezren did you not like? Was he just to old to be any fun?

It seems to be general opinion that Valeros gets around with the ladies if you know what I mean. Is this true?

You've mentioned you've never fallen in love before. What do you think is one thing that stands in the way of that happening?

Whats more important in a potential love partner: Personality or Looks?

If you saved a gene from captivity wouldn't you want to be thanked physically? My party members think its wrong for me to expect this.

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Damar wrote:

When you use poisons whats your favorite?

How would you feel if a person from your party split off and saved someone from slavery but the freedom meant that the party might end up getting killed?

Do you think freeing someone from slavery is very assassin like?

Have you ever worked with an assassin before?

Ones that cause the target to get all weak and clumsy.

I'd applaud them for rescuing the slave and then do my best to prevent me and anyone else (in that order) from getting killed. Slavery is no good.

Um... no? Because it's not killing someone, it's giving them a life. It's very REVERSE assassin-like.


What consequences do you think should I face for being reverse assassin-like?

Would it help if I turned my back on the party and used her powers to escape death? I mean that's evil and kind of killing them...they stand little chance of survival...3 level 9 and 1 level 10 PC's against a level 20 Colossal Cyclopes.

Being a Dhampire am I able to experience the full sensation of being with a woman? I've never done it but its been offered by the slave I freed but I'm not sure how that works with my cursed blood and all.

When you use poisons whats your favorite?

How would you feel if a person from your party split off and saved someone from slavery but the freedom meant that the party might end up getting killed?

Do you think freeing someone from slavery is very assassin like?

Have you ever worked with an assassin before?

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Gern Blacktusk wrote:

If you ever came across a malfunctioning Mirror of Opposition that instead spawned friendly versions of whomever was reflected in it, what would you do?
Make me an army of me.

How much would you charge one of us for just one of those copies of you.

What do you feel is your best part of your body?

Do your eyes change color depending on what mood your feeling? I know human eyes can but I'm not sure about elven eyes.

If yes to the above question what color do they turn when your angry? Just so I know when I should start running...

Whats the most fun thing you've done with one of the other Iconics?

What does one have to do to become an Iconic?

I think a sea fairing mission with you would be delightful though I'm not to fond of the sun...and you'd have to keep Kyra away from me because I'm sure she doesn't like me.

Sorry its been a while since I've been around...been busy trying to avoid getting killed when a 3 sided war finally got resolved. Despite what people are saying I totaly didn't start a civil war amongst a band of barbarins that weakened them to a point that the other two factions were able to band together and wipe the barbarains from the map...nope totally didn't happen. Anyway...back to my questions.

Do you have any plans this weekend?

What was the most expensive thing you've ever had the pleasure of using?

How much gold is the gear your currently outfitted with worth? I'm wearing about 130k worth of stuff right now.

Have you ever fought a kracken? I had to fight one about a week ago and I'm still sore...fricken thing killed the horse my poisons were tied to.

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Hugo Solis wrote:
Would you pose for a Pin-up?
I have before, so sure!

What would you wear for this pin up?

Have you heard the tales of Elyana and company? And if so what do you think my chances are of ever seducing a lady like Elyana or Elyana her self?

Is their anyone on these boards that you would consider your ideal mount?((sorry couldn't resist))

*dawns his +5 armor of stabproofness*

Sorry...its been a long night but you were able to figure out what I meant. And doesn't booze almost always make objectionable qualities worse...well when the person with those qualities is drinking. I've noticed when I drink objectionable qualities in others seem to not exist which makes waking up the next morning interesting sometimes to say the least.

I knew I was agnostic for a reason...

Was Kyra around when you got by all those?

Do you ever wish you didn't have to censor your self?

What is it about dwarves that bother you so much?

"Rogues do it from behind" isn't a half bad song actually...If Merisiel doesn't take it I'll adopt it as my theme song.

What can I say your fun to stalk...I mean talk to. And I'm not hideous in fact my mother used to call me beautiful...before she died...darn this vampire curse...I've out lived all my friends and family.

How do you deal with the crushing realization that your going to possibly out live everyone you love and care about?

When your current band of adventurers are dead are you going to find another one or are you going to go solo?

Just don't spend all your money on a swing-door...then again the way Merisiel looks she probably doesn't need to pay for that kind of service she has to keep men away with her daggers...

What will you be spending your newly found small fortune on?

*sneaks in and takes Kyra's measurements when she's not paying attention and then sneaks out*

I am not evil...I actually had to shift my alignment because I wasn't able to be evil enough...stupid old man. If you ever have a chance to save an old man from a very large barbarian don't...its not worth it. I am now facing expulsion from the assassins guild but I'm sure I'll find a way to keep my membership.

*goes off to pick poppies and to find a yellow dress and Kyra*

Don't worry sweet Merisiel I'll keep you save from the Werebats. All I ask for in return is a monthly trip to a swing-door on your money.*thinks she can't stab me for using the word she taught me*

Would you rather have an elven fighter with a curved blade or a dwarf fighter with a wooden shield in your adventuring party? Would you ever consider traveling with both?

Why is it everywhere me and my party go civil war soon starts after we arrive?

Are you responsible for keeping the other iconic's from the trap thread set up for them or are you and your friends just busy defending Golorian from the next thing that's trying to destroy it?

I don't know if anyone has asked this but what is your favorite color and favorite type of flower?

If some slightly evil inclined person, not saying me or anything, dressed Kyra up in a dress that was your favorite color and put flowers in her hair would that be enough to impress you?

What if some sneaky individual, again not saying me, was able to make off with all her armor so the world could finally see what she looked like under it would that impress you?

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Talonne Hauk wrote:

So, uh, what's Amiri like?

'Cuz I think she's kinda purty...

Woah... don't let her hear you say that.

AKA: Amiri is pretty... reactionary. And extreme. And strong.

I do have to admit there is something very...attractive about her. Its the whole element of danger thing I think. I once saw an awesome picture of her that had a caption that said something like "You would spend a week in traction but getting there would be worth it" or something to that effect and I couldn't agree more.

You and I have been chatting for a while now, which of the Iconics do you think I have the best chance of getting a date with? I'm mainly interested in Kyra, Amiri, Sheela, Seoni and you of course. Oh and the rumor that I'm all hands on a date is so not true...

Of those that you think would reject me could you give me reasons so I know what to work on?

Can't wait to see if I made it.

*sneaks in hoping not to draw the attention of Merisiel, Kyra, or the Dino spirit that haunts this thread*

...could someone post a link...not that I have a collection of strange pictures or anything...*a book falls out of his backpack* crap...*runs away*

Can I have one for disgusting you to a point you need to stab me?

Can you make it be fireday so I can finally get back to work? This working only one night every 2 weeks thing gets boring after awhile...hopefully my application for my second adventuring party goes through so I'm busy more often.

What kind of trouble would you get into with Kyra if she let you take her out for one night only?

If you had one thing to teach about life what would it be?

*From about 30 feet from Kyra*

Have you had a chance to look at the new spells for clerics and if so do any of them interest you?

It seems like quite a few of them happen to focus on manipulating undead, is this something that interests you or would you rather just return them to true death?

I have a cleric in my party that swears she learned inflect spells so she could heal me but she has spent much of the adventure up to this point threatening to heal me to death so how can I be sure that this sudden turn in attitude towards me is genuine and that she really learned the spells?

Just wanted to throw up a secondary idea. I'm thinking Half Orc Barbarian 7 who might look into going rage profit down the road.

Oh and here is a sample of my usual posting style...this is for a paladin I'm playing in a Carrion Crown game that just started.

Samson had been praying to his deity in a temple in lastwall when the message was relieved. He stands from the alter and bows his head to the image of Kendra.

"I will be there dear Kendra" he responds trying to hold back the emotions that are starting to well up with in him. Being that he had been staying in Lastwall for the last month working for its temple of Iomedae he knew that mail would be slow but he figured everything was normal when his last letter from the professor came just two days earlier. He pulled it out from his backpack and read it to him self again, tears starting to stream slowly down his face as it dawned on him that this letter would be his last from the great professor. Knowing what the professor dedicated his life and work to Samson had very bad feeling that undead were somehow involved in the professors demise and that made part of his blood boil. He takes to his knees once more before the alter.

Iomedae, please guide my path as I take to the road once more, though this time it is not to find another house to communicate with you, but I suspect you know that already. May I serve as a blessing to you in this challenging time. And please guide my hand if I need to dispatch of any creature that doesn't please you or is a curse on this land. The last part of the prayer was about undead though he knew she would understand what she meant. Knowing time was on the essence he quickly gathered the rest of his things from the humble room he had in the temple and headed off. As he was leaving one of the clerics came to his side and gave him a holy symbol of Iomedae.

"May the great goddess guide you, where ever it is your going" the cleric says and then heads back into the temple. Samson puts the holy symbol around his neck and then starts the long journey to Ravengro.

Samson arrives in the town of Ravengro some time later. His sword swings from his hip and his shield clangs against the back of his armor, as he had it strapped to his back, as he walks through town. He stops one of the townspeople in the street "Which way to the Temple?" he asks, though his voice sounds more like a command than a request.

Please take a look at Damar and let me know what you think. This profile isn't fully complete but it should give you a good idea of what I have in mind. I'm using him in a RL campaign and he's a blast to play.

As far as my history...I've been role playing for about 10 years now and I've played a little of everything from star wars d6, to arduin, to d&d(2.0, 3.5, and 4.0), to shadow run, to pathfinder. I've also played in MANY home brew campaigns since one of my friends is a creative genius and insists on using me as a guinea pig.

If you have any questions about my gaming history or Damar let me know. I have him plotted out all the way to 20 level so if your wondering where he's headed just ask.

Kyra Sief al Kiraan wrote:

I know nothing of you. However, if your heart is true and good, and you follow the tenets written in The Birth of Light and Truth, then there is always hope that our destinies may one day cross.

Do you consider being an assassin and partially undead(father was a vampire...very long story) having a good heart?

Do you like my neckless? *shows kyra the neckless of tongues* its made of keepsakes from all my victims so they don't die in vain and will always be remembered.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Based on the great success of the Ask Merisiel thread and the fact that Merisiel said that the other iconic's might like having threads of their own I thought I would start this off. I make no guarantee your questions will be answered though Kyra is a very busy lady.

Kyra what is your your favorite part about being an Iconic?

Who is your favorite traveling companion and why?

Would you consider adding me on as one of your companions?

Thats the same problem I would think with an 18 dex I'm be an incredible dancer but I'm not...

When your not adventuring what do you do in your free time?

Out of all your iconic friends who snores the loudest?

Do you snore?

What is the most annoying personality trait your friends have?

Now that new spells are available for casters have you been able to hang out with your friends who cast spells or are they locked up in some dingy library learning new spells?

How many times have you and your companions had to make a tactical retreat?

Have you ever been dead and then raised from death my Kyra?

And if so would you have thought about coming over to the dark side so to speak and becoming undead? It really isn't half bad once you get used to it.

And the neckless isn't that gross once you get used to the feel and things stop drooling or bleeding.

Its not a fetish persay I just like having a reminder of my kills handy...its just tongues. Though I have a sneaking suspicion if I continue down this like that dino spirit will show up again and he scares me so we'll leave it at that.

On another topic all together have you ever though of using hidden weapons? From the pictures I've seen of you, your not shy about showing where your weapons are, though then again those shots aren't really live action.

If you were to use hidden weapons, where would you hide them? I've heard if your into long sleeved shirts or coats the sleeves work well, as well as inside armor or cloaks.

Do you think a person could tip a weapon in poison and then try to hide it with out the poison rubbing off? If it is possible I am so going to do that from now on with my mithrial dagger or maybe my assassins dagger though that's not really something you want to throw.

Hello my fine lady, haven't spoken to you in a while so I thought I would take a break from my questing to stop in here and say hi and of course pick that fine brain of yours.

Would you think that a trip to a hot springs for a soak would be a good date?

What do you think the DC be for a diplomacy check to get Kyra to go out with me? Note that I'm lawful evil and usually have 1-2 weapons dripping with some sort of poison...not to mention the neckless of parts of my victims that I keep around my neck.

If I fail that check what would you estimate the chances of her trying to heal me to death for my evil transgressions?

Now back to you

What would you say to your parents if you ever did find them?

What is your favorite place to go when you need to release stress by stabbing things?

Have you ever seen a picture of your self and wanted to seek revenge on the camera man for not capturing you in the best light?

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:

Rabies. They get stuck in my hair. Flying rats. Vampires. Squeaky. Live in caves. Guano. Beady eyes.

And what may I ask is wrong with Vampires?

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:
Anyway next to sneaking, stabbing, and all the other rogue trick do you use seduction?
Not normally, no. I'm not all that good at it.

Oh come now I find this hard to believe. Then again when you look as good as you do you may not need to seduce many

Okay on a less creepy note...

Whats your favorite type of Poison?

Should I trust my cleric to heal me, she says she's learning the inflect spells just for me but...I don't know if I trust her.

Out of all our features/skills/abilities as Rogues whats your least favorite?

You've mentioned before that you don't feel like you would be let into Kyonin, what do you think my chances are of ever seeing it? I keep being accused of being a Drow...rather annoying really.

And on another note you really should thank that dino spirit for coming along and getting rid of some of the creepy questions, and I have it on good authority that he has a thing for you.

John Kretzer wrote:

And why hire some creepy emo 'half-vampire' assassin who has probably read too much Anne Rice? ;)

I suggest you choose your words more carefully...this is your last warning...*slinks into the shadows and starts preping his weapons*

*from the shadows* Merisiel if you can convince Paizo to release the aforementioned calender I'll see to humiliating Ezren for you.

Oh and if you need help I'm free to help apply suntan lotion to you anytime you need it. That I will do for free.

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