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Bear trap

DM Devon's page

1,241 posts. Alias of PirateDevon.


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Cam asks questions but the creatures locked in combat offer little in the way of answers.

Sayniek continues to hold the door but cannot seem to find a good avenue of attack.

Vidar keeps an eye out for witnesses while Kithian decides its best to use his size to scale the outside of the building in pursuit of "Foxglove"


1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 231d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

The ugothols, as Cam called them, continue to try to hit Sayniek but to little effect.

Group up!

Right what I was saying is that I don't think Sayniek needs LOS to terminate the effect. She can guess it s a problem and turn it off or she can "wait" and see its an issue. I suppose she might wait to see IF Kithian does something like tear an exterior wall of the house down? LOL So Kithian why don't you act for the round assuming its still up and Sayniek can play it be ear based on what happens next...

No one seems to have really noticed yet. Kithian's next actions will probably influence that heavily...

Is Kithian trying to push his way upstairs? Did Sayniek end the enlarge?

Sayniek wrote:
Can Sayniek see Kithian? If so, the she will dismiss the enlarge person to allow Kithian to move more freely.

Well not right away and not without property damage but she can make an educated guess it would be an issue...

It suddenly bubbles to mind that these things are "ugothols" or more commonly known as "faceless stalkers" a strange bipedal race that is known for lurking in the Mushfens area not far from town. See here. In addition to the entry basics Cam would know that they are generally reclusive creatures and wouldn't do something like lying in wait for who knows how long unless someone told them to.

Cam is positioned in a way to move behind Sayniek without issue.

GM Stuff:

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25

Cam retreats while Sayniek takes the doorway. The creatures respond by moving in to attack the oracle who rebuffs their blows (though one comes shockingly close to find an opening).

Meanwhile Kithian's size and speed do indeed present a problem as the building does not easily support his size...You basically would need to crawl through the interior of the house. Do you want to do that?

Meanwhile Vidar circles back around only to see the enlarged barbarian effectively jam up the way (though he could pass through if he wanted to)

Let me know how much you want to jam yourself in the house Kithian aside from that you are free to act on Rd III

YEah you both noted where Cam "was" when you left.

Sayniek is able to move to the doorway behind Cam and see the events unfolding but is otherwise unable to act...yet You move too slow short stuff ;P

Vidar Ekstrand wrote:
Nothing beyond lighting up his pipe and looking bored.

*snicker* Such a cynic... :p

Cam winces to himself at what he probably feels is an ugly lead up to the blow but lucky for him "Iesha" is either overconfident or under-prepared as she is caught fully surprised by a sap to the back of the head. The woman stumbles forward but doesn't drop her intentions clear as she turns to Cam.

Sayneik hobbles her way back inside and up the stairs but the cursed oracle can only hear what transpires next, unable to make her way to Camillo quickly.


1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18

Having successfully navigated the exterior of the building (and having forced two of the intruders outside in the process) "Aldern" breaks through the window into the small bedroom that "Iesha" and Cam now occupy. The arrival of the man is punctuated by a sudden creaking and snapping of bone and flesh as what was Foxglove instead is replaced with a leathery skinned creature with slits and whorls dominating its "face" were it to be even described as such.

"Iesha" snarls and suddenly transforms as well, dropping the knife and charging at Cam with powerfully built arms with clear intention to bind the bard up in its arms and use its strength to crush him. The attempt is awkward however and Cam nimbly escapes the attempt.

Basically Sayniek is on the landing of the second floor. Cam is one square into a now very crowded bedroom. Vidar and Kithian are halfway around the house. Kithian is now large and might have some issues coming back into the house "properly". Group up

"Aldern" proves to be slippery indeed and is both unbothered, and unaffected, by Kithian's actions. Anything from Vidar this round?

GM Sneakity Sneak Sneak:

1d20 + 11 ⇒ (17) + 11 = 28
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9

"Aldern" grunts at the impact of the arrow but ably manages to cling to the side of the building. He casts a scowl at the group but is otherwise quiet.

Wis DC 15 or Sense Motive DC 10:
Obviously this "Aldern" is faster and more capable then one would assume of the previously living version...

Wis DC 20 or SM DC 15:
"Aldern" is almost to the window outside the room Cam was trying to get into and you are all outside except for him...

I honestly do not understand why my posts aren't posting. Normally its letting the screen idle or something but this is ridiculous! Anyway, sorry...

The Aldern imposter continues to move along the wall, apparently uninterested in any offer of leniency as Vidar moves around the building and to the back, continuing to track him.

Inside, the young Iesha Foxglove starts to bawl and collapses to the ground hugging her sides and crying, He's been so strange and so apprehensive I thought it was just me! What is going on.

GM Stuff:

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

Cam Perception DC 11:
"Hugging her sides?" More like pulling a knife...

Group up.

Does Vidar go through or around the matters...for...reasons...

Yes she looks out at Cam, twice now I have decided to insert Kithian in as someone else during this encounter.


B: 1d20 ⇒ 14

Iesha looks about confused, But I was just with him. I do not understand what is going on here! The woman seems genuinely confused but seems moderately reassured by Cam's statement of support.

Wait to get clarity from Vidar then I will proceed...

Sayniek utters words of power and Kithian's considerable size is further increased. Laughingly, the barbarian pulls a bow and lands a well placed "warning shot" in front of the shimmying Foxglove who glowers back at the group but seems unfazed in his current course...

Vidar still has actions Cam as well...

Holy crap this site ate a post that I was POSITIVE posted. I was like "why aren't these guys DOING anything". Wow. Very sorry.

Aldern looks down at Vidar and seems to frown which turns even deeper as the steel shod steps of Sayniek resound through the house and Kithian joins Vidar outside on the front stoop.

For his part Cam yells at the door are greeted with a feeble, Oh...Oh...ohkay... As Iesha meekly cracks the door to look on Kithian.

Aldern for his part moves to the outside of the house and begins to shimmy on the out erdge of the building, obviously attempting to make his way to the back. He get about half way there.

Group up

There is a pause in the action as Kithian and Sayniek ease up on the door.

Vidar steps out of the front door slightly to find the window in question when suddenly a small arm chair comes flying through said window on the second floor and loudly smashes and splinters apart on the street. Aldern Foxglove sticks his head out to survey the situation and then starts climbing out the window...

Sayniek and Kithian easily hear the window breaking given the lack of pummeling. Cam probably doesn't since he is technically still trying to batter down his own door...There aren't many bystanders near the house but a handful of people up and down the lane are certainly looking in the house's direction.

Group up

Vidar are you hanging outside still? Kithian/Sayniek are you still going to work that door?

I'm sorry I shouldn't be laughing as much as I am but those rolls REALLY aren't helping Cam at all...

Cam attempts to work his way in but there is clearly something in the way...

As Sayniek and Kithian bang against the door, Cam watches as the farthest door in the hallway opens, Iesha Foxglove pokes her head out, blanches, screams, and then promptly runs back into the room and closes the door.

Meanwhile Sayniek and Kithian hear some very clear scraping and thumping as though things are being moved around.

For the moment, at least, nothing emerges outside under Vidar's watchful gaze although the wizard does note that the sounds of all the fracas can be heard on the street albeit extremely muted.

Group up


Cam and Kithian hear the battering of bodies against a door, nothing else seems to be happening...

Anything from our resident bard or wizard?

The door groans at the sudden force (as does the man on the other side) but it does not give. One way or another it appears Foxglove manage to lock it, bar it or brace it.

LOL I really shouldn't be surprised given who is in this group. Cam's the reasonable one and he is elsewhere.

GM Stuff:

Foxgloves: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26
Kithian: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
Cam: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14
Vidar: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (17) + 1 = 18
Sayneik: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9
WTFTD: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15

Init order: "Foxgloves" then Group, actions in orders of post.

Foxglove balks at the accusation and then the half-orc pulling the sword. He offer out a RUN! RUN! as he steps back and closes the doors behind him. It is clear from the sounds that he is either attempting to lock the doors or brace them somehow.

No other sounds in the house.

Group is up.

This Foxglove fellow radiates a faint aura of evil.

Unanswered in the moment there is the sound of shuffling and then the double doors open. Clear as day Aldern Foxglove, tall, handsome, and finely dressed offers a white toothy smile as he puts eyes on Kithian, My brave Shoanti friend! Here you are, in my home! But without your other allies except for... The man looks down at Sayniek and offers a brief nod, I don't believe we have met. I am Aldern Foxglove.

GM Screen:

Vidar Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25

Vidar and Cam both easily hear the exchange as well...

I'll give this a couple more hours to simmer then move us along...

Cam checks the hall and sees nothing, darting across the way, up the stairs and to the next floor. (Which laid out very similarly)

The rest of the group finishes its count and Kithian takes the steps up with Sayniek and Vidar in tow. Coming out to a landing the rest of the group sees double doors to the west, a hallway to the east and a set of stairs that go up across the way to the north. Cam is nowhere to be seen.

As the group pauses at the top of the stairs you can hear the slight movement of a chair and a voice call out from the room with the double doors, Iesha? What are you doing out there?

I'll pause for reactions. Cam DC 20 Perception to hear the words, otherwise you only know what is going on in general.

The double door are closed so you can peek in the hallway without being seen, you have to cross both in front of the doors and the hallway to get to the stairs. You are the south side of a four way stop. Double doors are west, hallway east, stairway north...

You sneak back to the top of the stairs and find the landing empty. No obvious signs of movement and no conversation. (Remember that Iesha looked like she was going down the hall to nap)

Cam heads upstairs as you all silently countdown, nothing happens immediately...

I figure Cam will have about 15 seconds to play with before the group would start climbing the stairs so I will let him get a post in before I move things forward...

So....everyone is hiding and Cam is announcing himself or is it a group effort....survey says...

Indeed, how you rolling with this?

I'll give Cam today to post a response and then I guess I will autopilot him so we can keep moving. TBC

DM Devon wrote:

The townhouse opens to a foyer of sorts featuring double doors straight ahead that lead into the house, and a pair of smaller doors to the left of the entrance that seem to go into adjoining rooms. A narrow staircase is also featured that clearly leads to the next floor.

You found it already silly billy. I assume you will check up it...

Cam navigates up the steps, testing the planks for stability as he moves . The bard disappears from sight of the rest of the group as he makes his way to the next landing...

You make your way to the next floor and an interior corridor landing leads to a set of double doors to the left, a hallway to the right (which you can't see all the way because I assume you are hugging the stairs to a certain extent) and another set of stairs leading up to the third story right ahead. From here you can here some muffled voices which suddenly become much clearer as the double doors come open and a woman exits the room only to pause and talk to another person in the room.

I don't care! I am tired of waiting here and waiting here. At the very least I am going to take a nap. Eventually we have to go back and tell her that no one showed up! What are we going to do wait here forever?

The woman moves to walk down the hall and you recognize her though she doesn't seem to notice you. When you last saw her she was a screaming and undead but from pictures in the manor you would swear that this is Iesha Foxglove, Aldern's wife!

Perception DC 20 (Not Cam):
You hear a voice upstairs, female. I don't care! I am tired of waiting here and waiting here. At the very least I am going to take a nap. Eventually we have to go back and tell her that no one showed up! What are we going to do wait here forever?

Peception DC 15 (Not Cam):
You hear a female voice but it is muffled.

Putting Cam in danger's way is a thread favorite activity, I'll let the bard chime in on how he chooses to approach that "opportunity"

So some weapons drawn, some earnest glancing...who is doing what now?

The group shuffles in quietly and Cam eases the door closed. Sayniek pulls her sword but the shuffling upstairs, though varying in intensity seems neither hurried nor particularly focused. Think people walking around instead of hurrying or running to a specific place.

True to form the patrol soon disappears never the wiser to your actions. A few moments later Cam is able to approach the door, key in hand and open the front door.

The townhouse opens to a foyer of sorts featuring double doors straight ahead that lead into the house, and a pair of smaller doors to the left of the entrance that seem to go into adjoining rooms. A narrow staircase is also featured that clearly leads to the next floor.

Despite the boarded windows the interior is well kept and decently lit, a number of the sconces in the foyer are light as though someone is or has been here...

Perception 20:
Soft footfalls can be heard upstairs. Nothing sinister per se but somebody is in the house...

Marching Order?

No the guards are basically just patrolling that area of the district/street, official Magnimar types they don't even seem to care. (Think local walking patrol) You have approval from the Sheriff and Mayor to look into things but its not like they drafted you an official order. Part of that (some of you may recall) is because the Magnimaran justice system can be a bit intense and/or they assumed it wasn't an issue. I will remind you all that you do have the key to the house and its not like the guards appear to be giving any kind of concern about who is coming or going (assuming folks are not being weird.) I will also remind you that Cam, Kithian and Vidar are actually officially deputized by Hemlock. (Though that would take some time to confirm if it became disputed.) The backyard is relatively secluded (5ft tall wall) but the noise of undoing the planks might be an issue. Someone could climb to the second floor but its broad daylight so...that might be an issue.

Nah they aren't drunk, they have built up some serious tolerances. Besides I think RAW Kithian could chop the existing door down faster than chopping a new one in the same wall...

Cam no commission, you are good to go. Price looks right to me.

The group continues the conversation as it makes it was to the Grand Arch District, not far from Starsilver Plaza. Even early in the morning the area bustles but Cam's timely research the day before leads the group on some paths less well traveled.

As the group approaches they notice that the three story tall house has had its ground floor windows boarded over and a cursory glance into the small courtyard that serves as a back yard area also shows the back door is boarded over. A pair of guards walk the street but don't seem to notice the group or if they do, don't seem to care that they are looking at things.

The most obvious entrance, of course, is the front door. The day continues around the group as it contemplates its next steps...

How are we going in?

The night passes with is usual tempo, Kithian and Vidar drink, insult each other, drink, almost fight, drink, actually fight, drink, make passing almost positive statements about each other, drink, and so on.

Sayniek does her best to polish, sharpen and so on preparing herself for the next day.

Cam for his part meets with mixed success. Magnimar is huge and vendors abound trafficking in mithral and magic and he gets the lead on a handful of shops that can meet his needs. (Basically anything you want can be bought so let me know what you buy, lol). As for the opicof "strange doings" stories range in tone and scope but nothing leads back to Foxglove or his neighborhood. The few people who even deign to talk to the usually affable bard about seem completely uninterested in offering anything other than stock talking point about how either the area is getting over run by riff-raff or the rich in the neighborhood need to be brought down a peg or two.

Otherwise the night passes without event andthe group rises, eats their wheaties, and meet to move on. (On to Foxglove's or any other stop before?)

So the drinking twins are drinking. Shocking. Sayniek and Cam anything else for the day?

All things are possible in Magnimar as the party remembers. A shrine to Ragathiel is easily found as are accomodations of any desired level. Just let me know what level you want and I will find a place to put you.

Camillo is able to ply his easy smile and likable personality to get directions to one of the nicer sections of they city on the north side and the bard is able to recall that based on where the directions take him, there should be a couple of shortcuts that will get the group to the townhouse faster but, more importantly, unnoticed by most passersby.

Armed with directions the group settles into for the day the bustling city around them creating a promising distraction from the business relating to Foxglove....

Its probably mid afternoon by the time you are all sorted with beds/rooms, finding the Archangel's shrine and pressing flesh and swapping smiles for directions that aren't too obvious. How would you like to handle the rest of the day?


Hey we are WAY optimized....for getting into trouble. That is about all we are really good at, everything else is luck. As to new blood I think that is why I wouldn't do an open call, I would go looking for folks I know that already have a decent post rate and sustained presence on the boards. We'll see.

With the group sensing that the true threat has passed the decision to burn Foxglove Manor to the ground is tabled for a later date. Even the weather seems to give a subtle nod to the cleansing as the clouds seem to dissipate and the wind dies down to another average day on a seaside bluff.

Moving on to the next objective the group heads back to the coastal road and then along the way to Magnimar. Day settles to evening, and the group camps before making its way to the gates of the city by mid morning. In case forgot to mention it you are all on horses/ponies. Those of you who didn't have one were supplied one on loan from Goblin Squash Stables.

Magnimar. City of Monuments. Where to?

I will give Cristiel a couple of days to answer , just in case. After that we can look at another round of new blood. I might look at recruiting from other games I am in rather than a full on opening but we can discuss in a couple days. I'm also willing to consider extending invites to players you might know if anyone is in another game and knows somebody...

At this point I am going to assume the party is just Sayniek, Vidar, Cam and Kithian. Cristiel hasn't posted for weeks in any game that I can see. I have PM'd him but we may be down to a cadre of 4. Assume the magus is on patrol with her cousin and we will move on. I'll give the vote to burn a day otherwise I will move on in 24

The group heads down to the basement, treading carefully and attempting to avoid the various negative energies that sit idly throughout the house. Being forewarned seems to help as the group experiences no other visions or strange emotions yet the feeling of ominous threat remains as you wind back through the basement and into the caverns below.

The passage of time has not served the area well as undead and living flesh continues to rot. Sadly the gentle sighing of wind that carries air through the cave carries the noxious smells throughout. The group does its best to cover mouths and otherwise stave off the stench as best they can.

As the only party member connected with divine energies Sayniek intones the words from the scroll as Cam sprinkles the festering man shaped fungus that was found in Aldern's hideaway wth the holy water and materials provided by the church. The effect is obvious as the man shaped fungus almost seems to shift and inaudibly scream, a green and brown shadow acting out a cruel pantomime of death. Soon the show is over as the mold turns grey and then to ash, an effect not unlike a slowly moving fire with no heat that consumes the mold along the walls and out into the caverns and surely up into the house above.

More importantly the act seems to carry a "lightness" to it as energetically the group feels somehow less watched or menaced. The gruesome remains of violence are still everywhere to be seen but the group can seem to sense just in their bones that the house itself is no longer a threat.

Are you going to burn it down like the Mayor wanted or leave it for now to deal with some other time?

The group makes it way out of town and back down by way of the coastal road to Foxglove Manor. Like before the house seems perpetually cloaked in clouds and wind but there is still a sort of lightness to the air from the last time.

Armed with the instructions from Zantus the manor awaits a purification...

To a certain extent we can hand wave this unless there are specific things folks are hoping to check on or accomplish in the house?

I hit a hiccup at work that chewed up my day. If Kithian and Sayniek want to throw down on the drink go for it, I will post an update tomorrow. You can always spoiler it and claim it happened during the week so you can refer in character to what happened when, lol

Ready to go?

My position is "f%@! that noise" if its on your spell list, it works. Too many classes with weird sources of magic to be so nitpicky. In my mind if you now how to heal, you are familiar enough with the mechanics regardless of the battery in the handle.

My position is "f+&& that noise" if its on your spell list, it works. Too many classes with weird sources of magic to be so nitpicky. In my mind if you now how to heal, you are familiar enough with the mechanics regardless of the battery in the handle.

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