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it went very well

Round 3 recap:

Areth your spell goes off giving Jastheriga a boost of strength. The goblin in the back of the group continues to sing and makes her way towards Laelynn, drawing her whip as she moves. She lashes out at the womans feet with her whip trying to trip her. Laelynn catches to goblin off guard and drives her weapon into the goblins throat, severing its head from its body. Gavin you lob an orb of acid at one of the goblins in front of Laelynn but you miss. Jastheriga with the singing goblin dead you focus on the other goblins in front of you. You take a 5 foot step and getting a full round of attacks off. Your first claw hits the one directly in front of Laelynn and it drops dead. The second claw misses the other goblin however. Seeing that he was the only goblin left on the field the other goblin turns tail and runs. Anyone doing to persue him?

Party Rolls:

Laelynn attack of opprotunity on Goblin for trip attack:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 231d10 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20
Jastheriga claw 2 attack:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 121d6 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

Sorry this has creeped so many of you out. Kit is correct in my motovoations and it was not to creep anyone out. I will gladly not reference this plot twist anymore and am willing to retcon it out of the story if people want to restart.

After a little while the rest of the group joins those at the gate.

Everyone ready to go?


Enothai he saves vs your spell and then looks at you shaking his head. "Nice try" he says. As Orion speaks to him he looks frightened and shakes his head "I believe you've misunderstood...I was talking about being her apprentice thats all..." Orion then rushes forward and dismisses the creature before it can cause any harm to the girl.

YOu mean like that stupid mages and there anti-combat spells...just kidding.

[spoiler=NPC/Enemy dice rolls]
Save vs Charm:1d20 + 10 ⇒ (19) + 10 = 29
Spellcraft for charm:1d20 + 12 ⇒ (19) + 12 = 31
Save vs Dismissal:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13



You are able to sneak into the headmasters office undetected. What speficically are you looking for.

Hey guys I'm working on a combat map as we speak and then we should be good to go.

Ruby clutches to Freya's waist and hugs her tightly and sobs into her. She also throws up again all over Freya's shoes.

As you all make your way to the rumblehouse the crowd parts around you and you make your way to the front of the throng of people. Before you lays a very battered and broken body of Roderick. He has been murdered . Just as you make your way up to the front Ruby comes dashing through the crowd of people pushing and shoving as she needs to. As she sees the broken and battered body she lets out a mournful scream and then doubles over, wretches, and then crumbles to the ground sobbing uncontrollably.

Dun dun dun que dramatic music.

Those going to see Ameiko:
You make your way toward the temple and are greeted by an apprentice who is studying under Father Zantus. "Here to see your friend are you Shalelu? She's resting in her room. We've done everything we could but she still hasn't woken..." She then turns on her heals and leads you to a room. She gently knocks on the door, hoping to be greeted but no reply comes. She sighs and opens the door. In the bed lays a very beat up and battered Ameiko , laying motionless except for the very slow raising and falling of her breath. It was very clear that she had been very badly burned and she is wrapped in bandages. The apprentice motions for you to go inside and whispers as she does so. "You may go in if you like but please do not touch her. We've done our best to keep her comfortable but are unsure what type of pain she's still in."

You'll remember your good old DM and give him discounts on any purchases he makes right lol

Going to wait for Aizel and Orion to post before I get things started in ernst unless you guys wanted to pause and start combat when I get back on Monday.

As you make your way toward the explosion you come to one of the classrooms which has been practically destroyed and a very large 15 ft tall spider locking eyes at the terrified student who just summoned it. Make me a Knowledge Arcana check to identify it.

[spoiler=DC 21 Knowledge Arcana check]The creature is a summoned extraplanor construct known as a Retriever. It has very dangerous eye rays which can shoot fire, cold, or electricity, or petrify its target. It also has a less effective bite and claw attack. It also has the ability to heal itself.

"Nope..." Jandar says before turning and starting to sprint down the hall towards the classroom.

Oh good you got why I described him that way Enothai lol

Jandar Lilswin smiles brightly at Enothai "I would love to study under you some time"see what I did there

Looking at Ganorok he smiles [b]"Yeah I know just the place we'll head there before hitting up the library and the dorms if anyone still wants to go there. He then turns and starts heading towards the exit of the building. As you are leaving however you all hear a loud explosion and then a blood curdling scream.

I want to thank everyone for the patience as well as I get my feet back under me. Its been years since I've run PBP here so I'm just getting back in the habit of making posts and such. You all have been very patient.

Just as you guys get to the front of the Rusty Dragon you see the Sheriff walking up the road. He looks pretty badly hung over this morning and he almost trips over his feet as he appraoches you. "Oh good just the people I was coming to see." he says smiling brightly at you. "I heard from the Mayor last night that two of our more important townspeople were attacked last night by goblins. I'm pretty sure this was just a random attack but the Mayor..." he drifts off a minute and rubs his cheek lightly. If you look closely you will see a hand print on his cheek. "...Strongly encouraged me to look into this matter. I think I am going to lift the ban on hunting goblins. I am going to post a 10 gp reward for every goblin ear brought to me and if you bring me the head of a chiefton that will be rewarded with 300 gp. Apparently some of our merchants have been complaining about increased goblin attacks and lady Shalelu has also seen increased activity." He then scans the party and starts at seeing Shalelu standing there.

"Oh lady Shalelu...I didn't see you there...uhh...glad to see you back on your feet. If you could guide these fine young adventurers to where you believe the attacks are happening I will gladly give them the bounty for any ears they collect."

You talk with Rodrick at length about you joining up and he eventually asks you to meet him at The Ramblehouse in the morning to make things offical. He then excuses himself letting you know he has some business to attend to.

The events of the evening draw to a non eventful close. But the next morning you all awake to the sound of people in the streets. As you get up to investigate you see that all the people seem to be heading towards The Ramblehouse.

So what are you guys thinking of my little prelude here. This isn't actually in the published adventure I just wrote it in to give you guys a chance to start interacting with some of the NPC's you will be traveling with.

Anyone who goes with Vera:
Koya opens the door and smiles as Vera opens the door. The smile fades as Vera makes her request but Koya remains silent as Vera makes her speech. "If you wish for her to arm herself I leave you fully responsibly if anything happens to her." she says before turning to get the bow and a quiver of arrows. "Let it be on your head if anything happens to that Elf my child. Now go and prove what ever it is your trying to prove." She then almost pushes Vera out of the door, shuts it, and locks it with a loud click.
Obviously Vera you can read the spoiler to

"Well if you are eager to get settled in I have someone outside that I have assigned to be your guide while you stay here." Toff then goes and opens the door. A young human male in his late 20's enters the room, wearing the same purple robes that Enothai and Orion saw the other student wear. "This is Jandar Lilswin and he is a student here that I have asked to guide you around campus. The eight halls of magic are closed for the evening due to them being set up for tomorrows event but the rest of the campus remains open to you. Just ask Jandar if you want to go anywhere and he will be more than happy to assist you."

Jandar bows at his indroduction and then speaks. "So I overheard some of you want to go to the dorms and you sir" he says motioning to Aizel "want to go to the library. I will be more than happy to take you there. This way if you please"

I'll push things forward Bandis you were right he has said his piece.

"Well yes we have you staying in the dorms on campus if you wouldn't mind roughing it. I'm sure adventurers as successful as your selves are used to far more...posh accommodations but unfortunately we don't have any. I'm sure you won't mind going back to the days of yore when you were broke and sleeping where ever while trying to make a name for yourselves."

Oh and the contract seems ligit Ganorok. It doesn't detect as magical other than the magic on it when he mage handed it over to you. Its your standard bs contract saying that in the case of injury or death you can't sue him or the Acadame.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And its going to be a blast. He doesn't even know its happening lol. It got a little complicated getting him there but all those details have finally been figured out and we're good for the best surprise retirement party ever.

Yes Tomorrow and Friday morning.

Have fun Talin...I will make it to the holy land that is Paizocon one day...really wanted to go with my wife and my sister in law but money is to tight this year. Its a shame because I have the perfect Seioni costume I wanted to try out...

And don't worry guys I'll be able to post until Friday. Just wanted to give you an early heads up so I don't leave you hanging.

Other than Areth are we waiting for actions from anyone else?

Ganorok and Enothai and anyone who attempts a DC 25 Knowlege Local/History check:
you both recognize the name as the first and only person to win the breaching festival though his win is noted with a asterisk in some texts because, as Toff said, it is looked at with suspicion. The rules of the Breaching Festival have been changed so that contestants now enter through one door and exit through another door on the other side of the hall, thus eliminating the possibility of avoiding the wards/traps/obstacles.

As you are trying to mingle you over hear some rumblings about an inappropriate relationship between Rodrick and Ruby and that some believe they have been meeting up at the Plague House romantic. Make me a knowledge Local roll if you want to know what the Plague house is.

As you drink the night starts to slip away and a few hours after the festivities began you are approached by Rodrick. "Shame about your house." he says as he takes a seat next to you. He looks disheveled, his hair is a mess and his shirt has been torn and there are what look to be bite marks on his neck.

After a while of sitting with Aaron you notice Rodrick come into the bar. He looks very disheveled, his hair a mess, his shirt torn, and there look to be bite marks on his neck. He strikes up a conversation with Aaron."[/b]

[spoiler=Ayla]Its almost time for you to turn in for the night when Rodrick comes to talk to you. "I am sorry for getting to you so late but I wanted to thank you for helping out with the tug of war. A woman of your....stature would do fine in our town guard. Have you ever thought of joining up?[/b]

Just a heads up, and I apologize for the lack of posts in advance, but I won't be able to post much after 12 PM on Friday as I'm heading out of state to throw my dad a retirement party so will be with family and not able to get online. I will be back Monday morning.

Just a heads up, and I apologize for the lack of posts in advance, but I won't be able to post much after 12 PM on Friday as I'm heading out of state to throw my dad a retirement party so will be with family and not able to get online. I will be back Monday morning.

Sorry guys trying to move things along as best as I can.

Just a heads up, and I appologize for the lack of posts in advance, but I won't be able to post much after 12 PM on Friday as I'm heading out of state to throw my dad a retirement party so will be with family and not able to get online. I will be back Monday morning.

I love that you are all trying to figure this out. It means that I'm playing Toff correctly. I also wanted to appologize for my lack of posting the last week or is getting hectic right now and will continue to be through out the summer but I will post as/when I can and when I can't and know ahead of time I'll let you guys know.

That being said this weekend will be absolutely no post weekend for me as I'm going out of town to throw my dad a surprise early retirement party. He's not truly retiring for another year...or 10...but he has sold his business that he's been a partner in since the early 90's and has been running since the early 2000's.

I'm going to try and make multiple posts a day until Friday after 12 PM CST when I go silent until Monday morning.

Toff looks a bit troubled by Enothai words "what are you speaking of child?"

At Ganorok's eagerness Toff goes back to his desk and pulls out the wavers needed and then mage hands them over to each of the participants. "If you're willing, please read over this document with idemnifies the University of any wrong doings and states that you are doing this on your own free will and will bear all responsibility if and when your injured. Once signed you will be offically enrolled in the Breaching Festival."

He looks at Aizel a little puzzled and shakes his head "No you are not to know the identities of the other parties just know you will meet them tomorrow at the kick off ceremony." Toff takes another drag of his pipe and seems to be considering something. After a moment of silence he sighs.

"Look I'll shoot you straight, the last winner of the Breaching Festival,Dyson Fordyce, didn't so much win as find a loop hole. You see he went in and out of the same door in the Hall of Wards with out really defeating any of the obsticales inside...people have started to get wind of this and as such what was supposed to be a symbol of prestige...well honestly has become a bit of a laughing stock. We've brought you here to show once and for all that the Breeching Festival is not something to be laughed at. If it takes a group of seasoned adventurers to beat it, surly it is a challenge. And honestly...I don't have much time left in my tenure as headmaster and it would be nice to see a winner while still headmaster...thats why I've kind of bent the rules to let you compete.

At Ganork's questions the headmaster jumps a little as he wasn't quite expecting...well...Ganork. Getting over his inital shock he smiles "Very wise questions my son. First of the prize this year is 153,000 gp. But the fame you will gain for being the first to win in 150 years is worth far more I suspect. As for the rules they are simple. First, there can be but one winner-Although you are all welcome to work together. Second there will be no interfering with the other teams or preventing the members of your team from completing the ritual. Third, the contestant who first emerges from the front doors of the Hall of Wards is the winner. Finally, all contestants must sign forms that release the Acadamae of any liability for any misfortune suffered as a result of the contest.

At Orion's question he smiles "The breeching isn't a cake walk sunny we have our best and brightest students working on the obsticals for months each year and they are lethal to the fullest degree. I susupect we haven't had a winner because no one has been strong enough. There is no need to test our wards for those that set them up know what they are doing. Many have perished doing what you are about to do. HE pauses to take another long drag from his pipe before answering Orions next question. "The breaching festival, which grew out of the Hall of Wards' claim that their traps and defences were so great that no thief could preach them, is for real-the dangers contestants face are as I said lethal. Each year, the dean of the Hall of Wards, with the aid of a handpicked group of talented spellcasters, crafts a new series of traps and dangers. No one else knows what these wards are until the festival is underway. In previous years, all manner of magical traps, particularly those that summon monsters or use glyphs and wards, have been used."[b] When pressed about the need for a winner Toff sighs and says [b]"No one’s won the festival for over a century and a half, and that’s far too long a stretch for a school that produces some of Golarion’s most skilled wizards. Frankly, it makes us look bad."Those of you who have rolled sense motive feel he's holding something back with this last answer but everything else he has been straight forward about.

Thank you for your patience everyone. Round recap is what a bad round for you of your tanks is bleeding out as we speak...that dice roller didn't like you guys lol.

Round 1 recap:
Areth your lightning arc connects with the goblin in front of you. The goblin in the back of the group begins to sing. Gavin you are pretty sure that the man in blue is telling the truth. The goblin that killed the mans dog smiles a wide grin at Jastheriga charges up and tries to grapple him. The goblin tries to take a slice at the snake. The goblin strikes true cutting into the snake for 7 points of damage. Jastheriga because of the pain wracking your body you fail to get a hold of the goblin. Mal you are able to intimidate 3 of the goblins on the field and they become shaken for the next round. Laelynn you charge forward but you whiff on your attack. A goblin will return the favor, swinging his sword at Laelynn. His sword goes wide however. Another goblin takes a 5 foot step at attacks Laelynn. He to misses horribly. Another goblin moves up at attacks Jastheriga. His sword strikes true striking the snake through the chest for another 6 damage. Tiyeri you cast your spell on one of the two goblins attacking Jastheriga but it resists the spell.

Top of the round so everyone post your round 2 actions. I might point out that Jastheriga is at 0 hp right now so he can act in the second round but will pass out after that if someone doesn't heal him.


Longshanks is what goblins call humans. This implies that the goblins are working with humans to attack the city.

Init re-roll for tied inits:

Mal:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10
Jastheriga:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (13) + 1 = 14

DM Attack rolls vs party:

Goblin attack on Jastheriga:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 181d8 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7
Goblin attack on Laelynn:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 91d4 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
Goblin attack on Laelynn:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 81d4 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
Goblin attack on Jastheriga:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 201d4 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

Goblin saving throw:

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19


Enchanter-9/9 Inspire courage +1 to attack and weapon damage, +1 to saving throws against charm and fear affects to all goblins.

yes I am but I already have my BS in Math but finished with a poor gpa so I'm retaking the calc sequence, differential equations, and linear algebra to try to get into gradschool. I took precalc for the trig refereshment not realizing we wouldn't be covering trig until the last 2 weeks of the semester which isn't hardly enough time to cover it...I would have been better off taking straight trig rather than precalc.

No I'll be able to post tomorrow for sure and will probably need a break after my calculus final lol.

Hey guys I have a calculus final tomorrow and a pre-calc test tonight and final next monday so my posting might be a little slow. With that said I don't know if I will be able to post today...I still have pre-calculus homework due tonight and calculus homework due tomorrow before the final to finish.

Hey guys I have a calculus final tomorrow and a pre-calc test tonight and final next monday so my posting might be a little slow. With that said I don't know if I will be able to post today...I still have pre-calculus homework due tonight and calculus homework due tomorrow before the final to finish.

Hey guys I have a calculus final tomorrow and a pre-calc test tonight and final next monday so my posting might be a little slow. With that said I don't know if I will be able to post today...I still have pre-calculus homework due tonight and calculus homework due tomorrow before the final to finish.

Hey guys I have a calculus final tomorrow and a pre-calc test tonight and final next monday so my posting might be a little slow. With that said I don't know if I will be able to post today...I still have pre-calculus homework due tonight and calculus homework due tomorrow before the final to finish.

You over hear some older men talking at the bar “Someone went and bought up all the shovels in town.
I guess they figured no one else needed to dig a well
or plant a garden.”

Rodrick gets out of the mudpit and tries his best to wipe off his clothing and get the mud out of his hair. He gets mostly clean as kit dives into the mud, covering him once again. A few locals join Kit in the mud and soon a rousing bout of mud wrestling begins. Rodrick lets out a sigh and gives up on getting clean or containing the fighting so he walks over to Ruby. He holds out a mud speckled hand "Congratulations young warrior." he says. After she takes his hand he kisses it gently. Those that are close get a strange sense that there might be more going on between the two of them. He then leans in and whispers something in her ear and she nods, smiling to herself.

[ooc]So Ayla is collecting her and Hashar's coin, kit is swimming in the mud pit with some locals w

Shalelu rolls her eyes at you and messes up your hair a little bit "You don't need to protect me you know, I can handle my own. Come lets head to the common room and see if the rest of the people who tended to me are there."

The last to party members finally arrive and the secretary goes to let Toff know that everyone is here. A few moments later she comes out of his office "He's ready to see you now." As you make your way into the office you notice the room is filled from floor to ceiling by bookshelves and a large oaken desk. A man sits in a chair, glancing out a window in his office. The smell of pipe smoke can wafts through the air. The secretary leads you to your seats and then turns to leave.

A wizened old man stands and then turns to face all of you, a long white beard hangs from his face. He motions for you to take a seat in the chairs laid out in the room.

"Welcome, and thank you for answering my invitation. As I’m sure you well know, the Breaching Festival is a longstanding Acadamae tradition, with prizes both material and magical. You might also know that entry in the contest is traditionally reserved for only the best and bravest of our students and a select few representatives of other Korvosan institutions. This year, though, we’re changing tradition and expanding the invitations further than ever—we want the most powerful, qualified individuals to compete, in other words. It has been a century and a half since the last—the only—winner of the Breaching Festival won the prize! One of you surely must bring glory to yourself and the Acadamae by enduring the traps and tricks in the Hall of Wards. I’m even willing to bend the rules to allow a team of allied competitors like yourselves to cooperate as a single unit—whatever it takes to get a winner tomorrow. Please feel free to ask any questions you have of me at this time."

As he speaks he still has the pipe in his mouth and he takes several breaks to take a draw from it.

Hmm a threesome as a congradulations...why was college life never like that for me...

Koya cuts Shalelu free and Shalelu then motions for you to meet her outside. You wait a few minutes before she reappears. "I know you have someone capapble with a bow...I want it" she whispers in your ear, a steely reserved look on her face. You get the impression it would be unwise to not give it to her but you also feel it unwise to do so due to Koya's warnings.

Koya narrows her eyes at you "Are you daft boy...she is in no condition... Shalelu inturupts here however.

"Oh you crazy bat I'll be fine. Besides there adventurers not country bumpkins I'm sure they can keep me safe. Now either I gnaw through these ropes and join them anyway while your out checking on Ameiko or you can release me."

Koya sighs an exasperated sigh and then unties the elven woman. She is to not do any heavy lifting and her weapons stay here with me. I left her emergency dagger in her boots if she needs it but if you are as skilled as she thinks she won't need it because you are not to allow a goblin with in 30 feet of her. Do you understand?"

so so far we have had a budding romance between a paladin and a half orc and a woman tied to a bed...very interesting game I'm running here if I do say so my self lol.

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