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DM - Voice of the Voiceless's page

9,607 posts. Alias of Mark Sweetman.


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Minor Crab-beast

The next couple of weeks pass initially with nascent fear and anticipation of ill events... though apart from some strange sounds in the night waters and some knife cut rigging slowing progress - the time afloat returns to routine and the threat of sea-devils and reprisal from long dead cyclopean powers fades like the evening sun. Routine however weighs slowly upon those of unquiet mind... and the relative peace soon starts to grate on some nerves similar to sandpaper.

At first it's minor squabbles with the crew or dispute over cuts of meat come chow time - but the straw that breaks the camel's back is when Rackham and Bek are overheard by Hinsin making one too many jokes about his close relationship with the Captain. Words become heated and Tipene and Quillin are painted with a similar brush as the provoking pair. Though blows aren't come to - it's clear that the work relationship has soured and the vessel's become a poison pill as far as the crew's concerned.

Nearing Freeport a crew moot is called, and though your cases meet with some sympathy among the rank and file - eventually the Captain and Hinsin's power base holds and a vote to excise you from the ship passes with a small majority. Promises are made to get your passage paid up, but further passage on the Corvid appears unlikely.

You're put ashore a day ahead of the main body of crew at dawn - the jolly manned by the same stocky half-orcen lass that first looked to see if you were up for crewing a pirate vessel. But still, the full scope and freedom of Freeport lies before you, dank and sweaty - bustling with activity and full of things both nefarious and foul. Once at pier Iscarel sneers at you all and fosters off in his own direction - while Rackham and Bek similarly swear off and set out in the opposite way.

That leaves just the odd pairing of a tulita and a gnome... well and a foul mouthed parrot also... shaping to venture forth into the hustle and bustle of Freeport...

Tipene and Quillin - feel free to re-jig your gear up to a level 3 gold value as you see fit.

And after a positive PM exchange the last place goes to:
Galahad0430 / Red Tom

Minor Crab-beast

For HP either take a roll or average round up for levels 2 and 3.

The glue to put the disparate parties together will play out in thread obviously - but assume that you're in Freeport and essentially unencumbered by plans and wandering about the city.

Minor Crab-beast

So here we finally are - with a few more folks for the purpose. Please check in (and throw up a dot on the main thread) and then I'll cast a jaundiced eye over the character sheets in more detail for clarity and confirmation. The game thread will (finally) be updated in the next couple of hours and then we can set to looking to make introductions and whatnot.

*Waves at the departing gnome* - to each their own Quarick and I wish you well.

To the others - my apologies for the delay in the announcement, the aforementioned reason for delay was compounded by sick kids (as it often is) and if I'm being completely honest also a bit by the release of Civ 6.

That said, here I am and I am here with two solid selections as follows:
Lysandra Eventide
Bimpnottin Daergel / Tordek Holderhek

The third selection is pending a PM response that I've just pinged to the prospective party.

Many thanks for those that cast their name forward, and hopefully you are blessed with fair winds and following seas as you zip around the boards hereafter.

Visiting parental units and my wife's busy work schedule knocked me back for a couple of days. Will have definition shortly though.

Not long now - this is a last little bump for visibility on those that have been asked questions and perhaps haven't responded back.

Selections within the next 24 hours.

Red Tom:
Do you have any rough personality to share?
How would he progress? - as a Fighter, Monk or split levels?

Bron Morgan:
How does he not know if it was Gozreh or Besmara that spoke? - as in, how does he know that it was one of either those two, but not any other form of fevered dream speech?

Elik Hulu:
How did Elik come across his boomstick? - and how did he transition from pineapple farmer to blackpowder specialist?

Lysandra Eventide:
Where did she come across the monkey? - and what sort of monkey is it?

Regina Caro:
From the profile Regina is an alchemist, while the Master of Storms requires spellcasting. How would she be mechanically put together?

Mahlugul the Marauder:
Background mentions the Red Mantis and 'respect of the order', and personality states 'Mahlugul is process driven, hierarchical, disciplined and goal oriented.' which seems a bit at odds with a CN stated alignment. Could you elaborate?

Beorn the Divine:
Why would a CG Bard of Shelyn throw in with a bunch of morally ambiguous piratical types?

Calevan the Tempest:
Given that he's set off in search of his captive mother - would that be expected to be a plot point?
How does he feel about slaves in general?

Quarik Frezhal:
How moral is he? - would he have any issues with theft / a bit of common murder, etc?

Tordek Holderhek:
Which of Gozreh's aspects resonate more strongly with Tordek?

Minor Crab-beast

Sick kids and a work busy wife have been sucking away my spare and available time unfortunately - I'll get the summary post up in thread at some point this weekend though.

If you've got any feelings one way or the other on the submissions - please feel free to drop me a PM.

List of Prospectives:
Radavel - ?
Galahad0430 - Red Tom - Human Fighter / Monk
F. Castor - ?
Tenro - Bron Morgan - Human Incanter
The Chess - Rogue?
Edgar Lamoureux - Elik Hulu - Human Marksman
Talomyr - Lysandra Eventide - Human Bard
Jesse Heinig - ?
Regina Caro - Human Alchemist
zolexa13 - Dwarven Cleric?
Mahlugul the Marauder - Half-Orc Barbarian
Beorn the Divine - Half-Orc Bard
That Sean Fellow - ?
Simeon - Calevan the Tempest - Half-Elf Kineticist
GM Mowque - Quarik Frezhal - Gnomish Alchemist
Bimpnottin Daergel - Tordek Holderhek - Dwarven Druid

Apologies if I've misread or miscounted, but looks like we've got 10 submissions with enough to chew on - and another 6 interested parties that haven't committed enough to paper. I'll call Monday a relatively hard target for cutting off submissions and look to make the call soon after then. Shall be reading and if there are any questions to ask I'll post them up here.

Was planning on having a first run through and questions tonight... but have a sick munchkin at home. Shall get to it soonish though.

DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:
I'm fairly grognardy when it comes to races though (I'd prefer PF / RC / Freeport core) though Aasimar and Tieflings are on the table as well.

GM Mowque - no need for a full blown character sheet, just enough to give a reasonable flavor of what sort of character you'd be looking to play.

Edgar - I'd have to consider the alchemical cartridge for the culverin.

GM Mowque - No issues with a gunslinger being pitched.

Simeon - I'd prefer to not have an undine in the mix, might I suggest an aquatic elf instead?

Elik - it's all in a wibbly wobbly circle around the maelstrom.

Guns shall exist though rarely.

Tenro - tropical and a mite bit swampy would be predominate, and the initial chunk of PbP will be in and around Freeport before setting out a sail.

Deaths - not really no, there will be abstracted combat potentially - but I haven't yet found an easy way to integrate ship v ship combat into a party focused PbP.

So it'll be there, but I wouldn't build a character around it.

Welcome welcome one and all and all and one, as a frame of reference I'll probably have this open until at least early next week before locking down and starting to scratch my head over the whos and whats.

Campaign traits are not really on the table as they tend to be tied to specific adventures which won't be what we're doing.

Dreamscarred will be considered.

Radavel - yep, One Ring is still present.

Tanner - open, yes - though KISS principle applies. Ie, as long as it's fairly straightforward to understand.

Edgar - welcome back... I kind of didn't leave :P Though I can understand the life exploding side of things.

Talomyr - no need to update the build at this point assuming you'd keep it single classed?

Reading up on Freeport isn't necessary - you could be just as easily from the Shackles and recently arrived.

I tend to not give any guidance on preference with characters one way or the other - just put forward whichever you'd prefer to play.

Radavel - Survivor is fine... but in the latest edition of the player's companion (which is the one I'm using / referring to) it was changed from a whole class to a Fighter / Monk archetype.

Tenro - I've a relatively open mind for any 3PP that's freely available on the web (like Spheres is), but would judge it more on how it's actually put together and functions as a complete whole.

The Chess - Goblin would be a fairly difficult sell. While they are in Freeport... they're also likened to roaches and rats. I'd prefer not to.

Galahad - starting wealth would be standard for 3rd level, no issues with drawback for extra trait and hit points are either rounded up average or rolled - your choice.

Radavel - alignment is Pirate? - as in, shades of grey rather than black or white.

F. Castor - about once a day for weekdays is the aim.

Minor Crab-beast

Recruitment post is up now - and I'll look to do a generalized wrap up post in the game thread shortly also.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Going a while back now I started up a pirate PbP looking to crib from all the sources that I have on hand - which covers Paizo content, Razor Coast and lastly from Freeport. Unfortunately after getting into it... I had a work change that meant I had to put a 7 month pause on the game. The work change has changed back now though - and I've got the time and inclination to get things going again!

However (as would be understandable given the time lag) I'm down a few piratical souls. I've got two sailors still salty (a Bloodrager and a Conjurer), and am looking to give them another three friends. That's where you come in :)

The party will be landed up in Freeport - which is where the new recruits will join the party. Build rules are relatively relaxed - 3rd level, 20 pt buy, 2 traits... pretty close to PFS standard... however more important is a general idea of what you'd be looking to play. I'm fairly grognardy when it comes to races though (I'd prefer PF / RC / Freeport core) though Aasimar and Tieflings are on the table as well.

As to the campaign - it'll be a mix of seafaring, island hopping and grungy city adventuring through the combined world of Freeport, Razor Coast, the Maelstrom and the Shackles.

Any questions or queries please let me know.

Minor Crab-beast

That's kind of what I meant by 'half'-reboot. As in move it forward and start 'afresh' with a new plot thread rather than continue the coffin / sahuagin shenanigans.

Or... what Tipene said :P

I'll give it till Monday and then send out a feeler or two for fresh meat - if you've anyone in mind then I'm more than happy to approach direct as well.

Minor Crab-beast

Well - it's 2/5 at the moment... will give it a bit longer for Twigs and michaelane... but if it's only 2 then it's more likely going to be a bit easier with a half-reboot than a continue?

Minor Crab-beast

Completely understood Mr Rackham - I wish you well.

Minor Crab-beast

*Cough* Tap, tap... this thing on?

Minor Crab-beast

Ok... looks like I'm potentially onshore for a longer period of time now - can I get a roll call and statement of continued interest?

Minor Crab-beast

*Cough splutter*
Just popping this back onto the active campaign list.

Minor Crab-beast

As you'll realise I'm still in the weeds of doing a 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off rotation on a platform with very little internet access. It's likely to continue on for another 1-2 months at least before I get a change back into (hopefully) an office based role.

So this'll be on hold for that period at least as I'm not really going to be able to get continuity until I'm back in the office. Apologies again, but there's not much I'm able to do about it.

Minor Crab-beast

The ship's put back to sail and you begin to put the rocky shallows behind you. Those in the rigging are on close alert for any more sign of scaly devils in your wake... but after a few quiet hours with naught but wind and wave your company even they begin to relax back into the voyage. Talk among the crew turns from memories of blood to the chance to get back to port and hock their hunk of silver for whatever poison's their preference - mainly of the two-legged or cask-borne variety, though there's a particularly lean snaggle toothed gent who spends a good couple of hours expounding upon exactly what sort of cake and sweetbreads he'll gorge on once they make port.

Looking at the heading of the boat, you'd wager that a fairly direct path's being cut t'wards the haven of Freeport... haven that is, if you're looking for a festering well of piracy and vice. The Captain and Hinsin don't emerge from their chambers for the rest of the day - and the fall of darkness brings the ship still a sail, though with relatively calm wind and flat seas.

Minor Crab-beast

The toe bone feels cool to the touch, and heavier than you'd expect if comparing it to either the bone of a shark or man. Regardless no thunderbolts strike you down nor do you feel a tactile taint or stain to it... it just feels... like a bone.

The party ensures that they're not stiffed on the hacksilver and each see themselves to a fair portion of what they're entitled. Folded and hammered it's a chunk of hefty weight (about 20 lb a piece) and unwieldy enough to need both hands to lumber down to your bunk (or wherever you seek to make it safe).

Minor Crab-beast

Quillin's reasoning seems sound as the most of those taking trophies appear to be going for either teeth or finger bones.

Will have a move forward post next time I get an appropriate post window. Off to check in for a chopper flight now :)

Minor Crab-beast
DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:
Hinsin waits to see the cloak delivered to him before he follows Lanteri into her quarters. Horumheb remains on deck, bellowing to the crewmen "Right lads, get your back into it. Quicker we do it the quicker we're at sail and moving on."

Tipene puts the question to the most senior on deck - Horumheb. The man shrugs and replies "If they wants a trophy I ain't the one to say no... can't see the bones being worth much in bits though"

Minor Crab-beast

There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around...

Have put a couple of posts up in thread - will attempt to keep things burbling along at slow pace whilst offshore this trip... but can't guarantee I'll be each and every day or whatnot.

Minor Crab-beast

The crew set to the task of stripping down the silver with gay abandon, crowbars, hammers, chisels and axes all employed in equal measure. The coffin takes some destructing, but eventually yields to the attention and kindling is separated from the lining. Wood and bones are sent into the brine and to Besmara's keeping - while the silver is hacked into manageable chunks, folded and hammered into a size where it might be easily secreted or portioned up for sale.

For clarity - does everyone claim a share of the silver?
And does anyone prevent / act against what was in the DC 15 Perception spoiler above?

Minor Crab-beast

Neither Quillin nor Bek can get a mental fix on a name or legend that might directly relate to a cyclops in a box, though each in turn does ruminate on a few points that might be of relevance.

The gnome recalls some footnotes from a book once thumbed through with respect to spellcasting amongst the larger races. Giants typically not known for their expanded minds, bar a couple of cases. The ogrish types from distant Arcadia... and the cyclopes of years past. Though not known to be active in the now, in ages past the cyclopes were thought to rule as sorcerer kings - keeping the smaller races merely as chattel.

Bek on the other hand recalls a few sozzled and drunken tales of the isles. Sunburnt and recently returned, high on liquor and ready to boast - more than once a Shackles sailor has told of their crew stumbling into a ruin or tomb amongst the isles and making off with wealth and riches. Though you've not seen anything bar a few fragments of hacksilver or a well worn stone carving - with one eyed iconography.

On the topic of manifest for the crew - it is something that I should develop... but I don't have anything specific at this point.

You can throw up a Kuala Lumpur Malaysia into that there tally of yours if you wish to.

Minor Crab-beast

Indeed - the main issue is not being able to consistently get sufficient time. As a player it's easy enough for the game to carry on without you - but as a DM it makes it a mite more difficult.

So for the forseeable it'll need to remain in pause mode unfortunately.

Minor Crab-beast

News on the work front... I have some! Will be mobilising offshore (to an oil rig) on Sunday for anywhere up to 3-4 weeks. The role should continue on and off through till the end of May - which gives a bit more stability to me here (plus means I can get paid again ;).

What it might mean though is that I suddenly drop off the contact map. Until I get offshore I have no clue what their internet filters are or aren't going to pick up... so while I'm hopeful Paizo is still accessible it isn't guaranteed. As long as I can get online I'll pop up a quick howdy - but again given it's a new job and I'll be landing right in the middle of ongoing operations it might take a few days before I get meaningful downtime.

So ultimately smiley face followed by pensive face which is hopefully followed by tired yet professionally satisfied visage.

Minor Crab-beast

Just a short note with apologies - I've not been in a happy headspace (well that plus busy with real life events over the weekend) for a while which has made it difficult to get into character. Hopefully on the mental mend and will be back into it sharpish, but a bit of patience is appreciated.

Note: Nothing major major, just a passing melancholy.

Minor Crab-beast

Will be a bit more of a pause (through to 15th Feb) as my youngest is on school holidays which is chewing up the day. Lots of home focus on getting our house in order as well prior to the potential for relocation and whatnot.

Minor Crab-beast

Gong Xi Fat Cai! - and happy year of monkeying to you all.

I am still here, though currently digesting the news of being forced into taking annual leave followed by potential unpaid leave unless some work magics itself up in the next wee while. Currently contemplating either that or potentially seachanging and leaving the country... interesting times.

Minor Crab-beast

Apologies for the delay today - somewhat distracted by a significant announcement at work... which is tied to a not insignificant amount of job turmoil over the next few months.

Minor Crab-beast


The rest of the crew begin to make their way forward - any superstition overcome by the prospect of a hefty slab of silver for their trouble.

Perception DC 15:
You see a few of the crew eyeing the skeleton itself with a degree of avarice.

Minor Crab-beast

Iscarel's furtive fingers flick forward to filch the valuables... and his heat surges a beat as he waits to see if his and Quillin's combined distraction have served to divert attention. There's no sign of discovery though as she instead closes down Quillin's inquiry "I know well enough what they're for without your byword crewman... see the shroud to the sawbones, the cloak goes to Hinsin. The silver cladding's the crew's share - break it down and send what's left of it's inhabitant to the brine."

Hinsin waits to see the cloak delivered to him before he follows Lanteri into her quarters. Horumheb remains on deck, bellowing to the crewmen "Right lads, get your back into it. Quicker we do it the quicker we're at sail and moving on."

Minor Crab-beast

Steal it... are you pirates or choir boys? :P

Minor Crab-beast

Shroud of Repose: if a person is wrapped in this sheet during an 8 hour rest, the person gains hit points at three times the usual rate. They also get a save at +4 against any poison / disease they are under the effect of. If wrapped around a corpse the body is subjected to a gentle repose affect.

Gemstones: if held in one hand, each of these stones provides the holder with a Swim speed of half their land speed, and at will can subject the holder to an air bubble spell at 5th caster level. Gem must be held throughout the duration of either effect.

Ring: vanilla +1 protection.

Sharkskin cloak: moderate abjuration / transmutation, though the exact workings are presently beyond your grasp. The item would need to be at a minimum inspected (and Spellcrafted) to gain any real insight.

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