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The holo recordings show a large black-and-white creature, a crinoid, made up of long feathery appendages and little else.

Shamshir remembers that Feather Stalkers, large aberrations, have melee and ranged attacks, A feather stalker can release a piercing feather at a single foe as a ranged attack targeting. Different feather stalkers have some different special attacks, and while different for each feather stalker, he knows they have energy resistance. "Careful, these creatures see in the dark..."

Going to the warehouse first.

On the way, there are shops, restaurants and the like available should you need to purchase anything.

Once you are ready, station security allows you through the force barrier set up around the perimeter of the warehouse.

The doors to the warehouse were forced open and no longer lock. The warehouse ceiling is 30 feet high, and a catwalk runs 15 feet above the floor. The crates and vehicle are approximately 5 feet tall, while the cylindrical containers and the crate-filled scaffolding are 10 feet tall.

Climbing the crates and scaffolding requires a successful will require an Athletics check. A pit in the warehouse floor is 10 feet deep. The scattered junk on the floor creates an area of difficult terrain. The lights on the catwalk are not bright enough to illuminate the area, leaving the warehouse in dim light.

The creature is nowhere to be seen.

DM Stuff:
1d4 + 1d4 + 1d4 ⇒ (1) + (1) + (4) = 6

On the road until very late Sunday night... thought I'd be able to post, but haven't had time.

Looking at Shamshir, Zigvigix says, "Saddly I do believe that it will need to be killed. We believe the creature is a feather stalker, a predator far more unpleasant than its name implies. As far as the Stewards have been able to piece together, a two-bit crime lord illegally imported the creature, and the beast promptly ate him."

Zigvigix pulls out a tablet, and shows some holo recordings of the incident taken off the station’s security cameras

Life Science on the creature

As for the album, "Romance... no, no... Historia-7 has seemed down after losing her mentor in the Scoured Stars. We hope the sugar-pop music can cheer up the android" Zigvigix adds that the band’s music always makes them feel better. They go on to gush about favorite songs, expressing regret they cannot hear the newest releases, as the shirren finds it incredibly difficult to stand in the long lines.

Blake is correct, and you make your way back to Absalom station.

The Exo-Guardians do not currently have a headquarters on Absalom Station, but their leader, Zigvigix resides in the poor but trendy neighborhood of Downlow. You know that Zigvigix is a long-standing member of the Exo-Guardians, Zigvigix suffered severe injuries prior to the Society’s expedition to the Scoured Stars, which prevented them from taking part.

Garbage litters the ground around the district’s largest art park—a cement lot filled with undulating metal sculptures and covered in graffiti of grotesquely adorable creatures. The sounds of music and chatter drift over from the nearby clubs, chronically interrupted by the roar of the local gangsters’ engines. A heavily augmented host shirren is sitting on one of the park benches, eating a simple meal of cold grub-noodles and rice candy. Their antennae perk up at the tremor of approaching footsteps. “Welcome, new Starfinders! And congratulations!” the shirren’s voice telepathically projects. “My speech-name is Zigvigix, but feel free to call me Ziggy, if that would be easier for you. Have some rice candy to celebrate your graduation! Today is your big day!

“When you are ready, I have two assignments I could use assistance with. The first is to help me secure a new headquarters on Absalom Station. I’ve been in talks with our station’s protectors, the Stewards, and they were kind enough to give us ownership of a warehouse here in Downlow for that purpose! The current owners no longer want it because a vicious alien took it over and kills anyone who goes inside. Once the alien is gone and the warehouse cargo has been returned to its owners, we can start installing desks and computers, so please go in and incinerate the creature!"

“My second assignment...” Zigvigix twitches their tooth barbs for a moment and then holds out a credstick. “Please buy the brand-new Strawberry Machine Cake album, Star Sugar Heartlove!!!, which is out today, and give it to Historia-7 when you see her. She is the head of the Dataphiles, so you should meet her today! I wish to do it myself, but I... I have trouble standing for long periods of time. Thank you very much!”

Contacting Fitch, he's startled to hear about the creature, and dismayed by all the damage. He tells you to get back up to him on the bridge of the Master of Stars right away, and to bring the alien.


"With that alien gone, my engineers can move back into E-Deck and fix the damage done... amazing how much trouble the little guy caused. I'll turn the alien over to a team of experts in hopes of learning more of the alien’s language and culture... interesting indeed!"

The children are safe, and their father, Kieu Kein is very grateful, he rewards the group with a mk 1 ring of resistance.

Fitch gives the the party a credstick with 400 credits on it. The Wayfinders’ leader thanks the group for their diligence, but is quick to get back to work on repairing the ship.

The creature mimics the laughing, "HORK, HORK, HORK," and the singing, "Orrrrm, hoooob... horooorb!", It had been clinging to both the wall, and Blake, but now it releases the wall and seems to settle down calmly, happy in Blake's arms.

The little being tilts its head bit... eyes waving back and forth. After a bit, it opens its mouth, bobbing it's head up and down, going, "ORK, ORK, ORK, ORK'. After a bit you realized it's trying to mimic laughing...

one more time... it's starting to seem more comfortable."

Phantom starts flipping dials and changing settings, but the task just seems too big...

The creature looks expectantly at Blake...

Culture, Life Science, or Mysticism check checks to communicate with it... does not say the same person can't go again... you need multiple success. Give me a description and a roll of one of those things. Give me multiple rolls if you wish.

Twitch starts looking at the computers and sees it's more work than he can handle right now... it'll take a repair team.

Ding, ding, ding, ding!

The creature seems to understand that Shamshir is trying to communicate. Its eyes bulge out towards Shamshir... curious, gesturing, seeming to look to understand, or learn more about, the group.

Same checks necessary...

As the party try to communicate with the creature, Phantom notices that, where the creature last was, on the monitor, that dials and and switches are all out of wack, like something was messing with them. Glancing around the room, anywhere there's something that could be messed with, IS messed with. He surmises that the creature has curiously been futzing with everything it could get its little claws on. It likely IS the cause of the problems on this floor.

It tilts its head, gazing at Blake, clearly curious as to what he has to say...

Culture, Life Science, or Mysticism check checks to communicate with it...


The creature, confused, blinks...

Thanks for playing!

While it does not speak or seem to understand specifically what you're saying, the creature stops acting as jittery and peaks it's eyes out...

Culture, Life Science, or Mysticism check checks to communicate with it... this would be easier to roleplay face to face without taking forever!

Try this link...

And what is this app you speak of? It's a cumbersome process...

Sorry, have'em, have to scan'em... updated computer isn't compatible with ancient all-in-one... will bring them to work tomorrow to scan.

Think I'll go digital from the get go next time...

Blake, ever so carefully and quietly, approaches the thermos... when he's close enough, he quickly reaches out. The creature squeals again, arms and legs shooting out to the side as it transforms from a thermos back into the multi leg-armed creature. It starts to scurry away, but Blake get's ahold of it with a lighting quick snatch.

It thrashes about for a bit, then settles down. Its many eyes, five in total, closed tightly at first, take turns peeking at its surroundings. When one notices Blake looking it snaps shut, only to have another eye slowly peek open moments later.

Twitch has NO idea what it is... Zvei starts "seeing it" everywhere... grabs a stapler off the desk... nope... this chair? Nope... when suddenly, across the room, Phantom spots a coffee thermos stuck right on the wall... that doesn't seem right!

As soon as Blake makes contact with the "outlet," there's a shrill squeal as it morphs into a creature, about the size of a small cat or kitten. It's six arms or legs shoot out to the side as it falls to the table, running off on its two hind appendages, its four upper appendages waving wildly. The creature, now that it's not a cream colored electrical device, has mostly yellowish leathery skill with some light brown and grey,, wet looking, with six, maybe more, beady orange eyes. Its comparatively large mouth is open as it continues to wail, long flappy ears trailing behind it. Small horns, or knobby bits of some sort run to either side of where you'd expect a spine to be.

It darts across the table, and under the next, knocking paraphernalia all about. The lights flicker, and the creature is nowhere to be seen. A drip of slime runs down the side of the monitor where it was concealed.

Shamshir follows the wet trail for a few feet, but then loses it.

Blake looks around the room, but just see the disheveled mess.

While Twitch completes the leak blockage, Zvei notices something strange. An electrical outlet, conduit box and all, stuck right on the side of a computer monitor..

Twitch sees that the cracked stasis chamber is going to take more equipment than he has available at the moment. Using his kit he is able to stop any further leaking.

Six discovers no more information about the products in the in-tact chambers.

The others, inspecting the broken stasis chamber see a trail of wet lading away from it.

Provide some perception and or survival checks with your further actions

After getting through the fire retardant issue, and carefully moving through the freezing cold and icy room. Twich and Blake inspect the computers and control panels... noticing something odd. It's almost as if someone was randomly flipping switches and turning nobs. Everything is set in disarray. Noticing the thermostat set to extremely low levels, they're easily able to set it to normal room temperature.

It'll be awhile before the room warms up and the icy conditions subside though.

That's just this terminal though. There's other controls in the room, and more things in disarray...

There's still the four large containment capsules three of which hold stasis-locked objects, including a tablet, a strange curved sword, and an odd spiral of bioluminescent coral.

A crack leaks fluid from the fourth capsule, which displays a foot-wide breach near the bottom.

As Twitch passes through the doors, but just before Phantom gets there, the ship's fire retardant system activates! The system releases gallons upon gallons of fire retardant foam in a 10'x15'area...

DC 11 Reflex:
This does not cause any damage, but the foam is slow to dissipate and seeps into eyes, soft tissue, and mechanical joints. –2 penalty to ranged attacks and skill checks for 1 hour

In the new room... this area consists of two adjoining chambers. Four large containment capsules fill the fore room, three of which hold stasis-locked objects, including a tablet, a strange curved sword, and an odd spiral of bioluminescent coral. A crack leaks fluid from the fourth capsule, which displays a foot-wide breach near the bottom. The aft room contains several desks, each hosting a deactivated computer terminal.

GM stuff:
3d4 ⇒ (4, 1, 2) = 7

The room is extremely cold. While not damaging, the temperature has caused ice to form along the floors. Moving more than 10 feet per round in the area requires a successful DC 12 Acrobatics check, or the you fall prone.

Lastly... having freed Bago from Borgor’s influence and bringing the Archer’s former captain (and attached first mate) to the authorities, the party is able to provide Borgor as a replacement for Livewire. The Starfinder Society grants Bago clemency by downloading his consciousness into an appropriate receptacle, thus freeing him from his vile brother.

I'll get chronicles done soon! Thanks for playing!

Blake goes to examine the controls for the door. It is an unlocked motion sensored sliding door.

The children are sent up on the lift

Blake is at the inner door control.

Zvei is sniping from across the room.

Everyone else is huddled at the first door, not yet having entered the room.

Sorry... I'm the biggest cause of any slow down here. I try to post daily, but have not been able to. I'd say less "1 post per day," and more "within a day of your turn coming up." But not holding anyone to anything.

I'm trying to post more too. The other PbP I'm GMing is pretty much done, that'll help too, and I won't add a second.

The children look like they're about to start talking... seeming to relax a little. When Twitch comes in all high-strung, and ushers them out, their eyes go wide, and the follow him to the nearest lift.

The disheveled room now appears empty.

Looking around you notice that the storage room is in a somewhat haphazard state— all the boxes and barrels in the chamber are empty.

"Yes... yes... send us up... have Fitch send some one for us!", one of the children says with obvious relief.

"What about... you know...", whispers the other far too loudly for her intentions.

"Oh... you're right!", "We're fine here... now that the lights are on... you can go about your Pathfin... er STARfinder business... Starfinder you say you are?"

"Yes, we're good... go continue fixing stuff... that'd be great. Maybe leave us any candy you have?"

Fitch on the comms, "What? Kids? Alone done there?! Must be Kieu Kein's kids... what the hells are they doing down there?!"


With a flourish, Raia dives deep into the system's code, and in just a few moments, there's a clank and a hiss and the hatch opens.

Just on the other side of the hatch the party finds the melted remains of the two crew members of the Archer. With Bago's help, and to his horror, you later determined it to be Snips and Xalak-don. Some searching through this mess of melted bodies reveals a credstick containing 1,500 credits, three mk 2 serums of healing, a carbon steel curve blade with an entangling fusion seal (6th level), and a mk 2 ring of resistance.

As true Starfinders, everyone is eager to delve further into the structure. But your orders are to return to Luwazi Elsebo at Absalom Station. Luckily, the Starstone will make for a quick return trip.

From the hatch the party contacts Luwazi, who graciously thanks the crew for their efforts on Salvation’s End and beckons them to return to Absalom Station for debriefng, indicating that future exploration of the moon needs to wait.

Luwazi then adds that the payment can be claimed upon their return: 3,000 credits for each member. Luwazi heaps praise upon the group for a mission well done and is excited to discuss future opportunities with them, if they so desire.

Future Starfinder Society missions are sure to explore the interior of Salvation’s End. For now, the party should take satisfaction that their discovery of such an immense and unexplored location is sure to get the attention of countless organizations—not to mention catapult the Starfinder Society back onto the galactic stage as an organization with sole rights to explore the false moon!

She says she'll be awaiting your return and ends the transmission.

Anything else you'd like to do?

The kids poke their heads up.

"Oh, thank the gods... someone is here to help. It was dark for so long. The lights just came back on a couple minutes ago... we knew someone would be coming.", Says a young girl

"Coming to get us in trouble! Look sis! That one on the crates... he's got a gun! Oh, I didn't think it'd be that much trouble!", Squeals the brother

"You're right, probably so much trouble... please, please just take us out of here!"

"No! No one's here!" whimpers one of the children.

"maybe they're here to help...", whispers one

"Shhh... we'll get in trouble" The other replies.

Zvei feels there are two and just two creatures, sound like children, in the corder behind the boxes.

You can either have just come in with them on the ship and have been quiet up until now.... OR you were sent earlier from the Starfinder Society, and have been on these lower decks fixing things. Pop in now though.

The computer console’s screen rapidly scrolls through a series of blueprints, plans, and schematics that hint at a larger substructure beyond the closed hatch. Raia is able to easily download this information... the society will be eager to see it.

The hatch looks extremely sturdy .

DC 15 Engineering or Physical Science:

The hatch is constructed of pure adamantine.

Raia, starts digging into the system, a tier 5, hardened computer, likely trapped. She does discover that if she links the console here to the mainframe she hacked in the hanger, she can use its processing power to assist in the hack.

She doesn't think the exhaust gas is dangerous.

Computers check with +20 for the mainframe assist

Shamshir deftly reroutes power into the local systems.

This quick jury-rigging only provides limited power to the the section of E-Deck near the party, but it is enough to restore moderate computer functionality.

Most of the starship’s cameras remain off, but the checking the displays reveals that there are two human children hiding in an empty storage room.

see google sheets for the map your bring up... the children are in C1... your position is marked

Carefully poking you heads into the room you see

Scattered barrels and boxes line the lowered oor of this storage chamber. A thick bulkhead to the port side leads farther onto the deck, while a similar bulkhead to the aft connects to an arterial hallway that runs the length of the deck.

The kids were last seen on the displays to the Northeast corner poking their heads periodically from behind the crates.

Yes... underway under gameplay....

Again, to be clear, you're hopping in after the first mission because we lost multiple players. You'll get full credit at this point.

The electric hum of a powered computer console echoes throughout the bowels of this recessed chamber. A series of thick cords attached to the console connect to a large, gore-covered hatch. The hatch firmly seals against the room’s rough stone floor. Several vents surround the hatch, each spewing forth gouts of miasmic exhaust and emitting angry whistles at irregular intervals.

The party uses maintenance tunnels and stairs and ladders when the can to avoid the lifts to reach E-Deck. The doors on E-Deck are closed and do not automatically open without power, but since the magnetic seals on the doors are also disabled due to the power loss, it's easy to force them open.

The Master of Stars is the largest starship in the Society’s arsenal. Even before the events of the Scoured Stars, it was the pride of the eet. Years of neglect required an extensive retro t during the events of the Scoured Stars incident, inadvertently saving the agship. The repairs are still ongoing, hampered by the lack of any senior Star nders familiar with the ship’s myriad and esoteric systems.

The E-Deck is in total darkness when the you arrive, making the first order of business to restore power to the lights and the cameras prior to entering the area.

Computers or engineering to reroute power temporarily

The Bago persona provides no resistance and even helps to bind and gag his brother’s mouth. He happily accepts any form of restraints. After securing Borgor, the first words out of Bago’s mouth are asking for any information about Livewire. He provides a description of the ysoki down to her soft eyes... a description you all immediately recognize from your time with Livewire..

Hearing what the group has to say of Livewire, Bago asks for forgiveness and begs you to take him to Absalom Station so he and his brother can take her place indentured on Varos. Borgor begrudgingly remains docile, not wanting to risk angering his new captors.

After some more time talking you learn their story... Initially, the Exhaust Drinker goblins subdued the ettin and brought him here for sacrifice to the Spirit Hole (he refers to the area you have yet to visit, B5 on the map). However, when BorgorBago awoke, he overpowered his captors, killed the goblin leader, and quickly assumed control of the Exhaust Drinkers tribe. The ettin immediately ordered the goblins to bring his orbiting ship, the Archer, to the false moon’s surface.

While his new subjects rushed off to do his bidding, BorgorBago turned his attention toward the Spirit Hole, something he immediately recognized as an outer hatch into Salvation’s End. As the ettin began his work to open this hatch, his ship, the Archer, violently crashed into Shantyspire. He has thus far been frustrated by the hatch... unable to open it.

That's when Borgor charmed his other head, Bago, in order to maintain authority over the Exhaust Drinkers.


Have you read the Starfinder society guide?

Basically start with a core race. There are other limits imposted on your character here.

You need to set up a Starfinder society account under My Account-Account Settings-Organized Play.

So, looks like we have four right now... If Peet is fine with giving it to the "new guy" then Deko can pop in.

Please note, we are part way through already. Finished the first of the missions.

You remember from your recent Starfinder training that the Wayfinders’ transitory nature precludes them from having a single stationary headquarters on Absalom Station. Instead, the Wayfinders operate out of the Master of Stars, an enormous starship that is part of the Armada orbiting Absalom Station. The Master of Stars is currently undergoing extensive repairs, obsessively overseen by the Wayfiinders’ leader Fitch, a female ysoki.

After contacting Guidance, a Society shuttle takes the group out to the orbiting ship.

The station’s Armada can be seen from the shuttle’s view screen as it takes off, gleaming figures standing out against the emptiness of space. The Master of Stars immediately stands out from the rest, as layers and layers of scaffolding obscure its hull. Tiny lights flicker among the metal beams as distant figures weld plates and heat shields to the ship’s exterior. The shuttle smoothly glides closer until it reaches the starship’s docking bay, slipping through the magic field that keeps the hold pressurized with breathable atmosphere. As the shuttle doors open, a small drone flies in and pops up a holoscreen, displaying a harried-looking ratfolk.

“Finally, fresh meat!” the ysoki exclaims over the screen, sounding pleased. “Name’s Fitch—pleasantries over, time to get to work. I had some trouble earlier with the lights flickering on the ship, and now both the lights and computers have suddenly gone out on E-Deck. No idea what’s causing it, but you work this job long enough and—” Fitch’s attention flicks to something off screen, and she shouts “Kirkath! The welding torch is not a toy! You wanna go in the toddler’s pen with the other kids?” She snorts dismissively before continuing, “Sorry, some of these little ones would cut off their own heads if I let them. Anyway, it could be some lunkhead screwed up the wiring, but that’s a pretty big system failure for a simple electrical short. I’d prefer to send in some people with combat training to scout it out, just in case someone or something is sabotaging the ship. If it’s nothing, great, get the power back on if you can. If there’s something suspicious, use your comm units to report in to me. I’ll give you the access codes, so— Selicha! If you touch that panel I will staple you to the hull!”

The screen on the drone cuts out, then flashes to display the ship’s schematics and the passwords for the computers on E-Deck.


Iseph takes a well aimed shot... pegging the ettin critically... blood squirts from the wound...

Shots ring out all around Borgor as he looks at his horrific wound!

Bago/Borgor (76) Cover

Bold is up!

Iseph cover
Zhri (SP: 12)

He raises his hand, "Fine... stop... enough! I can't fight all of you and my brother at the same time... enough! I surrender!"

Borgor stands there, gun dropped to the ground, one hand raised.

Shots ricochet all around the beast, but don't hit their mark!

Bago/Borgor (66) Cover

Bold is up!

Iseph cover
Zhri (SP: 12)

Keskodai's shot whizzes past the ettin, who fight back in rage...

Seeing how many opponents he has, he hurls another force disk... his best chance to affect more than one of you...

at Zhri again...
Ranged attack vs EAC: 1d20 + 13 - 2 ⇒ (5) + 13 - 2 = 16
damage: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 1) = 8

"BAH! Should just smash!, screams Borgo as the force disk misses yet again!

Bago/Borgor (66) Cover

Bold is up!

Iseph cover
Zhri (SP: 12)

Zvei takes a highly questionable shot at the fleeing thug... putting him down with a well aimed round.

Just as Blake mentions the need to contact Historia she contact them Historia-7 relays that Ceren feels comfortable enough in her new identity to risk a return to public life. ,

Historia 7 says, "Ceren contacted me, she told me it's the most alive she has felt in ages! She's even gone so far as to offer to assist the Dataphiles if they ever require her skills." She thanks you all for handling the gamers, and says that she personally handled forging Ceren’s death.

Having contacted Historia 7... you now have the other missions to attend to. See the overview of the factions sheet Guidance provided (see Handout #1: Starfinder Faction Summary on on the Google sheet)

Up to you if you want to play again or not. You get credit for a firsty. Totally welcome to join if you WANT to play.

We'll stop at 5 if you join... possible one of our missing will show back up shortly.

Blake is able to leave two slugs in the remaining scoundrel... that final assault, and the appearance of reinforcements encourages the remaining thug to get the heck out of there.

Alone now with Ceren, the group is able to provide her with her new identity. Papers, logins, cored sticks. Ceren is unperturbed by the gangers' appearance, confident that the party's work falsifying her death should throw off future investigations into her whereabouts.

Happy with this, Ceren departs to find Jibair and go into hiding.

The party has a brief respite... healing if necessary, and introductions may be in order!

If you need an in, Guidance may have sent these final two society graduates to catch up with the group for this tradition of meeting the faction heads.

Hello Zvei!

FYI Zvei has a legacy race boon... we have a halfling!

Check out the first couple pages of the gameplay tab to see the set up and what the society has assigned you. They are wrapping up the Datafiles mission.

Yes, Saashaa... just check in with your character... that'll put us at 4 again!

That's great! So, have you done much play by post?

Click on the other's names to see their profiles? Get your character in your profile like that.

Check out the first couple pages of the gameplay tab to see the set up and what the society has assigned you. They are wrapping up the Datafiles mission.

I'd say that the goal is to post once per day, but I've been super slow on all my PbP's lately... so a couple days between has been common with not much on weekends (sorry for that!). But we're here for the long-term, so the game will get done.

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