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DM Puppet Master's page

1,001 posts. Alias of Anon A Mouse.

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Definitely not a vampire


Xin Grafar | Statues


Member of the Resistance. Clearly.

About DM Puppet Master

I hope to add more potentially useful info to this as time passes.

New to PBP Resources
Doomed Hero's Guide to PBP
Painlord's Advanced PBP Play

Mapping Tools:
Listed from roughly lowest learning curve to highest

Google Spreadsheets

Google Drawings
There are two main ways I've seen this done.
1) Use a table or a grid in the background and draw on top of it
2) Upload a picture of the map, add players, and cover parts of the map you don't want revealed*

- Can count distance for you for moving character
- Can add auras around characters
- Different boarders for different tokens
- Can auto-resize tokens
- Very hard (impossible?) to have non-square tokens (and therefore non-rectangular objects as well) on the map
- NO documentation

- Lots of really nice features (fog-of-war, dynamic lighting, built in dice roller, macros, etc)
- Well documented
- Not all the features may be available for free
- Some of the nice features may not be as helpful for PBP (as opposed to live, online gameplay)

*If you're running a module or AP, this is my favorite choice. Once you extract a map without all the secret doors and such in it (which admittedly, can be a bit tricky), it requires very little work. You basically just have to cover parts of the map you don't want revealed yet. You also get all that built in art and textures of the map, although admittedly, it can be rather pixelated depending on the resolution of the image.

Rolling Ability Score Statistics:

Below is the average point buy value of different rolling methods I've seen online. The average was taken after 100,000 trials, and the standard deviation was between 9 and 11 (generally 10) for each one.

  • 5.4: 3d6
  • 17.5: Roll 3d6 twice per stat, keep the best
  • 19.4: 4d6 drop 1
  • 21.2: Roll 3d6 twelve times, keep top 6
  • 25.7: 2d6+6
  • 30.2: Focus and Follies
  • 30.8: 5d6 drop 2
  • 36.7: Roll 3d6 six times per stat, keep the best
  • 42.0: 3d6 drop 1 + 6

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