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Bear trap

DM Devon's page

1,284 posts. Alias of PirateDevon.


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Sayniek, Kithian, Cam, Vidar, is that the order? Anyone gonna roll any stealth (just curious) and last but not least Sayniek give me your speech and I will get us started...

Sorry I think I was waiting on you guys and you were waiting on me. Cam you should stop deferring, these guys will follow you anywhere. That pretty much will force Sayniek to go along too :p

Cam easily moves throughout the building, up the stairs and is able to manipulate the door so it cannot open without a significant show of force. The bard pausesa moment and can hear soft conversation and chanting but quickly makes his way back to the others rather than stay and wait.

Interior door barred. What next

One is clearly at the farthest end of the room (internal) while the external stairs seem to meet about 3/4 of the distance to the opposite side.

Even in the few minutes that Cam has spent skulking around the night has well and truly darkened. Few lights mark the work site or the interior of the buildings but the light in the office is quite pronounced making that occupants much clearer through the frosted glass. The seem to be lined near one another? Perhaps in a circle of sorts.

Cam pulls open the door and finds it makes nary a sound, apparently the workers here try to maintain everything or the bard is just lucky. Poking his head inside there is a large work space features a chute and saws to process large timber, a variety of racks and stations for various types of cutting and processing as well. A set of stairs hug the far wall and lead to the next floor which is takes up only half of the space available leaving the rest of the workshop with a cavernous feel.

Cam can see frosted glass and flickering lights in the office area, surely the windows can be pulled open to overlook the main bay but remain closed for privacy and, as far as Cam can tell with the shadows and light, a meeting of about a dozen people...

Hopefully my description makes sense, if any of you have been in a factory or large scale workshop the office floor tends to only take up a part of the final story and often looks "over" the main work area. At least many of the ones I have been in, lol

Main workshop doors appear to be unbarred (think oversized double doors) but the two other "normal" sized door appear to be locked with simple locks.

Cam' initial foray on the ground floor revelas that though there are lights on in the space, there does not to be anyone around. There is indeed an interior stairwell so it would seem folks are upstairs and their exact number is not known...

Parade up the stairs? Gimme a marching order...

Rampant Agreement:
I live real close to work and we have been having a lot of rain and it appears Comcast has been doing work in the area to either patch issues or upgrade somethings. I suspect that all of that is at play and since I am so close to work I am probably using .the same access point at the big end of the pipe

As you watched from the distance it did appear they entered from outside. However you aren't sure, per se, who might have been here before and they might have come from inside or still be inside.

I'm still struggling but I'm thining something is going on locally. Im having issues at home and work and not just with this site. I used to live in "great network" central but we have been having a lot of rain and weird weather so maybe that is playing havoc?

Are you shooting for going in on the ground floor into the main mill or follow the steps up to the top floor on the exterior of the building?

Really not thrilled about my ability to get on here, still having issues...

The man hurries away as the group keeps a close eye. This leaves an open workyard between the group and the main mill with fading light. The building itself appears dark save for a the uppermost of three floors that are becoming ever more noticeably illuminated as the sun moves to set.

There are large doors on two sides of the building that lead inward as well as an exterior staircase that leads outside the building that continues away from the group. Most likely a door to the upper floor, where (most commonly) offices and other more administrative areas are contained.

I am having a CRAZY time getting on here so if I am quiet its only because I am not able to get through!

The man reacts to Sayniek with a grunt but then starts to lose his tall stature as Kithian advances with an intimidating pose and Vidar starts his confident counting. The man looks over his shoulder towards the min saw building then visibly shakes his head, It isn't worth this. and moves to leave...

Well there is a low fence and if the others are talking then its feasible to tackle a different route, Cam roll Stealth...

Sayniek, Vidar and Kithian heads right for the guard who obviously stiffens as the party approaches. His cloak covers most of his face but you can see a clean shaven strong jaw on a man who is most likely of Varisian or Chelaxian descent. He is large though not as big as Kithian. The cloak covers most of his person but you can see leather armor over his legs/boots and the soft outline of what is most likely a short sword under his cloak.

As the group approaches he holds up a hand, Private property. Work Meeting.

Only the one guard as far as you can tell. So am I reading this right that the bulk of the group will approach the guard openly and Cam will work to sneak around behind him?

As the day winds down the shuffle of laborers out is replaced with a few well cloaked individuals arrive and make their way onto the sawmill grounds. For the most part the group goes either unseen or unnoticed able to blend in with other business being done in the area around the sawmill except for Sayniek who at one point draws a noticeable long look from the leader of the last group of cloaked individuals.

There is an obvious raising of the leaders hand and a snapping of fingers that accompany otherwise hushed instructions as the leader gestures for one of his companions to stay near the mill's entrance. The figure stares in Sayniek's direction a few moments more and then makes its way into the main mill with the dozen or so others who had arrived since the mill's closing.

The sun starts to finalize its arc on the horizon and long shadows carry dusk onto the mills grounds.

Basically unless you guys want to try to swim around the mill's area in the river or hop fences that are relatively short but easily seen (in the current light anyway) the main drag to the primary building with the guard is the only way to get closer...

I said "Do you think you want to work at the vampire place" and YOU said "Its an excellent opportunity to work on my skills" and here we are, weeks later, and you are feeling drained. *shakes head*

The timing actually works just fine if you are looking for a later in the day approach, I am going to make some assumptions here for movement's sake...

The group does some basic clean up of the chaos in the house, especially around leaving the broken glass outside and setting something up to cover the window in the style of "work being done". The few residents who pass by don't seem too concerned and the idle guards that swing through the area seems convinced that your group seems to belong there.

You exit and lock the house, Cam pocketing the key once more, and you start to make your way through the city to the location of Seven's Sawmill.

Close to the water and sort of "off the road" the Sawmill sits on a broad lot that sees a waterway push through the main building to power its tools with a wheel while a handful of small channels have been build to route floating logs throughout the complex. Much of the area of the mill is open air with shed coverings but the main cutting and processing seems to happen in the overly large main building.

The group lingers in the area until well after what they determine is the final bell and many of laborers filter out over the span of half an hour. As the sun starts to settle other activity unfolds...

I need Perception and either Stealth or Bluff checks depending on whether you are sitting around in plain sight or trying a more cautious approach...actually everyone roll both.

Okay. Sawmill is the final objective, fine. Right now or wait until Oathday? Its about 11 am or so.

So where are we at folks? I mean, I can answer Cam but that doesn't seem sporting per se. Has the proverbial wind finally exited our sails? Absent me straight up railroading you guys with a scene change its sorta your gig...

The ledger appears to be perhaps two weeks to a month out of date. It is easily recalled that such was the timeframe that Aldern seemed to have struggled with his transformation but also the timing of his conflict with the necromancer, whom you all know had been working with Aldern's wife as some part of his arrangement with the Brotherhood. An arrangement that apparently was then co-opted by "Xanesha".

I can't force you guys, what next? Sawmill? Couriers? Courthouse?

Its two days until Oathday.

Sayniek also finds nothing of true interest.

Did anyone roll against that Kno:local spoiler I posted with the ledger? Just curious...

Despite a thorough looking over the place Cam finds little else of interest. Standard household items are abound. It appears the townhouse was kept in good order by its fake tenants. (Save for boarding up the windows) The ledger and coins remain the only real items of interest.

Perception checks! Where is Enok in all this Vidar, on you or flitting about outside the house?

Cam pokes around the room a bit more and finds nothing of interest.

And then?

Is anyone else having access issues? I basically couldn't get on all day yesterday?

Despite the grumblings of Cam and Sayniek it is actually an easy to follow ledger. Foxglove had a number of expenses but also a fair amount of revenue as it appears he was making any number of investments.

A group of entries jump out from the recent past. Foxglove was paying "B-7" 200 gp a week for "Iesha's Trip" Notes include details that the payments were made evy Oathday at midnight at "The Seven's Sawmill".

Kno:Local DC 15:
You know the location of the sawmill. Seven's Sawmill has been around for a number of years.

It also occurs to Sayniek that with such comprehensive details of Foxglove's assets it would be easy to secure much of his property. While certainly this could be done to enrich an individual it would be more in keeping with certain legal and moral precedents to use those funds to offset the physical and emotional toll Foxglove's crimes have wrought/

The box doesn't appear to have any menacing secrets so Cam opens it. It turns out to hold a ledger of some kind and what appears to be the deed to the townhouse and the manor. A casual glance at the deed shows that while the manor was funded to be rebuild via lenders 80 or so years ago (not uncommon) the deed was to turn over to the "Brotherhood of the Seven" after 100 years no questions asked.

The ledger seems to detail various family financial transactions and will require a few minutes to go through. Int check for someone who wants to thumb through it.

The pouch has 20 platinum coins.

Actullay Cam has all the keys, I foisted them all upon him during the last treasure round up ;p

The faceless stalker asks for a few minutes of "privacy" and Cam knows well why, the abilities of Faceless Stalkers being biological not magical the transition to another form being relatively painful and most likely disgusting to behold. Regardless a few minutes later the deed is done and the stalker leaves, companion in tow, as a large burly figure carrying a rug.

Cam inspects the floor panel and finds nothing untoward. After a moment the rogue thinks to produce a key for the townhouse and finds it fits fine. The wood panel opens easily being well constructed and finished in a manner consistent with its intended purpose as a hidden cache. Within the group finds a small velvet bag that rattles with the sound of coin and a thin wooden box with no lock that is roughly the dimensions that it might hold a larger book.

Given the paranoia that overtook the group in the Manor I won't presume you open anything without explicit say so or unless you feel comfortable with me just assuming you would. ;p

feigbrd? feigned...jeez auto correct...

The water pools at first and the slowly starts drain away to places unseen. The water clearly demarks a square section and a small hole in the middle of that section which on first glance is a defect of the wood but now is more clearly a keyhole.

Apologies, had a bevy of issues yesterday and couldn't get on...

The stalker offers a slow nod, its body language suggesting a certain level of confusion over what is happening. The creature begins to rattle off the name of a courier service (Robard's Runners) and the corresponding navigational data to get to said service. Cam and Vidar feel confident the information is comprehensive enough they can find their way to the location described and it seems "legitimately" placed in the city based on what they know. (ie. Not an alley where you will all be attacked)

Kithian drops down and starts to feel out the floor. There is surely a false piece or door but no clear lever or lock. Its either an exceptionally well made piece of craftsmanship (to be so smoothly integrated) or a more sophisticated device (like a safe). Kithian can't tell which...Unless he wants to try to use something on it...

Ugh family and car troubles make things really lame. Sorry folks this weekend was a nightmare.

Kithian looks around in annoyance and promptly notes that a section of the floor of this room looks slightly different than the other (sadly it is right underneat the tied up visitor)

Cam cannot get a solid read from the creature though its body language suggests its telling the truth.

After a moment of silence the faceless stalker shifts again, I can tell you the courier. I can tell you the name of another who knew your Foxglove and seemed anxious to meet with him. For this you will let me go and take my partner's body?

At Sayniek's comment the creature merely offers a shrug. At Cam's question the creature pauses for a few beats and then seems to slump in resignation, Word was to be sent by courier to another courier. From there I do not know...

A gripping response, I know. Any more questions? Whats next...

You were not known. I do not know why. We have been here a few days.Maybe 7 or 8?

I have been very bad about the campaign tab timeline but that would put them being here roughly a day or two around the time the party first started dealing with the murders at the mill and the sanitarium and so on...

The figure seems almost like its not going to speak but then beings to utter a response with the its strange voice, We were told to wait for and kill, you. We were expecting a cleric with you, and not the armored halfling...

The faceless stalker does not continue.

[occ]Sorry for the delay, the holiday and work have been crazy...[/ooc]

The creature stops its struggles and begins to speak. Its voice carries still a shadow of Iesha Foxglove but also an almost shadowy garble mixed in underneath. The effect is quite eerie considering the lack of face, We answer to a higher power. One that will surely kill us and not in some cliched manner. It knows us and our family and will make them all suffer if I betray.

Sayniek wrote:

Can we aid another on tying him up?

Aid Another: 1d20+5<-- vs DC10

+2 to CMB if applicable

I'll allow that...

am totally willing to rule that Vidar's voice is grating enough to cause damage. Har har.


1d20 + 19 ⇒ (6) + 19 = 25

Ho ho hooo. So very lucky.

The only obvious indication that the creature is conscious is the sudden "shaking" of its head as it starts at the sound. Almost by instinct the creature struggles against its bonds where it, again, seems to start at its inability to move. That probably (Cam knows) doesn't happen to it very often.

It is otherwise wordless...

Camillo Duin wrote:

Is it an opposed roll, then? [dice=Tie it up]1d20 + 7

It's actually set by cmb of the person doing the tying I recently discovered...

Well I need to know who is tying it up and with what because that will set the EA DC... O:)

Well let me know who is doing the tying up and with what....for reasons...and let me know how you decide to wake it up...

So...tie it up in the room there and try to get it to waken?

The stalker tries to navigate past the barbarian and whatever lithe or shifty moves it had fail it utterly as it is chopped down in a splatter of viscera. The other stalker lies, serenely asleep for at least a few minutes more...


1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13
1d6 ⇒ 4

Sayniek manages to land a solid strike on the stalker in front of her as the melee unfolds in earnest. Cam offers a spell that, shockingly, forces Sayniek's foes to the ground with a solid *thud*.

The other stalker finds itself distracted momentarily which Kithian uses to full effect, channeling his rage into a devastating attack that cuts deep into his enemy. The stalker stumbles from the blow and turning its featureless face attempts to flee...

I need an AoO from Kithian. It failed its Acro check...


1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13 [Kithian]
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20 [Sayniek]

Sayniek you are a pain in the ass. At least in our other game you make fights end quickly. In this one you just make them drag on FOREVER! At least Kithian is in the fight now though he needs to roll better. ;p

Kithian clamors into the room and offers an ugly chop that the creture closest to him manages to evade.

As Cam's song of courage fills the air Vidar notes that the street remains relatively empty though the broken window does make it easier to hear Cam's song on the street below.

The two faceless stalkers split their attentions, the back one joining the fight with Kithian in earnest but unable to land a solid blow. The other continue to pound on Sayniek's diminutive frame but the paladin's armor merely offers the hollow ring of Ragtheil's enduring protection...

Group up.

Cam asks questions but the creatures locked in combat offer little in the way of answers.

Sayniek continues to hold the door but cannot seem to find a good avenue of attack.

Vidar keeps an eye out for witnesses while Kithian decides its best to use his size to scale the outside of the building in pursuit of "Foxglove"


1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 231d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

The ugothols, as Cam called them, continue to try to hit Sayniek but to little effect.

Group up!

Right what I was saying is that I don't think Sayniek needs LOS to terminate the effect. She can guess it s a problem and turn it off or she can "wait" and see its an issue. I suppose she might wait to see IF Kithian does something like tear an exterior wall of the house down? LOL So Kithian why don't you act for the round assuming its still up and Sayniek can play it be ear based on what happens next...

No one seems to have really noticed yet. Kithian's next actions will probably influence that heavily...

Is Kithian trying to push his way upstairs? Did Sayniek end the enlarge?

Sayniek wrote:
Can Sayniek see Kithian? If so, the she will dismiss the enlarge person to allow Kithian to move more freely.

Well not right away and not without property damage but she can make an educated guess it would be an issue...

It suddenly bubbles to mind that these things are "ugothols" or more commonly known as "faceless stalkers" a strange bipedal race that is known for lurking in the Mushfens area not far from town. See here. In addition to the entry basics Cam would know that they are generally reclusive creatures and wouldn't do something like lying in wait for who knows how long unless someone told them to.

Cam is positioned in a way to move behind Sayniek without issue.

GM Stuff:

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25

Cam retreats while Sayniek takes the doorway. The creatures respond by moving in to attack the oracle who rebuffs their blows (though one comes shockingly close to find an opening).

Meanwhile Kithian's size and speed do indeed present a problem as the building does not easily support his size...You basically would need to crawl through the interior of the house. Do you want to do that?

Meanwhile Vidar circles back around only to see the enlarged barbarian effectively jam up the way (though he could pass through if he wanted to)

Let me know how much you want to jam yourself in the house Kithian aside from that you are free to act on Rd III

YEah you both noted where Cam "was" when you left.

Sayniek is able to move to the doorway behind Cam and see the events unfolding but is otherwise unable to act...yet You move too slow short stuff ;P

Vidar Ekstrand wrote:
Nothing beyond lighting up his pipe and looking bored.

*snicker* Such a cynic... :p

Cam winces to himself at what he probably feels is an ugly lead up to the blow but lucky for him "Iesha" is either overconfident or under-prepared as she is caught fully surprised by a sap to the back of the head. The woman stumbles forward but doesn't drop her intentions clear as she turns to Cam.

Sayneik hobbles her way back inside and up the stairs but the cursed oracle can only hear what transpires next, unable to make her way to Camillo quickly.


1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18

Having successfully navigated the exterior of the building (and having forced two of the intruders outside in the process) "Aldern" breaks through the window into the small bedroom that "Iesha" and Cam now occupy. The arrival of the man is punctuated by a sudden creaking and snapping of bone and flesh as what was Foxglove instead is replaced with a leathery skinned creature with slits and whorls dominating its "face" were it to be even described as such.

"Iesha" snarls and suddenly transforms as well, dropping the knife and charging at Cam with powerfully built arms with clear intention to bind the bard up in its arms and use its strength to crush him. The attempt is awkward however and Cam nimbly escapes the attempt.

Basically Sayniek is on the landing of the second floor. Cam is one square into a now very crowded bedroom. Vidar and Kithian are halfway around the house. Kithian is now large and might have some issues coming back into the house "properly". Group up

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