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Telakin (Doppleganger)

DM Mothman's page

4,891 posts. Alias of Mothman.

About DM Mothman

Stefan Werewolf fight

Map is here.

The square in the middle is the cabin, with the door shown as a rectangle. The smaller square nearby is a small shack or shed behind the cabin, and the circle nearby is a small brick well. The cloud-shaped objects are bushes (difficult terrain that provides concealment) and the ‘x’s are where the sheep are staked. The shaded patches are areas where plants that appear to be wolfsbane grow. Outside the borders of the meadow and paths it is steep, wooded terrain (difficult terrain). The meadow itself mainly has grasses, weeds, clovers, low ground cover and patches of snow, but does not count as difficult terrain (except bushes).

Between the just-set sun, the light mist and the bright moon overhead, the whole area counts as having dim light, which means concealment (20% miss chance on attacks and you can use stealth to hide). If you have low light vision you can see normally within a 15 foot radius (no miss chance within that radius etc), if you have darkvision that extends to a 60 foot radius.

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