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DM Immortal's page

2,776 posts. Alias of imimrtl.


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also included on the map of port peril above, I added a list of locations. I'm heading to bed in a few but ill check back in the am.

Ok so the Captain rules from fort hazard on the island of lucrehold. You need to find an emmissary or one of his cronies to get the bribe to him. You cannot just go to the island without an invitation unless you want to get blown out of the water.

Let me know whenever you set off and what you are doing. Remember, RP is awesome and required but I need clear ooc instructions too.

that's included in the 10. You don't need more for the bribe nor can yyou you reduce with diplomacy. You have 6 left which is fine.

Very nice Adular! You guys manage to pick up 8 additional crew of similar disposition to your other generic crew.

Moving along.

Once all the purchases are through and your new crew is settled in, you shove off heading toward Port Peril. Rain is able to shave enough time off that you get there as if you never stopped in Little Oppara. The trip is uneventful with the exception of an amusing incident where Fishguts thought he hooked a marlin that turned out to be a shark which gave him quite a fright when he hauled it in. It seems like almost no time at all before Rain begins to pull the ship into a free dock slip.

Port Peril Background info:
South of Jeopardy Bay, Port Peril sits on the mainland outside the frenzied grasp of the Eye of Abendego and west of the mountainous Terwa Uplands. The rocky escarpments and bluffs cup a deep harbor capable of handling heavily laden merchants’ barques and galleys. Convenient access to the jungles of the Terwa Uplands and the Slithering Coast means prospecting teams can easily move inland in search of precious lumber, spices, and exotic fauna for trade in distant ports. Neutral merchants berth here before making the treacherous journey north, but the port’s militia forces ships bearing the f lags of Inner Sea nations away. Merchants looking to turn a fast profit have their pick of commandeered goods in the markets of Port Peril, though the wise ones do well to check the provenance before
attempting to sell them in northern ports.

As you pull in Varyan says to you all Alright now I'm gonna be off but you all be on yer guard here. Get Kerdak's attention as quick as you can. What I'd do is send a messenger with a nice fat bribe to get an audience. With that he hugs Rain, says goodbye and see you in three months and heads off, disappearing into the crowd, firmly confident that with Rain there you all can take care of yourselves.

He mentions the bribe should be about 4 points of plunder


Game is to you all. Your crew is eager to get off and go explore the city with their pay.

variel make sure you update the loot list with purchases and stuff.

So did everyone finish their purchases? If so can I get a list of what ppl bought on here?

Good to go for the revolver if you have the coin set up

All is good though. Everyone just let me know what you're getting and how you're paying for it and well be good to go.

Also I didn't say it was all seamanship stuff. There were examples of that but he said it could be lots off things.

Also you can't just take it I need to know specifically what is being liquidated from you all as a group in order to get the funds to buy it.

Just for a point of clarification that's not what she said at all Flynn. She was doing some personal purchases. For ease I was letting Variel just use her roll. You cannot get 66. If you want amen to roll for your stuff you can do that

Due to Rain's roll I will let you sell everything for 60% instead of the normal 50%

ok so I'm going to move on pretty soon. Anything that is not expressly purchased or sold on here does not happen so please finish your purchases. Also remember that the loot you have on the loot list is not all liquid gp. Most of your wealth is in items and such so if you want to buy stuff you are going to need to sell stuff and you should do it quick.

I am going to move on tonight to port peril and you can retcon purchases until we start the trials. After that whatever is done is done and what you have is what you have.

You can't buy things below cost. Especially magic items but you can try and sell stuff to get a bit more for them. Do you have the money for it?

Varyan chases back after Rain and says Oh I'm sorry hon. I think there was some miscommunication. I'm not leavin' till Port Peril. I'd be glad to go shop with ye.

You are able to haggle up from 50% of the purchase value to 60% of the purchase value for the stuff you sell.

Flynn, it affects the ammunition and yes it will work underwater.

Varyan looks at Rain and says I need to get back to my crews sea sprite. I'd love to stay but you all should be fine.

Yep you can sell stuff there. Make a d20 roll and I'll tell you what you sell if for.

Items and info above assumed that she would get to Small city size already GOOD JOB AMEN!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Additional Magic Items available in the city:

Boots of Levitation: 7500 gp
Ioun Stone Dusty Rose Prism 5000 gp
Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 4000 gp
Balm of Impish Grace 75000 gp
Ring of Grit Mastery 6840 gp
+1 Sling of Ghost Touch 8300 gp
+1 Splint Mail of Bolstering 4350 gp
Belt of Foraging 6000gp

+1 Flaming Revolver 12300 gp
Bracers of Armor +4 16000 gp
Wand of Cure Serious Wounds 11,250 gp
Dastard Chain Shirt +1 4250 gp
+1 Conductive Shortsword 8310 gp
+3 Greataxe 18320 gp
Wand of Speak with Plants 11250 gp

Heavy Steel Shield +4 16170 gp
Staff of the Avenger 37310 gp
+2 Spell Level Metamagic Rod Greater 73,000 gp
Boots of Teleportation 49000 gp
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +6 36000gp
Amulet of Mighty Fists +3 45000 gp

Little Oppara is a small town but with Amen-set's help you can boost it's abilities up.

That said, with Amen's help, there is a 75% chance to find any item of 4000gp or less. There will also be an assortment of other magical items for sale but these will be random. You can also buy crafting supplies of magical or mundane type there as well.

4d4 ⇒ (3, 1, 1, 3) = 83d4 ⇒ (4, 3, 3) = 101d6 ⇒ 6

At the dinner...

Varyan stands up towards the end of the meal and lifts his glass before saying I'd like to propose a new family...and most especially to my granddaughter Rain and her new fiance Variel. They are now officially betrothed and will be wed in three months time once my wife and I can arrange things properly! Congratulations Rain and Variel!

Varyan nods his head and says You'll probably have to do some sort of trials to prove yerself fit. Not sure what it will be. Usually it's the sort of stuff that ye can expect for a pirate ship. Climbing rigging, singing sea chanteys, perhaps fighting of some sort, might have ye open a lockbox. There are tons of things that could be done. The point is that ye have to think on yer feet as pirates do, that's the most important part. It'll be just the officers participating probably as that's the way it's normally done. As for how Kerdak will receive you I don't rightly know. I imagine you will be able to figure that part out once you get there.

He gets a bit more serious for a moment before saying Now Kerdak...he's a right piece of work. He is a ruthless bastard. Absolutely loves guns of all sorts. Keeps a pistol on him known as "Widowmaker" since not many who have ever been shot with the thing have survived and he is an insanely good shot with it from what the tales say. His right hand is skeletal, a result of a nasty bit of business with an undead galleon and it's lich captain. He's supposed to be human but has held on to the title of Hurricane King for four decades and hasn't seemed to age a day. Don't know a lot more as I've tried to steer clear of the Free Captains so I could make my own way and not have to be a part of their squabbles and infighting but I've been able to take the long game into account. I don't suppose you all have the same option so becoming Free Captains is the fastest way to gain standing and power within the Shackles. As for Halflings, I'm not too sure. I know there is some there but I don't have a whole lot of experience with them there. As for buying ships, there will definitely be ships for sale there but I don't know that you have enough to crew them. I wouldn't trust a whole crew from Port Peril. You need to build up your current crew before getting another ship. Port Peril itself is a snake pit but you try and keep your crew from entertainment of the likes Port Peril can provide and you might have a mutiny on yer hands. He finishes the last bit of information with a smile before taking a huge bite out of one of the Pear Tarts.


I'm going to move things along to Little Oppara, if there are any other questions go ahead and post them and we can get them sorted.

Varyan answers your questions as best he can before you all finish the excellent meal and board the Dread Lady. The crew is all assembled and at their stations getting the ship ready, a well oiled machine that you have assembled and all loyal to you all.

Setting off, Rain takes the wheel and begins to deftly maneuver you north towards Little Oppara. The trip likely taking two days depending upon the whether and Rain's exceptional piloting skill.

I'm not going to do too much in Little Oppara so just let me know what you want to get and we can take care of it ooc

Varyan says Don't insult me. You owe me nothing. I was happy to come for rain. He then gives you a look that says not to push it with the money. You really don't owe him any thing.

Varyan smiles at Seijiro's father and says I would be delighted.

After a little while he looks at the rest of you and says So any other questions before we finish and make our way to the ship?

Varyan shakes his head and says Unfortunately your grandmother is at sea on a venture right now, and is several days north of Tempest Cay, which would put her at least 10 days from Port Peril. No, better to do things properly. Betrothal for three months during which time your grandmother and I can make some arrangements for a proper ceremony. Besides, Port Peril is no place to hold a wedding.

Varyan doesn't say anything for a good minute before looking at Rain and saying If you are sure and this is what you desire then who am I to say no to love. I will say this though. I will not be a part of any wedding if your grandmother is going to miss it. He shudders a bit and says with a smile, That is not a conversation I would expect to have and keep my skin intact. So an elven betrothal period is standard for one year but I think we can dispense with that length and make it 3 months instead. That way we can find a time and make sure your grandmother is able to be there as well.

Looking at Variel his expression becomes menacing for a moment. Despite your power you get the sense that this is not a man to trifle with. Looking at you hard he says I will only say this once and then we will never speak of it again if everything goes as it should. Should you hurt or dishonor my granddaughter in anyway, I have friends throughout the Shackles. There is no island so remote, no sea too distant, that I could not find you. Should that happen you'd be better off slitting your throat than allowing me the pleasure of gutting you. He continues staring at you for a moment to make sure the message sinks in before finally smiling as if nothing had happened.

What a joyous occasion this is. Your grandmother will be ecstatic. She has always wanted to see you properly wed. He then stands up and gives Rain a fierce hug and shakes Variel's hand. When he does you can tell he has an extremely firm grip, well callused from ropes and, you suspect, sword work.

Varyan bows to Seijiro's father and says An honor to meet you.

Seijiro, if you want you can play your father for the time being. I will interject if there is anything that I need him to say.

When the talk turns to the telling of tales Varyan says It wouldn't be right if there weren't some embellishments. The more outlandish the better sometimes. As for a sizable port on the way, probably Little Oppara would be your best bet if you didn't just want to go to Port Peril itself straightaway.

It will take about 5 days to get to Port Peril if stopping by Little Oppara. 4 days if you go straight to port peril. Heading to bed. Night all!

Nice save there lol. I'm going to wait for Rain before posting any more.

Actually I just looked and it's only been 3 months since you were all shanghaid by harrigan lol.

It's been 6 months AT MOST in game.

Varyan looks at you both for a moment, the force of his look almost pushes you back in your seats but you manage to keep your eyes on him. Finally he looks at you both and says How long have you two been together? How long has this been going on?

Varyan waits silently, giving nothing away until you proceed.

In private at the Rock...

Varyan sits down and looks at Rain and Variel and says Ok so ye got me here. What's this all about? The look of mirth from before on the docks is gone, a deadly serious narrowing of the eyes and sharp focus replacing it.

Varyan claps Adular on the shoulder and says Thank you for the message. I have to admit I was a might surprised as I was in a bit of a interesting position when the message came through. I was permanently borrowing a chellish sloop when I got the message. Damned near let the line I was tying slip which woulda been an issue since the Chellish bastards were running up the docks towards me and I need to get that sail moving quick. Alls well that ends well though.

He then looks at Dhaavan and says Thank you for the welcome Lord Fellwind. Nice to see that someone is making good use of the Rock. He gives a wink to Lady Agasta and says The lady here and I go way back. I've stopped here a few times on me way to a mission or other. Always been right hospitable.

When Amen and Horatio make themselves known he says A pleasure to meet you as well. Thank you for the kind words regarding Rain. Always knew she'd do well. As for a drink I would be delighted so long as Amen here comes along as well. He grins at her with obvious interest, looking her up and down. When you mention the Hurricane King he says Ah don't bother with that idiot too much. A few hours here won't make much difference and I'm sure that Rain here can easily make up the time. I don't get many opportunities to eat where I'm not rocking back and forth. You wouldn't begrudge and old man his comfort would you? As for information, I'll answer your questions the best I can over some of Mrs. Siggs delicious Pear Tart. You can tell that he is making a bit of sport because though he is obviously old for an elf he is as spry as someone in their prime.

You roll your eyes at his leering, knowing it is all harmless flirting and he is utterly devoted to your grandmother.

To Seijiro, he bows and says in broken but passable Minkaian The honor is mine, Seijiro-kun. Switching back to the common tongue he says I once had a Minkaian navigator and he taught me a bit of your language. I'd look forward to practicing with you on the journey north.

Once the discussion gets a bit more heated he merely raises an eyebrow, the playful demeanor quickly leaving his face he says I find that disagreements such as this are best discussed after eating so that everyone may have a chance to digest what has been said. Let me take an hour to discuss the private business that I need to attend to with my granddaughter and the Captain. Then we can eat and be on our way for you are right, when you get a summons from Bonefist you don't want to delay too much. With that he goes with Rain.


One hour later...

Mrs. Siggs has made good on her skills and furnished a sumptuous lunch for you all. Cold chicken and rice, Vegetables of all the colors of the rainbow, various types of fish, and a large platter of pear tarts for dessert.

You are all sitting around the table, plus Lady Agasta is there as well. Mr. Siggs waits on you all. As you all tuck in to the excellent food, Varyan says You are correct Lord Fellwind but from what I heard. You have amassed quite a bit of notoriety in the Shackles. You may not know it but your deeds have reached the ears of quite a bit of the Shackles. Someone is keeping an eye on your progress it seems. I hadn't really detailed it but you guys can assume you have the requisite 20 infamy since I haven't really been dealing it out. Also you needed 10 plunder which you have.

I'm going to move the variel rain discussion to the social rp thread. I am going to move on to lunch with the entire group on this thread. Give me a few minutes to get both posts up and moving.

Thanks Seijiro! I appreciate that. I am going to be moving things along on all fronts soon but I haven't felt that well the last couple of days because my docs didn't give me enough pain meds and so i've been not feeling too well. Going through withdrawal while going through post-op pain is no bueno. :-(

Perhaps it would be best if it was left to the gm to decide when to move things along. I haven't been feeling that well over the last few days and so had limited time to post. I posted in the areas where I was trying to finish up rp that needed to be finished in order for the story to progress instead of trying to do retcon.

I'm sorry if some of the players were skipped over to try and move things along but I had limited energy and posted where I thought it would do the most good. It will not always be this way. There will be times when those players that were skipped over get to be in the spotlight.

Varyan looks over you all and says smile ...hahaha! Sorry sweetness but I knew you weren't captain. I just wanted to see how the crew and captain would react. Pretty well as it happens. Seems you've found a rare crew that treats each other with respect. Thank you for your kind welcome everyone but perhaps someone can tell me why I'm here. Not that I don't enjoy seeing you lass for its own sake.

As for food and drink that sounds excellent so long as all your fine officers are present as well.

Neko looks over and says //when it comes to your thoughts rain, I cannot always control it but I will try harder.//

Sorry for going mia yesterday everybody. Was having some issues but doing better now. Will have some responses up in an hour or two.

//If you recall I made no such promise. I was asked to wait outside and so I did. Do not try and impugn my honor and trustworthiness by saying I made statements I did not. You were alone. I did not interject at any point until called and was not in the room. Think twice before making such a claim again.// Neko continues to walk away and says to rain only //perhaps I should take it back. He seems intent upon causing an issue. Such anger in him it seems.//

The man stands up to his full height, which is well above six feet and may be as high as six and a half, and envelops Rain in his long arms. Hey there Sea Sprite, he says quietly. Holding you back at arms length he says Now I gots a message from some fellow named Adular saying I needed to come here and that it concerned you. Naturally I hopped the first boat I could heading this direction. Didn't realize it was gonna be one ferrying a messenger of Old Bonefist himself. Thankfully I was doing a bit of procuring up around Port Peril so I was pretty close. Seems you've done quite alright for yerself there. He looks around at the others assembled about and says This'll be your crew then. Pleasure to meet ye. Hope me girl here is treating her crew right. See there lass I told you ye could be Captain as soon as ye wanted to be. Now how about ye introduce me to your first mate?

Smiling and beaming he opens his cloak and you can see a wicked array of knives and what is obviously a sawtooth saber of the kind that the Red Mantis assassins use. If he sees anyone looking at it he says Took it off one of them Red Mantis fellows. He didn't seem to need it anymore...least not without a head. Laughing with a raspy voice he turns and takes a swig of a flask he keeps at his belt.

Neko joins you both and says through the mental link. //I heard your discussion. I am glad you have decided that you want to wed. It makes me happy that you have both come to your senses and determined what is proper. Now that that is out of the way the preparations can commence. You may stay together until you are wed, I concede you that, but there can be no physical...intimacy until you wedding night. Consider it a test of your love. If it be powerful enough to halt your hormones for a period of time more then your wedding night will be all the more special.// With that she nods and says //Good talk before sauntering back out.//

The night passes uneventfully but when morning comes the Horatio signals an approaching ship. As you make your way to the roof of the Rock, you can see the ship coming in towards you. The ship does not appear hostile in it's movements. As you look you can see that it flies the colors of a ship from Port Peril, looking closer you can see that it in point of fact is one of the ships that belong in the fleet of the Hurricane King!

A longboat is dispatched once it gets closer and a group of men climb into the boat and begin rowing towards the dock. Once they reach the dock, 4 men get out. The first two men are quite large and are obviously bodyguards of some kind to the short man that they help out.

Once out he looks at you all and says I bring a message for the Captain of the ship Dread Lady! You and your crew are required to present yourselves to his highness, Kerdak Bonefist, Scourge of the Fever Sea, The Hurricane King, in order to prove your worthiness as pirates of the Shackles. Should you prove worthy, you will gain an audience with his Highness where you may petition him for a Letter of Marque and gain status as Free Captains of the Shackles, with all the rights and privileges therein. You must make all speed to Port Peril in order to claim this opportunity. He looks at you all and then says That is the extent of the message. I am only permitted to say to make speed and I cannot nor will I answer questions. Good day to you all.

He then turns and gets back in the longboat to return to the ship.

While he was talking, another man got out of the longboat, covered from head to toe in a sea cloak. When he removes his hood all but one of you do not recognize him.


Dhaavan wrote:

Uh-oh, is Rain going to chew Dhaavan out for that? SHe shoudl totally chew him out, cause Amen-Set's gonna be super cagy about that particular incident, isn't she?

** spoiler omitted **

Agasta looks at you when you mention gods and destiny and says You will have to explain to me what has occurred but know that when I make a promise...I keep it no matter what. The lands that we possess are yours and mine in truth. I understand that you have a great destiny to you...I saw that the moment we met. It is why I chose to ally myself with you. I will support you however I can. You just say the word and I will see it done.

Rain, Variel, and Neko:
Neko nods and says to you both //I will wait outside.// Looking at Variel she says //I hope you realize that I do not wish to see either of you unhappy, but if you truly love someone and care for will do everything in your power to make them happy...even at the expense of your own happiness. Rain is like a sister to me, and since her family is not present to speak for her and make sure the ancient forms are kept true, then it falls to me to do so. Despite what you may think Variel, I don't hate you. I think you lack discipline and are a bit too hotheaded when you don't get your way, but I see the way you look at Rain. I see how you feel for her but passion only gets a relationship so far. I would not see Rain hurt because you both didn't follow the traditions of your people which are there to provide the structure to keep the flame of passion burning over centuries. Nodding to you both she goes outside and across the deck to stand near Amen-set.

Rain, Variel, and Neko:
Neko begins making loud retching if she is hacking up a hairball. You're sure that's all it is...:-)

Lady Agasta looks you over for a long moment before shrugging and saying well at the least I don't feel like I am robbing the cradle now.She welcomes you all back with happy news that nothing had happened since you were gone. No attacks and no other issues.

you all are free to do what you like tonight. Have any conversations you wish. I will start book three tomorrow after you all wrap up any outstanding rp you have left. I know there are a couple of people with rp stuff they are waiting on me for but rest assured that they will be completed before moving on to the next chapter of the story. For now I'm going to pass out from the meds lol. You all get 1 billion xp! ;-)

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