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Uzbin Parault

DM Downrightamazed's page

5,743 posts. Alias of downrightamazed.


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If anyone is interested, I just spun up an official wiki for this erstwhile campaign setting, and all the games in it. I'll add as I'm able, feel free to contribute things in the meantime.

Kudos to Dave for the suggestion.

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Also also; I just spun up an official wiki for this erstwhile campaign setting, and all the games in it. I'll add as I'm able, feel free to contribute things in the meantime.

Kudos to Dave for the suggestion.

Whoomp! There it is.

Dave Herman wrote:
...DRA should make us all a wiki for this campaign. Who's with me on this?

That IS a really great idea. No idea how to do one properly, tho; I suppose I need a domain first. Lemme see what's out there for easy-peasey Wiki hosting. I'm willing to bet I've a plethora of options, these days.

Also! Don't know if you heard, but GenCon had just over 49,000 unique attendees this year. How awesome is that?! Some of us were betting it'd hit 50k, and damn if it didn't come close. That's an increase of 8,000 over last year!

Good heavens.

Pardon my brief absence; due to some circumstances too silly and convoluted to bother recounting here, I'm really really swamped through the 22nd, plus the ol' day job is strangely busy, so fitting posts in is gonna be very difficult for me until the 23rd. I will at least untangle all this spaghetti above me as soon as I can, though. I don't want any fragging incidents getting hidden in the chase scene. ;-)

Nope, I saw it. 'S all good.

Sir Justahl of NeoWald wrote:
Did we ever actually SEE the Baron die? Did he leave a corpse?

You definitely saw him die.

You wouldn't have seen them with the way the shop is set up, but it's a safe bet you'd hear Maiathreen yelling his warning.

The guard looks baffled. "...darker?"
The other one kicks awkwardly at him from his position on the ground. "He means like duergar, dummy. Dark Dwarves." As comprehension dawns on his fellow, this guard looks up at you. "Nah, he ain't a duergar; he's a southerner. From Dambulla, he sez. Looks it, too; I met a couple of the old Stonelords back in the day and he's got the same complexion as 'em."

@Mai, @Livain, @Belsarious:
You can see them as they duck into an alley and undercover. They have full cover and concealment due to the close roofs of the shops, you will have to land to get a shot at them, or confront them. They are 100' away on a diagonal, so make Fly checks as appropriate.

@Azami and @Kyras: the two of you step cautiously out into the alley. You are, unfortunately, in the wealthy Art District. The nearest possible safe zones are the City Houses of Clan Sera and Clan Shoto, the door to either of which lies about 130' away.

Kyras' Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (9) + 10 = 19

"Don't look now, Red, but it seems we're having our own little state dinner, complete with unwanted guests." The Warbanian gives a wry grin and jerks his head in a quick half-nod upward, where Azami sees a pair of tall, slim winged people (elves?) and the dark-skinned wood elf with the strange speech patterns from before, at the confrontation around the magnifying glass. It looks like at least two of them have caught site of Azami and Kyras.

Mai is up.

Livain and Belsarious: if you two are holding your actions, please say so, otherwise I am going to assume you're just doing nothing on your turn. Since this is PvP I want to be super vigilant against "casual actions", like "oh, yeah, I totally would have done [some thing], I just didn't mention it."

To help Isaac out, Azami is gonna hold until his turn, then the two of them will head out together. This puts our initiative order like so:
Belsarious: 26
Livain: 21
Azami: (18)
Kyras: 18
Mai: 15
Aylaeth: 8
Damian: 8

Belsarious is not able to locate Kyras yet, but keeps his sharp eyes open.

Azami is up.

The metallum fragment would, actually, fit in Jorzan's haversack, but regardless of who has it, Nasmarra fully intends to demolish the mothermind. So whether she's doing it magically, psychically, or with a fragment of its own self, she's there, and her intentions toward it are not good.

I won't lie, I love that the baron is haunting this thread.

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Pechora is a town about a week southwest of Inta. It was the Baron had a sanctum of sorts, and had the whole populace Enthralled. It is where Kelne, Justahl, and the others finally destroyed him. Unrelatedly, it is also where Nurianna dropped off that big book for Professor Vask.

@Jorzan/Zan: The two side rooms are indeed clear. Some detritus in them tells you they are probably usually used for storage; there is very little dust, but there are slivers and wood shavings, dirt from boots, and other signs of frequent traffic.

Heading down the corridor, you see that it goes for another 80' or so and then turns sharp left. There is a dull red-orange glow, like firelight, on the walls, and you can hear the sound of miners working faintly in the near distance.

@Gul, @Kelne, @Nasmarra: The mothermind flails listlessly in the face of Nasmarra's wrath. ::we WE did not...we...we must EAT we must MUST we have to or will DIE we are not we WE please spare US we beg we will LEAVE WILL LEAVE we promise:: Its attempts at communication are devolving into a useless jumble of images and impressions and ideas.

@Hurin: As you are binding the guards, one of them gives you a surprised look. "P-poison?! What? Come on, we're going willingly, is that really necessary?"

The other guard is giving you a flinty look. "And...hey...why are you doing this, anyway? What's with the kid? Aren't you dwarves all in the same boat? Axegrinder's always talking about how the Dragon Dust will let Dwarves "take back what is theirs", shouldn't you be helping us?"

Initiative order is:
Belsarious: 26
Azami: 22
Livain: 21
Kyras: 18
Mai: 15
Aylaeth: 8
Damian: 8

DC15 Perception, Kyras and Azami ONLY:
You take just a couple steps outside into the back alley of the building, but notice that three of the strange flying people from the confrontation around the Magnifying Glass are in the sky directly above, clearly looking for something.

Belsarious is up! Bel, I know you're flying, what are you doing, precisely?

Initiative order is:
Belsarious: 26
Azami: 22
Livain: 21
Kyras: 18
Mai: 15
Aylaeth: 8
Damian: 8

Other initiatives:
Kyras: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18
Damian: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8
Bel: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tanith wrote:
Was the rest of the building in this sort of disrepair/dustiness? Was Inta within the Baron's ruling area?

The answers are "no" and "sort of". Inta is an active outpost, so there are no signs of neglect/dustiness except here in the Baron's quarters and other places where only he was allowed to go. Inta was not within the Baron's territory of Ormiria, but he was known to have other outposts that he ran and/or ruled here and there on the map, most in the northern latitudes. Pechora and Inta both fall under this category.

Tanith wrote:
Is this also a known place that the Baron had lodgings? Or is it surprising to be in Inta? Was there any sign of heraldry? There's Stol - were there many other servants or soldiers visible? Or signs of the passage of servants/people/soldiers (i.e., footprints in the snow, sounds in the hall, etc.)
  • Yes (see above)
  • The Crest of Ormiria (heraldry; Baron, victorious, one leg up on a defeated white dragon, celebratory dwarves holding flags and gifts against a field argent)
  • Yes (Dave is correct about the number of soldiers)
  • Yes, you would have seen lots of peasants going about their business, also trappers, woodsman, and miners

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Tanith and Baron:

Super Important:
Holy spoilers, batman!
Inta and Pechora both look like larger versions of Fort Michilimackinac, of which more images here.

As for the Baron's residence, Dave is pretty spot-on in comparing it to a manse, only it'd be bigger and have more secret passages and guest rooms; the Baron would want guests under his thumb and watchful eyes. So if you could imagine a somewhat shrunk-down version of the Great Northern in Twin Peaks, that's really close to what it's like.

Min Bein'Meleth Rámalóce wrote:

Min held back a sigh, he'd have to approach this a different way. "So... Chrugz, who are your enemies? Who does your company actively oppose?"


No need for initiative; let's just keep this moving. I'm gonna handwave Gul's gaze attack was set to an effect Justahl's aura keeps him and those around immune to. VERY interested to see how this discussion progresses...

All of Gul's senses suddenly come flooding back, and he sees he is in a corridor -- an upper corridor, judging by the stonework -- and there is one guard on either side of him. Before him stands a Paladin of Izmir, whose holy aura must be protecting both him and his companion next to him (that would be Kelne -- Jorzan and Zan are also protected, but would be behind Gul, so I don't think he'd be aware of them yet.), but not the guards, who are both stricken with confusion and hold their heads in pain.

Under the cloak is a creature hunched over on goatlike legs and possessed of a featureless face, save for a large eye ringed by fangs.

DC19 K(Planes):
This is a Div, specifically; an Aghash, a creature that is normally rather evil.

Justahl ONLY:
This creature's aura is somehow both Good and Evil at the same time. The helmet that you hold, which was on the creature's head, has strong auras of necromancy and abjuration on it, and is quite powerful.

@Azami (and @Kyras):The old woman peers up at Azami. "Ah. Well. That would explain him, then." She points back into a shadowy corner where Inspector Cho -- or what is left of him -- lurks in the darkness, his eyes obscured by his soaking-wet shock of hair that hangs limply forward. He does not move. He does not breathe. "It is only ours to await the other two. I believe I know who they will be." She turns around, nodding, to the others in the room, and they all nod sagely back.

"Now, warrior, to you, I am charged to deliver this message; 'The palace is built on a foundation of lies. Go to the bamboo forest, walk among the pines. See with your heart, not with your eyes." Milky old eyes meet your own clear grey ones. Then the old lady speaks again. "I would send the Dragonborn north to Stonegard, but it is too late for that. You must see him to the island, and you must get out of here. The State Dinner is not for you. If the three prongs are already on display, it is far too late. Pack what you can and go."

One of the guards notes Gul's hand moving. He gives Kelne and Jorzan a wide-eyed look. "Seriously, friends, you let that thing take that helm off, and all hell is gonna break loose here."

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You better. Tanith del Covas does not like to be kept waiting.

Mists updated with a post for Wei.

@Wei: When you arrive at the palace, the little bird hops up onto your forearm, and again you hear the tiny singing/speaking voice of Swift, who you now know to be in the form of a bird: "...thank you, brother, for this you shall be rewarded by the very city I must fly...I do hope we meet again..." and with that the Swift flies high, high up to the highest tower of the palace, eventually disappearing from your sight.

@Urk and @Imuri: Bethany glares at the Shoto lord, but is silent.

Min Bein'Meleth Rámalóce wrote:
"...Do you know what I am talking about?"

Chrugz shrugs. "NO"

So, Mai said "there's an army coming", and Lin said "I'll get Min", and now we're talking about party outfits?! Well. Gotta have one's priorities straight, I guess. ;-)

Srsly though, is Lin going into the palace to fetch her companion(s), or what? Is anyone gonna try to contact Damian and Aylaeth? It's a convenient narrative excuse to get to be part of the kerfuffle that's bound to occur when/if Damian meets Kyras.

Shameless plug; if any of you are into euro-style metal music, my metal band, Magma Dragon, has just released another new song; "Chaotic Evil Outsider".

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Shameless plug; if any of you are into euro-style metal music, my metal band, Magma Dragon, has just released another new song; "Chaotic Evil Outsider".

Shameless plug; if any of you are into euro-style metal music, my metal band, Magma Dragon, has just released another new song; "Chaotic Evil Outsider".

DC15 K(Nobility):
Now that you can get a closer look at it, while you can't precisely recognize the badge that the cloaked prisoner is wearing, it is definitely of the noble/good persuasion, reminiscent of coats-of-arms worn by paladins of Iomedae or Cayden Cailean or Sarenrae.

@Gul: For some reason, you have stopped. You can sort of feel the presence of the guards still standing next to you, but there is something else, as well...something more.

The guards had just been exchanging a knowing glance, no doubt planning to rush Kelne, or at least split up -- with one holding off the northman and one going for help -- when Jorzan and Zan make their appearance, freezing them in their tracks. Both hold still, then slowly raise their hands, dropping their polearms. One of them speaks slowly and distinctly. "You. Are making. A huge. Mistake. You want this creep?" he indicates their cloaked and helm'd prisoner with a sideways dip of his head, "He's all yours. But don't say I didn't warn you."

You guys never said definitively how you were traveling, and it doesn't really make a difference to me. So feel free to handwave whatever you want, as long as it's something that's within your power, e.g., Fly spells, a rickshaw, whatever.

No worries, sir; take it easy and get your rest. We need you in one piece. :-) I eagerly await your contribution/continuation in this conversation.

Sounds good! Probably the most perfect icon in the universe for this PC, BTW. Love it! :-D

@Azami: The people in the store all look at each other, then the oldest person there; a wizened and probably blind elderly lady in a surprisingly elegant woven kimono, steps forward. "I will receive your message, soldier, and give you the required reply." She comes very close and cranes her wrinkly head up towards you. "Whisper it to me." she insists.

DC20 Perception:
In the far corner of the room you see a go board, set up in a formation almost identical to the one your game with the captain left off at.

No worries, my friend. Your posts are always worth waiting for. Don't hesitate to let me know if I or any of the others can help. :-)

@The Baron: You are quite happy when word comes back from House del Covas that Tanith is indeed still in their employ; has, in fact, been promoted. You get word when she arrives a short while later, and can see her being led towards your house from your balcony on the fourth floor.

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