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DM - Voice of the Voiceless's page

9,311 posts. Alias of Mark Sweetman.


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Minor Crab-beast

Sebastian said farewell to his father at breakfast as he took his leave to spend time in the woods nearby his estate. His elder seemed a mite distracted... but wouldn't divulge any of the reasoning why even if pressed on the matter. Choosing to let just his companion Milo Dresden accompany him, you leave your

Can I get checks from each of you on the following: Detection, Streetwise and Survival

The remainder of the kriel filters in over time... most ignoring the very few chairs and tables that the DM didn't intend to be present to either congregate in standing or lounging circles on the floor. The talk is still relatively sparse and most of the kin on their way to the circle when there's a commotion near the kriel's gate.

Detection 13:
You can make out snatches of the conversation, hearing the words "..lads, fallen tree's caught both the bastards..."

For the DM:

Minor Crab-beast

Quillin and Tipene:

Shrugging the man replies "Right... ye won't mind if the point eared gets the noose for the killin then. If he don't know ye, means he just up and stabbed a man in the back for fun." holding to see whether the potential punishment dropped changed or re-inforced their thoughts.

Also there was a second question asked that neither of you responded to - was that omission on purpose (as in refusing to offer an answer) or an oversight?

Mad Dashers:

Any attempt of Rackham to glare the others out of the way is forestalled when Bloody Bek hip and shoulders him and any other competition physically out of the way to monopolize the path down the ladder.

You see one of the other pirates take deep offense at Bek's rough-handing... and he seems to be setting himself to take advantage of his relative exposure while climbing... to cannonball drop onto his head...

What do you do?

There still a couple keeping pace with Iscarel at the head of the race, but they choose to duck underneath the boat rather than clamber over. The elf doesn't see any reason why they chose such a path, as his movement is unhindered.

On pause pending resolution of Rackham's spoiler.

Minor Crab-beast

Oh, and I don't think the Northkin have seen print on the RPG side of things.

Minor Crab-beast

Texas Holdem - it's not that impressive... all I needed to do was wait a few hours for my superpower to kick in. That is - poker gets easier when you're the only one that isn't well on their way to drunkeness ;)

Minor Crab-beast

Good news - won the poker night.

Bad news - it ran to 2:30 AM, so after that and a full day with the wee lads today I'm shattered into extreme tiredness.

ZZzzzzZZZzzzs... then post my Sunday eve *fingers crossed*

Minor Crab-beast

Shattered into extreme tiredness at the moment after a poker night that went till 2:30 in the AM last night/morning and a long day with the kids today.

ZZzzzzZZZzzzs... then post my Sunday eve *fingers crossed*

Minor Crab-beast

I'll have the first tidbit for the Llaelish up tonight (late late my time as it'll be after a poker night :)

Minor Crab-beast

Game thread is live :) - our clannish types can pop in and start the drinking if they're willin.

Still waiting on confirmation for our Llaelish nobles.

Minor Crab-beast

The day winds down to twilight and the ever noisy forest begins to calm to a lower ebb. The sharp cracks of chisel on krielstone fade as well, Algairn finishing his work for the day. Conrael puts Gordo abed in his lean-to outside the kriel-wall, the full blood troll taking scant moments before falling into a ragged-snoring sleep after a long day at plow. The smaller pyg cousins settle up for the night also, in their spray of huts on the other flank - but for many and most of the rest the kuar is their destination.

At the base Algairn sits enjoying a tankard by a stone as he waits for the gaggle of bairns to arrive and stories to begin. On the other flank fires burn and the enticing scent of basted and grilled meat waft through the air. A pair of kin are at either end of a rope dragging the night's keg towards the kuar's raised center... ready for the night's thirsty work.

Llaelish Gentlemen:
Please put down a dot with your character alias and a spoiler-ed appearance first - then I'll launch your side of things

Tonight will be a wee get to know you and establishing frame for characters - so please include a bit on an appearance in your first post. You're assembling for the kriel's communal meal of the evening.

Minor Crab-beast

Quillin and Tipene:

The man distrustfully measures your words before responding "So... you're saying you don't know the two who ran? - the elf that killed and the man?" clearly holding back some of his thoughts and feelings despite the query.

"And if these lads were blood-eyed and frothy... why'd they take a knee at the first of asking?"

Mad Dashers:

Despite Bek's attempts at intimidating his way through again falling shy of being impressive (a few chuckles from the chuckle gallery can be heard as well) he still manages to surge through with the dregs of the running pack. As he does one who tried to swing through the scaffold trips and ends up dangling by a rope-twined leg.

Rackham is similarly aided by the thinning of the crowd and rather than needing to get head height, manages to monkey his way around side like. Both of you notice that a few of the half-orcs break off to take a circuitous inland route - while another pair move up to the edge of the cliff-face.
Both progress to the second obstacle above - same choices.

Iscarel however balances his seeming intent on further burying his prospects with the constabulatory and moving through the course - finding a rope to make his way down. A rotund dwarf barges his way to the ladder and a pair of men end up diving... one more successfully than the other... who judging by the crack is in dire need of some chiropractic help.

The course goes seaward a span before seeming to drop down and under the waves. Squinting you see an upturned and submerged dinghy laid perpendicular to the course and just below the swell's surface. The bow and stern are festooned with spiky protrusions - leaving what looks to just be a pair of options across. The course continues beyond the boat.

Under the surface Dive and pass under the dinghy - Swim
Over the top Clamber over the mid-section of the boat that's clear of anything spiky. Roll two d20s
Long way round Ignore the two obvious choices and take the longer and slower circuit to the side - Swim, but slower.

Minor Crab-beast

That'd work relatively well for a Mad Max: Fury Road style situation, but less so for the 'all out for themselves' situation we have here. I'll keep it in mind if a similar situation comes out in the future though.

Minor Crab-beast

Aaand then the paizo site decided to crap out for most of my day - which made me lose my posting window. It'll be oop come mornin.

Guru - please feel free to do so, and pop into the Discussion thread to say howdy as well :)

Minor Crab-beast
Bek wrote:
Oh sure you don't want to use the revised chase rules they've been using in PFS ;-)

Which are?

Minor Crab-beast

Quillin and Tipene:

The door is opened by a middle aged ex-pirate who is missing half of his left arm, and moves with a fairly pronounced limp. Looking beyond him you can see that there is still an orc in attendance, but he's not moving to come in.

The gent closes the door behind him, finds a seat to gingerly lower himself into and then opens with a steady and even "So... explain yourselves..."

You get the distinct sense that he's no yokel, and has heard more than one tall tale in his years. There isn't malice to his eyes - but there is a degree of dispassionate judgement.

Minor Crab-beast

Right - we're shaping up relatively well, not far away from putting up the Gameplay thread so we can start flexing our trollish and Llaelish intent.

Here's my general thoughts on initial framing:

Katherson and Eoghann are well-acquainted, with the Pyg often assisting the Bone Grinder on reagent hunts and wandering.

Oengus is relatively recently returned to the fold from civilized lands, and there's still a bit of mistrusting present.

Havar (see Recruitment thread) is potentially the wet behind the ears chieftan's son with a point to prove.

Pale King and Milo are well-acquainted, with Milo as a close confidant and agent of the nobleman.

Lastly I note Scranford hasn't rustled up a concept just yet?

DarkestHeart - make your way over to the Discussion thread to say howdy.

Guru - interest in being back-up is well noted :)

Minor Crab-beast

Quillin and Tipene:

Your silent reflection and reverie is interrupted by a quiet knock upon the door...

Mad Dash:

Bek is stymied by the fact that people are more focused on the race than on each other and Rackham is bustled as he makes his approach towards the scaffold - putting off his leap.
No movement - faced with the same obstacles next round.

Iscarel however bobs up and traverses the upper supports, pausing momentarily to give a less than savory gesture... which is immediately combined with a couple of the orcish words being yelled to pinpoint himself without a shadow of a doubt as the target of the black armored one's ire. His sight is distracted though by what looms up next...

The scaffold continues on for a short span before growing more sparse and scanty. The angle dips a tad and leads to a small ledge cut into the rock, where a tangle of knotted ropes and a pair of ladders have been affixed - leading downwards towards the sea. His fellow competitors surge main

Take a rope Climb
Take a ladder Bullrush / Intimidate - to barge others out of the way
No guts no glory A twenty-ish foot dive straight into the surf - quicker, but there's rocks down there as well - Perception / Survival

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Minor Crab-beast

Heh - limited avatars are giving it a bit of a teeth and terror vibe... which is all good ;)

Minor Crab-beast

Apologies for the wee holdup lads - have a fairly significant work meeting this morning and will get the next bit up this afternoon.

Minor Crab-beast

BD - do you have the Urban Adventures book? - or do you need me to PM you with the detail from the abilities and what not?

Eoghann - noted... FYI I'll do a final crunch sweep once I've got a few characters ready for it.

Pale King - not a worry, get the detail up when you can.

Unfortunately I've gone first past the post and collated a seven member squad to begin with (a goodly proportion were actually in the aborted attempt I made at the PbP three years ago and are still floating around the boards and interested as well).

That said - you're both more than welcome to pop into the Discussion thread / Gameplay when it launches with a dot and follow along. If we get any player attrition over time it'd make it easy where to look for a pick-up replacement :)

Minor Crab-beast

Note: If Tipene or Quillin want to do anything before they're re-visited in the holding room, let me know. Otherwise I'll step you guys forward after you confirm you're ready to do so.

Mad Dash:

The bald man continues as the knot of competitors crowd forward... you wager that there's about twenty of you ready to put yourselves at the mercies of the shenanigans "Right, it's easy enough - run the course. The way is marked but your path there is your own. No punches before the whistle, and no blades at any time... 'less ye want to make Gordo's acquaintance." indicating a particularly nasty looking orc nearby "Apart from that it's the first to make the distance and chug the jug. Any questions?" though any detailed response is forestalled by two things unfolding at the same time.

Firstly, the sailcloth drops and a whistle sounds... clearly the bald and burned figured that anyone who didn't understand the rules would need to let the others get a bit of distance on them.

Secondly, harsh toned orcish words sound out from the town whence Iscarel came from... his friend has returned. The black armored orcs and half-orcs snap to attention and listen... but there's a sliver of opportunity to act before they get more interested.

The path ahead beyond the fallen sailcloth reinforces the 'Mad' aspect of proceedings. A hasty constructed set of bamboo scaffold frames out past the edge of the building before turning to the left and over a hefty drop below it into the drink. Within a moment you see there isn't enough room for all to pass easily upon the boards themselves... The path is nominated by a set of red hessian flags and clearly goes out and to the left beyond the edge of the building.

Chase Options:

  • Make way - by hook or crook force or dance your way at the front of the line across the boards which mostly everyone else is making for. (Acrobatics, Intimidate)
  • Up and over - there's enough structure to the scaffold that you might risk going up above the common rabble for an easier way. (Climb, Acrobatics)

Essentially we're in chase rules - and rounds will be unfolding together (so out of initiative unless initiative is called for). Choose one of the suggested skills above, or apply one of your own in a creative way. No you don't get to know the DCs before making a decision - and for the 1st obstacle you can't either attempt both or get a headstart.
Any questions on chase rules and whatnot - lets take it to the Discussion thread.

Minor Crab-beast

Balodek - Pyg Bushwhacker or Trollkin Gifted
Milo - Human Investigator / Thief
Black Dow - Trollkin Fell Caller / Pugilist
Arcmagik - Trollkin Fennblade / Chieftan?
Pale King - Human Nobleman
Tenro - Gifted Trollkin Bone Grinder / Monster Hunter

Milo - looking over the skillset you might benefit from rounding out to include a bit more outdoors / combat related skills. The PbP will probably be out in the countryside for reasonably long stretches of time - so you wouldn't get as much play from the Forensic side of things.
Though you would flip back right into the frame for the town based stuff... ultimately your choice.
Are you intending to keep the Cygnaran lineage? - if you go Llaelish then there are some specific equipment and options in the Gods and Nations book pertaining to Spy-ish behaviour... including garrotes and such.

BD - To me the Long Rider option is a bit of a waste if you're going Pugilist. The fisticuffs side focuses on getting in their face and grapples / throws / etc - which isn't really going to work if you're mounted up.
Plus I can't think of anything more Scottish Trollkin than the mouthy guy who ends up throwing down with everyone at table ;)
Travelling man come back sounds good too.

Tenro - checking online - Arcane Bonds looks to have been renamed to 'Spirit Lash', so take that instead.
It's a no on the rune axe.

I'd like to keep the first contact between Kriel and the Llaelish lads happening post PbP start - so we can play that out in thread... Suffice to say that there should be some fairly decent reasons for you to work together.

Minor Crab-beast

Post will be up tomorrow kicking off the Mad Dash... Iscarel is correct in assuming he's got zero chance to put a disguise together as he literally had to hustle to even make the start line before it started.

DM is going to be kind enough to let him start the race... if only for the fact that it's going to be a bit more fun to have you pursued along the course by the orcs. The orc you outran already had a pretty good idea where you were headed... seeing as how you pretty much told him ;)

Right-o Discussion thread is live, so jump over there from the banner link and let's get to the nitty gritty of getting the characters built up and ready for action.

Arcmagik - feel free to jump in and join in... though I'll have to say no to any Circle based characters (I'd like to hold them back as antagonists ;)

Minor Crab-beast

Right ho here we go... character building time :)

Please post your characters here, be they fully complete and aliased, or partial works in progress. I'd like to get the mechanical side tucked away and people sorted into races and careers first - as it'll play into exactly how I kick the campaign off. Standard character construction - with the following rules:

  • 0 xp start.
  • No Warlocks, and no Warcasters (or other careers that start with steamjacks).
  • I have access to all of the books - so if you're wondering on anything (such as what Llaelish goodies are in the Kings and Gods sourcebook) please ask.

Please also feel free to throw up a bit of background type info on your character - but keep in mind the following:

  • 0 xp means that you're just starting out. You've done basic training and maybe gotten into a few scraps... but you're not an established warrior / hero... yet.
  • Keep it relatively short - I don't need novels, and we might need a bit of Selleys Spakfilla to get people meshing together.
  • If you're building Full Metal side - you need to be either part of or sympathetic to a fallen Llaelish noble house. No extensive connections to major powers outside of that.
  • If you're building Unleashed side - you need to be either part of or a close ally of a Trollkin Kriel of the Glimmerwood. No connections beyond that (inclusive of no ties to the Circle).
  • Please ask questions, prompt me to help fill in the campaign setting and world for us - it's going to be the best way for me to get started and us to all get on the same page.

Of course there is room :)

I will kick off the discussion thread later tonight so people can start committing to final builds

In essence it comes down to wanting the early campaign time to be warbeast / steamjack free - to both liberate the adventure options as well as partially simplify my job as a DM.

Is there a chance for later inclusion of Warbeasts / Steamjacks? - maybe... if the campaign makes it to the 30 xp mark, then we can have the conversation then.

Yep - that was always the intent (see the original post).

I'd prefer to keep the subterfuge aspects relatively minimal if possible, as it'll make it easier for me to get things up and running. So an agent of a Llaelese exiled house - either allied to or the same as the one The Pale King is intending to tie himself to?

BD - the Urban Adventure source also had a tasty wee career for Trollkin as well...

Starting Stuff:
Abilities: Brawler, Hulking Presence
Military Skills: Hand Weapon 1 and Unarmed Combat 1
Occupational Skills: Detection 1, Intimidation 1, Streetwise 1
If chosen as a starting career gain either +1 Phy or +1 Str (this can increase to above racial maximums)
100 gc

Then you can get nice abilities like Brawler, Flying Fists, Head-Butt, Waylay as you level.

Pale King - not sure if you've got the 'Kings, Nations, and Gods' sourcebook, but it's got a few additional options in there for Llaelese characters (namely subterfuge items like garrotes and pen grenades and whatnot).

Milo - based on your post above I'm guessing your preference would be to play a Full Metal character with a spy-ish bent? Perhaps affiliated with our exiled Llalese noble?

Milo / Pale King - any additional thoughts on what you'd look to play?

For Clarity: We're still open for new business if any other passers-by are interested.

Minor Crab-beast

Bek, Rackham, Iscarel:
Iscarel finds his jostling and words drowned out and ignored in the general hubbub... and though he's sure he's got a small lead on his chaser... his confidence begins to shake a bit when he notices a sprinkling of black armored orcs and half-orcs in elevated vantages near to the course start.
Unless advised otherwise I'm assuming you're looking to unobtrusively make your way into the 'competitors' scrum of peoples?

Bek finds the startline of the Mad Dash easily enough, making his way towards the knot of people looking to compete.

Rackham wisely chooses to skirt round the outskirts and miss any chance of re-encountering the makeshift gendarme of the day on the prowl. He makes the starting line just in time - slightly out of breath as he pushes forward.

The starting line is near to coastline and in the middle of Lilywhite proper. A knot of athletic, muscular, mean and ornery looking folks (some half to full cut already) have gathered before a canvas sail that's been hung off the side of a building and looks to be rigged to be easily dropped to start the race. Resting on an elevated platform near to the sail you see a dashingly good-looking gent beside a less attractive bald man with fairly horrific burn scars on his head. The bald man's bellowing "Come on ye bastards... step up step up."

Also near to the starting line are a few of the black armored orcs, watchfully watching both the competitors... as well as the greater crowd a dozen steps back.

Bone Grinders do look a bit o' fun :)

BD - Trollkin specific Careers in the Unleashed book as follows:
Fell Caller, Fennblade, Kriel Champion, Long Rider, Shaman (Dhunia)

Unleashed itself also has a different set of base careers that are a bit more outdoorsy:
Archer, Brigand, Bushwhacker, Chieftan, Monster Hunter, Scout, Warrior

As to the preferred split... I will say that I'm getting more open to whatever fits with peoples thoughts. Given that people are ambivalent on location - I'd likely look towards somewhere central-ish so that there's a chance to spread the antagonist love around.

So with that in mind let's narrow down the character ideas around the following:

  • Base location for your home village will be in or around the Glimmerwood.
  • Unleashed side consists of a Trollkin Kriel with Gatorman allies.
  • Full Metal side character would need to fit into a mercenary / bandit unit operating in the area of NE Thornwood / Southern Llael

At the moment we've got roughly the following interests?:
The Pale King - Swashbucklery
Balodek - Gator / Trollkin
Milo - Investigator / Spy
Tenro - Gatorman / Trollkin Bokor / Bone Grinder
BD - Trollkin 'Ard Nut

Well looks like we're pretty much getting a quorum together - though looks like only a couple / few have Unleashed at the moment.

Ratio of Combat vs 'Intrigue' is difficult to say (mostly as I haven't decided yet...) and it depends a bit more on how heavily the game leans towards the Unleashed side (which tends to be more outdoorsy and survival based) or the Full Metal side (which tends to be a little more urban and urbane).

Given that most people have decided to sit on the fence with respect to location - I'll have a bit more of a read and a think before pitching a bit more detail on concept.

*Waves* - if you could chime in on the other questions as well that'd be helpful.

Mild bump for visibility.

Minor Crab-beast

No offence taken, and none intended... DM can be emo at times :P
In the interest of detente...
Dex: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14

Iscarel has a harrowing time of it initially, but seems to have slipped his near pursuit after the orc takes a tumble off some crates. While he's got enough breathing room to take stock... by god the orc looked p1ssed when he couldn't catch the elf...

For clarity I wouldn't require all characters to be single race - just that the centric tribe would be near single source (ie. a Kriel for the Trollkin example).

So on the Unleashed side you could still be a friendly gatorman / orphaned farrow / etc. Or on the Full Metal side it could be an Ogryn mercenary / Gobbo scout / etc.

Minor Crab-beast

Dropping from roof = move action (especially when combined with acrobatics to disengage).
Furtherest you could get is a single move action away.
DM could have just had him follow and end up beside you (with a minor Acrobatics to have him safely come down off the roof)... but then we'd be straight back in impasse town.
Instead DM said - why don't we bring this to an actual conclusion.

Hence pastiching together his move and attack into a jump off the roof (you'll note no charge bonuses on his attack) which resulted in one of two distinct outcomes:
A) He misses the attack, turns pancake and you get away.
B) He makes the attack, and you get unlucky.

Ended up with B, so you got unlucky in this instance - had he missed (a 50% chance) you would've been fine. If you want to draw out the frustration, then sure his attack roll on you could instead be his acrobatics to drop down off the roof... he'd still end up adjacent to you... is that a more 'fun' outcome? - or would you prefer the one which offered you a tangible chance at extrication from the situation?
Edit: Might be a thread of frustration boiling through there... but that's not wholly directed at Iscarel... more at the flow of the situation in entirety.

Minor Crab-beast

The elf again evades attention by slipping off the roof and dashing a ways down the alley to try and get some distance. The orc behind appears to have had enough though... and looks to put a swift resolution to the issue one way or the other...

Slight speed advantage by you needing to slow a 'bit' to use Acrobatics to withdraw. Was just enough for him to get 5ft more movement than you on the roof to put him inboard of you on the roof rather than alongside.

Booted feet thumping along the tiled rooftop, the orc gets level with Iscarel... before launching himself through the air in an attempt to crush Iscarel with his cudgel on the way down - betraying any attempt at finesse for a chance to put the chase to a swift end...
Power Attack DFA: 1d20 + 9 + 1 - 1 ⇒ (10) + 9 + 1 - 1 = 19 for 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
Attack from higher ground on the way down - automatically prone and 1d6 ⇒ 6 falling damage when he hits the deck.
...just catching Iscarel upon the upper back as he falls heavily to the deck. Breath comes ragged and painful to his elven lungs as the orc grunts and groans in a heap on the floor and looks to regain his feet.

Greetings Paizo-board-ites,

Relatively recently Privateer Press increased their offerings in the Iron Kingdoms RPG world by releasing Unleashed - which adds the monstrous Hordes extension into the Full Metal Fantasy RPG system that was built off of Warmachine. When I grabbed the PDF for same it rekindled my interest in running an RPG campaign in the steampunky rollicking world of Western Immoren.

I attempted a PbP previously here when Iron Kingdoms first became available but it was a fail partially due to my lack of a digital version of the rules. However now that the ruleset is available as a PDF from Drivethroughrpg that shouldn't be a concern.

So... here we are :)


This will be a mercenary / bandit based campaign set in Western Immoren. The central conceit will be a group of tribe members seeking out an estranged member of their Kriel / tribe to inform them of the terrible REDACTED that's occurred.
This will allow for characters to be built from both the Full Metal Fantasy system (those who are initially out in the world) as well as Unleashed (those who have left the tribe to seek out the estranged member/s).
A few other points:

  • I like Trollkin and would lean heavily towards having them (inclusive of Pygs) as the majority race.
  • I would prefer to not include either Warcasters or Warlocks initially.
  • My ambitions will start small, and grow from there if we start rolling along well. As in, it'll start off with small scale skirmishy survival style play before trying to introduce wider themes at a later stage after we've gotten some system mastery down.
  • Final group building would be carried out in the Discussion thread after we've parsed to a group of like-minded folks.
  • This will still essentially be my first IK RPG PbP, so it'll be bumpy and slow for a while.

What Now?

If any of the above has tickled your fancy... then pop into the thread and say so. I'm essentially looking for expressions of interest and character leanings before looking to collaboratively build the characters up in the Discussion thread (c/w additional notes and guidelines).


  • Do you have the books / PDFs? - if so, do you have just the original Core book, or Unleashed as well?
  • What sort of character would you like to play?
  • Would you be happy with a Trollkin centric PbP? - if not, then which racial /social group would you prefer to build around? (ie. Blackclads, Farrow, etc)
  • Which geographical / political areas of Western Immoren are your favorite and why? - do you like Khador, Cygnar, Five Fingers, etc.
  • Any other questions for me?

Note for emphasis - this is a PbP using the new IK RPG ruleset which was released by Privateer Press in the last few years, and not using the older D20 ruleset.

Minor Crab-beast

Five party members, four groups.... what's not to like ;)

Minor Crab-beast

Iscarel Rules Stuff:
To avoid an AoO you need to withdraw - unfortunately for you that's a full round action, and has limited means of being combined with any other movement types (which in themselves are predominately modified move actions).
In essence I see it as thus - You have the enemy in base to base - which has three solutions:
a) Provoke an AoO, and act as you like
b) Use withdraw to avoid an AoO (but be limited to movement on the ground).
c) Use Acrobatics as part of a move action to avoid an AoO, then use your second move action as you like.
However in the interest of forward momentum I've adjusted your actions to read thus (and used the rolls made in order)
1) Acro to move out of threatened area
2) Acro to navigate the boxes and make the roof (using a jump rather than a climb so it's only a single move action)

Note - I've edited the 'guy-lines' to a pile of precariously stacked produce crates in my head. Guy-lines wouldn't support your weight - but the crates would and give you a similar means of 'potential barrier to follower'... so net effect is zero... but it makes sense to my head a bit better.

Fickle Hand of Fate:
1d20 ⇒ 19

Iscarel Game Stuff:
Iscarel ducks out of the orc's reach lithely before frantically looking around the alley for an advantage. Spying a pile of haphazardly stacked produce crates he uses them as a platform to launch himself towards the roof again, the imperfect platform moving under his feet - but serving well enough to propel him unto the edge of the rooftop.

The orc below follows him towards the crates, attempting to use the same means of rooftop ascension. Despite his bulk and a more agricultural approach, the orc is able to easily power up the crates and make the roof. With his slight speed advantage he positions himself roofward of Iscarel, leaving the elf precariously positioned with empty air behind him... and the orc having blocked off the only egress.

The halfling snorts "Nei need to keep up the curtains if no-one's tryin to look in... who are ye running from anyhow?" but begins to amble in his own manner after the likely slightly more impatient man...

Three choices: 1) Go straight back the way you came and past the group (likely not)
2) Bear left and around (nearer to the outskirts)
3) Bear right and around (nearer to the city center and the water).

Bek is able to freely mosey towards the starting line without the encumbrance of dogged pursuit. As he walks a black-armored half-orc hustles past him with a fierce countenance... obviously drawn to the sound of the whistle...

Just need to see if anyone else makes it to the starting line in one piece...

Law Abiding-ish and Less Reactionary Duo:
Tipene, Quillin, ginger and the boys are left to stand and wait while the sole remaining orc waits for back-up. Quickly two and then three other black-armored orcs and half-orcs arrive and they begin to hurridly grunt in their native language. After harsh words and a fair amount of gesticulating one of the new arrivals is left to shepherd the remaining captives towards their makeshift prison (see post above for information).

The other orcs and half-orc head out into Lilywhite proper - no doubt on the hunt...

Minor Crab-beast

The orc keeps pace with Iscarel, not letting the elf get any real distance between them... if Iscarel is going to make a break... it'll need to be with some risk.

There is a sprint lane if you want to try and break - but you'll need to provoke to do so.

I know the mapless is a bit unforgiving... but the time I'd need to spend to build a reasonable map for this bit would grind it to a halt... so tis a necessary evil.
Chase rules might've been a reasonable fit... I had intended them for the Mad Dash - blame Quillin for why you're not already there :P

Minor Crab-beast

No worries Quillin - I'm thinking that the antics of the three breakaway groups should keep me busy enough in the interim ;)

Minor Crab-beast

I rolled above (under the fickle hand spoiler).
Add: When I first read your initial post I filed the attack roll (for some reason) under an aim to hit a specific target with the caltrops (as in throwing them before you).
When I prepared my post I didn't reference back to explicitly what you had posted and went off my recollection - so yes, it was overlooked to a degree.
However in general I prefer to roll things as and when they become relevant - which in this case is to roll the caltrop's attack at the moment at which it gets run over (which is what I did). Saves the need for excessive back-tracking and back-referencing, especially when circumstances change between post 1 and post 2.
I'm not trying to twist this one way or the other - cross my heart.

Minor Crab-beast

Raising an eyebrow the halfling replies "Costs extra to call me friend... and I'm still waiting on that drink?" assuming he's furnished under Rackham's purse from a nearby keggery the wee one perks up and taps his chest "Bruce... so which ways this dash thing?" clearly the halfling's interest has been bent more towards slow imbibition than focus on the day's games.

You start off through the streets towards the start line of the Mad Dash, relatively quickly catching up to the last straggling lines of people already headed in that direction.

Are you planning to partake?

Tipene and Quillin I've got complying with the remaining orc's instructions?

Fickle Hand of Fate:
Perception: 1d20 ⇒ 5
Caltrop: 1d20 ⇒ 3

Surprisingly the orc doesn't seem to respond to your draw and throw of the caltrops... his tusked face intent on yours as the insults pile up to the point of provoking some rage. Smirk dissolving and leaving cold hatred on his face, the orc draws his back-up cudgel and charges growlingly forward.

Iscarel's breath catches as the orc ploughs through the caltrops... but his hope is short lived as none of the barbed devices lodge in the orc's feet. Instead he sees the swift descent of the orc's club swung with two handed intent...
Charging Power Attack Club: 1d20 + 9 + 2 - 1 ⇒ (2) + 9 + 2 - 1 = 12 for 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10 Comical...
...though the orc overcooks the attack. Still... he's left in a very dicey pickle with no easy way out of it...

Ask away for clarity on options before moving forward.

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