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Bear trap

DM Devon's page

1,482 posts. Alias of PirateDevon.

We can hammer out final details HERE

Ilizmagorti, Black Pearl of the Tropics. A city on few maps and more well known for its secrets then its day to day affairs. A mysterious trade port in the heart of the Shackles all is not as it seems, even to those who know the city best. Rumored home of The Red Mantis Assassins Ilizmagorti is a city of contradictions and chaos yet somehow it survives and even flourishes.

Beneath the normal teeming streets of haggling and fishmongering, merchant trades and mercenary contracts, is the sophisticated web of participants that make up the premier group of assassins throughout Golarion. Contracts are made. Recruits are summoned. Supplicants to Achaekek are brought forward to know what it is to serve in the image of the Gods own assassin. Under the watchful eye of the hidden Crimson Citadel the assassins ply their trade. Under the quite eye of the lighthouse on the Three Sisters islands, the mayor watches the city.

A city with little law and full to the brim with strangesr who could just as soon be a dealer in death, the servants the Red Mantis Assassins stir as a newcomer vies to become one of them... it is.

Cuddles, Anton and Mattrim saddle up their horses...

Welcome one and all. Once Black Dow has his character hammered out he will join us.

For the record, though it should be clear soon enough the elemental axis ended this way:

Shattertooth - Earth
Squeeze Bits - Water
Zika - Air
Narissth - Fire

Take a moment to review your sheets and make sure nothing is missing. I will make a note soon about some QoL adjustments I am hoping folks will make to their profiles so info is easy to reference...

The raven's cawing seems almost suspiciously rhythmic

*Caw* *Caw*


The Exchange

Since gestalt is SO in and since I have also seen some other recruitments going on that have inspired me to dust off the ol' "notebook of ideas"

The Premise {Narrative}

You fair traveler were on a boat. A boat? Yes, a boat. You were going wherever that boat was going and were doing whatever you were doing when abnormal weather caught up your boat and you were thrown overboard...

A boat? Well any water going vessel. It could be a ship, a canoe, a raft or you could have been swimming for all the gods know. The one requirement of your backstory is that you were on, in, or near water and then weird weather threw you in to it.

And then? And then indeed! You, fair traveler, awake on a pristine white beach, naked as the day you were born, unequipped, unharmed (except for being a little waterlogged clearly) and in the presence of three total strangers. What happens next is the stuff of stories. Or a PbP game, ya know, whatever.

The Premise {Mechanics/What to Expect}

Its an island. With ruins and monsters and its uninhabited *cough* liar *cough* and 4 adventurers are going to try to figure out how to survive and, if circumstances permit, escape or do something else based on what you find.

Magic. Mystery. Etc. E6? Gestalt? Why? Oh the island is messed up. E6 presents a good dynamic to keep the power scale more in line with what the threats of the island are and gestalt helps you live. What will be fun is that everyone is from Golarion and it will be clear to the characters that things are messed up. In essence your characters will be conscious of their E6ness and gestaltness (in vague general terms) and depending on what happens that might actually be undone at some point. It sorta depends on if you live.

There are other strange things. I will mention them in the build instructions. I intend this game to be not for the faint of heart. Casters will have to track components (after all where is the bat guano on the island, hmm?) and divine agents will experience cosmic interference. Why is it every time I talk to Gozreh I get that weird echo? Crafting skills will be important. The island will try to foil you and in general (I think) much fun will be had.

Think Lost meets Robinson Crusoe meets Lord of the Flies meets...Aliens? Treasure Island? Lots of weird stuff.

Build Instructions:


Any 2 Classes (As long as I can find it on the PRD, you can use it. No unpublished (ie. playtest) classes. Occult, Unchained, etc. OK Gunslingers OK. Some classes will HAVE it ROUGH. But that might be really interesting. Let's just say that anything is possible on the island. I'm wiling to consider 3pp. No Psionics.

Any Race (Again, as long as I can find it. No custom. Its Golarion. Keep in mind you are about to wash up on a deserted island with the 3 strangers, that might make certain things...tense?)

MAX HD per level.

No gear. If you say WHAT? I say seriously did you read the premise? ;p

+2 Skill points per level ONLY for Knowledge or Craft skills. (Please note those expenditures in your proposed build)

Any class that has 2+Int skill points has 4+ in addition to the bonus points above. (Archetypes like Lore Warden will increase that total more, ask me more if this might impact you.)

Any feat that applies to a single weapon, applies to a group. I can and will work with you to create custom groups.

Some feats may morph over time to be more useful. (In general this will probably impact mostly general and certain combat feat chains.)

Similarly expect new uses for many skills due to the whole "stranded on an island" issue.

Last but not least. Choose two of the four "classic" elements. {Fire, Earth, Air, Water} that represent your character. You can choose how invested that "theme" goes. It could be as simple as "hey I'm a fire sign" or as invested as "I am a burning earth mage of fire and earth".

Selections and Timing.

I have one, I need three more. The party has to be small to make this work the way so I cannot accept a bigger party (and I usually do). Sorry.

I want one representative for each elemental alignment. The one locked in player has Earth or Air. (This is why I was asking for two, so you have a backup) It will actually play a role in the game.

The twist: In addition to your own submission I will be asking each player to cast one vote for another proposal they would like to see on the island with them. (This will happen after the final sub phase.)

I hate picking and I want the folks that end up on the island to be invested and excited in the group dynamic.

I'll leave the thread open until 9:00pm -8 GMT Sunday August 30th for dots. Final subs will be due 9:00 PM -8 GMT Wednesday Sept 2nd. Votes will be cast for two days until 9:00 PM -8 GMT September 4th with an intended start of the weekend of Saturday Sept 5th.

Ask away.

The Exchange

Just thinking that it would be very nice for a player to be able to mark a campaign as "inactive" so its no longer on our campaign tab. Being a long time PbPer if a GM leaves there is no way to get it off my tab unless I harass you fine folks...which don't take this the wrong way, I LOVE to do but it might just be nice if we could "excuse" ourselves from a game on our own.

Unless I am missing something?

The Exchange

Looking to change the GM on a PBP thread. I could have sworn that if you were the active DM you could pass it off but my search-fu is failing. Is that possible?

So I was hip deep in reading that voting thread when it got snipped and something that came up for me was this article which I was reading right before it:

How Republicans Can Get Things Done: What the GOP can learn from Democrats about how to govern.

The author (Reihan Salam) is known as a conservative commentator. I know nothing of how far he leans and I would have picked a better title just given the current partisan climate but I think the substance of the article has some merit as far as what he "sees" in the two political parties.

I thought this might be a good example of something to discuss around politics that proves to the powers that be we can have civil discourse.

It just really made me think about how I see the parties and what I "expect" of them and why, etc. YMMV

The Exchange


My name is PirateDevon, paizo community member and play by post player.

I play in a Wrath of the Righteous game. Here

Long story short? We are two DMs in the hole and are looking for a brave stalwart soul to lead us to...well we aren't sure because we are the players and we would *never* read ahead in the AP.

Are you that soul, ready to forge a story of destiny using only words? We are a tenacious lot, ready to play, we waited through two DMs and are still looking for more! You can't buy that kind of loyalty!

So...yeah. Anyone want to take a stab at taking over?

The Exchange

Not wanting to muddy the waters in any of the other engrossing threads on martial/caster disparity. OR the rogue threads I was wondering about Ad&D mechanisms for balance in the form of separate XP tracks.

Obviously there was more than that (fighters got strongholds and kingdoms for instance) but rogues progressed much more rapidly than wizards (2 for 1 almost?) and so on.

I'm just curious if that metric has been thought of by the community to any serious degree. It seems to me the rest of the system could be left mostly intact (minus some feat tree trimming just on general principal) but could XP by class provide a relatively simple means of re-establishing class equity (rather than balance because obviously if some progress faster than others the system is acknowledging imbalance).

Anyone have thoughts on this?

Dot the gameplay yo ho!

Here be the discussion thread. yar.

The Exchange

Reading up on the iconic Summoner and watching the slumber hex thread explode into hilarity it got me thinking about the non-core classes and if they are more rare and if there was anything that indicated how rare they might be? (In Golarion obviously) Ive ssen plenty of AP material with expanded content but that is about players coming up against unique things. Anyone have any insight?

Lads and Ladies the Heroes of Sandpoint are in need!

We are a group of currently 4 players, one GM, playing in a well worn but lovingly dedicated RotRL game that has passed between a few DMs and recently lost our long time paladin. Care to join us?

We are looking for one, and may be willing to take up to two enthusiastic folks.

Here is the nitty gritty:

Build yourself at level 4 with the following:

20 point buy
2 traits
Max hp at 1st level; roll for subsequent lvls, min 1/2 hit die (ie, if your class uses d6, and you roll a 1 or 2, you get 3 hp + your bonuses)

For gear assume average wealth by level. Please be sure you are outfitted in a sane manner, I would not appreciate your character coming in with 2 magic items and no clothes. ;-p

My message to prospective players is build prepared to interact with a group that has good character dynamics. Concept first mechanics second. If you want to build an Invulnerable Rager or a witch go for it, but pick something you like and something you think will jive with the narrative. We have a couple of locals and some out of towners so you can be a known (if poorly remembered until now) quantity or you can ride in on your horse cloaked in mystery.

I prefer characters built with some hooks so I have some things to consider in making the game more focused on the players, I think everyone in the thread now has left me a juicy tidbit in their playing or in their histories that I can run with. If you have any ideas for inserting yourself into the game I am open to hear them.

For those who have played RotRL before have no fear as so have some of my current players and due to changes made by previous DMs I have already taken steps to modify the AP to flesh things out, offer some twists and in general make the game a unique experience.

I will leave recruiting open until Friday the 13th at which point I will take what I think are the 4 most promising submissions back to the party to vote on who they would like to see join the game.

Let me know if there are any questions. Either post in the thread or PM me if you like.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Here we go, up and running. We can chat mechanics, ameplay and b**#&~%* here to keep the game thread tidy.

In the heart of the city of Ravengro, in the nation of Ustalav, the burial grounds known as the Restlands is the site of a somber affair. Amidst clouded skies and pattering rain a woman stands in black cowl and dress awaiting the arrival of an unknown number of mourners to pay final farewell to the man she knew as "father", Professor Petros Lorrimor.

You instructions were fleet and short; Lorrimor is dead. You are urged to attend his burial and the reading of his will. There was no mention of your history. There was no mention of your relationship. Simply a date, a place and ample expectation that clung in the air unsaid.

Feel free to narrate your approach. Include how you came to Ravengro if you so desire.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Still abed with the sun over the yardarm? On your feet, ye filthy swabs! Get up on deck and report for duty before Cap’n Harrigan flays your flesh into sausage skins and has Fishguts fry ye up for breakfast!

The words seem overly loud. You awaken to the smell of salt and spray. Your head pounds from the merriment, noise and chaos of the Formidably Maid, the tavern of your revels...was it last night? Your head aches with the dull pain, like an oar was smashed on your head and the ringing has not quite stopped in your ears. Your mouth tastes of bitter and sweet all mixed together. The room sways. Is that the room itself or an after effect of the spicy food and spiced rum? It was rowdy night, even for Port Peril...

Don't make me fetch the boys to drag yah before the Cap'n. Unceremonious type o way to start your career on the Wormwood...

The harsh words come from a man in the doorway. Dirty light, some lantern, some sun, mix just enough to see a tall man with a black braided beard, long black coat, heavy boots and a menacing whip in his his hands. The red tone of his bandana threatens to be the only true color on his person as even his fingernails feature black paint of some kid. See HERE for a reference

You note that you are clothed but seem to be lacking you equipment. In turn each of you note that you have been roughly handled but seem to be intact.

Having been playing the role of boy for a while now your clothing arrangements are second nature. In the haze of this rough awakening you note that your clothes are intact even if your gear is missing. Your throwing knives, thinner and smaller than regular blades have apparently gone unnoticed so though you lack your sword and other gear you are not completely without options.

Though robbed of your gear and armor your other clothes are intact and you dagger, apparently either too small or too well hidden to note, is still on your person.

You have heard of the sickness one gets when a familiar is lost but despiye the various abuses upon your person you still feel Smudge's connection though the parrot is nowhere to be seen. Your clothes are worse for wear but your spell pouch remains intact among your layers though they managed to take everything else. Additionally you notice the bastards took your hat!

Though stripped of much of your gear and armor you note that oddly still have your compass upon your person.

Sadly you have been robbed of everything of value and stripped of your armor. Your memory is hazy but you do notice that in your pocket is a pair of brass knuckles.

You have been stripped of everything save your clothes but you do not that for some reason they missed you spell components as they are still on your person.

The man menaces at you lazily with his whip indicating you are to rise and follow. He leaves little to the imagination as to what happens next if you fail to comply...

Let me know if you plan to resist or follow.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Yarr! This be the the OOC for me upcoming adventures on the high seas of Golarion. Post your character concepts, builds, ideas and thoughts HERE!

Using this alias I am in a PBP here that does not consistently update with a "new message" count from my "Campaign" screen in my profile. (ie. sometimes the count is accurate and sometimes it is not.) Additionally I will sometimes pop into the thread, see nothing, come back a few hours later and see posts from before or during my last time in the thread...

I use multiple aliases throughout the forums and I am in multiple updating threads and only this one thread w/ this alias has this problem. Any ideas?

The Exchange

So under magic item creation it says that cheap scrolls can take as little as 2 hours to create but that ultimately "Regardless of the time needed for construction a caster can create no more than one magic item per day." (p. 549 PF Core)

Am I going to mess up my game if I let my wizard work no longer than 8 hours a day but craft as many scrolls as he can in those 8 hours. (So up to 4 cheap scrolls a day). Anyone see a problem there?

The Exchange

Fellow Paizoites (Paizoans? Paizolonians?)

I am curious what your take is on the following issue:

Pearl of Power says :

Once per day on command, a pearl of power enables the possessor to recall any one spell that she had prepared and then cast that day. The spell is then prepared again, just as if it had not been cast. The spell must be of a particular level, depending on the pearl.

Crafting Requirements says:

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, creator must be able to cast spells of the spell level to be recalled ; [costs per spell level from here].

Emphasis Mine.

Can a wizard craft a pearl or power and then can another class use it? Or does the user have to be of the same class? (The word "prepare" is used in reference to clerics too you see) I am curious what the community thinks about this and what they would allow in their own games.


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