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Dairkal's page

239 posts. Alias of Monkeygod.




Swashbuckler 4








Chaotic Good




Common, Elven, Halfling, Varisian

Strength 11
Dexterity 18
Constitution 8
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 11
Charisma 19

About Dairkal

Basic Info:
Initiative+6, Senses Perception+9,

AC 17, Touch 14, Flat-Footed 12


Fort+0, Ref+8, Will+1(+2 vs Fear)

Speed 30ft

Melee +9 Rapier [1d4+0/18-20x2]

Ranged +9 Starknife [1d3+0/20x3]

Special Attacks

Panache: 6

Deeds Derring-Do, Dodging Panache, Opportune Parry and Riposte, Kip-Up, Menacing Swordplay, Precise Strike, Swashbuckler Initiative.

Base Attack+4 CMB+4, CMD 14

Feats Combat Expertise, Extra Panache, Fortunate One.

Traits Birthmark, Dream-Called, Faithful Artist(Perform).

Alternate Racial Traits Adaptable Luck:
Some halflings have greater control
over their innate luck. This ability gives them more
options for how they can apply their good fortune from
day to day, but also narrows its scope. Four times per day,
a half ling can gain a +2 luck bonus on an ability check,
attack roll, saving throw, or skill check. If half lings
choose to use the ability before they make the roll or
check, they gain the full +2 bonus; if they choose to do
so afterward, they only gain a +1 bonus. Using adaptive
luck in this way is not an action. This racial trait replaces
halfling luck.

Fleet of Foot: Some halflings are quicker than their kin but less cautious. Halflings with this racial trait move at normal speed and have a base speed of 30 feet. This racial trait replaces slow speed and sure-footed.

Skills Acrobatics+11, Bluff+11, Climb+7, Perform(Juggling)+10 Perception+9, Sleight of Hand+11

Born under the New Moon and with an odd shaped birthmark in the rough shape of the holy symbol for Desna, Dairkal(Halfling for mischievous fox) has always been lucky. Lucky that he never got into too much trouble when he was caught stealing toys from the other children, lucky that his parents and the rest of his villagers didn’t banish him from the town when he was stealing kisses from the girls and lucky that he was talented: Dair, as the girls liked to call him, could juggle like no other. While he can’t help but get into trouble, Dairkal is a good person at heart, and tries not to go too far in his antics, though sometimes that can’t be helped.

When it was obvious he was too much trouble to keep in town unwatched, the village elders apprenticed him to a wandering gleeman that often stopped in their town. The youth took readily to his mentor’s teachings, learning how to incorporate his natural agility into his juggling act, how to spin forth stories that could make his audience cry or laugh and most importantly, how to steal and not get caught. The two traveled over much of Varisia, making a fair amount of money, friends and of course a fair amount of enemies. However, as when he was young, it seemed Desna favored this rakish Halfling and his luck got the two troublemakers out of plenty of tight spots. The older man was also able to smooth over Dair’s rougher edges and the youth has gained a measure of self-control.

After nearly nine years on the road, Dair has decided it was time to find a steady gig and took his leave of his old friend and mentor. The young rogue headed for Sandpoint, for he had heard that the small town had a theater and he could almost definitely get a performance spot. The people of Sandpoint, having dealt with the Last Unpleasantness and then their chapel burning down, have rather enjoyed the likable, lively Halfling and his amazing juggling act.

This respite would be short lived however. Within a year, dreams he was sure were from his goddess, Desna, began coming to Dair. They urged him to take to the road again, leaving behind all of his new found friends. Sadly, they didn't really specify a location, just a general sense of south.

At first, the halfling rebuffed his dreams and their call to travel once more. After all, things were good in Sandpoint. He had steady gigs at their theater, plenty of good friends, and Amiko was teaching him her language, as well as how to run a tavern. Yet, the dreams kept coming, and the sense of need to go finally became too great for him to continue to resist. So, he packed up what belongings he had, and took to the road once more.

Making his way to Magnimar, he boarded a ship that was sailing to Kintargo. While on his way there, the dreams began to do more than just urge him forward, they began to warn him as well. Of some unseen threat chasing him, as well as some unknown haven ahead.

Dairkal is a roguish looking Halfling only nineteen years old, but in those nineteen years, he has caused more trouble than most will in a life time. He carries several daggers hidden on his person, along with a rapier and starknife, the weapon associated with his goddess, Desna. Dairkal is also a decently skilled gambler, and has a pair of dice, and several decks of cards stored in his bag as well. When bored, he usually takes outs his dice and starts to play with them.

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