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Delendir Farnes wrote:

Welcome to any potential GMs! I think this is a great opportunity for anyone looking for an active and reliable group who enjoys character interactions in addition to advancing through the story.

Thank you Delendir

Hey guys,

Just wanted to apologize for dropping into thin air with no notice. I had a very personal and private situation involving my children happen and as a parent that became my priority. I should have popped back in and let you guys know something was going on but I had all I could handle going on. Things seem to be settling down for the time being(far from over) and I would be interested in continuing if anyone is still interested.

Thron wrote:
DM Mathpro wrote:

Hey guys,

I might be interested in taking over your group. I was a major player here back in 2011-2012 but due to some rather unusual events had to leave the boards and have tried a couple of come backs but most have fizzled out on my part. I understand with my recent history taking me on as a GM is a risk but I have had a rather successful run in the past and had several people trying to get into multiple games of mine. I am a student but I'm taking a semester and the summer off before starting graduate school so I will have a lot more time to dedicate to posting and running things after the new year starts but am able to jump in now.

If your willing to give me a chance I'd be willing to pick up where you guys left off. Rise of the Runelords is by far my favorite game to run!

Not to be rude or anything, but why would you start up GM'ing another RotR group when you just recruited a group of players, then vanished without a word? Perhaps you could try to pick that campaign back up before trying to start a new one?

Not trying to be mean, but it only seems fair to at least give your previous group a post saying whether or not you were at least coming back to it. In the campaigns I've had to fold up before due to RL time constraints (a dual-group, simultaneous timeline Kingmaker I had high hopes for but did not foresee various RL issues developing to botch it), I made sure to at least give that courtesy, and have not tried to start another group as DM since.

Also, not trying to start an argument or flame war in this thread, but I just wanted to express concerns.

Thank you for expressing your concerns. Unfortunately I had unforeseen life issues come up that is none of anyone's business on this public form as they are very personal family related issues involving my children. I have been following my previous thread and was about to see if people want to pick things back up but it looks like most of them have moved on. I agree with you and will still touch base with them after I post this and would be willing to do both. As I said in my intro post this is my favorite AP.

Edit: OH hey Valeria...sorry didn't recognize your user name...I should have. I've checked in with the other group. If you want to continue this discussion via PM's feel free but I don't want to pollute this thread to much with our drama lol.

I am going to dot this a dwarven titan mauler. I will work on him after I get some work done and my wife is at work and might have something posted by this afternoon.

Hey guys,

I might be interested in taking over your group. I was a major player here back in 2011-2012 but due to some rather unusual events had to leave the boards and have tried a couple of come backs but most have fizzled out on my part. I understand with my recent history taking me on as a GM is a risk but I have had a rather successful run in the past and had several people trying to get into multiple games of mine. I am a student but I'm taking a semester and the summer off before starting graduate school so I will have a lot more time to dedicate to posting and running things after the new year starts but am able to jump in now.

If your willing to give me a chance I'd be willing to pick up where you guys left off. Rise of the Runelords is by far my favorite game to run!

GM Axolotl wrote:
Yep, I do use encumbrance. I usually like to input everything in HeroLab just to check everything, but also use my brainz in case HL has a slipup. :)

Well drat I'm going to have to redo my equipment then...Do you run with coin weight as well? The downside of playing a character with only 12 strength...I'm currently 22 lbs over weight with no coin wait factored in.

What adventure paths have you had the pleasure of playing from start to finish, if any?

Which adventure path was your favorite to work on?

Which adventure path was your favorite to play in?

What was your reaction when Lisa Stevens hired you at Paizo? Did you know that your life had forever changed that day(hopefully for the better, I mean come on you wouldn't have us bugging you all day every day if she had not)?

"Yes no wrong doing quite the opposite actually" he says with a big smile on his face.

The next day begins with a knock on each of your doors. As you open it you see a star-eyed teen-aged boy looking up at all of you. "Ex...excuse the interruption but the mayor wants to speak with you. I am to pick up the others and escort you to her...please gather your things and come with me when your ready."


1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

Ameiko nods and shakes her head "Don't worry about it, the mayor and the towns people just threw something together for you guys, the unveiling isn't going to be until tomorrow."

"A new bard traveling through the area. She's been here only a few days and look at the control she has over the audiance. People are showing up just to see her. Its been great for business." she then frowns as she looks like Valeria and blushes slightly "Don't worry dear she won't replace you in their hearts though, she's a flavor of a month, while you have been here a life time."


Just a thing to think about Barl was working on organizing Ogres for an army and Teraktinus is rumored to be a stone giant.

You guys will also need something that belongs to your target which I am assuming would be Teraktinus. Shalelu has volunteered to get you an object though so you guys might be set. She is going to be gone about 2-3 days so you have that time to set up other traps/make other preperations if you want. Bane arrows were a splendid idea if I do say so myself. You can either craft them yourself or they will be about 1000 gp to purchase(1000 to craft as well, they ususally sell for 2000 but you get a 50% discount on magic items in sandpoint if they carry them.)

The patrons of the bar watch in wonderment as Valeria sings and when she is done the room erupts into applause. Some of the patrons even throw a few copper coins on the stage, a throw back to when Valeria was just a performer and that was a lot of money for her.

Valeria's knowledge check results(finally):

Teraktinus is a stone giant that has come to some fame among his kin for his other skills. There are rumors that he is actually a Ranger though none have ever lived to confirm this fact.

Ameiko brings the party a big tray of soup and meat. "Nah just need to keep the place running while your on leave. I fully expect you to be back eventually."

Seeing all the somber faces the barmaid makes her way to the party with their finest ale. "On the house, though you knew that already. May I ask what this is all about? she looks at Valeria and gives her a weak smile. "You look down right miserable? Your last mission not go well? I figured since you returned alive it would have been a success, though I know nothing about the ways of the Adventurer."

Making it easy to carry out this mission aren't I Cerenity lol

Posts to advance the game have been made. Hope you all enjoy. Cerenity if you feel this is to early in the game for what I'm trying to do let me know.

You guys make your way to the rusty dragon. Well all except Cerenity. Only Cerenity please read the following spoiler.

As you make your way to The Rusty Dragon the patrons in the bar all raise to their feet and a large round of applause erupts through the building. "All hail the hero's of Sandpoint" one of the barmaids shouts out. "First round is on them" Another drunken patron shouts which immediately gets met with cheers.

You scan the bar and see Shalelu sitting there, not clapping, a dour look on her face. In front of her lies a note.


As you are following the group an invisible figure approaches you and claps an all to familiar hand over your mouth. "Scream and you know what happens" a familiar voice whispers in your ear. The two of you make your way to an alley where the figure drops their invisibility and before you stands your contact with the red mantis assassins. She looks business like as usual.

"I know we just spoke a few weeks ago but I have another job for you. There is going to be an attack on this town in a few days, all will be lost of things go the way we want them to. I want you to make sure this goes the way we want it to. This is a big one Cerenity, we can't fail. Success means the guild stands to make more money than we've ever made. Failure...well like I said we can not fail. I'm pretty sure you friends are going to stand against you on this one.

One of our enemy's is waiting for them at the Rusty Dragon as we speak. She goes by the name of Shalelu, take her out as your first part of this mission. We will be in contact later." With that she slips off without pausing for any questions you have.

Sounds perfect Horp

"She wouldn't tell me...She just asked that I bring you to her as soon as possible. Has me worried because last time she showed up unannounced..." she pauses recalling the very painful memory of her brother murdering her father and kidnapping her. She takes a moment to calm herself and sighs "...I'm sure it will be fine, besides you guys are here to handle it." she tries to put on a weak smile but it doesn't really work.

I also wanted to let you guys know that I have gotten a new job starting Wednesday! So excited and don't worry it won't change my availability at all. Just glad to have the needed extra income coming in.

Hey guys sorry for things to be so slow this last weekend. I have a post up in the gameplay thread now and once you've roleplayed through that we will be hitting our first main plot point for this adventure. Megan you will have a PM from me shortly about DM need to know stuff.

Ameiko gives a smile to Erasmes and nods "Yes we will talk business later, business is going well though thanks to your investment." She pauses a moment at Valeria's question and gets concerned look on her face "Shalelu is waiting for you all...she has a note and looks VERY concerned. As for the other surprise...well it will have to wait.

For those of you who don't know Shalelu is a NPC that gets introduced in book 1 and you've helped out several times, most recently reuniting her with her father who had been captured by ogers. She is a source of information on threats to sandpoint as she scouts the local area's. Last any of you knew she was still at Fort Ranick with her father trying to get it up and running again after being seiged by ogers, so hearing she's in town waiting for you should be somewhat alarming and surprising.

Ameiko's eyes narrow as the stranger greets her. She seems lost in thought but eventually smiles "Pleasure to meet you. Come there is someone waiting for you in the at the Rusty Dragon"

"Your place is fine and still standing. No thanks to the person who replaced you when you...well while your out adventuring" She says still eyeing Cerenity with suspicion.

Game thread is up for those of you who want to jump in. And Horp on your question I kind of like the flavor of you beating people with your book but I also think your smart enough to realize this is a really bad idea to do with your spell book, so I think the rapier is the best bet. Not that I see you getting up in combat all that often but we'll see.

The last few months since you last saw Sandpoint way heavy in your minds as you walk towards the gate of Sandpoint. You left after being summoned to Magnimar by the lord-mayor himself. Magnimar's outpost, Fort Ranick, had recently fallen silent. Upon investigations you found someone was organizing the giantkin in the area for war against the land. Of course you put a stop to this giant uprising but it came at a cost and it took you away from your homes for some time. The memories of the past few months start to fade and mix in with everything else you've experienced since you first began on this amazing journey with these people.

You head through the gates of the small community and the sounds of Sandpoint bring you back out of your minds abit. Your hearts warm slightly as the sounds of people talking as they walk safely around the town, the sound of children laughing in the street as they run to and fro, fills your ears. Yes it has been a hard few months but for most of you, you feel you are home now. You step through the gates and start making your way through town.

You spot her almost immediately, Ameiko Kijitsu and she rushes over to greet the party, a wide smile on her face.

"Welcome back" she says in her heavy Tian accent. "We have a surprise for you in the middle of town but first..." She stops short as she sees Cerenity.

"Who's this? She says regarding the stranger wearily.

Are people at a point where they want to start? I could throw up the game play thread if people wanted to roleplay a little. Whats everyone's opinion on it?


So I have a question for the group. Correct me if I'm wrong but Cerenity's position with in the Red Mantis's is being kept secret from the group at this point. Is anyone going to try to figure out where she disappears to or how she always has extra money compared to the group? Or are you guys just going to give her the benefit of the doubt as your friend?

I want to apologize for the strange fit of the party I went with RP potential over min/maxing for combat. There will still be combats but I want this to be more about the story you guys collectively tell than about who has the highest damage output and so on.

I like that you guys are trying to coordinate the mess I've created though so keep up the talking.

He's been MIA for a couple of days now. I will give him some time to catch up and if he doesn't we can either run with out him or try to find a replacement.

Just because I'm curious and the adventure is set up where it can happen in both places are you guys going to be based out of Sandpoint or Magnimar? I figure with Valeria's deep connections to Sandpoint she would stay there and thus the group would stay there. But because of the issues with the murders in sandpoint leading you to a death cult in Magnimar and then disbanding said cult through out the events of book 2 you could also base yourselves in Magnimar.

Sounds perfect Cerenity.

If you guys want more information on the events of the books just ask and I'll see what I can dig up.

Book 1 synopsis:

The PCs attend the Swallowtail Festival (a ritual to consecrate Sandpoint’s new cathedral) and end up defending the town from a goblin raid. In the days to follow, the PCs come to terms with their growing local fame, making friends and contacts among Sandpoint’s
citizens. As rumors of massing goblin armies build, the disappearance of a local tavern owner leads the PCs to uncover treachery within The Sandpoint Glassworks and the existence of an ancient catacomb below the town. An investigation of these discoveries reveals two things: that monsters dwell below the city and that the goblin raid on the town was but the first the monsters have planned. In order to save Sandpoint, the PCs must travel to
Thistletop, the lair of the most powerful goblin tribe in the region, where they can confront the woman whose madness and wrath presents such a menace, yet who is herself the tip of a much larger conspiracy that will soon threaten all of Varisia.

For those interested here is Nualia's story from the first book.:

The primary villain of this chapter is a bitter aasimar woman named Nualia. She was a foundling raised by Sandpoint’s previous religious leader, a man named Ezakien Tobyn, and her childhood was lonely and sad. Her unearthly beauty made the other children either jealous or shy, and many of them took to playing cruel jokes on her. The adults in town weren’t much better—many of the superstitious Varisians viewed Nualia as blessed by Desna, a sort of “reverse deformity.” Rumors that her touch or proximity could cure warts and rashes, that locks of her hair brewed into tea could increase fertility, and that her voice could drive out evil spirits led to a succession of awkward and humiliating requests over the years. Poor Nualia felt
more like a freak than a young girl by the time she came of age, so when Delek Viskanta, a local Varisian youth, began to court her, she practically fell into his arms in gratitude. Knowing her father wouldn’t approve of a relationship with a Varisian (he wanted her to remain pure so she could join a prestigious convent), they kept the affair secret. The couple met many times in hidden places, a favorite being an abandoned smuggler’s tunnel under town that Delek had discovered as a child. Before long, Nualia realized she was pregnant. When she told Delek, he revealed his true colors and, after calling her a slut and a harlot, fled Sandpoint rather than face her father’s wrath. Nualia’s shock quickly turned to rage, yet she had nowhere to vent her anger. She bottled it up, and when her father discovered her delicate condition, his reaction to her indiscretions only furthered her shame and anger. He forbade her to leave the church, lectured her nightly, and made her pray to Desna for forgiveness. In so doing, he unknowingly nurtured her growing hate. When the minor runewell in the Catacombs of Wrath below Sandpoint f lared to life, Nualia’s own anger was a magnet to its magic. The wrathful energies suffused her mind and she f lew into a frenzy. Seven months pregnant, she miscarried her child later that night, a child whose monstrously deformed shape she only glimpsed before blanching midwives stole it away to burn it in secret. As
the child had been conceived in the smuggler’s tunnels below town, in close proximity to a hidden shrine to Lamashtu (the goddess of monstrous births), the child itself was deformed and horrific. The double shock of losing a child and the realization she had been carrying a fiend in her belly for 7 months was too much. Nualia fell into a coma. As Nualia slept, she dreamed unhealthy dreams. Fueled by the wrath from below and the taint of Lamashtu, Nualia became further obsessed with the cruel demon goddess and the conviction that her wretched life was inf licted on her by those around her. She came to see her angelic heritage as a curse, and the demon-sent nightmares showed her how to expunge this taint from her body and soul, replacing it with chaos and cruelty. When she finally woke, Nualia was someone new, someone who didn’t flinch at what Lamashtu asked of her. She jammed her father’s door shut as he slept, lit the church on fire, and f led Sandpoint. The locals assumed Nualia had burned in the fire, a tragedy made all the worse by the death of Father Tobyn as well. Yet Nualia lived. She f led to Magnimar, where
she enlisted the aid of a group of Norgorber-worshiping killers known as the Skinsaw Cult. With their aid, she tracked down Delek and murdered him. Yet his death did not fill her need for revenge—it only quickened her need for more of the same, for Sandpoint and its hated citizens still lived. Seeing a kindred spirit in the tortured woman, the mysterious leader of the Skinsaw Cult gave Nualia a
medallion bearing a carving of a seven-pointed star called a “Sihedron medallion.” Nualia learned that she had a larger role to play, and that her dreams were a map to her destiny. Taking the advice to heart, Nualia returned to Sandpoint and found herself drawn to the brick wall in the smuggler’s tunnels where she and Delek had conceived her deformed child. Nualia bashed down the wall, and in so doing, discovered the Catacombs of Wrath and the quasit
Erylium, also a follower of Lamashtu. For many months, Nualia studied under Erylium’s tutelage. During this time, Nualia received another vision from Lamashtu—a vision of a monstrous goblin wolf imprisoned in an underground room. In Nualia’s dreams, she learned that this creature, a barghest named Malfeshnekor, was also one of Lamashtu’s chosen. If she could find him and free him, he would not only help her achieve her vengeance against the town of Sandpoint, but he would be the key in cleansing her body of what she had come to see as her “celestial taint.” Nualia wanted to be one of Lamashtu’s children now. She wanted to become a monster herself.

Chapter 2 Synopsis:

When a string of murders strikes Sandpoint, the PCs begin piecing together clues and soon realize the region may well face a plague of ghouls. After investigating murder scenes, interviewing victims, and perhaps running into some unexpected trouble along the way, the search for answers leads the PCs to Foxglove Manor. Arriving at Foxglove Manor, the PCs find the rumors about the mansion being haunted are entirely true. Eventually, they confront the murderer—a ghoulishly transformed Aldern Foxglove—only to discover he’s been
working for another group based in Magnimar. Retracing his steps, the PCs come to the largest city in western Varisia and uncover a sinister secret society, finally confronting its monstrous leader atop a teetering clock tower.

Chapter 3 Synopsis:

The PCs travel to Turtleback Ferry and discover that ogres have taken the fort. After rescuing the last three surviving members of the Black Arrows, the PCs mount a daring raid against Fort Rannick and defeat the ogres within, only to learn that greater dangers are afoot. Soon thereafter, unnatural rains flood Turtleback Ferry
and the PCs must explore the ruins of an ancient dam called Skull’s Crossing. After saving the town from disaster, the PCs learn the ogres of Hook Mountain were to blame for the strange weather. The PCs climb Hook Mountain to end the ogre menace once and for all, only to learn that the ogres might be the least of Varisia’s problems: the giants of the Storval Plateau are preparing for war.

And yes I deleted my last post because I liked yours better which you subsequently deleted...good eye lol.

Excellent work guys on trying to figure all this out. I am happy how things are coming together. And thank you Megan for posting the link to the reviews. I think due to the time constraint I'm just going to copy and paste the adventure summaries out of the .PDF into spoilers for those of you who want some background information on what you have been through or what those of you who have been with the group from the start have been through.

I'm liking the idea of Cerenity joining the group late. It allows her persona of the assassin to be hidden if she so wishes rather easily because its not like you guys have known her for very long.

This rises a very interesting question. Was there a former group member that she's replacing that you guys have lost? I kind of like the level of drama this leads to roleplaying and your first couple of days in Sandpoint could actually shift to dealing with notifying the family, funeral arangements and so on.

Whats everyones take on this?

okay guys since two of you are newer to this AP I will be more than happy to throw up reviews of events from the various books but they will be slow coming. I have a crap ton of homework to do for classes and I'm starting a Jade Regent campaign this weekend so lots to do and little time to do it lol.

Book 1 Review should be up tomorrow since its like 80% done
Book 2 and 3 are going to take some time...might have them done Thursday.

Just so you know I will not be on at all most weekends unless I snag a few moments to post in the discussion thread while in the bathroom lol.

Cerenity wrote:

That would be very much appreciated =^^=

Ps. Did you get my pm reply?

Yes I did get your PM yesterday.

Just so everyone know's you're arriving back in Sandpoint after defeating Jarl and removing a major threat to Turtleback Ferry and Fort Ranik has been restored. You have left the remaining black arrows(all 3 of them) in charge of the fort promising to have Magnimar send reinforcements to the fort.

Okay so would you want a summary of events that we are skipping in this being that we're jumping to book 4?

Discussion thread is up and live those named above please feel free to post at your leasure.

Those of you not selected feel free to read that thread and follow this if you want in fact you can dot it so it shows up in your feed if you want, just don't post beyond that as I don't want you disrupting the game but you can watch if you wish.

Welcome everyone! The 6 of you selected represent a very very interesting party composition wise and aren't exactly the most balanced party but I chose you guys for your role play potential.

That being said lets start trying to formulate a group collective background so that we can reference it when the game is active. To help start the discussion I have a few questions you can ask yourselves if you think it will help:

1) What events have solidified you guys as an unbreakable team? Or has no such event happened(working together because it "works" for now but if something better comes along so be it)

2) Which of our two female characters(sorry I was wrong when I said there was only one yesterday) would have been the target of Alderns advances and how would the party have reacted/intervened?

3) Any other events that have happened that have bonded the party together beyond what happened in the first 3 books? Relationships with eachother, intimate moments, family crisis, ect.

Are you all pretty familiar with the AP or do you need one of the DM's(me or Megan) to post up summaries of all 3 books as to what major events have happened?

Megan feel free to post as you see fit and give input this is your game as well as mine so feel free to mold it as you see fit.

As usual any questions/concerns you can post them down below or PM me or Megan and they will be addressed as best as possible.

Okay guys sorry for the lack of notice but I'm going to close recruitment because I've made my selections.

I will have the discussion thread open in a few minutes. Will the following people please head over there:

Cuan-Goblin Tome Eater Occultist
Valeria Windsong - Bard (Arcane Duelist) 11
Seth86-Serenity Human red mantis assassin 6/rogue (unchained) 5
Redshirt#3302-Redeemer Paladin
Erasmes al-Amin-Human Wizard 11
Andulian Vogh-Bloodrager (Crossblooded, Spelleater) 4 / Oracle 1 / Dragon Disciple 6

those of you not selected good luck getting into other games, you made this process difficult.

sorry for my storm of posts today, I was trying to catch up from the weekend. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up I'm off to class right now so won't be posting again until tomorrow(unless I can squeeze something in tonight). Those of you who I PM'ed please get back to me and keep responses in PM's only for now. I will check my inbox from time to time but any detailed responses will have to wait until tomorrow.

Valeria Windsong wrote:
DM Mathpro wrote:
Hey Valeria check your PM's...
Have none...will drop you a line and see if that works.

Check again sorry just sent it.

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