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Bear trap

DM Devon's page

1,448 posts. Alias of PirateDevon.


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Kithian, aided by occasional observations by most of the group *cough* distracted bard *cough* manages to navigate the shores of the north bound tributary that feeds to the Yondabakari to the south.

The river is quite deep and some of Kithian's initial prospects for crossing are slow moving but almost as deep as his shoulders, a poor option for a party with smaller members.

Eventually, with the sun beggining its lazy arc to the west and the latter half of the day Kithian has two options:

A fast moving shallow that is a mere two feet deep but moving at a brisk enough pace that there is some concern of being knocked over for the less sure footed into a series of craggy rapids that end in a short drop some ten yards down the river.


A series of dead tress from the Sanos can be seen on the other side of the river at one of the slow moving shallows. It could be that some like Kithian and Jutmerlum make the crossing in the deep water as best they can and fell the trees for others to make way.

In either case there is some dispute about how well the horses will fare unless someone is well training to handle them...

Sorry folks I have been having a myriad of access issues, I apologize for the spotty posting.

YEah Looking for a crossing of some size and shape. The towns have the official crossings but a shallow might be in the offing if someone has the skill...

Sorry folks, I was kicked from the internet for a couple days...I need survival checks for the river...High DCs, it might be best to have a primary and then other folks roll to aid but I want a declared primary.


low stay: 1d2 ⇒ 1

Despite the concern the night passes without notice. The morning comes with little fanfare and no apparent threat...

So straight to the river? OR do you want to break to one of the towns?

Jutmerlum takes to the terrain and moves like someone trained to expect foes who are ready to shoot at great distances. The half-orc takes his time and comes to the conclusion that if the party is being watched it is at a fairly extreme range as even at 1/4 mile out the archer does not see the glint again.

Based on the terrain though he is able to estimate that two miles would be the extreme extent of seeing. At least until the river and the trees, whoever might following the group would be fairly visible. Obviously certain tactics or magic would hinder being noticed.

key in mind you are in mostly open terrain with occasional trees versus out and it forest. Jut, how far out are you going to go to establish a perimeter?

-Posted with Wayfinder

To answer Cam's earlier question its dusk working to evening, basically as you are setting up to camp. The sun is barely visible on the horizon and so casting long shadows. Apparently this glint was in one of the day's last tendrils of real light.

The group manages to acquit itself well enough in the wild, supplementing trail rations with opportunistic plant and wild life while keeping a steady pace east and off the road.

In the first few days nothing of real interest happens and camp is made with settled watches that move through the night. Pinnochio, ever vigilant, sees a distant light on the second night but no amount of casual inspection leads to it returning or it coming of anything.

This changes on night five as the camp is made. Tomorrow the group should come across the rivers then woods but Sayniek and Kithian both see a distant light, a shimmer really, of sunlight on metal or glass, some distance behind the group. Each of them see it twice...

Rocks fall. Everyone dies. Just waiting for Kithian's batch.

AS noted above anyone who wanted mounts has mounts, even newbies. The Heroes having a certain amount of cache even those associated with them get perks. Ok, lets see. I need 4 sets of survival checks per person who has such skills, 5 perception checks per person, and Jutmerlum needs to make a con check since apparently he can;t even find breakfast and is now hungry...actually that last one is a joke.

No Cam is set for all of Varisia. Basically Cam can see whatever maps of the country you can google IRL. I need to know who is riding or on foot, what the march order is and what the watch order is please.

YEah you still have that crazy heavy horse for sure.

The group departs. The road widen then narrows at various points until it is noted by the group that they have their first decision to make only a few miles from town:

The road proper swings soutward and branches twice, one branch following the river some miles to the north of it while the other is the larger but more exposed river road that the group has opted not to follow.

However it is now clear that a third option presents itself in that the group could go straight in the mized tress and meadows of the hinterlands and approach Sanos Forest directly, with the option to stop at either the town of Nybor or Wartle or bypass them both entirely.

(The road runs to Wartle normally and Nybor may be a necessity as there is a wide river run that comes from the north to meet the Yonabaraki river's east/west direction. However you might also find a place to cross without the aid of civilization if you want to try. Both towns are a few miles from each other on the edge of the Sanos which is roughly the halfway makr of your journey. )

With at least some modicum of understanding of where they all intend to go the companion old and ne alike are given adequate provisions and mounts if they do not have their own.

There is the standard pregnant pause as the group makes its way to the eastern edge of town, ready to move on to Turtleback Ferry.

Final call and last stop. Anything folks mean to grab or do before leaving town?

I like to imagine that as Pinnochio's version of "drinking" is just splashing liquid into his mouth. Choon how emotive is he? Like does he have muscular style motion on his face and not just blink or are we talking like full on locked features like an old Thunderbirds episode (though come to think of it THEY could blink)

So of the options presented for travel I seem to recall the group felt land based was best. Did you want to travel the fast route on the open river road or through the more danger laden but less obvious forest path?

Enh its mostly folks insulting each other. I myself have been locked out of the site for two plus days so apologies for my delays....

Even if it is through a sort of tethered fascination Pinnochio is not cast out of the bar or away from the table and the night passes. Stories are shared and details exchanged as new companions and old pass the night with drink, food and other diversions.

When Ameiko and Cam have had their time together sharing their own set of stories, diversions and unspoken truths, they rejoin the rest. The night passes and the day comes all too soon.

The group reconvenes in the morning at various levels of readiness. Steaming plates of food and various drinks are served to prepare the party for its travels.

Morning time. Anything else in Sandpoint before you hit the road?

Ameiko gently guides on of Kithian's hands to the cask on the table as though to remind the barbarian to pay attention. Shaking her head to her self she pulls Bethana and another servant aside who then move to combine table to accommodate all those present.

The proceeding are briefly interrupted by a shreiking Bethana who pratically lights the tavern on fire with her words as she chases a large black raven from one of the liquor cabinets.

The bird lands near Vidar with a thimble in its mouth and starts hammering the small metal object against the table in an effort to get the wizard's attention. The halfling barmaid meanwhile can be heard from the back, When I murder that bloody bird it won't be ME who nurses you back to health from the familiar sickness you bloody rumscrubber. Keep that beast out of my spirits!

Ameiko offers a conciliatory shrug to Vidar as to Shalelu's whereabouts...

Ameiko cocks an eyebrow at the wizard, WEll if you are going to get yourself into the same kind of trouble you have been you might get your numbers back up. With Rullis and Kerrec gone and my brother doing Desna knows what I would say you could wait for Shalelu but Kristiel and her are running into troubles of their own...that said there are always new friends to make.

Jutmerlum can certainly make out the conversation and as another ale is poured Bethana, having a tall stool on the other side of the bar to put her at eye height with most sitting patrons at least, offers a flat look at the half-orc. I'd be careful with that lot. The thin one is reasonable but the rest are drunken louts or prone to stern lecture. You want to talk to them you best do it open and honest, they find you skulking thy'ell likely make you fight...then drink...and then fight again...but that might be to your liking I suppose. The halfling descends and moves elsewhere before Jut can really get a word in.

Okay Choon that is creepy. You want to join them not have them attack you right? LOL

Ameiko furrows her brow for a moment, Rannick? Isn't that south of Kaer Maga? What could the City care about out there? I assume you are talking about the Lord Mayor...

...Jutmerlum looks at the grizzled veteran, What do I have to do? The half-orc listened and took the job, simply guarding job to Riddleport. From Riddleport it was another guard job to Magnimar. In the City of Monuments Keppish took ill but not before passing on a tidbit about a small town north with big trouble. Goblins and what not, might be just the score...except Sandpoint was quiet. Apparently the goblins were dealt with. Horrific murder? Resolved. The town had a group of heroes watching its back and they were due back any day. Lacking in options and at a dead end Jutmerlum nurses a drink in the Rusty Dragon...

...Pinnochio couldn't be lost because that implied a specific destination but Sandpoint didn't strike the construct like the most exciting place on first glance. Another stop over to greater finds it seemed at first that this was another sleepy town with little to offer except a few exotic ruins.. However the STORIES these people tell are another thing. It seems the towns been a bed of craziness lately but luckily all in hand by some local heroic sorts. Despite that the town retains an edge of wariness or maybe it was mistrust of the seemingly little wooden boy amongst them. It was hard to tell any more but at the Rusty Dragon the owner, a tall woman named Ameiko, seemed content to ask few questions, take the coin offered and present the sorcerer with a table to bide the time...

...Ameiko was no stranger to the great tales of the ages so she takes the presence of outsiders in stride and the chance arrival of her friends and lover in stride. It was her gift and her offer to the world - to take the exotic she discovered out on the road and create a safe haven for it in her hometown. The half-orc seemed a mercenary type, the wooden boy (?) was something else altogether but things she has seen lately give her no reason to pause at their presence and to be unsurprised that these strangers would herald the arrival or her friends.

As Sayniek, Kithian, Cam and Vidar enter the Rusty Dragon there is the scattered greetings and cheers from the regular townsfolk while Ameiko moves to leave the bar. She gestures to Bethana and others to set a table and in short order the woman has crossed to the entrance and dragged Cam to a corner to celebrate his arrival while the staff of the dragon lay out the usual fare for the Heroes of Sandpoint...except for Sayneik whom the staff are still unsure of so there is a breif moment where the halfling bartender confers with the halfling like oradin to see if anything is needed.

In short order Ameiko drags Cam back to the table, somewhat mussed from the interaction in the corner, and sits down across from the rest as she pours drinks from pitchers and casks, Returned from the City and all in one piece but I can tell you are not meant to stay... The bard offers a defiant grin as though to challenge the group how she might know that but otherwise is quiet...

Railroad post in 3...2...1...

Nope. Make what you want. Like I said lots of opportunity for hybrid classes and less classic roles. Don't worry about the divine unless you want to.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Meh play what you want to play. if Kumo comes back with another archer then you will be archer heavy. Jut seems fine as is and I don't want anyone to retool unless they want to.

I just got the pace on the game back up so I don't want to delay too much more. Take today to think it over but if Jut stays the same, I will introduce those two and Kumo will come in when/where he comes in.

Well I'm ready to get started, so I plan to post in the AM and bring out puppet and orc on board, if Logan can come up with something soon, then he can catch up.

-Posted with Wayfinder

I'm not sure I would call Vidar's actions the last few years as enhancing more...disruptive and antagonistic really.Perhaps a matter of perspective though...

Kenrick nods, The woman made her way to that infamous hole Cam mentioned, but the note says that Orik has flourished with a more forthright purpose, I agree with Cam that he should be judged on the merits of his character. He was judged and serves under the notion of justice. I recognize that might be at odds with your lord's desire to punish with vengeance but Sandpoint follows Magnimar's lead in aspiring to a notion of redemption in the right circumstances.

Hemlock strokes his chin, I haven't seen or heard much of anything in regards to adventurers or sell swords but you know that Ameiko is ten times more likely to know about it than I am. I practically am drowining in reports still from the Shalelu in the wilds and my folks spread all over the countryside working at the sanitarium and around Thistletop.

Which REMINDS me, that oh so long ago you talked about commissioning a new bridge to Thisteltop under the auspice of developing it/exploring it more. Does that still sound like something you want to be doing in the background?

I dunno are you planning on lying a lot?

No if I were you I would keep an eye out for land whales or wizards bearing wands of "Turn into Jackass". Your nose is safe...for now.

@Jutmerlum/CAm - You folks are correct on the right track.

Lets assume I am nuts and have us back up to seven...which we were actually doing at one point and I have a plan for... (Split the party? MARVELOUS idea, heh)

I see spaces for supports and mixed roles. Don't really need more out and out muscle, one sorcerer and one wizard covers the bases on standard casting so I would say:

Divine oriented full casters (Clerics/Druids)
3/4 BAB skill oriented roles (Bards, Inquisitors, etc.)

REcruit thread is good for build info, scaled to 6.

20 point buy
2 traits
Max hp at 1st level; roll for subsequent lvls, min 1/2 hit die (ie, if your class uses d6, and you roll a 1 or 2, you get 3 hp + your bonuses)

For gear assume average wealth by level. Please be sure you are outfitted in a sane manner, I would not appreciate your character coming in with 2 magic items and no clothes. ;-p

Is what I said the last time I recruited so that seems fair. Level 6 now. Most official sources are game, anything from Occult or later I need to look at before I sign off on it.

For you Chiroptera I would recommend not being a survivor as...well...they may not get there straight away. *cough cough* so I reccomend motivations that would bring people to Sandpoint and be willing to lend a hand (making money a fine motivation).

Yeah Lothryin just check back in on your return and we will see where things stand.


So I might have a couple more folks show up from other sources to show interest. My current recommendation for Choon and anyone else who gets over here in the next couple of days is to finalize a rough concept (race-class-basic bio/personality) and then I will let the players pick the top 2 if there are more than 2. Hopefully that sounds reasonable.

The mayor cocks an eyebrow, Rannick was it? She turns to her desk and rummage through some papers and pulls out a scroll, That mercenary you turned over...Orik. He's been dipatched to that Fort as part of a deployment of the cities "redemption" squads. I just got word but a couple days ago as I had requested updates on his status as you had sued for a lesser sentence for him.

I'm fine with VMC, I've allowed these folks to rebuild and tweak as other stuff has been released, I think Cam rebuilt with Unchained rogue at one point.

Oh my stars that avatar is terrifying.

Funny enough this party has some experience with creatures that are possessed by others...I'm not sure that ingratiates them to your proposed idea or not. I'm honestly sort of intrigued by the ring but the kinda evil part might be a problem with a paladin around.

I'm fine with Pinocchio in principle. Getting him into Sandpoint should be amusing. The name makes me roll my eyes a little, but in good humor, lol.

Sayneik and Choon you played together in the amber isle game, fyi.

@Vidar - If you refuse to murder for no reason that leaves me no choice but a reason for you to do it? How about for treasure and the greater good? Yay D&D! Rehabilitating the murderous since 1974!

And so it was that Devon did unwittingly lay out a honey trap for the wizard and he did build his magical empire upon a heap of slaughtered newcomers...

Hemlock shakes his head and leans forward with a more serious air, I've heard of Turtleback but never been. Its a fair distance to the east if I recall? A couple weeks?

I've got a couple folks from my Kingmaker game interested so they will show up here and talk through options...and hopefully avoid being murdered by Vidar.

HE is good at masquerading as a mage to a point, but all that fancy sword swinging is gonna give it away, keep those perform ranks high.

I'll throw it out to my groups in the morning, based on who shows interest I can guide them back over here to talk through concepts.

Hemlock cannot help but conceal a smirk behind a hand at Kithian's matter of fact admission of the groups activities while the mayor seems to play at frowning but finally she shakes her head, I cannot deny your results, burned down buildings to the contrary. So are you men back to stay in the town? On to other adventures? I hope the threat to Sandpoint is ended.

So the question is do I do an open recruitment like last time or should I try hitting up my other games to see if I can snag a couple folks I might already know?

Screen wipe.

The group walks into the Mayor's office only barely refreshed from days of travel on the road from Magnimar. No real issues presented themselves and the group arrives to many an enthusiastic nod and welcome as has become common of their status in the town.

As the group enters the Mayor's office they find Hemlock is also present as they are waved to sit. Greetings once more. What word from your efforts in the great city?

back on the grid. Anything in Magnimar or are you ask fine to go to Sandpoint?

-Posted with Wayfinder

I am going to Star Wars screen wipe you to Sandpoint. Assume you are able to find whatever level of privacy you require. The envelope contains two letters, one is a letter of credit which stipulates you are t be paid a sum of 6000gp each for services rendered. Any number of places in the city can pay you on your way out of town. The second is basically a letter of introduction that says whoever bears it is on official business for the Lord-Mayor, thus putting a bit of "oomph" behind your inquiries. Let me know if there is anything else you need in Magnimar

Krinst looks somewhat pleased at Vidar's train of thought, I would prefer it. Politics in Magnimar are complicated and sometimes even my staff and I do not see eye to eye. If the Lord-Mayor is to succeed in the long term more...diligence is at times required. I appreciate you taking steps to minimize eavesdropping.

Going to Sandpoint will add a few days but I can't fault you for staying connected to your community. As for the bodies, yes there were such markings, as I noted in our first meeting we had awareness of the cult, we merely did not make the linked circumstances public. Appropriate steps were taken to renumerate families and losses at the time, the susbtance of the creature's leavings are yours as is.

The man fishes into his coat and pulls out an envelope and passes it to Cam, For your work. The contents should aid in your endeavors, don't lose it. Go to Turtleback on your best perceived course and send word when you know more or on completion. I'll assume if I don't hear from you in 5 weeks or so that you have failed.

The man smooths the front of his coat, Is there anything else to discuss?

Krinst manages a slight smirk as the wizard pipes up, I'm not so foolish to think I could use her nature to deny you reward. Merely to embolden my request. Yes, let's move on to somewhere more comfortable.

Krinst waves the group to follow and has the group winds it way out of the Pediment buidling to a carriage that is waiting. A few short minutes later the lot of you are escorted in the Usher's Hall and then guided to a large state room with a table, refreshments, and a number of chairs all framed in a room with large glass windows and various tapestries and stately decorations.

Krinst speaks to a steward who runs off and returns with a large parchment which Krinst unrolls on the table as he gestures to the group to sit and partake of the food and drink. Alcohol in the form of mead, wine, and a cask of amber ale are available amongst a variety of finger foods.

Krinst waves at the map. WE are here. Turtlback is about two weeks to the East of us on foot or by sailing barge. The Yondabakari and Skull rivers can get you all the way to the town itself though your approach will be well made and easy to see. By land the paths vary in quality but there is a well traveled road often called "The Dry Way" that follows the river and then of course there is a path that would take you via the new and old Sanos forest trails. The Dry Way is very often muddied, especially this time of year. The Sanos trails...well...we do our best but the forest is exactly the kind of place bandits and other threats like to hide...

Krinst's expression darkens as he reads the letter and a frown deepens on his face as he hands the letter back, No clearly not alone. So there are more of these creatures engaged in this plot. Her observations are not wrong though, if greed is what they are after the Lord Mayor would be an ideal target.

Krinst takes a moment to sit and run his hands through his hair, I had hoped that this would be finished. If this letter is right then the town is already compromised. Its a small place, little in the way of official contact. What's more is I sent a team through there not to long ago to help at Fort Rannick, rumors of giants and trolls. This is the last thing we needed.

Krinst gaze falls on Sayniek with a narrow expression, Evil...I know you have loyalty to Sandpoint but this plot...evil. I could send guardsmen but they wouldn't know how to handle such a creature...what would it take for Heroes of Sandpoint to serve Magnimar in this matter?

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