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Sheila Heidmarch

DM Eric's page

1,729 posts. Alias of Eric Swanson.


Wishes there was a Sheila Heidmarch avatar...



About DM Eric

Suny's Stash:

* scale is of some sea creature, judging by the curvature of the scale, it was a big one, perhaps big enough to swallow a human or elf whole.

* the wood stick, on closer examination, appears to be a map/scroll tube. Inside of them looks like a map of some sort, and the other an old poem or song

* 5 coins you have never seen before, they look to be a bronze color and ceratinly are not worth anything monetarily, at least here in Golarion.

* Conch shell, faint magical aura.

Prophecy of Icarus Campaign

Expedition To Castle Ravenloft

War of the Nobles

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