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Bear trap

DM Devon's page

1,181 posts. Alias of PirateDevon.


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So that's the amulet. Liquidate the rest?

On a lark I'm posting here to see if Kithian and/or Vidar maybe aren't catching the discussion thread. I know Cristiel has been busy. I would like to get our overall posting rate back up a bit...

Mhmmm the best answer is "sort of"? Old Thassilonian magic was based on an even older tradition of, for lack of a better term, "emotional magic" it is certainly the case that those values became corrupted and the symbol has been used in evil settings.

This is, in a funny way, a perfect analogy to the swastika. Its initial usage was just fine and theoretically is still but deployments in other settings cause issues. Even as recently as a few days ago with the murder at the mill.

Tl;dr If Sayniek is worried about previous associations, then she should pass.

It does not radiate evil in any way.

Oh and btw, I am also fine with the use of this down time to make alterations to characters in and out of game, yes Cam can convert to Unchained Rogue. The rest of you can look at alterations to your setups of new things have been published that make more sense.

If we can get all the logistics of this thread sorted by the end of the week I am hopeful to go guns blazing by next Monday. Sooner if we can hash out stuff faster.

The other option (which is faster but less "roleplay" oriented) is I can tell you what is worth your time to keep, make some basic assumptions how your group would act based on past precedents and give you each a sack of cash and a fast forwarded game state. We have been limping along for almost a year because of me so now I want to try to really get things moving for all of you, but not at the cost of you not hashing things out your way...

Actually I need you folks to answer a couple of questions to determine the money. There are a lot of things in that list Cam posted that can be sold or kept. If you folks are serious about cleaning up the unholy sites and liquidating the crap you don't want I have a mechanism to make that happen. Basically outside of the Foxglove situation the church and townies are capable of getting a lot of things done at this point.

In particular Habe can take a lot of the unholy artifacts and see them properly disposed of and liquidated to offset what needs to be done. Similarly Felik and others can see that things like the statues in Thistletop are liquidated to offset the expenses of doing things like building a real bridge and moving those things the group intends to keep from the list above (like book collections) and get them to Thistletop.

Ameiko can fence the rest and anything else you guys have on you that you might want to sell (Vidar you have a ton, want to liquidate? lol) for you guys (per Cam's ability

Talk amongst yourselves and let me know. My intention is to get this list done and settled so we can go into the next phase with some clear objectives and things resolved. I'm finally at a point life wise where my posting should be more thorough and frequent so I want to flesh all this stuff out or get it off the docket so we can move on.

Some specifics:

Habe's locked notebook and second chest (the one with possessions) -> Habe kept a list of the people he wronged. Habe can work through that for you if you want and look into the shrine.

Habe's knife:
Few are the rituals and tools of the Pharasamites that are known outside of the church but this blade is one that is oft whispered about. Sometimes called "the peaceful blade" or "the final rest" the lore suggest that this blade, in a way similar to a silver spike or wood, is plunged in the heart of a creature. Tales say this blade works on anyone, living or dead, and that it can disrupt some magics related to necromancy and/or resurrection. It is a tool of the church to ensure that the victim of its strike meets their appointed time with their mistress. These are rare enough, that a man like Habe has one indicates either a great crime or a great expense on his part.

With the equipment requests I am currently seeing I am estimating a week of downtime to make that happen. It gives Vidar time which is good. Anything else? I hope to have a post up tomorrow with a full breakdown.

Ok this is going to be a bit more complicated than I first realized because you may also be getting money from a couple of other give me a bit to figure out lootz and shares.

Rullis are you still around? It may make sense based on Sadaukar's posting to assume he will not accompany the group for now and we can backfill that all in if he shows back up. It looks like his other game is looking for him too and has been for a bit.

If there are any other ambitions short or long term with money or outstanding obligations social/fiscal or otherwise dump them here while I go back through. Make sure your sheets are up to date inventory wise because I will need to calculate some values based on who is carrying what around.

Manartyelo learns Celestial.

Aside from leveling am I assuming correctly that Vidar will spend his time reconciling all the books/notes in his possession to try to get a "big picture" of what has been going on?

No no, don't do that. I need ANYTHING I can get to knock that damn half-orc down a peg or two, he keeps two or one hitting my bad guys. :p

Sorry for the delay, I've got family back in the hospital, a graduation I had to attend out of town and a virus of my own...but maybe things are calming down? WELCOME TO LEVEL 5. Post adjustment to your character in the discussion thread. Assume you have 48 hours to get rested, do whatever you want to do in town and coordinate before hitting the road. Post your two day intentions in the gameplay and I will move us along tomorrow. Anyone that misses the posting window can post retcon 48 hours in spoilers to keep things clear.

The sheriff frowns at the mention of Redshi then nods at the notion, I'll wrangle up the reward and see its run to you.

With that the dark skinned man rises which signals the end of the meeting. The group is free to go about its business... though note that none of you have really slept in a couple of days. What would you like to do about town and how long do you want to rest up/research/what have you before you go?

The mayor nods, Get what you need from Zantus and stop by the house on your way to Magnimar. If you need some time to rest I understand that. Apparently Foxglove's efforts were meant to take days or weeks to complete so it doesn't seem, based on your description, that you need to leave this instant. Is there anything else we haven't covered you would like to discuss?

The sheriff nods slowly, My patrols are reporting a sharp decrease in incidents. We even look like we might have gotten lucky and saved a couple people before they turned to ghouls... The dark skinned man looks over at Father Zantus who nods in response. The sheriff continues, I think we will be fine as things stand. Shalelu has sent word that the goblin tribes remain at minimal size and are in-fighting, it will be a season or more before they become a nuisance. My men are guarding the sanitarium and the council has made arrangements for a group of laborers to come and tear it down and destroy everything inside. Although there is the issue of the shrine...

Zantus makes gesture to indicate it will be taken care of, The shrine beneath the sanitarium is no issue. The priest and acolytes of the church are prepared to go there tomorrow to deal with THAT issue. On the matter of the house though I was wondering if I gave you the resources, Zantus gestures at the group, Most of us are not clerics but lesser skilled practitioners. For my part I am honestly too frail to resist or rebuff the assaults of that house from what you say. I can provide you the tools to destroy this possession I believe and perhaps even leave the house...

Destroy it. The mayor sighs heavily as she leans forward from her chair. The sanitarium is being torn apart brick by brick but I want Foxglove manner reduced to ash, unless you think there is a reason to keep it standing?

The mayor looks at the rest of you to see if you have anything to add or a different opinion...

Caizarlu Zerren

The group departs the bathhouse well cleaned and in fresh clothes mostly relieved of non essential armor and gear for proper cleaning save for Sayniek who's armor is cleaned first and put back on her with Ameiko offering that no paladin she has ever known would consider their armor "non-essential" even when in town.

The group is able to track down both the mayor and the sheriff who have the foresight to invite Father Zantus from the church as well. The group meets in the mayor's office and begins to detail its various findings and the issues both at the sanatorium along with evidence that Adern Foxglove had devloved into some sort of undead lunatic. Positive highlights include resolving the issue of what crimes happened in the sawmill (Foxglove murdered folk and got other folks blamed) and the end to at least the immediate scourge of ghouls attacking townsfolk.

Negatives that arise are of course the substantial issues of who and or what Foxglove was up to, the now missing necromancer and the issue of the haunting of Foxglove manor. Zantus offers that he might have the right tools for the job but not the physical fortitude that younger more robust adventurers might have. On the other topics the mayor and sheriff are mute for a good minute until finally the mayor breaks the silence,

What do you think is the next step?

Okay work is just frickn murder right now. I will do my best to get something up soon.

Anything else here or should I scene swipe us to reporting to mayor and sheriff?

Ah Vidar lovely, as always, lol

The group works through the night and arrives at Sandpoint a couple of hours before sunrise well and truly spent from the last couple of days. Like always a small contingent treks to and fro from the docks and the Dragon and the warm smell of ever present ale and cooking waft down the streets as you close in.

Inside are only a handful of patrons, the truly late settlers or very early risers. Two sailors lie on the floor sound asleep and it is unclear if they passed out from drink or paid the "copper piece rate" to sleep in the common room.

As the group pushes in the door there is a mighty Oh no you don't! Not looking like that you don't! Bethana, the halfling meaid and confidant of Ameiko, rushes the lot of you and promptly shoos you out of the building with a broom in hand, corralling the lot of you to the offset bathhouse intended for just such occasions.

You have the god's own stink of you and I just cleaned up after the lot last night. Smell of death, vomit and something I can't rightly place but I don't think its good. Look at ya! Covered in mud, blood and...I don't care to think about what these other substance on ya are.

Shooing you in to the small building there are four tubs and a number of benches along with two shower stalls. The halfling points aggressively at each of you based on her assessment of your there, you there, YOU ya big galut in the big tub and FAR away from me! What do you do BATHE in them when you cut them down? Bethana gestures at Kithian with quite a bit of emphasis before wheeling on the wizard, The bird stay outside!

Digging through a chest near the entrance to the room Bethana hums to herself inbetween instructions. Strip down. Clothes there. Armor THERE. Weapons THERE. Everything else in a pile... The halfling pulls out a variety of vials, sponges, brushes and a series of four small wax laden stick figures which she snaps in half and tosses to the ground.

Looking to Cam the halfling chuckles, You'll need to pay her back for all this I wager... before she wheels to the empty air, pointing to the group and giving instructions. Unseen hands begin to aid with armor and making the piles the small innkeeper has specified as she fetches a sleepy looking youth to aid in drawing hot water, providing supplies for cleaning and finally running to get another slightly older boy who she puts to work cleaning the groups gear while she looks after cleaning you.

After about an hour everything is just about done as the first hints of light becoming obvious as Ameiko Kaijutsu comes into the room,dressed in an outfit of silken pants, slippers and button shirt clearly having come from home and not dressed for a day's work yet, lazily eating an apple and looking over the hustle and bustle with an amused air as Bethana drags you through the final steps of the vigorous decontamination protocol. Ameiko winks at Cam and eats her apple propped in the door, Busy couple of days then?

Do you all want to travel through the night or take a stop? Straight to the sheriff and mayor or tehe Dragon first?

Uh oh, I lose everybody?

The group goes back through the house with a critical eye, continuing to experience, from time to time, strange supernatural occurences that seem to tel small parts of the story of why Foxglove Manor is in the state its in. With a wary sense Rullis realizes he can stave off the worst of the haunting effects with judicious application of positive energy and the group is able to move with little effort.

So guided by what reading he has gotten through to this point Vidar is able to take note of the images and icons throughout the home, something that will dramitcally aid his effort to puzzle together the various strings of information that is on interest to the group.

A number of oddities litter the house, items of art, interest or magic. Once certain that the haunting presence of the house is at least being kept at bay the group acquires a number of interesting objects...

Monkey Head:
Aka a "hungry decapitant". This small monkey head features a pull rope coming from inside the monkey's skull which, upon the rope being pulled, the head utters a shrieking sound akin to an "alarm" spell. The head radiates magic and is worth 500gp

Fine scarf:
A blue silk embroidered scarf that seemingly attempts to attack Kithian for a few seconds but then dies down. The scarf itself is quite fine (100 gp) and Rullis posits that if the negative energy of whatever haunts the house can be subdued the scarf will surely not continue its behavior. The cleric also reasons that outside the premises of the house the scarf is harmelss.

bearing a plaque that reads, "Throwdown in Swynetown," and in the painting, vast crowds jeer and cheer the bullfighter on, the huge bull aurochs towering over him, its cruel forward-jutting horns each the length of a spear. Dozens of bodies lie in the streets-the aurochs has clearly rampaged through them already, and although a score of brightly colored spears jut from the creature's flanks and back, it still rages on. This painting is, in fact, an original work by renowned Magnimarian artist Andosalu, worth 6oo gp.

Scroll case:
Many maps of indeterminate location along with a scroll of Lightning Bolt and a scroll of Keen Edge.

Silver Service:
Silver dinner et, complete with large salver and crystal decanters. 1000 gp

Rare Wines:
8 bottle from the famed Vigardeis vinyard of Cheliax. 100gp ea.

Well made pcik:
+1 heavy pick

The haunting screaming woman is nowhere to be found. No sign of violence and the mirror is intact.

There are a handful of texts and books that Vidar can take though they seem to do more to inform what happened in the house, most of what happened with Aldern must be within the miserly amount of correspondence you have. There is not hidden cache that you can determine in the third floor of this house so it must be the townhouse in Magnimar that the note refers to.

It goes realtively unnoticed until the group is ready to leave that Rullis seems to be feeling weary and sick but as the group makes way to wrap up its business he experiences an intense fever for about 15 minutes before reporting that he feels much better.

The spots and boils that only you could see seem to be fading.

And scene. That stuff above plus treasure from other posts oh and about 400 gp in mixed coinage and gems squirreled away through out the house. I assume back to town or do you want to get part way in land and camp? (its about sunset when its all said and done and back to town is about a half days ride?) I assume once back in Sandpoint it will be report in and read up and then assess next steps?


Kithian: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10
Kithian: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15
Kithian: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17
Kithian: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23
Kithian: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

Rullis: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9
Rullis: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23
Rullis: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12
Rullis: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5
Rullis: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24

[ooc]Okay, I need to look back over my notes and get myself back in the game, I should have a nice tidy up post for you tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

This is to all my games: I should be back "online" by the evening of May 28. A pair of back to back emergencies in my family (one of which involved gunshot wounds the other a simple infection run amok situation) has put significant strain on my day to day resources partnered with some massive issues at work, compounded by the time I have missed because of said emergencies. I am commited to returning I just need a couple more days.

Family emergency, be back soon

-Posted with Wayfinder

Sorry folks work hit me sideways I'll get an update tomorrow morning.

If you guys are in agreement to go back through the house I need 5 perception checks each. If folks can't get them up by tomorrow afternoon I will roll for the outliers and get you through the house in an orderly fashion...

Okay so solidify the plan for me a bit. Is it back to town to rest, research and then move on or are you going to scour the house for more mad lootz?

Yeah the lack of clarity in this moment is intentional in so much that some of you have different pieces. Vidar has most of the connective tissue to fill in events and his initial roll helped alot but you would need to sort through everything and share your info. That doesn't have to chew up thread time but will chew up in game time. So unless you are done in the house or are going to start a big elaborate research effort in the charnel pit that is this room you might have to struggle in and out of character with some plot point confusion. You have some rough sketches but some points are a little mixed up.

-Posted with Wayfinder

It only takes a few minutes for the eagle eyed wizard to find some passages of note between the necromancer's text and the text of the elder Foxglove. Indeed a ritual of transformation had been attempted below in these catacombs, interrupted by none other than that late Foxglove's wife. The necromancer had a theory that further investigation might reveal that the mold in the house (and some of the houses strange behavior) might be tied to this failure as the man shaped shadow of mold always regrows despite molestation by the likes of fire, acid and other such efforts. The necromancer notes that perhaps, in essence, the mold became the vessel of the dispelled Foxglove rather than the shattered crockery that was originally meant to bear only his soul. This might also explain the families other strange issues over the years since the death of the grandfather (ie. fatntastical phenomena and hauntings) and why Xanesha singled out Aldern though the journal ends soon after that as it is clear that the relationship between Foxglove and the necromancer soured and the journal was kept by the noble. More reading of the various papers would be required to fill in the blanks there...

It does look familiar. But then again, its fairly "standard"

Edit: No magic on the helmet.

Cristiel, let me know what you want to do with the pile.

Rullis opts to stand watch while the rest of the group picks through the room looking for clues and other objects of interest.

Foxglove himself is dekced in an outfit, though stained at the moment is surely worth at least 200 gold pieces or more. Beneath the outfit is a fine stetched leather armor that appears magical as does the "war razor" that Aldern was wielding. The mask of Aldern's face is certainly magical as well. A small cameo on locket can be founf on the noble as well and contains a fine portrait of a woman. Cam recognizes her as the woman the group found horrified and screaming upstairs.

A pair of keys are also on the noble and one of them unlocks the chest on the table. Within are a myriad of notes and letters and pair of books. Most of these appear to be personal correspondences between Foxglove and others of little import but others stand out as more recent and scrawled in a much more rigid hand. The writing is still the noble's but "different". The two books are collections. One a set of notes and observations by the escaped necromancer, the other in a tight rigid hand that appear to be in reference to the house and some of its odd construction. Vidar guesses it might be Foxglove's father or grandfather. (you would need to read through it to be sure)

Additionally the chest contain a handful of bills of credit worth almost 5000 gp honored at a handful of financial institutions throughout Varisia (Church of Abadar and a series of banks in Magnimar and Korvosa) as well as a pouch containing 200 platinum coins.

The desk itself also has some correspondence. All recent, most coded or written in gibberish of one kind or another. Some of it looks like doodles and notes of someone who is losing their mind though the group is quick to notice some symbols look familiar like those found under the town in the Thassalonian crypt as well as frequent mention of various members in the groups name. Kerrec's name appears most frequently and some of the notes indicate a certain intense interest in him. Kithian's name also appears with some rather direct language about blaming the barbarian for Kerrec leaving.

The most recent letter stands out on top of the stacks on the desk as one of interest its elaborate signature calling to Cam's question:


"You have served us quite well. The delivery you harvested far exceeds what I had hoped for. You may consider you debts to the Brothers paid in full. Yet I still have need of you, and when you awaken from your death, you should find your mind clear and able to understand this task more thank in the state you lie in as I write this.

You shall remember the workings of the Sihedron ritual, I trust. You seemed quite lucid at the time, but if you find after your rebirth that you have forgotten, return to your townhouse in Magnimar. My agents shall contact you there soon - no need for you to bother the Brothers further. I will provide the list of the proper victims for the Sihedron ritual in a few days time. Commit that list to memory and destroy it before you begin your work. The ones I have chosen must be marked before they die otherwise they do my master no good and the greed in their souls will go to waste.

If others get in your way you may do with them as you please. However the necromancer is still of use to me and I will not have you harm him despite your displeasure. Everyone and anyone else you may savage, eat or turn them - it matters not to me.

Xanesha, Mistress of the Seven"

Perception -A- DC 20:
The bottom of the chest is false. Within are two keys with cards affixed to them. One, a tarnished iron key set with an expensive rare opal (100 gp) in its head has a note that gives an address in Magnimar and the words "Foxglove" written in a flourish. The second, bronze with an unusually long tang and ending in a set of three notched blades, features a lion's head. Its note is written more tightly and hurriedly "Somewhere on the third floor but I can't find where".

Perception -B- DC 25:
Amidst the overgrowing mold you notice a glint near the door. a few ginger uses of a blade or wooden handle reveal a small chime which radiates magic.

Cristiel (If she fishes through the gnarly pile):
You find a battered helmet which looks relatively new. It bears the mark of Abadar but is otherwise unremarkable.

Vidar (and anyone else) can start pouring through notes with a Kno: Arcana and Kno: History check of decreasing difficulty every hour or so. More focused research will lower the checks but will only reveal specifics related to your search.

In the back of your mind the enchanted tome indicates that you could also give *it* the papers and it will remember them and "index" them for you...


Being a wizard is a funny thing. It can take years of staring at the pieces of an equation before everything aligns just right. Broken pottery and a man shaped shadow along with the various images throughout the house speak to lichdom but there is some element off. Perhaps the ritual went wrong and thus the broken crockery and the shadow? Perhaps those are magical remnants of a successful spell? Vidar needs more information. Perhaps the library upstairs or notes kept by Aldern?

Using the sword to put some distance between herself and the pile Cristiel feels little resistance until she hears a muffled "clank" as Manartyelo hits something metallic.

You notice the crockery called out on the floor from before still seems to shift pieces ever so slowly now and again and it is only now that the fierce battle is done you realize that the mold that seems to cover much of the walls of the cavern begins just next to whatever broke on the floor and has a distinctly man like shape before seemingly rising towards the higher reaches of the walls and expanding from there...

Sayniek and Kithian are able to easily catch a number of things of interest. Foxglove has more than a handful of things on his person that look to be valuable. A small chest and a number of books and papers litter a desk near the back of the room as well.

Cristiel sees little that jumps out at her though the magus does notice that there is a pile of used clothing and equipment opposite the door in a close corner to the group.

For those staying in the room go ahead and give me two perception checks please, labelled A and B

The magic missiles collide into Foxglove and he grows more and more irate at the hounding words of the wizard lashing out with his weapons and body once more the noble flails against the part unable to land against Sayniek, Cam or Kithian as he attempts to fight the group off with his flagging energy, I won't be DENIED! MINE IS A BIRTHRIGHT OF POWER I WILL KILL YOU AAAGGAAAAAA!....

The rants of man known as Aldern Foxglove end with a shadow looking Kithian gurgling a fountain of black blood out around his neck as the nimble steps and strong skills do nothing to stop the real Kithian from plunging his blade through the ghast's chest. As the enchantment fades Aldern's eyes can be seen behind the patchwork mask as he stares a furious hate at the half orc and then wheels to take in the rest of the group, his mouth seemingly moving beneath the mask but no words being audible and more blood emerging from where the mask ends beneath the chin.

As Kithian withdraws his weapon Foxglove collapses and seems to deflate a bit as though his hate provided some sort of weight to his animation. Twitching for a moment more the final end of Foxglove becomes apparent when a scream surrounds you from everywhere but nowhere then fades (like the scream from upstairs) and the a wretchedly horrible stench fills the room carrying a wicked mixture of decay and foulness. Fort saves DC 16 or be sickened for 1d6 ⇒ 1 minutes.

No Rullis for a bit. I know things have been pretty busy, we lose him? What would you like to do next?

Is Ragathiel not female, thats the DM brain not the villain, LOL

Paralysis is only on physical attacks and he missed his bite on you Cm, just hit you with his "war razor"

Sayniek and Cam both hit with solid blows but the nimble Foxglove continues to avoid Kithian slower and stronger swings though the accumulation of punishment does seem to be taking its toll on the undead noble...

Vidar and Rullis...

Despite the numberic advantage Foxglove fights fervently with much more power and skill then might be assumed. Again only Sayniek makes a passing blow that seems to raw the man's ire but not enough to have him lose his focus, I'll not lose. You will drag the bodies of the fallen on your shield gasping for your goddesses' aid.

Switching up his tactics Foxglove instead lashes out at Cam and Kithian...


Razor v Cam: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (18) + 12 = 30
Bite v Kithian: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18
1 Cam, 2 Kith: 1d2 ⇒ 1
Claw: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
1d4 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7
1d6 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Cam is sliced with a hard strike while Foxglove once more claws at Kithian with filthy claws. The noble attempts to bite CAm as well but fails to get in with his teeth. Cam takes 7, Kithian takes another 4 and must make DC 15 Fort save. Save is for paralysis at 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 rounds

Group is up. Cristiel Round 3 of 3 paralysis.

Cam and Rullis? I'll give till tomorrow AM.

Well I suppose I will roll for Rullis weapon and assume he joins the attack from a guarded position...

Cam, Rullis and the spiritual weapon fail to land blows but Sayniek lands a smarting slash that continues to drawn the attention of the irrate Foxglove as the magical glass like missiles shatter against his body. Again he attempts to batter, slash and bite at the paladin only to be denied his fury rising as he screams WHY WONT YOU DIE!

Cristiel continues to feel the toxic sting of the ghast lock her muscles but Kithian feels the sudden tell tale signss of warmth and sensation ready to act once more...

Cristiel round 2 of 3, Kithian can act, the rest of the group can act.

Sayniek and Cam close on the melee and both land blows on the clearly insane noble who gasps and grunts but takes the punishment with little other effect.

I'll not fall into such histrionics wizard. I know my place. I know my VALUE! I will not be denied by your merry band and your easy humor, no matter how many of them you bring to replace the one who was the very best of you!

Gm Meanness:

1d20 + 12 ⇒ (12) + 12 = 24
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Oh Tirion you son of a b@*&$, lol

Foxglove focuses his rage on the "newcomer" in the form of the well armored Sayniek. Each chop is met with a shielded counter strike and each claw or bite is met with steel. The Kithian looking noble howls in fury as he flails wildly against the Idyllkin with little effect.

Kithian paralyzed rd 2 of 2, Cristiel round 1 of 3. Rullis go ahead and give me two actions and I will catch you up. Party go.

Sayniek drops the female ghast while Cristiel and Cam move on Foxglove. The timing is good as Kithian freezes in place, apparently stricken from the Ghast's paralysis Kithian is parlayzed for 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 rds.

Despite the tactical advantages of flanking Foxglove fights with unnatural power and speed, fully dodging Manartyelo's broad slash and Cam's more precise thrusts.

Vidar casts a spell to see that which cannot be seen and sees nothing different for his trouble.

I'm still checking off the list from Rullis' stated actions...

Rullis calls into being a shimmering weapon of Gozreh but it too struggles to make a mark on the increasingly surrounded Foxglove.

The masked noble roars with an almost furious giddiness, The necromancer will reel with delight at the new subjects. The council will reel in terror at the power I've become! Xanesha will choose me above that pretender and you will all be dead! DEAD!

GM meanness...:

1-2 Cam, 3-4 Cris: 1d4 ⇒ 4
1d20 + 12 ⇒ (16) + 12 = 28
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26
Confrim?: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

1d4 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6
2d6 + 4 ⇒ (4, 5) + 4 = 13

The Kithian formed Foxglove turns the bulk of his attention on the kensai slashling violently at the elf and pressing his attack so as to also gnash at her with plague ridden teeth and slash at her with disease ridden claws. The sharp blade bites and though Cristiel throws off an advance of teeth she is turned about into a vicious blow to the abdomen piercing flesh and overwhelming even her natural resistances against the paralysis of ghouls and their ilk...Cristiel takes 19 total, For DC 17 or paralyzed for 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3 rounds.

Kithian out, round 1. The rest can act. Currently there is Cris and Cam flanking to his sides (E/W) Kithian to his "front" (S) and the spirit weapon for the moment at his "back" (N) just to give a reference...

Thats enought to take down the ghast, everyone can act accordingly...

Duh I should have done this a slightly different way...

Perception, Vidar, Cristiel, Rullis, Cam, DC 16:
Near the back of the area, a number of pieces of what look like shattered crockery seem to move about the floor as the fight escalates. The effect is subtle but notable due to the room being stone (no shaking) and the effect seems unsettling unnatural as the bits shift and flip within the small area of their broken home on the floor. This is close to the furniture against the back wall so almost 70 feet away

Other than the roll to notice (since Kithian and Sayniek are actively engaged in being clawed or bitten I'm not seeing them having a chance to notice something so innocuous), folks can act.

As Cristiel spins Manartyelo hums its song and then bites into the torso of the ghast. The lithe but sickly looking woman hisses and steps with the impact of the blow only to be sickeningly cut in half by the imposing barbarian to the side. So much for THAT tying anybody up for any amount of time,lol

Sayniek meanwhile entrenches herself against the male companion as he batters against her smaller but well armored frame. Vidar reaches forward and boosts her strength with magic while Cam wheels around the outside edge of Sayniek's defense and lands a hard strike on the frustrated ghast.

The shadowy Foxglove as Kithian rushes forward and paws at the half-orc with great malice with a clawed hand as he screams , I wonder how your deaths shall affect those who rely on you? What things might go unfinished that you were meant to do? Kithian takes 7, I need two Fort saves (Label A and B please) at DC 17

The other ghast paws at Sayniek to little effect.

I need perception checks from Vidar, Cristiel, Rullis and Cam please

one of those effects got up in what was essentially a free round, it week take another round to get the other. If you want we can assume the spurit weapon round or you can choose one spell to have been cast and do the second one from here?

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