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DM - Voice of the Voiceless's page

9,563 posts. Alias of Mark Sweetman.


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Minor Crab-beast

Gong Xi Fat Cai! - and happy year of monkeying to you all.

I am still here, though currently digesting the news of being forced into taking annual leave followed by potential unpaid leave unless some work magics itself up in the next wee while. Currently contemplating either that or potentially seachanging and leaving the country... interesting times.

Minor Crab-beast

Apologies for the delay today - somewhat distracted by a significant announcement at work... which is tied to a not insignificant amount of job turmoil over the next few months.

Minor Crab-beast


The rest of the crew begin to make their way forward - any superstition overcome by the prospect of a hefty slab of silver for their trouble.

Perception DC 15:
You see a few of the crew eyeing the skeleton itself with a degree of avarice.

Minor Crab-beast

Iscarel's furtive fingers flick forward to filch the valuables... and his heat surges a beat as he waits to see if his and Quillin's combined distraction have served to divert attention. There's no sign of discovery though as she instead closes down Quillin's inquiry "I know well enough what they're for without your byword crewman... see the shroud to the sawbones, the cloak goes to Hinsin. The silver cladding's the crew's share - break it down and send what's left of it's inhabitant to the brine."

Hinsin waits to see the cloak delivered to him before he follows Lanteri into her quarters. Horumheb remains on deck, bellowing to the crewmen "Right lads, get your back into it. Quicker we do it the quicker we're at sail and moving on."

Minor Crab-beast

Steal it... are you pirates or choir boys? :P

Minor Crab-beast

Shroud of Repose: if a person is wrapped in this sheet during an 8 hour rest, the person gains hit points at three times the usual rate. They also get a save at +4 against any poison / disease they are under the effect of. If wrapped around a corpse the body is subjected to a gentle repose affect.

Gemstones: if held in one hand, each of these stones provides the holder with a Swim speed of half their land speed, and at will can subject the holder to an air bubble spell at 5th caster level. Gem must be held throughout the duration of either effect.

Ring: vanilla +1 protection.

Sharkskin cloak: moderate abjuration / transmutation, though the exact workings are presently beyond your grasp. The item would need to be at a minimum inspected (and Spellcrafted) to gain any real insight.

Minor Crab-beast

More detail to follow, but the gems, cloak, shroud and ring are all magical.

Minor Crab-beast

Hinsin doesn't offer any tangible response to Rackham apart from a short nod, retaining the cutlass with himself as he resumes position by the stairs to the Captain's elevated position.

Tipene grabs the scepter and finds it heavier than it looks... though all of the weight seems lodged in the shaft and not the head.

As you grip the scepter the world seems to grow colder, the wind bites more deeply and your heat internal rises to a smoulder.

... Hinsin gestures with his non cutlassed hand to see the scepter to his grasp as well.

Bek removes the shroud, and finds it slide near silently from the skeletal form beneath. The shroud shrinks as he hefts it, reducing in size from a large bedsheet to that of a bandage one might use to sling an arm. Exposed from head down over a pair of heartbeats... the recumbant form in state is unleashed.

The humanoid figure is skeletal entirely, with nary a skerrick of flesh or skin shown. It's arms lie crossed in gentle repose across it's chest, and the bones have a 'feel' of age to them... as though they've laid in state for years upon years. While mostly human-like, the jaw, skull and structure give you pause and cause breath to lodge in chest.

The creature was taller than a man, though not a true giant... the load-bearing bones thick and strong. It would have easily stood head and shoulder above the tallest of you, and outweighed four or five men by muscle-weight. The skull itself lacks the definition of a human one... instead having but a single sunken socket for an eye at it's center forehead. Below the eyesocket is a jaw structure unlike anything you've seen on two legs.

Overlarge, and built off layers of intersected tesserae as support and overall structure showing gaps where muscle or cartilage would have been. The teeth sit in rows of three or four, jagged and sharp - angled back towards where the creature's throat would have sat. The structure is known to you, and has been seen and feared by each and all of crew and sailor alike... as it is generally attached to the great predator of the seas - the shark. Beneath the skeletal mass lies a cloak of rough shark-hide, and then the silver inlay of the coffin itself.

The crew gasps in unison and a ripple of shock, murmurs and religious mutterings sound out. Lanteri's eyes narrow, but the sight doesn't appear to be completely unexpected... though both Hinsin and Horumheb share the crew's shocked reaction.

Additionally due to your close proximity, you see a pair of gems (sea green in colour) and a simple white-gold ring lodged under the creature's pelvis. At this point you're certain that the captain and her officers, and indeed the rest of the crew, have not yet observed their presence.

Minor Crab-beast

Sorry for the wee slowdown - had a medical in the morning (which was a big deal for me, as it was the first one I've done since I dropped 20kg in weight... turns out that losing the weight and getting fit also dropped my resting pulse from 66 bpm down to a lazy 43 bpm...) and busy work afternoon followed by kidlet sitting in the evening.

I want to make sure I can give the next scene a bit of time and loving attention rather than half-arsing it ;)

Minor Crab-beast

Not a nudge at all - you lads have been doing alright to keep up with my sometimes inconsistent pace well... just more a reflection on the boards in general I s'pose.

Minor Crab-beast

Anyone else finding the boards tumbleweedy at the moment? - might just be that my list of active campaigns has withered down to 4 1/2 played and this one being DM'd.

Minor Crab-beast

Rackham's intercepted by Hinsin before he gets to the Captain, who takes the cutlass from him. As the other man's hands touch the sheath... you see his knuckles tighten and he sucks in a breath...
Assume you say the same to Hinsin?

Minor Crab-beast

Rackham retrieves the weapon without ill event occurring, drawing the weapon to show a mirror-sheen on the length of the blade. Turning it over it's exceptionally balanced and sharp despite the time it's spent lying fallow. Hinsin calls after a moment "Don't get too attached... that and the scepter comes to the Captain savvy?"

As you draw the blade you hear in your mind's ear a susurrant rasp in a language long dead, disjointed images and senses sear into your memory of a hand wet with spilled blood, the roar of a land-shark and the burning gaze of a single green-irised bloodshot eye.

Minor Crab-beast

You're able to pick out the two items atop the shroud as the most powerful items in there... though there is a sense that the power within the scepter is at this point latent and not fully available or unleashed. The cutlass has the stink of enhancement magic to it, matching it's utilitarian appearance. The scepter has the stink of transmutation and abjuration... though without handling and studying the item you can't glean much more than that.

The shroud itself holds abjuration magic as well, while there are other more delicate scents confined within the confines of the lined wooden box... but the side of the coffin blocks the radiance of any of them... meaning the contents would need be spilled for any more to be known.

Minor Crab-beast

Quillin's eyes take a few moments to adjust to the radiance that shines forth from the casket. Scepter and cutlass both stand out as searing pinpoints of arcane might... though there are also a melange of notes playing out from beneath the shroud...

Spellcraft / Knowledge Arcane check please

Minor Crab-beast

Derisive tone comes first from Horumheb "Why? You think it can hear you?" drawing a few chuckles from the rest of the crew.

Captain Lanteri fixes Quillin with a challenging glare from her elevated position and extends intent "Long dead prize taken from a ruin in the Shackles... that's all you need to know crewman"

Minor Crab-beast

The application of acid unto the iron bands takes a few moments to start... but soon show signs of weakening the bonds sufficiently to make a tangible impact. The bands are weakened enough that with application of hammered crowbar and significant elbow grease they are warped out of shape to be free of the wood beneath. Without the binding constriction of iron, the gap between the lid and base presents itself more invitingly... and prone to a repositioned application of leverage.

Knock isn't cast at this point.

With grunting force, the Bride's crew and yours set three levers into the lid and strain. Moments of gut bursting exertion stretch beyond reason, though with shuddering creak and strain the lid finally starts to move. When a crack opens betwixt the lid and base, a slight sucking suction can be felt and heard - the coffin breathing in air before returning same with a sigh. The air around the coffin becomes redolent with expensive spice and the musty dryness of aged death. A sweet taste of cinnamon and clove lingers on your tongue as the lid is further forced.

The coffin's interior is then laid bare. The inside is lined, not with cloth... but with a silvered and untarnished metal layer. The lid is heavier than wood would be, suggesting that the metal is less a trim, and more a tangible part of it's construction. Hesitantly you cast eyes within and find a figure laid in state - wrapped in a white opaque silk shroud devoid of iconography. Upon the shroud is laid two objects... a ruby tipped scepter with white wood handle whose head is wrought copper... and a sheathed cutlass that appears exceptionally well made, but is plain in appearance. Surprisingly to your eyes their size is as though made for human hands... though the humanoid laid in state is not. Wide and tall, to match the coffin's size, though the lay of the shroud suggests that the corpse is defleshed and skeletal.

The crew gasps at the revelation, most taking a step back and crossing themselves... though a few remain in place and look with lascivious eyes t'wards the clear and opulent wealth in play. Hinsin stands with the skeptics, Horumheb the greedy... and eyes turn to the Captain... who eyes the figure with live fire eyes of burning intent. She presses with words "See lads - wealth and more besides. Strip the shroud and see what else is in there..."

Minor Crab-beast

Acid, fire, use of rigging and leverage all good ideas.

Heat up an iron band to loosen and slip of the end.

Change of spells no worries

Minor Crab-beast

Tipene manages to see his crowbar wedged just under one of the iron bands with some small degree of effort. The wood of the lid is hard... hard as the stoutest woods used aboardships and not suffering at all for the long submerging under the salty waves. The wood deforms enough though after a few hammer blows to see the crowbar into place. Placing all his weight and effort upon it though doesn't noticeably deform either the crowbar - or the iron band around the coffin.

Iscarel doesn't see any conventional means of locking or securing the lid... in fact on inspection it doesn't seem as though the lid should have physically been able to be closed and the iron placed... unless some kind of magic was involved.

The crew follow suit and try to use the crowbars to pry away at the iron bands... to similar lack of success.

Crowbar level of leverage is insufficient.
The wood shows enough scoring at the effort to think that axes could eventually cut their way through.
Another option could be trying to get one of the iron bands shimmied down the length of the coffin and slipped off the end... though you'll need to fashion a means for that.

Minor Crab-beast

Bek's question is treated as rhetorical by the Captain, as she looks on with some degree of interest. The attempt to force a crowbar into the very snug fit between lid and base of the coffin is defeated by an inability to get leverage due to the tightness of the fit. The area where the iron bands sit looks as though it might provide purchase... but you'd likely need to hollow a groove somewhat.

Of course, there's always the more direct approach...

Minor Crab-beast

Making your way out onto the top deck, you find the coffin in the same place that it was last night. Though a few of the rest of the crew eye it with a slant eyed suspicion, the Captain soon makes an appearance on the fo'castle with Hinsin at her side. With a small nod to Horumheb she gives approval to the words that follow from his mouth "Right... crack it open then..."

You see that there are a few swarthy axes near the rails, as well as rope and crowbars, nails, hammers... much of the ship's stores laid bare. The rest of the crew furrow their brows a bit and look to you to take the lead.

Minor Crab-beast

Smudge is able to report that no commotion was seen, nor did any stir from their sleep overnight.

Hinsin frowns and looks at the mark before shaking his head "No... not a mark I know."

Minor Crab-beast

The words catch the ear of Horumheb, who scowls and growls "Captain's got 'er reasons... ye'll find out like."

Bek and Quillin:
Apart from a mild discomfort from having the coffin on board - you sleep with soundness and awaken as well as could be expected aboardship.

Rackham, Tipene, Iscarel:
Sleep comes to you quickly, though it doesn't pass quite as easily. Your slumber seems somewhat deeper, and more primal - filled with lucid dreams and imagery that sears and burns while you are suffused within it... but passes from memory upon awakening. The snippets of images that remain are scattered and indistinct... the tanned head of a cyclops, a bloodied tulita with distended jaw, crashing waves and indistinct chanting in a language both familiar and foreign.

You waken tired and unsteady despite your well honed sea legs.
No mechanical effect though.

The tulita that you retained a fragment of is not known to you, but his shoulder is marked with a tattoo denoting the Great Turtle.

The morning comes to a mixed group of crew in the bunks, some wakening fresh and ready... and others still beset with a mind-fog...

Any words or actions belowdecks before moving up to the topdeck?

Minor Crab-beast

The dwarven forge stuff is frickin awesome. Especially with little kids - as they can happily wage tempest through the middle of it without any risk or fear of breakage. It's a hell of a investment up front, but after three kickstarters worth of rewards I've got a healthy amount of it floating about ;)

Minor Crab-beast

Passive aggressive message received :P

The thoughts of the crew are quelled by either the Captain or Hinsin brusquely closing "Time enough for that on the morrow"

The next few hours play out slowly, though not without some interest. The coffin is raised from the deeps to hang just above the water as the jolly retrieves Rackham and returns to the Bride. From there the two vessels are directed close together and the arduous work of transferring the coffin takes place. Ropes are rigged from the spars of the Bride and used to take the weight of the coffin from the chains. Over a nail-biting period the strain is played out and the load inexorably swings over the Bride's deck to the tune of groaning timbers and straining ropes. The hairiest moment plays out as a load rope snaps, charged end twisting away to dig a deep score in the railing... but luckily the others hold for time enough to replenish the rigging.

After the coffin is finally placed on the Bride's deck snug and secure - the day has passed into the night. Lanteri passes over to the Freeport tug with a small chest in tow - that she doesn't return with minutes later. The tug takes it's leave and Horumheb calls for the crew to take a well-needed rest... though not before making sure that a guard is set and the Bride secured with anchor a little further from the rocks and shore.

The coffin sits on the deck... unmoving and bland... though the air around it seems a few degrees colder than normal and any slight breeze is stilled to nothingness. It is unsettling and your hackles raise in tension whenever you are near to it... Even despite that though... it's been a long day, and slumber draws near beckoning with honeyed words and delicate caress...

Can I have a Will save from each of you please? :)

Minor Crab-beast

Drool... 27kg of dwarvenite to add to the rest of the lot :)

Minor Crab-beast

Quillin's words are met by a smirk, but the Captain keeps her eyes distant.

Hinsin and the others in the jolly don't respond overt to Bek's words, but do show a vested and specific interest in the waters where the load is due to arise.

Straining against the capstans that are hauling true weight, the Freeport deckcrew make slow and steady progress. Eyes to the horizon and waters are wary - but apart from a few passing fish and a distant watery churn of a feeding pack of sharks... nothing emerges worthy of interest.

The item at the end of the chains then breaches surface and for the first time dry eyes can be laid upon it. It looks to be a coffin of some kind, but not sized for a man. Too high by a couple of feet and wider at the base than a normal bodyshape would suggest. It appears to be made out of solid spar-wood - lignum vitae or the like - and banded by ugly black bands of pig-iron. The bands are laid snug and into the wood and seem to be held there without fastener or nail.

You hear Lanteri take a sharp breath inwards from either excitement or wariness.

Minor Crab-beast

Your cry into the blue is answered from nearer climes, as the Captain Lanteri states simply as she keeps her eyes towards where the chains meet the waterline "A tomb Quillin... a tomb..."

Minor Crab-beast

The next few minutes play out in relative peace and calm. The crews of both the Bride and the Freeport vessel lick what wounds were obtained - though thankfully most seem to be relatively minor - and work continues on the hauling of the load from beneath the waves.

You can surface and choose where you land up at your leisure.

Rackham finds himself recipient of a few wary nodded gestures of thanks... but there is an air of tension that he thinks might flare if he showed any closer interest in anything apart from guarding the chain.

Those in the jolly boat get close to the Freeport vessel, but don't seek to board - the oarsmen doing some hard labour to keep the smaller boat's position relatively static in the swell. Hinsin settles in, sharing a chuckle and nod with Iscarel and Tipene as the spectacle gets a bit weirder.

Even Quillin from his more distant post can see the lobsterman surface in his iron shell and get manhandled back on board the Freeport tub. Once the suit is laid down on the deck, a couple of swarthier deckhands move to drag it to one side - obscuring it from view with canvas curtains over an open deck area.

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Minor Crab-beast

Just as an FYI - I'm off to Legoland (in Johor Bahru) for a couple of days so I might be a bit scarce. Shall be having too much fun in this room.

Minor Crab-beast

Diving deeper, you draw alongside the coffin and find it sealed well tight. The pig iron bands are secured into grooves in the wood and seem to have been done so without use of nail or fastener. The lid is tight enough to the base that it looks like it will have held the water out of the interior. Given the tautness of the chains it is heavy as well.

Staying under or looking to surface.

The last of the sea devils are put to flight on both of the vessels and Smudge takes to the air to attempt to reccy out whether the retreat is a means of regrouping. His feathered eyes are stymied by the fact that the sahuagin stay below the water's surface... but he can't ken anything of note within his sight.

The crew on the Bride deal the last of their adrenaline out against the few fallen scaled bastards in reach before turning to backslapping and crude congratulation. The Captain lets the emotions play out for the moment, turning her eyes back on the Freeport tug. The men that turned the capstans previously seem mostly in good condition and put their attention and backs towards the task again. The strange lobsterman in the metal case still ascends as he draws closer to breaching the top of the waves.

Hinsin purses his lips as the jolly draws nearer to the Freeport vessel, wondering "Should we look to lend a hand mates? or leave the heavy lifting to them?"

Minor Crab-beast

Bek Only:
Bek swims downwards and gets a closer look at what's being hauled. It's furniture... of a sort... actually looks to be a coffin of some kind, but not sized for a man. Too high by a couple of feet and wider at the base than a normal bodyshape would suggest. It appears to be made out of solid spar-wood - lignum vitae or the like - and banded by ugly black bands of pig-iron.

You're stuck under the waters for this next wee bit, so just react to the above... rather than what's outside of the spoilers.

The scene continues to play out as expected - those of the Bride break the back of their boarding party to send the sea devils staggering backwards in retreat as the jolly boat continues it's way over towards the Freeport vessel - reaching the chains to find Rackham having ensconced himself upon a chain to harry the last of the sea devils remaining. The decks of the Freeport tug are slick with water and blood themselves, though the arrival of fresh salts and the press of those already there form a similar result in making the remaining green scaled bastards apt to flee rather than remain.

Just an indication of where people are intending to congregate / head for is all that's presently needed. It doesn't look like anyone is in significant concern re: press of devils as they're on the retreat.

Minor Crab-beast

Bek sees the wreck beneath him, but he'd need to swim down and away from everyone else to get near or into it. The battle's swirled up some sediment which makes it difficult to get fine detail, but he reckons that the load being brought up by the chains is a single piece of furniture?

Minor Crab-beast

Rackham - you're another round's swim to get to the chains - I'll carry that as your action this round unless corrected.
Iscarel - all in the water are retreating - only the ones already on the Bride or the Freeport tub (or on the chains and ascending) are hanging about.

The jollyboat continues on it's rowed path towards the Freeport vessel.

Minor Crab-beast

You guys up again - hopefully the narrative framing here isn't too distracting / confusing? - your actions and rolls are making an impact, so hopefully you're not feeling depowered or disconnected from the fray.

Minor Crab-beast

On Raging Song.... knee-jerk head says no, but knee-jerk flavour says yes! Maybe characterize it as a rhythmic whalesong or the like.

Quillin thinks he spies an opening and sends a acid dart scything t'wards it... but finds he only skims the arse of one of his compatriots. Luckily the misfire is lost in the ebb flow and swirl of the shipboard combat - which looks to be settling the way of the Bride's crewmen.

Underwater Bek makes up for Tipene's wayward strike to cut a seadevil deeply. Quillin's summoned reefclaw adds insult to that injury and rends it away from the metal encased lobsterman. Though you cannot see within the suit - the cumbersome arms of it begin to move and it resumes ascending.

Rackham swims towards the Freeport vessel, but doesn't quite have the stroke length to be able to make tangible impact this round.

Iscarel readies a strike against another of the scaly bastards to breach the surface - but when one presents itself the roll of the jolly beneath him means his thrust is o'erhigh and slays only the air above the bugger's head.

Those in / under the water:
You hear a piercing wail that cuts through your ears to resonate within your skulls. The sea devils beneath the waves hear it also and soon after withdraw firstly down and then away from the fray.

Those above the water:
For some reason you cannot ken those sea devils within the water make to withdraw deeper into the water and then away. Those already on either the Bride or the Freeport tug hold station though, and continue a frenzied assault.

Minor Crab-beast

Clearly I meant 24 Venusian hours... clearly...

Resetting of the stage and scene:

The lobsterman deployed by your Freeportian associates is under attack beneath the waves by green sea devils. The same devils are assaulting both your ship and theirs - the Corvid Bride by the aft railings and the Freeport vessel by the chain lines that have been run down to pull to surface whatever the lobsterman found.

Bek, Tipene and Rackham have gone to the waters and below (though both Bek and Tipene are outspeeding their less swimmingly compatriot).
Iscarel has sallied forth with crewmen aboard the jolly to bring the fight from above the waves.
The one sane parrot amongst you, and his attendant gnomish gentleman, has kept to the Bride and behind a wave of humanity directing the fight against the devils there.

Beneath the waves:
Bek surges to engage, but the effort expended in closing the distance spoils his aim and he can't find purchase enough to cut and rend.
Tipene has better luck, clouting one of the bastards about the head and sending it thrashing into a frenzy.
Rackham can't keep up with the pace of his brethren - though he has the best view as the devils focus yet still upon the lobstermen and leave the piratical sardines unassaulted.

Jolly boat:
With other crewmen in charge of propelling the vessel forwards and towards the Freeport chains, Iscarel seeks and finds a target of opportunity - slipping his blade into the neck of a devil that surges up and transfixing it enough for another crewman's blade to leave it limp to slide back into the waters.
Hinsin's well coiffed hair begins to bedraggle as he wrests his own blade out of a devil in the water on the opposite side of the jolly. He bellows "Keep t'wards the chains mates." giving Iscarel a nod as he turns back to the brine to ware against further ascending beasts.

Corvid Bride:
Quillin's aloft ears and warning mean that the crewmen still aboard the Bride are able to meet the boarding devils in good form and file. From his supervisory post he figures that unless the tide turns the boys and girls should be able to handle the bastards without too much risk of disembowelment or disfigurement.

Minor Crab-beast

Trip complete and feet back on Malaysian soil. Now just to getting my head screwed on correctly and back up to speed. Expect postage at some point within the next 24 hours.

Minor Crab-beast

'Tis the season for... slow downs and what not.

I'll be heading off on a vacation on Thursday down to Oztralia to see family and friends and what not, and won't be back home till 3rd of January. Obviously during that time I won't be able to update.

I also have a bloody hectic three days between now and then (with a trip to Singapore for a day's business, plus a midnite showing of the new Star Wars, packing and end of school jibes for my eldest).

So I'll start the pause a bit early... as in now :)

I wish you all the best for the season, have much food, fun and frivolity - and I'll see you all in thread salty and ready come the New Year.

Minor Crab-beast

Oops - the half finished sentence above should read

Catch cries and calls sound out in warning to the Freeport vessel from the crew.

At Quillin's additional warning of incoming scales unto the Bride, Lanteri draws steel and moves astern at point of a small knot of burlier men than the gnome.

Minor Crab-beast

The jolly boat is loaded up with salty sorts and splashes down into the surf. Two of the Bride's crewmen are put to oars as the others keep their weapons and wits about them.

Both from there (as well as from Quillin's lofty perch atop the main deck) things... well... kind of start going all to hell. The lobsterman's line hits some kind of strain and stops ascending, drawing excited barking and the capstan attendants to jam belaying pins into their workings to stop the load descending... as the workers turn to assist with the more critical line... green skinned devilish figures all scale and fin begin to emerge from the water using the chains as a makeshift boarding net. Catch cries and calls sound out in warning to the

Smudge brays with some excitement and you turn to see him flapping and gesturing towards the Bride's aft... clearly he's noticed something.

It's a few of the sea devils ascending the arse end of the ship as yet unseen - but I'll let you voice Smudge if he's going to curse sound out a warning.

In the jolly boat, a few of the shadows below begin to grow larger as though their owners were either growing bigger... or ascending.

Those beneath the waves:
The lobsterman continues to struggle, but without any overt sharpened edges to bring to bear he's not managing much headway. Two of the devils take to his legs and start swimming downwards, stopping his ascent.

Quillin's conjured reefclaw engages the other beast molesting the lobsterboy in melee - a swirling threshing miasma of claw and tooth.

You also notice some devils ascending the chains that have been run from the Freeport vessel, as well as some making for the jollyboat from the Bride that you also see splashdown above you... looks like there's a choice of where and what to engage...

You can get close enough to get messy if you've a swim speed, so charge away and whichever.

Minor Crab-beast

Sorry for the slow down for a few days there guys - wee bit of hecticness as far as work IT issues and evening events going on. Shall be in thread presently.

Minor Crab-beast

Tipene - feel free to look at the spoiler above.
Bek - feel free to chuck in a tangible action as well, even if it's just a nascent signal of intent.

Minor Crab-beast

The Captain furrows brow for a couple of moments before giving a combination nod / shrug to Bek - which sends him flying into the water after Rackham. Both of you plunge head below into the relatively calm surf - and see the streak of the fiendish reefclaw precede you into deeper waters.

Rackham / Bek:
Diving below the brine you get a slightly better picture of what is in play. Dark green and scaled figures flit and swarm deep - humanoid in shape, but clearly well attuned and adjusted to the water. You can't see what the chains have connected to yet - but following the reefclaw's wake you lay eyes on the ascending lobsterman in some distress. He's ascending with some rapidity, but three or four of the sea devils are doing their darndest to prevent that from occurring.

The reefclaw has pulled some of the attention unto itself... but likely won't survive overlong on it's own.

Atop the brine, Lanteri snaps about and orders "Get the jolly down! Hinsin, lead a party out with blades." a glance towards Iscarel carrying a tacit suggestion he join... and a similar one towards Quillin that perhaps he should remain aboard the Bride.

The men at the capstans on the Freeport vessel continue to strain, and the line connected to the lobsterman continues to be reeled in...

Minor Crab-beast

The men on the Freeport vessel continue to work at the capstans, but their progress slows. A couple more salts on the other vessel move to the contraption connected to the sunken lobsterman and begin similar exertion that has that line begin a gradual ascent as well. As of yet there hasn't been anything break the surface of the water - though flitting shadows can still occasionally be seen.

Lanteri's concern grows and Horumheb and Hinsin look to her questioningly but there isn't any overt call to action yet.

Another round's worth of actions if you please please.
The distance between the two boats is ~50ft and if you had to guess you'd say it's near that much down to the sea floor at this location.

Minor Crab-beast

Lanteri frowns with some consternation, but not outright worry yet "Should do..."

Reefclaw approved.

The rest of the crew haven't gone much past gawking or starting to crowd the side to gaze into the water and try and pick up on the same dark shadows racing.

Minor Crab-beast

Tipene considers the dark shadows and weighs up his chances were he to loose jagged pointed fury. It'd be a throw for the ages though, as the figures are swift moving and deep.

Minor Crab-beast

Tipene and Iscarel:
Slightly more attentive than the others you catch shadows moving through the water... deeper than the surface and swift, about man sized. They seem to be converging upon roughly where the end of the chains would be.

The hard and sweaty work on the capstans continues as the chains begin to inexorably withdraw straining and taut from the waters. As they do though... there are three short jerks on the line that runs down to the lobsterman himself...

Give me a round's worth of actions please.

Minor Crab-beast

The queries put out by the crew (both those that were already of the Bride and those put on in Lilywhite) are answered tersely and without true clarity by Lanteri "He's going down to get something, then we're going to haul it up." and Horumheb adds with a snort "Gods willing no-one'll needs get wet." as all eyes are fixated on what very little of the metal man's wake is visible...a single line and a few stray bubbles.

It's a good twenty minutes of boredom inducing work before there's any further action. Bek's thought proves mostly true as the line jerks a few times... twice then once then thrice if you're counting... and the men on the other ship manhandle a couple of chains over to the ship's side. The chains end in a split loop that's threaded around the line then send down with the metal-weight to the sea floor. The split ring following the line downwards and the chain snaking after.

Horumheb explains "For the hauling" and another ten minutes pass before another series of tugs on the line (twice, twice and once) and the chains are looped around capstans and some men on the Lobstermen ship begin the heavy work of straining and slowly hauling the chains back surfacewards.

A Perception check please, and confirmation of your present disposition - I'm assuming all watching from the side of the Bride with at least a middling interest in proceedings?

Minor Crab-beast

Success achieved! - I now have sufficient resolution to open Paizo AND a PDF and read / write both at the same time... plus... you know... play games and stuff :P

Post later - youngest thought 5pm was a good time to go down for a nap

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